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WTF Friday – Squishy Goo-Goo Edition

I knew I could count on poetry major Chris Bowers over at Cheetoville to bring WTF Week to a big finish:

As the election approaches, the buzz in Democratic activist circles is the need for GOTV. If we can turn out the vote, and get the composition of the electorate back to what it was in 2008, then Democrats will win.


Here at Daily Kos, we are going to engage in very different, but still very important, form of election activism. It’s a type of activism no one else is working on, and it is well-suited to our medium as a blog. It’s a grassroots-based search engine optimization campaign, which I call Grassroots SEO for short.


The goal of Grassroots SEO is to get as many undecided voters as possible to read the most damaging news article about the Republican candidate for Congress in their district. It is based on two simple premises:

1. One of the most common political activities people take online is to use search engines, mainly Google, to find information on candidates. (For more information, see the Pew Internet and American Life Project’s report on 2008 online political engagement.)

2. These results of these searches are always in flux based upon hyperlinks anyone posts anywhere on the Internet, including message board comments and social networking sites (but not email).

As a result of this, not only is it possible for us to use our hyperlinks to impact what people find when they search for information on candidates, but we would be foolish not to do so in a way that benefited our preferred candidates. We are already impacting search engine rankings whenever we post any hyperlink anywhere, so we need to make sure the way we use hyperlinks helps result in our preferred political outcomes.

IOW – “Hey kids! We’re gonna Google-bomb ’em!

Who thought this shit up, Bill Ayers?

If you extend this line of thought out, what Mr. Squishy Goo-Goo is saying is that after winning back control of Congress in 2006 and capturing the White House in 2008, the Democrats have done such an historic job of running the country that the only way they can win on November 2nd is by trashing the Republicans.

I guess John Cole forgot to tell Chris that Obama was the most successful Democratic President in his lifetime.

Chris didn’t talk to Steve Benen either:

I don’t expect the public to have an extensive knowledge of federal policymaking history, but I at least hoped Americans would realize the scope of recent accomplishments. We are, after all, talking about a two-year span in which Congress passed and the president signed the Affordable Care Act, the Recovery Act, Wall Street reform, student loan reform, Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, new regulation of the credit card industry, new regulation of the tobacco industry, a national service bill, expanded stem-cell research, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the most sweeping land-protection act in 15 years, etc. Policymakers might yet add to this list in the lame-duck session.

If Chris had talked to John and Steve and Greg Sargent and Jonathan Chait and the rest of the cheerleaders over in the Kool-aid Kingdom he would know we’re living in a progressive paradise.

What does Obama’s 2008 campaign manager think will happen 3 1/2 weeks from now?

Trying to reshape expectations for the midterm elections, David Plouffe said Thursday that the Republicans should be expected to make a full sweep of Congress – and key gubernatorial races – given the environmental advantages they have. Anything less, he said, should be seen as a disgrace.

Hopenchange motherf**kers! Hopenchange!


36 Responses

  1. Chris Bowers (not really)

  2. what [he] is saying is that … the only way they can win on November 2nd is by trashing the Republicans.

    To be more precise, everything you said plus “and gaming the system to do so.”

  3. WaPo:

    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was warned that he may not have the full story as he stuck by his decision to oust Shirley Sherrod, the department worker who was wrongly accused of racism, e-mails released by USDA show.

    • Yup. They panicked and threw that poor woman under the bus.

      • That’s bold leadership for ya!

      • I was glad when she said NO and didn’t return. I really enjoyed watching the CNN special about her family and all the work they had done for the black farmers in her area for decades.

        NOW, she could have written a book about the Dreams of Her Father, and I especially liked the fact that her father really cared about his girls. Her brother was born after his death, a death that never saw justice.

  4. The following comment is from FDL:

    “He surely realizes that his chances of reelection will rise greatly if the GOP takes the House, so pushing the blame-Bush message works on two levels: it helps him and hurts the party.

