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Is this WTF week?

Sombody said I seem angry lately. You think so? I wonder what gave them that impression.

Greg Sargent is buns up and kneeling:

What if the Dem base’s lack of enthusiasm is rooted in the fact that Dems aren’t even aware of how much Congress has accomplished in the last two years?

A new poll from Pew and National Journal contains a really striking finding: Only one third of Democrats think this Congress has achieved more than other recent Congresses. Meanwhile, 60 percent of Dems think it has accomplished the same or less.


Yet despite passing an enormous stimulus that many credit with rescuing us from disaster, passing health reform after a half century of failure, rescuing the auto industry, and successfully completing the biggest overhaul of Wall Street regulations since the Great Depresssion, only one third of Democrats think this Congress has achieved more than other recent ones.

Maybe this speaks to an enormous Dem failure to communicate their successes. Or maybe it’s another sign of how bloated expectations were amid the euphoria of Obama’s win. Or perhaps the sense of just how monumental our problems are — and the fact that Dems secured such large Congressional majorities — led rank and file Dems to expect truly historic, paradigm shifting levels of leadership.

Or maybe it’s because 60 percent of rank and file Democrats DON’T DRINK KOOL-AID!

(But that’s probably because they’re bitter, clingy racists, right Greg?)

Steve Benen assumes the position:

I don’t expect the public to have an extensive knowledge of federal policymaking history, but I at least hoped Americans would realize the scope of recent accomplishments. We are, after all, talking about a two-year span in which Congress passed and the president signed the Affordable Care Act, the Recovery Act, Wall Street reform, student loan reform, Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, new regulation of the credit card industry, new regulation of the tobacco industry, a national service bill, expanded stem-cell research, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the most sweeping land-protection act in 15 years, etc. Policymakers might yet add to this list in the lame-duck session.

Uh, Steve? Didja ever consider that maybe we DO KNOW what Obama and the DINOcrats have been up to, but WE’RE NOT FUCKING HAPPY about it?

Here’s Glenzilla with an example of what I’m talking about:

As I’ve noted before, the column of mine which produced the greatest level of hate mail and anger in the last year — both in terms of intensity and quantity — was this one from August, 2009, when I compiled the evidence strongly suggesting that the White House, despite Obama’s multiple statements to the contrary, had secretly bargained away the public option with corporate interests early in the negotiation process and therefore did not intend to push for its inclusion in the final bill. That produced so much anger because it contradicted the central Democratic orthodoxy at the time that Obama — as he claimed in public — was trying as hard as he could to have a public option in the health care bill, but . . . gosh darn it, he was unfortunately stymied by his inability to get 60 votes for it, despite his best efforts (the fact that the health care bill ultimately passed via reconciliation, whereby the public option would have needed only 50 votes, was a separate issue).

Gee, What’s not to love about that, Steve?

But wait, there’s more! Jonathon Chait at the New Republic:

Depressed Democrats Losing Touch With Reality

Every time a Democratic leader tells the base to stop whining and wake up to the fact that this is the most successful period of liberal governance in more than four decades, liberals just get more petulant.

Jeebus! Whose side are these fuckwads on, anyway?

Serenity now! SERENITY NOW!

Senorita! Mas cerveza y tequila aqui, por favor!

143 Responses

  1. This country is ungovernable. What’s the point of passing bills with focus group tested titles like “The biggest and bestest life improving suck it Bill, bill EVA” when those whiny ingrates keep saying, “That’s nice, but things are getting worse and my quality of life has not improved one iota”? Idiots! When will they accept the power of PR?

    • What terrible ingrates we are.

      • I heard a few minutes on Rachel Maddow along those lines and shrieked then turned the TV off and took a bath and read a book. Now, I’m drinking a glass of wine.

        • It all harks back to the primaries when we continually annoyed with our whiny requests for “a rational reason” to support Obama. No matter how many times they replied, “We’re smarter than you and when we see him we feel a kind of overwhelming ache,” we refused to accept their wisdom. We just won’t learn.

        • That’s what you get for watching msnbo, the pro-Obama network. Considering how they beat up on Hillary and shilled for The Won, why do you watch it?

