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Put down the Kool-aid and step away from the punchbowl

Eleanor Clift at Newsweak:

Obama’s background as a community organizer may be hampering him as president. While his supporters still like him, they’re not so sure he has what it takes to bring about the hope and change he promised and excited the base. A community organizer empowers people to do things for themselves, and in government, you have to lead and order and direct, and that’s not Obama’s style, even though Republicans call him autocratic and Rush Limbaugh calls him “Ayatollah Obama.” Obama has had a lot of success in politics and academia, and on the mean streets of Chicago, by reaching consensus, and he expected to apply that life lesson now that he’s at the pinnacle of power, and it didn’t work.

Name one instance where Obama had success by reaching consensus. One. (Getting himself elected doesn’t count)


Barack Obama’s job as a community organizer was to get African Americans in Chicago’s South Side registered to vote and to the polls to help Mayor Harold Washington in his battle with the Daley Machine. Now that’s not a bad thing, but it was just a political hack job, not some higher calling.

When Washington died, Obama packed up and left for law school. When he came back he immediately started getting cozy with the Daley Machine.

BTW – Does this mean that being a community organizer is NOT a qualification to be POTUS?


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  1. Forgive me if this has already been posted, but omg…just when you think they cannot be anymore tone deaf and suicidal. Obama is starting to look as insular as Nixon. Anyone who hasn’t punched out of this sad excuse for a Dem Party, here’s your reason:

    Gibbs eyed for DNC chairman

    Democratic insiders are taking the temperature of some top party donors about the possibility of naming White House press secretary Robert Gibbs as chairman of the Democratic National Committee heading into President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, senior officials tell POLITICO.

    Under the scenario being tested, Tim Kaine, the current DNC chairman and former governor of Virginia, would be named to a top administration post, perhaps in the Cabinet, the officials said.

    Donors’ response has been positive, according to people who have been consulted.

    The logic for a Chairman Gibbs, according to one official: It would “put the Obama imprimatur on the DNC, once and for all,” and install a “great partisan fighter” as the face of the national party for the reelection campaign. “It’s a brilliant idea if he ends up deciding he wants to do it,” said one official who has been consulted.

    One possible drawback to the Gibbs plan: The chairmanship involves working closely with the pundits and purists he once derided as “the professional left,” including liberal activists whose support and enthusiasm Obama would need in a 2012 bid.

    Glenn Greenwald, the liberal Salon blogger, suggested Gibbs would deepen rather than heal internal divisions as party chairman. “But it’s long been clear that Gibbs’ outburst was part of a coordinated White House strategy — reflective of the views of high-level Obama officials — so it’s unsurprising to see him rewarded in this manner,” he said.


    • I think Captain Wingnut nailed it:

      For the record, Gibbs’ experience consists almost entirely of serving on communication teams for politicians. After graduating from college in 1993, he worked on the staffs of a series of House and Senate members before joining John Kerry’s team in 2003 for his 2004 presidential bid as press secretary, and then resigning when Kerry fired Jim Jordan. He then took a position as a mouthpiece for an independent group that opposed Howard Dean’s bid, and later in 2004 began working for Barack Obama’s Senate campaign, moving to the presidential campaign after two years on Capitol Hill.

      Note what his CV doesn’t include. Gibbs has never run an organization, or worked as an executive at all. The most he’s ever done was manage a small communications staff at the White House. He has no experience in fundraising, as his campaign experiences have all been on the communications side. He has never stood for election himself, which isn’t a complete disqualification for the job, but it certainly doesn’t help, either. In short, there is nothing at all in his background to recommend Gibbs for a position which requires coordination, fundraising prowess, organization, and a political talent with experience and connections supporting it.

      Under those circumstances, why would anyone take this proposal seriously, let alone react positively to it? It threatens to take the DNC hostage to the administration, putting it even further in the control of the White House political team, whose instincts haven’t exactly proven felicitous to Democrats in this midterm cycle. With this kind of grip on the DNC, the West Wing inner circle will demand much tighter loyalty from Democrats on the campaign trail in 2012, which could make 2010 look like a walk in the park. It’s political suicide on just about every level one can imagine.

