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A Wonk catch-up on a Wednesday night (and Hillary Goes Purple)

Wednesday — Tori Amos

I wasn’t able to get my news junkie fix all day today, so this is just me catching up on a Wednesday night and sharing some quick thoughts on stories that caught my eye.

The Hill reports thatVoters are not worried about ‘extreme’ label on candidates.” According to the Hill’s polling (conducted by Mark Penn’s firm), only 15% of Democrats and 14% of Independents are voting to “ensure extreme right-wing candidates are not elected to Congress.” 37% of independent voters couldn’t even find a single compelling reason to vote for Democrats but only 24% say the same about finding a reason to vote for Republicans. Another interesting finding to note is that the “most effective motivator for the base of the Democratic Party is President Obama.” Considering that a lot of polling in general indicates that President Obama turns independent voters away in droves now while motivating the base of the Republican party to get out its vote, I’d say that’s a pretty toxic motivator for the Democratic party to have. That’s the same argument Democrats make about Sarah Palin after all, isn’t it? Polarizing?

In other polling news, Gallup has this bit out — Pelosi’s favorability slides down to its lowest yet, coming in at 29%. Pelosi told us Hillary holdouts that we were less than gracious when we wouldn’t bow to party unity. Remember that? Well, it’s pretty clear that the American electorate feels like she’s been a disgrace as Speaker.

Over at the Huffpo Newsdesk, Shahien Nasiripour and Arthur Delaney report that Obama the Flim Flam Nowhere Man and his White House are doing what they do best: “Obama Team Punts On Foreclosure Fraud: ‘For The Banks And Servicers To Fix’.” The Buck Stops with… everybody but Obama! Why won’t people just let him eat his waffle.

This next one I might have missed if I hadn’t seen it on memeorandum.com. It’s from Dan Froomkin via Nieman Watchdog, and it’s called “Nine stories the press is underreporting — fraud, fraud and more fraud.” I’m still going through it, but it looks like a must-read.

I see over on CNN’s Ticker that the Empty Mitten is up to his shenanigans as we get closer to the 2012 election cycle gearing up. From CNN Ticker’s Alexander Mooney — “2012 Watch: Romney launches ’10 for ’10’ initiative.” It seems like he’s copying Sarah Palin.

Last night BB covered the wildly inappropriate message that Virginia Thomas left on Anita Hill’s answering machine. My mother (who watches cable news to keep track of the atrocities, just like I do) tipped me off to another development on that story — apparently Megyn Kelly thinks its questionable of Anita Hill to have informed the police (link goes to tvsquad.com). WTF? I know Megyn wants to keep her Fox News audience well and fed, but she’s completely out of line on that one and needs to put herself in Kelly’s court for that.

Another link to the Hill, “Bush defends bailout of financial firms.” The great Decider informs us of the obvious, which is that he lost no sleep over any decision he made.

From the Gray Lady, a depressing though unsurprising headline — “Efforts to Prosecute Blackwater Collapse.”

There was breaking news on DADT while I was writing this post. From the Advocate, Appeals Court Grants DADT Stay“:

Less than 24 hours after a federal judge refused to block an injunction against “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the U.S. court of appeals for the ninth circuit has done so — at least temporarily.

I wanted to end this post on a more uplifting note, so I’ve saved the best for last. From stacyx, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Wore Purple Today, Spirit Day.” GLAAD organized Spirit Day today calling for people to wear purple to show LGBT youth they are not alone and to remember the young people who have been lost recently to suicide due to anti-gay bigotry and bullying.

Here is the official WH photo, where you can see Hillary going purple (h/t to stacyx):

I already posted today in the wee hours of the morning on Hillary’s message to LGBT youth. For whatever pathetic reason, the CDSers out there are reacting to Hillary’s speaking out (to support kids who are being bullied to DEATH) as another opportunity to bully and bash her. Yet, Hillary just keeps on doing her thing.

Hillary is a great role model to young people to let other people’s issues just slide off one’s own back and keep on going on and fighting the good fight. Go Hillary! Always leading by example. If young people learn anything from Hillary, the best thing they could learn is that the bullies don’t deserve to keep any of us down and we all can find our way if we just keep at it and don’t give up.

127 Responses

  1. IMO, Hillary knows what it’s like to be bullied, and what it’s like to lose a friend to “bullycide” (Vince Foster, anyone?)
    Thanks, Wonk.

    • you’re right, LI.

