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This is why I have a stubborn belief in the American people

While perusing the horserace news this morning, I noticed two polls in particular. One is the NY Times/CBS News poll that riverdaughter already discussed in her morning roundup, and I’ll get to my thoughts on that in a bit. The other is this polling news from Bloomberg, with a headline to love: Republicans Win House, Get No Mandate in Poll Favoring Clinton.” From the link:

Republicans are poised to retake the U.S. House next week without a mandate from voters to carry out their policies, a Bloomberg National Poll shows.

Okay in an ideal world, the Democrats wouldn’t have waged political malpractice from 2006 to 2010 and would not be losing the House, et cetera et cetera. That part isn’t lovable and will always be a sore spot, but this trend hasn’t changed for months now, so it is no surprise.

However, I love that “Get No Mandate” part. LOVE. IT.

When I saw it, immediately I thought to myself that this is exactly where my stubborn belief in ordinary Americans–ordinary people–comes from. We-the-people’s collective bullshit detector have gone off over the last decade–some of us long before others, Cassandras that we are, but I think we are finally reaching a critical mass in that regard. All of Washington–both parties–are in the political doghouse with President Obama. He is not the only one we are ‘talking about this way,’ ahem! We-the-people are deeply dissatisfied with the DINOs and the GOP. And, Republicans taking the House gives our self-proclaimed moral president no mandate to carry out the Red Doggy Biscuit policies. So when Obama tries to further undo the social safety net that the FDR/LBJ legacy had established, citing a Republican Congress as his handy woe-is-a-DINO excuse, it won’t just be the GOP that has to answer for it in 2012. The buck stops with Obama. He will have to answer for it, too.

Of course the “in Poll Favoring Clinton” part of the headline is bittersweet, too.

The Bloomberg poll, which was conducted from October 24-26, shows that the GOP “leads 47 percent to 44 percent when likely voters are asked how they plan to vote in their congressional election.” This finding is in line with all the other evidence that has been pointing to a Republican takeover of the House. The only ones left denying this are basically Democratic party figures who have no choice but to try to rally the troops with wishful thinking at this point. Of course, there is Obama who won’t even endorse the Democratic candidate for governor in Rhode Island, so he’s not even one of the people who would invest much energy in trying to deny it. He and his inner circle have long ago stopped making any secret of the fact that the Democrats will be losing the House. Instead they have been preparing us for all the Democratic agenda that nice, conciliatory Mr. Bipartisan President will have to sacrifice to work with a Republican Congress.

At the beginning of this year, President Obama infamously said theThe Big Difference” Between 2010 and 1994 “Is Me.

The real difference between 2010 and 1994? Bill Clinton was not actively trying to lose. He wanted to win. That he pulled it together and turned things around working with a Republican Congress and was able to win re-election came afterward. It was not part of the plan.

More from the Bloomberg poll:

The margin is wide enough that if it holds over the next five days it likely would give Republicans the net 39-seat gain needed to capture the House.At the same time, voters either are divided about or opposed to the policies and approach that Republicans have said they would offer once in control, particularly on cutting spending; voters also want the parties to work together.

What’s that? No deficit squawking from the majority of Americans? Can it be? YES!

The favorable political landscape for Republicans in the closing days of the campaign is largely the result of support from independent voters. They back Republicans over Democrats, 47 percent to 34 percent. That advantage stands in contrast with the 2008 presidential election, when Obama won by an eight-point margin with independents, exit polls showed.

One independent poll respondent, David Mullins, a 59-year- old airline pilot from Indian Trail, North Carolina, says he is voting for Republicans this year, even though he doesn’t expect the party to make tough decisions.

I don’t have any love for the Republicans,” Mullins said.They can’t cut Medicare and Social Security; they can’t cut the military.”

See, the message about to be sent to Washington is NOT shaping up to be “taxed enough already.”

It’s stop spending our taxes on everybody but the American people.

To wit:

The poll finds Republicans in an unusual position: on the brink of making political gains while the party and its policies are unpopular. Likely voters are evenly divided on the Republican Party, with 47 percent holding a positive opinion.

This contrasts with midterm elections in 1994, when the insurgent Republicans gained congressional control after polls showed voter attitudes tilting toward them. Before that election, the party had a 7 point advantage in positive ratings among registered voters, according to the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Republicans have said they want to cut $100 billion from the federal budget as early as January. That would amount to 21 percent of the government’s so-called discretionary spending and target programs such as college loans for low-income students or medical research at the National Institutes of Health.

