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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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Dear Democratic Party: Stop sending me email

In the past couple of weeks, you have been cluttering up my inbox with one appeal after another.  5 minutes for this; $5 for that.  I’ve heard from every liberal senator under the sun.  Al Franken, you know I love you, truly I do.  But save the bandwidth.  Bernie Sanders, I know your heart is in the right place.  But it’s not your heart I’m worried about.  It’s your vote.

Look, guys, I know you’re frustrated by our inability to commit.  Our enthusiasm gap has made you angry.  You’re fed up with meeting a brick wall and can’t seem to move us forward.

Don’t blame us.  You did this to yourselves.  Your efforts have been insufficient.  You had every advantage given to you on a silver platter and you squandered it.  We find your “accomplishments” unpersuasive.  Please, please, please, don’t continue trying to sell us on the healthcare reform act that made our insurance rates rise.  Don’t think we haven’t been paying attention to the fact that the Lilly Ledbetter Act is not the same as the Paycheck Fairness bill that never got out of committee.

Your accomplishments amount to pulling us back from the brink of Depression with an ill structured bailout of the finance industry and a stimulus package that was just barely enough to keep some people employed over the past 2 years.  That’s it.

You pissed off women in huge numbers.  No, don’t even get me started.  You guys absolutely cannot be trusted to protect reproductive rights or equality.

And we can’t trust you to protect Social Security either.  Many of us in our 40’s and 50’s have paid into Social Security all our lives.  Our retirement plans all have social security factored in.  It is too late to pad our nest eggs-even if we had the money to do it.  Your lack of spine in getting the rich to pay their share of taxes is maddening, especially if it means we end our senior years in poverty.

The very least you could do is kill the Catfood Commission NOW, before the election, because your chances of stopping that train afterwards are close to nil.

I can’t possibly predict what will happen in November.  Voters are pissed with both parties.  They don’t know what to do.  But I guarantee that if things get worse after November, life will get very interesting for your party.

And although you and the rest of the A list bloggers are sick of hearing this, your present troubles go back to the slash and burn primaries of 2008 when you deliberately torched half of your own party for Obama.  You made your bed when you sold us out back then.  Some of the working class you disenfranchised took their dishes and went to the Tea Party.  Some of us stayed true to our working class liberal values and disengaged from the Democratic party. You saddled us with a president who is unprepared to do his job.  His policies have lead to a great deal of present hardship and future misery.  And now you don’t have the votes you need to win in November.  You did this to yourself when you allowed yourselves to be steamrolled by a bunch of whiny “creative class” voters and a billion dollars in Wall Street money.

Are we afraid of what’s to come?  Yeah, probably.  But we can’t give in to fear.  If you guys lose in November, take our advice and purge your ranks of the idiots who got you into this mess.  Tell the brats to shut up about the Clintons.  Do the right thing for a change.  And for God’s sakes, get a primary challenger for Obama.  The guy doesn’t know what he’s doing and it is killing you.

Good luck.  You’re on your own.

Just like us.

110 Responses

  1. Well I happily voted for every Democrat on my ballot. Of course, this is California, where our Dem legislature passed single payer healthcare twice, only to have Ahnold twice veto it. It’s where voters favored Hillary Clinton by 10 points in 2008. Whatever’s happened nationally, I see no reason why Californians should be punished for it. We and our Democrats have done the right thing.


    • As it happens, I am voting for a Democrat this election as well. But I’m only supporting the guy who shares my values. It’s pretty clear that the party as a whole does not.

    • I’m voting for the state Dems in CA (and only Brown because Big Dog campaigned for him)…

      But I’m stumped about what to do with Boxer… she pissed me off initially when she went and campaigned for Lieberman and did not support the Dem in the CT election and she has been absolutely useless in opposing Obama in any way. She is definitely definitive part of the problem.

      Fiorino is a nitwit and I’m perusing the ballot looking for someone to vote for…


      • Yep. I have the same problem. I’m proud to vote for Jerry Brown, but really need an alternative to Boxer. I won’t vote for her for any reason.

        My reasons are rooted in her cowardice in the 2008 primaries, and her subsequent pimping out of California — a donor state with a $20 billion deficit — for recipient state, Nebraska’s, Ben Nelson’s Obamacare vote. Under the Boxer plan, Nebraska would be receive an even greater share of federal contributions through the elimination of the state medicaid match. How much money would that solution have saved California’s General Fund?

