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Sexism? What sexism?

The picture above is NOT A PARODY, it is the actual cover of Mother Jones magazine, a periodical named for a feminist icon:

Mary Harris “Mother” Jones (August 1, 1837 – November 30, 1930), born in Cork, Ireland, was a prominent American labor and community organizer, who helped co-ordinate major strikes and co-founded the Industrial Workers of the World. Her activities were done under the moniker of Mother Jones, after which Mother Jones magazine is named.

But it’s all good, because two women (Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery) came up with the idea and another woman was the illustrator:

It’s not that there aren’t enough clues on the cover of the new issue of Mother Jones—the headline, for one—but since you (well, a couple of you) asked: Yes, that is a full-throated homage to the B movie classic Attack of the 50-Foot Woman. If you’re like us, your knowledge of American cinema doesn’t encompass the full plot of this 1958 gem, but suffice to say that it involves a wealthy heiress, Nancy Archer, who after an encounter with an alien is found on the roof of her pool house and soon grows into a giantess. She goes searching for her no-good husband and his mistress, Honey Parker (!), and mayhem ensues. We liked the image because of the subtle historical echoes and… oh, who are we kidding: We liked it because the poster is awesome. (The echoes, though, are there: 1958 was an election year, in a recession, that dealt the president’s party a big string of defeats and launched the Senate careers of, among others, Gene McCarthy, Robert Byrd, and Edmund Muskie.)

MoJo’s creative director Tim Luddy encouraged illustrator Zina Saunders to follow the poster out the window in tone and feel, tweaking only the landscape to look more suburban. Saunders, who by the looks of her gallery has been mildly obsessed with Sarah Palin (to terrific effect) took the assignment very seriously, at one point sending a picture of Palin in her beauty-contestant days to confirm that she’d gotten the proportions right.

So what if they portrayed the most popular female Republican in the country as a monster in a miniskirt? When women do it it’s okay.  Besides, they got the proportions right.  That’s what really matters.


The Mother Jones cover has turned the scantily clad, rampaging female into Sarah Palin standing over a suburban street and crushing a house in her left hand while minivans and SUVs careen in the street and tiny human figures (of tastefully multi-ethnic skin tones) flee in a panic. The headlines emblazoned across the cover say “ATTACK ON THE MIDDLE CLASS!” “A confused & frightened citizenry votes against its own self-interest” “They say they’re taking back America, but really they’re taking… your money!!!”

No, really. It’s just like that.

I was rolling my eyes at the comic cheesecake, but was curious – was this going to be a trashing of the Tea Party? An indictment of the out-of-control Glen Beck? A write up on Palin’s political tactics?

None of the above. Aside from a rambling Editor’s Note blaming the poor folk for being stupid and a juvenile one-page comic trying to reduce Beck to racism (no, he’s Father Coughlin, a far more complicated situation), there is nothing about the upsurge of political resentment on the Right; the three articles connected to the lurid cover are all about the Democratic failure, especially Obama’s failure, to strongly and systematically defend a liberal social and economic position. Galbraith delivers the sharpest smack-down, David Corn dissects how Obama “blew it”, while Kevin Drum weakly tries to hand-wave away the criticisms, but ends up repeating an apologist version of Corn’s analysis – too little, tepidly presented, and hey even Bill Clinton lost seats in the mid-terms, so lay off, will ya?

So, tell me again – What this has to do with depicting Sarah Palin as stroke material? Why is a series of articles detailing failures on the Left to combat the aggression of the Right being sold with a extremely sexualized image of Palin and accompanied by headlines that scream (In all caps, red typeface) about what this fuckable Amazon is trying to do to you gullible fools? I’m suppressing a smirk at the ironic juxtaposition of the written message and the visual appeal. The text talks about people being tricked into voting against their own self-interests, while the image is designed to get horny men to buy the magazine in the hopes of more soft-core porn on the inside, when there isn’t any.

Who exactly is being led around by the short hairs here?


Calling women whores for political fun and profit is not just for Jerry Brown’s campaign. It is the way that political challenges from strong minded women are met. Whitman, Hill and Palin are all turned into objects of desire, and then their actions are judged by their ostensible fuckability quotient – too old and dried up so she’s whoring, too independent and aloof, so she’s a liar, too slutty and hot, so we can’t take her seriously. It’s how you try to delegitimize a woman seeking, or even merely disrupting, power, by foregrounding her sexuality. It also cuts to the infantile root of the fear of strong women, that they may turn into all-powerful monsters who keep you from having sex and might even kill you.