      Reminds me of crazy old Jeremiah’s”Hillary ain’t never been… Barack knows what it’s like.”

      Actually, quite the opposite. Hillary has always known what it’s like and has been fighting the humanist fight since she was a young Hillary Rodham. Barack Obama was more worried about making a name for himself than actually doing anything with that name.

      • If Obama ever took any controversial stands then he wouldn’t have been able to run for POTUS as the Unity Pony.

        Now that he’s POTUS he can end racism and homobigotry.

        Oh, wait . . .

      • Yup, even 22 year old Hillary Rodham was giving sassy commencement speeches to US Senators.

  2. I find the purple-wearing so charming and humanizing. You know the philosopher kings think they’re too good for it (but not too good to go on MTV, Mythbusters and TDS, just too good to show compassion), but it just seems like the act of a nice person who wants to do her little bit. And especially because she’s had to be so strong to deal with everything that’s been thrown her way–sometimes strong people are not as compassionate and look down on people in similar positions who can’t cope as well.

    • What I love about the way Hillary is going about this is that she is so plainspoken and down-to-earth in the way she’s approaching it. It’s not about “grand gestures” the way Obama and frankly Hollywood can sometimes be– it’s not flashy, it’s not about being “Cool.”

      With Hillary, it’s about the little things. And, in counseling young people on getting through the very real and crushing pains they face daily in their lives, it is so important to be about the little things.

    • Great roundup!

      I notice the young lady sitting against the wall in the room with SOS Clinton is also wearing purple, but I cannot see that any of the men in the room are. (The ties of a few are not visible and some of the ties which are visible cannot be seen in their entirety.)


  3. Just saw this on the sidebar alerts– I am thinking BB put this up on facebook:

    I posted a new photo to Facebook http://fb.me/z0dMXwRD

  4. Wow, that picture of Hillary is amazing. All those drab dark suits and drab men, and Hillary in her purple right in the middle of them. I somehow doubt that a Hillary cabinet would have been filled with such drab hacks.

    • I missed replying your comment somehow, but that’s exactly it. I see only one other woman in purple in the background, but yes– our Hillary in Purple stands out in a sea of “unlikeable” “cold” and “calculating” suits.

      O could have at least worn a purple tie, but I understand as president he’s got to “calibrate” and make sure the signals he’s sending on any given day match what was loaded into his teleprompter.

  5. I didn’t see too many people wearing purple today, very disappointing.

    Pelosi told us Hillary holdouts that we were less than gracious when we wouldn’t bow to party unity.

    She should bow out and give another good Democrat a chance to run. There are very good candidates to take her place, like Mark Leno.

    • When it comes to bowing out graciously, that’s only expected of Hillary and her supporters for some strange reason.

      • I suspect Nancy will soon be retiring in order to spend more time with her family.

        • I think so too. She traded most of her political capital to elect Obama, and then what little she had left she gave it to the Blue Dogs to pass Obama’s agenda. Dumb @ass.

    • I must have missed that “ungracious” remark of Pelosi’s at the time. Boy that just re-ignited my anger bigtime.

      What’s less than gracious is a public servant complicit in election fraud. A wealthy, entitled public servant aiding and abetting her chosen one in stripping working class families of their social safety net, calling that unaffordable entitlements.

      She is truly clueless.

  6. Good posts WONK, you ROCK!

  7. West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin is taking a political battering thanks to his support of Barack Obama, so he’s uniquely qualified to offer counsel on what many think is the president’s central political problem — his failure to connect with white working-class voters.

    His advice: Go to where they live and work. Listen. And don’t talk down to them.

    “If I were him, I’d start going to the places where people don’t like you that much,” says Manchin, who is locked in a close race to replace Robert Byrd in the Senate and struggling mightily to shrug off his opponents’ description of him as Obama’s “rubber stamp.”
    You can’t win if you only go where you are comfortable,” added Manchin, who was speaking to Politico a day before Obama appeared in a place that was very much in his comfort zone.


    Yup, when hell freezes over. Obama only goes where there’s applause.

    • Yeah, that’ll work:

      Democrats hope that the Palin tie will fire up their base by reminding them what they’re up against.

      It should be noted that a Public Policy Polling survey of Pennsylvania in August gave Palin’s endorsement a bit more weight than President Obama’s. Twenty-eight percent said an endorsement from Palin would make them more likely to support a particular candidate; just 20 percent said that of Obama.