        I don’t think that was the measure that eventually passed, but Boxer’s treachery in negotiating it (and bragging about it) spoke volumes about her committments to her constiuency vs. her committment to Obama.

        Let me know if you find a solution other than Fiorina; otherwise, it’s Carly for me.

        • Wow, that is a very specific, targeted comment against Boxer. It seems almost designed for this site, except that there aren’t a lot of people who are “proud” to vote for Brown after Whoregate last week.
          You don’t work for Carly by any chance, do you?
          No offense, just asking. Because that’s the kind of comment I would leave in a blog like this one if I were trying to suppress Boxer votes..

        • So your voting for the guy who thinks its OK to call women candidates WHORES?

          If I lived in California, I’d sit the governor’s race out.

          Guys like Brown are part of the problem. They claim they support us, but really don’t. I’m glad the Big Dowg slammed his ass in 92.

  2. Amen! The only dem I am voting for is Bill White….Rick Perry has got to go!

    • HONK!! I’m early voting for White on Monday….


      Etc. Imagine a line of demented truckers, all leaning on their horns. I have some reservations about Bill White, but the disaster that is Rick Perry needs to be kicked out of his zillion-dollar rental and his job.

  3. And stop calling and junking up my answering machine. You want my vote then vote like a liberal.

    • Honk!, Honk!
      Really, this is not difficult. Vote like you said you were going to vote.
      Nobody pays attention to campaign commercials anymore. It doesn’t matter how much the right wing spends on them. What matters is whether I can buy a new refrigerator when the old one wears out (any day now) or send my kid to college or retire with dignity.
      Or even have a job. Little things. Vote like a liberal or get your hand out of my pocket.

      • If you had read any of my posts prior to last week, you would know why I am glad Jerry is running and why I am proud to vote for him. Does that make me unwelcome here?

        To reiterate, I don’t blame him for “whoregate.” He apologized for the comment; anything more should be coming from his wife who actually made the comment.

        And it is extremely offensive to ask if I work for Carly simply because I offered a convincing explanation as to why I would not vote for Boxer. I expected better from you, RD. I thought if you disagreed with my opinion, you’d open an intelligent dialogue by questioning my opinions rather than making random character attacks on my motives.

        Your comment kind of reminds me of the attacks you all got on Daily Kos, TL, and other sites a couple of years ago. As you know, accusations of trolling do not lend themselves well to the establishment of any kind of meaningful conversation.

        Anyway – I’m gone. I’m not a big fan of groupthink. I left TL because of it, and I don’t want or need to participate in it elsewhere.

        • Happy trails!

        • Aren’t obots techy? I could tell she wasn’t an old Hillary supporter ‘cuz after all the obots’ vicious attacks on us in ’08 we wouldn’t have thought those comments were “offensive.” But we’ll a steely lot.

          Obots are so scared of the coming tsunami that they are panicking.

          (yelling to the west) You should have voted for the winner in the ’08 dem primary, but, no, you fell for the pony.

          “techy” = touchy

        • Sayonara, Jane. Don’t let the door hit ya where Haruhi-sama split ya. 😛

      • I’m in KY and don’t like any but one of the Dems running so I’m not voting. The only one I like is my metro council representative and she’s so well liked (because she actually got things done for district- that usually gets treated like the forgotten step-child) that the Republicans are only running a place holder candidate against her. I’ve not even seen any yard signs or mailers either for this person. But Marianne Butler’s little orange yard signs are everywhere in this district- including in my yard. (Only sign I permitted being put in my yard) and she’s only sent out a couple of mailers (not the ocean of wasted paper most the other candidates have sent out) She did the same in 2008.I like that, she’s not wasteful, and I think I only saw one short 10 second TV ad for her.

        • Do send the KY Democrats a note and let them know why you are sitting this one out. I still would encourage you to give that one council person your mail in vote. Those that do the work should know their hard work counts and a vote is a way to say thanks.

  4. Honk, honk, honk!

  5. Bill White, sad sack that he is, gets my only Dem vote. All the others will be Rs, probably. What ever will cause the most
    pain for the idiots running the Dem party in TX is what I’ll be looking for.