      It’s about loyalty, not competence.

      • Wingnuts are already salivating. Here’s the Head Stooge at Redstate:

        Please, God, let Gibbs be the next DNC chair.

        Ed Morrissey and I will be very grateful if You could let this happen. And it’s certainly true that the Democrats deserve this, after all:


        Just don’t let them make Kaine Secretary of State: the last thing that we need is Hillary Clinton suddenly free from her entanglement with this administration…

        Moe Lane

      • Of course, we saw in 2008 that Obama & Co. already took hold of the DNC, so it’s not that big of a stretch. And Gibbs isn’t even good at the one thing he’s been trained to do–he’s been an embarrassment as the head mouthpiece. It’s really an implosion of narcissism.

      • I like this bit from the quote ::

        Gibbs has never run an organization, or worked as an executive at all.

        There is no reason in the world Obama would think executive experience important.

    • Oh, after laboring 18 months to produce a key chain and the circle Ds, Tim Kaine shall be replaced with the guy who thinks “professional left” needs a drug test and straight jackets. Someone might see it as an improvement, but not for the circle Ds

    • Gibbs eyed for DNC chairman

      the tin foil sombrero of two years ago ,where I felt one of Obama ‘s main jobs was to destroy the Dem party, has gotten smaller and smaller each week, until now there is now no tin foil left…they do this sort of thing expressly to bury the party deeper .

    • This appears to be a fail safe mechanism to make sure Hillary doesn’t have a chance to wrest the nomination from Obimbo. And it would get Gibbs out of the White House. He is as creepy as Ari Fleisher. Of course I am no fan of Tim Kaine. What’s with these icky Tims in Obimbo’s favor?

      • That’s a good point. If he inserts one of this lackeys in there, no one will have the ability to challenge him. Then again, that was the case in 2008 too–it just wasn’t official. He’s so insecure it’s ridiculous. This was supposed to be Mr. Team of Rivals.

    • Jeebus, Gibbs running the DNC. What was the forth horseman again?

  2. So, is Clift basically saying that Obama is “too good to be POTUS”?
    Maybe that’s why he hates activists so much…He hates them for their freedom!

    • Yes, in their delusion, they still think he’s this really really good guy who is just too idealistic and caring for the rough and tumble of politics. Love is blind.

      • 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12:

        And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      • What they can’t see is that he is stellar at the rough and tumble of campaigning. It’s the rough and tumble of governing that makes him go all pouty and need another vacation.

        • As long as someone he has hired can cheat for him so the playing field isn’t even. When he didn’t cheat–Bobby Rush–he lost.

    • Basically writing in Newsweek, she HAS to say that Barry success stuff in order to even allude to the reality …just like they have to say Bill has moral issues before praising him…The Village insists . So what Clift actually thinks is any one’s guess….imo

    • Clift lost me in 2008 when she believed the Obama race-baiting and accused the Clintons of racism:

      The Newsweek contributing editor mentioned how Hillary Clinton called her up the day after her husband passed away. “She has a well-deserved reputation for being loyal to people and remembering their birthdays and all that,” Clift said.

      But that didn’t guarantee a primary vote:

      “I vote in the District of Columbia, and I agonized over the vote. President Clinton, in the lead-up to South Carolina primary, wanted to make it hard for Democrats to vote against his wife. Instead, by seeming to inject race, he made it easy. That’s all I’m going to say.”

      I can’t believe two years later many Obama supporters can’t admit to voting for the wrong candidate and being bamboozled into thinking that it was the Clintons and not Obama who injected race into the primaries so he could win the black and creative class white liberal vote. Instead, they use lame excuses for why Obama is completely and utterly incompetent in his role as POTUS.

