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Never argue with a guy who can lick his own eyebrows

Gene Simmons:

“I resent the fact that the Democrats are making fun of the Tea Party, and likewise, I don’t like the Republicans making fun of Democrats. Basically, shut up; don’t tell me what’s wrong with the other party. Tell me what you’re going to do for me, then I’ll let you know who I’m going to vote for,” he told us. “This is why America is like me – sometimes Republicans get in, sometimes Democrats get in. As soon as one messes up, we throw them out. Watch what’s going to happen this election.”

Hear, hear! Throw all the bums out!

This is an open thread


166 Responses

  1. This Parker Spitzer show is on the oversensationalized side. Meh.

    • 90% of the show is about how stupid Sarah Palin is.

    • Finally! Something worth watching. They are interviewing Liz Warren.

    • I don’t watch teevee news. It’s against my religion.

    • oh brother Aaron Sorkin… apologizing for Obama

      • “Sarah Palin is an idiot.”
        –Aaron Sorkin

      • “The Democrats may have moved to the center, but the Republicans have moved into a mental institution. So I’ll take the Democrats.”
        –Aaron Sorkin

        • “The rightwing may have moved to the batshit fringe, but the progressives have moved to the right of Nixon.”
          –Wonk the Vote

          • LOL CNN is really channeling MSNBC tonight. “Make it dumber, dumb it down.”

          • CNN is always dumber than MSNBC actually. and more boring. MSNBC and Fox are horrible, but CNN tries to straddle the worst of both worlds, and it’s just a lot of over the top hype that’s trying too hard but doesn’t bring any viewership. CNN is the go-to channel for when a famous person dies, that’s their bread and butter.

          • Well, we’ll just see about that when Larry King leaves.

          • True, but the Sarah Palin fashion thing and bringing up The Hoff is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. THis thing has cheesy production values and is also shooting for those stupid KO pop culture references, it’s the most embarassing thing they’ve done in a while that doesn’t involve Rick Sanchez.

          • as much as Larry King looks like the crypt keeper and was really unprepared with his interviews in recent years, he was one of the last shreds of constancy left on CNN. Bringing in a British tabloid veteran just shows CNN is as shameless infotainment as the rest of them.

          • The got rid of the guy responsible for that and Parker/Spitzer

          • I actually wonder if they got rid of Jonathan Klein because of the Michael Ware stuff I posted about.

          • Probably more ratings related. CNN just keeps on losing ratings. Did you read The New York Magazine today? He was actually considering getting Olbermann away from MSNBC just to goose ratings. I’ve been reading that Fox considers Glenn Beck to be empty calories because he show doesn’t bring in any money. Advertisers find him to be poison.

          • He should have taken Piers, Elliot, and Kathleen with him to the unemployment line.

          • I’m sure it was ratings related, but I just think it’s convenient that CNN fires its president at the same time Ware says they failed to report a possible war crime.

          • No shit! The center of what . I’m sorry but I want to say Reagan’s @ss! Excuse me if I offend anyone here.

        • Here comes the FAIR and BALANCED part … every one a panel has to say something nice about Sarah and already the teaser is talking about her leather jacket …

          These people really need to get out of New York and Washington DC or they are NEVER going to get ANYTHING!

      • Aaron Sorkin, like the West Wing guy? I mean, it was pretty obvious during the last season that he was all O-happy, but DAMN.

        • yep Sandra, that Aaron Sorkin. He said poor O can’t control the reaction to him the way he can with his characters, the implication being that’s why poor O is having such a hard time.

          • He’s textbook prog dude. Just looking at him, it’s obvious that being ok looking, when he got rich and successful overnight he was a dick to everyone (confirmed by a quick glance at the theatre boards). Then he writes a show with a hawkish but intellectual center right hero (and okay, endearing and adorable but that’s mostly Martin Sheen) to show how he’s hooked in to the zeitgeist no bleeding heart realpolitik is where it’s at, invite me on talk shows and take me seriously, then he goes goony for O and feels part of something! Like we can trust in each other and become our best selves without actually have to do anything. He hits every cliche in the book.

    • This makes me think of The Good Wife, I’d rather watch a show focusing on, what’s her name, Sima?

      • I really like the Good Wife, but have fallen behind on all scripted tv and need to take time to catch up. Archie Panjabi–who plays Kalinda– won the Emmy for supporting actress!