    As has been said in various places:

    Bill Clinton wasn’t our first black president but Barack Obama is our first black Bill Clinton”

    Here again is a classic example of CDS. They bitch that Obama is all about campaigning but not so much for the actual business of leading but cannot get away from bashing Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton had to deal with some of the same Democratic senators and congressmen who are still on the political stage today. The Democratic party lost in ’94 not because Bill Clinton didn’t have a taste for making hard decisions and standing his ground, but for the reason that Obama and the current crop of Democratic elitist shills will lose in Nov.; they are not Democrats and have no Democratic ethos of which they attempt to turn into real change that would earn them political capital with true blue members of their party. In fact those same party members were cast aside in 2008 by the likes of Donna Brazile as being part of the “old” Democratic party; which was neither desired nor required to win elections.

    People want the tangible. They may like to hear a flowery message once in awhile, but change has to be backed up with action, and action is not without risk. Bill Clinton took risks, chastised members of his own party for shirking their responsibilities as Democrats, and had to put up with their platitudes on his “moral failings”, only for the public to find out, years latter that most were of no character and had numerous skeletons in their own closets, and in the end Clinton helped create jobs, moved millions out of poverty and did it while raising taxes and leaving this country with a surplus of federal dollars. What he did not do was site repeatedly that he had inherited insurmountable problems, inherited from 12 years of Republican rule while doing nothing but reading platitudes from teleprompters and watching his “seal” fall off of podiums!!

    • I always knew the Republicans and the media hated the Clintons. What shocked me in 2008 was finding out how many so-called Democrats hated them too.

      • Exactly!!

        And who have those so-called Democrats been listening to and taking their marching orders from? Non-Democrats like Arianna Huffington, Markos, Arovosis, et al.

        Even just 10 years ago Arianna was undermining Gore in her backing of Mr. Bill “I just love bundled campaign donations” Bradley!

  5. Gee, whatever happened to that “liberal” notion of competing with our BETTER IDEAS?

    Now they think the only way they can “win” is to make sure no opposing information reaches the public? This is why I say the Cheetohs have no real liberal principles that they believe in. Not just because this is sleazy (though it is). But because it betrays their fear that they can’t actually win the argument, so must therefore not allow the argument to take place.

    I.e. they really do not believe that their own professed ideology is demonstrably better.

    Chickenshits and faux liberals, the lot of ’em. Empty blue-jersey team fanatics, with no principles at all.

    • HONK!!

    • This must be a ‘cathartic Friday’ 😉 HONK!

      • WV, one of the tenets of my personal beliefs is that the ends do not justify the means. Even with things I deeply believe in, like UHC, I do not want it foisted on the people against their will.

        Win the argument. Persuade them. That’s entirely doable, and I’ll work to do that. But no, you cannot bully and deceive the public and have a good outcome not even if you think it’s for their own good. That goes against everything I believe. Either convince them or not, but don’t abuse and strong-arm them.

        • I don’t know how you took it, I was noticing that everyone is so upset that they are swearing, even me, albeit with some hiding $^*(, and frankly that is what I was HONKING about.

          As to a PUBLIC OPTION, I think when President Obama went in and said ALL PLANS would be considered and he then behind the scenes too that out, it simply was wrong and didn’t offer a choice to many millions of folks that wanted everything to be truly considered.

          In recent days I have been very upset to learn of the ‘Mini Health Insurance Plans’ offered by companies at $14.00 dollars a week with no match, that only cover $2,000.00 a year. These ‘MEANIE PLANS’, more apropo in my opinion, came to light because Mc Donalds threatened to cancel them! 😯 Yup, I think the Mc Donald workers would have benefited from the Public Option Plan.

          I have volunteered in Free Clinic, I volunteer even today every Saturday doing hopefully some very valuable work and I truly get an ear full and from a wide cross section of America.

          I personally think I am a small voice chirping about the Public Option, but then I have seen more than most people, but then again I go places where others don’t and surely I am no competition against the high priced lobbyists that made the White House deal to take the Public Option out and the Medicare Buy In.

