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    • The Espionage Act Is Bad Law Even When It Is Used Against People I Despise Like Trump
      Back in June 2019, the New Yorker wrote an article lambasting the Espionage Act. The George W. Bush Administration pursued several government insiders for leaking classified information, but it was the Obama Administration that normalized the use of the Espionage Act against journalists’ sources. Among its targets were Jeffrey Sterling, a former C.I.A. offic […]
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Breaking up is hard to do

Elon James White at Salon:

Defending Obama and the Democrats is hard.

Not because I don’t think they’ve done some good in the past two years, because I do. It’s hard because I find myself constantly defending them, even when I’m not ecstatic about what’s happening. Don’t let my overly public defense of the Democrats fool you; I’m annoyed, tired and frustrated like a lot of people. Yet I don’t suffer from this enthusiasm gap that’s become all the rage to discuss. My enthusiasm is as strong as it has ever been because my choice is to either be frustrated with the Dems but know that a lot of good will come out of it or let the crazy people win. My issues with the Republicans and the Tea Party aren’t simply “a difference in opinion”; I’m overly enthusiastically against what they represent. I was really happy about Obama but my enthusiasm is on overdrive when it comes to stopping the Republicans.

But this doesn’t mean I’m drinking the liberal Kool-Aid.

I’ve mocked the Democrats on numerous occasions in the past two years when I believed they were really screwing up. Their P.R. skills are lacking even when they’re doing the right thing. The party’s various concessions to the bat-shit crazy contingent in order to push policies through has made my stomach hurt quite a few times, but even with all of that, I still have all the enthusiasm in the world. I am a hundred percent on whatever side that isn’t the one who keeps spouting off about “Real America.”

These days in Left Blogistan there are basically three different groups.

The first group are snorting Kool-aid powder straight from the package. These are the people who say that Obama is doing a stupendous job and has made historic achievements during his first two years in office. Obviously they’re either lying or delusional and I’m not sure which is worse.

This group has been steadily decreasing in size since Obama’s inauguration.

The second group are the ones that acknowledge that Obama has been a major disappointment but continue to support him anyway. This group includes those people who are recovering from Kool-aid as well as those who only experimented with it or used it socially. But there are also a number of people in this group who never drank the Obama juice but nonetheless voted for him and continue to support him and the Democratic party, primarily on the theory that “the Republicans are worse!”

We’ll talk more about these guys in a minute.

The last group are the people that Markos Moulitsas referred to as a “paranoid band of shrieking hold-outs.” They used to be Democrats but now they’re independent liberals. I’m one of them, as are Riverdaughter and the rest of the writers here at The Confluence. If you have big tire tracks across your back then you’re probably one too.

We weren’t fooled by the slick con job that the Malefactors of Great Wealth paid David Axelrod hundreds of millions of dollars to put over on the gullible. We refused to be bullied into either going along with the fraud or keeping silent.

We were prematurely correct about Obama, so of course we are hated and despised.

Now let’s go back and talk about that second group.

To hear them tell it, Obama and the Democrats in Congress are well-intentioned and share our values and goals, but they are cowardly, weak and spineless as well as politically inept. They don’t want to accept that Obama and the Democrats aren’t weak, they’re corrupt.

In other words, these people are in denial.

I’m gonna pick on Susie Madrak a little because she provided the perfect analogy.

Top Obama adviser David Axelrod got an earful of the liberal blogosphere’s anger at the White House moments ago, when a blogger on a conference call directly called out Axelrod over White House criticism of the left, accusing the administration of “hippie punching.”

“We’re the girl you’ll take under the bleachers but you won’t be seen with in the light of day,” the blogger, Susan Madrak of Crooks and Liars, pointedly told Axelrod on the call, which was organzied for liberal bloggers and progressive media.

Let’s expand on Susie’s analogy a little bit. Obama is the guy who already has a girlfriend (Wall Street, et al.) and doesn’t take the “under the bleachers” girl on dates or buy her gifts, he just uses her for booty calls. If he makes any promises he doesn’t keep them and when they do hook up he doesn’t even bother to provide “mutual satisfaction.”

That sounds like a pretty good description of Obama’s relationship with the netroots to me. The question is why the hell anyone would anyone want to be the girl in a relationship like that?


As much as I despise the weak-kneed, corporate ass-kissing Democrats, I hate the Republicans even more for bullying their way into the front of the economic policy debate and forcing bad policies that just don’t work.

They don’t care. They’re Republicans, they don’t have to!