    • As a fellow Texan, I feel obliged to point out that the idiots running the Republican party in TX are worse than the Dems. The Dems don’t have a party platform declaring the US a Christian nation, calling for the re-criminalization of homosexuality or endorsing creationsm. The Republicans do.

      • Maybe not, but if they’re leaned on a bit, the Democrats might just vote for that stuff anyway.
        But, hey, I don’t live in Texas. I’ve got enough problems here in NJ.

        • Actually, we’v had a few Democrats step up and show some sign of a backbone over the antics of the State Board of Education and other issues. It’s the Republicans who have yet to realize that that swirling motion isn’t a carnival ride any more, it’s the state going down the john.

          • Good for them. I remember the great escape they did several years back in order to avoid the redistricting dilema.
            But you Texans have always been a bunch of hard asses. Lots of highways, oil to burn and no zoning laws that I could see. Nobody tells you guys what to do. I feel for you. You’ve got some nutty Republicans.
            We’ve got property taxes out the wazoo.
            That’s what decades of Republicans with the megaphones will get you- people who wouldn’t know the “Garden of Eden” if it hit them in the face because they believe the world is only 6000 years old.

      • yes, it is a dilemma trying to chose which group of Texas political idiots is the worst. I have some slight hope for the dems, so I’m aiming for them.

    • I am voting against incumbents, so I get to vote for Bill White (ho really was good after Katrina) and other Democrats. Still have a couple of judge races trying to determine lesser of two evils. Most Republicans in Texas are especially bad, though.


  6. My thoughts exactly! You’re the best, Riverdaughter…

  7. Don’t blame us. You did this to yourselves.

    shit, yeah

  8. I may have gone and done it. Got a letter last night from Barack Obama asking me to help him defeat the nasty repubs. It included a postcard sized portrait of him, with his thanks!

    I wrote back: Donation 0.
    And: Barack Obama and the DNC derailed the integrity of the party in 2008. I will consider supporting the party again if it ever represents democratic principles again.

    And on the back of his portrait: Too bad Obama has compromised with Stupak’s assaults on women’s reproductive rights and support of GLBTs re: DADT. People who rise to power by nefarious means rarely do good with that power. We see through this president.

    If I don’t comment for a while, would you all send out a search party??

    • Yep, but I wouldn’t worry. Judging by the results, the Democrats never read our comments anyway.

      • That’s kind of what I figure, but I have to admit I was a little nervous about having my name on the thing. Maybe they’ll take me off the mailing list now.

        • On the contrary, my experience is that they see you have been provoked so they send you more.
          Republicans are a trickier bunch. I think they just like to hang out at the Confluence, lurking, and figuring out ways to construct effective counter arguments. You might noe ever hear from them again but they are paying attention.
          Cos they want to win.
          Right, GOPers? Yeah, we know you’re there.

    • Yeah Erica! Sing it sister!

  9. Well, I got a letter from Sharron Angle asking for money today. And last week, the NRA! I have no idea how I got on their mailing lists!

      • My favorite one recently was from the Border Patrol: it had stickers and said, “Do you stand with Arizona or with Mexico and the Illegal Aliens?”

        I put the sticker on for “I stand with Mexico and the Illegal Aliens” but chickened out and didn’t send it back, lol.

        All I can figure is that the Democrats must’ve sold my name to these people when I asked to be taken off their mailing lists. Anybody else had this problem? I actually am a registered Dem even though I’m (pretty) strictly 30% these days.

        • I made a point of signing up for McCain’s page in 2008 so I could get a feel for the memes the Republicans were generating. I don’t get much stuff from the Republicans these days, thank goodness. I sent back a comment to Sarah Palin’s PAC that they were wasting their time romancing the fetus with me. Haven’t heard from them in awhile.
          Lemme see, who do I get Republican email from? Hmmm, I’ve only received one lately from Michele Bachmann about 2 weeks ago. I’m hurt. The Republicans apparently don’t need my vote.
          TONS of shit from the Democrats though. I think I’ve heard from the entire Democratic Senate Caucus by now.
          But back to the GOP, I really need to create a sock puppet so I can keep an eye on the bastards…

    • I got one from Angle a couple of weeks back. I live in North Carolina. The only thing I could figure out is that I belonged to the Chamber about 20 years ago.