      I’d like to see Joe Sestak win but they won’t let me vote for him. PA has some silly residency requirements to vote there.

      • That’s very interesting actually. I think for all the fuss made about Palin being politically unsophisticated, and for all that she lacks in policy substance, she has good raw political instincts at the grassroots level of where to shore up voter support. Her ability to overtake Obama in endorsement carryover (to the extent that endorsemetns have any effect) in *Pennsylvania* of all states just reminds me of how the McCain campaign pulled out of Michigan and how she disagreed with that and wanted to keep trying. That was, imho, evidence that there was more to her than the airhead caricature.

        The thing about Palin is she has the right idea on actual politicking a lot of times, she’s just using it for a worldview that I don’t like or relate to on very much.

      • I saw a couple of anti-Sestak ads last night reminding viewers that he voted for the HCR bill. Rather effective, really. 😦

  8. So we have Obama who couldn’t stand up to a past statement about a Christmas greeting……vs this 20 year old woman in Mexico who is the newest police chief in the board town of Guadalupe.


    The contrast is stunning! She might lose her life and he might suffer a paper cut reading the bad press.

  9. Salon is covering all the really important shit:

    Did Sarah Palin desecrate the American flag?

    The Guardian caught up with Sarah Palin on the campaign trail in Reno this week and posted some video of her working the crowd while singing the Tea Party’s praises. But look closely: At around the 1:30 mark, it appears that she’s handed an American flag by one of her fans — and that she signs it.

    The evidence is imperfect, but if she did put her signature on Old Glory, it would be a clear violation of the Flag Code. Subsection 8, part (g) reads: “The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.”

    Let’s appoint a special prosecutor to investigate!

    • It’s great to watch progs seriously investigating Sarah for something like flag desecration considering how not too long ago they were defending Obama’s connection to one Mr. Bill Ayers and his iconic stomping on a flag, and also Obama’s pathetic behavior on the flag pin (which was pathetic not because he didn’t wear one but rather because he didn’t stand up for his decision to not wear one and instead made up a series of non-believable explanations until he ended up wearing one and speaking in front of a podium draped with a half a dozen flags around it).

      • Sheesh, I just clicked to check if the Salon blogger even tried to work in something about how this is only relevant because of the rightwing’s hypocritical push for mindless patriotism, but nope. Not even a word. It’s all a serious investigation of Palin desecrating a flag with her autograph just like the quote myiq excerpted. Truly pathetic, and worse I could see Joan Walsh giving whoever found this “evidence” a bonus for their great work.

        • In a tug-of-war of idiotic wedge issue bs, Dems will win every time! Go Dems!

          • Oh gawd, and remember all their BS on Hillary and the flag burning bill? The bill she sponsored only applied to specific circumstances and actually gave Ds in more conservative districts cover to vote on that bill that wasn’t even going to go through instead of voting for the stupid flag burning amendment, which also didn’t go through thanks to efforts like Clinton’s.

    • I’d rather visit Malkin than Salon.

      • I can’t believe I used to have a subscription at Salon.

        • Wow, this person has some issues:

          Anger Poodle

          What about me!!!?? What about me!?!?!

          Cults have the advantage of creating a social bond to which the neophyte then hesitates challenging when things become more involved, more subjugated. The slime that is the bigot nasty shitty right wing murder loving slime that is the Teathuglican party expects anyone else to honor existing social bonds. I say bullshit, social mores are the Rohypnol the fascists use to fuck anyone in the ass that appears to be “awake”.

          —Support our Tropes

        • I wished I could have gotten my money back in 2008, when I stopped visiting Salon, but the subscription ended in 2009.

        • Salon has its own hipster store … I think it needs a tagline… Here’s what I’d call it.

          “Toys for O-holes to waste money on while they Wait on the World to Change.”

  10. The Hill:

    A majority of voters in key battleground races say President Obama has either brought no change to Washington or has brought change for the worse.

    Nobody predicted that.

  11. This must be WTF month:

    Cindy Sheehan Goes Republican

    After a fashion, anyway: She encourages Nancy Pelosi to debate her Republican opponent, John Dennis, and suggests that voters should take a look at him.

    My good friend, SF politico and former VP Candidate [for Ralph Nader, 2008], Matt Gonzalez, has endorsed John Dennis because, as is your custom, you gutlessly refused to debate him. I am also encouraging you (once again, futilely) to not only debate John Dennis, but Gloria La Riva, too.

