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That’s why he’s the Big Dawg

Howard Fineman:

I see that Dr. Rand Paul has taken out after Bill Clinton, dredging up Monica Lewinsky. And I know why Paul did so. The former president was here in Kentucky yesterday and in this state, as in many others, he is a far more potent and popular foe than President Barack Obama.


Like Voldemort’s, Obama’s is a name no one dares utter — and that includes Clinton speaking to Democrats.


Rail-thin but not frail, wearing a tweedy professorial sports coat and his signature rueful, knowing smile, Clinton was treated with a respect bordering on awe. His familiar mane of white hair, thinning now, was translucent in the sun, giving him an almost otherworldly look: the Sage from a Better Age.

Clinton is beloved In Kentucky. He won the state twice. He speaks the local dialect, which contains Appalachian notes of working-class pride, suspicion of big shots and Baptist revivalism. But more than that — and more than just in Kentucky –Clinton’s economic record (22.7 million jobs created, and he tends not to forget to mention the .7) looks spectacularly good in the context of what has followed.

These days there is almost an Old Testament, milk-and-honey reverence for that economic record, at least as expressed by former Kentucky Sen. Wendell Ford. An old-school podium pounder, Ford — stooped but still strong voiced at 86 — talked of the former president in messianic terms. “Bill Clinton found us the path to gold!” he shouted. The crowd of 2,000, most of them students, didn’t laugh. They seemed to think he was right.


But Clinton is all too happy to show Obama how it’s done. As a campaigner and as president, Clinton’s gift was his ability to untangle the knots of even the most complex policy issue and explain it in plain language to people suspicious of the powerful — but eager not to be screwed by them or to be seen as dupes.

What? People remembering better economic times under someone named Clinton? Isn’t that KKKentucky? Where are all the bitter clingy racists who just didn’t want to vote for a black guy?

Let’s go back to Salon and see what Steve Kornacki thinks of Fineman’s piece:

Look, if Fineman wants to dissect and celebrate Clinton’s speaking skills, that’s fine. Clinton is clearly one of the most effective communicators in recent political memory. No argument there. But comparisons between Clinton in 2010 and Obama in 2010 are worthless. Clinton is a former president who left office popular; Obama is a sitting president presiding over a gruesome economy in a profoundly anti-Democratic political climate. It’s easy for Clinton to “connect” now, and it’s impossible for Obama to do so. There’s just no point in comparing them, or in suggesting that Clinton can somehow “show Obama how it’s done.”

A much more valuable comparison, as I’ve written before, is between Obama today and Clinton in 1994. That was the last time before now that Democrats enjoyed control of the White House and both chambers of Congress and, like Obama, Clinton was facing a brutal political climate in a midterm election year. All of the communication skills that Clinton flashed today were on display then — but they were absolutely worthless. The country was in revolt against Clinton and the Democrats, turned off by a series of presidential mishaps and failed legislative initiatives and convinced their taxes had been raised in 1993. He had carried Kentucky in 1992, but he was hardly “beloved” in the state in ’94.


What Fineman should have written is something like this: Clinton is a masterful communicator, but when the tide had turned against his party, his skills were useless. Only when conditions improved did voters rediscover his charm — and only when he was out of office did he attain “beloved” status. The same story may yet play out for Obama, who proved in 2008 that he’s no slouch in the communication department, either. Obama’s skills aren’t doing much for him today, but if the unemployment rate drops, the magic will be back. And if he leaves office a popular president after two terms, he too will one day be described as a “beloved” former president.

Kool-aid is a helluva drug and CDS never sleeps.

Bill Clinton was never the media favorite. Quite the opposite in fact. He faced an organized and ascendant GOP with a coherent (although stupid) platform called the “Contract for America.”

Today’s Republicans (and quite a few Democrats) are running on “I’m not Obama.” And even though a GOP tidal wave is expected on November 2nd, the Republican brand is in the toilet.

Bill Clinton ran on health care reform and lifting the ban on gays in the military. He was unable to keep those promises BECAUSE THE 1993-94 CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS WOULD NOT SUPPORT HIM.

Yes, he passed NAFTA, but he made no secret about supporting the treaty during the campaign. He didn’t promise to veto it and then turn around and sign it. Obama has broken so many promises it’s easier to keep track of the ones he’s kept, like . . . uh, . . . taking Michelle out on the town in New York.