    • If you bought a gun recently -you may be the proud owner of an NRA membership. Alot of gunshops include it with your purchase

      We got robocalls up the wazoo after my husband bought his Springfield. Until finally my husband read them the riot act over their apparent party affiliation(we had a GOP sheriff that refused to sign off on concealed carry permits that was endorsed by the NRA. His Democratic opponent, who won, was/is far more gun friendly.)

  10. There is a story going around about a guy who was having heart bypass surgery. His son was an accomplished cardiac surgeon and wanted him to do it. All the advice was against that. Even his son told him – are you sure dad, this is not a good idea. The fathers response was – son, I know you are the best and if I do not survive, we know your mother will be comming to live with your wife. So I am sure you will be doing your best.

    So to – the final argument should be – diminish
    Social Security and your inlaws come to live with you!

  11. From Taylor Marsh, a candidate for the funniest quote of the year:

    Now, before saying anything else, let me say that there’s never been a bigger fan of Bill Clinton’s than me (though I had some wavering in 2008). – Josh Marshall

    • OMG! Did the kidnappers release Josh Marshall? Does he have all of his ears and fingers???
      Does he know that someone has been impersonating him for the past 2 years and dissing the Clintons using his name?
      Boy, I’ll bet Josh will be pissed when he finds out about all those Obama campaign ads TPM was sporting in 2008.

    • With fans like that, who needs rightwingers

    • FUJM



      (**cowardly a** h*&*e)

  12. Well said and thank you for saying it, RD. Even though I’ve unsubscribed, the e-mails keep pouring in. AND–today we got a robo call from Obama to vote. It was interesting because my daughter was over here (to show her Dad how to fix a screen door) and I let her hear it. She said, F*&k him. I loved it because I think she voted for him in the general–all her friends were bots, but we don’t discuss it anymore.

  13. Just curious if you wimmens have heard of this “expert” in women voters. She was a source for a report about women finally waking up and voting for Democrats this mid-term. “Finally”, I loved that. Seems you too could open a shop, be President and Founder, get jobs consulting and appear on CNN and MSNBC telling us about wimmen. Page Gardner, married and mother of 2 = expert on single women voters.

    • I posted a comment about that story last night, along with the Newsweak poll allegedly showing the Democrats are bridging the enthusiasm gap.

      It’s just a lame attempt to gin up some kind of momentum effect.

    • This is the “creative” class, pushing outliers. The ends aren’t the results of these outlier polls — the outlier polls are a means to try to create the outlier results of these polls as reality.

  14. Could we expand your demand to all the Democratic-hanger-on-groupie-lickspittle groups? Like Emily’s List, NOW, ActBlue, FDL and 100 others who got my name back when I was under the delusion that advocacy groups were supposed to, you know, advocate? Yes, I know it’s my fault for sending them money or support in the first place (but see above, about the delusional thing).

  15. RD, glad you referenced the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which I finally looked up for forgotten specifics and, indeed, it doesn’t have anything to do with promoting fair pay presumably for women as Obama and the troll on my regular blog would have you believe. It changes the time-frame for making a charge from the time the pay was agreed upon to the date of the most recent paycheck. The act amended the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which would include anyone who has been discriminated against in her/his paycheck.

    • Yep, but the Democrats are counting on you stoopid wimmins to not bother to look up the facts.
      Like we don’t notice that our paychecks haven’t been equalized since the Ledbetter act passed.

      I don’t know what I find more insulting: that they didn’t actually do what they claim they did or that they think we’re too mentally deficient to notice they are lying to us.

    • The LL Act needs the Paycheck Fairness Act (first introduced by one Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2005) passed to have a practical effect.

    • That deserves a post all of its own.

    • I watched Palin and Obama speaking at rallies today and that 4:08 video will make me over-dose on Obama.

    • I’m afraid that he is incredibly vain and that is why I have no doubt that he will run again in 2012. Low poll numbers will not stop him. He is having the time of his life and will ride it out til the end (or our end, whichever comes first).

  16. My votes are going all over the place on November 2nd:

    PA Senator
    [X]Joe Sestak (D)
    [ ]Pat Toomey (R)

    PA Governor
    [ ]Dan Onorato (D)
    [ ]Tom Corbett (R)
    [X]Write-in: “None of the Above”

    PA-14 Congressional District
    [ ]Mike Doyle (D)
    [ ]Melissa Haluszczak (R)
    [X]Ed Bortz (G)

    No one can spam me in the polling booth.

