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Wednesday News

Good Morning Conflucians!!!

It has been the strangest week or two of propaganda campaign efforts from the zombie obot armies including: 1) You Dems are lazy, good for nothing, ungrateful for all the wonderful things, bums, get your enthusiasm going again, idiots, 2) What, you don’t think Hillary would have been as horrible as Obama has turned out to be, of course she would. And you know she’s an evil Republican anyway, 3) Look over there, it’s a witch, and 4) Did we mention Hillary is evil. There have been a few other fun memes but you get the idea. They’re losing, they’re desperate, and frankly they’re pathetic. I’d feel sorry for them if they hadn’t destroyed the Democratic party, if not more. But that’s neither here nor there, because there’s some news.

Let’s start on a good note, Steven Chu announces the WH installs some solar panels. Sure a bit gimmicky and symbolic, but it’s a good thing:

Energy Secretary Steven Chu and White House Council on Environmental Quality chair Nancy Sutley announced Tuesday morning that the administration will install solar panels and a solar hot water heater on the roof of the White House residence as part of a broader DOE solar demonstration project.

“This project reflects President Obama’s strong commitment to U.S. leadership in solar energy and the jobs it will create here at home,” Chu said at the GreenGov symposium. “Deploying solar energy technologies across the country will help America lead the global economy for years to come.”

The move comes in the wake of a grassroots campaign led by 350.org founder Bill McKibben to get Obama to reinstall solar panels then-President Jimmy Carter put on the White House in 1979. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan removed the panels and let federal renewable energy subsidies expire; several of the panels were donated to Unity College in the 1990s. McKibben brought some of the old panels down to the District last month as part of his group’s “10/10/10 Global Work Party” on climate change, but at the time, the White House remained noncommittal on the matter.

Of course the effort wasn’t perfect. They stumbled even on such a no brainer move (emphasis mine):

In September, the writer and climate change crusader Bill McKibben sent a jolt of dismay through the environmental community after recounting a distressing trip to the White House. McKibben and some young activists had come up with what they thought was a great idea. They had located one of the solar panels that President Jimmy Carter had installed on the roof of the White House (later removed by Ronald Reagan) and they decided to bring it back to Washington for a triumphant reinstallation.

They made it into the White House, but then got stonewalled. When the college-age activists accompanying McKibben asked why the administration wouldn’t do the “obvious thing” and put solar panels on the White House, they couldn’t get a straight answer.

The Obama administration’s reluctance to put a Carter-era solar panel on the White House roof was understandable, even if repulsively pusillanimous. The last thing the White House wanted to do was to give the right another talking point comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter. You can see the wheels turning — Carter put solar panels on the White House, and ended up a one-term president mocked for decades by Republicans…. run away!!!

But now, a few weeks later, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announces that the White House will install solar panels on the roof and a solar water heater. Bill McKibben applauds, but would be well within his rights to ask, what took you so long?

When McKibben and his cohorts arrived at the White House, the “bureaucrats” could have politely told them that, while it didn’t make sense to install some 30-year-old technology on the premises, they did nonetheless intend to make a big solar push. There would still be a hit from the right-wing news cycle, but, more important, Obama would have given his own supporters a reason to feel good.

Instead, the White House managed to bum environmentalists out, and then, a few weeks later, go ahead and invite the Carter-Obama comparison anyway. That’s just bungled political management.

Well, I still like it. But as usual, they’re kind of incompetent about it all. Who’s running things at the WH anyway?

This will make you feel better. Some on the right are having troubles. Meg Whitman running against my fav, moonbeam, has had a rather bad week(emphasis mine):

Like a lot of California Democrats, I’ve been waiting for Jerry Brown to start his campaign for governor. Sure, he began running ads last month — terrible ads, in my opinion, featuring Brown as a talking head, that mostly serve to remind people he was already governor, a long, long time ago, whatever his accomplishments.

I’ve always assumed Brown would win anyway, though, because he’s got one key asset: He’s not Meg Whitman. And during Saturday’s Univision debate, I spotted another Brown asset: He knows how to make a moral and emotional appeal to our sense of justice, that California used to be a better place, and can be one again.

Whoever is behind the sudden emergence of Whitman’s former maid, Nicky Diaz — the woman the former eBay CEO says deceived her about having legal immigration status, going so far as to steal a letter from the federal government notifying Whitman about her illegal status (that turned out not to be true), but whom Whitman fired immediately upon “learning” the truth — it’s a defining story for Whitman, and not in a good way. I am sensitive to all the ways women are held to a different and higher standard than men in politics, and I search for descriptors that capture Whitman that are not somehow stereotypical.

Yes, I’m quoting Joan Walsh. I held my nose, so it’s OK. Notice the bold bit. Yea, me too. We’ll resume after we all stop laughing. OK, stop laughing now. Well, anyway, Meg has some troubles, fair or not, and Jerry’s benefiting.

A new poll about the Tea Party members shows half of them to be religious conservatives. Well duh:

A new poll shows that half of those who consider themselves part of the tea party movement also identify as part of the religious right, reflecting the complex – and sometimes contradictory – blend of bedfellows in the American conservative movement.

The poll released Tuesday, by the nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute, comes as the tea party’s composition and potential impact is still under hot debate. Experts disagreed about what the poll meant, with some saying it reveals serious fissures between social and fiscal conservatives and others saying the two movements can find common ground on subjects such as limiting public funding for abortion.

