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Whose seat is it, anyway?

Sore Loser

Lisa Murkowski is not a happy camper:

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s campaign is warning Alaska broadcasters not to air ads by a national tea party group that the campaign says are “littered with lies and intentional mischaracterizations” about her and her write-in campaign.

Attorney Timothy McKeever, in a letter to broadcasters Monday, said they are under a “legal and moral obligation” not to air the new ads from Tea Party Express, which is supporting Joe Miller, the political upstart who defeated Murkowski in the August GOP primary.

A Tea Party Express spokesman said his initial reaction is that the group stands behind the ads.

It seems they held a primary election up in the Arctic Circle and the Republican Eskimos and Elves voted for a Tea Partier named Joe Miller. So Lisa is pulling a Lieberman and going independent to keep “her” seat in the Senate.

This is the ad she’s pissed about:

This is her ad:

BTW – Lisa’s dad got beat by Mama Grizzly, who also endorsed Miller. Nobody could have foreseen but suddenly some proggers are finding lots to love about Lisa. Make no mistake, she’s a conservative GOPer and a member in good standing of the Village.

True lefties have no dog in this fight. Neither Miller nor Murkowski is a friend of ours, and whichever one wins will be voting with the GOP at least 99% of the time. It’s basically a lose-lose choice between corrupt and crazy.

So just get some popcorn and a cold beverage and watch the fur fly.

72 Responses

  1. No dog in this fight. But, still … ya gotta admit it’s entertaining.

  2. How dare her fail the bar exam four times.

  3. I’m not a supporter of Lisa, but they are certainly spinning the fact that she failed 4 times on the bar exam, (she passed on the 5th) & rationalizing her lack of abilities when it comes to getting it right.

    Yea, huh? “the will of the people”………

    • Unless someone passed it on the first try I don’t think they have any room to criticize or look down on someone who didn’t.

      Even then it’s bullshit.

  4. Not sure why she could have a problem with that ad. Seems to be spot on. If you don’t like the system we have then work to change it. Don’t circumvent it because you feel entitled. People voted in the primary and she lost. End of story.

    Move on and support your fellow party members and continue to work towards the things you want to accomplish that are going to help the people of your state and this country. Oh, that is right she is a republican politician. It is about her and what she can get and not about helping people. To bad the Dems have morphed into the republicans as well. Sigh.

  5. suddenly some proggers are finding lots to love about Lisa

    Why don’t they tell Lisa to “get over it” “sweetie” and to “read a civics book” ?

    (obviously that’s a rhetorical question)

  6. OT: Sharron Angle Pulls Ahead of Harry Reid (from Fox polling):

    Republican Sharron Angle seems to be solidifying her support in her bid to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada.

    In the latest Fox News battleground state poll of likely voters, Angle drew 49 percent to Reid’s 46 percent. As voters make up their mind with four weeks to go until Election Day, Angle seems to have the edge.

    In the first Fox battleground poll in the Silver State four weeks ago, 10 percent of respondents were either unsure, in favor of a minor party candidate or, as state law allows in Nevada, planning to vote for “none of these candidates.”

    In this week’s poll, those three categories add up to 5 percent. Over the same period, Angle’s overall vote percentage went from 45 percent to 49 percent.

    Democratic strategists hope to prevent an Angle win by driving up her unfavorable ratings and pushing voters to choose a minor party candidate or “none of these.” Angle was viewed unfavorable by 53 percent in the survey. But Reid was viewed unfavorably by 55 percent.

    Angle’s supporters are growing more certain of their support, too. Two weeks ago, 10 percent of Angle supporters said they could still change their minds. That number has dropped to 4 percent.

    While Angle’s lead is still within the poll’s 3-point margin of error, this is the first Fox battleground poll in Nevada to show a difference of more than 1 point.

    The survey generally reflects a sharpening of opinion in Nevada. A strengthening among Democrats lifted Obama’s job
    approval from 40 percent to 44 percent. Support for the Tea Party movement, meanwhile, rose from 25 percent to 30 percent.

    The race remains a true tossup, though, because voters aren’t very happy with their choices. Fifty six percent of all voters said Reid had been in office too long and 53 percent said Angle’s views were “too extreme.”

    • That race is a prime example of why we need a “none of the above” option on ballots.

      If NOTA wins they hold a special election and all the original candidates are disqualified.

  7. It’s interesting to me that the two ads seem to be clearly showing a class split.
    The first ad is attacking Murkowski as being given the seat by her father, implying privilege. Also it is very — I don’t know the word – the ad style is simple, direct, “aimed for masses.”

    The second ad is very soft-spoken, with tasteful background music and nice natural lighting– upscale demographic target.

  8. gonna be a fun election :mrgreen:

  9. Here’s a radio ad via C4P:

    • Now that is just too darned funny. That is some nasty politics though. Bad people behaving badly. Who’d have thought that would happen?

      • I liked the “Mine, mine, mine!” part best.

        Do ya think they were thinking of Caroline Kennedy when they came up with the “Princess Lisa” idea?

        • Yup! When they said “there’s no royalty in America” my thought was “but what about the Kennedys!”