Less than one-third of poll respondents — 31 percent — say they support cutting federal spending in areas such as education and health care, excluding Social Security, Medicare and defense.

This is NOT 1994. And, if Obama thinks he can rub shoulders with the Republicans to cut back social programs and not pay for it, he better hope the GOP nominates its worst candidate, because that is the only way Obama will stand a chance. Frankly the GOP slate is full of a lot of contenders for worst candidate, so if he can’t beat most of them, he will have no one to blame but himself. He is running on the party that used to have the winning policies — he just isn’t governing like an actual member of that party or espousing or strengthening any of those policies.

I hope if things pan out as pessimistically as they seem they will at this point that the seniors all ditch the Ds in 2012 when they find out what kind of sham was pulled on them by Obama and the Democrats not disclosing upfront their intentions on SS before the midterms. I know third term parties are questionable from the perspective that power always coalesces around the two basic ends of the see-saw, but we really need something drastic here to shake up the system and restore anything recognizable as a Democratic party. If a third party or independent movement can accomplish that, I won’t be opposed to it. We have tried for decades, especially the last decade, to work within the D/R system and it has just allowed the Democratic party to get lost in the K-Street vortex.

I do not recognize today’s Democratic party. Lying through their teeth like they’ve ushered in equal pay for equal work when they’ve done nothing of the sort. Lilly Ledbetter was important to pass, but it doesn’t have a practical effect if you don’t pass the Paycheck Fairness Act (which by the way was first introduced by one Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton back in 2005).

Which brings me to my thoughts on the NY Times poll. Here was the interesting finding that jumped out for me:

Republicans have wiped out the advantage held by Democrats in recent election cycles among women, Roman Catholics, less affluent Americans and independents. All of those groups broke for Mr. Obama in 2008 and for Congressional Democrats when they grabbed both chambers from the Republicans four years ago, according to exit polls.

If women choose Republicans over Democrats in House races on Tuesday, it will be the first time they have done so since exit polls began tracking the breakdown in 1982.


In the case of women — a traditionally Democratic-leaning group that the White House has been courting actively in recent weeks — the shift toward the Republicans was marked in the latest poll, especially when compared with their stated preferences in the last Times/CBS poll, in mid-September.

In the earlier poll, women favored Democrats over Republicans by seven percentage points. In the latest poll, women said they were likely to support a Republican over a Democrat by four percentage points, suggesting Republican gains among women who were undecided as of last month.

Well that’s just great. The Stupakistan gambit during the HCR debate (which resulted in the Stupaksis disease spreading and creating mini-Stupaks across the nation–heads up this link goes to a pdf), the Democrats failure to make any pitch to women voters on the economy but to instead fall back on that tired, cynical, duplicitous old one trick pony of “ROE! SCOTUS! VOTE D!,” the relentless obsession with Mama Grizzlies and calling them whore, bitch, witch, etc… it is all coming home to roost! If the Democrats lose women to Republicans in the midterms, they really have LOST IT. And, don’t tell me it’s just some bitter old women obsessed with the vajayjays of female politicians. That ain’t what this is about. Study the entrails. Your spokesperson Donna Brazile told us to stay home every day of that election she got on CNN and pretended to be an impartial, “undeclared” superdelegate.

We knew when we were trampled on. It wasn’t about Hillary, though she was part of it. It was OUR election too. It is our country too. You don’t think we have any right to hear a substantive policy agenda backed up by actions. Just spit on our primary votes, shout Roe, run our economy further into the ditch that Bush dug and pay no attention to the glaring lights screaming JOBS! Yeah that will get us to pull the lever for the good ol’ D. Real smart plan. Fantastic. And, then just roll out the talking points: Ann Dunham, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Lilly Ledbetter, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, minus a Christina Romer, and a fleeting position for Liz Warren to advise on a Consumer Protection Agency she fought for.

No, sorry, the positive contributions of any one of these women or what they have fought for does not undo the way YOU, Mr. President, have failed to communicate with us. If you’ve lost women, you’ve lost America. They have been suffering a Stockholm Syndrome/learned helplessness with the Democratic party for years and you could have had them knocking door to door right now to save the Democratic Administration and Democratic Congress, but nope. That did not fit into your grand idea of a New Coalition and Democratic realignment. And, some realignment it has been.

96 Responses

  1. (waving) I slept late and the sleep is just fading from my brain. I’ll be back after my walk (I hope) clears the last of it away.

