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      Let’s point out the obvious. Russia had no reason to attack its own pipelines. If it doesn’t want gas to go thru them it just turns off the tap. Sabotage to the pipelines weakens Russia’s position, since it will be months before they can offer to turn fuel back on, which they would have wanted to offer during the winter in order to pressure Germany in specif […]
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Flyover Country

Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun
And you might meet ’em both if you show up here not welcome son
Our necks are burnt, our roads are dirt and our trucks ain’t clean
The dogs run lose, we smoke, we chew and fry everything
Out here, way out here

We won’t take a dime if we ain’t earned it
When it comes to weight brother we pull our own
If it’s our backwoods way of livin’ you’re concerned with
You can leave us alone
We’re about John Wayne, Johnny Cash and John Deere
Way out here

We got a fightin’ side a mile wide but we pray for peace
‘Cause it’s mostly us that end up servin’ overseas
If it was up to me I’d love to see this country run
Like it used to be, oughta be, just like it’s done
Out here, way out here

Among the many things that set our so-called elites apart from “the great unwashed” is that rednecks feel absolutely no shame about their humble origins.

These American proletarians ain’t too proud to ask advice, but they don’t want nobody telling them what to do. Some of them may not know what the word “hubris” means, but they understand the concept of overweening pride. They call it being “too big for your britches.”

Pretty much all of them have been to a big city at least once or twice. They watch television, wear shoes and know how to read. Hardly any of them are married to their cousins.

Even when they go off to fancy ivy-covered colleges and universities to get edjamucated they don’t start “puttin’ on airs” and thinking they’re better than other people. They might have a post-grad degree and make lots of money but they still drink beer, call a violin a fiddle and eat BBQ with their bare hands.

They vote, too.

When Barack Obama talks about his (allegedly but not really) impoverished childhood, he does it to say “Look how far I’ve come, aren’t I wonderful?

When Bill Clinton talks about his childhood he’s saying “I haven’t forgotten where I came from.

That’s one big difference between the Man from Hope and the guy selling Hopenchange®.

166 Responses

  1. CNN:

    We don’t know the make or model of the car President Obama and Democrats say they’ve been trying to push out of the ditch, but at least we know what’s on the bumper. “Look, there’s, there’s an Obama bumper sticker on the car. We get that,” said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs in response to a question from CNN.

  2. Ed Koch:

    I predict a Republican victory of tsunami proportions on November 2nd.


    Why would intelligent voters leave the Democratic Party that they endorsed so heavily two years ago in the 2008 presidential election? The reason is obvious – deep, deep disappointment in the record of President Obama. The President has wasted many opportunities in his term to date, and has lost by his own admission almost every battle for the hearts and minds of the electorate in pushing through Congress monumental legislation that he signed into law.

    Why did the President and Congress insist on reinventing the wheel when it came to health care coverage? Weren’t there prototypes in Europe and elsewhere developed and used for more than 50 years with proven track records that could have been used as models? Did the President and Congress have to terrify people who had insurance coverage in order to provide coverage for the additional 32 million Americans covered under the new law? Couldn’t those without insurance have been attached in some way to the Medicaid rolls? Why did the President and Congress sell out to the prescription drug companies and strip Medicare of the right to negotiate volume discount purchases that could have saved U.S. taxpayers more than a trillion dollars over ten years? What rankles most for many, including me, is why have there been so few criminal prosecutions of those who are responsible for having brought the U.S. economy to its knees, destroyed the nation’s prosperity and caused millions of Americans to lose their homes, their jobs and a substantial portion of their retirement savings? Why when looking at Obama’s cabinet and advisers, do we see the faces of those who many hold responsible for the economic debacle?

    It is for these reasons, I believe, the coming November tsunami will roll across America and give the Republicans, who are undeserving of the honor, control of both Houses. The American public is enraged and wants to punish those who have been in charge of the country. They know those who will replace incumbents may be as bad or worse, but they also believe they can’t do any greater damage. They are willing to put up with them until the next election to teach our elected representatives a monumental lesson — that public service is an honorable profession and must be performed competently and honestly.

    We are an optimistic, generous people, who believe in fairness and justice. And we will be heard.

    • I think they prefer their community-based reality and their echo chamber to real life.

    • seriously good ad.
      Only problem…it targets the sub-32 yr old.
      It is too long for their low information attention spans.
      They will be receiving a MIXED_MESSAGE.

      To them it says:
      meet your mate at the polls..

    • I stopped watching around 1 minute 40 seconds… who would have thought their 2008 ads are sane by comparison.

  3. Salon:

    GQ has a profile of White House press secretary Robert Gibbs — like all White House press secretaries, a professional liar — and the “communications problem” of the White House, which is basically the definition of a meaningless journalistic frame. (The White House has a “communications problem” because the nation has an “unemployment problem” and the legislative branch has a “functioning problem.”) But! The profile is still good and interesting and we learn a little bit about the workings of the White House and the people in it.

    Gibbs, like Obama, hates the press. Which is fair enough, because the arm of the press they have to deal with — the Beltway political media — is fairly awful! But despite his hatred for the press, Barack Obama does respect certain members of the commentariat.

    Relations, in any event, are not good. Obama incessantly refers to “the cable chatter” with palpable disdain, and he frequently grumbles to his aides about the media’s coverage of his presidency. His press conferences are fewer than Clinton’s (though more than Bush’s) at the same stage of their presidencies—and, says Clinton’s former press secretary Mike McCurry, “I feel sometimes when I watch Obama do these that he looks like he’d rather be having a root canal.” Obama does reserve a certain respect for opinion writers such as Tom Friedman and David Brooks of The New York Times, Jerry Seib of The Wall Street Journal, E. J. Dionne of The Washington Post, and Joe Klein of Time. “My impression is that he reads a lot of columnists,” says Brooks, “and therefore he sort of cares about what they say.”