      Obama is nothing but ambitious when it comes to furthering his career. His passion lies in wanting power, money, and prestige. He has no passion for the issues and no desire to fight for anything because his only interest lies in pleasing the people with the most money to help his next campaign. His career in Chicago shows that he will do anything and betray anyone to get ahead as quickly as possible with as little work as possible. The only real job experience Obama has is campaigning for himself.

  3. Good post! Thanks !

  4. Also, Jon Stewart on Sanchez

    The Comedy Central star then cracked, “All [Sanchez] has to do is apologize… and we’ll hire him back.”

  5. Is anyone besides Eleanor Clift actually still working at Newsweek?

  6. Newsweak asks why Bill Clinton is so much more popular than the Messiah: http://www.newsweek.com/blogs/the-gaggle/2010/09/29/why-is-bill-clinton-so-much-more-popular-than-barack-obama.html

    If Newsweak needs to ask that question then they deserve to be out of business!

  7. Newsweak was the MSNBC of print for Obama…every time Hill won a big Dem state by landslide proportions, Newsweek screamed ” QUIT NOW!!!”
    I think they were saying” hey you are tarnishing the fix’s carefully constructed fig leaf ! Stop it now! “

    • They are literally associated in some fashion – they were always polling together.

      • Oh course Edge! I forgot! They are owned by the same corporation! lol! No wonder they appeared the same…they are . Thanks for the reminder

  8. It’s finally becoming the conventional wisdom. Tom Friedman is jumping on the bandwagon, Third Party Rising

    We have to rip open this two-party duopoly and have it challenged by a serious third party that will talk about education reform, without worrying about offending unions; financial reform, without worrying about losing donations from Wall Street; corporate tax reductions to stimulate jobs, without worrying about offending the far left; energy and climate reform, without worrying about offending the far right and coal-state Democrats; and proper health care reform, without worrying about offending insurers and drug companies.

    “If competition is good for our economy,” asks Diamond, “why isn’t it good for our politics?”

    We need a third party on the stage of the next presidential debate to look Americans in the eye and say: “These two parties are lying to you. They can’t tell you the truth because they are each trapped in decades of special interests. I am not going to tell you what you want to hear. I am going to tell you what you need to hear if we want to be the world’s leaders, not the new Romans.”

    Well, Duh!!

    • Tom’s axe to grind is his owners want a world with no real parties…if they could trade in the two parties for ten Green/Tea parties, they would be in bliss. Political parties may go the way of the three networks in the age of cable… not powerful, just one of many

  9. Donald Duck Discovers Glenn Beck in “Right Wing Radio Duck” (See it before it is taken down by the Disney folks)

  10. Why aim for world leadership, rather world peace and a country that has a solid educational system, makes useful items, promotes sustainability and health and community?

    Also, is there really a far left and far right in this country? The divisions between a so-called right and left seem more divide-and conquer for the advantage of international corporations and the elite.

    • yes Virginia, there is a real right wing in this Country and it is winning right now

    • I guess I am a LEFT person, but I haven’t ever been to a meeting to take over the country, nor would I consider doing harm to someone, I don’t own a gun, I advocated for parity in education, health care and generally work to better my community.

      The folks that carry the ‘Socialist’ signs really haven’t lived or visited REAL SOCIALIST countries, and should have watched Al Gore’s reporters as they told how happy they were to see Big Dawg…realizing they were going home.

      The LEFT folks that I was involved with worked for the Civil Rights of ALL Americans and that is what upsets me about Glenn Beck, in targeting Advocacy groups with his HATE agenda. When people are down and out, it is generally the advocacy folks who are there, they volunteer and help and then folks learn they aren’t commies, they are ADVOCATES.

  11. Please, give me some evidence that Obama had success as a community organizer. It seems to be just another phony resume builder for our genius president.

  12. “Name one instance where Obama had success by reaching consensus. One. (Getting himself elected doesn’t count)”

    If Obama gets a few Repug votes its called consensus. YUP!!

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