So the girl in Susie’s analogy tells the guy she doesn’t like the way he’s treating her but he doesn’t change and she keeps meeting him under the bleachers for those booty calls anyway because she *knows* that deep down he really loves her and one of these days he’ll realize it.

If this girl was your friend, what advice would you give her?

Unless and until liberals and progressives are willing to say “Enough is enough!” they are gonna keep getting screwed. As long as they keep supporting Obama and the Democrats because “the Republicans are worse!” they are sending the message that all the Donkeys have to do is be the lesser of two evils.

If the Democrats won’t give you what you want you need to find someone who will.

79 Responses

    • “Don’t make me look bad?”

      That’s like saying “These jeans make my butt look big.”

      It ain’t the jeans.

      • “Don’t make me look bad?”

        I know it is redundant to even post this, but I am bitterly tired of this petty man making everything about him. I can’t believe he says this stuff out loud and yet he still attracts worship.

        Thank you for your post.

        • I remember during the primaries when some punch-drunk Koolaid addict (John Cole?) compared two speeches or debate performances of Obama and Hillary by counting their use of pronouns.

          According to their numbers (I didn’t bother to check their work) Hillary said “I” or “me” more often while Obama used “us” and “we” the most.

          His conclusion was that this proved Hillary was more self-centered and egotistical than Barack.

          Obama is so narcissistic he looks in a mirror when he masturbates.

  1. This is why I didn’t like the hippie-punching, under-the-bleachers metaphor. I don’t do under the bleachers. Never did. If you don’t want to be seen with me in public, then the hell with you. Why the hell would I stick around some jerk who doesn’t want to be seen with me? What is the matter with these people? He’s not into you, Susie, or what you think the Dems stand for. If he were, he’d be seen with you in public. Or stand up for what you think he believes in. It’s just that simple. You’re not what he wants.

  2. myiq: check your e-mail

  3. Over at Tightie-Whitie media:

    * Andrew Jackson is often attributed as saying, “One man with courage makes a majority.”

    * Franklin D. Roosevelt comforted the nation when he said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    * Harry Truman famously said, “The buck stops here.”

    * John F. Kennedy reminded Americans, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

    * President Barack Obama in 2010: “We’re down there. It’s hot. We were sweating. Bugs everywhere. We’re down there pushing, pushing, pushing on the car. Every once in a while we’d look up and see the Republicans standing there. They’re just standing there fanning themselves — sipping on a Slurpee.”

    Do they get a brain freeze? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Go rogue or go zombie :

    Many Obama fanatics continue to cling to the pre-election version of Obama …Instead of facing the fact that voting for Obama was a mass exercise in folly, Obama devotees engage in inconsistent mental contortions which lay the framework for a hallucination born of unbridled optimism; that Obama’s prudence and incrementalism will pay off in spades if we all just give the young man a little more time. But what evidence do we have that President Obama will do anything more than what he didn’t do between 2008 and 2010?

    The author argues that the only solution for mid-terms is not voting:

    Those who argue that voting is the answer, or that sitting out this election cycle and allowing Republicans to regain control of Congress would only make things worse, were obviously asleep at the switch when Republicans and Democrats morphed into a singular corporate hegemony.

    (via Corrente)
    I guess she’d give the bleacher-boyfriend the boot.

    • So many people get right up to the edge and then cave.

      We can’t let the Republicans win!

      I’ve seen posts where people lay out chapter and verse what’s wrong with Obama and the Democrats, then they conclude by saying their gonna vote for them anyway.

      • yeah, I agree with them on policy for the most part and disagree with them on strategy. Kinda the reverse about how I generally feel about the tea party. As much as I disagree with them on policy and rhetoric, they have the strategy part down much better than the Dirty Frickin Hypey-changeys (who hype up how they’re walking away and then change their minds )

  5. Another great post, MYIQ.

    I move that TC makes commemorative T-Shirts for the 10,000,000 hits saying, “TC: Prematurely Correct since 2008.”

  6. Honk, honk!!!

  7. I like none of the above more and more. Unfortunately, I can’t vote for anything that’s not on the ballot here.

  8. Maybe we should start a krewe of klowns party?

  9. The girl under the bleachers is singing:

  10. How desperate is the poor girl in that analogy that she’s stay with a guy who calls her drug addled and retarded( ala this administration regarding it’s critics from the left)? I mean I can understand being afraid(and let’s make it clear Booga, booga, booga the republicans will be worse is FEAR) but when the alternative is staying in an apparent to everyone else abusive relationship then it’s time to take a look at yourself. I mean how self loathing or pee in your pants frightened do you have to be to stick around when it’s apparent that someone doesn’t care about you?