Clinton’s job approval rating ranged from 36% in mid-1993 to 64% in late 1993 and early 1994. Obama’s started higher than Bill’s but has been dropping ever since. Bill Clinton left office with an approval rating of 68% despite the impeachment and all the GOP attempts to find or create a scandal.

Bill Clinton won Kentucky. Twice. He presided over the largest sustained economic expansion in our history. During his two terms we enjoyed peace and prosperity, and the gap between rich and poor shrunk.

Best of all, the Big Dawg never once punched a hippie.

What kind of morons try to turn the most beloved and successful living Democrat into a racist Republican?

161 Responses

  1. From Big Dawg’s My Life :

    One July day, Lynda Dixon told me that Roger Porter was on the phone from the White House. As I’ve said, I had worked with Roger on the education goals project and had a high regard for his ability to be loyal to the President and still work with the governors. Roger asked me if I was going to run for President in 1992. I told him that I hadn’t decided, that I was happier being governor than I’d been in years, that my family life was good and I was reluctant to disrupt it, but that I thought the White House was being too passive in dealing with the country’s economic and social problems. I said I thought the President should use the enormous political capital he had as a result of the Gulf War to tackle the country’s big issues. After five or ten minutes of what I thought was a serious conversation, Roger cut it off and got to the point. I’ll never forget the first words of the message he had been designated to deliver: “Cut the crap, Governor.” He said “they” had reviewed all the potential candidates against the President. Governor Cuomo was the most powerful speaker, but they could paint him as too liberal. All the senators could be defeated by attacks on their voting records. But I was different. With a strong record in economic development, education, and crime, and a strong DLC message, I actually had a chance to win. So if I ran, they would have to destroy me personally. “Here’s how Washington works,” he said. “The press has to have somebody in every election, and we’re going to give them you.” He went on to say the press were elitists who would believe any tales they were told about backwater Arkansas. “We’ll spend whatever we have to spend to get whoever we have to get to say whatever they have to say to take you out. And we’ll do it early.”

    This was before Bill even decided to run for president.

    • OMG, this means that Bill C. has true grit and he still had the most successful Presidency in recent times.

    • I remember that quote in that book and how much it blew me away. ❤ Bill C for sticking to his guns. He later said that pushed him in the direction of running for President because he hated being threatened.

  2. Honk, honk!!

  3. The corporate MSM, the activist left, and the rightwing machine joined forces in making their audiences the most suspicious of the president who presided over the most prosperity and relative peace this country has ever seen.

  4. I rarely go to Huffington anymore — thanks for posting this. I’m in the mood to piss off my friends who suffer from CDS, so up on Facebook this goes.

    • I rarely go to HuffPo either, so I would have never found this article. Thanks for posting it, myiq2xu. The Obots are pissed as heck in the comments section. Many at HuffPo are still drinking the extra strong Obot Koolaid.

  5. “Sage from a better Age”

    The Clintons are BELOVED. For who they are, and what they have survived.


  6. I MISS BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Btw, comparing That One to vOldemort … I’m sure that’s superdooper waycist!

  7. I don’t see any economic policy in the horizon that will change the dynamics of the unemployment, especially in construction. The support with the black voter is all he has now, and when Obama loses that, he’ll be done. Will the Democrats tell him not run in 2012? They should.

    Democrats seek to shore up support among black votersr

    • I’d be surprised if O lost the black vote. If he did he really would be toast.

      • what might be more likely rather than losing the black vote is losing the black vote *TURNOUT*

        • That’s almost likely. High approval numbers and low turnout.

        • I’m not saying that the black voter will vote GOP, but not voting is a way to show lack of support.

        • Nah, there will be a “mis-step” like somebody might say the word “fairytale” and the next thing you know the campaign will generate the outrage to GOTV. That will be the plan and we can eat popcorn and watch for it.

          The only thing that might screw that campaign plan up is if the media doesn’t feel the love anymore and they don’t give those claims any traction.

          • well I was just saying it’s more possible than him losing the black vote. I didn’t say it’s a certainty. Of course the Axelrod machine probably is planning to play their dirty tricks again. However, after what they did with Sherrod, it might get a little more complicated for them to make that case than it was before. Not impossible, just a higher hill to climb than before.