    The White House’s affection for David Brooks is, I think, well-documented, and sort of understandable: Here’s the world’s most “reasonable” conservative! Barack Obama name-checked Edmund Burke one day and Brooks fell in love. Brooks is the fusty, non-threatening, absent-minded Wodehouse-character version of the Republicans Barack Obama has to deal with in real life.

    Brooks is a mushy thinker who’s made a living on lazy generalities and wholly invented “observations” describing nonexistent trends. But he’s still not as awful as Thomas Friedman, our foremost authority on what incredibly stupid but inexplicably powerful people think about the world at large.

    Friedman’s Golden Books prose, recycled grandpa jokes, and ruthlessly mixed metaphors have endeared him to airport bookstore-frequenting CEOs across this great nation, but I can’t understand how a supposed book-smart guy like the president can read him with a straight face. (Especially considering that in addition to being a mindless cheerleader of globalization, Friedman is also an unapologetic warmonger.)

    E.J. Dionne is an unoffensive old liberal. Joe Klein is guilty of various heinous crimes against journalism and retains his cushy job only because of inertia. Gerald Seib is a reliable purveyor of Washington conventional wisdom for an increasingly dishonestly edited Murdoch paper. Anyone who reads these (old, white) men to understand politics will come away with very limited and distorted understanding of the world.

  4. Another thing, they fight like hell for their country, they don’t throw up their hands and just surrender. When summoned to fight, they are our leaders on the front lines.

    • Except for the tiny little inconvenient fact that John Wayne didn’t actually serve in WWII and when you try a Google search for John Deere and unions all you get is John Deere’s helpful information web page on what to do if your payment is late: Use Western Union redneck or we’ll repossess the tractor and everything else you own.

      All that redneck pride is well and good but there’s a reason some of them are easy to make fun of. They’ve been voting against their own economic interests for many years and their heroes (John Wayne, Ronald Reagan) are fake tough guys. Johnny Cash was the real thing, I guess. Don’t know much about him.

      They’ve been failed by both parties. Republicans have been stirring them up against gays, commies, feminists, and furners for forty years so they are distracted and Democrats have been selling them out for twenty-five or so.

      I get it. The hubris of Obama’s “movement” is easy to hate. But to whom do they turn for information? Not Howard Zinn. Instead it’s Limbaugh, Hannity, and the astro-turf Tea Party.

      • They are not stupid, nor deceived, nor ill-informed. They disagree with us. They think their “interests” are what THEY say they are, not what you tell them they are. And you know what? They are correct about that. Who the fuck gave you the right to tell them what their best interests are?

        Everyone who disagrees with you is not stupid. Perfectly intelligent people can hold a opinions that are diametrically opposed to yours, for very logical reasons. They can look at the same information and reach different conclusions. Politics and ideology is not math. The “correct” answers are not set in stone. People have been arguing about it for hundreds of years. They still do. Do you get that? That it is entirely likely that most of these people have considered the evidence just as you and I have, and have rejected our conclusions, and reached alternate ones?

        One of the HUGE problems the left seems to have in this country is a complete inability to say “I think you are wrong” without also adding “And you obviously are ignorant and have never even thought about it, as you wander in your slack-jawed wilderness of mindlessly parroting anything you are fed by the big bad Limbaugh.”

        And the worst part? You and many others seem completely unaware of how FUCKING INSULTING that is to a huge chunk of the country. But they are aware of it. Very aware.

        • My daddy was a redneck Okie all his life. He was raised on a farm. He joined the Army Air Corps and ended up in the Air Force. After retiring from the Air Force he went to OU and got his masters in business. Did pretty good financially for the last thirty years of his life.

          He was a conservative Christian and a Republican.

          I learned not to argue politics with him but I would have like to seen somebody try to tell him he was voting against his interests.

          • I would have loved to have that conversation with him, especially as a fellow servicemember. But the fact is if he was a rich Republican then he wouldn’t have been voting against himself. If he was a wage earner and not living off his rents and investments he would have been voting against his own interests. It’s pretty simple.

            I don’t know why people vote against their economic interests. I don’t think it’s because they are stupid.

            But there must be something at work in their thinking. When working people buy, for example, the “Right To Work” line and despise all unions, at all times, and in all cases, and believe totally free trade is good for them, then I know they are voting against their economic interests.

          • Yeah, nobody who lived through the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s could possibly have got the wrong impression about unions.

            Mob connections, corruption, the unions themselves becoming the gatekeepers into certain careers; naw, everybody thinks unions are the greatest.

            Not to mention that unions had a long history of being associated with foreigners (Germans mostly) and unAmerican activities.

            Now what are you gonna tell a guy working on a farm in Oklahoma that will convince him to give some of his paycheck (from the job he already has) to a union?

            BTW – My daddy wasn’t rich. He worked for a paycheck all his life.

          • Unions — the folks who brought you the weekend.

          • I’m pro-union, but there was a lot of bad shit that went on back in the day.

          • This is very perceptive, Myiq.

            Many right wing Fundamentalists believe that God rewards those people and countries who follow (selective parts of) teachings of The Bible. So electing politicians who will do this is perceived to be exactly in the best interests of those particular voters. So if they believe God abhors homosexuals and that Sodom and Gomorrah were blown to smithereens because gays were tolerated there, then it is in their interests (they think) to vote for politicians of like mind.

            Of course, they ignore or explain away similar prohibitions on the consumption of shellfish and pork. And they ignore that other countries with legal gay marriage are doing just fine.