The Tea Party are not our friends. But then again, neither are the new Democrats. All we can do is have popcorn and watch the fireworks. And maybe cry a bit too.

And speaking of the insanity coming from the alleged left, here’s a sad one:

The Christine O’Donnell witch doll hits the market — and gives all the people who dressed like Sarah Palin in recent years some easy Halloween costume inspiration.

Clearly they’re trying their hardest to get O’Donnell elected. Either that or they’re complete idiots. Could it be both?

Some of us have been brave enough to watch the first couple of episodes of Parker red light Spitzer’s show on CNN. It’s bad. Really bad. Apparently we’re not the only ones who think so:

CNN’s primetime talk show anchored by disgraced ex-New York governor Eliot Spitzer and journalist Kathleen Parker debuted to low viewership and scathing reviews, with comments on Tuesday ranging from “unbearable” to “icky” and “obnoxious”.

Spitzer, a Democrat who was forced to resign in 2008 for hiring high-priced prostitutes, and Parker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative Washington Post columnist, were hired by CNN in a bid to add some fireworks to its struggling evening line-up.

But barely a good word could be found on Tuesday for the new “Parker Spitzer” show, which debuted one night earlier as a daily discussion about politics and other hot button issues.

Monday’s debut also drew disappointing ratings, attracting an audience of 454,000, the Nielsen company said. The figure put CNN in fourth place in the time-slot, well below “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News (3.1 million), and “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” on MSNBC (1.1 million).

The New York Times said the Spitzer scandal “cast an awkward shadow” over the pair’s chemistry and gave the show an “ickiness factor” that was hard to watch.

ime magazine’s James Poniewozik also felt uncomfortable, saying the show struggled to find its tone, and he called the closing “round-table” section “just vapid”.

The New York Post headlined its review “Freak show unbearable to watch”, while the Baltimore Sun summed up the first show as “a load of obnoxious, self-important noise.”

I had to double check because at first I thought they were talking about Obama and the new Democratic coalition. But no, just that crappy show. These creeps apparently spend most of their time saying how bad, or stupid, or witchy people like Palin are. If people like that don’t like you, isn’t that a complement?

Speaking of the enthusiasm gap, Obama is going to MTV:

In a final push to excite his party’s base before the Nov. 2 elections, President Obama is reaching out (and reaching out and reaching out) to young voters, a group that helped elect him two years ago. Democrats fear that many of them will sit out the midterms – part of the “enthusiasm gap” identified in surveys – so Obama has taken on the role of campaign scold to urge them to the polls.

MTV announced Tuesday morning in a news release, which was tweeted immediately by White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, that Obama will host a “youth town hall” on Oct. 14.

“A Conversation With President Obama,” as the hour-long afternoon event is being called, will air on MTV, MTVu, BET, Centric, TR3s and CMT at 4 p.m. It will also stream live on MTV.com, BET.com and CMT.com.


But not to worry, Latino’s still support Democrats. They just won’t be voting for them this time around:

There is good news and bad news for Democrats in a new poll ahead of the 2010 elections – Latinos support the party, but about half of those questioned say they might not show up at the polls on Nov. 2.

The gap between support and motivation provides an opening for Republicans, who have had an up-and-down relationship with Latinos over the last few years: George W. Bush made inroads, but John McCain then lost ground to Barack Obama. Recently, the GOP has done little to court these voters on issues such as education, immigration and health-care legislation.

But Republicans hold one big advantage over Democrats in key races this cycle that could matter more than any one issue – they have more high-profile Latino candidates running for statewide offices.

Where else are you going to go? How about the couch with some popcorn? How about a third party candidate? Et cetera.

Out on the campaign trail, Obama is also talking about some other issues, including how the evil Republicans will cut education funding. What?, cut it even more than Democrats? I think that might be another 2% less evil argument they’re so fond of:

Obama framed the fate of community colleges as a matter of global economic competition. Speaking weeks before crucial midterm elections, Obama said the signature Republican Pledge to America would cut education funding by one-fifth to fund tax relief for the wealthy, at a time when other nations are padding their investments.

“Think about it: China is not slashing education by 20 percent right now,” he said. He likened the GOP proposal to “unilaterally disarming our troops right as they head to the front lines.”

Republican leaders responded that their pledge rolls back nonsecurity discretionary spending to 2008 levels but does not require cuts to any particular program. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), chairman of the pledge, said in a statement his party seeks to undo a “reckless spending spree” by the Obama administration.

Community colleges represent the largest and most affordable sector of higher education. Obama said he expects them to take a lead role in his American Graduation Initiative. America has fallen from first to ninth in a single decade, he said, in its share of young people holding college degrees.

“As far as I’m concerned, America doesn’t play for second place,” he said, “and it certainly doesn’t play for ninth.”

So apparently the movie “Dumb and Dumber” wasn’t just a movie, it was a picture of our future political landscape.

There have been some banking policy changes in Japan lately:

Japanese stocks rose for a second day after U.S. service companies expanded faster than forecast and speculation grew that the Federal Reserve will join the Bank of Japan’s efforts to spur economic growth.

Fanuc Ltd., Japan’s largest maker of industrial robots, rose 1.2 percent. Mitsubishi Corp., Japan’s largest commodities trader, increased 2.1 percent after crude and metals prices gained yesterday. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc., the country’s largest lender, advanced 1.8 percent. Mitsubishi Estate Co., Japan’s second-biggest developer, gained 1.9 percent. Japan’s central bank pledged yesterday to keep its benchmark interest rate at “virtually zero” and to purchase more assets including real estate investment trusts.

