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D’OH! A Round up of left blogosphere posts

The liberal blogosphere is hitting its stride today.  No, I’m not talking about the “A-List” bloggers.  They shot their wads in 2008.  No one goes there anymore.

Here’s a round up of some posts worth reading and one that deserves a dope slap:

1.) Anglachel’s back!  And she’s got some great posts from sunny California where Governor Moonbeam is taking on Meg “the Whore” Whitman.  Some juicy nuggets from Unforced Errors include:

Given that Hillary wiped the floor with The Precious in California in the primary back then and given the high proportion of female Democratic office holders, party functionaries and voters in California, you’d think Gov. Moonbeam would have the sense God gave geese and be very certain not to allow a breath of anything in or around his campaign that would hint of sexism or misogyny. That he and his staffers do not “get it” is the political problem. There is also the strategic problem that they have shut down attention to Whitman’s Arianna Huffington-esque “nanny problem”that was keeping her on the defensive.

It also follows on the heels of Jerry making an ass of himself by attacking Bill Clinton after a series of clever ads by Whitman, with Moonbeam offering rude and crude comments about the Lewinsky mess. Big Dog had to come in and save Jerry’s ass as well as showing the fool how an expert handles these things. Bill just smiled and thanked Whitman for bringing him back to the attention of the California electorate – with special thanks for bringing such a young and good looking version of himself back – and exclaimed about how popular he was and how much people were talking about him now, which forced a comparison between the peace and prosperity of his administration and the Republican mess that followed. He made the target of his attack the Republican record, not Jerry Brown’s petulance over a decades old loss.

Further, the use of the term whore (sorry, I won’t call it “the w-word”) wasn’t an outburst in the midst of a heated debate, but calmly put forth as a deliberate strategic move. How anyone could think that publicly calling a female opponent a whore could be a winning or advantageous strategy boggles the imagination.

Wow!  Jerry Brown dissed the Big Dawg after all he’s done for him?!  I guess no good deed goes unpunished.  Stunning.  Go read it and the other posts she’s written lately.  They are a things of beauty.  (Er, but skip her posts on gadgets.  Them she doesn’t do so well.)

2.) Ian Welsh has a call to arms for the left in  Repudiating Liberalism or Obama.  You can’t serve two masters and as Peter Daou wrote yesterday, “If you stand up for your principles, you may lose the election but keep your principles; if you ditch your principles, you’ll lose both”.  Like us, Ian saw the writing on the wall early and tried to persuade the blogosphere to get tough with Obama.  Like us, he was martyred for it (though I think we’re still feeling the effects of the flaying while Ian is being rehabilitated.  Go figure…):

If Obama was seen as liberal, and his policies then failed, liberalism would be discredited.  It must be made clear, starting as soon as possible, that he was not a liberal and that liberals and progressives repudiated him.  A few people doing it in 2010, mostly half-heartedly, when he had already been seen to fail, simply looks like rats deserting a sinking ship, as it did when conservatives in 2007 started saying Bush wasn’t actually a conservative.

I lost that argument.  Frankly, opinion leaders aren’t willing to take those risks.  They saw that Obama was popular with the base, that everyone was still in “hope without reason” mode, and even when they agreed (and some did) that his policies were a failure, that he’d betray unions, that he was going to be a disaster on civil rights, they wouldn’t do it. “The audience isn’t there yet.”

The art of opinion leadership had become “see where the mob is going, get out in front and pretend you lead them there.”

So be it.

What is done is done.  What needs to be done is this.  The liberal wing of the Democratic party must be SEEN to take out Obama.  There must be a primary challenge.  If there is not, liberalism will be discredited for at least a decade, time America cannot afford, since liberal solutions work and conservative solutions,  whether pushed by right wing Dems or Republicans, don’t.