What it does not do is focus the attention of Democrats on battling the continued erosion of their economic and political protections in the face of the concerted assault of the Right – an assault conducted by powerful men in back rooms, not by radioactive Amazons in the streets of suburbia.

It’s writing like that that makes us willing to forgive a lapse in judgment and some personal insults.

117 Responses

  1. The cover may be sexist but it sure appears to show the world how powerful Sarah really is. She has everyone going batsh*t crazy over her to the point that they create images like this! If they (Mother Jones, etc.) don’t want Sarah to have power, why do they constantly parade images out that are only going to ignite her base and make them take the oath to be sure to VOTE? Mother Jones may be thinking they will ignite the Democrats with this stuff but the only people that really get into this treatment of women are those Obamabots that could just as easily view Hillary the same way!

    • I think the cover is just foreshadowing for what is soon to transpire. Palin is going to run and is going to be the Republican nominee and then she is going to win the Presidency and she is going to hold onto that job for 8 full years.

      Not happy about it because it should have been Hillary leading this country as her ideas and character are clearly superior. However, the glass ceiling needs to be bashed into a million pieces never to return. Not just for the presidency but for all faucets of life.

      So tired of the patriarchical world view that originated in the middle east. Equality is for everybody and is essential to the success of our nation. Political equality is just 1 step in the right direction. We have so many social problems that needs to be addressed and are so important that we can’t be bickering on trivial matters such as whether someone has a penis or a vagina.

      • “The patriarchal world view” present in western culture did not originate in the Middle East. It derives directly from the Greeks and Romans, both of which societies gave the paterfamilias the power to judge and execute any woman in his household. Both also practiced legal infanticide, particularly of female children.

  2. The cover Provocative! Having said that, I frequently used the video of ‘Attack of the 50 Foot WOMAN’ to illustrate the reaction to Hillary and to Sarah by the political pundits (some whom were in such a state that they crossed their lesg…protecting their logic center)!

    Albeit, I must declare, Hillary R. Clinton is at least 100 FEET TALL, especially on her Birthday! 😉

    • Having said that, I frequently used the video of ‘Attack of the 50 Foot WOMAN’ to illustrate the reaction to Hillary and to Sarah by the political pundits

      I use the Incredible Shrinking Woman

      • I love your sense of humor…made me laugh and believe you me, I needed to laugh. I love Lily Tomlin she is fantastic!

        • I still giggle every time I remember the shoebox funeral and the line from the eulogy… “She gave so much and she got so little.”

      • “You know what the American public wants? They want HOPE. And, hope is what you’re gonna give them, right?”


  3. Wow — I am (almost) speechless. That appalling cover speaks volumes about how far women still have to go to be taken seriously, even by other women. (And as others point out, counterproductive if they disagree with Gov. Palin’s politics.)

    Agree or disagree with her policies and politics — fine! But would they ever depict a male politician like that??


    • I find it hard to believe they would depict any male that way.

      Why women would participate in crap like this is beyond me. They must know it leaves everyone the opening to do similar and the excuse that “women do it too!”

      I agree about Anglachel, she truly is a gifted writer.

      • I can’t imagine a male politician being depicted as a Godzilla, or King Kong, or anything like that. And definitely I don’t believe a male politician would be caricatured with scant clothing to demean his stature.

        • How about superman?

        • Actually, there was a Nation cover once of George W. Bush literally eating a baby. As much as I despised W, I found the cover horrifically offensive. And so did a lot of other readers.

          • I agree. Though I do have a plush toy of President GW Bush with his pants depicted as being on fire. I think that is acceptable political speech.


        • George W. Bush was frequently depicted as a chimpanzee.

    • I just put in a call to MJ Their number, 415-321-1700, is also the contact number for the FOUNDATION FOR NATIONAL PROGRESS.

      Miq, is your headbanger handy?

    • Mother Jones should have made a cover of the Incredible Shrinking President.

  4. I’m so done with the “professional left”, their misogyny, and their whore-i-fication of Sarah Palin.

    I have nothing but contempt for the lot of them, and there’s pretty much nothing they can do to ever again make me listen to anything they say, on any subject, without bile in my throat and the knowledge of what sort of hypocritical gutter-dwellers they truly are.

