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Can anyone here play this game?


I feel  energized underwhelmed, how about you?

Sally Quinn-Lite:

One Nation Working Together will chart a bold, pragmatic path toward a more unified, sustainable, prosperous future.

Uh, which one is it, bold or pragmatic?

But wait, there’s more!

After a bunch of bullet points (30+) she gives us this rousing conclusion:

As One Nation Working Together we will work for policy principles that restore the inclusion of all communities striving to achieve the American Dream. One Nation Working Together will push for an economy that works for everyone by advocating for policy principles that result in good jobs, and well trained work forces. We will work for quality public education and training for our children, who are tomorrow’s work force. We will work for principles and laws that provide for equal opportunity for everyone, so that all have a chance to achieve the American Dream. Finally, we will support policy principles that create a path toward economic and environmental sustainability for today and for generations to come.

Them GOPers may be bat-shit crazy but at least they know how to fire up a mob.  One Nation is a snooze-o-rama.

Today is the big day.  Click here to find a wild party near you.

Tea, anyone?

180 Responses

  1. Guess the old hopey-dopey magic is gone. I clicked on the link to find an event near me, and there was nothing within 100 miles of me–which includes both Milwaukee and Chicago. I think the unions are still managing to get their troops out for door-knocking, but seems that just plain folk are all done in with national politics.

  2. Salon:

    Politico had a piece the other day exploring the nature of Bob Woodward’s “magic” as a journalist. High-ranking government officials want to give him good information because of his mystique, according to the piece, and this “effect is said to be especially vivid when he invites sources into his Georgetown dining room.”

    We’ve now had a chance to read “Obama’s Wars,” and there’s another reason Woodward gets the access he does: The same flattery he uses in his Georgetown dining room extends into the pages of his book.

    The defining characteristic of “Obama’s Wars” is its adulation of establishment figures — particularly in the military and intelligence establishments. Woodward’s portraits of government officials typically involve haphazard deployment of praise words and résumé porn. If you’re in government and you were a Rhodes scholar, tell Bob Woodward. He’s going to put that in his book.

    “To reach the top, you gotta kiss a lot of bottoms.”

  3. The Coffee Party (remember them?) convention was last week. There were 400 people there.

    The purpose of this rally seems to be that a dozen interest groups can pay more people can come to a rally that a TV host can get from people paying their own way. That doesn’t seem like a major achievement.

    This isn’t even a protest. It’s a rally for the status quo. “Vote for the same Democrats and this time you’ll get different results. We meant it this time.”

  4. I kept looking and looking and finally realized Dean’s tie was messed up and not on properly. Visuals are everything when doing an on camera message…but I did notice the tie was more to the LEFT but on camera…

  5. Totally off topic but –

    Druids recognized as religion for first time in UK

    LONDON – The ancient pagan tradition of Druidry has been formally recognized as a religion in Britain — a decision its followers hailed Saturday as as a long-overdue status for the worship of spirits and the natural world.


    I always tell the various religious groups that come to my door that I am a Charismatic Druid. Then I smile sweetly and shut the door in their face.

  6. The graphics for One Nation are almost identical to Netroots Nation. They couldn’t even be original.
    Oh yeah, and it’s Howard Dean who did his part to shut down Hillary in 2008 and is one of the reasons we have a newbie in the Oval Office now.
    I feel for the participants. They are us. But I’m not sure I could ever support anything Howard Dean supports.

  7. Talk about desperation. Don’t they already have everyone’s email and phone number thats gonna vote for them or is Obama keeping that list to himself.

  8. Netroots Nation formerly yearlyKos: http://www.netrootsnation.org

    One Nation: http://www.onenationworkingtogether.org/content/main

    I report, you decide.

  9. Why isn’t this rally getting the coverage that GlennBeck got?

    ???????? Just asking??????

  10. ED Schultz at the One Nation Rally (was planned before Glenn Beck Rally) “We will get Universal Health Care SOME DAY“- Ed Schultz

    • Some day is right, he forgot the part of Obama not supporting Universal Health Care!

    • What do we want? Universal Health Care!
      When do we want it? Um, eventually!

      That’s a real rallying cry.