  2. Righteous! Love it.

  3. The poll finds Republicans in an unusual position: on the brink of making political gains while the party and its policies are unpopular. Likely voters are evenly divided on the Republican Party, with 47 percent holding a positive opinion.

    Someone somewhere said that they thought we’d have a period where there would be shifts in power between Ds & Rs until someone takes the issues confronting people seriously (and not the issues confronting Bankers seriously)

    I think this poll supports that idea.

    • Yep, and I have thought for the past 3 years that that’s the kind of period we’ve settled into and have been crossing my fingers that the first “someone” that takes the issues confronting people seriously does so from a center-left policy perspective or at least a perspective about gov’t that works for the people, rather than the size of it.

  4. Polls, Polls, Polls……..everywhere I look, even read CNN polls. I tell you it’s continual campaign in motion for 2012.

    Thanks Wonk, good job breaking it on down in regards to women. Yes women are moving, and the parties who brought this trainwreck had better get over it. When she doesn’t get paid equal wages, when she moves into the unemployment lines, when those programs that provide a safety net (childcare, caregivers programs) are cut, including educational
    programs, women are going to be on the move.

    Lest I forget, women who are told when to have a pap
    smear, or a mamogram, or told to rely on Obamacare,
    it’s just makes that move happen in the blink of your eye.

  5. Personally, I believe in the good sense and judgement of the women of America, but as far as the American people as a whole goes, not so much. We’re mostly a lost cause.

  6. Great post.

    “If you’ve lost women, you’ve lost America.”

    The WH really thought we had nowhere else to go- just like the LGBT community and seniors. They calculated they would lose some votes from these groups, but not too many. What they didn’t get was that they would lose our interest in party work (get out the vote, etc.) and from the LGBT community they also lost our money. Something they assumed would keep flowing like it has for the past 30 years.

    The fact that the Democratic Party has lost its way makes me sick to my stomach. OTOH, it is a perfect setup for Hillary (and BIll) to come in in 2014-2015 and bring us all back home.

    • And on another note – Chelsea will be old enough to run for the U.S. Senate by 2015-2016. Schumer is up for re-election in 2016. Maybe she will primary him, or better, he will retire.

      One can only hope…

      • Chelsea!! *sigh* A wonk can dream….

        • Chelsea doesn’t appear to have any interest in politics-understandably.
          My great hope is that she gives birth to triplets as soon as possible.

      • Wouldn’t that be great if we had Gillibrand and Chelsea as New York’s Senators, while Hillary is in the White House (for 2 terms)?

      • I remember Bill mentioning Dem agreement on Chelsea entering politics around about 2016. This was after Obama won the nomination and prior to Hillary’s acceptance of SoS.

        Thought it was a pretty big carrot at the time…

        • Laurie – that is interesting. Don’t think I have ever heard that.

          I know we have had no indication that Chelsea is interested in elective office. However, given who her parents are her DNA has got to be hard-wired for a life of public service. I am counting on mother nature. She is a powerful force.

    • Thanks Dee.

      The WH really thought we had nowhere else to go- just like the LGBT community and seniors. They calculated they would lose some votes from these groups, but not too many.

      They thought because they got away with it in 2008 they could get away with it period. Maybe if they’d not screwed up so badly… who knows. It’s truly bizarre that on Planet Axelrod, it’s okay for O not to endorse Caprio. A WH who knows no loyalty and stays on the sidelines shouldn’t be surprised when voters return the favor.

  7. Wow!

    This is why I come here!!!!!!!!!

    Great piece RD!

  8. Love the Stupaksis disease! That foretold the true unravelling of women from the D label. So now a whole bunch of women figure that might as well vote for the Mama Grizzlies since they couldn’t do any worse under the male-dominated D leadership.

    And it will be interesting to see how this plays out in WI.

    Love your rant!

    • Thanks fembots…yes I feel badly about Feingold likely bearing the brunt of this. Out of all the places to start weeding out the D side, Feingold was never the place I would have started.

      • Excellent post as always.

        Of all the things to be right about, the fact that so many Ds are going to take the brunt of the anger about Obama. It’s going to be brutal to watch. I really am not happy about how this is all going to turn out.

        Just a small thing….I hate bringing it up….but wanted to revisit TC’s great writing on the subject. The Stupakistan link didn’t make it to the intended page.

        Thanks again….more historic events that Obama has brought us.

        • oops! ty so much.