“The Bank of Japan’s action may accelerate movements towards monetary easing globally,” said Fumiyuki Nakanishi, a strategist at Tokyo-based SMBC Friend Securities Co. “Confidence grew that the global economy is on a recovery track, and investors will likely put money back into risk assets.”

The Supremes, yea, I called them that, will be hearing a case about those creepy people that protest military funerals tomorrow:

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Wednesday in a legal battle that pits the privacy rights of grieving families and the free speech rights of demonstrators.

In 2006, members of the Westboro Baptist Church protested 300 feet from a funeral for Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder in Westminster, Maryland, carrying signs reading “God hates you” and “Thank God for dead soldiers.”

Among the teachings of the Topeka, Kansas-based fundamentalist church founded by pastor Fred Phelps is the belief that the deaths of U.S. soldiers is God’s punishment for “the sin of homosexuality.”

Albert Snyder, Matthew’s father, said his son was not gay and the protesters should not have been at the funeral.

Of course we want free speech. But what if protestors are nuts and make no sense?

I hope Nancy is serious and up to something reasonable here. She wants to have an inquiry on mortgage lenders. Ha, what am I thinking, they were part of all this. Most likely smoke and mirrors. What, me cynical (emphasis mine):

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on the Justice Department on Tuesday to investigate the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, and Maryland joined a growing list of states seeking to halt foreclosures while they probe claims of fraudulent filings.

In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., Pelosi (Calif.) and dozens of other Democrats accused the nation’s biggest banks of making it difficult for struggling borrowers to get foreclosure relief while the firms routinely evicted them with flawed court papers.

The group said that recent reports of lenders initiating hundreds of thousands of questionable foreclosures “amplify our concerns that systemic problems exist.”

The request from Democrats puts pressure on the Obama administration to get more involved in a matter that it so far has said little about publicly. The move is also likely to stoke cries for a broad moratorium on foreclosures across the country.

Yea, the bold part is another laugh out loud moment. And people say government isn’t funny.

And finally, I’ll leave you with this gem. Are test tube babies the work of God or some human error:

Do you think a baby conceived in test tube is still a child in the eyes — or mind or hands, depending on your theology/philosophy — of God? Does the science behind this merit the Nobel Prize for Medicine or condemnation in the realm of faith and ethics?

I’m starting out with the questions today because the impact of the Nobel Prize for Medicine going to the doctor who developed in vitro fertilization is still rumbling around the world.

The Vatican has already denounced the prize going to British scientist Robert Edwards, for work that led to the birth of the first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, 32 years ago.

Bad science, bad. Yea, snark. So there’s a bit of what’s happening. Chime in with what you’re finding.

127 Responses

  1. Ruh roh:

    The chairman of the Tea Party of Nevada resigned Tuesday after a recording was made public capturing Republican Sharron Angle badmouthing GOP leaders during a meeting with the shadowy group’s U.S. Senate candidate.

    The exit of chairman Syd James is another blow to the candidacy of Tea Party of Nevada nominee Scott Ashjian, who has been denounced by state tea party leaders who say he has no connection to the movement that advocates limited government and tightfisted public spending.

  2. Also ruh roh:

    Ambulance chasing attorney and liberal activist Gloria Allred has refused to rule out that her latest political stunt to exploit an illegal immigrant to embarrass Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman didn’t come from Jerry Brown’s campaign operatives.

    • real ruh roh… Now we will see who the upper crust wants in CA by which story has the most media ” legs”

  3. Also if you haven’t heard, “The Donald” is thinking about running in 2012. I won’t link to anything because it’s just too silly.

    • As if our country weren’t in bad enough shape. How many times is it that Donald Trump has run his businesses into the ground now? I know at least twice he filed for bankruptcy.

    • Check my tabloids – one of them has fun with that.
      My take? Not the first arrogant incompetent jerk to get it.

  4. The Vatican condemned the choice for the Nobel. I’ll give them consistency. Apparently they aren’t any happier with frozen embryos eventually being destroyed then they are with abortion.

    It is funny though because alot of the people who drone on and on about abortion being a sin don’t see the inconsistency in fertilizing a bunch of eggs without implanting them all as being practically the same in practice as terminating a pregnancy. In both instances a potential life loses its potential.

    Frankly, I don’t understand the church’s upset, or the Christian faith either . I think they(the Catholic church) got rid of purgatory. If that is the case it isn’t as if the soul of that potential life would be “lost.” I mean everlasting life is everlasting life and I don’t see a loving God as punishing an innocent and withholding everlasting life simply because the soul never held an earthly body(for those that believe that life begins at conception).

    • What is the religious rationalization for souls when it comes to the case of human chimeras anyway?

      • Faith really isn’t rational though. Believing in something without proof is pretty much the opposite of rational. Not that I necessarily see that as a bad thing. 😉 Wonderful things like love sometimes defies rational thought.

        I do understand though because if you were to believe that life begins at conception(when an egg is fertilized) and you believe that human life is endowed with a soul then even a patch of cells that might or might not come to fruition would have a soul.

        • but when fraternal twins fuse and form human chimeras, having two sets of dna in the same body–then for the people who believe in souls and think life/souls start at conception, do they think the one person (chimera) has two souls? I wouldn’t even really want an answer from religious people on that if it were not for the faction that insists on holding our public policy hostage to their faith that zygotes have souls. It just doesn’t seem fair. They can have their faith and it doesn’t have to be rational, but it doesn’t belong in public policy either and it shouldn’t dictate anyone else’s freedom of religion to believe or not believe in any of that.

