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El Cheeto Grande

Remember two years ago when we were running around with our hair on fire telling people (who wouldn’t listen) that Obama was going to be bad for the country and even worse for the Democratic party?

Remember how we predicted that the Democrats would probably lose Congress in 2010?

Here’s a little blast from the past:

Break their back, crush their spirits

by kos
Thu Oct 09, 2008 at 11:14:58 AM PDT

See, here’s the deal — we’re going to win the White House, we’re going to win big in the Senate, and we’re going to rack up big gains in the House. Republicans know this and are preparing for the worst. Now think of 2004 — we really thought Kerry was going to pull it off. Remember that? And remember how utterly devastated we were when Bush pulled it off? The pain was so much worse because we expected to win.

So with conservatives bracing for the worse, they won’t experience the kind of pain we did. Not unless we deliver a defeat even worse than their worst nightmares. And I’ll be honest with you — I want them to hurt as much as we did. I want their spirits crushed, their backs broken.

So the way we do that is we deliver a defeat worse than they ever imagined. We do that by winning states that have no business turning Blue — like North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, and so on — states that were easy Bush victories in 2004. We do that by electing a 60-seat supermajority in the Senate. We do that by defeating their leadership, like Mitch McConnell in the Senate. We do that by defeating their heroes, like wingnut go-to hero John Shadegg. We do that by making sure a record number of Americans reject conservative ideology, leaving it utterly discredited.

The day after the election, I want to see an electoral battlefield littered with defeated Republicans, their ranks demoralized, their treasury in heavy debt, and no real leadership to take the helm. I want a vacuum so complete, that a bloody leadership battle between the neocons, theocons, and corporate cons shakes the GOP to its core, and leaves it fractured and ill-equipped to stymie the progressive agenda, much less ramp up for an even bleaker (for them) 2010.

Guys, that’s why I don’t worry about complacency. We’re not out to win this thing. We’re out to crush them.

So, Mr. Moulitsas, how’s that “permanent Democratic majority” thingie working out for you?

Q: What do you call someone who is so disconnected from reality that they’ve constructed their very own world where they’re always right and everyone else is wrong and they’re so oblivious to what’s happening around them that they can’t see disaster even when it’s looming over them like the Mother of all Tidal Waves?

A: Mr. President

Worst President Ever

75 Responses

  1. (with a lilt in her voice) Ah, yes, I remember it well.

    Those fools! 👿

  2. Much as I dislike Markos, I’d like to see Conservatives down and out too. He wasn’t talking about Hillary supporters there. Obama has created this situation for the Democrats.

    • Did you get banned from Daily Kos? Why not corss post this there? Most Kossacks seem to hate both Obama and Kos lately.

    • This is a popcorn election.

    • But it’s just so funny that he thinks he can bring the Repubs to ruination and despair through the power of diletantte-ism. Like one look at the amazing resume of Obama and one glimpse of the amazing resolve of the squishy goo-goos, and they’ll be convinced that their party will never rise again.

      • kos and his minions got so caught up in strategy and tactics (politics) they forgot about policy and good governing.

        “What you’ve got is everything–and I mean everything–being run by the political arm. It’s the reign of the Mayberry Machiavellis.” – John J. Dilulio Jr.

        • They’re not even good at politics. They got caught up in process and never tied it to policy, but worse their process was about the creative class being the bosses and leaving bubba behind. Good luck with that without the media darling effect.

  3. that’s such a fitting picture of Kos, lol.

  4. Why should I be subjected to this turd’s picture?

    Instead, I like to look at Joe Sestak. Here is a cute and effective ad by his campaign. WCMB may appreciate it, because he is talking about his dog making a mess:

    • I hope Sestak wins, he seems like a good Joe.

      • Really!! Riverdaughter has relatives in PA, so she may be able to tell us something about the mood out there.

        I really want Sestak to win.

    • real cute doggie

    • According to the Philadelphia Inquirer today, the Senate race is closing down to a dead heat. That is probably a good thing.