Are you a liberal first, or a Democrat?  You can’t be both

Basically, Obama is taking down liberalism. He crippled the left in 2008 with the help of “male graduate student syndrome” (courtesy Anglachel) and the “sports illustrated swimsuit models with PhDs in architecture”, self proclaimed “creative class”, perpetually clueless idiots who rejected Hillary Clinton because they wanted a woman but not THAT woman.  You get the point.  Those guys are still out there.  They still run the party and they are still clueless.  Ian, even if they got a clue and turned on Obama, it’s kind of too late for them.  They’ve lost any credibility they once had.  By the way, Will Bunch will be accusing you of racism any second now.

We need a new left and so far, we’re having trouble getting our act together.  Still, the post is a good one and every word is true.  The left needs to distance itself from the horse it rode in on.

And here’s the Dope Slap

3.) BTD is featuring Kevin Drum and Matt Yglesias in a post titled Making Excuses: HAMP vs. HOLC. By the way, why aren’t there any women writing for money in prestigious journals?  I almost expect to hear “It is written!” in a Monty Pythonesque falsetto.  But I digress.

Kevin and Matt make the lame ass argument that poor widdle Obama couldn’t have done more than the destructive and useless HAMP program because regular Americans didn’t want to see their neighbors get a break.  BTD answers:

Interesting how the bank bailouts went through and bank friendly policies have been followed by the Obama Administration despite their unpopularity but homeowner friendly policies were just too tough politically no? FTR, I support and supported TARP, but not the no strings TARP that was executed by the Obama Administration (in my view the saved banks should have been required to own up to their losses, engage in mortgage modifications and generally loosen credit. Just as this was no time for fiscal restraint, it was no time to tighten credit.)

In the end, what was the best political move for the Obama Administration in the first hundred days? The answer seems obvious to me – enact and execute policies that would do the most to lift the economy. That simply didn’t happen. The best example is the egregiously bad HAMP policy. The problem with HAMP was similar to that the entire Obama Administration policy towards the banks has- a dependence on the banks themselves. HAMP did not and will not work because in order for it to work, the banks must take a hit voluntarily. They will never do that.

There was no political reason, none whatsoever, that instead of HAMP, the Obama Administration did not instead create a new HOLC. The Obama Administration, guided by the bumbling incompetent Tim Geithner, chose to coddle the banks instead.

Drum and Yglesias’ excuse making for this failure is utter nonsense.

Yes, BTD, the excuses are twaddle.  But what excuse do you have for rejecting Hillary, except that she wasn’t the Media Darling?  Take a look at this interview she did with Maria Baritoromo during the primary season.  (and take note of how Baritoromo is short, snippy and impatient with Clinton.  Hillary deserved more respect than this but this is a stunning reminder of what she and we put up with):

Hillary and Obama were not the same.  They didn’t have the same policy goals.  We could see it.  BTD needs a dope slap to see it too.  Oh, but he’ll make some cynical, jaded remark about how all politicians are the same and they’ll all let you down in the end.  Know what?  I would have gladly taken that risk with Clinton.  She was prescient.  Obama acted like he didn’t have a care in the world and he governs that way.

As Ian says, bring on Obama’s primary challenger.  Preferably someone who is willing to stick to principle, come hell or high water.

So, sports fans, what have you found in your trip around the web?

128 Responses

  1. While Bill Clinton was traveling around in California campaigning for Jerry Brown the two men stopped at a fancy boutique in San Francisco so Bill could buy a gift for his wife. He selected a bottle of perfume but Jerry Brown said “Don’t buy that kind, my wife says it smells like a whorehouse.”

    “That’s okay” Bill told him. “Hillary doesn’t know what a whorehouse smells like.”

  2. The voters will speak with their votes.

  3. Well, not exactly widespread….but my son and DIL are landing in Chicago (returning home from London after 3 1/2 years of a great, wonderful adventure working there) in about 2 hours. I am so excited!

    I know it’s not a big deal…but to me and my husband, it’s wonderful! (He missed out on all of my PUMA rants and my joining The Confluence and Alegre’s Corner in 2008 – lucky dog!)