    • That is just he best ad ever – where do I get to cast my vote for THAT award… seeing as how casting my vote for anything else that used to have meaning seems generally worthless now.

      Truly funny ad… How long before Fiorina takes a cue…?

  10. Gretawire:

    A disgraced former cocaine addict and a disgraced former NY Governor call former Governor Sarah Palin an idiot on CNN? Yes..I just heard it.

    OK…I confess…I just turned on CNN to see how the new Parker Spitzer show is on its first night. (I am friends with Kathleen Parker and I know Elliot Spitzer as a frequent prosecutor guest on my old CNN program Burden of Proof.)

    Just as I turned it on, a show guest (who has been arrested for drugs and has had a cocaine problem) said “Sarah Palin is an idiot” and Elliott Spitzer is seen laughing on camera. It was gratuitous. It was not after any discussion of policy or anything remotely like that.

    Answer this question:

    Should these two guys be laughing at former Governor Sarah Palin? A guy who runs around with hookers and the other who had a coke habit and was arrested for drugs? (yes, I know you are thinking, who are the idiots?)

    Challenge her aggressively on policy since good debates on policy are good for the country…..but these two guys just gratuitously insulting her? Really? (I guess they should hear what has been said about them, right?)

    • Welcome to political discourse in America today….

    • Calling her an idiot isn’t going to stop Palin. But Greta is spot on, who the hell are you?

    • If corrupt, creepy, losers say you’re different than them, is that a bad thing? 🙂

    • They’d never dare to call a male of color “idiot” on-air.

      Idiots there are, of all colors and genders, but Sarah Palin isn’t one. Besides, that has nothing to due with the issues.

      Yeah, I know. Silly me for thinking it should be about the issues.

    • it’s four week until elections…can someone send out a blast fax? Late breaking : Sarah Palin is not running
      for office

  11. Another day, another poll. This time from our Washington Pravda:

    Voters still angry as Democrats edge closer
    The electoral landscape re-tilts toward Democrats, even as dissatisfaction with the party’s congressional representatives tops 1994 levels. However, the GOP’s big gains in 1994 remain a closer model to today than does 2006, when Democrats swept back into power.

  12. This reminds me of Kerry in 2008, asking the media to not cover the Florida primaries because “they don’t count”.
    Of course, that time, there was entitlement, arrogance AND corruption.

  13. *sigh* What part of “the party rank and file have a right to vote for who they want to represent them” do BOTH parties not understand?

    I do not care if they voted for a loon. That’s their right. What, now we say the voters get to have a choice unless the party poobahs think they made a bad choice – then we can just throw it out? I don’t even like Miller, but I hope he kicks Princess Lisa’s ass in the general. Let the damn voters VOTE. It’s their decision, not yours.

    Both parties are treading on very thin ice these days. We may be looking at several election cycles of the voters beating up one party then the other until SOMEONE gets the message to STFU with YOUR grand plans for the populace and listen to the people. People are at the point of just saying fuck you all, I’ll vote for a libertarian loon, or a moonbat greenie, or my hairdresser Midge before I’ll vote for the establishment picks.

    Here, Cee Lo Green has a message for the D’s and the R’s:

  14. “True lefties have no dog in this fight. Neither Miller nor Murkowski is a friend of ours, and whichever one wins will be voting with the GOP at least 99% of the time. It’s basically a lose-lose choice between corrupt and crazy.”

    Truer words were never spoken! Why any liberal would be pulling for either of these candidates is beyond me. Though Miller is far away the most polished of the Tea Party lovelies, he’s just as extreme as the rest. A Libertarian in GOP clothing. These are people who insist unemployment benefits and social security are unConstitutional. Social Darwinists, all of them. And in Alaska, voters might ask themselves how much they enjoy those annual rebate checks from the oil fields, a gift frm Gov. Palin. That sort of thing wouldn’t figure into a Miller philosophy, The Wild, Wild, West revisited. But Alaskans will have to live with their choice. In the same way Kentucky, Delaware, Nevada and Colorado will have to live theirs.

    It is, indeed, high entertainment. And yes, a NOTA vote in many of these states seems the only reasonable recourse.

    • And in Alaska, voters might ask themselves how much they enjoy those annual rebate checks from the oil fields, a gift frm Gov. Palin. That sort of thing wouldn’t figure into a Miller philosophy

      I think your views about AK politics is not right. AK sees its oil rebate as a right, not a philosophy. The oil belongs to Alaskans, not oil companies or the government of AK. This view is very different from other states that give their oil to oil companies almost tax free.

      • Besides, Miller is running for the US Senate, not Governator.

      • Yeah, I believe it’s actually in their state constitution that natural resources on public lands belong to the people themselves.

        And I think that some have a misunderstanding of the position of many teapartiers on state benefits, etc. Most are not at all opposed to a state doing whatever it wants. Their opposition is to centralized federal govt being too powerful. They would prefer more things to default to the states, and let each state decide what they will and won’t do. They tend to believe that more localized control is more responsive and representative, and more easily corrected when they get it wrong.

        • natural resources on public lands belong to the people themselves.

          What a concept. That sounds dangerously democratic.