          • If I was a human chimera I would still have a soul left.

          • Oh I agree that faith as public policy is wrong. (So don’t for a minute believe that everyone of faith feels its their responsibility to insert their belief set into your life) A relationship with a Creator ought to be something personal(and it be left to an individual as to whether they wish to opt out) and society as a whole would be much better served if people didn’t insist on foisting their own personal dogma on others.

            My personal feelings are that I have enough failings to work on and really don’t need or shouldn’t need to insert myself into telling other people what is right or wrong and what is forgivable and unforgivable.

    • In Catholic theology, death is an evil, so to speak. I mean, it’s not like rah rah, no worries because heaven in such a swell place. It doesn’t really make all that much sense considering the overall thrust of religion, but from their perspective that embryo has an inviolable right to life and dignity from birth to natural death. So, they think of them as suffering horrible indignities, being frozen, abandoned, left to die alone and uncomforted, deprived of its right to life. So, what happens to its putative soul doesn’t really completely make up for it. OTOH, they completely weasel on the adoption of embryos issue, because they won’t allow it. Children have to be the result of the parents’ union, so they just cop out and say we shouldn’t be creating embryos, but the ones who have been created well, it is an insoluble dilemma and they must suffer horrible affronts to their rights to life and dignity and die.

      Yeah, it makes no sense.

      • I’ve always considered what happens to a soul as a be all and end all.

        The human body suffers indignities routinely so to me what happens to it is only important if I use it’s suffering as a means of growth(for my soul).

        Faith is so weird.

    • The didn’t get rid of purgatory. They got rid of LImbo, which was where they thought the souls of unbaptized children and righteous non-Christians went. Souls in Limbo did not come into the presence of God, but it was otherwise a pleasant place.

      • I was pretty sure purgatory was limbo. I haven’t been a practicing Catholic for years though so I couldn’t swear on it.

        The absence of God(and His love) would be a horrendous thing to undergo for an eternity.

        Again, I’m not traditional though because I don’t believe in Hellfire and brimstone(compassion and condemning someone’s soul for eternity just seem to be a contradiction) . As a person of faith the above would be my version of Hades I guess. The idea of not having God in my life is difficult for me though

        • Purgatory and Limbo are different “places.” The Catholic Church eliminated Limbo recently, I think. That is the place people suupposedly end up if they haven’t been baptised. If you’re in Purgatory, you can still get to heaven eventually, but there was no escape from Limbo. I’ll doublecheck on that. And no, I don’t believe in any of this mythology….

          • My favorite treatment of those mythologies was from George Carlin talking about people still doing time in purgatory for eating meat on friday.

          • Yeah, that was really funny. When I was a kid you had to fast from midnight on before taking Communion. Then they cut it back to one hour. I don’t know what it is now, but my mom had fast AND not drink water when she was a kid. They keep cutting the standards.


        • Limbo of the Infants was never an official doctrine. St. Augustine proposed the idea that those who died in Original Sin but too young to have committed personal sin will not go to hell but to “limbo.”

          The modern RC doctrine is that the Church knows that baptism saves, and they hope that infants who died without baptism will be saved through God’s mercy but they don’t know it.

          There was/is also the concept of Limbo of the Fathers, for such holy people (like Moses) who lived before Christ and thus were not baptised. Because only Christ can wash away Original Sin.

          • I didn’t know all that. Interesting. One of the “issues” that made me start questioning the church when I was an adolescent was the doctrine that unbaptised babies could never go to heaven. That just seemed completely unjust to me, especially when unbaptised adults could go to heaven based on good works, e.g. “baptism by fire.”

            It’s all so silly.

  5. Wow! The answer came out fast.

  6. Thanks for this Dandy! And a big thank you to all of you front-pagers who provide me/us with news and views on a daily basis. 🙂

    I really, really appreciate ‘yours’ work – and that I can come here every day expecting to be both informed and entertained. And I really, really wish I would remember to show my appreciation more often. 😦

  7. This in this morning:

    “AP-GfK Poll: Working-class whites shun Dems”

    What a surprise.

    • You know why that is, of course?

      (R _ c _ _ m)

      One size fits all!

      • Of course.

        • Problem is we have a good, proven FDR Democrat running for Governor here in Georgia who is currently neck and neck with a Repub in the reddest of red states. He is running a smart campaign, but has Obama wrapped around his neck. Wonder what will tip the balance. Go Braves.

    • wonder why.:lol:

    • I saw that, and wanted to scream WE TOLD YOU SO!!!! at the Dems. They went out of their way to alienate the white working class/blue collar voters, and it is going to bite them in the ass, bigtime.

      A new AP poll shows that the constituency that lifted Democrats to victories in 2006 and 2008 has all but abandoned them in 2010. Working class white voters now favor Republicans by 22 points, a 11-point swing in two years:

      Desperate for jobs and cool toward President Barack Obama, working-class whites are flocking to Republicans, turning a group long wary of Democrats into an even bigger impediment to the party’s drive to keep control of Congress.

      An Associated Press-GfK poll shows whites without four-year college degrees preferring GOP candidates by twice the margin of the last two elections, when Democrats made significant gains in the House and Senate. The poll, conducted last month, found this group favoring GOP hopefuls 58 percent to 36 percent — a whopping 22 percentage-point gap.

