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Dirty pool

From the Kansas City Star:

Three months ago in Kansas City, the NAACP first raised charges of racism within the tea party movement. Today a report is being released accusing tea party groups of providing platforms to anti-Semites and other bigots.

“These groups and individuals are out there, and we ignore them at our own peril,” said NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous in a statement announcing the report. “They are speaking at tea party events, recruiting at rallies, and in some cases remain in the tea party leadership itself.”

The 94-page report is being released by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in a teleconference today.

In July, NAACP delegates passed a resolution at their national convention in Kansas City condemning racism within the tea party movement, creating a national furor. The NAACP board of directors ratified the resolution last week.

Tea party leaders condemned the report on Tuesday.

This reeks. The NAACP came up with this report THREE MONTHS AGO but sat on it until less than two weeks before the election?

I haven’t had a chance to read the report (neither has the Tea Party) but I’m gonna go ahead an assume that some or all of the allegations made by the NAACP are true. What does that prove?

A couple years ago there was this totally new grassroots movement that appeared spontaneously in reaction to the DNC/RBC decision to take some of Hillary Clinton’s ‘s delegates and give them to Barack Obama.

There were some people who were outraged by the blatant cheating as well as all the other crappy things that had gone on during the previous six months. They declared they would not support Barack Obama and called themselves Party Unity My Ass, or P.U.M.A.

You may have heard of them.

I was here on Day One when PUMA started. It immediately went viral and was beyond the control of any one person. Unfortunately all the excitement and hoopla attracted some weirdos and nutballs like moths to a flame.

We wanted nothing to do with them of course. We banned them from TC when they started spouting racist ideas and right-wing nonsense. Riverdaughter physically ejected a guy from the Denver Headquartrers when he started raving about how it was all “the Joos” fault.

The problem is identifying the weirdos and nutballs before they start raving like lunatics. If you advertise a rally, do you check ID’s and do background checks before you allow anyone admission?

“Are you now or have you ever been a racist?”

If you’re a decentralized, grassroots organization, who is in charge of screening new members? Do you screen donors too? How do you screen them, and for what? Is there a racist database somewhere that anyone can log into and check names?

The real question is whether the Tea Party is a racist organization or whether it just has some unsavory members and associations that need to go.

But what the NAACP has done is a transparent attempt to gain partisan advantage for the Democrats by ambushing the entire Tea Party movement with charges of racism just before an election.

So much for “post-racial” America.


From Crooks and Liars:

The heart of the report is the section titled “Racism, Anti-Semitism and the Militia Impulse, which includes some previously overlooked facets of the movement and revealing details:

— James von Brunn, the white supremacist who killed a Holocaust Museum guard last year, posted on Tea Partner Express partner websites.

— Mark Williams, former chairman of the Tea Party Express, not only wrote racist screeds, he made death threats against President Obama,

— Billy Joe Roper, a member of the ResistNet Tea Party who also happens to be the founder of the overtly racist White Revolution organization, indulging in “Nazi glamorization” with his eulogy for William Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries, the notorious race-war blueprint.

We also get “profiles of troubling Tea Partiers,” including Roan Garcia-Quintana, a South Carolina Tea Party member who the report says belongs to the largest white nationalist group in the country; Karen Pack, another Tea Party member the report says is linked to the Ku Klux Klan; and Clay Douglas, a Tea Party member from Arizona the report says has pushed “militia-style ‘New World Order’ conspiracies” and “hard core anti-Semitism.

The one guy who was in charge of anything (Mark Williams) has long-since been canned. The rest of the people named are listed as “members.”

I counted six names. How many people nationwide are listed as members of one of the Tea Party factions?

If somebody posted comments on Crook and Liars and then committed murder, would that make John Amato and Nicole Belle responsible?

If that is the best the NAACP has then they ain’t got shit.

54 Responses

  1. This would be more hurtful if it were not so ‘yesterday’. My guess, the Tea Party people and those who believe in them are inoculated against racist charges. It makes the NAACP look so pathetic. A one-trick pony

    • I live in Tea Party country. These people are wingnuts but the vast majority are not racists.

      • Me, too. I know plenty of them. And we are not that different as human beings. I believe in limited govt. as well, but my main disagreement with them is that they set the bar for what govt should be allowed to do ridiculously low. I would give govt more leeway to provide more services.

        We actually agree that we don’t want an all-powerful State. We just sharply disagree on where the line ought to be – at what point is the State too powerful?

        That makes them neither evil selfish people nor raycists, any more than it makes me a raving communist.