      • It’s nice to have you back but I do feel bad that you are as mad as you are.

        • I’m not a warm fuzzy kinda person. Anger is my milieu. I’m only happy when I’m pissed off about something.

          • Song for an angry clown:

          • Daschle Admits — Then Denies — That White House Agreed With Industry To Scrap Public Option

            “I don’t think it was taken off the table completely. It was taken off the table as a result of the understanding that people had with the hospital association, with the insurance (AHIP), and others,” Daschle told Wonk Room’s Igor Volsky. “I mean I think that part of the whole effort was based on a premise. That premise was, you had to have the stakeholders in the room and at the table. Lessons learned in past efforts is that without the stakeholders’ active support rather than active opposition, it’s almost impossible to get this job done. They wanted to keep those stakeholders in the room and[the public option] was the price some thought they had to pay.”

            ((((SCREAMING))))…’ME TOO’, There is the ‘ME TOO’, President Obama made a deal to KILL THE PUBLIC OPTION and WE ARE ALL PAYING FOR THE DEAL IN THE HUNDREDS EACH MONTH! It sure was a historic poker deal, and the ones paying are the American people via the biggest premium hikes we have ever experienced.

          • Daschle’s walkback is all weasel words, but it wasn’t exactly much a revelation on Daschles part to begin with even before he walked it back. It’s been pretty clear the public option was never on the table to begin with for it to ever have been taken off the table at all–it was just a bait and switch.

          • Well, it’s an admission of something we all knew had happened, but it still pisses me off royally.

          • I hear ya, but Daschle still isn’t telling the truth is what I mean. The only reason the public option ever appeared to be on the table was to bait people into going for Obama’s junk insurance mandate and to build momentum for healthcare reform. No public option was ever actually on the table. It was kabuki. They only pretended it was on the table to deceive. That is all it ever was — MESSAGING. the product was never in the cards.

            Also the way Daschle frames it as if there was no choice is also a cheat. Hillary had talked about building up support from various groups to take on the insurance industry. People can poo poo that or say it was just talk on her part, but I’m not sure how anyone can just dismiss it that easily given her history on the issue and how in command of it she was when she talked about HCR in 2008 and the lessons she had learned from the nineties. She was ready to take this issue on. Perhaps she was so focused on readying herself for the governing part and actually doing something of substance for the people as president that the DNC/Obama train were able to take advantage of that and proceed with their caucus strategy. While Obama was busy figuring out how to bus people in from other states, Hillary was planning how to take on our healthcare system and create jobs and tackle the foreclosure crisis. If that was a flaw and an oversight on her part, so be it.

            Anyhow, my point got lost in all this. Hillary made it very clear that her attack strategy was going to be to build a coalition to force the insurance industry to bend since they were never going to do it willingly.

            The terms of HCR didn’t *have* to be dictated by keeping the industry’s shareholders at the table the way Daschle paints it–Obama made it so that the terms were dictated that way.

          • They sold their birthrights for a mess of pottage, but they got hustled.

            At least if they would have stood on principles they would still have their integrity.

      • So this is the news I get to put me off my lunch. TPM telling me Daschle admits it and then gets all weak and takes it back. What a goat-fuck! I remember reading reports about this back then but not quite believing it. I figured it was the usual political bullshit talk. But no, the public option was given away from the beginning.

        If Hillary runs I want her to beat him over the head with this betrayal. (There’s my word again, myiq2xu).
        I want her to shove it in his face early and often they way others shoved her AUMF vote in her face. (Which I maintain they were right to do.)

        Fucking fuck.
        God damned politicians.

  2. They remind me of W grumbling that Iraqis are ungrateful for all the freedom and liberty marching on

  3. Does progressive stand for progressive brain disease?

    I’ll try to say this slowly with small words on the off-chance that a Dem or a prog might understand …

    1. The electorate is not voting against their interests — they are voting against YOU.

    2. Obama’s reforms are in Obama’s and Corporate America’s interests. Not in the American people’s interests.

    3. If you keep telling Americans that America is so ungovernable for Democrats and progressives, the American people will make sure you don’t have to govern it anymore.