    • Looks good to me. Go with throttle up!

      • RD,

        Do you have any idea of the mood in PA? I really like Sestak. He was a Hillary backer, seems the real deal, and there is a great story about him that sounds very genuine. His little daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer (I think she was only 4). Him and his wife were at the hospital, and they were covered by Navy insurance. They overhear 6 people discussing the situation of a little two and half year old boy in the next bed (or room), and hear, “but you don`t have insurance.“ Sestak says that made him run for Congress (he was retired from Navy). I think he speaks truthfully, because that would break any parent`s heart who had a child himself undergoing chemeotherapy.

        Sorry for meddling againg (I come from the great white north!), but I think if there`s anyone deserving support from TC, it`s him.

        (very humbly suggested.)

  17. No D vote for me in November. I once admired Carolyn Malloney, but she voted for health Club for Men and I promised that no one who did that to me gets my vote. Ever. Where I get Greens, I vote for them. Where I don’t, I don’t vote.

    • My candidate is not an incumbent. He’s a working class schlub who is a teacher, a chemist and openly gay. The gay thing isn’t a plus or a minus. But the combination is pretty unique.
      Now, if he were a woman, that would be even better. The NJ delegation is all men. Yep, not one woman from either party is serving in Congress from the state of NJ.
      Go figure.

  18. Brent Dumbrowski:

    Harry Reid has manned up big time for women in his lifelong fight for pay equity. He has fought for women over the opposition of those reactionary forces that oppose pay equity for women, and now donate large sums of money to Angle because they, like Angle, like things the way they are in a world that is too often unfair to women at work.

    What I would propose to Democrats is to put Lilly Ledbetter on television to appeal to women throughout Nevada and throughout the nation, for Democrats like Harry Reid and so many others, who stand up for women in the workplace.

    Uh, Brent? Did you actually talk to any working women before you wrote that?

  19. California dems suck, you can stop sending me the Women’s election educational guide, I don’t need your opinion on any women running for ofice, I don’t want to hear about California Chapter of Now, or about Meg either.

    I once helped Jerry, I guess that was enough, because I’ve turned my back on you too.

    Fugg it.

  20. I hope this is not a duplicate.

    Nancy Pelosi has posted a video for the “It Gets Better” project.

    I like it.

  21. Yeah, that was the first time she seemed human. Well she did have 5 children and has boat loades of grandchildren.

    So what I don’t get is why is everyone doing after Hillary did it first???

  22. Brilliant rant.

  23. RD you are so right about November. I predict a huge, huge sweep of Red, but, maybe not here. Yesterday, driving around no signs except very terrible ones for Lois Capps. Everywhere. She lost me two years ago. I know I’m voting for the two I can support — but other than that — I have no idea, yet. Hope it’s Jerry or our state will be up a creek like no one will believe. Disgusting. Boxer strictly on you know what, because well? BTW. Check this one out — it was part of that NAACP report — but look at the maps. You’ll be very shocked. I was.


  24. I’m voting for Democrat JOE SESTAK here in PA – one doggone good Democrat. He’s up against the the right wingnut Republican Pat Toomey- a guy who makes Rick Santorum look liberal. Toomey really does want to privatize social security.

    Beyond that, my congressperson is Patrick Murphy, a shill for Obama. His opponent is Mike Fitzpatrick – a Bushie. UGH
    It makes me sick to vote for either of those two. I will have to hold my nose…..

    • Sestak will get my vote and far as the rest, its a rotten position that the dems put us in with the republicans as far as voting for the lesser of two evils………..Even though I can’t stand most of what has happened these last two yrs , {more like 10}I keep thinking that republicans will destroy what they hadn’t under the eight long years. they set us up and I don’t really think they wanted to win the last election just so a dem would take the blame for the economy. Toomey is really not in pa’s interest unless you are a rich corporation. Really despite the teaparty’s messages they are just like the obots were ,believe in something that is not really going to happen.If they think republicans are for the ordinary citizen ,they are wrong.
      If the dems win we need to be on their back full time. if the republicans win forget about it. they stick together but it isn’t so much for lower or middle class people.

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