          • Wonk – I agree with you and I *hope* we can move away from having to witness the dirty tricks. It is even worse to see people fall for those tricks over and over.

            My optimism isn’t doing so great – I hate seeing the manipulation pay off over and over again. “look, over there, it’s Sarah Palin!”

          • ITA with you both. 2012 will be even worse than 2008 in ugly “raycist” politicking. How much uglier will depend on how hard MSM decides to play it. It’s a very sad day in Mudville when that’s the only trick left in ObamaNation’s bag. But it is what it is.

        • I’ve seen both happen down here. The turnout for Mitch Landrieu was great! Black voters stayed home when it came to return Bill Jefferson last time. Obviously, down here black and white turn out are big dynamics of every political race and are dissected over and over. Black voters will give a black candidate the benefit of the doubt for only so long. They are, however, a lot more patient tham the white populace down here. A lot of this behavior is the same class behavior, however, we see with whites. The middle and upper class and more independent voters have shorter fuses. The working class and poor that turn out will stay loyal to a candidate far longer. You can see this break down hold when controlling for race. New Orleans has a proud, long tradition of a strong middle class and upper middle class black since Treme which is really the first black suburb in America. Most of these folks now live in the east and the voting patterns between the the upper class folks is more similar between races than it is when you look at the working class/ poor white and black neighborhoods. The class patterns definitely hold true in racially and socially diverse neighborhoods like mine.

          Class, at some point, trumps a lot of ethic/relgious/racial barriers.

          • That was a great point Dak. Coming from the south, I can remember as a child watching this and as I got older, getting it.

    • Prediction: turnout will be low in the black community; the Dems can see it coming that’s why they’re working hard to “shore up support”.

      Most Blacks, like the rest of the country, have seen little improvement in their lives in the last 2 years, so I don’t see Black people coming out in droves. It ain’t gonna happen!

  8. That jackass from Salon and most of the reporters and pundits who compare 1994 to 2010 rewrite history by always leaving out the HOUSE BANKING SCANDAL.

    450 members of the legislature were caught kiting checks. Of those House members a couple dozen were singled out for being particularly corrupt. Of that group almost all of them were Democrats.

    Tell me agin why the Dems lost the House in 1994 and stop pointing at Clinton you a-holes.

    • Thank you. B I N G O! I totally forgot about that nugget.

      • Yep. Even The Speaker of the House – Tom Foley lost that year. Think it was the first time in history a sitting speaker lost.

        I remember that one of the dirty tricks the Repubs used against him was that he was GAY. Have no idea if true but do know it was widely believed. Foley is from the state of Washington and I heard it here in North Carolina.

        I hate the Republican Party!

        just needed to get that out

        • Don’t hate the Republicans for being themselves. Hate the Democrats for not being anything at all, for standing for nothing.
          Republicans are predictable, I’ve always thought. They telegraph every punch.

    • Right! Thank you–I’d forgotten that rather major event.

    • You don’t need to remember history when you drink kool-aid. 🙂

    • I take it at face value It’s a very small club, women SoS, so I think Condi is one of only 2 other people who can really know how hectic & challenging the job is.

    • I think they know and enjoy each other socially, along with Madeline Albright, who’s father taught Condi Rice (and Condi thought of him as a mentor). Hillary is very accomplished when it comes to making and maintaining friendships with smart people who are principled but hold differing views.

  9. NYT:

    Mr. Obama’s online organization, originally known as Obama for America, raised up a virtual army of volunteers in 2008, most of whom had not previously been involved in party politics. After Mr. Obama took office, his aides decided to merge the organization into the party, essentially by taking over the Democratic National Committee’s field operation. The thought was that Mr. Obama’s personal appeal could be translated into support for his legislative agenda as well as for the party’s other candidates.


    That’s hubris.

  10. I don’t see the AA community coming out in appreciable numbers. Their continuing support of Obama, however, is downright remarkable–he’s done absolutely nothing for them or anyone else struggling in this economy.

    I read about Rand Paul’s comment last night. I figured it was because Clinton was campaigning in KY. Try as they might, they can’t bring the Big Dawg down. Although when I see photos of him anymore, I’m worried. To me, he does look frail. Yet he’s running himself ragged for this election.

    I had to laugh at a recent comment by Orrin Hatch, referring to Clinton as a “compassionate conservative.” The Republicans just don’t quit. They couldn’t bring the man down in office but they keep on trying to knock him down a notch.