    I like and admire both John and Gloria and support them as human beings who both have the two things that you lack but would have made you a much better person: courage and integrity.

    As someone who got a kick in the teeth from the political school of elitism two years ago, I can’t endorse anyone for Federal elections which I believe are only a huge sham and scandal at any rate, but I am convinced that either John or Gloria would represent district 8 in California far better than you have on your best day.

    • well that’s interesting. Instead of having to go Republican now though, if Cindy and the rest of Code pink would have just supported Hillary… just sayin’.

      • It’s the only way to get rid of people like Nancy Pelosi, vote GOP.

        • Cindy is going PUMA a little late, though… I don’t think she was for Obama but I think she was very against Hillary because of her AUMF vote probably. But, if she can go Republican now to oppose the Dem establishment, what was her rationale in 2008 for not being able to vote for Hillary to oppose the Dem establishment railroading Hillary and pushing Obama? Just wondering. And, Cindy is aligned with Code Pink whose founder was an Obama bundler. So all this going Republican now, while I understand it, is a bit much.

      • Wouldn’t that be the surprise of the election if Pelosi lost? She doesn’t campaign, or visit with the people she represents because she’s very sure she’ll get elected. She’s the worst representative in congress.

        • I don’t think she’ll lose her seat, and I actively and thoroughly loathe the idea of a Speaker Boehner. But, I think it will be good enough if Pelosi just loses her speakership. She’s done more harm as speaker than good. She can do less damage in a non-leadership position. Who knows, maybe just maybe, even though it’s not likely with her future-lobbyist-of-America-mindset, the sting of being the one who got hung out to dry after propping up Obama all this time might stir her to once in awhile actually act even a fraction of a bit like that famous “far left” congresswoman from San Francisco that I’ve heard so much about 😉

          • I think she is smart enough to gradually realize that Mr. O has used her for a sucker. And, yes, it is good on her for her treatment of Hillary.

            But I still feel a little sorry for the many victims, sacrificial sheep, to Obama’s ego.

    • do the Slate staffers learn about journalism from reading People, or something? How does Sheehan calling on Pelosi to debate not only Dennis but La Riva indicate she’s “gone Republican”?

      • I think Sheehan is Green Party, Matt Gonzalez’s Party

      • Well the piece did say “after a fashion anyway” in there right after the title. And, to be fair, Cindy is doing a PUMA move there and Hillary holdouts were called “Republican” for far less, like just voting green.

        • I hate misleading headlines, though. Leave that stuff for the entertainment media, as far as I’m concerned. And I don’t think she can be described as going PUMA, really, she’s not exactly identified with the Dems, most of them have been viciously attacking her for years, everybody knows how strongly she feels about Pelosi, and it’s not like she endorsed the guy. H said as many nice things about JM, almost. 😉

          • She’s aligned with Code Pink whose founder bundled for O, though.

          • Hillary never said that McCain would be a better public servant than Obama, either. She spoke of it purely from the standpoint of who could make the best case in a campaign against John McCain.

          • Also, PUMA (at least before it was usurped) didn’t mean having to be a Democrat. It was a conscientious protest of the Dem establishment and was about extreme measures, even going so far as to suggest the Republican winning would be better.

          • But she was careful to say both of them would be better than Pelosi, subtext, virtually anyone would be better than Pelosi. If she’d left Gloria out, I’d think they’d made a better case, but it’d still be kind of a weak non-endorsement endorsement, IMO. Hillary’s a Dem Party loyalist, Sheehan’s a non-Dem who loathes Pelosi. It’s different, but H still said some nice non-endorsing things.

          • But PUMA does stand for Party Unity, My Ass. Maybe you didn’t have to be a Dem, but Naderites and such would already be way less susceptible to party unity guilttripping than we were, anyway. Sheehan hasn’t been a Dem for years, she’s said she regretted voting for Kerry, so in that sense she went PUMA a long time ago.

          • But it seemed to me that a number of pretty famous Naderites were not only susceptible to party unity guilt tripping, they themselves were the ones doing the unity pony guilt-tripping and using their example of voting for Nader as they learned better now after what happened with Bush and you can’t afford to let McCain win.

            Seems to me if Sheehan had wanted to say anybody would be better and encourage protest votes, she could have just said that anyone would be better and left it at that. Sheehan didn’t have to go out of her way to say John Dennis would be better than Pelosi, but she did, even if she included Gloria. That’s not the same thing as pointing out who has the better record to run against the other party’s candidate, which is all Hill ever really said besides saying nice things about him on a personal level rather than political level.

