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I think I’m gonna vote for Laura Wells

From the Santa Rosa Press Democrat:

Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown attacked each other’s policies, positions and high-profile campaign gaffes Tuesday at the third and final gubernatorial debate.

“It’s not just me, it’s the people of California who deserve better than slurs,” Whitman said, criticizing Brown for an aide who was infamously recorded apparently calling Whitman a whore. “It’s not befitting of the office that you’re running for.”

Brown apologized, but later lashed back at Whitman’s own recent embarrassment — disclosure she fired her housekeeper after nine years of service after learning she was an undocumented immigrant. After such a long relationship Whitman didn’t even get the woman a lawyer, he said. It was “kind of a sorry tale,” he said.

Brown also laid into Whitman’s plans to cut the state’s capital gains taxes, saying that it would mostly benefit those making more than $500,000, including Whitman, the billionaire former eBay executive. He challenged her to say how much she would reap from such a move. Whitman, though, said that slashing the tax was key to making California competitive again.

“It’s a tax on jobs, it’s a tax on job creators and it’s a tax on investments,” she said. “We are not competitive with neighboring states.”


The debate was a key opportunity to reach the roughly one in five voters still undecided as the campaign winds down. Absentee voting stated across California last week.

It was hard to judge the winner. Victoria Escalada, for one, saw only losers. The Dominican freshmen entered the debate saying she was on the fence and left saying she didn’t want to support either, accusing both of spending the night insulting each other and avoiding direct answers.

“I’m mad about both of them,” she said.

Her friend, Jahaila Canton, a sophomore, said she hadn’t heard anything that changed her mind. She entered slightly supporting Brown and left the same way, though it was hardly emphatic. She said both dodged issues.

“I disliked her more than I didn’t like him,” she said.

Not all the candidates for governor were present, though in some cases, not for lack of trying. There are six official candidates for the state’s top executive including Laura Wells, the Green Party’s representative. She was detained and later cited and released after trying to enter the debate hall before the face-off started.

Wee! Can you feel my enthusiasm?

89 Responses

  1. if it were my state, I’d vote for Laura too.

  2. If a transcript becomes available I’ll post a link.

  3. From Laura Wells’ website:

    It’s time to change course. We’ve put our faith in the Republicans and Democrats, but the two Titanic Parties are heading straight for the iceberg, and not changing course.

  4. They seriously DETAINED one of the gubernatorial candidates??? We are truly living in Bizzaro world….

    • you can’t have any one usurping the right of the power duopoly, ya know?

    • You’re alive!

      I was worried you had slit your wrists after last night’s game.

      • Close…..

        • The last time I let the SF Giants get my hopes up they waited until Game Six of the World Series to let me down.

          • You want to know something funny? I dislike the Phillies so much, for this next series I’m a Giants fan!! 😛

            Seriously though, Bobby Cox will be remembered as one of the greatest managers in MLB history simply becasue he was. And, while injuries to Prado and Chipper are REALLY what beat us in this series, Conrad has got to go…..

            The real question is whether Lincecum can match Halladay pitch for pitch. Oswalt is the beatable one of there three, but SF can’t make mistakes in the field. The Phillies offense is too good for that.

            Let the games begin!! 🙂

          • I agree. Giants – Phillies could be a great series, and it will be interesting to watch the top pitchers. Go Giants!

    • Lol She was detained for trying to enter BEFORE it started? That’s a new one. Existing While Green.

    • It’s worse than Bizarro, it’s a completely unethical lock out of alternative voices that keeps us voting for the lesser of two evils consistently.

  5. A Democratic city council woman and our Democratic Parish assessor just endorsed Cao in the race. That’s an interesting development.

      • This election year is turning into a bad acid flashback.

      • Forget the state pols. Do YOU like Cao as a candidate?

        • She might have gone to bed, but this post is from last week:


        • I don’t always agree with his positions, but the man does care about the community and he really studies the issues and decides best on what he thinks is best. He’s bucked the Republican party a lot and he’s actually worked hard to help the community. I guess at this point, I’m fine with having an independent republican over a crooked, machine Dem that will just do what every the party tells him to. Plus, I’m really waiting for him to be indicted for his slush fund use. he’s already been disbarred once and fined several time for lying under oath. don’t trust him at all.

          • Like the rest of the country, it looks like you guys have the choice of sitting in the frying pan or jumping into the fire. At least this GOP’er seems to care about more than big money though a pending indictment doesn’t sound good….