    BTW – he is a very very very left progressive, so it will be good to have him back in the windy city. There! I turned this into politics!

  4. Wow, thanks for this roundup, RD! I haven’t had much time to read other blogs lately, because I’m trying to get going with selling my book collection.

    I’m hip-deep in books and struggling to learn how to use my new digital camera. But I did sell my first two books yesterday! I can’t believe how many first editions I bought over the years. Maybe my bibliomania will finally pay off.

    Meanwhile, it’s good to know that Anglachel is back. Ian Welsh has been on fire lately, based on the excerpts I’ve read in this an other TC posts.

  5. I find Anglachel a gifted writer, who is not necessarily as gifted in critical analysis and who has an unfortunate tendency at times to jump to unsupported conclusions. To wit, from her October 1, 2008 blog:

    “Back in early June, I condemned the willingness of pro-Hillary supporters to deliberately take up the racist, ratfucking bullshit of the Right to spread smears … Recently, The Confluence has begun serving up the same ugly mix, which is why I have dropped it from my blog roll and will have nothing to do with PUMA. The current set of posts (no, I will not link to them) serves up a toxic brew ostensibly about the current financial market and Obama’s connections to it, but is actually little more than regurgitation of the Republican racist assault on equal opportunity lending. Anti-Obama sentiment opens up the flood gates to connect him, ACORN, and Franklin Raines to Fannie Mae, subprime loans and government involvement in lending generally. The argument (and the post) relies heavily on images of African American politicians, administrators and executives to make visually the claim that cannot be made verbally, recalling Lee Atwater’s infamous remarks about not being able to say racial slurs which inspires a new level of creativity to convey the message: those people are ripping you off again, taking what is yours for themselves.”


    This meme spread swiftly throughout the blogosphere, irrevocably tainting all PUMAs as racist dog-whistlers, and — in the process — halting any credibility the movement might have been able to gain as a genuine grass-roots political movement.

    All this because DatinKat had the audacity to post a picture of Franklin Raines with her ( extremely astute) post on the genesis of the mortgage crisis/collapse.

    Now, I don’t know if Anglachel has ever apologized, or admitted her mistake to DatinKat or the Confluence (as BTD so graciously did), but the harm she did remains incalculable, IMO. So … speaking for me only (heh), I could give a rat’s ass what Anglachel thinks of Jerry Brown or anything else.

    I say this with all due respect to Riverdaughter (whom I’ve loved since I first read her as Goldberry at TL), and all the other great bloggers here who provided a place for like-minded folks in late 2008. I haven’t posted much, but I read and love you all. Thanks.

    • Memories…. Those were the days, my friend; I thought they’d never end…Those days of wine and racism.

    • We remember that post very well. We were stunned because it came completely out of nowhere and because until then she was held in very high regard here at TC.

      Her post was in reaction to DKat’s very first post here. I had to go back and read what I had thought was a fairly dry economics post about the mortgage meltdown to find all the alleged dogwhistles. I’ve never been able to find them.

    • Yeah, we know all about Anglachel’s lapse of judgement. Of course, there was a lot of pressure from the Obama campaign on bloggers to cave. Peer pressure, rumors and innuendos, guilt by association. Anglachel held out for a long time, much longer than Charles Lemos did (whoo, boy! did we get some stunning emails from him, let me tell you. The guy was completely unhinged.) But eventually even Anglachel cracked and distanced herself from us to escape our taint. I knew she would never endorse The Precious but she wasn’t above treating us like stupid racist rubes. I think that was wrong in retrospect. It lessened our impact. Corrente cracked as well, though we were able to pull Lambert back from the edge of a full out endorsement of Obama. He knew Obama was not who he claimed to be.
      Yep, they betrayed like Judas and Peter. Like backstabbing Benedict Arnolds. Like Gollum feeding Frodo to Shelob. The bastards turned on us like we were lepers with a nasty case of herpes.
      Nevertheless, they came to their senses pretty quickly and I can’t hold a grudge forever.
      Except towards the 2008 version of the DNC who disenfranchised me and half of the Democratic party who supported the good candidate. I have my limits.
      But as for Lambert and Anglachel, we must learn to forgive and forget or we’ll never become a force to be reckoned with.
      The rest of the blogosphere can go f^&* themselves until they get a clue. Unfortunately, I see a lot of self gratification in their future.