    • How much of an idiot would a person have to be to look at a country full of angry, suffering people, and decide this would be a good time to assure them that this is the most successful period of liberal governance ever? It’s genius. “Was that ad equating liberalism with Obama made by the Repubs–uh, no, not exactly.”

      • How much of an idiot would a person have to be to look at a country full of angry, suffering people, and decide this would be a good time to assure them that this is the most successful period of liberal governance ever?

        As much of an idiot as Obama was throughout his latest Rolling Stone interview.

        • Even from O’s point of view rather than the liberal brand’s, sake, what is the Axelrod strategy here to keep calling all of this a smashing success ? The voters don’t like it and he keeps saying this is the best he can do. How does that inspire confidence. Don’t they learn anything from Bill Clinton? (i.e. Say it’s not working yet but stick with us and give us a chance to finish what we started and if it doesn’t work, then two years later vote us out? ) But, O doesn’t have the guts to campaign like that.

          • It’s like they think people will wake up on Election Day feeling guilty for not doing enough to help Obama. Think again, people have their own problems.

          • Slowly but surely, glacier-like and inexorably, I am being radicalized by the present administration.
            All the regulars here are helping too.

            The only thing I don’t like about this is the feeling of impotent anger it produces. Whether they’re knaves or fools doesn’t really matter. The results matter. And their results are pathetic.

            I want to throw my hands up. But I feel guilty about feeling that.

      • lol. The ad about Michelle Bachman myiq posted in the other thread, was it FOR her or against her. Could have went either way. 😉

    • “Does progressive stand for progressive brain disease?”

      OMG, that is the funniest line I’ve read in weeks!!! I’d share it at my office, but they’re still dems in denial.

  4. This is a valid point, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with admitting it, because the Obama administration has been absolutely HORRIBLE with the politics of all this. Thus he’s not getting credit for the good things he HAS done. Part of the frustration is not the policy but the politics, of asking for bipartisanship from them, to doing nothing with the healthcare townhalls, to bad messaging, on and on and on. Who knew giving republicans sole control over the messaging of your policy would have negative consequences?

    The blogosphere knew, but pissing of the liberal blogs was pissing off your political arm and the only people to the left of Pat Buchanan who understand republicans. One criticizes something to make it better, but the Obamabots called it whining and continued to scratch their heads as to why acting like republicans wasn’t stopping their poll numbers from dropping.

    Enjoy your republican majority. You’ve earned it.

    • Thus he’s not getting credit for the good things he HAS done.

      Such as (genuine question, would like to know where you’re coming from)? I had doubts on Obama’s ability to deliver much of anything from the beginning–the one thing I had hope left on was stem cell research and even that turned out to be a dud with the fine print of leaving Dickey-Wicker in place.

  5. “Enjoy your republican majority. You’ve earned it.”

    Woops — I meant that to the Obamabots, not RD et al.

  6. peterdaou Peter Daou
    Daschle spills the beans: public option was taken off the table but White House kept pretending it wasn’t http://bit.ly/cfIaXi
    2 hours ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

  7. Well, looks like Obama himself had a WTF moment–HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  8. There is a journolista feel to all this “Look at the neat pony Uncle Obama and Auntie Pelosi got you. You need to thank them.”

    Uh, that ain’t no pony. Real ponies don’t oink.

  9. Someone get myiq a xanax!

    Yet despite passing an enormous stimulus that many credit with rescuing us from disaster

    Did I miss being rescued?

    passing health reform after a half century of failure,

    True, he did pass a historically horrible Bill written by the insurance companies and big pharma!

    rescuing the auto industry

    Who needs job creation when you can rescue the auto industry?

    and successfully completing the biggest overhaul of Wall Street regulations since the Great Depresssion,

    Again, did I miss something? Isn’t Obama’s economic team comprised of the same people who caused the recession? What regulation of Wall Street is he referring to?