            Yes, I’m sure she’s still a green and not literally gone Repub, but I think it’s a deserved headline. Where was the Naderite left in 2008? They were relatively mum compared to 2000. Quite a few, including Code Pink founder and Obama bundler Jodie Evans, were supporting Dems.

          • She could have said anyone would be better, but she really hates Pelosi. I think she wanted to make it as pointed as possible, especially that part about how she has no courage or integrity. 🙂 She also didn’t need to say explicitly that she wasn’t endorsing anyone, and she could also have easily not even mentioned Gloria, especially because it seems really, really doubtful that Pelosi would ever agree to a 3 way debate when she won’t agree to a one-on-one.

            Just to be clear, I’m not saying H ever went PUMA or anything like that. I’m just saying that they’re personal friends, and she likes him, and she said some nice things about him, but that’s not an endorsement. Whereas Sheehan, IMO, is mostly motivated by opposition to Pelosi and believing that it’s high handed to stonewall, and is saying nice things about everyone else in the race, but that’s not an endorsement of the Repub, either, IMO. Except in the broadest ABP sense, yeah, but I feel like Slate
            overplayed the Repub angle a bit. I do agree about the Naderites’ behavior, but as far as I remember, she wasn’t doing that type of thing.

          • I didn’t think the headline’s intent or effect is misleading though, when paired with the qualifier following right after I guess. I don’t know anyone who will believe Cindy Sheehan is suddenly going Republican in the literal sense of her registering for the GOP or something like that. All it does is really underscore how pointed Sheehan is being in her opposition to Pelosi, as you put it. Sigh. Perhaps I’m not being fair enough to Sheehan, but in the same way that she’s being pointed against Pelosi, she has been very pointed against Hillary. I mean Hillary even met with Sheehan and while still maintaining her differing positions on withdrawal and so forth made it a point to tell the Village Voice afterward (sorry can’t find the non-print version so you’ll probably have to cancel the prompt that comes up if you click the link):

            “Nobody has a greater right to make that criticism,” Clinton said of Sheehan and the other military families who feel betrayed by the war.

            And, Sheehan trashed Hillary after that meeting.

            Now, I can understand why Hillary’s response wasn’t satisyfing enough for Sheehan. But, I don’t understand where that level of added vitriol comes from (I think Sheehan once called Hillary a “powermonger”). Hillary was also the type to always stand up for Sheehan’s right to dissent. And considering that Sheehan was able to vote for Kerry (even though she later confessed in her book that she regretted it), sometimes I just can’t help but wonder why Sheehan is part of that whole trend of directing more pointed criticism at women pols than at male ones. I’ve also wondered if maybe it just seems that way because she catches more headlines for going after Hillary or Pelosi, so there’s that.

            I do remember Cindy called Obama “O-bomb-a” before a lot of the people she protests with were even hip to the fact that O wasn’t anti-war. So credit where credit is due.

            Anyhow, thanks for the wonderful late night conversation as always 🙂

      • I don’t think it’s the call for debate part that’s being characterized as going Repub anyway, it’s this non-endorsement endorsement–

        As someone who got a kick in the teeth from the political school of elitism two years ago, I can’t endorse anyone for Federal elections which I believe are only a huge sham and scandal at any rate, but I am convinced that either John or Gloria would represent district 8 in California far better than you have on your best day.

        • Sounds racist too.

        • Eh, I wouldn’t say that’s much of a non-endorsement endorsement, personally. I’d bet a whole lot that Cindy’s vote is going to Gloria if Cindy still lives in that district. 🙂 We all know how she feels about Pelosi, and yeah, including Dennis in there with Gloria is a pointed little shot from someone who hasn’t been a Dem for years anyway, but it seems real little to me.

          • Sheehan and that whole side of the left lost my respect with the way they played 2008. I guess I’m just not that inclined to give them the benefit of a doubt on something like this until they earn my respect back. And, I had been sympathetic to their message before that. It’s just the inability to fight the fight when push came to shove really bugged me. They fought Gore but not Obama.