          I have fixed the link above and am putting it here too– It’s not to a frontpage post here, it’s to a pdf.

          if you’re interested, though, I did discuss that link here: http://wp.me/paJiI-b5M

          • That was my b-day and my husband was home….so I usually have to catch up on RD during the week. I remember reading your post and getting caught up in the graph about the parties and that iconic photo and missed that link because you had me pondering my vote and if this was the time to go green. At least I missed it because you had me thinking….lol

            Thanks for posting it again….it literally took my breath away.

      • Gasp….I have never seen that before. I mistakenly thought the link was going back to an RD article.

        Thank you.

        The Reps could have never achieved what the Dems have…..stunning.

  9. For decades when people would ask me about my political views/choices I would always use this shorthand –

    I am a feminist first.
    A lesbian second.
    And a Democrat third.

    Now I say – here is my old order (above). Here is my new order-

    I am a liberal first.
    A feminist second.
    And a lesbian third.

    Then the question – you are no longer a Democrat? Nope – but I am a democrat.

  10. WomanVote @donnabrazile |#Women #Vote -“Night of Terror” (Women`s #Suffrage/#WomansRights)HILLARY’S ROLL CALL VOTE!?! http://tiny.cc/2f4kv #NOW #DEMS

    There I tweeted this @Donna Brazile, inspired by your spunk! How about more of tweet her so she knows she is a
    FeMANist because she didn’t stand with us in COUNTING THE VOTES and Disenfranchized us in the process! NOW, she wants to speak for WOMEN? Sheesh!

  11. The Stupakistan gambit during the HCR debate (which resulted in the Stupaksis disease spreading and creating mini-Stupaks across the nation), …

    Yes, those Jane Crow (h/t DAK) Anti-reproductive care laws are draconian and Anti-Democratic and speak to the Patriarchy that believes that WOMEN are property and that WOMEN can’t/don’t know what is best for their bodies as FREE WOMEN and FREE THINKERS. We must begin to make it clear to these FeMANists that we don’t give our support to those that work agaist our interests and the interests of our daughters, and grandaughters.

  12. […] While perusing the horserace news this morning, I noticed two polls in particular. One is the NY Times/CBS News poll that riverdaughter already discussed in her morning roundup, and I'll get to my thoughts on that in a bit. The other is this polling news from Bloomberg, with a headline to love: "Republicans Win House, Get No Mandate in Poll Favoring Clinton." From the link: Republicans are poised to retake the U.S. House next week without a manda … Read More […]

  13. US News poll. Most Want Obama Fired in 2012


    “Despite voters feelings toward Obama personally, 56 percent say he does not deserve to be re-elected, while 38 percent say he does deserve to be re-elected president.” Worse, Schoen adds, “43 percent say that Barack Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, while 48 percent say Bush was a better president than Obama has been.”

    Fine kettle of fish that is.

  14. Great post WTV, as usual….Thank you.

    A little OT but, it seems that Gibbs is starting a new “thing” over at the daily briefing.


    “That truly signals that a new era is here. The White House briefing has started the same for decades: a first question to a wire service reporter, followed by questions from networks and big newspapers.

    Could it be only a matter of time before the briefing itself is a thing of the past?”

    • Given that the “White House Briefing” is a pointless exercise anyway, what’s it matter?

  15. I got a robocall from Big Dawg on my answering machine!

    (On behalf of the D gov candidate, Onorato).

    • He’s all over the place for certain democrats, and more power to him, but I worry about the health and welfare of both Clintons. They are both on a grueling schedule.

  16. Great post, Wonk. I don’t know, I think Obama probably knows what he’s doing here. Two years of either doing nothing or going crazy and we’ll probably be back in the same position we’re in right now. It’s a calculated risk, but it’s all he had, and it seems at least as likely to work as not.

  17. Love it! Occasionally – and for short periods of time – the truth will out even in our media. I remember last December, the exit polls in Mass were saying that Scott’s upset was exclusively about the distaste for the health Club for Men. Soon after, that story fell through the memory hole – and it was all tea party and how we learned to love HCR – the same bill that we hated when it came from the Senate.
    People are tired of both parties and would love to have Clinton back. Ain’t that the truth!

  18. Terrific post, Wonk. I would say that 0 is not losing women because he hasn’t communicated well–though he doesn’t, and isn’t that ironic considering how his oratorical prowess was highlighted ad nauseam–it’s because he just does the wrong thing over and over. It’s because women are starting to see through his charade.