      In 2008, when Obama won the presidency, they favored GOP congressional candidates by 11 percentage points, according to exit polls of voters. When Democrats won the House and Senate in 2006, the Republican edge was 9 percentage points. …

      Though accustomed to trailing among working-class whites, Democrats can hardly afford further erosion from a group that accounts for about 4 in 10 voters nationally. Their GOP preference is in contrast to whites with college degrees, who the AP-GfK Poll shows are split evenly between the two parties’ candidates


      • That can only be because of one thing…. (yes, snark font)

        • Comment seen elsewhere:

          Gee, back in 06 and 08 these were thoughtful, hard-working Americans just trying to get by in George Bush’s nightmarish America… now they’re just dumb rednecks who vote against their own interests as they secretly plan to join the Klan.

          • That reminds me, JC Penney’s is having a sale on white sheets.

            Everybody should stock up.


          • Just look at the awful, hateful, raycist things the voters quoted in that article are saying:

            “They try to make everybody think the economy is better, and it isn’t,” Jennifer Moore, 40, a school bus driver from Amherst, Va., said of Democrats. “Gas prices are going up, food is going up and people working for the minimum wage can’t make it.”


          • You know blogstalkers are going to cut and paste that comment myiq and run with it. LOL.

          • I saw them sheeted once and stopped my car in the middle of the street and stared with my mouth open. But it was Halloween and they were at a distance, so not sure if they were for real or not. They weren’t dressed as ghosts, the sheets were pointed at the top.

      • Interesting that college educated whites are evenly split now. Ruh roh.

  8. During the oil kill in lA I kept thinking of the pelicans I saw in the Danube Delta. Now they are under death threat too – a red sludge upstream in Hungary heading there. The tabloids:

  9. As a follow-up to yesterday’s mumblings about this:

    A Clinton-Biden swap ‘on the table’? Absolutely not, says Axelrod.

    But there’s a problem with this scenario: Despite all the chatter, no one has offered any evidence to suggest it’s true. The White House, not surprisingly, flat-out denies it.

    “There’s absolutely nothing to it,” senior adviser David Axelrod said Tuesday night. “The president is blessed to have a spectacular vice president and an outstanding secretary of state. They’re both doing great work, and he wants to keep them on the job.”

    Advisers to Clinton said the same, and another Obama adviser called the idea “nuts.”

    It certainly beats another recent plot line: Democrats would just as soon see Clinton at the top of the ticket in 2012. A Gallup poll released last week showed Obama beating Clinton among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, but not exactly in a runaway – 52 percent to 37 percent. A separate poll showed Clinton outperforming Obama in Illinois, with 61 percent saying they viewed her favorably, compared with 52 percent for the president.

    Still, even Clinton’s biggest advocates are not suggesting that trading places is even under discussion. “I’d be stunned if there’s anything to it,” Democratic strategist James Carville said Tuesday. “Anything is possible in politics. But I don’t know of anything beyond speculation, and I really doubt it’s anything.”


      • I thought when I awoke this morning it would another
        nice quite one with my cup of Joe. Hubby had the tv on, and all this chat about the “Swap in the Swamp”
        just got my blood flowing, and pissed me off to no end.

        Thanks to you, I have this community to come to, and see what is happening, and how Woodard is mouthing
        off about Hillary, and Obama’s troubles.

        It was a nightmare to read the Post, especially the those replying to the article. One woman said she was sorry for convincing her 70 year old mother, and her mother’s friends to vote for Obama, and she wouldn’t be doing the same in 2012.

        I recall being at an event, and this 80 something year
        old came up to me, and said she had heard that I was
        working for Hillary’s camp, she told me “I hope I live to see Hillary as president”………..I’ll never forget that
        look in her eyes, she was so very proud. And like her,
        I am still hopeful.

    • I caught the same rumor recirculating about Hillary then saw the business from Woodward that the idea was “definitely on the table,” presumably to shore up the female and Latino vote.

      To me, this is a pathetic bone tossed to those of us still not buying what the O is selling. And with me? It wouldn’t work. As much as I admire Hillary Clinton, I would not vote for a ticket where she’s riding shotgun, while the empty suit is still behind the wheel.

      It would break my heart but that alignment would not move me. When I vote for Hillary Clinton, she’ll be at the top of the ticket. It’s all or nothing.

  10. Access blogger Ollie Obot:

    Anne Kim, in addition to being the head of the conservative Third Way’s domestic policy group, was also behind that organization’s push to kill the public option during the health care fight.

    Third Way is the newest attempt of the corporate elements within the Democratic party to move the party into something that’s just a smidge less conservative than the GOP. It pushes the sort of DLC thinking that led Clinton to embrace the types of conservative deregulation that helped to cause the financial crisis. Look no further than Third Way’s honorary co-chairs, people like Blanche Lincoln and Evan Bayh who rarely have seen a right-leaning “solution” they didn’t like. Or Artur Davis, who ran so far to the right he got whomped in the Democratic primary for Governor of Alabama.

    These guys are losers, and their prescriptions for the Democrats are losers. In a two party country, there’s no reward for one party to be the faint echo of the other. Democrats can (and have) won when they stick up for progressive values, and not when they genuflect to the right and beg “please don’t hurt me.”

    Anybody notice a name missing there?

  11. & in perfect synchronicity…let’s see, who is very popular among a much-needed segment of the Dem Party?