      • Shoot, Mrs. Thomas is a tea partier.

        • And I know, it’s another “one of my best friends is . But it’s a point that a leader of the tea party movement is married to an AA man.

  2. Repeal_DADT_NOW Jethro_Aryeh

    Judge says no to Obama appeal of DADT injunction | http://bit.ly/a2GDbW #GAY #GLBT #LGBT #P2 #DADT


    YIPPY! Says the Hippie Granny 😉

    Dandy maybe you can do a post on the NO on the APPEAL of DADT!

    • Good idea. It’s worth a post to dispel the crap from the Obots about how Obama has no choice.

      • CNN:

        Finding itself in a strange legal position, the Obama administration filed an emergency request Wednesday with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to stop the military from allowing openly gay troops from serving.

        In effect, the administration wants to continue barring gays from the military even though it ultimately favors repealing the policy known as “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

        “They are in a very bizarre position, frankly, of their own making,” CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said.

        On Wednesday, the White House referred all questions about the issue to the Department of Justice.

        The administration filed a motion Tuesday asking U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips to stay her order last month that banned the enforcement of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. When Phillips denied the request, government lawyers took their case to the 9th Circuit on Wednesday.

        “Oh what a tangled web we weave . . .”

  3. You’re kidding me. Someone who posted a few times on a website that was open to the public later turned out to be a violent raycist, therefore anyone associated with that website is suspect?

    That’s the kind of lame crap they have? The Dems are freaking desperate. And you know what?

    This fear mongering is going to do NOTHING to discredit the teaparty or make anyone vote for these crappy Dems, who after FOUR YEARS of controlling congress have ZIPPO accomplishments that they can actually run on.

    I predict that, if anything, it will push any fence-sitters to vote against them just out of sheer disgust. People are sick of this “my scary secret KayKayKay neighbors” bullshit. It’s so transparent it’s just laughable.

    Either man up and argue with them about REAL governance or STFU.

  4. Hey, wait a minute. Aren’t we all post-racial now? Instead we’re rolling around in the r@cist mud. Oh well, maybe post-post-racial will be a little better.

  5. It’s McCarthyism, pure and simple. Same with the charges of foreign donations going to elections from the COC with no proof. You’re guilty; now prove that I’m wrong is their line of attack. (Did Obama ever prove that he wasn’t getting foreign donations?)
    Charges of racism were leveled at PUMA. It’s actually frightening to see the left behaving like this; I expect it from the right. It’s Orwellian.

  6. Yep, total bullshit. And rather pathetic.

  7. Anyone who disagrees politically or ideologically is now a racist/bigot. Do they have any idea how poisonous this is to the political climate? How they are actually causing racial disharmony by leveling those charges willy-nilly? It’s really getting ugly and I see the media playing along. This racial shit-stirring only causes resentment. Is it worth dividing and polarizing people just to gain more votes? The NAACP will simply be seen as a cynical political wing of the Dem Party (if it isn’t already.)

    • Don’t forget this is the means to an end crowd. Any tactic can be used or principle abandoned in order WIN WIN WIN! Win what is the question.

  8. Sally Quinn-Lite has nothing constructive to add.

  9. The NAACP should be careful about accusing people of anti-semitism:

    • Well, by their own measure then the entire NAACP is an anti-semitic organization. As is anyone who has ever posted on their website, or attended an event where anyone from the NAACP spoke.

      See how ridiculous it gets?

  10. The Dim-o-crats are really grasping at straws now:

    When the Tea Party Express helped Joe Miller win a shocking upset in Alaska’s GOP Senate primary, it cruised to victory in more ways than one.

    For seven weeks this summer, staff members of the political action committee coordinated their efforts on behalf of Miller from staterooms aboard Holland America’s M.S. Amsterdam, a cruise ship that plied the waters from Seattle to various ports of call from Canada to Alaska. There, while other passengers were shopping or photographing glaciers, Tea Party Expressers held press conferences, rallies and meetings with Miller supporters. Between stops, they used their time at sea plotting strategy and cutting radio ads that they downloaded from a digital recorder and e-mailed to a studio for production.

    Cut to Barack and Michelle dining on Wagyu beef.

  11. A Demo-raycist …


    A Pennsylvania Democratic House candidate on Tuesday admitted to helping a third candidate get on the ballot in the hopes he would siphon votes away from his Republican opponent.

    Bryan Lentz, the Democratic nominee running for the seat being vacated by Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), said he knew that volunteers from his campaign helped Tea Party candidate Jim Schneller.