    Really myiq, the kool aid slurpers are right. Obama has accomplished soooo much. You are really just being a smelly, ungrateful hippie. He has passed TONS of horrible legislation that the Democrats should be running on. No wonder they’re losing! They’re all trying to run away from the light bringer, who can assassinate any of us without a trial if he wants and enlighten our souls. Stupid, ungrateful lefty. *shakes head* Stop whining and BUCK UP!

  10. Over at TrogloPundit:

    So let’s see how some members of the Leftysphere are taking Gov. Rendell’s suggestion. Over at something called The Confluence, the reaction is:

    Kiss my ass, Ed!

    Oh. Dear. Also:

    I say f— that and f— you Mr. Rendell.

    In its original, that quote does not include dashes. So, you see, this particular liberal isn’t pleased.

    That’s putting it mildly.

    • You know, on John Smart’s radio show the other night he was talking about how all of this seems deliberate. No politician is stupid enough to repeatedly insult his base. Not even Obama. He obviously wants Repubs to control congress so he can have an excuse to cut social security and call it “reform.” And the Village is in on it, they f*cking love it.

      • I don’t think obama requires a bunch of republicans to screw us all over on SS.

        I think this is how obama operates. This new campaign slogan of “buck up and get with the program” looks the same as the “Hillary Holdouts” and r@cist BS from the primary with a larger target audience.

        • Unfortunately, Obama’s “base” is comprised mainly of fellow narcissists who think they’re better than everyone else. It wouldn’t cross their minds that they have to prove anything to anyone, so this guilt tripping is lost on them.

          • True, but isn’t it odd? Like BB says, he has talked about privatizing social security numerous times, especially in his books.

          • It makes sense. Kooch and the Dems would happily eliminate SS if he told them to, but with the Repubs in he can pretend that he was forced into it but he forced them into certain concessions, blagh blagh, instead of it all being on him. Poor Obama, victim of his own schemes, is an eternally popular media narrative.

  11. I described the “Wall Street Regulation” bill to my husband like this last week:

    So you have some bad characters who are flying through an intersection in their cars, going 90mph, running up onto the sidewalks, and hitting and killing pedestrians right and left.

    The Dems and the drivers of the cars get together for cocktails and lunch, and come up with some great ideas.

    “We could put some more airbags in the cars so the drivers don’t get hurt, and charge the pedestrians for the cost of the install.

    Good idea!

    Also, maybe we could make all pedestrians wear helmets and shin pads?


    Maybe we could limit the drivers to driving through between the hours of 3pm and 7pm?

    Nah, my golf game is usually over by 2. Make it noon to ten pm..

    Okay, sure.

    Oh, and maybe we could say that drivers can only drive at 60 mph through the intersection instead of 90?

    Could we make that 70?


    Maybe we could license only big hulking towncars to do the high-speed intersection driving thing. No need for all those little Hondas to be cluttering up the place.

    Sounds fab!

    And so on…….

    Meanwhile, all the pedestrians out here are going WTF??!! Nobody is going to fucking JAIL? Nobody is getting their damn LICENSE REVOKED???

    But we are supposed to shut up and applaud the “landmark regulation” that the Dems and the drivers passed for us.

    • Quit hatin’ you racist bitter knitter!


      • They labor under the misapprehension that “pass a big honkin’ bill with lots of words and stuff” = “effective regulation”

        Yeah. Tell me another one.

    • the tiniest violin in the world feels their pain in their inability to communicate to us the wonder and the magic of their historic and unprecedented policy FAIL.

  12. Oh, crap, I’m in spammy.

  13. myiq–I think you’re right. There is a journolist smell to this. More scoldings, but this time by the borg. That will definitely make me feel guilty for not chugging kool-aid till my teeth fall out.

  14. Ever notice how everything is superlatives to these people. It’s always ‘the best ever’ or ‘unprecedented’ or ‘historical’ — sounds like 12 year olds.

  15. Just read that Woodward is telling CNN Hillary VP is on the table. *eyeroll*

    • *double eyeroll*

    • I do think Obama would be a bloody fool not to do that in ’12.

      But then he is a bloody fool, so….

      • But then he is a bloody fool, so….