          • Well, I respect how you feel. I just have to cut her some slack because she experienced a great tragedy and that affects people. Not to mention, I hated how the kos crowd wanted to use her as their symbol then tore her to pieces the minute she did or said or thought something they disagreed with, as if she was there vessel and owed it to them to fulfill their purposes instead of their own, while they lay on the couch. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think trauma = complete eternal free pass, or anything, but I’d rather beat up on the Sarandons etc who experienced no trauma but have behaved a lot worse regardless. I have a horrible memory and could definitely be wrong, but I don’t remember Sheehan endorsing O or employing ridiculous double standards or the entire ridiculous clueless self-righteous hypocritical dance.

          • Hey Seriously. I get where you’re coming from. Sheehan didn’t and doesn’t deserve any of the bullying she received and still receives from all sides simply for speaking up and having an opinion about a subject that is clearly as personal as it gets for someone. That has always upset me and still does upset me. Like any woman, she should be treated with more respect. Definitely the Susan Sarandons and Tim Robbins and the rest of Hollywood using their celebrity to push a celebrity into the WH rather than a president is more offensive than anything Sheehan has ever done or said. And, I don’t think Sheehan was a fan of O either to her credit–but where my frustrattion comes in is that she and the crowd she hung with seemed way more aggressive in going after Hillary.

            I think they undermined the anti-war cause by doing that , they let Axelrod get away with using the anti-war left to pull off the Obama primary con job, and it cost us so so so much. Not because they didn’t support Hillary, which I could have understood that alone if that’s all there was to it, but because the standards were applied so disproprotionately and really Hill became the entire focal point and dumping ground for everyone’s anti-war feelings in a way that, say, John Kerry had not been…. or even in a way that George W. Bush himself had not been. There was an added edge to it. How dare a woman vote to authorize use of military force! Ewwww!

            So many of them balked at the idea of Obama being so unacceptable that even McCain would be better than Obama. But, when it comes to 2010 they’re finally understanding why a Republican might be better than the Dem machine’s picks. My criticism here is less about Sheehan specifically and more about the political scene that she’s a part of–of which I used to consider myself a part of. I just now consider myself an anti-war independent moreso than part of any “anti-war left.”

          • That’s a really good point, Wonk. (Going after H more than O). But, while she’s friends with the Code Pink people, it doesn’t seem like she gets a lot of publicity for her own stuff, either. I was just looking at some articles and she went to Martha’s Vineyard to protest Obama in summer ’09, 12 people showed up. She didn’t get a whole lot of coverage when she went to Oslo to protest the Nobel, either. So, there’s that. The kos peeps and rightwingers regard
            her as a fringe kook, but there’s always ample
            publicity for one guy with a sandwich board
            attacking H. 😉

            But yeah, in general I agree with you 100%. The anti-war left cared so much about that issue they’ve completely disappeared. I’ve never understood why anyone who felt he had to draw a line in the sand finally, after all those years of voting for Kerry any anyone else with the D, didn’t have to draw an equal line with O. Not just the fact that they gave him a pass, but that they embellished and weaseled about his positions while brutally attacking hers. When Kerry’s people are saying her AUMF vote disqualified her from ever being POTUS, you know sonething’s gone haywire. I understand being furious about that, but a guy who has never acted with bravery in his political life and brags that his position is indistinguishable from Bush’s should not be acceptable to the anti-war left.

          • When Kerry’s people are saying her AUMF vote disqualified her from ever being POTUS, you know sonething’s gone haywire.

            Exactly! Come to think of it, most of the hold-your-nose-and-vote-Kerry crowd were more against Hillary than they ever were against the war. They seem to have very selective mutism when it comes to holding their criticism back on the war. Basically when any D-for-Dick voted to authorize force, it was merely D-for-Disappointing but not an end to his presidential ambitions. But when it comes to the one in the pantsuit and lipstick who voted to authorize force, the D beside her name–that’s obviously D-for-Dealbreaker.

  12. WP:Obama stumps in Oregon, kicking off 4-day swing through blue states

    I thought Obama was the candidate that would make all those red states blue. How is Utah going to become blue if he doesn’t go there. 🙂

    • We were just in OR last week and hubby saw a faded Hillary for Pres bumper sticker…but no Obama stickers.

      The previous trip we had to make there we actually saw a Sarah 2012 on the driver side rear window so no one would miss it.

    • He is going to the blue states to expressly help them go red and on purpose. imo

  13. More bs commentary on the video at the link….couldn’t make it through it all.


    “DAVID AXELROD: No. I — as I said, I think you’re going to see an — an election where, you know, people win who perhaps you didn’t expect to win, people lose who — who, perhaps, you didn’t expect to lose on — on both sides.