      • Some Day…
        (la,la,la,la ‘chorus’)
        We will have
        Universal Health Care

        But We NOW ask
        (la,la,la,la ‘chorus’)
        For your congressional Vote…
        (la,la,la,la ‘chorus’)

        Some Day…
        (la,la,la,la ‘chorus’)
        We will have
        Universal Health Care

        And We NOW Ask…
        For your Senate Vote…
        Because Some Day…
        (la,la,la,la ‘chorus’)
        We will have
        Universal Health Care

        Yes, SOME DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (hold the note)
        We Will Have…
        Universal Health Care
        Some DAAAAYYYYYYYY (hold the note)
        (la,la,la,la ‘chorus’)
        We will have
        Universal Health Care
        (la,la,la,la ‘chorus’)
        We will have
        Universal Health Care


      • Lol The Dems’ new motto is It Took 76 Years to End Slavery–Much Longer If You Count the Colonial Period–Give Us a Chance!!!!

    • Some day there will be peace on earth.

      • Dario,

        Dear you will have to do your own lyrics… I will sit back because I know you have a lot of fun in ya.

        • Okay. Here is my attempt to lyrics of peace on earth:

          Pelosi and Newt oh, yeah,
          they make love in the Capitol oh my!
          it’s ugly, you see.
          but it’s for peace, yes, sirree.

          the I/P make peace
          and in the Congo
          the people can pee
          anywhere cause everyone is free.

      • A comet will hit earth before that day arrives though.

    • “We will not let *them* ruin public education”

      Who in the hell is *them*?

      “Liberals” have been running around on TV all week trying to pimp charter schools.

      *Them* at this point is faux-liberal union bashers.

      SIT DOWN AND STFU ED!!!!!!!

      • Now now dearie you’re not being pragmatic. In order to win we have to be clones of the other guy.

      • Is it just me, or is it a little off-putting to refer to kids as “tommorow’s work force”? This is why Dems suck at politics. Everyone else is like hey little Janey, how are you, they’re like Greetings, member of tomorrow’s workforce, how did you maximize your skill set to prepare you to join WFN and gain an advantage over future members of the future low-skill service sector today?

    • quite a crowd he’s got there…not

    • ” The rule is : Jam yesterday, jam tommow , but never jam today”

      sayth the Queen in Alice in Wonderland

  11. This post and all the comments are superb. You had me at Whoop-tee-f*@cking-do!

  12. I guess my Appalachian region doesn’t want to join One Nation. It must still be bitter about being called uneducated racist rednecks. There aren’t any events within 200 miles of my zipcode. Awwwwwwwwww and here I was looking forward to hearing how I wasn’t being pragmatic when I crashed a party and vented on all the ways the Dem party has sold average Americans out. I’m sad now.

    • Speaking of, I always wondered why the Obots had it out for WV and KY. I guess according to Obots, the real reason WV and KY were part of the union in the civil war: they were secretly getting on the good side of the union so they could follow out their dastardly secret racist agenda later. Sleeper cells don’t you know.

      • Heh,They were playing 11th dimensional chess.

        They invented the game board Obama uses.

        The stupidity of it hurts.

  13. As far as I can tell, this is the “we’d like our ponies now, Mr. President” rally.

    That might as well say “Thank you, sir, may I have another”.

  14. I had hopes for this rally. However, they tried to spin it as non-partisan and then let loose on Republicans. Top down grassroots isn’t.

  15. No events within 200 miles of me, unless you count the voting machine training session.

  16. I watched the One Nation rally on CSPAN and I wrote about it. http://www.ksvoboda.com/?p=744
    I support the people who went to the rally as there were many union members and they talked about a lot of good things that should happen. There were people from all walks of life, employed and unemployed. Obama was not the message. His name rarely came up and I think that was part of the plan. lol I only wish the Democratic Party was half as good as the people that went to the rally!

    • The One Nation Rally folks should have done a better posting of the live streams as it was too hard trying to find one. Any hoo, thanks for the post.

    • Thanks Silent Kate. I commented on your blog. I think the rally may have been usurped by comparisons to the Tea Party and as a “get out the vote” attempt. It does need to be bigger than that to be effective.