          • Ah, you’re still up. Late for you! 🙂

          • A bit. Only because I’m off tonite though. And since I work nights, I, of course can’t sleep. Go figure!! So being awake, I come to one of the few remaining sane places where sane people are.

            And I’m tired of internet porn 😀

            (Now THAT was myiq funny!!)

          • 🙂 I always find that when I desperately want to sleep, I can’t, but then when I absolutely have to be up I find myself nodding off, hours and hours before I’d normally be the least bit tired. The sleep gods are evil.

          • Amen to that. What is bad is that I have an early and a long day tomorrow. So I’m marinating some pork roast to put in the slow cooker. I’ll clean and chop some celery and carrots before I put everything in the crockpot. I’ll pull the pork when its done and mix it with some Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce. I’m going to add a tiny bit of puree’d mango for some extra sweetness to the sauce.

            What are you doing up this late?

          • Mmm, that sounds great. That’s actually the only thing I miss about kos, the troll recipes and what’s for dinner threads. 🙂 Just the usual chronic insomnia, trying to put it to good use by doing some basement sprints.

          • Basement sprints? It is WAY to late to leave an opening like that for someone like me. I mean do you not REALIZE that I have a warped sense of humor?!?! I’ll let you off the hook this time. 😀

            If I could assign myself a hobby, it would be cooking. My favorite heating element is the grill. I told myself this year, I would work on my stovetop and oven skills. Then I got this nicve little crockpot from my bank, and I am using the hell out of it. I found a couple of desert recipes that I can’t wait to try!

          • Cooking threads are more than welcome here.

            (hint, hint)

          • Well okay then. I don’t really have qualtities, but friday, I will post my three cheese stuffed grilled burger recipe (which can also be done on the stovetop)….

          • Time to chop and season veggies!

          • Especially grill cooking… Mmmm.

          • Lol Perhaps I should have used a different phrase. I’m err, taking a slow loping run round the neighborhood in the pitch dark dodging potholes and speeding cars? Yeah! That’s exactly what I’m doing!

            Have you ever made Evil Deli Chicken? I hear it’s amazing


            I have slight crock pot prejudice cuz my friend’s parents always cooked in them when we were little and everything was kinda bland and tasteless, but I think it’s because we didn’t watch Food Network and learn basics like “add salt. Things taste better with salt.”

          • ill post my three cheese stuffed grilled burger recipe (which can also be done on the stovetop)…

            What? *swoons*

          • Okay, you’re committed. I’m reserving Friday night for a cooking open thread.

            Everyone bring your best recipes.

          • Great idea.

          • If it catches on we can do it every week.

            “Friday Night Cook-out Open Thread”

          • If people are running out of recipes, they can feel free to review their favorite smokers, grills, etc.

            Oh that reminds me, bbq at the local firehouse next weekend. Including pig roast.

          • Yay! And maybe people can recommend food blogs or books if they want. It’ll be just like the old days, except with fewer sociopaths!

          • Well damn!! 😀 I leave to cut up some veggies and The Confluence gets a Friday makeover!

            We will have to compare chicken recipes. When I grill chicken in bulk (mostly that how I cook – bulk. You can do so muchj with leftovers and it saves on fast food costs), after seasoning, I bake it before I throw it on the grill. Keeps it jucy even though it gets a hard sear.

            Let me know if anyone is coming over tomorrow for pulled pork mango bbq sandwiches (I’m going to the movie theater with them. I’m cheeky like that :D)

          • Every time I see the words “pulled pork” my inner juvenile delinquent giggles.

          • pulled pork, pulled pork, pulled pork, pulled pork….

    • I’ve heard that you’re never supposed to wear green suits because they test as a color that infers you can’t trust some one.

      • It’s amazing with what we know from advertising and psychology that some politicians just do what they want. Perhaps that’s fine, and more power to them. But often they’re like moonbeam, just sort of oblivious to how things come across.

      • Hillary looks great in a green pantsuit.

        • I’m still mad that Laura Bush didn’t recognize Hillary’s lifelong efforts in her piece, and I have to wonder whether Mrs. Bush is tapping Hillary experience in dealing with the multitude of issues worldwide that she has dealt with when it comes to women and girls….

          Don’t get me wrong. Two people of that stature leading the charge is a GREAT thing…..

    • Laura has one good idea, the state bank, but I have problems with the other two. It’s easy for companies to leave California simply because it’s cheaper to be headquartered in another state. It’s difficult to compete with places like Texas and Georgia and China. Laura’s ideas don’t take into account that we cannot work in a vacuum.