        • Me too. My TV was destroyed by lighting, but I can see a TV from my desk (and change the channel if no one’s watching it, ha ;)). Go Archie Panjabi!

    • I saw Kiss at Selland Arena in Fresno in 1977

      • 1996. Civic in Omaha.

        One of their “Final” final tours.


        Loudest show I’ve ever been to.

        • Cheap Trick was the opening act. I was 17 and not long out of Sunday School. We were walking in and the medics were carrying some unconscious guy out.

          We went inside and found a place to stand. Some biker next to me lit a joint, handed it to me and said “This is the best.”

          Good times, good times.

  2. Funniest Kiss line ever from some movie my daughter made me watch (Role Models):

    No, I like to rock n’ roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands… I can only rock from like 1-3.

  3. One of the great 70’s bands, led by Irish frontman Phil Lynott:

  4. Wow. Could they pack the guests any closer together? It looks like an uncool episode of Red Eye.

  5. You know, I used to have a lot of respect for Paul Krugman, but he has just pissed me off one time too many.

    A note to Tea Party activists: This is not the movie you think it is. You probably imagine that you’re starring in “The Birth of a Nation,” but you’re actually just extras in a remake of “Citizen Kane.”…

    So they are all raycist klansmen, huh? Bullshit. You, Mr. Krugman, are a pompous, self-important, ivory-tower elitist ass, whose head is so far up Obama’s butt that you are suffering from hypoxia and delirium. I am not even a damn conservative, and I find myself rooting for these people just to shut up the big fat arrogant finger-wagging pontificators like yourself. Keep it up, assholes, and I’ll pull a straight R lever in November, just for the joy of seeing the NYT editorial board crap their trousers in dismay.

    Flame away, but that is how I feel right now. I am SICK of perfectly normal everyday people being called raycists and neanderthals. And I am on the fucking edge of voting against any group that persists in that characterization, regardless of what else I may agree with them on. They’ll be lucky if I sit this one out or vote Green, because the left is pissing me off just that much. If I go into the booth this angry, no telling what I’ll do.

    • HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Krugman can’t see straight when it comes to the Ds and the Rs. I value his economic posts and I think he was better at the D vs. ostensible D analysis, I but avoid his analysis on D vs. R. He’s either too entrenched in the mainstream or hasn’t had that epiphany yet that the D and the R are just two rhetorical flavors for the corporations to maximize the ways in which they can get their agenda met.

      • It is hard for me to imagine that the D’s are really this stupid. I mean, I’m a freaking liberal and they are disgusting ME with their treatment of the tea-partiers.

        I have family members and neighbors who are part of that movement. And not a single damn one of them are raycist, or selfish jerks, or crazy ideologues. What they are is deeply disappointed in and distrustful of their govt, and for DAMN GOOD REASON.

        All the Dems needed to do was just a little bit of good governance. Just some transparency, and responsibility, and serious attention to fixing what was wrong instead of grabbing power for power’s sake, and gloating and rewarding cronies, and geefully patting themselves on the back for “We WON, screw you!” while the country drowned.

        If they had DONE that, then a lot of those friends and neighbors and family members of mine would have shifted left most willingly. I know them. They are not rigid people. Hell, several of them voted for Obama!

        Instead, the Dems are just jeering and writing off these people, walling them off behind accusations of raycism, or stupidity, of fringiness and wacko-ness, just so they don’t have to face the truth that they have FAILED them miserably. And instead of alleviating their distrust of govt, they have reinforced it with a vengeance.

        The left is CREATING a whole swathe of the population that will never trust or listen to them again. Ever. Under any circumstances. And it didn’t have to be that way.. Its just so damn sad.

        • “Your friends and family are racists” isn’t quite as bad as “You’re a racist.”

          But it’s close.

          • It definitely casts a wider net.

          • Yeah, it looks like the Dems capitalized on the nation’s disgust with Bush……….by coming into power and proving “Hey, we can screw you over just as badly as he did, except we will also call you raycist hillbillies while we do it!”.

            Between the Bush years and Obama, is it any wonder that people are in a SCREW GOVT IN GENERAL mood? I mean, jesus, it’s pretty understandable. What is not understandable is the D’s reinforcing that feeling rather than defusing it. When you have a populace who is seeing govt as the enemy, it isn’t exactly smart to go around talking to and about them as if they were your enemy.