  19. And, Wonk, I’m glad you have a stubborn belief in the American People. I do too, and if more politicians and pundits did, the world would be a much better place.

    • Ain’t that the truth. Over and over again we get told how we’re too simple to understand how complicated issues are. Meanwhile most Amercans seem to understand enough imo to understand that spying without cause and breaking the law should not be allowed. The majority of Americans seemed to understand that the health care system we have costs more and has variable results. They wanted a plan that competed with private companies not based on large sum profits and denying care. The majority of Americans wanted to ask questions before writing a blank check to corporate America and the banking and automotive industry. And the list goes on and on. Somedays I think Congress would work better if it was like jury duty, a random drawing of citizenry. Average people representing average people’s interest. It certainly couldn’t be much worse than what we already have.

      • Great post….

        And I have often thought that too about the jury duty idea. That random citizens would take the job more seriously and provide better results for the people back home.

  20. The part that bothers me is they don’t even try to make the liberal argument. They start off from the point of capitulation with the GOP and work their way rightward. They’re so paralyzed with fear over the idea that some Americans might call them names. We have men and women getting shot at and Congress is worried about being called names! It’s a freakin’ disgrace.

  21. Ordinary Americans–great post, and thank you!!

    I was just in Home Depot looking at washing machines and I really looked at these ordinary Americans. They remind me of my grandfather who was the most wonderful person I’ve ever known. No pretense, no apologies–just straight up basically good. I think that is why despite some differences, these working class people are who I’d rather be around. My grandfather used to tell us stories about the depression and he loved FDR.

    • Home Depot – my favorite store bar none. And you meet the nicest people there. For example, I was in one last week (I’m actually in one every other day – redoing the basement), and I asked one of the store folks if they knew anything about cross pieces between joists in the basement ceiling because I didn’t want to put in a finished ceiling that would cover the pipes or wiring – just wanted to paint. The store employee admitted he didn’t know why the cross pieces were required (I thought they were put in to stop the joists from warping, but my home is 37 years old so why bother). Anyway, two other gents who were shopping stopped to educate me on the necessity of keeping the cross pieces in great detail. Home Depot, where you meet the down to earth people – that is if you’re not posing in front of the Chia pet display a la Biden. BTW, both gents and the store employee didn’t hesitate to discuss this rationally with a dreaded woman. They assumed I knew what I was talking about, and just needed some additional information – i.e. they didn’t talk down to me because of my gender. If anyone is interested, the cross pieces do stop the joists from warping, but also supply additional support to stop the floor above from squeaking and any sagging. You learn something new every day from Home Depot customers.

      • That’s interesting, about the cross-pieces.

        • it’s OT, however, I came home and investigated through the internet and a friend who happens to be an mechanical engineer. It’s true, the cross pieces add support. It’s rather an interesting issue, and I won’t go into details, other than I still will not install a sub ceiling, but I will paint the cross pieces..

  22. I’m sure that O has decided that this position is just too demanding, he actually is expected to do something – even with the big house, the two planes, the helicopter, golf and the puppy – so this all may very well just be his way of saying I don’t want to do this again – then he doesn’t have to run again in 2012!

  23. http://firedoglake.com/2010/10/28/obama-blames-insufficient-stimulus-on-ben-nelson-and-olympia-snowe-suggests-fdr-was-irresponsible/ I can’t believe a Democratic President would say FDR overreached. I don’t know what is more stupid, this or saying Larry Summers did “a heck of a job”. Great post Wonk the Vote.

    • *gasps* He is a plant to destroy this party, there’s no other explaination.

      • I was wondering if Axelrod is a doubleagent working for Jeb Bush.

        • I’ve always maintained that Obama was hired by the Bush family to make them look better by comparison.

      • Oh my – he suggests his response is better than FDR because he took more time than FDR to respond? Either he’s ignorant of history or is counting on his supporters being ignorant of history, or both? Wasn’t he supposed to be a scholar. Doesn’t he employ lots of people who are supposed to research. Has he ever read what previous presidents actually did?

        • If you really want to lose your lunch, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the comments. Voxtom explains how cold hearted FDR let Hoover swing in the wind between his election and the inauguration, causing untold human misery in the name of politics. Wonky, devoted public servant, Mr. Smith from Pleasantville, just isn’t a calculating politician, so he can’t even comprehend of such a thing. So, nobly acting in the country’s best interests, he served Bush and the country where FDR failed. It’ll bring a tear to your eye.