            And some are working with a limited amount of knowledge, which can be a dangerous thing. They know that “debt is bad” so they vote for Republican politicians who say they will cut the deficit (after Republican politicians ran up the deficit for years and will not impose new taxes on the rich). They don’t understand that debt is bad for an individual (generally), but not for a government trying to come out of a deep recession.

            But of course they think they are voting in their best interests. We can try to persuade people that they should reconsider, but attempts at persuasion based on arrogance (a some in the Democratic Party are trying) does not work well. It especially does not work well when they gave the Democratic Party a chance and the Democratic President and Congress blew it.


        • The USAmerican Left knows many truths, but little about how to state them tactfully.

          Let us all thank Haruhi-sama that Fachero did not enter the US diplomatic service. Our country’s in too many wars already. 😛

        • This topic is a complicated so I’ll try to address just one part of what you’ve said.
          “it is entirely likely that most of these people have considered the evidence just as you and I have, and have rejected our conclusions, and reached alternate ones?”

          Now, I don’t need to set up a straw man for this. I have plenty of co-workers (we call them buddies in the Army) who are these very Noble Rednecks you revere.

          They do, in fact, consider evidence. Of course, most of that evidence comes from Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.
          John Maynard Keynes words are useful here. “You are entitled to your own opinions; not to your own facts.”

          Am I being a snobbish asshole when I figure a living wage, adequate unions, vigorous anti-trust laws, a fair (progressive) tax structure, separation of church and state (so the conservative Baptists don’t lord it over the conservative Pentecostals, and neither gets to discriminate against Mormons, or whatever), and a corporate tax structure that encourages manufacturing to remain in the United States are in the best interests of the mythical Noble Redneck? Really? Thinking this makes me an elite dickhead from one of the “Fly-To” states?

          And am I being an elitist prick when I think the Noble Rednecks of, say Wyoming, shouldn’t be allowed to murder gay college students? Or drag black men behind trucks in, say, Texas?
          Many of them believe it’s in their best interest to be left alone to do precisely that.

          The problem with putting your Noble Rednecks on a pedestal, just like the mythical “Creative Class”, is they can be a bit unsavory in some areas.

          • the mythical Noble Redneck

            These people are neither noble nor mythical. They are millions of people who occupy every state in the Union. They’re my neighbors and relatives. They’re my homies.

            You obviously have some prejudices against us.

            And am I being an elitist prick when I think the Noble Rednecks of, say Wyoming, shouldn’t be allowed to murder gay college students?

            Yeah, you kinda are, if you think that’s what Wyoming rednecks all do for fun. You might not know this but murdering gay college students is illegal in all 50 states. Gay men get attacked and sometimes killed in the cities too, not just out in the sticks..

            At fancy colleges like Rutgers they just drive them to suicide.

            The point of my post is that too many lefties seem incapable of seeing rednecks as real people, not caricatures and not inbread morons too stupid to know what is good for them. You appear to be one of those lefties.

          • I’m proud to be a hick and a redneck, born and raised in flyover country. But I’m a liberal. Some of the most liberal political movements ever started in the midwest, e.g., the Farmer-Labor party in Minnesota and Nonpartisan League in North Dakota.

            People don’t usually vote against their economic interests–it’s just that others sometimes don’t understand what those interests are. Some people vote against their economic interests because they are fundamentalist Christians and care more about their religious principles than anything.

          • wow, talk about guilt by association. Did you ever find a sweeping generaliztion you couldn’t embrace?

      • Whom do they turn to for inormation, that would be their fambly.

      • Are you a GOP operative in disguise? If so, you are doing a very good job.

        • No. Never voted Republican, nor was ever tempted to.
          I fancy myself an iconoclast in uniform (it’s a tricky line to walk), but I know really I’m just a guy posting on someone else’s blog.

      • the astro-turf Tea Party.

        Over a million on the mall ain’t astroturf, darlin’. That’s a gen-yoo-ine movement.

      • Oh for goodness sake. People work for a living, they don’t have time to spend 12 hours of the day at the library trying to fill in all the gaps left by the political parties. It’s like making fun of people because they don’t know what socialism is. Why the hell would they? It’s not something that’s gone into in great detail at school, and it’s not something the parties want to explain except in a manipulative way to use against each other. Most people are just not interested enough in politics, or too disgusted, to try and seek out the few and far between semi-reliable sources of information when they’re exhausted and barely getting by. How did you hear about Howard Zinn? Chances are, someone you know probably turned you on to him, or at least turned you on to the ideas that led you to browse in that section of the library. People turn to the information that’s there, so instead
        of yelling and chest beating about how stupid everyone is, the Dems need
        to do a better job of stopping the slash and burn political bs and providing an actual alternative instead. And they probably shouldn’t tell anyone she’s “voting against her interests” when they make no attempt to understand what those interests are, because they don’t care.

        • Lot’s of Bubbas get introduced to Zinn in college. That’s where I discovered him.

          But not everybody that reads Howard’s books agrees with him.

          • Not everybody goes to college, either. That’s my point. Nobody’s born knowing where to find non-mainstream sources of information. They need to be lucky enough to be able to afford college, or have family members who did and are interested in politics, or something. Of course not everyone will agree, but it’s not like we’re all exposed to a vast spectrum of sources from an early age, if ever.

        • Which interests?
          The social issues? We can’t tell racists rednecks they can’t have a violent revolution just because the president is black?
          Should I try to understand their racism? Should I soothe their hurt feelings when my elitist snobby California ass tells them maybe it should be OK to pay women an equal wage for the same work?
          Should I show concern for their second marriage when I say gays should be allowed to marry?