          • I am their enemy! That goes for both legacy parties. But right now I’m more pissed at the ones in power spouting their shit.

    • The Democrats’ strategy seems to be going hard negative. I think poking the mama grizzly, as it were, is going to turn out very badly,

    • I am so with you. You dare me to vote R, do you? Well, watch this, you jackasses.

    • you are channeling Daily Howler (Bob Somerby). As Bob says, the race card is all that the so-called liberals have got now.

    • honkety honk honk!

    • WORD.

  6. You mean the Gene Simmons who told Terry Gross that if she really wanted to understand him, she’d have to welcome him with open legs? That Febe Simmons?
    Damn, if only someone I respect had said that.

    • Like I watch television?

      • Are we supposed to do background checks on everybody?

        • No, it’s just a notorious interview. I can’t decide if he’s really the lecherous jerk or was playing an elaborate practical joke on Gross. A bit if both, I suspect.
          He’s right about the political situation, of course, but the interview will probably undercut his message.

        • BTW, you know me better than that. You pretty much can do what you want around here. I know where to find you if you f#%% up.

    • Though to be fair Terry Gross comes off as one of those liberals whose mind is so wide open that her brains have fallen out. I remember the interview she did with Stephen King where he said he had to reevaluate his writing career early when he found himself writing the obligatory two naked women scene in a tacky champagne glass bathtub and she completely missed the ironic humor. I mean, isn’t that kind if thing commonplace?
      Anyways, she’s a twit.

    • I heard that interview. He was so faux-hip full of himself. I could never have imagined Terry Gross insulting an interview subject but even she had to call him obnoxious to his face.

    • Can I ask so was what Gene said to Terry sexism or am I doing what myiq once stated to another commentator, confusing sex with sexism. If he said that to you Riverdaughter, how would you react? I mean did Terry say something to offend him?

      • Read what RD said:

        You mean the Gene Simmons who told Terry Gross that if she really wanted to understand him, she’d have to welcome him with open legs?

        If that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, try teh google.

        • From Wikipedia:

          The February 4, 2002 interview with Kiss lead singer and bassist Gene Simmons began with Gross mispronouncing Simmons’ original Hebrew last name. Simmons dismissively replied to her that she mispronounced it because she had a Gentile mouth. Gross replied that her mouth was not Gentile. Gross questions Simmons’ views on the importance of money. In the interview Gross interjects “so having sex with you” (implying herself and Simmons), Simmons said, “you’re going to have to stand in line.” Gross continued with questioning Simmons about his many liaisons. Later Simmons said “If you want to welcome me with open arms, I’m afraid you’re also going to have to welcome me with open legs,” to which Gross replied, “That’s a really obnoxious thing to say.” Unlike most Fresh Air guests, Simmons refused to grant permission for the interview to be made available online on NPR. However, the interview appears in Gross’s book All I Did Was Ask, and unauthorized transcripts and audio of the complete original interview exist.

  7. me three.

  8. 1987 – Shoreline Ampitheater:

  9. A redneck anthem:

  10. Another awesome 70’s band:

  11. Just for DK:

  12. This one’s extra special for DK:

  13. Anyone has noticed this?

    Valerie Jarrett on Morning Joe (around 3:40),


    Jim Skinner from McDonald is going to be here attending Presidential Economic advisory board meeting, that McDonald, Gap, and several other companies help people attending city colleges gain skills for and prepare them for real jobs.

    (paraphrased from audio)

    So people are attending community colleges to work at McDonald’s?

  14. If I’m going country, I’m going old school:

  15. Okay, I’ll change genres:

  16. Gator got yer granny!

    • It was always a secret goal of mine to be a “wretched, spiteful, straight-razor totin’ woman.”

  17. MSNBC disses clowns.

    No joke! Illiterate clown triumphs in election

    SAO PAULO — Voters the world over complain about having clowns for politicians, but Brazilians embraced the idea on Sunday by sending a real one to Congress with more votes than any other candidate.

    Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, better known by his clown name Tiririca, received more than 1.3 million votes in Sao Paulo state in Brazil’s presidential and congressional elections. That was more than double the votes of the second-placed candidate in Brazil’s most populous state.

    Tiririca caught the attention of disillusioned voters by asking for their support with the humorous slogan: “It can’t get any worse” and a promise to do nothing more in Congress than report back to them on how politicians spend their time.