      • Lambert was leaning toward an Obama endorsement?!? I had no idea; in fact, I had always considered Lambert one of the few bloggers left with any integrity. I never dreamed he might crack as well.

        Of course, after September 2008, this was the only blog I frequented for many, many months, so my knowledge of what was gong on in the larger blogesphere was very limited.

        I’m glad you were able to pull him back from the edge though 🙂

        • Yep, he was —–>this<—– close to giving in and going with the flow. The temptation was pretty strong. It would have been so easy to just give in, get love bombed by the Obots, be accepted and stroked for his perspicacity, his amazing good looks and excellent muscle tone, his superb, discerning intelligence.
          We almost lost him. I helped drag him back into the sewer with the rest of us rejects. I guess that's why he had to call us racists. He was pissed.

          • LOL! Well, he’s fortunate you dragged him back. Under the bus or in the sewer is where ALL the best people are today.

          • Former Hillbots have never been fully integrated into the Oborg anyway. They will always be on double-secret probation.

            Ask Peter Daou.

      • I am refraining–heroically, I think–from puns about roosters that can do nothing but crow . ..

  6. Thanks RD for bringing up both Ian and Anglachel—I used to read her all the time and I will definitely check in. I could not agree with the two more. Ian is exactly right about the Obama brand. It has trashed liberalism. Instead of liberal policies we have slop that defies definition and the harm to our future can not really be measured.

  7. Great post, RD. And, informative. For example, I never saw that video of Hillary being “interviewed” by the obnoxious, inane, WS know-nothing, arrogant parasite Bartiromo. CNBC certainly knows how to hire them don’t they? Bartiromo, Kudlow, Cramer. Three of the most loathsome, idiotic, craptacular azzhats ever.

    It was so great to see Hillary verbally slay empty headed Maria Jackarse.

    Explain to me again why Hillary is not POTUS?

    And, it was also great to see Anthony Weiner, slay the beast as well.


    • >>Explain to me again why Hillary is not POTUS?

      Fuck if I know. It seemed like a no-brainer, so we can assume that the people who rejected her had/have no brains.

      I’ve been trying to figure it out for two years now and I got nuthin’. The male graduate students who make all of the stupid decisions have an irrational dislike of her. That’s the best I can do. It’s a asinine way to run a party.

      • You’d think they’d notice the obvious results of their action. I think the no brains explanation is the only explanation. They’ll never ask for directions.

        • Ask for directions?? pffft! That stuff is for girlz.

          True story: once we were driving across country. I was a wee lass. My mom was reading the map. Funny how we used paper maps back then. It seems so… primitive. Anyways, my mom said she thought he should take a right but maybe we should stop and ask for directions. Dad, the manly man, said “No! I know where I’m going” and proceeded to drive 180 miles in the wrong direction. He kept on going long after he realized he was on the wrong track. Didn’t want to admit he was wrong.

          Sort of like the Obots.

    • I loved watching that video of brilliant, savvy, valiant Hillary, but then was saddened about what might have been had the primary not been rigged and the Convention swung, and the media in the tank for the second coming of Bush. Instead of brilliance, the country got 0.

      Psychology Today had an article that credited the trashing of Hillary to her being a woman who was in the male context running for President. Cognitive dissonance. And what a splendid job she did. Just kept winning until way after the end was called by Pelosi, the supers, and the media. Remember Puerto Rico!