    So I — I mean what I would suggest to you is you — you stay up for the full night and — and total it up at the end. You know, we — if, for example, Jerry Brown can withstand, you know, what will probably end up being $200 million of spending by his opponent and get elected governor of California, that will be a big victory in the nation’s largest state.”

    • I hate watching videos like that. There is a reason I don’t watch television news. Watching it online is a waste of bytes.

      • Same here….the 2008 election did me in for tv news.

        Yelling at the bs lies on tv and cable news was scaring the fuzzy ones too much.

        And I like my computer so I don’t want to throw something at it while watching those fools online.

    • A right wing, like Meg has a difficult time in CA, even in 2010.
      Fiorina may win because she can’t do much damage as a junior senator, and it’s a way to get rid of Boxer.

      • Which was the only reason I tried to listen to him.

        Since I think Brown is a surefire winner, I wanted to see if his tone was trying to claim Brown as a win for Obama.

        • Brown is a win for Bill who campaigned with him.

          Obama has been campaigning for Boxer. If she loses, we’ll know why. Obama has come to California a few times for Boxer.

          Boxer supported Obama and Bill Clinton has not gotten near Boxer.

    • The upset of November 2: Pelosi loses to GOP candidate.

    • Before ever listening to him, I was incredulous learning that the Obama Adm. sent their adman on shows to talk about their politics !

      Reading that transcript of yours I’m, if possible, even more dumbfounded! Does anyone in their right mind even contemplate buying what he is selling?

  14. These guys must be from Chicago:

    Eight former or current officials of Bell, California, who have been accused of stealing city funds, are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday.

    The original arraignment had been scheduled for September, but was postponed after a defense attorney asked for more time.

    The officials are accused of misappropriating more than $5.5 million, including being paid for phantom meetings, authorities have said.

    One of the accused officials is former City Manager Robert Rizzo, who was making nearly $800,000 annually.

    He is charged with 53 counts of misappropriation of public funds and conflict of interest. Among the allegations are that he wrote his own employment contracts and that they were never approved by the city council, and gave out nearly 1.9 million in unauthorized loans to himself and other city officials, prosecutors said.

    Rizzo and several other city officials resigned after media reports disclosed their salaries.

    Bell, in southeast Los Angeles County, had 36,624 residents as of the 2000 census. The median annual income is less than $35,000.

  15. If you want to know the relative value of a food dollar, check this out:


    (via Anglachel)

  16. According to Anglachel, the latest edition of Mother Jones is a play on the old posters for “Attack of the 50 ft Woman”

    The Mother Jones cover has turned the scantily clad, rampaging female into Sarah Palin standing over a suburban street and crushing a house in her left hand while minivans and SUVs careen in the street and tiny human figures (of tastefully multi-ethnic skin tones) flee in a panic. The headlines emblazoned across the cover say “ATTACK ON THE MIDDLE CLASS!” “A confused & frightened citizenry votes against its own self-interest” “They say they’re taking back America, but really they’re taking… your money!!!”

  17. Read this whole article:

    Coalition Routs Taliban in Southern Afghanistan

    then tell me approximately how many Taliban fighters we’re talking about.

    Thousands? Hundreds? Dozens?

  18. This poll shows Brown breaking the dead heat and edging out over Whitman… but here’s an ugly “but” buried in the article:

    But California’s likely voters believe Whitman would do a better job than Brown on the state budget and taxes by 48 to 40 percent, and that she would do better on jobs and the economy by 47 to 39 percent, the poll showed.

    As I’ve said before, Brown made his own mess so if he doesn’t win, it’s his own doing, but Whitman “better” on the economy?!? Are 47-48 percent of Californian likely voters stoned?

  19. apparently Megyn Kelly thinks its questionable of Anita Hill to have informed the police

    I was waiting for that….Anita is supposed to just keep taking the abuse..it’s not fair when she tries to stop it…I don’t know what game Mrs Thomas is playing, but Anita immediately called time out and it’s not fair! /snark

    • it’s just absurd. These kinds of reactions just prove how smart Hill was to have reported it.This way the news got out and it’s in the public record now and nobody can dispute that it happened or say that she only brought it up years later blah blah.

      I don’t know if I am simply noticing her more or what but Megyn Kelly wasn’t particularly annoying on America’s Newsroom, she was good at being aggressive when she wanted to in questioning guests, but that’s about it.