    There’s a reason Bill and Hillary Clinton are beloved. All you have to do is see them in action. Always on the side of the ordinary American. My fear is that Bill Clinton will be regarded as the last “people’s President.”

    Too bad for us all.

    • Maybe Orrin Hatch wants to confuse people into thinking the Big Dawg is campaigning for him.

    • Kosovo has put out the red carpet for Hillary.

      Hillary Clinton visits statue of husband Bill in Kosovo

      • looove that!!!!!!!!!!!

      • That’s a great picture, Dario. Thanks for the link. And WV, your comment made me laugh out loud. Hatch could only hope he had a campaign star like Clinton pushing the vote for him. The man’s pretty incredible, thin or not. Do all vegans get this skinny? I know it’s suppose to be healthy but jeeze. I like a little meat on my men :0).

        • Vegans are usually thin, but it’s a healthy diet. It’s all good stuff, no cheese either. Many pastries use butter, so they cannot be consumed either.

        • Yeah, I realize it’s a healthy diet, but I think both men and women look better with a little meat on them. I’m glad Bill is healthy because we all want him to be around when Hillary becomes president ;-), but he’s a bit too skinny in my opinion. Chelsea lost a ton of weight when she became a vegan too. I remember her being normal sized when she was in her early 20s, but now she is really thin.

        • Thanks for posting.

          Love her jacket but she needs to move the buttons. They don’t match up to the button holes.

    • He looks frail because he’s gone vegan.

    • AAs continuing support of Obama is not remarkable at all. While their turnout will be lower than in 2008, historically, they have given Dem Presidents and Presidential candidates, and Dems in general, a super majority of their votes regardless of race and, for the most part, favorable outcomes for the AA community.

      For some examples, I think Obama got 96%, Johnson got 94%, Kerry got 90%, Gore got 88% and Clinton got 80% and mid80s which is amazing when you consider he was in two full 3 way races.

      So, while Obama may have gotten and will get more AA votes and a higher % than usual, it’s not really over the top when you consider how long AAs have been giving super majorities to Dems in general (regardless of race) who again, for the most part haven’t done much for the AA community either.

    • I doubt B0 will ever be regarded as a “beloved” ex-president. Frankly, I don’t think he’ll do squat once he gets out of office.

  11. Don’t forget, unlike 1994, the democrats now have ‘him.’

  12. Talk about sour grapes:

    Clinton is a former president who left office popular; Obama is a sitting president presiding over a gruesome economy in a profoundly anti-Democratic political climate. It’s easy for Clinton to “connect” now, and it’s impossible for Obama to do so. There’s just no point in comparing them, or in suggesting that Clinton can somehow “show Obama how it’s done.”

    (Steve Kornacki)

    Kornacki neglects to mention that the economy is as “gruesome” as it is because Obama was too wimpy to put himself on the line for a larger, more focused stimulus package and he has done almost nothing to address unemployment. And that’s before you even talk about how he has alienated the base of his supposed party or how he has defended every horrible Bush policy in court and made a worse mess of Afghanistan.

  13. Isn’t Fineman the tool who compared Hillary to Nixon after that 60 Minutes interview? You know, the one where the interviewer kept harrassing her about the question of whether she thought Obama was a Muslim?

    • Fineman is an expert in CDS.

      He’s been a hater for a loooooooooooooong time.

      Part of the reliable Chris Matthews cabal. (Including Steve Kornacki’s boss Joan Walsh)

      • I saw the lot of them CDSers (i.e. Matthews, Arianna, and Fineman) praising Bill Clinton a few weeks ago on Hardballz. I blogged about it here in the comments. Praising Bill is the hot DC meme right now, that’s all. They’ll go back to their CDS when it’s convenient. Right now their full-blown CDS is a bit inconvenient. It doesn’t help them in buttering up Bill so he’ll campaign for their dear bam bam.

        • Wonk the Vote, on September 20, 2010 at 6:10 pm Said:

          ROFLMAO… Tweety has on Arianna and Howard Fineman right now… first they were all trying to prop up Clintons (meh… these three opportunists propping up Clintons…)… now they’re saying Obama was able to handle taking the heat today but he’s still a professor? LOL. These shills don’t even care…

          Never trust a CDSer. I’ve watched the Matthews crowd too long to give their grudging compliments of the Clintons much weight. They’ll turn on a Clinton the next chance they get.