  12. The NAACP is in need of new leadership.

    President Ben Jealous immediately called for Shirley Sherrod’s resignation before he viewed the videos -videos stored in the NAACP archives.

    • People sort of forget that minor detail.

    • The way that video cut off it was clear she was making an additional point.

      But it was stunning how fast she was thrown from the bus. It reminded me of that movie Miss March….one bounce and she was out the window.

  13. This “report” looks pretty hollow…

    I mean…

    it tends to paint the picture that white nationalist simply infiltrated and co-oped part of the movement, independent of any coordination from the more established tea party organizations.

    for example:

    “Despite these and other similar actions, the Council of Conservative Citizens remained ambivalent about the Tea Parties ultimate goals. On the positive side, one of the organization’s leaders wrote, “the fact that hundreds of thousands of white people got up the nerve to oppose the government [was] astonishing.” On the other hand, he noted, the “negative tendency that plagues Tea Party activism…to deny the racial dynamic empowering the movement.” He concluded that, “The future of this revolution, if that is what it is, depends on white zealots.”[221] Little talk of taxes and budget deficits intruded into this analysis.”

    White nationalist attempted to use tea party events as a recruiting and election tool.

    That doesn’t really “prove” that the Tea Party is r*cist. Per se. (Chicken or Egg)

    But, the fact that these people have spent months trolling the comment sections of forums is the height of hilarity.

    Once upon a time, “liberals” called it “nut-picking”.

    • More:


      A houston tea party group that actively had to fight with one of the co-opting racists Dale Robinson, details what happened to them.

      White nationalist went out and tried to buy a bunch of urls containing “tea party” and sat on them.

      “different leaders who where buying these urls gave me the idea”

    • Yeah, I mean, I’ll be happy to read the report, but a lot of people have had ideas about trying to take over the tea party. Including some of us. When you have a large group of people who are organizing, it seems like everybody else who wants to change the direction of the country for the good or the horrendous is also going to be curious about where they might fit in with their plan and whether they can be manipulated to their ends.

    • Once upon a time, “liberals” called it “nut-picking”

      Real liberals still do.

  14. The NAACP is another one of those “evil” organizations that are not required to disclose their donors. So is MoveOn.Org.

    Like Obama said, that’s damaging to democracy.


  15. Of course it is unfortunate that the NAACP only has a narrow view of racism and discrimination. This really isn’t news. They made this claim back in their convention this summer amid howls and jeers from Fox news.
    The Tea Party may have elements that have been co-opted by the white supremacists. I agree with that one entirely. However the actual candidates that the Tea Party Backs are openly anti-muslim and even more so anti gay. However this in your face fact goes mostly unnoticed.

    So the NAACP is looking for elements of discrimination amid the rank and file of the Tea Partly, it blatantly overlooks the pervasive discrimination bias of the candidates The Tea Party supposedly supports

  16. But they will be the first to whine and stomp their petty hypocritical little feet when someone like Ayers or Wright are mentioned.

    Pathetic, as usual.

  17. OT – Hillary wore purple to a meeting with Obama today. He didn’t bother to wear a purple tie.


    She gets it.

    • Awww, that’s awesome! Go Hillary! Obama probably thinks it’s “beneath him.” I thought Oct 20 was tomorrow but by complete coincidence, am actually wearing purple. 🙂

      • The only other female in the room is also wearing purple. No idea who it is. My guess – someone who works with Hillary.

        there’s something about the women…

        • It’s an amazing visual reminder of not only how few women there are in this Admin, but how superior they are to Obamacrat men. She and Hill are in a visual line with each other, wonder if she works for the State Dept? Where a much better culture seems to exist than the Land of Shirtless Beer Pong.

  18. Hmm. I have been perusing the teaparty candidates, and lo and behold the teaparty candidates include AA’s for house seats in Florida, SC, MA, MD, MS (among many others), and the SC one is kicking the ass of Strom Thurmond’s son with the hearty backing of those “mostly white” teapartiers.

    They are behind the candidacies of an Indian-American woman for the governor’s house in SC, Hispanics for the governor’s seat in NV and NM, a Hispanic for the senate in Florida, multiple hispanics in varoious house races, and a Vietnamese guy in CA.

    From where I’m looking, the teaparty, whatever one’s issues with them, is obviously not raycist. That’s just laughable.

  19. Now here is some one I could vote for, Ha! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqQJB8DR_Zo&feature=player_embedded

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