          • I’m a lurker. It’s unfair that you hit me with totally historically ignorant crap like that. Seriously, you are (and will continue to be I”m sure) one of my favorites, and you’ve knee capped me. I am speechless, and from a lurker, who only delurks to speechify……

      • … to destroy this party and country.

    • I think I just threw up in my mouth. This motherfucker talks about how great Reagan was, and talks shit about FDR? How the HELL did anyone ever think this man was even NOMINALLY progressive???

      • I honestly don’t know how anyone ever thought he was a Democrat.

      • Now that President Roosevelt has joined us under the bus, maybe we can prevail upon him to grant us squatters’ rights to Hyde Park. Once we convince Obama we’re plutocrats, we’re set, he’ll give us anything we ask for.

        • Well, he is rolling thru President Clinton, Johnson, Truman and now FDR; how far back can he go to find the “true villain”?

          • Also, if I am under the bus with FDR I am happy as a clam.

          • He’s got 2 more years to validate every right-wing talking point from the entire sweep of American history. I believe he will succeed.

        • You are so funny but FDR is unfortunately not able to grant any rights, even though he is firmly under the bus. Something to do with death – although he and Winston would love to accommodate (although I think Winston might be a little tetchy – that sculpture being returned from the white house sort of embarrassment)……

    • God – what an ignorant fuck.

    • Thanks pdgrey for this link. Great post!

      First, Obama is not a Democrat. He can call himself one but we all know that is not what he is.

      I can see lots of people are shocked by his comments. I am not. Obama never portrayed himself as a progressive in all he said and did and how he voted. All those present votes so he could avoid voting on a woman’s right to choose when he was in the Illinois Senate. Or, how Senator Obama was going to vote for John Roberts (who Hillary voted NOT to confirm) for Chief Supremeer. And, who and why did Obama change his mind to vote against Roberts’ confirmation? Who? Peter Rouse (recently appointed to replace – for now – Emmuel as Chief of Staff). Rouse, the Senate insider who is known around D.C as the “101 Senator” and who served as Chief of Staff to Dashele for 19 years. And, why? Rouse recommended Obama not vote for Roberts because Rouse told him, people would remind him of that every time the Supreme Court issued another conservative ruling, something that could cripple a future presidential run.

      And, on and on. But, here was the true mark of this man when he gave this interview to and called the Regan presidency transformational and dissed the Clinton Presidency. Obama has praised Reagan time and again and looked to distance himself from the only two term Dem since FDR. And, now he is distancing himself from one of this country’s best and most respected Presidents, FDR while once again singing the praises of revolting Reagan.

      Although I found the video of Obama praising Reagan, it was removed for copyright reasons. Here is an article about it by Sam Stein http://tinyurl.com/yv7tlq

      Here is the money paragraph:

      “I don’t want to present myself as some sort of singular figure. I think part of what is different is the times. I do think that, for example, the 1980 election was different. I think Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not. He put us on a fundamentally different path because the country was ready for it. They felt like with all the excesses of the 60s and the 70s and government had grown and grown but there wasn’t much sense of accountability in terms of how it was operating. I think he tapped into what people were already feeling. Which is we want clarity, we want optimism, we want a return to that sense of dynamism and entrepreneurship that had been missing.”

      Oh, yeah, blame and bash the 60’s when the Clinton’s came of age and how those days shaped and informed their political philosophy (and in my opinion, especially Hillary’s because to me she is more Liberal than Bill in her domestic ideas on how to make people’s lives better) and that is just what us Liberals wanted him to say. NOT. But, some how those comments and his attitude fell on deaf Obama fan ears (if they fell on those ears at all) and they still fell for what they falsely saw as their Liberal savior.

      How anyone could have mistaken this man for a progressive is beyond my apprehension. I think some disliked or feared Hillary Clinton so much for whatever dumb reason or excuse or because they bought into the right wing and MSM negative and false narrative about her, they gloomed onto the Obama brand and put all of their progressive hopes and dreams in what they believed he represented which was not who he was or now is as POTUS.

      Bill Clinton said it well and he was misquoted and that misquote was transcribed and it was the first time BC was given the totally unfair and egregious label ‘racist’. Here is that BC comment. And, yes, what BC said, ‘give me a break’! http://tinyurl.com/23uskjv

      Obama was never what he seemed to so many people who were willing to Clinton-bash and demean. They bought the fairy tale, hook……you’all know the rest.