  5. So, Mother Jones didn’t have the guts to use a caricature of Obama…


  6. Mother Jones would say Shame On You to that trio.

  7. OT – “California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina was hospitalized this morning due to an infection related to reconstructive surgery she underwent this summer as a result of breast cancer. ”

    Good luck to Carly.

  8. Well, I’d have to say that Mother Jones is now revealing their true selves since they jumped the shark to support O’Hopealot … cartoonish, a bad pulp fiction novel.

    Appalled, and yet not surprised.

  9. I just got home from school burning mad as I listened to NPR Elites tell us who was and who wasn’t an elite. Apparently, you aren’t an elite if you never have had a mortgage or something like that. Obama is not an elite they said, since hehad crawled his way up from the bottom. working hard for everything he had and played by the rules. Clinton was an elite because he never had a mortgage until he left the Whitehouse. I guess I’m an elite because I rent.
    The host’s definition of an elite was a person who worked hard and played by the rules and anyone talking about elites were anti-intellectual.

    • Obama is not an elite they said, since hehad crawled his way up from the bottom. working hard for everything he had and played by the rules.

      this is the current talking point the Obama machine has been dispatched to hit hard right now–Obama is working class, raised by a single mom and her working class parents. Cynthia Tucker was saying it on Hardballz yesterday.

      • That little nugget is so off base, it’s stunning. What will be even more stunning is the number of people who will repeat it, and who will accept it.

        Equally off base, but just in time per marching orders, are the remarks about Clinton.

        I was raised (my whole life) by a single mother, and my company in that is Clinton, not Obama. Obama was raised much of his life by his grandparents. He went to a tony private school in Hawaii and his grandmother was a bank VP, for god’s sake.

        The only thing he will ever have to claw his way out of is the pool of delusion that swirls around him, and the miasma of lies and missed opportunities that fills it.

        • They send all the poor kids in Hawaii to private prep schools.

          • Do you remember the part about Punahou School in Michener’s book ‘Hawaii’? They wouldn’t take the best and brightest of the non-white kids, just the mediocre ones ….. Maybe that was still in effect in Obama’s day.

          • I wish they’d done that in San Jose, where I grew up!

        • the talking point will only work with the supporters Obama still has left– it won’t bring back the working class Independents at all. They know where they stand in relation to him–under the bus and below his paygrade.

        • Absolutley right. Obama’s mother, when he actually lived with her, was not single. She was remarried to an oil company executive. Obama’s mother did eventually take Food Stamps, but only because she chose to chuck her State Department job and go to Harvard for a post graduate degree, after her second divorce. Obama was, as you say, living with his at-least middle class grandparents and going to a fancy prep school (he went there for a decade, not just high school), while his Mom went to Harvard. There is not a shred of evidence that Obama ever wanted for anything as a child.

          More broadly, the “progressives” don’t get, or pretend to not get, that being elitist is not the same thing as having a lot of money. Elites are defined by more than simply money. Both of Obama’s natural parents did post graduate work at Harvard. Both of his grandparents were college educated (which, at the time, was pretty unusual for his grandmother). Obama went to a fancy prep school, Occidental College, Columbia and Harvard Law School. He was a “professor.” He shops at Whole Foods. He and his equally Ivy League wife clearly belong to a cultural elite, even if they are not particularly wealthy.

          Still, being part of an elite is not the same thing as being an elitist. But Obama is that too. He obviously looks down upon the “bitter clingers.” He ridiculed Americans who don’t know foreign languages (even though, ironically, he doesn’t know one himself!). Now he says that anyone who disagrees with him must be acting out of “fear,” out of some overreliance on the reptilian, instinctual part of the brain. It can’t be that anyone just honestly and reasonably disagrees with him, let alone that their criticisms of him might be correct. No, of course not!

          Obama is convinced that he is always the smartest person in the room. I concede he is no dummy. He’s not Archie Bunker, and is able to correctly use multisyllabic words. But I see no evidence that he is any kind of genius either. As far as I can tell, he is never anything but a font of conventional, Beltway wisdom. And he is certainly not infallible.

          I know some folks who are like Obama. They are well educated, East Coast cultural sophisticates. There is nothing wrong with that. But many of them think that, ipso facto, anyone who lives in a small town or Middle America, anyone who is religous, anyone who has less education than they do, anyone who likes different cultural products than they do, and so on, is automatically an idiot. A yahoo. A hick. A bitter clinger.