    [Obot repellent: do your homework, “working-class whites” have been a traditional aspect of the Dem Party base and Obama & Co. decided to ignore and insult them into exile. This has nothing to do with r*ce—it is about jobs and respect. We know you think your uber-special, but this is a core constituency that has been the backbone of the Party long before many of you were born.]

    AP-GfK Poll: Working-class whites shun Dems

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Desperate for jobs and cool toward President Barack Obama, working-class whites are flocking to Republicans, turning a group long wary of Democrats into an even bigger impediment to the party’s drive to keep control of Congress.


  12. And since this is my native land and makes me very sad, special Danube edition

    • We already learned from Paterson: racism is only an attack on Obama.

    • Yikes. I flipped past him yesterday and was totally creeped out. There’s something not quite right about that guy.

    • I have long been disgusted at the raycist, nasty things that the left aims at black conservatives. Or gay conservatives, or women conservatives. They think it’s perfectly okay to use all sorts of hateful, bigoted, dehumanizing attacks on them.

      • That kind of makes their liberal attitudes towards those minority or downtrodden groups suspect. I mean, do they really see everyone as equals and want to right such wrongs, or are they really patronizing (i.e., bigots) and want to help the lesser people because they can’t help themselves.

        • Then there is that whole “two wrongs make a right” defense of things like wearing shirts with “Sarah Palin is a c*nt” on them because John McCain allegedly used that epithet towards his wife.

          We’re supposed to be BETTER than them.

          • Yep.

            And now that the new Democratic party is not only not better than them in some ethical sense, but also not better than them in policy, then I in fact do have somewhere else to go.

          • “We’re supposed to be BETTER than them.”

            And now we’re not. We all saw it and heard it during the election cycle. The Democratic Party sold its soul, resorted to blatant sexism and abandoned their traditional base [the working class] for the urbane, cosmopolitan voter junked up on koolaide and presumably “hope.”

            How’s that working for them?

            Sometimes it makes me want to cry. Because there is no choice now, nowhere to go. Maybe the best thing we can do is sit back and watch the entertainment. There’s certainly a lot of that.

            Sad! And the country continues to slip into the abyss.

  13. Unintentionally funny headline of the day

    President Obama, Democrats, Struggling With Women Voters

  14. Boy, I’m surprised how much “Hillary as O’s VP” chatter is on the tv this morning… national news, local news…

    Guess they are worried the wimmens won’t turn out to vote in November.

    The whole concept makes me kinda queasy.

    • Hillary’s name in politics is like Jackie O’s used to be on Redbook or The Enquirer — always sure to draw an audience.

      But I’m with you — the idea of an Obama/Clinton ticket just makes me want to be medicated.

    • Agreed. My eyes cross just thinking about it.

  15. Early early morning news — well, “news” — was of Obama’s little Presidential seal falling off his podium yesterday and how Incredibly Historically Well He Handled It.

    They sounded to me like, “what a good boy!”

    • He also catches flies (sometimes)

    • They call that handling it well? Bringing up my comment from the previous thread:

      “But I’m sure there’s somebody back there that’s really nervous right now, don’t you think?” the president added, referring to whatever staffer had hung the seal on the front of his lectern so precariously.
      “They’re sweating bullets,” he said, laughing.
      Is it just me or is that a nasty reaction to it? It reminds me of the way bullies will mask their threats ask “jokes.”
      His unscripted reaction to a mildly embarassing accident is to remind everyone in the room of his power.

      • His power to punish.

      • I agree. I found it creepy. I had a boss like that once, whose “jokes” were veiled threats.

      • He’s very much like Bush the lesser in that way.

        • Indeed….neither need the teleprompter when making such “jokes” …
          .They’re sweating bullets,” he said, laughing. scary

      • My first thought was what a vindictive jerk he is. He just had to let them know he has the power and he’s gonna make someone sweat before he wields it to punish them. And that he laughs and smiles while dishing that bs out is really creepy.

    • They are always so thrilled to bits when he acts like an adult…It reads like when your toddler uses the toilet for the first time and one claps…

    • Anyone care to speculate on how ‘cool’ he would have been if he had lost his teleprompters instead of the seal?

  16. Suzie Mandrak has a great entry on the “whining”

    To us, your whining and berating only feels like extortion. “Pull this lever or we’re going to shoot the dog/Supreme Court/civil rights.” That doesn’t feel like love, baby. Hell, that’s not even “like.”

    • What they did from the beginning…we were told we HAD to vote Obama or a woman’s right to choose would be in danger!! Well many did and guess what? It’s even more endangered now having the funding stripped…as Dems praised Obama for this wonder

      They seemingly have one note…and as they turn up the volume, it’s getting more off key by the day

    • ” That doesn’t feel like love, baby. Hell, that’s not even “like.”

      Yup, that is the truth….it is like, do you love me like pancakes or do you love me like toast? I think the “whining” and “get over it” comments (along with all the other put downs from Obama, Biden, Kerry to their base) just proves that they love us like burnt toast….of course they don’t like burnt toast, but it is no big deal…cause they will just use a dull butter knife to scrape and scrape to make it better…

  17. Great round up DT! Thank you!

    Albert Snyder, Matthew’s father, said his son was not gay and the protesters should not have been at the funeral.

    I think disrupting funerals in this fashion is not exercising a person’s freedom of speech…unless one means hate speech.

    • It may be protected by the First Amendment but it also seems to qualify as intentional infliction of emotional distress.

      1. Defendant acted intentionally or recklessly; and
      2. Defendant’s conduct was extreme and outrageous; and
      3. Defendant’s act is the cause of the distress; and
      4. Plaintiff suffers severe emotional distress as a result of defendant’s conduct.