    “What does a congressman do? The truth is I don’t know, but vote for me and I’ll tell you,” the 45-year-old said in his campaign advertisements.

  18. Now this is bee-yoo-tiful music:

  19. This is just awesome:

  20. TDS is beating on Rick the Prick

  21. I love Natalie Merchant–drew me right in. My all time favorite in an oldie from Tigerlily–‘know this child will be able’. Not sure if that is the title. It always reminds me of my youngest daughter.

  22. Ah, but when it comes to sheer drama (murder, adultery, etc.) you can’t beat the old folk ballads.

    “How do you like my featherbed and how do you like my sheets? And how do you like my lady who lies in your arms asleep…?”

    • “I’m not a witch.” I bet that’s the first time that sentence has appeared in a political ad.

      • That’s a pretty safe bet.

        • If it were me, I would have said, “I am no more a witch than you are a wizard, and if you say that I am, god will give you blood to drink.” Which explains why I have no future in politics.

    • That ad worked in a way. She sure looks younger than her age though.

    • Standard disclaimer: I wouldn’t vote for O’Donnell.

      but putting on my political analysis hat, that ad is effective at making the people hyperventilating over her look small.

  23. ot–funny story–when that Natalie Merchant song, Wonder, came out it made me teary because it reminded me of my youngest daughter. She was so alert and composed when she was born that several doctors came in to look at her. Well, I told her that the song reminded me of her and she said, ‘Mom, it’s about a retarded child.’ Well–I didn’t know that. Anyway, I feel old sometimes.

  24. And I still love that song.

  25. Obama as Roman emperor — the rise and fall of the propaganda master

    Oxford, England – Two years ago, Democrats were clamoring to ride in on Barack Obama’s coat tails. Proximity to the Obama persona was a prized political asset.
    Today, amid dim presidential polling numbers, anxious Democrats are keeping their distance. Some, like Rep. Chet Edwards of Texas, have even used campaign ads to tout their defiance of Mr. Obama’s agenda.
    To understand Obama’s fall, we must understand his rise; and to do that, we must look to ancient history. It was neither for his resume nor his policies that America fell in love with him. In fact, Obama’s policy priorities have turned out to be quite unpopular.

  26. It’s raining clown news today. They’re going after O’Donnell because her father used to be a clown? Or, not? Is this a satire or for real?


    Send In the Clowns — and the Truth Squad

    Bozo-gate, anyone?

    Since Christine O’Donnell’s upset victory in the Delaware Republican Senate primary last month, the out-of-nowhere Tea Party sensation has been dogged by charges that she inflated her resume, exaggerated her educational record and had said some things over the years, that her detractors found, shall we say, clownish.

    The latest suspicion of inflated credentials, which arose over the weekend, involved Ms. O’Donnell’s father, Daniel O’Donnell, a long-ago local television personality in the Philadelphia area whose main claim to fame, according to the O’Donnell family, was that he used to play Bozo the Clown.

    The Bozo bombshell was first reported by The News Journal of Wilmington in November 2006, during one of Ms. O’Donnell’s previous Senate campaigns. The detail was included in a profile of Ms. O’Donnell that I wrote for Saturday’s Times. Ms. O’Donnell’s older brother, Daniel, confirmed in a phone call that indeed his father had played Bozo.

    “Bozo the Clown is a franchise, and back then, every major city had their own Bozo,” said Daniel O’Donnell, the brother, who is a business manager at a car dealership in Trenton. “He was Philly’s Bozo for a time.” Daniel O’Donnell, the father, declined to comment for that article.

    On Saturday morning, I received e-mail from a reader questioning whether this claim was true based on the absence of any “Daniel O’Donnell” listed on the ultimate authority on all things, Wikipedia. The reader demanded proof about Mr. O’Donnell’s Bozo bona fides and a level of specificity and documentation that I was not prepared to provide. My answer – that I had verified the Bozo fact with the O’Donnell family – was woefully unacceptable to her, a position that she laid out in a way that soon convinced me that devoting more time on the subject was not how I wanted to spend my Saturday.

    “Given that there is no record anywhere on the Internet that I have been able to verify this claim,” the reader wrote, “and given Ms. O’Donnell’s history with the truth, it seems thick to report it as true without any kind of verification.”

    By the end of the day, my new Bozo Truther friend had taken her grievance to a Web site, Stinque (“if it smells, we’re on it”), which happily took up the investigation.

    More at the link.

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