    I’d rather try something to change the situation then to continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results(as it appears group 2 option of choice is). Then again, I find simply whining about the situation we find ourselves in to be a pretty unproductive choice.

  11. my advice to my bff? dump him fast but if you don’t, compare his behavior with his words.

    so, why do i get this feeling that hilary is going to be dumped and thrown under the bus prior to 2o012? is it past history and compare his behavior with his words.?

    get ready to see more villification by the dems, from the repubs, tea partiers, women, men, glbt, the unemployed, the employed, the left, the right, the students, senior citizens and every one else not included in the above. is this the chi town way to get people to vote for you?

  12. O/T

  13. The truth is that many of those in the second category (maybe Susie too) will just stay home on Election Day. Declaring this now is risky in the thuggish environment they operate in. To me it sounds like she doth protest too much (and so are many of the others pledging that they’ll vote D). Hence the famous “enthusiasm gap” – which I think is under-evaluated anyway.

    • I don’t know they act like the classic abuse case IMO.

      The whole entire fear thing and the excuse making seems pretty familiar to me. That pattern of behavior is not easy to leave behind. It takes strength and character to say I’m not going to be bullied anymore and walk away. I’m not sure after 4 years they are in the condition to leave. The sad thing is the longer they take the more painful this is gonna be.

      • I think maybe let it all burn itself down so we can get rid of this mealymouthed modern “progressivism” (which is really a backdoor to privatization) and bring genuine liberalism back in response to the rightwing going whacko. Don’t make it about size of gov’t but liberty and equality and effective gov’t, regardless of size. Sooner or later the right is bound to overreach to the point that it awakens voters’ liberal tendencies again. It’s just going to be hell in the meantime.

        • I do like the word “liberal” better than “progressive.” As you say, the latter is mealy-mouth. The former is true to itself.

  14. Lyrics to “Hey There”

    For Kool-Aid addicts or those in recovery:

    “Hey there, you on that high flying cloud,
    though he won’t throw a crumb to you
    you think someday he’ll come to you.
    Better forget him, him with his nose in the air;
    he has you dancing on a string,
    break it and he won’t care.
    Won’t you take this advice I hand you like a mother
    or are you not seeing things too clear,
    are you too much in love to hear,
    is it all going in one ear and out the other?”

  15. Professional left grumbles

    “Hectoring your supporters doesn’t work, and it never has,” Hamsher said. “And anyone with as much campaign experience as Obama and [Vice President] Biden knows that, which is why you never saw them do it in their own races.”

    That’s as close as shell ever come to saying: “They want to lose Congress”

  16. I’m reserving my full response (and my youtube choice) because it’s already in a post I’ve been working on, but I will say this much… the klown got it right here in one sentence…

    We weren’t fooled by the slick con job that the Malefactors of Great Wealth paid David Axelrod hundreds of millions of dollars to put over on the gullible.


    until the proggies understand that this toad was pushed by the elites precisely because he was never going to turn into a prince, the progs will persist in their patterns.

  17. I have no independent candidate on my ballot for Senate, and the R on the ballot is terrifying. I’ll vote D and pray that the D wins. Until that third party is formed and ready to make this country great again, I will vote for the better person of those running. This year, it’s the D.

    Refusing to vote is voluntarily giving your voice and your rights to those who worked hard to make sure you were too apathetic to fight them.

    • Refusing to vote is voluntarily giving your voice and your rights to those who worked hard to make sure you were too apathetic to fight them.

      I used to lean toward that view, but I think conscientiously abstaining has its merits. It’s not throwing my vote away–it’s throwing the D/R menu away.

      The conservatives aren’t afraid to stay home as needed.

      And, like Mother Jones said… you don’t need a vote to raise hell!

      • The D/R menu survives because there is nothing else being served. If you don’t vote, especially when you know the R’s will be out there in force trying to regain the congress, then you have no one to blame but yourself when your SS becomes privatized, your HCR gains an even stronger foothold in the insurance industry greed, and no money comes back to your state because your R Senators refuse to earmark tax money to support jobs and industries that sustain your state.

        I will run fast to join the party that may eventually replace the Democrats, but I will not just sit still and let the country fall into the hands of the Republicans who are advertising their intent to destroy the middle class.

        • IOW – Obama and the Democrats can take you for granted.

          Have fun under the bleachers!

        • I used to believe the meme that GOP=bad and DNC=good. Those were the good ol’ days….