      IOW – we can’t stop them from doing it but they can be sued if they do.

      • I think that’s probably the only avenue for them. Sue the hell out of them. Unintentional pun (UP). 🙂

        • IIRC, he did sue them and he won a huge settlement that was later overturned. Personally, I’d like to see SCOTUS send these asshats packing. Grieving families should not have to put up with this hateful insanity. What I don’t understand is why these attacks-disguised-as-demonstrations are not treated as hate crimes.

    • My question is, Does he think it would have been okay if his son had been gay? In my mind what they did was akin to harassment. Funeral services shouldn’t be public events, even if the services are held in an outside venue.

      • I hope he doesn’t think that. I hope he was just pointing out how completely nuts these people are.

        I agree, even though a funeral, or at least a burial, might be in the open and sort of public, they shouldn’t be thought of as public. Unless perhaps the person was public.

      • I’ll give the father a pass. He’s likely not even thinking about the political import or message of his choice of words at this point. He’s hurting and wants these asshats to stop doing this to grieving families.

  18. Afghan government contact with Taliban is intensifying:

    Mr Omar said contact had intensified since a “peace jirga” in June, where Afghan tribal leaders endorsed Mr Karzai’s plans to offer an amnesty and employment incentives to militants to persuade them to give up arms.

    He said there had been “signs and signals” and attempts by the Taliban to contact the Afghan government, sometimes through intermediaries.

    But he said there were no “comprehensive negotiations, nobody sitting at a negotiating table to discuss anything”.

    The government was also “not in a position to say who is representing who, or how much authority these people are carrying”, he said.

    Mr Omar said he believed the Taliban were feeling pressure from within Afghanistan to seek peace and that he was hopeful peace could be achieved.

  19. Interesting article about voter disgust in general and how this may be the third consecutive president to have congress switch sides and how there’s something deeper to it:

    In other words, independent voters have tended to side with whichever party can legitimately claim not to be in charge at the moment, and ideology does not have a whole lot to do with it.

    This tends to make strategists in both parties insane, since they spend most of their time trying to draw out the contrasts between the two parties; it seems to them that the least the voters could do is pick a side and stick with it.

    Democratic and Republican pollsters try to understand these voters by trapping groups of them behind panels of two-way glass and asking them lots of multiple-choice questions about the parties and the issues. Whom do they trust to handle the economy? Who stands up more to the “special interests?” That kind of thing.

    One woman described a food fight at the middle school that left a mess school employees were obliged to clean up, presumably because the children couldn’t be subjected to physical labor. A man complained about drivers who had grown increasingly hostile and inconsiderate on the roads, which drew nods of assent all around. Another described the Internet as just plain “bad.”

    The economy was discussed mostly in connection with these other stresses. “We all think that if we had a lot of money,” one woman said, “everything would slow down and we could enjoy ourselves.”

    These voters did not hate politicians. They simply saw both parties, along with the media and big business, as symptoms of the larger societal ailment. And this underlying perception, that politicians in Washington conduct themselves just as childishly and with the same lack of accountability as the kids throwing chicken casserole in the lunchroom, may well be the principal emotion behind the electorate’s propensity to vote out whoever holds power.

    I think underlying all of these things, many people have noticed that the parties are the same, or at least beholden to the same corporations and mostly push the same stuff. And I think all they have left is to just fuck with them and keep switching them back and forth.

    That’s better than nothing perhaps, but we need something better. We need a third party.

  20. Here’s what MSNBC’s owners have been up to:

    Its GE Capital finance arm, which had been its weakest point through the recession had bought $1.6 billion of retail credit assets from Citigroup Inc (C.N).

    But GE also said British oilfield services Wellstream Holdings (WSML.L) rejected a $1.2 billion (755 million pound) takeover approach.

    GE has been an active acquirer over most of the past decade, and CEO Jeff Immelt has said the company will focus on deals sized at $1 billion to $3 billion in areas that complement its core industrial and finance franchises.

    Of course GE is selling NBC Universal to Comcast. Wonder if the political bent of MSNBC will change after that?

    • I’m concerned about Comcast’s increasing monopoly. I get good local news over NBC. I doubt that Comcast will support that.

  21. Daschle Admits — Then Denies — That White House Agreed With Industry To Scrap Public Option

    Brian Beutler | October 5, 2010, 5:07PM

    In a candid interview with the Center for American Progress this afternoon, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle acknowledged that the public option didn’t survive the health care debate because of a “understanding” that the White House reached with health care industry stakeholders — particularly with hospital and insurance company trade associations. But the White House has long denied this suggestion — which was, until now, based mostly on speculation — and within hours of the report’s initial publication, Daschle, a close White House ally, retracted his statement entirely.

    “I don’t think it was taken off the table completely. It was taken off the table as a result of the understanding that people had with the hospital association, with the insurance (AHIP), and others,” Daschle told Wonk Room’s Igor Volsky. “I mean I think that part of the whole effort was based on a premise. That premise was, you had to have the stakeholders in the room and at the table. Lessons learned in past efforts is that without the stakeholders’ active support rather than active opposition, it’s almost impossible to get this job done. They wanted to keep those stakeholders in the room and [the public option] was the price some thought they had to pay.”

    So, all of us who are getting those historical premium hikes know it is the WHITE HOUSE that helped the insurance hold us hostage with no competitive option (The Public Option and then they killed the Medicare Buy In for those over 45) and with no choice but to sign up for a BUS TOUR TO CANADA (that country with Single Payer) to buy our medications.