      I love the Republican ad against Sestak. It mentions several things he said and did and I am thinking – Sounds good to me! They are trying to say Sestak is too liberal – for example, he did not like voting for HC w/o the Public Option; thought the bailout was too small, etc.

  5. My, my, the bloom is certainly off the rose…….

  6. Who knew the Kraut hammer had a Sensei Huma?

    In an increasingly desperate attempt to develop a narrative for the coming Democratic collapse, the Democrats have indulged themselves in what for half a century they’ve habitually attributed to the American right — the paranoid style in American politics. The talk is of dark conspiracies — secret money, foreign influence, big corporations, with Karl Rove and, yes, Ed Gillespie lurking ominously behind the scenes. The only thing missing is the Halliburton-Cheney angle.

    But after trotting out some of these charges with a noticeable lack of success, President Obama has come up with something new, something less common, something more befitting his stature and intellect. He’s now offering a scientific, indeed neurological, explanation for his current political troubles. The electorate apparently is deranged by its anxieties and fears to the point where it can’t think straight. Part of the reason “facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time,” he explained to a Massachusetts audience, “is because we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared. And the country is scared.”

    Opening a whole new branch of cognitive science — liberal psychology — Obama has discovered a new principle: The fearful brain is hard-wired to act befuddled, i.e., vote Republican.

    But of course. Here Obama has spent two years bestowing upon the peasantry the “New Foundation” of a more regulated, socially engineered and therefore more humane society, and they repay him with recalcitrance and outright opposition. Here he gave them Obamacare, the stimulus, financial regulation and a shot at cap-and-trade — and the electorate remains not just unmoved but ungrateful.

    Faced with this truly puzzling conundrum, Dr. Obama diagnoses a heretofore undiscovered psychological derangement: anxiety-induced Obama Underappreciation Syndrome, wherein an entire population is so addled by its economic anxieties as to be neurologically incapable of appreciating the “facts and science” undergirding Obamacare and the other blessings their president has bestowed upon them from on high.

    • Krauthammer is one of the worst kind of beltway creeps because a lot of the time he knows the reality but he’ll only speak of that reality after it’s too late and the conventional wisdom/alternate reality has already done its damage (recall last year he famously said Fox News created an “alternate reality”). Like the rest of ’em during the ’08 election he played along with the Obama craze and then at the 11th hour made the substantive case for McCain over Obama from his worldview point… once it would safely not make a difference.

      • I honestly don’t think krauthammer’s opinion would have made a difference in the ’08 election. The two things that made the difference was the timing of the bottom falling out of the economy and that the democratic party spitefully made sure that Clinton did not win the nomination.

        • I can’t keep track of who I’m supposed to hate anymore.

          So I just hate ’em all now.

          But occasionally they’re funny.

          • I understand that. I thought I was the only one with that problem, LOL!

            I think “I hate them all” is the best motto!

          • It was regularly SoD’s motto. Missing you, SoD!

          • Brvae myiq, linking Krauthammer the evil! I really don’t understand people who must agree with everything in order to glean something. I tend to be an omnivore, whether it be political or other subjects. I’m curious, because I like to understand even views with which I ultimately disagree. I may find myself one day reading an out-and-out communist blog, or a staunch conservative blog, and all things in between. Oh, and teh funneh is teh funneh, regardless of whether it gores my own ox or someone ele’s. 🙂

            I guess I’ve just never understood the concept of limiting what one takes in. I’m not a child. I can take it all in, glean what’s useful and/or interesting, and discard the rest. I don’t need an ideological parental “filter” to guard my weak impressionable mind. Taking in information does not equal allegiance to the source of that information. That whole mindset is just so foreign to me as to be completely baffling.

      • because as Krauthammer goes, so goes America.

  7. like him or hate him, agree or disagree, krauthammer often gets a few zingers in his pieces. In this case it’s particuarly funny being that krauthammer himself is a doctor of psychiatry

  8. What the . . . ?

    People touch and pose with Adam’s penis for many reasons. Because it’s unusual. Because it’s funny. Because it’s just the right combination of naughty and not-too-naughty.