        • In that case, count me as a Tea Party member. I want Washington to stay away from policies that should be controlled by local government. Of course the South used that view for discrimination, but the U.S. Constitution protects us, when correctly applied, against such abuses by local government.

          • There are actually some areas where “states rights” advocates have some valid points. Unfortunately, the very phrase got tarnished by association with segregationists, so now it’s difficult to even have a reasonable discussion about the concept, and its limits.

            We obviously need more federal govt than we did in 1800, because, sorry purists, it’s just a very different world. But I also see where the feds have pushed their power to the breaking point, and pretty much bully the states these days, with unfunded mandates, etc. We need to get some balance. Commonsense balance would be good. But that’s boring, and doesn’t get the D troops or R troops all riled up and demonizing each other.

      • I wasn’t talking about Alaska’s philosophy/rights position, which frankly I have no problem with. Why shouldn’t residents get some benefit from the gazillion dollars in oil profits being pumped from their own state?

        I’m talking about squaring that with Miller’s Libertarian stance and screaming about evil governmental intervention. It seems out of whack to me at least, where you have a state drawing down oil royalties, distributing tax revenue checks to citizens, partaking in the subsidy for home schooling, not to mention the original permanent fund setup in Alaska, to sing about the magical free market, while declaring that unemployment benefits and SS are unConstitutional.

        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

        Bottom line? Many of these Tea Party candidates and their messages make no sense to me. I’d be hard put in deciding how to vote if my state were only offering the choice between conventional and Tea Party candidate. I really “would” want a NOTA option.

    • “True lefties have no dog in this fight. Neither Miller nor Murkowski is a friend of ours

      Exactly. Remember how the lefty progs all howled about Leiberman running as an “Independent” when he lost the Dem primary fair and square?

  15. I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but this is going to be the most entertaining election ever. Am I bad to think that?

    • Yes, you should be ashamed.

    • It’s been extremely amusing to me. I may not be amused next year when I see a totally incompetent government, WH and congress, battle over every dollar that’s going to be spent or social issues.

      • We should be so lucky…but I do not think there will be battles…the GOP will do what they want and Obama will sign whatever. Both Dem and GOP elite want the same things. The only “fight” between the parties is over who will serve the top .999999

        that’s it

    • Nah, we deserve some entertainment as we continue under the dismal conditions of O’s Administration.

  16. The stock market has been doing well lately. Not that the economy has recovered, but it is almost at 11,000……

    • Off topic, I know…. 😦

      • I always pay attention to the market. Right now its the fund managers that are driving it, up or down. Volume has been light, for the most part.

        • Does that mean the market gains are unsustainable?

          • Yes. Watch volume in any market move. Light volume in an either up or down move means that there’s no conviction in the move. I don’t know what the volume is today, but volume throughout September was light.

            The same thing applies to stock movements.

          • You also have to watch the origins of that volume. Sometimes it’s fake – the HFT computers of the big financial houses doing lots of rapid trades back and forth with themselves, trying to pump the market to lure Joe Investor back in. Then they’ll short him like crazy and make out like bandits.

            The game is not what is was in years past. It is very rigged, and the old “tells” do not always apply.

          • Thanks for the info! Give me a beaker with an ethyne an a tank full of hydrogen and I can saturate that triple bond like there is no tomorrow. The stock market, on the other hand looks like an alien language. 😛

          • TheRock, I’d say that volume is more important than the direction of the market. WMCB’s point is possible, but for the most part, good volume is an indication of how investors feel about the market.

        • I always pay attention to the point spreads in Vegas.

          Bookies are more honest than stock brokers.

    • Good time for a bubble. It’s all a rigged game. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

      • It’s been pointed out by many analysts that there’s a bubble in commodities and stocks from the low Fed fund rate.

      • I something think the market is being kept high so giving social security over to it looks like a good deal. The dot bomb melt down was bad for many, but it retailed the SS give over to the maket that had been building during that time… Stealing ss is something they have wanted for a long time…Timily down markets has done alot to protect SS.

  17. I’m not amused by it, and as entertainment it just makes me cringe. The whole bloody lot of em.

    Saw Connecticut Senate hopefuls Blumenthal and McMahon debate last night. What a frickin nightmare. Blumenthal was so nervous he trembled through the whole thing and kept complaining about how rich McMahon is, and all McMahon could do was call Blumenthal a liar. I wanted to toss a Slurpee on both of them.

    • I agree. The whole thing makes me cringe. I don’t have that many years left and voting for even more crazy people just depresses me.

  18. And my Facebook friends keep posting YouTubes of gays exclaiming, “It gets better!”

    When you grow up being ridiculed and belittled and denigrated and bullied, if you try really hard it can get better when you become an adult but you do not become well. It stays with you and impacts the way you feel the world, the way you see and hear and respond to others. And what really pisses me off is we adults, at this very time, have a chance to make life for kids better by doing substantive things like repealing DADT and DOMA so homosexuals won’t be second class citizens, and by ending the demonization of people we disagree with like Sarah Palin. But no. Let’s post a bunch of YouTubes and it’ll be better. I know it’s well intentioned but, given what we have the potential to achieve right now, it’s just idiotic.

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