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    Beata on Nursery Rhymes
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    Propertius on Nursery Rhymes
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    Beata on Nursery Rhymes
    William on Nursery Rhymes
    Beata on Nursery Rhymes
    Beata on Nursery Rhymes
    Propertius on Nursery Rhymes
    Propertius on Nursery Rhymes
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Christine O’Donnell, Please Stop Existing Now

It’s like my friend Hecate says,

Last person I heard say, “I’m you,” was Linda Tripp.Who was, you know, not me.

You’re right Christine, you’re not a witch, but you’re not me either.

The saddest thing about this ad is it’s mere existence. Women in politics have been called witches for a long time. For example:

I just want you to know, that was the worse google image search I have ever had to do in my entire life, but I digress. As I was saying, calling women in politics witches is par for the course. This is mostly due to jealousy. O’Donnell WISHES she could be as bad ass as a witch. But it is also because people seem to think it is a demeaning and derogatory insult to call a woman a witch. I mean, when people call me a witch I toss my hair and say, “why, thank you.” But maybe that’s just me.

By saying, “I’m not a witch,” O’Donnell may not be mimicking Nixon’s “I’m not a crook.” Obviously, everyone knows she isn’t a witch, because that is extremely silly. But what is even sillier is the fact that PINOs have been so shrill about her “dabbling in witchcraft” comments when instead they could have been focusing on her extreme views and stances on the issues, which are much more alarming.

A recent study by Captain Obvious found that sexist attacks and sexist media coverage hurt women who run for public office politically, and that when faced with such obstacles, they should always respond to them. By responding to Obots who would rather call her a witch (And seriously, WHY? We don’t want her) than point out things like this:

My Deal With Delaware is that I pledge I will always vote in favor of life and families. Now more than ever we must elect Senators who have a real understanding and deep appreciation for human life. There has been a profound loss of respect for all human life. Women are starting to come forward to break the silence about the mental and physical scars left on their lives by abortion. We must renew the commitment to respect all human life on which the Republican Party was founded.

O’Donnell is combating sexist attacks and media coverage aimed at her, and that’s smart politics, which is too bad for us.

42 Responses

  1. Reminds me of I am not a crook.

    That worked well, didn’t it?

  2. I’m picturing Dems and Repubs forming non-partisan sewing circles and bonding over trying to borrow each other’s best examples. Awww, come on, your face is greener, your hands are more claw-like, and your hat is bigger! We’ll trade you for 7 flying broomstick trading cards. As Paul Rosenberg so astutely pointed out, it’s all about being your best authentic self and learning to expect more from yourself and your brethren–hold out for 8, min.

  3. OT:

    A Good Samaritan, an all-out police effort and the attention of an entire community on an abducted young Fresno girl likely saved her life Tuesday, Chief Jerry Dyer said.

    “It was truly a miracle of God,” Dyer said at a news conference announcing the arrest of a 24-year-old gang member in connection with the abduction of the 8-year-old girl, who was captured in front of her central Fresno home Monday night.

    Dyer had special praise for the man who rescued the girl, but chose to not identify him, he said, because of concerns that his comments as a witness might taint the case.

    But in an interview with KFSN (Channel 30.1), Victor Perez said he had been following the story and saw the suspect’s pickup truck in front of his home Tuesday morning. He said he recognized the truck from a description on a news program.

    Perez said he jumped into his own pickup truck and, after four attempts, was able to block the suspect’s vehicle.

    “At first, it was just talk,” Perez told KFSN. “He said his car was acting up.” But as the man tried to drive away, Perez said, he took action.

    “I just kept cutting him off,” Perez said.

    At first, Perez didn’t see the girl in the suspect’s truck. “The second time I cut him off, the girl put her head up. He was hiding her, pushing her down.”

    The suspect then pushed the girl out of the truck into the roadway and sped off. Perez, who stayed with the girl and called 911, said the girl told him she was scared. “I told her, ‘It’s fine, you’re fine now.’ ”

    The truck was spotted about 40 minutes later by California Highway Patrol officer Dustin Dimmer near Saginaw Avenue and Ninth Street, where Gregorio Gonzalez was taken into custody.

    Gonzalez, a Bulldog gang member on parole for domestic violence and possession of a sawed-off shotgun, faces charges of kidnapping, sexual assault and false imprisonment.

  4. Oh geezzzzzeeeeeeem, Elliot Spitzer likes the ad.

  5. oh, and i’ve heard twice now that the same dude that made the Morning in America ad for Reagan did this for O’Donnell.

  6. Can I sit through Dick Armey ranting against Social Security? Gonna try … at least the music is some really nice jazz.

  7. Politico:

    Perez Hilton not so into POTUS

    They probably could have worded that a little better.

  8. It’s OT but giving the stock exchange the bird is a really great idea. ‘Disgusting’ sculpture stays on show in Milan

    Milan city council has extended the display of a controversial new sculpture by Italy’s most famous living artist, Maurizio Cattelan.

    The sculpture – officially titled L.O.V.E. but popularly known as The Middle Finger – will now remain in the Piazza d’Affari outside the Milan stock exchange until the end of a retrospective of Cattelan’s work in the city on 24 October.

    Now admirers of the artist’s work are pressing for the piazza to become its permanent home.

  9. witches

    During the hideous “Bosnia lies”, I felt like Hillary was being
    stoned. The blowhard Shultzes & frat boy bloggers were
    pelting her over and over.
    I know we will hear it again if Hill ever decides to seek political office.
    Pillory Hillary.
    It’s what they do.
    And by extension, they do it to all of us.

  10. LI, I love your posts, but the title of this one made me a bit ill.

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