      But, I just never did, so no, I’m not shocked by his comments. Not in the least. I expect them from this base, opportunist/narcissist.

      BTW, what Reagan (and then Poppy Bush) and his conservative party knuckle draggers/operatives did, like the loathsome Lee Atwater did to discredit the Liberal label and what it stood for, just in case you don’t know the sordid political history, here is some of that . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Atwater

      So, any Dem or anyone running away from the Liberal label to embrace what is now the less faux toxic Progressive label is a political coward and there is lots of that going around these days for all sorts of reasons.

      Obama is a different sort though. He ran away from the Liberal label because he ain’t no Liberal and made sure to make that very clear to those who were skeptical of him from the start and listened closely to what he said from 2007 to the General Election of 2008.

      • I guess I’m not really shocked that that’s how he feels, but more that he thinks there’s any advantage at all in saying it. If he hasn’t learned by now that the Reaganite votes that want to destroy the New Deal aren’t available to him, he’s a lost cause. I don’t know what in the world he has to gain by running against his own party.

        • Seriously, I kind of see him now as Tofu. He has no discernable political philosophy to call his own that I have concretely seen.

          During the primaries, Obama, was, for the most part, horrible during the 2007 debates. Hillary won most of them and there were a lot of debates. And, I remember him saying quite a bit of “I agree with Hillary”. He stole quite a lot from her policy papers and tweeked them a bit to call them his own and he used them for later debates but he never used them to make policy when he became POTUS. There was also a Health Conference held in 2007 to which all candidates for POTUS were invited to present their ideas on Health reform. Hillary (and even John Edwards: no comment) hit it out the park. Obama did not. He was awful. After that disaster, he learned how to not be awful and started to mimic what Clinton and Edwards put forth and started to talk about healthcare with a bit more informed commentary although not anywhere near Hillary. I really could listen to her speak about policy for days and not tire. Same with Bill. I don’t feel that way about many pols who are also teachers.

          So, he’s Tofu man.

          I don’t want to psychoanalyze him because I’m not qualified. But, from all that I’ve seen of his behavior in public, he seems to be the type of person who disdains and belittles those with whom he seems to have much in common and holds in esteem and sings the praises of those who disdain and belittle him like those over at Faux news. He seems to me to be obsessed with their disregard for him and will do anything he can to try to gain their favor. I guess I am psychoanalyzing him. lol. But, I do see him as a narcissist so I guess this description kind of fits in with that character trait.

          Do not raise your children to be TOFU Man or Woman especially if you have any inkling they want to be POTUS.

          Obama will never be one iota the POTUS that FDR, LBJ or Clinton were. All I know is that we as a country missed a huge opportunity to have Hillary be POTUS. And, the country was looking for change from Bush and if she ran in the General against McCain especially given the worldwide economic tsunami, Hillary would have won by a large margin over McCain and enjoyed a large majority in the House and Senate as Obama foolishly mishandled.

          And, although President Rodham-Clinton would have had an equally difficult time with the recalcitrant Republicans, she, like LBJ and FDR before her would have fought tooth and nail to do what was best for the people she was called upon to serve and wouldn’t have backed down from a fight. I also think she would have tackled the economic tsunami for Main Street first before she did Health Care and I believe she said as much and imo that would have been the smart move not only policy-wise but politically and the Dems wouldn’t find themselves now in the “no man’s/woman’s land” of political purgatory.

          • He would be a really fun case for psychoanalysis. 🙂 Sometimes he does seem like a people pleaser, hopelessly chasing approval where he’s doomed never to receive it. Sometimes he seems like he has contempt for anyone gullible enough to be taken in by him, and delights in mistreating them and abusing their trust. Sometimes it seems like he was chosen by the political establishment to be the anti-Clinton and now he’s Bush, hopelessly over his head and narcissistic to boot.

      • I think he has not learned that you do not succeed in building yourself up by tearing the other one down.

        He seems to be jealous of other successful dem presidents. He criticizes the successful ones, is silent on the ones deemed unsuccessful.

        What goes around comes around, buddy-boy.

        The appearance on the Daily Show was a disaster:

        “…Summers did a heckuva job…” (gulp)

        “…pun intended….” (liar)

        “…Yes, we can, but….”

        I guess he never heard that you don’t use “but” in statements. You say “and.”

        So he ain’t the all-fired smartest person ever when it comes to rhetoric, or anything else.