    • Fineman was the first recipient of the annual Media Whore award from MWO – based mainly on his anti-Clinton accomplishments up to 2001.
      Yet, Obama’s fans are re-writing history. Also, the explanation is predictable: raycism. They like Bill because he is a white man from the South.

  14. Uh-oh! Obama can’t wait out appealing DADT until election day as planned – Gates opened his mouth

  15. OT – Iceland is considering letting people walk away from their personal debt:


    dak around? this is interesting.

    • Very interesting. Something to watch.

    • sorry, I’m moving very slow today. That’s interesting.I’ve got mixed feelings about that. Creates moral hazard on the demand side and will dry up the credit markets for consumer debt. Guess I’d have to see the details and qualifications.

    • I think banks should take some responsibility in over valuation of assets–like houses recently. I’d rather see some cram downs, however, not complete abdication of responsibility.

  16. It’s the economy, Howard

    Clinton’s departure from the White House as a popular President was due to a perceived “good” economy. Were this economy perceived the same way, Obama would be popular too.

    This comment from Kornacki’s post by Puller58 really frosts me. We just weren’t smart enough to realize that it was a “perceived” good economy under Clinton. Sure, we all had jobs, we were all getting good raises, gas prices were low, our 401K’s and houses were holding their value and even growing in value, but we were wrong to “perceive” that as a good thing. If only we were smart enough to realize how bad things were during the 90’s.

    • “Look over there, it’s Sarah Palin, perceived whine!”

    • That cracks me up. Kool-aid is a hellofa drug.

    • The asshats in the media are getting pissy that when they decree how the public shall “perceive” things, the public keeps having a nasty tendency to believe their own lyin’ eyes.

      They keep shoving their narrative down our throats, and we keep puking it back up all over their fucking Ferragamos. Ungovernable wretches, we.

    • My “perception” is that the only years in which the median wage went up since 1973 were when Clinton was President. I “perceive” that this was the only period during my working life when the government wasn’t actively trying to destroy the middle class.

  17. The HCR that keeps on giving to the GOP

    Medicare actuary: Health reform will cost seniors

    A Medicare official concedes that seniors may have to dig deeper into their wallets next year thanks to the health care law.
    The new analysis obtained by POLITICO finds the health care overhaul will result in increased out-of-pocket costs for seniors on Medicare Advantage plans.

    more at Politico

    • Well duh. That was the plan.

      • Yes, this is not a good time to be old. Unless you happen to belong to the elite or governing class, and then you’re golden.

        • right now, seniors are the richest age niche, I doubt that will continue however, since the baby boomers have experienced price depreciation on so many assets and basically have very little personal savings and investments

  18. Here’s one more report on how the Big Dawg and Hillary impact other people’s lives: “In Kosovo, crazy for the Clintons” http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/13/AR2010101301968.html

    • That’s a terrific article–Boutique Hillary indeed LOL–but where’s Wes? Wish he were there…

  19. Big Dawg is in Nevada stumping for Harry.

    Keep an eye on the poll numbers…

  20. So RFK, Jr. has endorsed independent Charlie Crist for Florida Senate.

    What do you all think about that?

    Those Kennedys – they are really somethin’.

  21. Jethro_Aryeh

    #Paladino’s Gay Nephew Speaks Out http://bit.ly/dgt1VW #P2 #LGBT #GLBT #Gay

    Paladino’s gay nephew hasn’t been to work at his campaign office since Paladino’s anti-gay comments. (((send hug to nephew)))

  22. Here’s a comment from Taylor Marsh (she is more tolerant of the CDS brigades than we are):

    I’m all for perspective, NFS, but William Jefferson Clinton wasn’t president during a historic Democratic majority. Quite the opposite. He didn’t bargain away his majority position on bipartisanship that watered down policies and took us further to the right.

    Clinton openly admitted being wrong about Glass-Steagal:


    Deregulation began under Ronald Reagan, who dismantled everything, including the airwaves that made the right-wing monopoly of Rush Limbaugh & company possible.

    NAFTA was one policy Bill and Hillary disagreed on strongly. It was bad policy.

    There is no doubt Bill was economically conservative, as are most insider pols, including Obama, who promised to renegotiate NAFTA, then welched.