          Not all rednecks are racists or homophobes. I know this concretely because many are my fellow soldiers.
          But I know concretely that many are.

          You’re right. Not everyone gets exposed to the same information. Does that mean I’m an elitist asshole when I try to tell the guys in my platoon or company that two guys getting married has nothing to do with their marriages?

          The Noble Redneck is as real as the Noble Savage, the Magical Negro, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and the Creative Class.
          In other words, figments of everyone’s imagination.

          • We can’t tell racists rednecks they can’t have a violent revolution just because the president is black?

            Yup, that’s what us racist rednecks want, a violent revolution.


            You are so prejudiced against rednecks it’s pointless to argue with you.

            One thing you obviously don’t realize is them southern boys got integrated before any other white people. Southerners probably live in closer proximity to the African American community than any other group of white people in the country.

            Rich white progressives OTOH, are more likely to only make the acquaintance of “non-scary negroes” that are polite, educated, hip and cool. These “elites” might listen to Hip Hop but they they don’t hang out in the ‘hood.

            Their parents might be progressives too, but they’ll shit a brick if little Todd or Margot comes home from college with an fiance that is “of color.”

          • BTW – I live in Red Neck California.

          • you seem like another Obot in disguise. What is your point, really? I mean other than being devisive?

          • ps… I have learned to my dismay over the last several years that the people you speak against are no more hateful ignorant and obnoxious than those on the left.
            CDS, PDS, sexism, elitism and ignorance low information voters are just as prevelent on the left.

          • Oh, please. Stop with the raycist teaparty crap.

            You do realize that some of the candidates they are fighting hardest to elect are black? Like West in FL, Scott in SC, Lollar in MD? Their “raycist revolution” is protesting a black president whose agenda they don’t like, by electing black congressmen whose agenda they do like?

            Or do you live in that weird irrational place in some liberals’ heads where conservative blacks are not really black, and conservative women are not really women?

          • myiq2xu,

            This argument has gotten absurd.

            You know nothing of my prejudices. You know nothing of my relationships with people who call themselves rednecks. They are my battle buddies. I have their backs, and they will have mine if/when we go to Afghanistan.
            You have done what I’ve been accused of doing: reading minds and declaring what I know to be another’s thoughts.

            I don’t know every redneck (how poor is our discourse when we are reduced to using these labels). I know the ones I know.
            And I fully realize they are an unrepresentative sample, statistically invalid.
            So some of the southern boys you know are all integrated. None of those I know had black friends before the army.
            Were does that leave us in this silly argument?
            Nowhere. Your unrepresentative sample ties mine.

            Incidentally, I never said a violent revolution is what YOU, myiq2xu, wants. I said some of them do.
            When people say they think violent revolution is on the table, I take them at their word.
            You have conflated my criticism of them with criticism of you.
            It’s the very thing you declaim against so often here, and well.

            My take away from all this is no one who cannot call himself a redneck can ever say anything about rednecks. To do so is to demonstrate his prejudice against them.
            Where does that leave us white people who might occasionally have something to say about racism? Or us non-muslims who might have an opinion or two about Islam? Or us non-economists who might have a word to add about macroeconomic policy? Shall we all just shut up?

            So I repeat what I say elsewhere. If we are not to comment on topics we have not directly experienced, then let us all stop blogging and posting.

            Changing topics, after reading I was wondering if Bill Clinton’s self-directed campaign help to Democrats is part of a long-term strategy to shore up support for Hillary in 2012.
            I hope so.

            Wrap your head around that. I want Hillary to run but I hate rednecks. But that can be! How can I hold those two antithetical thoughts in my head?

      • This comes from a wingnut site:

        Just as everyone thinks they have a sense of humor, everyone thinks they’re a populist — or rather, everyone thinks they’re not an elitist. Salary’s no barrier: Plenty of conservative media personalities do extremely well financially yet would bristle at the suggestion that they’re among the elite. Politics is, in theory, no barrier either: I don’t think of, say, Ralph Nader as an elitist even though he’s farrrrr left ideologically. The combination of salary and politics might be lethal, though. Is there even a single rich liberal out there whom righties wouldn’t instantly assume looks at middle America as the “great unwashed”? The only one who pops to mind is Bill Clinton but I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting.

      • Since, this is your second post on the subject, and it appears you are so concerned about their financing woes. Tell me do they get a better interest rate at John Deere or GE Commercial since you know so damn much?

        Or maybe….just maybe like WMCB pointed out…..you don’t know what THEIR interests are. And insulting them isn’t going to get you any closer.

        • No, I don’t know. I don’t know the first damned thing about tractors, or John Deere, or farms. I was just curious to see what John Deere’s record with unions was. I wanted to see what this third of the three redneck Johns was really like.
          I’m willing to go out on a limb and say they have been as bad to working people as any other massive corporation. If they are unionized, I’m assuming they fought it every step of the way.
          And I don’t think it’s insulting to say someone barely making it every month on $10 an hour in a non-union shop, and who votes for the party that hates unions (more), is voting against their interests.

          I haven’t insulted anyone. You think I have because I brought up something you don’t like. You think I’ve insulted someone because I dared to have an opinion about something I’ve never experienced directly in my life. I’ve formed an opinion about something I’ve read about, heard about, and learned about other than from my own life.

          If that’s the case, then let’s all just give up blogging and posting about Senator This and President That until we’ve actually been Senators or Presidents.

          • I can tell you – these people work very hard for their money. Not all of them are farmers and some are educated.

            The concern about gay marriage for some conservatives has to do with a belief that voting in favor of gay marriage would be condoning what they see as a sinful choice and putting themselves on the wrong side of God by NOT opposing it.