        Lol, Pilgrim. Exactly. If it ever happened, you’d know O was desperate and didn’t see any way else to save his face. But, I think at this point he still aloof and arrogant enough to prefer being his own magical historicness as a one-termer rather than have to share a piece of that historic pie with Hillary or anyone else.

    • I kind of love him, because he’s absolutely incapable of critical judgment. He just repeats whatever spin. Her advisors are hopeful, because she needs this, while the WH is skeptical because they don’t need her at all. I worry about his ability to function normally in society, but I love him.

    • They could make her “co president” and I wouldn’t vote for her with him on the ticket.

    • I see the idea of Hillary VP 2012 put out from time to time. Axel must be thinking that if he can dangle Hillary VP 2012, we’ll all swoon and come back to the party. Axel never understood that it was not about Hillary. We weren’t, we aren’t and we won’t be into Oprecious.

  16. Woodward blows with the wind. Sorta hedges in case the adored one becomes unpopular–rather, more unpopular.

    • You’d think that after that movie people would get the message, but I have a friend who thinks that because he watches the news on teevee, he’s informed.

  17. And while you, bitter knitters obsess about elections, Obama’s base (DU) is dissecting the Tenn. fire department story. I mean the entire forum is

    • Obama’s base really wasted a lot of money on all that high info and education… they are stuck debating whether the firemen did the right thing by refusing or not *headdesk*

      These aren’t “progressives” — these are backdoor privatizers. Either knowingly or unwittingly so.

      The correct debate should be WTF are firefighting services optional.


      • Okay. I have to speak up. Cities cannot force people outside its jurisdiction to participate in services. It can only be voluntary. It’s not as irrational as people think. If Brooklyn decides it cannot afford firefighting, New York City cannot force those who live in Brooklyn to pay New York City taxes to get its services. But out of goodwill, the people of New York can decide to offer the service if those in Brooklyn are willing to pay. A firefighter who gets injured working outside its jurisdiction can be out of coverage. The city can open itself to lawsuits and all sort of problems. The person who screwed up was the homeowner because he could have had the service if he had entered into the contract by paying the $75.00

        • It’s almost as if Canada decided to offer for a monthly fee health care to U.S. citizens who live next to its borders because there are no services nearby. I’d be stupid not to take it, but Canada could only make it voluntary.

        • I understand that but the fire spread and that is a hazard to the neighbor who did pay–the city should have put it out, imho, and dealt with the money afterward. They could have fined him whatever. The guy was willing to pay. Why let a house burn down just to prove a point?

          • that’s what I mean by “optional” — as in something the firefighters opted out of.

          • I don’t believe firefighters were out to prove a point. I believe it has to do with legal issues by working outside jurisdiction for someone who decided not to accept the service. The homeowner cannot enter into the service when needed. Firefighting is a dangerous profession and there are liabilities that must be considered. It’s not like health care. If a building burns down, it’s too bad. I think if the homeowner had said there was someone trapped in the building, they would have come out.

            If someone gets locked out of a house, they must call a locksmith, but if there’s a child inside, the police will open the house.

          • The firefighters came out to put out the fire that was threatening the person with coverage. Nothing happened to that house. Just grass burned.

          • The thing about fire is that it’s not always that easy to contain. What if a massive wind had blown up and spread the fire in 4 different directions while they stood there and watched? The first house probably wouldn’t have caught if they’d just put the fire out, the neighbor’s property would never have caught if they’d just put it out. If anyone had gotten hurt, they’d be in so much trouble it’s not even funny. It’s one thing if they were busy and didn’t have any trucks to send, but they basically stood there endangering everyone in the vicinity just to prove a point.

          • I’ll have to disagree on this one, Dario. That was a hazard to others to let the fire keep going and spread.

          • Seriously,
            The fire department didn’t stand and watch the fire. The firefighters did not respond to the call. That’s what leads me to believe that it was legal limitations that could not be put aside. There was no life being threatened. And as soon as someone who was their duty to protect called, the firefighters responded.