      She has gotten a lot worse now that she has her own show. She’s so over the top in hyping everything. I noticed it first with the way she just kept harping on the new Black panther polling place story. Covering the story was completely fine, because it is a news story, but she was really blowing it out of proportion compared to the other news of the day.

      Megyn and Wolf Blitzer actually seem like their producers tell them every day that they have to keep hyping or they will lose their shows. Either that or they need medication for all their hyperactivity and tempest in a teapot oversensationalizing of every headline they decide to report on. It makes me change the channel to…gasp… MSNBC.

      • I’m starting to think Megyn Kelly is really vile.

        • She’s definitely serving up red meat to the rightwingers… very vile choice on her part and not even a clever one either. Not all of Fox News audience are the rightwingers, in fact I’d say a good chunk are moderates like my mother who was very appalled by Kelly’s BS.

          I can’t find where the daytime cable news ratings are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly’s ratings have gone down from when she was on America’s Newsroom.

      • it’s just absurd. These kinds of reactions just prove how smart Hill was to have reported it

        Exactly. It reminds me of when the Gore campaign got a Bush debate note book in the mail ( I think it was one page long) and they immediately reported it to the FBI….by doing so, they derailed some dirty trick from the Bush camp…and some poor patsy went to prison for it.

        Anita knows these people…they only stop when they are dragged into the light ….And if you try and give them a break…they will use it to kill you. Call the cops stat…. get it on record ASAP…kill the sting right away.

  20. Given that we are still chatting about Anita Hill I have been doing a little thinking. I called a friend last night in Oklahoma to review our personal memories regarding the event. I asked my friend if he could remember how many years some asshole state senator introduced a resolution at the beginning of the session requiring the University of Oklahoma to remove her from the law faculty. It never passed but we could not get a handle on how many times it was introduced. But she did leave.

    So today I was trying to do some research on that resolution. I came upon the introduction to her book “Speaking Trust to Power”. Below are a couple of snips and the link.

    As we have discussed the Hill-Thomas hearings we mentioned Simpson, Specter, and Biden. I could not remember the name of the Democratic southern senator (I knew it began with an H) that almost caused my tv screen to be smashed in. Following is the beginnging of the introduction to the book. The entire piece is worth a read.

    May Senator Heflin rest in hell.

    “Midway through the morning of my testimony at the Thomas confirmation hearing, Senator Howell Heflin, Democrat of Alabama, summed up the Republican attack on my credibility. A former state supreme court judge and trial attorney, Senator Heflin appeared to be deliberating aloud as he explained his approach.

    “I, and I suppose every member of this committee, have to come down to the ultimate question of who is telling the truth. My experience as a lawyer and a judge is that you listen to all the testimony and then you try to determine the motivation for the one that is not telling the truth.

    “Now, in trying to determine whether you are telling falsehoods or not, I have got to determine what your motivation might be. Are you a scorned woman?” he asked.

    “No,” I said, a bit surprised by the line of questioning but certain of my answer.

    “Do you have a martyr complex?” With his heavy accent and deliberate pacing, “martyr” came out sounding like “mah’duh.”

    “No, I don’t.”

    “Maybe she is a martyr and doesn’t know it,” someone behind me snickered.

    “Do you have a militant attitude relative to the area of civil rights?”

    “No, I don’t.” I was not certain what he meant, but I knew I was not a militant in the way the term was defined in the 1960s.

    “The reality of where you are today is rather dramatic,” Senator Heflin said. “Did you take, as Senator Biden asked you, all steps that you knew how to take to prevent being in the witness chair today?”

    “Yes, I did. Everything that I knew to do, I did.” I felt like a child who was being chastised for wandering into traffic.

    Senator Heflin’s questions revealed a truth about the hearing. Generally, questions about motive are raised in the context of a criminal trial. They are designed to elicit the impetus for a criminal act. The prosecution presents the theory that the accused committed the crime out of greed, rage, or passion. The defense attorney attempts to show that none of these factors existed in the case. Heflin’s questions revealed that I was being treated as a defendant.”


  21. Great round up, Wonk.

    Notice in the pic how it’s only the two women, amid a sea of suits, who are in purple.

    Way to go Hillary and Whomever You Are!

    • I believe ‘Whomever’ is Under Secretary of Defense Michèle A. Flournoy

      She worked under Bill Clinton; supported Hillary Clinton in the election; is seen as a potential successor to Gates.

      She seems … savvy. 😉 And something tells me she and Hillary Clinton would be a great match. If only Obama has the guts to promote her.

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