            The “red necks” also have the perception that the democrats want to take some of what they have earned and give that money to programs like: clean needles and free housing for poor druggies who don’t work or send money to the “loose women with 10 kids on welfare” in the city. Oh and those democrats will force everyone to have the SAME crappy healthplan and replace the good Teamsters health plan they currently have and end up costing them more in taxes and costing them more in copays to get LESS. There is no way in hell they will vote for that.

            So back to the part where they work hard – they do and they have a HUGE problem with the idea that their money will go to people who aren’t working hard. With those values and beliefs about liberals – they aren’t voting against thier interests.

          • hmmn, now you are thinking for the person you are responding to as well as for the people who vote differently than you do.
            Did you also think the reason small town pennsylvanians voted for Hillary is because we are all racist gun toting religion addled jingoists?..You know, because PA in in the appalachaian chain?

          • You are making assumptions about my beliefs and experiences because I too live in CA. Grew up in one of the most liberal places on earth…the SF bay area.

            And out here, my friend actually works for a non-union shop that the union has trying to organize. Her son actually works somewhere else for that same union.

            Her son has received a $.40 raise in three years. While she has received raises after completion of her probation period, when the company was sold, another tiered raised based on hours worked and for a promotion.

            So in case you aren’t paying attention. They would have to pay more moeny in dues for the honor of getting less wages and a union that hasn’t done shit for her son, Who is the stupid one voting against their interests? The ones getting raise after raise which equals $4/hr or the .40 cent raise in three years!? She is trying to explain to them that these aren’t your daddy’s unions, apparently you need to chat with her..

            She receives a pension from her husband who has passed. She is also in a union herself but the commute is too far, she has a small child to raise, and commercial construction has stopped in the state. My brother-in-law is also an electrician like she is and hasn’t worked in two years. And he is a favored son in the union because his dad was a rock star there.

            I met my husband at a union business, he carries his grandfather’s union card in his wallet at all times. I was actually offered a promotion and then it had to be rejected because we lived together. Management and Union in the same house…gasp…I might leak secrets. My Grandparents had pensions from PacBell and various other companies.

            You don’t have to explain your superior life experience to me, because I guarantee my liberal chops are deeper than yours and I haven’t even really revealed those yet. And I have read all those same books, articles, and even boring govt reports in search of truth and liberty because it is my civic duty to pay attention to the govt. So your insult about blogging and posting doesn’t fly here son.

            Will answer your second post in a second post.

          • Oops that was jjmtacoma….no second post needed…lol

          • Since you are back, I will make one other point about a good union vs a bad one.

            The IBEW…which my brother-in-law belongs to is a great union. They actually take care of their workers provide a structure for training and rotating jobs throughout their rolls. The union places a total of $5/hr into retirement for each hour he works. Some people might balk at that kind of retirement plan increasing their taxes. But he works on city infrastructure and that should be built well the first time by workers who know what they are doing. He was doing a lot of work in San Francisco but the economic downturn has left him out of work for two years.

            Contrast that with what happened in Los Angeles, CA in the 80s, and a mostly a black janitorial union was attacked and busted up. They were homeowners in Los Angeles and not a rowdy or demanding bunch they made a small salary demand. Immigrant labor was brought in to bust them up and then a couple years later unionized by SEIU at much cheaper hourly rates that the black janitors.

            Where was the black workers protection and why wasn’t their contract honored? Why didn’t their union step in and help them legally? There was something strange going on with all of that and how it went down. And I can’t help but wonder if SEIU didn’t get a piece of the pie by leaving them in the cold for the new workers. Then years later we have SEIU trying to unionize a caregiver at home so they can take dues from them. Yet another weird event from them when the caregivers didn’t ask for the ‘help’ from the union in the first place. I am still suspicious of SEIU as a result of those things. Which they didn’t help much during the 2008 election either.

            The complaints about unions aren’t always based in reality but sometimes a complaint is valid. It is easy to generalize and think they are voting against their economic interests but until you know the specifics of the company and the union involved, it just reads as insulting.

      • The secret of the John Deere:

      • And tell me something else. Do you know how long those commercial financing loans last?

        Three years!

        When was the last time you paid off anything that cost that much in three years?

        Probably never.

        But please why don’t YOU tell them how stupid they are.

      • Of course some people prefer an International Harvester:

      • All that redneck pride is well and good but there’s a reason some of them are easy to make fun of. They’ve been voting against their own economic interests for many years

        I used to say that too, but it is not true. Fact is that people vote how they do for reasons that are important to them and if democrats would stop being elitist snobs looking down their noses at those folks they might actually win some votes and some respect.

  5. When the elites flyover, they miss ’em soom gooood Hillbilly songs:

    Cripple Creek, Buffy St. Marie on the mouth bow.

    And Johnny Cash and June Carter, Jackson:

  6. Super post–I really liked the difference between Obama and Clinton. Clinton hasn’t forgotten where he came from and people can discern that.

    I read the GQ piece about Gibbs–he’s 39 and Obama’s link to working class?? Well, there’s part of the problem. He just seems snotty and immature to me.

  7. Ha! I must have a hillbilly bone – that song makes me dance.

  8. There’s a piece up on FDL linking to the Atlantic–basically, we lost command and control of 50 ICBM’s last Saturday. That would be an ‘oh sh*t’ moment.

  9. I can’t say I have always been thrilled with Ed Koch but, that article is so right on the money. Thanks for posting the link and excerpt.

    The Move On ad? Lame and sad indeed. I’m never forgetting their little slight of hand non vote trick either. They’ve lost all integrity and apparently lack insight and talent too. Is that supposed to be a political appeal? Power rangers flashback? What? LOL!