          • They did stand around and watch the fire. They didn’t respond to the call, but once they arrived to deal with the neighbor’s fire that’s exactly what they did. There isn’t a judge in this country who would entertain a liability suit from people who didn’t pay their fee against firefighters who tried to help them, but if anything, anything happened while they stood there and watched, they’re opening themselves up to legal issues up the wazoo. What if another neighbor’s house who hasn’t paid the fee goes up? Are they still going to refuse help although it never would have happened if they hadn’t stood there watching the other house burn? What if it gets so out of control that the whole block goes up? What if while they’re standing there a huge fire starts up in another part of town and it takes much longer to get there because they didn’t just put it out and go back to the fire station?

        • Just to correct a misconception, Brooklyn is not outside the jurisdiction of NYC and it is served by FDNY.

        • Brooklyn = one of the boroughs of NYC. Hence can be forced to do whatever the other boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx) do

    • http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389×9262852

      This thread is an absolute classic, this person is the apotheosis of Obotism. In fact, he may actually be Obama.

      • what a pathetic attempt at an analogy. And he’s “Kansas voter” making fun of “Texas Observer” for being from Texas? Like the left hasn’t been off on a high horse about What’s the matter with Kansas?

        • Lol I know, I couldn’t believe that one. No one with an Obama/Biden avatar should be making fun of anyone with a Molly avatar, that’s for damn certain. But it’s all part of that quintessential Obot spirit of stupidity and obnoxiousness.

  18. See if you can spot Dandy Tiger in this clip:

  19. Greg Sargent: “……..the fact that Dems secured such large Congressional majorities — led rank and file Dems to expect truly historic, paradigm shifting levels of leadership.”

    Erica: Yes, Greg, we did expect that, and it was reasonable to do so. In fact, I voted for Hillary for precisely that reason. I wanted a paradigm shifting level of leadership and was enough of a grown up to see that Hillary (the experienced, savvy, smart, and tough one) was the one capable of that kind of leadership.

    • What a strange concept. You vote for somebody, win the election and expect them to keep their promises.

      • That doesn’t apply to us, we knew Obama was a fraud way before the geniuses of Left Blogistan did,

        “Nobody could have foreseen”

    • WTF WOULDN’T they expect historic levels of leadership? The way these people act you’d think that Obama addressed the nation to explain that he’s not that bright, accomplished, experienced, or capable, and we shouldn’t expect anything from him as President, and we were all so charmed by his honesty we voted him in anyway. Like a damn Capra movie. And now we’re being mean, holding him to normal standards he Warned us beforehand he wouldn’t be meeting.

      • ‘Obama always said in 2010 he’d be where Clinton was at in 1994!’ (Right, that’s why it was so important to vote for Obama over Clinton.)

        • Lol Really puts the life or death struggle of the scorched earth primary into perspective, doesn’t it? Before it was, that $)$&@! That rac ist! How dare she imply he wouldn’t answer the 3 am phone call! Now it’s, meh. Who would call at 3 am? That’s not considerate. He needs his sleep. Life is short, eat dessert first. He’ll answer the call at 3 pm, so long as it doesn’t disturb his nap.

          • rarr! O doesn’t eat dessert…esp. not… gasp… chocolate! Remember those days, back before he moved into the WH and started scarfing down cheeseburger and pies and his cholesterol went up!

            It’s 3 AM and Kal Penn has taken Obama to White Castle!

          • White Castle is too downmarket and not trendy enough. Plus, they failed to provide promotional consideration. Harold and Kal dine exclusively at Five Guys!

          • but is Five Guys open at 3 am?

          • For Harold and Kal? Always! Drag the manager out of bed if necessary. Harold doesn’t eat low rent burgers.

          • No, for O and Kal. I think the whole “we’re a part of something cool” phase is long gone. Maybe they could get free waffle fries from Chick fil-A or whattaburger. those places seem to have some fundie ties.

          • There’s some kind of religious doughnut chain with bible verses on the cups. 3am fundie doughnuts and waffle fries are good any time.

        • Huh? “This time you got me” was a dream then?
          And the campaign flyer about Clinton losing midterm seats?