  24. The trouble is, for those of us silly enough to believe the government of we the people should actually work for we the people,


    They fight for their noxious policies, no matter what. George Bush took a fairly evenly divided nation and took a hard right turn.

    As The Onion tweeted earlier this year, Democrats hoped to wrest control from the Republican minority in this year’s elections. But hope is all they do. They don’t fight.

    Carolyn Kay

    • That’s what makes a good analysis like Wonk’s so bittersweet for me every time.
      The Republicans seem always to be fighting for their agenda in spite of public opposition. It even seems they fight harder the less popular their agenda of the moment is: impeachment, Terry Schiavo, unnecessary wars, etc. It seems the only thing they back down on is Social Security.
      That dragon they leave spineless fucking Democrats to slay for them.

      I don’t feel any better knowing they won’t have a mandate as measured by polls. We know exactly what they are going to do: Act as if regaining the House is a mandate.

      • Hi fachero and Carolyn,

        The Republicans don’t let not having a mandate stop them, true. What I was trying to speak to is that this isn’t 1994 when they did have one. It’s not the same situation. The GOP and Obama will be held accountable at the ballot box in ’12 for going against what the American electorate wants, just as Republicans were in 2006 and 2008.

  25. […] Bloomberg, thanks to Wonk the Vote, at The Confluence: […]

  26. Did you see this comment from Naked Capitalism?

    Not only does this Administration lie on a routine basis, it doesn’t even bother to tell credible lies. .And this one came directly from the top, not via minions. It’s not that this misrepresentation is earth-shaking, but that it epitomizes why the Obama Administration is well on its way to being an abject failure.

    • This is the same problem/question we had with Bush. Does he know he is lying?

      Which reality is worse – (1) he doesn’t know the truth or (2) he knows the truth and lies anyway.

      Ozero is a ratfucking a-hole.

      • Kay, just a question. Why did you spell out “ratfucking” and felt you couldn’t spell out “a-hole”?

        No need to answer, but just wondering.

        • Not Kay here but I think you meant it for me.

          I actually did not spell out asshole becaue I don’t say asshole. I I say a-hole. Thus I typed as I speak.

          And I like saying ratfucker. Its just fun.

          Ratfucker. Ratfucker. Ratfucker.

  27. Maybe off-topic: I just got an e-mail from Joe Biden asking me to “dig deep” to contribute to the DINOs.

    Sure thing, Joe. Which nostril do you prefer? 😛

    • I suspect the right. Am I a puerile person for laughing? Answer, perhaps, however isn’t that the climate today. After all the VP is considered a boob, and the Pres is becoming the male political equivalent of Paris Hilton, so I’m not so bad after all.

  28. Thanks for that link pdgrey. I read that article today and once again was simply amazed at Obama’s hubris. Again. Every time I think he can’t shock me with his lame framing of events, hubris and spin he does. Better than FDR? And for the record FDR did not “wait six months” This is such a sad attempt here. Now he’ll feel victimized when nobody buys it. Then he”ll once again chastise. It’s just amazingly predictable to me how this behavior is so text book narcissist. Just like GWB. Two more years of this? Hold on tight.

  29. On another note – headline from UK – Telegraph:

    Spanish Prostitutes Ordered To Wear Reflective Vests For Their Own Safety –

    “Police claim the sex workers on the LL-11 road are not being specifically targeted because of what they do but because they posed a danger to drivers.

    The prostitutes are in breach of 2004 law which states pedestrians on major highways and hard shoulders must wear the high visibility garments.”


    When are we going to grow up?

  30. Wonk. This ordinary American has a lot of faith in you. So far you have used it well.

    The neighborhood is definitely improving under the bus now that FDR has arrived.

    • I can’t wait for Eleanor. I have always wanted to meet her and have dreamed of just listening to a conversation between Eleanor and Hillary.

  31. But now, O is right when he says that Regan was transformational – it was his “trickle down” notion that started the ball rolling for the economic mess we are in today.

    Transformational my sweet bippy. 👿

  32. Oh, and Dee, no I don’t think he “knows he’s lying” I think he’s in la la land where everything he says is golden.

    Hey, I’m happy snug as a bug under the bus with y’all and FDR. 🙂

  33. As usual wonk you hit the nail on the head. Here I sit,when normally I would be at a phone bank or pounding the pavement. They have lost me forever as a worker bee. I think they have lost many ,many workerbees. I have gotten hundreds of calls from the Rethugs,not one from the Dems…other than fundraising that I don’t answer.

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