  10. There’s nothing like a good rant:

    A couple of weeks or so ago, Vice Emperor Joe Biden went on TV and called the American Left “whiners” for daring to complain about the abject failure of the Democratic Party to enact any truly progressive reforms while at about the same time, Boy Emperor Barack Martin Luther Gandhi Aquinas Timberlake Obama The One gave a bitchy interview to Rolling Stone in which he slags the Left six ways from Sunday for complaining about the Democrats sucking so badly, pretty much doing everything but pissing on us and giving us the finger in what was the first round of “hippie bashing” by the Democrats — followed by his remarks at a posh fundraising dinner in Connecticut attended by a buttload of rich people, in which he spits on the Left yet again while bowing and scraping to “the people who write the checks”. That’s sure a helluva way to convince your progressive “base” to support you, isn’t it? You go back on every promise you ever made during the ‘08 campaign, you retain and expand on Bush’s policies on imperialist war and the national security state, you enrich the banks and Wall Street while leaving the unemployed and homeowners facing foreclosure to twist in the wind, you sit by while economies and ecosystems are destroyed on the Gulf Coast, you legislate sweetheart deals with the health-insurance and pharmaceutical industries under the guise of “reform”, you exhibit the most craven behavior possible in the face of rightists and fascists — and when the people who helped elect you dare to complain about it and threaten to withhold their support in the midterm “elections”, you go on TV and insult them to their faces? There’s some real out-of-the-box thinking for you. Is your party and its leadership an abysmal failure? No problem, just blame those fucking hippies for complaining, and announce that the beatings will continue until morale improves.

    It’s got a beat and you can dance to it. I’ll give it a “9”

    • Good rant!

    • Once again, it’s the elitists telling the great unwashed what’s best for them, and where their interests lie.

      “No, no, your interests lie with the Democratic Party. You’re just too angry and irrational to realize it. Now shut up and fuck off til it’s time to vote for us.”

  11. I’m bringing this up here, because if it fits anywhere it fits in this thread.

    Oh, goody! Katie Couric is going to don her khakis and safari hat , and venture into the wilds of bag-0-donuts America, to observe with fascination the species of teapartius erecticus and liberalis fedupicus in their native habitats!

    It’s very brave of her. She is leaving the bubble of NY to undertake this difficult assignment into the hinterlands of the country, into areas so foreign to her as to be a completely different culture. Places like, um, Philly, and Boston and Chicago.

    That’s why Couric has spent recent weeks in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and New Brunswick, New Jersey. She is touring what she calls “this great unwashed middle of the country” in an effort to divine the mood of the midterms.

    That’s about as “unwashed” as her brain can handle. Hey, whaddid you expect? Boise? Do they have indoor plumbing?


    • Actually this comment triggered my muse.

    • She doesn’t have to travel too far. I can meet her at the Princeton Junction station if she takes the NE Corridor train from Penn Station.

      • Katie is probably a little too delicate to survive in New Jersey.

        • It’s PRINCETON, myiq. She won’t be leaving her people. And yet, I could take her on a tour of all of closed lab facilities, have her meet with unemployed PhD medicinal chemists, hook her up with the *80* teachers that were laid off this year in my district alone.
          Then I’ll ask her what papers she reads in the morning. J. Med. Chem? JACS? J. Mol. Bio.? Did she get anything useful out of the latest Nature? What does she think of the newly discovered 5HT1a pathway and its implications for the treatment of depression?
          Seriously, I want to know how many papers she reads per day.

          • Just keep her away from Snooki.

          • Oh, nononononono. We live in the cultured side of NJ. We don’t know any Snookis around here. Although, once I stood behind a woman in a cash register line in the mall who was on the phone to her daughter. The mother kept saying, “didja put the sawlt in the ooatah? Yeah, you put the sawlt in the ooatah. What do you mean you can’t understand me? Put. The. SAWLT. In. The. Ooatah!”
            True story.
            The kid probably just ordered pizza for dinner.

          • The sawlt makes the ooatah boil at a higher temperature so the pasta cooks faster.

          • True. I usually just put the lid on the pot and increase the vapor pressure.
            What ever floats your ditalini.

          • “OOatah.”

            And y’all make fun of our accents. 😛

    • Also from the article:

      She really looks for opportunities to feel the earth and touch people.”


  12. Here’s my theory, FWIW: Obama is happy to let the Republicans take over. It gives him two benefits, that he can see (because he’s not thinking hard enough). 1.) when Republicans go into austerity mode, THEY’LL be the party who will get the blame and 2.) if the austerity is too austere, he gets the credit for vetoing.

    I’m thinking that it’s not going to work too well because people really don’t like political parties fucking around with their livelihoods in order to look like a savior come 2012. Nope, that really won’t fly. It doesn’t matter if the economy improves after 2012. By then, the damage to careers and families and housing will be irreversible for some people. No one wants to be a private in some amateur’s game of Stratego.

    • The Big Dawg didn’t plan on losing Congress as part of his reelection strategy.

    • Honk!
      The economy will be worse in 2011 and 2012 with the GOP with their stupid policies in control of congress and an incompetent Oblahblah* in the WH. The GOP may get some of the blame, but ultimately, it will be Oblahblah* who will get the anger of the American people.

      *The name Murphy of PUMA PAC gives Obama.

    • I blogged about this. I think Obama is feeling unappreciated because he had majorities in both houses and still ended up having to cut deals with whoever had a stronger will than his, i.e. everyone. By losing the majority, he can take a rest and start bashing the Reopublicans for everything that doesn’t go right, just like he’d did with Bush. The expiration date on blaming Bush ran out about 6 months ago, so he needs a new supply.

    • riverdaughter, the people are tired of the R’s and the D’s arguing over the keys to the car.