    • Do the progs, even now, realize how cynically they were played?

      They dangled the public option as bait to get the bloggers on board in supporting Obama, knowing that it was a fake, that the deal was done, that there was never any intention of a public option.

      Obama and the entire party LIED to you, Lefties, and not in a minor “oops” way, but in a deliberate, cold, calculated. “fuck them, we own them anyway” way.

      • Everyone I speak to says they are very upset with the party and that it is costing them in the pocket book. They now are renewing their health ‘PROFIT’ insurance at never before seen premium hike rates and they are NOW have less coverage and one lady (about 41 years old or so) I spoke to yesterday said she was renewing some medications, but not others because she couldn’t afford it. She said her company pays 40% and she pays 60% and that the hike has hurt her families budget.

        I am now essentially covering all of the cost of the visit which is now a mini visit, and frankly since the hike I haven’t even gone in. I am considering a Bus Tour to Canada (that country with Single payer) to buy meds and I will tell myself it is my vacation too.

        • interesting that it’s about fifty to sixty years ago that Canada achieved universal single payer and it was done because of a leftish third party which held the balance of power in the parliament

  22. It doesn’t look like Friday’s job numbers are going to be pretty.

  23. The Democrats new campaign ad for 2010:

  24. FRANCE 24 Web News: USA-Midterm elections: Democrats are mobilizing online (Look at the Democrats logo at the beginning. Have the Democrats changed the DONKEY for a large O with a D in the middle? ( D) 😯 I guess it is the O little d party. )

  25. Talaban set conditions for peace talks:

    Hamid Gul, the former head of Pakistan’s main intelligence service who has had longtime ties to the Taliban, told The Associated Press that the insurgents have laid down three preconditions for formal negotiations – a timetable for a NATO withdrawal, release of all Taliban prisoners and a deal to drop the terrorist label which the religious movement was given after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States.

    For their part, the Taliban have repeatedly denied any such contacts, saying they will not talk peace so long as U.S. and NATO troops remain in the country.

    • After all that, the Taliban is negotiating with the Afghan government? Oh, and women’s living conditions and Human Rights are no where in those MALE PIECE (on purpose) propaganda talks.

  26. Report slams government in its estimates of the gulf oil leak:

    The Obama administration repeatedly underestimated how much oil was flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from the stricken BP well, contributing to public fear about the accident and a loss of faith in the government’s ability to handle it, according to a sharply critical report from the presidential commission appointed to study the disaster.

    The report, one of four made public on Wednesday, is sharply critical of senior administration officials for a series of inaccurate estimates of the amount of oil spewing from BP’s Macondo well and how much of it remained in the Gulf of Mexico after the well was capped

    Of course they’re all still underestimating the leak in most discussions by as much as half by some estimates. And the clear evidence of the oil still being there is treated like a wild crazy theory. But it’s a bit of progress I guess.

  27. The Republicans are so funny, when the economy is good you say let’s all celebrate “Cinco de Mayo, my brothers” but when the economy is down “it’s all your fault, you damn immigrant”. When most Americans (with Latin America roots) go to the polls this November we will remember that the GOP has gone on a nationwide rant in proposing and passing several anti-immigration legislation (that our US Courts continue to strike down) and have continue to blame the immigrant for the flat economy or worse. We will remember who stands with us and who stands against us, so trying to stop it now is somewhat funny, but go ahead, you will not change our minds.

    Plus the more radical of the GOP are now attacking our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, in their crazy notion of wanting to take away rights that all of us take for granted in their misguided attempt to garner some much needed votes, they really are fools, and leading the GOP towards obscurity because they are no longer a party of ideas, just of empty suits. Your hate made you do it, in November; you will reap what you have sown. I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would say about todays GOP, he unlike the current GOP was a man of ideas.

  28. “So apparently the movie “Dumb and Dumber” wasn’t just a movie, it was a picture of our future political landscape.”


    This has been scaring me no end. For months. It’s their women, BB.
    I have never seen anything like it. ps: Did you see Trump is the new Perot? Maybe.

    Oh brother are we ever in for it. Repeats chorus, “We could have had Hillary”

    I said I would never vote for Boxer again, but I’m going to — only because of “them” in case the other states vote them in. As for my Moonbeam, I love the guy. He has actually been working this whole time — doing his job — he is loved out here, and he will win!

    California will prove you can’t buy our state. Her ads are everywhere in the web, everywhere on TV. Not going to matter. She will be a laughingstock. If only she had been kind or good instead of so selfish. She could have helped millions with all the $$$ she spent on ads. Unbelievable. To me she and Fiorina represent the “bitch” side of feminism — not the kind side. They would be the Second Wavers who made it in corporate? I hope we “outsource” Fiorina too. Right off the ballot. A few years ago she seemed okay, but not on her stances this year. Non-feminism.

  29. CNN’s front page has this headline up: What went wrong for the Democrats?

    I only skimmed the article, because I already know the answer. They rigged their own damn primary and nominated the candidate who the majority of their base didn’t vote for. Now that Obama has turned out to be a disaster, that base is extremely pissed off. This ain’t rocket science folks!

    Here’s a particularly funny quote though:

    “Health care seemed like a totally inside-the-beltway deal,” says a Democratic pollster. “That went against his own brand.”

    Notice that the source says Obama went against his brand, not his ideals or his base.

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