  8. Master stroke of the pen (or the computer keyboard in this digital age) RD!! Firstly for being able to stomach the drivel being posted on those other sites, and secondly for your critique of them.

    I can’t tell you how many times at work I get to hear how frustrated current dems are, who are really good salt of the earth Americans, that voted for Obumbles because the republican brand had been so tarnished by W (don’t get me wrong, they still suck for voting for him, but at least they have seen the light).

    There are so many little idiots at work that continue the mem that Hillary would be no different as president. Every time I hear that, I want to scream. Luckily, I have the posts from this site with all the supporting material to continue to change minds one by one by one. Obumbles WILL be challenged for the nomination. Hillary WILL be president Nov 2012. And moreso than being the first woman to serve as president of these United States, she will be the next GOOD president of these United States…

    Hillary 2012

    • Go forth and beat your head against the wall!! We will be here to apply whatever that stuff is directly to the forehead.
      Don’t expect any thanks or recognition. You will be pilloried, villified. Your IQ will be publicly shriven. You will lose your college degrees. You will become and outcast, a middle aged, post menopausal woman, a fat, ugly, old uneducated working class harridan, even if you’re not. People will treat you like you can’t speak without drooling all over yourself. You will be ostracized by the bloggers who run ads on their sites. No one will take you seriously.
      Welcome to the club! Myiq, get The Rock a sheet and HRT starter pack.

      • Don’t forget the supply of drugs to handle Obots. He’ll need them.

        • We don’t want to get him addicted. Drug abuse could be a real problem in the current environment.

      • You know what? I’m winning. I am changing minds one by one. I targeted independents firsts (those that come into the job that aren’t aligned with a party). Now I’m going after the worst group – black people. AND I’M WINNING!!! One of the biggest reasons why I am changing minds is this site. To say thank you isn’t enough. November 5th, 2012 a day after she wins and the election is certified and they can’t take her away from us, I’m having a bbq here in Houston. Everybody here is invited.

        You gotta bring something, though. And not just a bag of chips…..:P

        • Er, if I were you, I wouldn’t start auditioning the mariachi band yet. I would adopt an extremely pessimistic attitude towards whether she wins in 2012. That way, there’s nowhere to go but up.

          • Let this country continue to fall apart at Obumbles hand. The general public will join us in kicking him out and putting Hillary at 1600 Penn Ave. I am optimistic that the American people aren’t going to be THAT stupid again. If they are, I’ll move to Cuba…..

            Okay, maybe not Cuba. Guam is my second choice… 😀

          • Guam? That’s the best you can do? GUAM? It’s a tiny rock in the middle of nowhere. Only Midway is worse.
            Go to Bali. And get a house big enough for visitors. We’ll be joining you shortly.

          • Done.

          • I thought Guam was part of the US.

          • Yes, it is an “organized unincorporated territory” of the US. It is also very small, in a remote kind of way. And tiny. Did I mention how small and distant it is from every other life form? Waaaaay out there perched on the edge of the Mariana Trench. Not much goin’ on in Guam.
            My dad was stationed there briefly. You do not want to go to Guam.
            Even the word Guam is kind of unpleasant. Goowahm. It sounds like one of those tropical fruits that look good on the outside but taste disgusting and leave your tongue itchy.
            And there you are, stuck on a tiny rock in the middle of nowhere. Goooooowaaaahm.
            Nope, not goin’ there.

          • Fiji would do nicely. As would New Zealand.

      • …and don’t forget sino-Peruvian lesbian. LOL!

  9. I agree with your views toward Lambert and Anglachel – and I am glad you wrote this piece. Smart.

    Ian is, of course, highly intelligent and thoughtful.

    BTD seems to have thrown away what I thought was a good brain, but perhaps he can find it again – tho not where he is currently residing. He seems caught between losing his place with the in crowd and regaining his own perspective.

    Bit by bit, though, some are waking up.