          Bill and Hillary went to elite East Coast colleges and Yale Law School. They chose to make their home in New York. They are obviously both super intelligent. But they never look or talk down to anyone. They can sympathize and empathize with anyone, and they don’t act as if their intelligence and education and cultural sophistication somehow entitles them to positions of power. Obama is just the opposite. Both the Clintons and the Obamas are clearly part of an elite. But the Obamas are elitists, the Clintons are not.

      • *sigh* No matter how many times we explain to the rather thick heads in the press what, exactly, elitism is and is not, they keep getting it wrong.

        They really are rather mentally slow and astonishingly parochial. aren’t they? I believe I detect a whiff of xenophobia there as well when they speak of the great unwashed.

        • Speaking of that……. just read an article that Katie Couric’s 5 year contract is almost finished—she’s MUCH happier out in the field talking to the “great unwashed in the middle of the country,” trying to understand what the anger’s all about.

          No shit—-her words. “Great unwashed.”

          Arrogant tool.

      • Thank you Wonk. I thought I was hearing things. Glad somebody else caught this.

      • He damn well didn’t work from the bottom up.

      • Yeah, that’s why BO went to private school.

    • That’s plan nuts. Someone should try to map out their logic on a chart and try to explain it. Would make a good comedy skit.

      • Didn’t you know that Obama taught himself to read while working in the sugarcane fields next to his mother at the age of four?

      • Oh, goody! Katie Couric is going to don her khakis and safari hat , and venture into the wilds of bag-0-donuts America, to observe with fascination the species of teapartius erectus and liberalis fedupicus in their native habitats!

        It’s very brave of her. She is leaving the bubble of NY to undertake this difficult assignment into the hinterlands of the country, into areas so foreign to her as to be a completely different culture. Places like, um, Philly, and Boston.

        That’s why Couric has spent recent weeks in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and New Brunswick, New Jersey. She is touring what she calls “this great unwashed middle of the country” in an effort to divine the mood of the midterms.

        That’s about as “unwashed” as her brain can handle. Hey, whaddid you expect? Boise?


        • That’s why Couric has spent recent weeks in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and New Brunswick, New Jersey. She is touring what she calls “this great unwashed middle of the country” in an effort to divine the mood of the midterms.

          That is sad and disgusting.

          • Clueless. And damn, I misspelled “erecticus”.

          • It makes you wonder what she feels about the flyover states. And all those gun-toting and hunting types who drive pick-ups because they actually use them to work?

            I guess if you don’t live in New York, DC, SF, or L.A. then you aren’t really on her radar.

          • Apparently, Milwaukee, WI doesn’t even count. Most of the Chicago elites see us as merely their northern playground.

            Why would she come here? We have over 70% unemployment of AAs, who comprise most of the City itself. And we were rated as 4th poorest city in the nation.

            Can I just say how much I despise Couric. She is a mediocre newsperson at best, anyway.

        • I don’t think the condescension to the “great unwashed” is going to do the ratings of “the Great Unwatched” any favors. 😀

          • Did Couric go around Americana with a Teabagger-to-Media Asshat pocket translator?

          • Geez….it reminds me of the Ren and Stimpy cartoon.

            The Lair of the Lummox.

            Plot description..”Ren and Stimpy host your favorite nature show; Untamed World. In this episode they go in search of the dying breed of the lummox. Deep in the wood they find a prime specimen; a freckled red neck known as Booger Red.”

            At least that was a joke and not a national news anchor.

          • ” the Great Unwatched” lol!

            Don’t forget your passport, Katie.

        • Oh gack! Poor Katie has to leave the Upper East Side. Who will bring her lattes in the morning??

        • I can’t wait for her to come to Gurley’s Rural America!

  10. The program that was on before the “elite” show was an interview with a reporter from Truthdig. He’s a Democrat who has had it with Obama due to his giveaway to the banks while everyone is being foreclosed upon by those same banks, AIG and Goldman Sachs, etc. That was a good show but when he said Obama’s stance on home mortgages was a deal-killer and he would not be supporting Obama in the future and pointed out how different he is from his campaign, you coulda heard a pin drop. That was the end of his interview.

    • He won’t be asked back.