      Any idiot knows how to get a car out of a ditch. You keep shifting back and forth between R and D until the wheels catch. Which is exactly what the voters seem to be doing, both in 2008 and now, and likely 2010. A lot of mud will be slung around until the politicians get the message that they are not the driver. They’re just the gear.

      • That might be what it looks like. But I don’t think that’s what’s really going on here.
        I wouldn’t underestimate us.

        • I never underestimate the people. I think they elected Obama mostly to say “eff you” to Bush and the GOP, and will throw him out mostly to say “eff you” to the Dems.

          First party to start listening, instead of telling them what they “really” think, will get the advantage. I hope after the ass-kicking they are about to receive, it will be the Dems.

  13. Politico:

    If your days are spent listening to talk radio and your nights are filled with cable news chatter, you could be forgiven for believing the future of the American Republic rests on next week’s elections.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is warning that the future of American democracy is at stake Nov. 2. The San Francisco liberal warns that if she is not returned to power, the United States of America will become the wholly owned subsidiary of plutocrats and oligarchs.

    Wow. That’s bad.

    But not as chilling as Glenn Beck’s warnings. After accusing Democrats of leading Americans “to the slaughterhouse,” Beck predicts that the continuation of their big spending policies will result in our children being sold into slavery to the Chinese.

    So should parents across the nation be praying for John Boehner’s elevation as speaker?

    Will a Democratic victory really ensure that my children will spend their adult lives harvesting beets in the Guangdong province?

    Are these people serious?

    Does anyone really believe that our nation’s survival depends on whether Harry Reid or Mitch McConnell run an evenly divided Senate over the next two years?

    And does anyone outside the media echo chamber really believe that America’s future will be inexorably altered if Boehner becomes speaker instead of Pelosi?

    This Scarborough guy should run for office.

  14. Flyover Altoona for sure…
    When O said his infamous “bitter ” words…I was just then headed from Ca to Pa to WORK FOR HILLARY. April 08.

    Obama had just bowled a 37 and the 99 problems and the B+++H ain’t one was just days away…

    It just crystallized for me…
    What O got wrong in that BS in a San Fran penthouse was this:
    , Those forgotten coal miners and the forgotten steel mill workers did not wait around for the Government to come and rescue them. They took those welding skills and those farming skills and those nurturing skills and made new lives.
    They are not rich, but they are not waiting for the Government to bail them out. They are waiting for the Government to GET HONEST.

    They are John Wayne, Johnny Cash and John Deere.
    They are us.
    Thanks MyIQ

    • They are the Ladies of Steel………….

    • Except John Wayne was a fake war hero tough guy who never served and the millionaire (if not billionaire) owners of John Deere don’t really give a shit about working class people. They only care that tractor payments be made on time.

      Idolatry is idolatry, whether the idols are John Wayne, Johnny Cash, John Deere, or Barack Obama.

      • To be fair, the prior actually worked for their idolatry.

        Obama got dragged across finish lines thanks to others kneecapping his rivals.

      • I don’t idolize Johnny Cash; I just like him. Unlike the other two people and the corporation Fachero mentioned, Cash was real.

      • whether the idols are John Wayne, Johnny Cash, John Deere, or Barack Obama

        or Howard Zinn, or Che Guevara. See how that works?

      • Honestly? I could be wrong but I think the John Deere thing might be a metaphor for farm work/rural life rather than an endorsement of John Deere Inc’s corporate practices. It’s a song complete with figures of speech, hyperbole, and imagery, not a political platform endorsed by well, anyone, really.

        • When a guy brags about his Chevy truck he’s not endorsing the corporate board at GM

          • I did some research on how many American households worship graven images of John Deere and John Wayne and came up short. I’m chalking it up to Flyover Americans not being smart enough to master the phone or computer.

        • I think it’s about generations, and generations, and generations of families owning the farm. Now they don’t own it, they just operate it. I have inherited some wonderfully old farm equipment that sits in my front
          yard, and in the summer it blooms the most wonderful
          morning glories you’d ever see. My families worked with their hands, and got the job done with by sweating it out. They didn’t sit in an air conditioned tractor.

          Somehow my family got labeled as the “disadvantage”
          when it came to farming, they haven’t benefited from
          what’s going on in politics.

          “The tractor doesn’t tell the farmer how to run the farm.”

    • HONK HONK 🙂

  15. OT: just made the yummiest pasta dish with scallops and asparagus. The kid actually ate it. Two servings!
    Well, we all know how these things go. The next time I make it thinking I’ve discovered a hit for a picky eater, she’ll say, “I don’t like that anymore”

    One of the greatest sorrows of my life is living with a kid who does not like mushrooms. It makes me weep.

    (four more years and it’s dining hall food for her. Bwahahahahahhhhhh!)

  16. FDR married his cousin. Back in the day, there wasn’t as much in the way of opportunity.

    • Where I come from we never marry our cousins.

      We just fool around with them.

    • FDR and Eleonor were cousins, but not close cousins. Eleonor was the niece of President Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR was a fifth cousin of TR.

      • The wikipedia says: “Eleanor and Franklin were fifth cousins, once removed.”

        • The irony is that “elites” throughout history tried so hard to not associate with lower classes, that they were more likely to marry close relatives than the common folk.

          • Actually we associate with our peers. It’s rare that a middle class person associates with hobo. It’s then reasonable that a person who goes to a country club or Harvard will meet his/her partners from someone who goes to the same country club, schools and parties. They really don’t have to work to marry their own. Middle class people also marry at their own level. We have a cast system, but we don’t see it as such.

          • Yes, but by definition, there are less elites than middle classes.

    • Really, it wasn’t so much the cousins, as it was the weather.