          BTW: I am not bullying anyone…believe me, least of all the clown. The Chivo is about his favorite tacos that he raves about, nothing more. Any hoo, maybe I will go sing or swear in the shower…

          • I can see I need a nap.

          • WV, I was agreeing with you and elaborating on my earlier rant, not directing any of that at you! No, what you do regarding UHC is FAR from bullying. You do exactly what I said: make the argument and keep making it!

          • Thanks 🙂

            I think I will take a nap, the mover stood me up again. I am storing some of my books and I am seriously thinking about buying a truck for my second car.

          • Totally agree with you Woman Voter, and especially about the “behind the scenes” back-stab and the Public Option not even being considered. Also, thank you for your service and volunteer efforts!

  6. Politico:

    The departure of National Security Adviser James Jones is a case study in how badly an outsider can flop within the insider’s world of Barack Obama’s West Wing.

    The retired general and former NATO commander wasn’t exactly pushed out, people familiar with the situation say. But the affable former Marine wasn’t encouraged to stay — in large part because he happily flouted two of the cardinal rules of this White House: A conspicuous unwillingness to adopt a 24/7 work week and a commitment to take bullets to protect a president highly sensitive to the charge that he’s weak on national security.

    HotAir says he didn’t jump, he was pushed.

  7. FAUX News:

    In a rare public appearance, former President George W. Bush talked about life out of the limelight and took a jab at what the “elites” might be thinking of his upcoming book.

    “I have written a book. This will come as a shock to some of the elites. They didn’t think I could read a book, much less write one,” Bush quipped.

    I doubt if he could walk and chew gum.

    • One thing I will give W. , even though I was disgusted by most of it, I did get plenty of good belly laughs at George Jr.

      I’m not getting any laughs these days.

    • G.W. could read a book. I saw him reading “My Pet Goat”. I believe he could write a sequel about how a goat was skinned and boiled alive for not being patriotic.

  8. If DailyKos is going to google bomb, how stupid of them to let people know, to post about it instead of keeping it a secret. And of course, what’s to keep some Repub blog or org from doing the same?

    • I got that from kos in an email too.

      They sent it to all registered
      members…the insiders.

      My registration dates from late primaries.
      I was censored after about 3 comments.

      I never go there. It’s Animal House without the
      Still, I got that email about googlebo**bing.

    • They are idiots, but they also insist on believing people are stupid. Almost everyone who’s googling for political news is smart enough to know from the article titles, authors, and sources that they’re not getting unbiased news. If anything, people are going to get fed up with google if they have to fight their way through 10,000 hyperpartisan hyperlinks. As usual, WFN forgets that most people who are incapable of critical judgment are already on their team and they’ve mostly maxed out their growth potential.

      • I laughed out loud when I got that stupid e-mail. Chris Bowers is so not creative.

  9. Grassroots google bombing, grassroots astroturfing, grassroots getting a small group of thugs to chase people away from the polling places. We’re living in the world’s first bottom up oligarchy.

  10. Kos is really good at the grass roots campaign. Look at Senator Ned Lamont.

  11. Trying to reshape expectations for the midterm elections, David Plouffe said Thursday that the Republicans should be expected to make a full sweep of Congress – and key gubernatorial races – given the environmental advantages they have. Anything less, he said, should be seen as a disgrace.

    So, this is what it has come to? The only argument they have left is if they don’t win every single seat up for grabs it’s a ‘disgrace’? Way to downplay expectations there Dave. More brilliant messaging from the tone deaf team.

  12. They were using these ridiculous google bombing antics in 2008 too. I remember reading about it and googling PUMA. The first link I believe was to PUMApac and the second was to the sports apparel company. The third was a video from an old – I mean OLD- Mutual of Omaha nature show (can’t think of the guy’s name). It was a segment of a black bear fighting a cougar for some kind of dead animal. I got the biggest laugh from that just wondering how many times those idiots had to link to that to move it up to third. I still LMAO when I think about it.

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