    • My husband and I actually got into a verbal tiff over his Friday donation to NPR. I don’t have to explain here my issues with NPR and frankly he knew them too. As a result, he requested that they split the donation so that I was donating brown rice to schools and he was donating to NPR.

      Anyway, when the news about Haiti and the recent deaths came on tv and a few other stories. I would look at him with a playful stink eye because they represented our usual donations. Unfortunately, for him the tv was filled with stories of our usual donations.

      Can’t wait for the mug to come. /snark

  11. “Obama is not an elite they said, since he had crawled his way up from the bottom. working hard for everything he had and played by the rules.”

    This is hilarious. Ever been to Hope Arkansas? I have. Bill Clinton came from anything but, an elite back ground. That hopium is some strong stuff if they think Obama came up from that desperate a situation. The meme they are selling is an outright lie.

    As for the Palin cover. I used to love MJ, however they have become quite thick lately. What part of ignore her don’t they understand? They have done nothing but, ramp up her base by doing this. Yes, it’s sexist and I never doubted over the last two years they were capable of something like this. However they have totally gone off the deep end over Palin in that they seem to not be able to recognize how much this bashing is helping her with her supporters.

    Judging from this cover that section of the left could help push progressive “values” a lot more if they just didn’t try to help. Please stop “helping” MJ. You’ve killed two birds with one stone here by creating a bigger back lash in Palin’s favor and slamming women while you are at it. And they call her dumb? Pot, kettle, black.

    • Obama’s mother was a bank VP, and he went to Punahou in Hawaii. I have friends who went there at the same time–as elite as it gets. Puh-leaze stop with the poor Bambi stories.

  12. LAT:

    For women, ideology trumps the gender card
    Female voters are judging Whitman and Fiorina more harshly than men, Times/USC poll finds.

    • Women don’t seem to want to vote for other women. That’s freakin’ outrageous.

      • Women are the primary overseers and enforcers to keep all women on the Dem Plantation. And they freak out over conservative women in a way that they do not over conservative men with the exact same positions, because they are a bigger threat to lure women away from Dem orthodoxy.

        They will vote for a rebublican man before they would ever, ever vote for an R woman. Because the first is merely wrong, but the latter is an abomination.

    • Mention that damn USC poll again, you’ll see something running down your legs soon enough.

  13. We are still living in upside down bizzarro world. Almost 3 years now. Will need to see a doctor soon. .

  14. Joy Behar:

    I’d like to see her do this ad in the South Bronx. Come here bitch, come to New York! I’m not praying for her! She’s going to hell! She’s going to hell, this bitch!

    She didn’t say “whore” so it’s okay.

      • I clicked that link, Wonk, and twice I got alert to : HTML …something VIRUS threat from my Nod 32 security.

        I tried twice. Both times my connection was cut from TM.

        Any idea what that is about?

        • I think TM’s site clashes with some people’s virus software or something. I know Pilgrim has the same problem you describe.

          • insanelysane: I’ve put the conversation I had over at TM’s here for ya since you can’t access it.

            Wonk the Vote says:
            26 October 2010 at 5:19 pm

            Angle’s politics are vile, but two wrongs don’t make Joy right.

            Ronc99 says:
            26 October 2010 at 6:11 pm


            I agree with Wonk. Joy Behar should have said that Wall Street and China’s banks, corporations, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and the military industrial complex, “have Harry Reid as their bitch!” It is Harry Reid who has screwed this nation with his intentionally, dysfunctional Senate leadership. I do not fear Sharron Angle at all. A freshman Senator will not have Harry Reid’s power base or influence. Nor do I want Chucky Schumer to replace Harry Reid. Now there is an even more DIRECT tool of Wall Street. No thanks.

            In fact, I fear Justice Elena Kagan far more than I ever would Sharron Angle. Kagan in two votes before the USSC, has voted with the Federalists gang (and not with the liberals on the Court), to which, her replacement would NOT have done. If you loved David Souter’s *change of heart*, you will despise Kagan’s. The corporate MSM will cover for Obama’s corporate tool. Outrageous!!!

            It’s one thing to talk crazy and it’s another, governing crazy. I mean look at Obama in 2008. He talked sane and was a populist. Yet, he has governed crazy as in Wall Street’s flavor of the decade. I fear what I can see. Democrats screwing us in governance while talking sane. Democrats running today favor Wall Street over Main Street, just as the Republicans do. What’s the damn difference who wins?
            We are screwed, regardless.