  17. Hmm–I grew up in Flyover Country. We had a few crazies (Bim and Margaret and his truss), but mostly real people. Yes, they are the ones who usually go into the military, but it helped people like my brother get an education and alot of self discipline.

  18. I used to eat at a greasy spoon where all the waitresses new what trucking company driver was pulling in by the sound of the diesel and which ones they could make a buck or two off of at the motel across the street. At the same time they would ignore the Vietnam vet sitting at the counter because he had long hair. So you can keep your Flyover Red Necks because they are as f**ked up as the Big City Liburals.
    I’m like that old Greek guy with a lantern looking for a rational voter.

    • But, f**ked up in an endearing way. Where I came from if you said you were a member of the ‘creative class’, you would be considered stuck up and people would avoid you like the plague.

  19. This is hilarious

    Bill Clinton will campaign this week for Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial nominee Frank Caprio, providing a stark contrast to President Barack Obama’s snub of Caprio earlier this week, according to several Democratic sources.
    The details of Clinton’s visit have not been made public, but his endorsement could give a boost to Caprio the same week that the gubernatorial candidate said publicly that Obama could “shove it” when it comes to a withheld endorsement.


    • LOL!!! Oooohhhhh, sweet! I was just saying in another thread that I hoped he would.

      Go, Big Dawg!

      • I think there’s a subterranean war between Oblahblah and BC. One of these days is going to break out into the open.

        • Dario–I think you’re right. Bill Clinton, I’m sure, will never get over being called a r*c**t. Did they not understand what they were unleashing??

          • Those fools thought they were writing his obit. That they had the power to take him down and fill in the blanks about what people should think about him.

            Clearly, they weren’t paying attention during the 90s.

          • Wisdom means revenge is best served, cold.

            Obama’s such a damm rookie. He’ll OWE Clinton big time if Big Dawg’s help saves his nappy little rookie butt. Makes me smile. 🙂

    • “It’s like living in a political twilight zone. How rich is the irony that the President Obama won’t endorse Caprio, but former President Clinton will,” one Democratic strategist told POLITICO Tuesday night. “Given this political fiasco, every democrat should seriously question whether the White House understands that their goal in 2010 is not to position themselves for a 2012 relection campaign on the poltical carcasses of good democratic candidates. Thankfully, President Clinton is focused on 2010 and saving ALL democrats.”

      I wonder if that’s Carville. Lol

  20. Yeah!! That’s the best news I’ve heard today. I think that race is neck and neck–and Bill will put him over the line. He must be disgusted with O’s snubbing.

  21. Hillary works on her birthday.

    Secretary’s Remarks: Tsunami in Indonesia
    from Secretary’s Remarks
    Tsunami in Indonesia

    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Secretary of State
    Washington, DC
    October 26, 2010

    On behalf of the people of the United States, I offer our condolences for the loss of life and damage in West Sumatra caused by a deadly tsunami that hit the Mentawai District. Our Embassy in Jakarta and Consulate in Medan are working closely with the Indonesian Government to monitor the situation and to provide assistance if needed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of West Sumatra, all Indonesians, and others affected by this tragedy.

  22. We need a chorus of ‘Don’t Mess with Bill–leave my Billy alone.’

  23. Halperin says that Obama should copy Bill Clinton after the elections.

    Obama and Rouse have at least one comeback model. The Clinton game plan circa 1994 shows how a young Democratic President, seen as overreaching and lurching leftward two years into his term, can move back to the political center, reconnect with the opposition, reclaim his momentum and successfully maintain his agenda.


    • Stand Up to His Own Party When It Is Too Liberal
      Obama has on occasion talked about the importance of parental discipline of children and has criticized the teachers’ unions, in effect taking on liberal dogma. There’s no doubt that he believes those things in his heart. After the election, he could go a step further – as Clinton did on issues like TV violence – and challenge the connection between his party and old policies that were too permissive.

      Oh lord, here comes a bunch more hippie-punching.

      • Besides, those in The Nation wanted Obama because he wasn’t a Clinton. It’s funny how Obama should copy Clinton.

      • That’s a super idea. Start attacking teachers. they’re the only ones still supporting him, but that will stymie the Repubs and win over everyone else!

    • Some of the “access” people at The Nation likely have seen some of those internal polls, and well know that the Dems are looking at armageddon on Tuesday.

      So now, noooow, they want Obama to be Bill Clinton, because they are scared shitless that they thought they were going to be Prom Queen on the arm of the cool guy, and it turns out that ain’t the case.

      What is interesting to me is that have not suddenly had the epiphany that Clinton-style governance is best for the country. They knew that from the fucking beginning. They knew that, from day one.

      But see, Hillary would not have made them Prom Queen. So they threw their lot in with the cool guy and SOLD MY FUCKING COUNTRY DOWN THE RIVER IN THE PROCESS. And yes, they knew it. They might not have foreseen it being this bad, but they KNEW that he was no Hillary, and no Bill, and couldn’t do the job she would do. They didn’t care. Because they are vain, shallow, self-important, snide, fuckwit urban hipster wankstains

      And I will NEVER forgive them for that. Ever. Not so long as I fucking breathe.

    • Wait, why is everybody talking about The Nation? Please don’t tell me Halperin is writing for them now–especially about hippie punching–or Dorothy Thompson is *rising* from her grave.


    Bristol Palin was NOT eliminated tonight on DWTS.

    Don’t stand too close to Jeralyn. When her head explodes you don’t wanna get any onya.

    • Good luck with the election, Gen Obama can’t even successfully organize to fix Dancing With the Stars. Where did all the passion go?

  25. I started a fresh (open) thread if any body is interested.

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