      • I saw that. I made comparisons to the restore honor rally but this one was more “real” with real people. The last half of the rally was the best part. I really enjoyed the many union members and of course the preacher with the fist. That was good!

  17. I think I may have appendicitis. But don’t expect me to twitter it.

    • Oh jeebus. Get it checked right this second!

    • Ditto Dandy’s remark. Do you have pain when you press the lower right quadrant of your abdomen?

      • It’s tender but not localized. I’m afraid to cough though and I have every other symptom.

        • Check rebound pain. Press in on your abdomen, and release. If the press in hurts, but the release is much worse and really hurts like a moth#rf&*ker, that’s not good.

        • Not sure what it means that it is not localized as I am not a doctor, but I would get it checked right now if I were you.

        • Acute appy doesn’t always localize to lower right quadrant. Some people have a retroverted appendix (my husband did) and never get the textbook symptoms.

          Rebound tenderness is not specific.

          Anything that’s bad pain, getting worse or not going away, with nausea, weakness, chills or not — go get examined.

          • Oh great. Everything on the left is bigger. More hair, Bigger foot, bigger cheek, bigger boob. It would be just like me to have my appendix on the left side.

        • There’s also ovarian cyst pain which can be quite hideous, from the few patients I’ve seen with it. Yes, pls get checked out.

  18. The problem with the enthusiasm gap between the tea party and Beck rallies and the One Nation rally is that the netroots and Left groups pretty much sold out their principles with Obama. There is no getting around that.

    Whether one agrees with them or not, the teaparty people at this point have more anti-establishment street cred than the Left does. They are motivated by “we are the people, and you will listen to us or you will pay the price”. And they take that message to R’s or D’s – they are committed in their application of it across the board. Regardless of what you think of their principles, they are indeed principle-driven, not political party-driven.

    The Left has morphed in the public’s eye into a mere arm of the D machine, rather than a grassroots force to hold the machine accountable. Until they get out from under that, and stand on principle again, any true grassroots enthusiasm is weak at best. It’s hard to be anti-establishment when you are fluffing the establishment’s pillows and carrying them trays of bonbons just after your stirring speech on “power to the people”.

  19. Dean does not look like he believes what he’s saying. They must have something on him.

    And why, after two effin’ years, have they not put America back to work already? ‘Cause the “Change” is the ka-ching! kind. The bonus class corporatocracy likes things as they are now.

  20. getting worse by the minute.NASA laying off hundreds. 😉

  21. This explains why obots were working my street…I thought it was perhaps Jehovah Witnesses…but they were in groups of 4 ! I’m not opening my door to 4 people just to be brown beat about this shit … Lord …the hope dope is gone, it’s now straight up strong arming for everyone…not just Dem caucus attendees!

  22. “One Nation”

    Are they kidding? fooken fascist sounding …as the old joke goes, I bet it sounds better in the original German

  23. Fucking Giants lost, 4-2 to the Pod People

  24. The story of Obamanation is on Sci-Fi

    aka “Children of the Corn”

  25. CNN’s John King does a good piece on Obama’s idiocy in taking on Fox as “destructive” while calling MSNBC “an invaluable service”.

    He basically makes himself look like a hypocritical fool by doing that. Has nothing to do with whether you think Fox is biased (it is). It has to do with lying about media bias that supports you.

    CNN also brings up the blame game – whether this is a play to blame the LEFT for the coming defeat and deflect blame from Obama himself.

    I’ve been disappointed with CNN a lot lately, but this was a good piece. They seem to be making the effort to act like journalists again rather than cheerleaders for either side. I’m sure it’s just a ratings ploy to position themselves as the “sane middle”, but it’s still nice to see.


  26. Song Dedication to Ed “I have 2 viewers, and they’re my own DVR players” Schultz and the rest of Opreshy’s Comatose Band of Frickin Soldouts — think of it as O singing it to his hopeless devotees.

    (Someday — Sugar Ray)

  27. New Thread up top !!!

  28. That flag deal is weird, no? Does that N stand for nationalism? Curious they would try that gig again post the logo action. Why the need to remake the flag?

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