            Wonk the Vote says:
            26 October 2010 at 6:26 pm

            I do not fear Sharron Angle at all. A freshman Senator will not have Harry Reid’s power base or influence.

            I have to admit Angle’s stated views do creep me out when I listen to them and leave my jaw hanging but overall I just don’t pay much attention to her. I think she is small potatoes and after what Harry Reid has overseen and let pass Congress first with the HCR and then without any debate on the foreclosure fraud! Or even symbolic stuff like his answering “Scalia” for admired justice. GRRRRR. Or just the plain haplessness of his spending $61 million in earmarks for a shooting range only to get snubbed by the NRA. It just irritates to no end. Especially when I think of what has happened since 2006 to 2010 and all the political capital that has been wasted, the wars we are still in, the healthcare mess we’re still in, the big bank mess we’re still in, and on and on. And, after remembering Paul Wellstone earlier this week, it just makes me all the more despondent about this Democratic leadership. Where has the Democratic party gone? (That’s rhetorical. Sadly I know where it is–it’s lost in the K-street vortex).

            Ronc99 says:
            26 October 2010 at 6:43 pm


            I so agree with you about the Democratic party being lost in the “K Street vortex” and the futility of it all.

            Robert Reich’s words last week, resonate even moreso, today:

            ***The perfect storm: An unprecedented concentration of income and wealth at the top; a record amount of secret money flooding our democracy; and a public becoming increasingly angry and cynical about a government that’s raising its taxes, reducing its services, and unable to get it back to work.

            We’re losing our democracy to a different system. It’s called plutocracy.***

          • Thanks Wonk. Very thoughtful comments, and I do agree that small potatoes Angle is not something I am worried about.
            I think back to the early days of the recovery of the Dems after we all were neutered by patriot monger Bush.
            2006 should have been the start of real change from the war and from Bu$h policy, but it wasn’t.

            The cowards in the Congress, led by Harry and by “off the table ” Pelosi did not stand up then and do not stand now.
            We need leaders. Harry isn’t one of those.

          • Yes, I continue to have the problem. TM the only site it happens at. And the message I get is the same as insanelysane.

            I have excellent virus protection software, and I had the company look into it. They say problem not at my end.

    • Not nice, politics at its dirtier side and none too lady like. 😦

    • Not nice, politics at its dirtier side and not a lady like thing to say or anyone for that matter. 😦

    • I do think Sharon ‘I see Brown People’ Angel is trying to Hortinize Latinos/Hispanics and that is hateful and wrong. Using little children to USE THEIR COLOR AGAINST THEM IS HATEFUL, and DISGRACEFUL!

      1. Special Tax Breaks to illegal aliens NOT TRUE! There is no bill changing the IRS rules pending nor has was there one that passed.

      2. Social Security is only for legal aliens and citizens that have paid into the system or that qualify as a spouse (and must be a resident alien or citizen).
      Lie number one, there is no special

      3. Where is the cheers by Reid? Where is the tape/audio?

      4. Reid and many others including Hillary is against racial profiling. Why should I be stopped, for being a person of color, while the Republicans were trying to Amend the Constitution for Arnold who wasn’t even born in the Americas? The Republicans can’t hide their racial issues when they don’t speak out against ads like this one.

      5. Where is the bill, what is the number of the bill where Reid is creating a special path for illegal aliens?

      6. Where is the bill for special tuition rates for illegals? The US Senate doesn’t allocate State of Nevada monies and where is the bill or the proof?

      Sharron Angle TV Ad: “At Your Expense”
      (Sharon ‘I see Brown People’ Angel approved the ad.)

    • Sharon I see Brown People’ Angel ad that is filled with lies.

    • Same with the filthy mouthed guy in the video posted by WMCB, reposted a couple of days ago by you. Like Behar, he was also protesting racism.
      Soulless bitch, fuck this, fuck that was coming out of his filthy piehole, and folks here thought he was just fine.
      Well, what can I say, he didn’t say “wh*re”.

      • I don’t care for the use of bitch in that video posted by WMCB either, however those were college students so I wouldn’t compare it on the same level with Joy Behar, who is a media person on a show for women and her own show largely dissecting politics. Joy really has an obligation to do better. But then Joy has always been about calling women bitches–skinny bitch, fat bitch. That’s what Joy does. I never liked it because it just seems to perpetuate the girl-on-girl crime that keeps that blasted patriarchy well-oiled and running.