    • I doubt BTD will regain his sanity before 2012. He is a Democrat before he is a liberal. It is very likely that BTD will endorse Obama and Jeralyn will ban anyone who disagrees with them.

  10. I just watched the interview with then Senator Clinton. Isn’t it AMAZING that the 3 things that she talked about looking at in 2008 are ALL COMING HOME TO ROOST?!?!?

    1) A freeze on foreclosures – That didn’t happen and to institute it now would be detrimental to alot of banks right now.

    2) A freeze on ARMs – Happened WAY to late and STILL not completely.

    3) An increase in transparency – Current events. Need I say more?



    Hillary 2012

    • yes, the party is run by idiots

    • TheRock, on October 17, 2010 at 5:31 pm Said:

      I just watched the interview with then Senator Clinton. Isn’t it AMAZING that the 3 things that she talked about looking at in 2008 are ALL COMING HOME TO ROOST?!?!?

      1) A freeze on foreclosures – That didn’t happen and to institute it now would be detrimental to alot of banks right now.

      2) A freeze on ARMs – Happened WAY to late and STILL not completely.

      3) An increase in transparency – Current events. Need I say more?

      WHY IS SHE NOT THE PRESIDENT?!?!?!?!?!?!?


      Exactly what I was thinking and I wonder if any of the mindless
      Hillary bashers or the obama sheep remember this? They need reminded……..like now !! That Hillary, the woman who got the most votes ,but was hijacked by the dem party, knew what to do while they scratched their heads! wish we could have someone put this in an ad for something!
      only problem is they don’t want to hear about it but it looks like more are getting deprogramed

    • Did anyone else notice that she touched on the problem with the foreclosures and the MBS’s?

      She said that some of the servicers were worried about legal liability to the final investors who hold the (MBS) paper.

      That’s a significant reference to foreclosuregate, folks. They knew even back then that the paperwork was hinky. One of the problems with all this collapse of or falsification of the chain of title is that the final investors in those mortgage trusts could “put back” the loan liability on those up the food chain – the originators and servicers of the note before it got to them.

      That says to me that even waaaay back then she had a grasp of what a ticking time bomb it was, and how bad this was going to get, in ways that many had not even thought of.

      Damn, how could the Dems be such FOOLS as to not nominate this woman??!!

      • Of course she knew. Anyone who was paying attention and did their homework knew what was going on. And when did Hillary Clinton ever NOT do her homework?
        Obama was copying off her papers but he hadn’t actually read the assignment and done the reading questions himself. It was obvious to anyone who watched tge debates. She wiped the floor with him every damn time. So, now he finds himself over his head and she looks like a frickin’ genius. But it’s too late.
        The bad guys win thus round.

        • Yeah, I agree. It just struck me that while everyone else was focusing on the foreclosures themselves, our gal was making reference to the baskets of securities that had been built on top of those mortgages – and what happens to the whole house of cards when the repossessions start, and that note has changed hands 3 or 4 or 5 times, getting leveraged more each time.

          No one else was looking at that back then, even those who wanted some kind of foreclosure relief. They were still thinking in terms of the foreclosures of yesteryear – a simple problem with only 2 parties involved: the homeowner, and the bank that held the note.

          • Legal Aid in Cleveland says bad foreclosures have been happening for over a decade due to flaky paper work.

  11. Fantastic blog i just found. Thought i should share.

  12. On this day a while back:

    October 17, 1781—At Yorktown, around 9 a.m., an unidentified British officer waves a white handkerchief. He is taken blindfolded to General Washington, who learns that British commander Cornwallis proposes a surrender. Washington gives Cornwallis two hours to submit proposals.

    Think we can get the Obot bloggers to surrender?

    • I was thinking more along the lines of breaking into Pilate’s house, kidnapping his wife and issuing demands. (Be careful with those spears. The hypocaust has just been retiled.)

      • Might be worth it to snatch Herodias and Mrs. Caiaphas, too.