    Obama refused to fight on middle class tax cuts, something that WJC would have welcomed.

    Clinton lost his Congress, including Chelsea’s new mother in law, because of his tax proposal, which was a tough vote.

    Bill Clinton never at any time bargained women’s rights away in health care law during a Dem majority. Obama did it when he didn’t have to.

    Clinton kept fighting the good fight. Obama thought the fights of the ’60s and ’90s were too much trouble.

    Segue to Barney Frank:


    Few fights that we had in the period when Senator Obama is denigrating our battles was more important than the successful effort to pass President Clinton’s tax plan in 1993. That battle was so hotly fought that it contributed, sadly, to the Republican takeover the next year, because a number of the Democrats who had voted for a progressive tax plan which made the tax code less unfair and provided important revenues for important programs lost their seats because of it. I make no apologies for having fought that fight, and in fact I hope that whoever is the President of the United States in 2009 will take up the battle against excessive tax cuts for the wealthiest people in the country, both as a matter of fairness and as a matter of being able to afford fundamental programs essential to the quality of our lives. I also remember fighting hard during that period for the rights of working men and women to join unions, and while we lost that once the Republicans took power in ‘94, we did score one victory when we were still in the majority in passing, in a “bitter partisan battle,” the Family and Medical Leave Act — the need for us to wage that battle is once again as strong if not stronger in 2008 than it was in 1995.

    • Actually since I guest blog there and argue with the commenter she refers to as NFS, I have some perspective. Whatever else you think of Taylor and her Democratic team playing when it comes to D vs. R, she’s good at pushing back on CDS. We all push back on the CDS from the usual suspects around there.

      • I wasn’t criticizing TM, we just don’t put up with as much shit as she does.

        Her blog, her choice.

        • Well it’s true that the readerships are different thresholds. Things are different there than even a year ago though. The CDS gets pushed back on pretty hard. It’s not the free for all it was during the 2008 general.

          • of course… everything everywhere can always turn on a dime! Just saying–I know this NFS person and have had exchanges with him. It’s the same thing over and over again. He thinks Bill Clinton’s was a failed presidency.

          • That’s good to hear, I’ll check it out again. I like her writing but after the primary the gloating by obots and the “let’s all get on board the magic pony” atmosphere was just too thick.

      • Except during the primaries. Then she actively encouraged CDS. It’s why I came here from there.

        • I stopped reading when Hillary conceded. But Lake Lady got me reading over there again around the time of Stupakistan. Over this past summer, Taylor invited me to have a guest column on her frontpage on Saturday mornings. So I blog there on Saturdays and comment the rest of the time, drop an occasional diary once in awhile.

      • I was angry after May 31, 2008 and will never get over it. Taylor made decisions just like we did. I don’t want to try to get into her thinking but maybe she couldn’t vote for another republican again, we all learn from mistakes. I wish she hadn’t used some of the words to describe us but maybe that was because of the hate mail she got. I think she was a strong supporter of the Clinton’s and just couldn’t make any other choice. But I know some of us would have not been on her blog if we believed she did not think Clinton would have been the best choice. May 31st brought us together. The thing I most admire about Taylor is her never ending support against CDS.

    • Good to see she’s smacking back a bit, now.

    • Actually, TM’s limited university background is showing, Jimmy Carter started the deregulation craze. He started in the airlines, trucking railroads, banking and oil industry.

      To prove my point, here’s an austrian school liberatarian dude showing how much he did vs. reagan.


  23. I love that Big Dawg is out campaigning, because I think he hurts rather than helps Obama.

    It’s a matter of contrast. No matter what words are coming out of his mouth saying “support the Dems”, the unspoken message is “this is what a real Dem looks like, and the bozos in charge now are not even close.”

    I said before that it’s like hearing Pavarotti sing, then having him urge you to buy Yoko’s latest album, because, um…..she sings too. Yeah. Right.

  24. Hey, we got us a new thread up!

  25. Chambers always sound nice.

  26. “Obama is a sitting president presiding over a gruesome economy in a profoundly anti-Democratic political climate. It’s easy for Clinton to “connect” now, and it’s impossible for Obama to do so.”

    Uh…and WHY is it a profoundly anti-Dem climate?? It sure wasn’t when he took office just 2 years ago. Oh yea–it’s all FOX News’ fault! Helluva thing that Kool Aid.

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