      I just looked at Laura’s background, and I’m not sold that she has the necessary background to deal with our problems. We need Jerry. It’s that simple.

      • California votes for the Lt Gov separately, right?

      • Laura’s not going to win anyway so voting for her imho is more about rejecting the other two parties and saying there has to be a better way.

      • Dario, do you really think it is possible for California to make a comeback? It’ll take a revolution we have never seen here before our time.

        I don’t need Jerry kind of leadership, he’s been wearing the same suit for 40 years and knows better
        than to allow bashing, and name calling. It’s not a matter of the W word being crude, or salty, it’s sexist, it’s that simple. He doesn’t have the guts to stop it.
        What he does have is 78% of Californians believing it’s ok to use the W word, the B word, the S word, the C word against women, because after all it is not equivalent to the N word. “Things like this happen in a campaign” he said. Things are SHE, not HE.

        I’m not gooey over Jerry, and will not respect him with my vote. He lost it, and I don’t care how many chapters
        of the California NOW supports him, I will not.

        • Honk! With his years of experience and support from women over decades, I don’t accept his weakness on this, or his dredging up Lewinsky in reference to Bill Clinton, either. If he can’t be classy at this point, he ain’t classy.

          And one other thing about the debate: Say what you want about Whitman’s housekeeper, it smells like a smear, and why didn’t Brokaw ask the Attorney General if he’s going to prosecute her for working under false pretenses and intentionally committing fraud. Maybe as Democrats we only care about those issues when it helps us win elections, eh, Jerry? Tom?

  6. Hey Dak.

    What do you make of this surge in the Dow, and why isn’t Timmy and co using it to there advantage?

    Also, how will the lifting of the moratorium on drilling affect the economy there in the short term? Are you expecting to see an ease in local unemployment numbers over the next 2 months? 3 months?

    • I don’t see much change in the unemployment numbers at all and the Dow surge is in anticipation of more Quantative Easing from the FED.

      The moratorium lift won’t probably impact much because it’s the production rigs that have a bigger impact on the economy. I’m sure a few rigs moved in the interim. There was an injunction any way. They were probably doing work on the drilling rigs that were in the ban anyway. The shallow water drilling rigs were still in operation too. it was targeted to the deep water rigs.

      I think the moratorium was just a political tango, frankly.

      • The timing of the lifting seemed suspect. I imagine at the few places Obumbles WILL campaign over the next few weeks, I imagine he will overblow this as his ‘plan’ to get the economy back on its feet. I do have a couple of friends here that have recovered a little with this mini surge in the Dow. Nothing to replace what they initially lost, of course…

  7. Grumble, taking all my news post ideas. if you’re not careful, I’ll talk about technical stuff. 🙂

  8. I asked Brown to apologize and spell his policy dealing with misogyny. I’ve not seen anything regarding that to satisfy me. I was clear that my vote depended on his response.

    I’m waiting. I want to vote for Brown because I know he’ll be a good governor.

  9. I’m headed for bed. I have to meet with my co-researcher tomorrow.
    Take care !!!

  10. Hey myiq.

    Do you have a post coming about the appeal to the DOMA ruling by the DoJ?

  11. Those lucky Californians, look who they have to choose from. No slim pickins’ in that state!
    Like Bill C said, I feel sorry for Moonbeam, but I feel more sorry for Californians.

  12. I suspect Jahaila Canton speaks for many voters all of the country:

    “I disliked her more than I didn’t like him.”

    You can change the pronouns around but the sentiment rings true for many of these races.

    On the other hand, I’m sorry to see someone like Russ Feingold being put through the meat grinder because he’s one Dem I’ve always admired, a man of principle. He’s been tainted by the Obamacrats and his vote on healthcare deform. His opponent is not very impressive or quick on his feet. The back and forth I’ve caught, Johnson is merely mouthing the same old tired Republican script. If Feingold loses, we’ll lose a clear Democratic voice. Too bad because they’re aren’t that many to spare these days.

    Strange times we’re living in.


    Voting experienced Dems. Let the other states suffer fools rushing in. Brown isn’t a liar, and neither is Boxer. The last time I tried voting Green — Bush won.

  14. MIQ at least your candidate tried — check this out!


    It’s a gnarler. Also Prop 13 out here is kinda like Social Security is for most people. A sacred thing. Her idea on the state bank was good.

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