        • Markos is still in his secret bunker moving busloads of Obots from caucus to caucus on his map table.

          • Markos will never surrender because he was never a Liberal to begin with. So the choice of “Obama or my principles” has no meaning for him.

            He’s a hairy little screechy cheerleader, and never in his life had a thought beyond these two:

            1) Go blue team, yay!
            2) Do I get to be prom queen?

  13. RD. I tried to email you but I guess you’re not using the same email.

    Here is the info about Ed Potosnak:

    I contacted my friend and she said:

    Ask her to click anyplace outside the box it will go away. Then there are more places to sign up on the regular web page to Volunteer.

    Also folks can go direct to http://edpotosnak.com/volunteer

    • Thanks, Joanelle. I felt like I was chasing that sucker around the browser. It was entertaining for about 20 seconds, then it was annoying.
      I will write up something on Ed this week. I hope we don’t taint him by association. OTOH, I’m delighted to be able to vote for a Democrat who shares my values.

  14. You’re welcome, glad I could help 🙂

  15. Poll: Many Obama 2008 supporters defecting to GOP

    Most people refer to that as “going home.”

    • Ouch!:

      “You voted for Obama to prove you’re not a racist. Now, who are you going to vote for to prove you’re not an idiot?” –Commenter at NBC-11

      Is the answer Jeebus?

      • It’s a shame that people felt they had to prove they weren’t racists.
        2008 will always stand out for me ad the year America became a country I did not recognize. I am still distressed that the Democrats, the DEMOCRATS, forced me into a corner and gave me no choice but to cast a protest vote for a Republican so they could not benefit from their reprehensible behavior. I was not ever going to give the satisfaction of my vote after they disenfranchised my vote and cast aspersions on my character.
        I feel sorry for anyone who felt they had to vote for Obama to prove they weren’t disgusting racists. That was unforgivable political gamesmanship.

        • I will never forgive the people who muzzled honest opposition by using race as a bludgeon, in order to hand my country over to this pack of jackals. Never.

          One of the things that really teed me off was the line that somehow I was a babe in the woods regarding political campaigns, and they “always get heated”, and I was “overreacting” because I just didn’t understand how politics worked.

          Fuck them. I’ve been a political junkie for as long as I can remember, and campaigned for Carter when I was in freaking Junior High. I was a goddamned Dem footsoldier before these asshats were born. I know from nasty primaries, and this was not “just another nasty primary”. It was pure thuggery, cynically using one of the most sensitive issues in the American psyche as a stone-cold weapon. And I will ever despise them with a white-hot contempt for it. No forgiveness from me. Ever.

        • It has the benefit of backfiring for a DNC that supported it.

      • HONK!! HONK!!!

      • LOL! Now, who coulda seen that coming?

      • The answer is a stifled grunt of the type produced by a kick in the gut.

  16. I’m just popping in to say, “Hi” ! and what fun to see a classic Riverdaughter post up!

    I read it an hour or so ago & the GREAT comments and I’ve been sitting here kitting and thinking about all the great posts and comments I’ve read here over the years.

    If only there was a way to knit and comment at the same time….

  17. A bit OT. Myuiq, Cody Ross just went YARD to tie the game against the Phils!! Go SF!!!

  18. Super post, RD–thanks. And I hadn’t seen the Hillary vid with the ‘money honey.’ I wish everyone could see it. Life sucks–and Rubicon just ended for the season and I don’t know if they (AMC) are going to do another season. I hate being left hanging.

  19. Oh God, talk about multiple IV kool-aid hook ups. Hold your nose before reading:

  20. I’ve wondered Why Women Still Won’t Vote for Women for a long time now.

    For example, in Connecticut, Republican Linda McMahon has only 34 percent of the female vote as compared to Democrat Richard Blumenthal who has 61 percent of the female vote. In Delaware, Republican Christine O’Donnell has only 25 percent of the female vote as compared to her Democratic opponent Chris Coons, who leads with 58 percent of the female vote; in Nevada, Democrat Harry Reid is beating Republican Sharron Angle by a 51-33 margin.