  9. mmmm, red meat!

  10. King Cheeto didn’t mention 2006, the year he was politically neutered. He put all his effort behind Ned Lamont, won a primary, then forgot that Conneticut Republicans would rather have Lieberman than Lamont. If there are any Republican losses to be had this year, ironically it will be due to the same bitter primary loser reaction that Kos complainied about in 2006.

    The pace of political prognostication has gotten more and more severe. When the Republican Party gained dominance in 1860, the Democrats were on the outs for decades. Under FDR, the Republicans had virtually no legislative power at all. The won Congress briefly in the late 40s and then lost it again for 4 decades.

    And yet, idiots like Cheeto and Tweety declared the Republican Party dead because they lost two eleciton cycles in a row. Since 1994, the Democrats lost 5 congressional elections and 3 presidential elections. Next time they should wait until the body is cold.

  11. I object to the caption under The Little O’Precious’ pix– he is not the worst president ever– that dishonor still falls to George Bush– remember him and his band of treasonous traitors? Little O is aiming for the bottom and hasn’t stopped digging, but he’s gotta get by Millard Fillmore before he can close in on Skippy The Lesser Shrub.

  12. I posted this in the last thread in response to a comment about the Founding Fathers. Thought I’d add it here too.


  13. Was that last Q&A by Marcos? I never go over there anymore. It’s just too stupid.

    • I was wondering the same thing but then figured it doesn’t matter.

      We’re so beyond kos and left blogistan at this point.

      I hear Big Dawg on the tee vee right now campaigning his heart out to salvage the party that the DNC and Obots broke. Wow. We could have had him as First Gentleman of the United States!

      • If he does salvage the party, he’s got an underbus ticket waiting for his troubles.

      • It’s both thrilling and sad. Thrilling because he’s a true leader and can move people because he believes in them. Sad because he will work his heart out for the party and the ingrates will still pull that NAFTA/Welfare Reform shit on him.
        I hope the bastards don’t do him in by overworking him. Some people have short wicks through no fault of their own. I believe his family falls into this category.

  14. I have spent the last couple of mins on DKos looking for ONE spectacularly deranged and worrisome diary (I guarantee you, you’ll thank me if I ever found it), and I’ve been going theough some really incredibly arrogant post, like this one from Lord Kos himself:

    The Clinton civil war

    Al Giordano, on the laughable Clinton-supporters “strike” of this blog:

    There was always something incongruous about the self-proclaimed “Hillary Bloggers” trying to use Daily Kos for their purposes. DKos has been defined as a meeting ground not for every Democrat, but for the kind that wants to change the party to be more grassroots oriented, adhere to a 50-state strategy, stop the war in Iraq, and blunt the influence of lobbyists, PACs and the neoliberal Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). That’s the glue that has always held the DKos community together and made it so large and strong.

    Given that candidate Clinton is a member of the DLC, voted to authorize the war, accepts federal lobbyist and PAC money, clearly thinks that a lot (if not most) states “don’t matter,” and epitomizes a 1990s style top-down form of doing politics, it’s no surprise that for all of 2007 Clinton never exceeded 11 percent support in the monthly Daily Kos users straw poll.

    I would add one more item to the list above — this site has also been hostile to the corrosive consultant class that gave us our timid and weak party until Howard Dean shook it up in 2004.


    It is Clinton, with no reasonable chance of victory, who is fomenting civil war in order to overturn the will of the Democratic electorate. As such, as far as I’m concerned, she doesn’t deserve “fairness” on this site. All sexist attacks will be dealt with — those will never be acceptable. But otherwise, Clinton has set an inevitably divisive course and must be dealt with appropriately.

    To reiterate, she cannot win without overturning the will of the national Democratic electorate and fomenting civil war, and she doesn’t care.