        • I was a straight ticket D voter, and the only thing the Ds “protected” me from was Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Actually, no they elevated Sarah Palin. But, they sure did save us from that smart center-left populist woman.

          If you vote for hippie punchers, you will be punched again.

        • then you have no one to blame but yourself when your SS becomes privatized, your HCR gains an even stronger foothold in the insurance industry greed, and no money comes back to your state because your R Senators refuse to earmark tax money to support jobs and industries that sustain your state.

          I was with you until this. I can’t stay home and not vote either. But I believe you are delusional if you think voting for Dems will keep SS from being privatized. And Obama has already written insurance industry greed into HCR. And in the state where I’ll vote, Connecticut, I’m certain the R candidate (Linda McMahon) would be much more likely than Blumenthal to earmark tax dollars back to our state, and I suspect that’s true elsewhere.

          Fully aware that most people think I’m nuts, I’m sticking with voting by a candidate’s resume and character, and staying away from the temptation to believe that because someone is a certain gender or sexual orientation or religion or political party they’ll ipso facto do such-and-such.

          • “I was with you until this. I can’t stay home and not vote either. But I believe you are delusional if you think voting for Dems will keep SS from being privatized.”

            ‘Nough said!

        • your HCR gains an even stronger foothold in the insurance industry greed,

          What was given to the insurance companies under the guise of protecting the people could only have been done by Obama and his SECRET DEALS (Killing Single Payer, The Public Option and the Medicare Buy In while allowing the insurance companies to rob us clean), if Republicans had done it, the protests would still be going on.

    • Hoping that the D wins is going to reduce the chance that anyone but an R or D makes it to the ballot. As it is, about 7% of House Races are completely uncontested.

      • We had a primary. I voted for the Independent candidate who was more liberal than the D. Only the top 2 candidates from the primary went to the general ballot….could have been 2 D’s if that was the result of the primary vote. There’s a D and an R who is openly stating NO EARMARKS will come from him (no money back to the state, no fighting for our industries, or our failing infrastructure….nope, not from this guy), NO assistance for the victims of the banking fraud, and promises that only a fool would vote for.

        I am not apathetic. I will vote and I will vote for the person who will do more for the country than the other. If I don’t, the one who wants to turn the country over to the top 3$ of wealth is positioned to win. Like it or not, your Senator has a vote on MY life, too. And, mine has an effect on yours. A lot can happen in 2 years. I think we’ve seen that. I don’t personally want another 2 years like we had in 2001-2003.

  18. I just wonder if the coktail party conservatives like Peggy Noonan have finally fallen out of their Obama trance now that everyone else has.

    • Noonan’s trance was for dramatic effect, she was one of the first cocktail wingnuts to turn on him when the moment was ripe.

      • Back in 2008 we kept expecting the GOP Noise Machine to go after Obama once he was the nominee. But they never did.

        They spent 8+ years sliming Bill and Hillary, they turned Al Gore into a serial liar and John Kerry into a coward.

        Obama has more skeletons in his closet than there are in Arlington Cemetary, but the VRWC barely cleared their throats.

        It was as if they didn’t want to win.

        • I think they didn’t want to win. He was the chosen candidate and that was that. The two parties are beholden to the same money mongers, it appears.

        • That was very much John McCain’s call. Sarah Palin was all ready to say he was a terrorist sympathizer and that he was a shady Chicago pol, but her running mate shut her down.

          I think a lot of conservaties decided to let McCain lose if he was going to run a campaign that way. They’re the real 11th dimensional chess players. The Republicans may just win back Congress.

          • The conservatives don’t like McCain. They consider him too liberal.

            True story.

          • Exactly. That’s why you were right when you said that Sarah Palin didn’t lose the race for the Republicans, she almost won it.

            The Republicasn may be happy with the way Obama has played ball, but principled conservatives don’t like him any more than principled liberals.

  19. Great post Myiq2xu! I have been enjoying all the extra posts from you recently… you’re on quite a roll.

  20. Obama needs a cover, the rethugs taking congress gives him one.

    • If the GOP manages to take the Senate (the House is a lost cause) they’ll have a 51-49 majority at best.

      Suddenly they’ll be passing anything the want and the Democrats will be helpless to stop them.

      No filibusters, no vetoes

      • Passing legislation isn’t as important as blocking legislation. They can do that with control of the House.

        I can imagine that the Senate may be 50-50 and Joe Biden makes all the decisions.

  21. A song dedication for Donna Brazile:

  22. if you don’t vote..you can’t bit@@h 😦

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