    And it’s not just GOP women, it was the same for Hillary.

    “Hillary, by contrast, seems to want to be more like a man in her demeanor and politics, makes few concessions to the social demands of femininity, and yet seems to be only a partial feminist. She seems above us, exempting herself from compromises women have to make every day, while, at the same time, leaving some of the basic tenets of feminism in the dust. We are sold out on both counts. In other words, she seems like patriarchy in sheep’s clothing.


    • Connecticut is a very D state, and people vote the party more than the candidate. It’s not surprising that the women would support the man because of the “D” after the name. Unfortunately, it seems that women organizations operate the same way. NOW undermined it’s credibility by supporting Jerry Brown without a proper apology to Meg Whitman.

    • I thought that during the 2008 primaries Hillary received more women votes than Obama. Am I wrong? Women writers were horrible towards Hillary, but that was CDS. These writers want to be part of the male group that was very pro Obama and very anti Hillary.

      • Dario said: These writers want to be part of the male group…
        This all goes back to the “racist” thingy – they were going to be part of the group that was “brave” enough to step up and support an AA man – they didn’t have a clue about who was better qualified – they didn’t even look at the fact that O had no real experience or that he didn’t believe what he was saying. Heck, we still really don’t know anything about his past.

        I’ve found that in the New England States there is very strong party loyalty – and one of the real problems in the campaigns you mention is that the candidates don’t have depth of experience where needed nor are they strong candidates.

        The parties do us no favor by running a woman who has no experience, is weak on issues the public wants addressed or is there only to “fill the slot”

  21. Tim Dickinson must have been promised ‘access’ for a book or something. That’s a disgusting piece–what a suck up. I keep thinking of Slate and Tim Dickinson–or maybe it’s John Dickerson.

  22. I go a blog that’s big koolaid pro Obama. Those who blog there only listened to Oprecious and never contrasted the two candidates. Nobody knows about Hillary’s positions on foreclosure, freezing of ARMs and support for an HOLC program. After the Clintons were attacked of racism, Obama supporters stopped listening to Hillary.

    • I go to a blog that’s….

    • And that is why the country is in the state that it is in…..

      • Yes. But the koolaid drinkers find every excuse under heaven to protect Oprecious. Someone posted from the Rolling Stone Magazine:

        The Case for Obama

        On the economic front, Obama has surrounded himself with the same free marketeers who led Bill Clinton’s calamitous deregulation of big banks, restoring Wall Street to obscene profits even as one American in seven has been engulfed by a rising tide of poverty.

        In other words, blame Bill Clinton

        • The funny thing about that is that it doesn’t take into account that during President Clinton’s term of office, his economic policies pulled more people OUT of poverty than at any other time since the Great Depression. The weak minded may fall for that argument, but its wearing thin in this climate that is so toxic to Obumbles….

          • Obama believed that bringing people who worked for Bill Clinton would have the same results. That means Obama didn’t give credit to BC, but to the aides. That’s stupidity. Aides are important, but the leader and his policies is what matters most.

            I get the feeling that Hillary is going to quit after the elections. Obama is going to ask Condi to be SoS. Obama want someone that the GOP will approve.

          • Maybe Hillary wants to spend more time with her family. I think she’s tired of dealing with Mr. Incompetent.

          • I hope that is the case…..

          • And I think you are right about the meeting with Condi being an informal first interview……

          • If O chooses Condi, many heads are going to explode. 🙂

          • G-nite

          • Nor do they recognize that Bill is a leader who knew how to pull the best from those people rather than let them aimlessly “do their thing” nor would he reject initiatives that were good for the public in general – in other words he didn’t have an agenda that would hurt our citizenry.

  23. There’s a new thread up

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