    That’s why she has earned my enmity and that of so many others. That’s why she is bleeding super delegates. That’s why she’s even bleeding her own caucus delegates (remember, she lost a delegate in Iowa on Saturday). That’s why Keith Olbermann finally broke his neutrality. That’s why Nancy Pelosi essentially cast her lot with Obama. That’s why Democrats outside of the Beltway are hoping for the unifying Obama at the top of the ticket, and not a Clinton so divisive, she is actually working to split her own party.

    Meanwhile, Clinton and her shrinking band of paranoid holdouts wail and scream about all those evil people who have “turned” on Clinton and are no longer “honest power brokers” or “respectable voices” or whatnot, wearing blinders to reality, talking about silly little “strikes” when in reality, Clinton is planning a far more drastic, destructive and dehabilitating civil war.

    Wow! Isn’t this guy brilliant?

    Btw, this was in mid-March 08, BEFORE many big states such as PA, OH, TX.

    • I swear, those primary wars gave us some of the whiniest people ever. And really, if you want to be honest, the only crowd that had any real reason to gripe was the Hillary crowd.

      –Markos Moulitsas, February 3, 2010

      Markos Moulitsas, Denver, August 25, 2008:

      • Oh, gag, please stop with the markos quotes and videos. I just ATE!!

        • but did you notice that the quote from Feb 3, 2010 was Kos saying if anyone had a right to complain it was the Hillary crowd? The reason I put the youtube up is because it sums up how we all know Kos felt during the primaries. I wasn’t really trying to point out the stupidity of his statements but the baldfaced opportunism of them.

    • To reiterate, she he cannot win without overturning the will of the national Democratic electorate and fomenting civil war, and she he doesn’t care.

      Fixt it.

  15. OT: Twitted by Roger Ebert – the Bechtel test of women in movies

  16. But, but, the Clintons want to destroy the Democratic Party:

    Bill’s Frustration

    A report surfaced today that Bill Clinton is frustrated as heck that the Dems can’t manage to get a coherent or persuasive message together for the midterms. And he’s even doing what he can to get together good talking points for candidates and stump in all the right places to help save the Democratic majorities even if the current leaders can’t manage it themselves.

    I hope some day, all these Clintons-haters would come out and loudly confess that even with all their imperfections, the Clintons are the best thing that happened to the Democratic Party in the last 40 yrs.

    • I hope I win the lottery, but that ain’t happening either.

      “The Republicans are worse” is coherent but not very persuasive.

      • Too bad the Democrats don’t have a record to run on.

        They HAVE a record, they just can’t run on it.

        • Wow! It looks like Clinton just can’t win. It’s always his fault.

          Here’s John Cole:

          It is also worth noting that many of the reasons Obama has had difficulty is because he is trying to undo where Clinton failed, whether it be DADT, DOMA, health care, or putting back the economy that was trashed in some part because of Clinton era deregulation. I like Bill, and am super glad he is on the campaign trail and think he’s been a force for good, but this is a little more complicated than putting up “It’s the economy, stupid” signs in the campaign HQ.

          • More John Cole:

            I am instinctively repulsed by Clinton.


            Or, rather than it having anything to do with her being female, it could have a lot to do with my instinctive revulsion at her pandering, lying, manipulative, triangulating, condescending self.

            Cole was a CDS Republican until he became a CDS Democrat.

          • Translation: Bill is likeable and he really rallies the base who are stupid and don’t understand the majesty of Obama.

            BC is not going to get any gratitude out of this group.

          • The more Obama fails, the more his supporters hate Clinton.

            wittle children…

          • I am instintively repulsed by John Cole, Markos Moulitsos, Jonathan Alter, Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, and Chris Matthews.

            Stupid stupid people. 🙂

    • As long as it’s not the Obama message. “Gee, guys. Why vote for the guys who put us in a ditch when you can vote for the party who’s spinning their wheels and sinking into the earth.

  17. These fools are to stupid to see that Obama has no interest in challeging DOMA, DADT, the banksters, etc… Their god is a dud, a wolf in sheeps clothing, and they are too invested in their savior to admit it.

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