        • Sorry, he gets no pass from me. If that’s OK for “college students” I feel sorry for the female college students sentenced to share a campus with the disgusting thing. I think it’s bs to make excuses for him.

          • I’m not making excuses for him, Branjor. I’m just saying I’m not particularly concerned with him and don’t really consider that youtube a signifier of all that much other than the misogyny that we know exists on youtube at large, especially in the younger male demographic. Joy on the other hand is actually going against the whole concept of “the view” and opening up the world for women’s voices and “liberal feminist” politics.

          • Um, he didn’t call anyone a bitch. He was repeating what his mother said to the teacher who had just sent her black son on a field trip to pick cotton. It was personal and came from outrage for her child.

            I’m not a big fan of the b word in most circumstances, but I’ll give that MOTHER a pass, because I’d have likely wanted to rip the woman’s damn throat out.

          • Well, Wonk, I guess I’m just not so happy that it was not only considered fit to be posted, but reposted, by the esteemed commenters of TC, who apparently liked it. If I taught at his college he’d be so out of my classroom if he opened his mouth like that in there, and I wouldn’t bother giving him a lot of academic help either.

          • WMCB, the word was coming from him as well as his mother. They’re both dirty mouthed misogynists, like Joy Behar.

          • If I taught at his college he’d be so out of my classroom if he opened his mouth like that in there, and I wouldn’t bother giving him a lot of academic help either.

            First off he wasn’t in a classroom. Secondly, as WMCB pointed out, he was repeating what his mother had said 15 years earlier.

            Lastly, teachers are supposed to educate. Instead of kicking him out of the classroom and refusing to help him, shouldn’t a teacher be trying to show him the error of his ways?

          • He wasn’t in a classroom, Branjor, nor making a public statement on TV. He was relating a personal story to friends.

            As far as the F word goes, being married to an old sailor, salty language doesn’t bother me much. Most times I can out-cuss him, which is one reason we get along. 😀

          • Myiq, I’d give it one try at educating him. If that had no effect, that would be it.
            WMCB, his little “personal” story to “friends” ended up on YouTube being seen (and heard) by god knows how many total strangers.
            As to the mother wanting to tear the racist teacher’s throat out, well, if I wanted to tear somebody’s throat out for just as good a reason, I wouldn’t be given a pass on using the word ni66er, would I?
            I’m not an utter purist about cussing myself, but that just really offended me.
            WMCB, you read me wrong the other day. I wasn’t feeling nasty towards you, just exasperated. You’re one of my favorite commenters.

          • Branjor, never worry about me taking political/social arguments personally, or meaning them personally myself. I’m perfectly content for someone to strongly disagree with me.

          • 🙂

          • Teachers are human beings just like anybody else. There’s a limit to what they can be expected to put up with. it would probably be better if the burden of educating were put on people who didn’t feel as if they were being hated on. That’s why all of the analysis of “bigot or misguided person who can be educated” goes off. Even bigoted people can be educated and change, it’s just that people who fall into the categories against which they’re bigoted understandably take it personally and are often too angry and tired of it to want to try.

        • I’d like to know what kind of gurley panties she wears!

    • Joy Behar’s racial outrage is selective. When the Rev. Wright controversy first broke one of the clips being shown had Wright referring to Italians as “garlic noses.”

      Behar stated she was Italian and didn’t find it offensive.

    • She should blame it on Moonbeam’s wife, if she can successfully impersonate male voices, she can certainly successfully impersonate Joy. Damn you, Moonbeam’s wife! 😉

  15. 37%…ye-ouch.

    President Obama Heads into Midterms at Lowest Approval Rating of Presidency


  16. Yeah, my thought exactly when I saw that cover. That magazine is named after a real feminist icon. She’d be plenty pissed at that cover, I’m guessing. The idiot left will clearly not rest until Palin is President. Everyday they make Palin look better by comparison.

  17. This is pi$$ing me off.
    Mother Jones. Fighting for the worker…
    I would like to see a cover with Sarah’s face on Mary Harris Jones Wiki picture. High collar and lace ruffles sitting straight and tall.
    That could be more appropriate if you are looking at Sarah’s program. Practical, a mult- tasker and seems like a great Mom.

    Or maybe Mother Jones’s face on that 100′ woman cover.
    That body and Mary Harris Jones face.

    Which would be more outrageous?

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