  20. Hey, thanks youz for dropping by the Ladder.
    I noticed today that Obama seems intent on spaying his most potent challenger: http://huff.to/cVgtMT
    That would be Hillary Clinton.
    I just don’t see Obama winning the next election, for example after dicklessly handing us over to BP, after losing Billions bailing out Wall Street and GM to no avail, and this chaos unleashed by the Supreme Court for funding Handmaiden’s Tail like Palin/O’Donnell or Palin/Backman so that Haley Babar/Jindal can take it in a waltz. Obama’s policies are simply not translating to “money on the ground” for most Americans.
    The problem I’ve always had with Official Democrats is that they think they are playing Go Fish with Card Sharks.
    That never ceases to amaze me.

    • Hi!!! Always happy to read you and we agree with that here. I love the go Fish with the Card Sharks line.

      Not certain how we’re going to get the Democrats to act like real Democrats, but it would sure help if their major GOTV strategy wasn’t punching his then tell us we have no place to go to cure what ails us.

    • btw, did you see the Obama commercial for Cedric Richmond?

      • Cedric has been there for you. Always for you. Before and after Katrina.

      • Dak, you are referenced in a post at NoQuarter called “The Cheese Stands Alone.”

      • Yes! That’s what I’m talkin’bout: http://bit.ly/aehfX8
        Cedric RichMond has “Been There”…
        —well yeah, done That and got the $Bill Jefferson to prove it: http://bit.ly/a4yxDT
        And also: http://bit.ly/9f929C
        (Love Zombie. Hook up if you haven’t already;)
        But dat’s what I’m talkin’bout, why back an obviously corrupt Non-Profit King Schmeal like Cedric RichMon? Well?
        That is just stupid, if ya’axe me —and you know everyone does ha!
        But I can feel Obama losing the way one waits for the sound of a shotgun from 1000 yards away.
        Obama is One’n’Done. He cinched it for me last year upon dropping by Nola on his Tinkle Stop Tour to tell everyone (in his nauseous faux Elmer Gantry patois) “Katrina did it.” :)….
        But then he miraculously fit Both Feet in his mouf by giving corrupt banksters BILLIONS that would have been better invested with every single American Citizen! Hell, can you imagine? We fucking love to spend money!
        Alas, this train Obama’s pulling just gets longer….

        Anyways… are you from down here? Or somehow bloodily connected to Louisiana? Past Life? What?
        Yer going on the Ladder for this thank you very much.

        • I live kitty cornered from Jack Dempsey’s so I am so down Poland Avenue. Got tired of all the tourist condos in the quarter and bought a single in the bywater about 10 years ago. Econ prof until Jindal’s plan to rid the state of uppity intellectuals and university grads took hold.

          I just did a piece on Richmond yesterday here and included American Zombie’s research. I really wish we could get the TP to cough up what it’s found to date.


          I was wondering if Morial put pressure on Obama to do the ad. I imagine the urban league is doing GOTV and asked for a quid pro quo.

          Richmond will be Derrick Sheppard’s new girl friend in lock-up shortly. My guess is Letten will be all over this. The sooner we get the Jefferson machine’s leftovers in jail, the better off the community will be.

          • ooh ooh ooh dat’one is going on d’Ladder RIGHT NOW!
            Well done! Zombie would be proud, gonna leave you in his comments. Great post!

            Poland Ave eh? Hmmmm thinking about that myself, still on’dat Long Road Ho. Gonna dance 2nd Line 1st of next year. Shoppin’it. They won’t sell to me in Holy Cross without a blood relative signature… but that’s a good thing too y’know. They keepin’it Right over there.

            Zombie kicks Holy Loa Ass, like a Snake Doctor perched on the head of a moccasin waiting for its prey.

            If you Twitter, please follow me, then we can DM and safely exchange emails. http://twitter.com/#!/Editilla
            Love dem’boids

          • Well!!!!
            Apologies for that You Tube Fooey!
            It’s friggin’tough to be a boid.
            —but not to flip one off!
            Take THAT You Tuber! HA!

  21. O/T
    Huge ecological disaster in Hungary.

    ‘One year’ to clean toxic spill in Hungary

  22. News post up. Yea, I’m early. Or is it late?

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