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Who is this guy?

Peter Rouse

The news today is that Rahmbo is deserting a sinking ship and some guy named Peter Rouse is replacing him as White House Chief of Staff.  Here’s more on Rouse:

It was the fall of 2005, and the celebrated young senator — still new to Capitol Hill but aware of his prospects for higher office — was thinking about voting to confirm John G. Roberts Jr. as chief justice. Talking with his aides, the Illinois Democrat expressed admiration for Roberts’s intellect. Besides, Obama said, if he were president he wouldn’t want his judicial nominees opposed simply on ideological grounds.

And then Rouse, his chief of staff, spoke up. This was no Harvard moot-court exercise, he said. If Obama voted for Roberts, Rouse told him, people would remind him of that every time the Supreme Court issued another conservative ruling, something that could cripple a future presidential run. Obama took it in. And when the roll was called, he voted no.

“Pete’s very good at looking around the corners of decisions and playing out the implications of them,” Obama said an interview when asked about that discussion. “He’s been around long enough that he can recognize problems and pitfalls a lot quicker than others can.”

Pete Rouse is the Outsider’s Insider, a fixer steeped in the ways of a Washington that Obama has been both eager to learn and quick to publicly condemn. The meticulous workaholic rose through three decades of unglamorous legislating to become arguably the most influential Democratic aide in the Senate when he worked for then-Majority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (S.D.).

Yep, the smartestest guy to ever run for POTUS had to be told not to vote for a rabid wingnut SCOTUS nominee.  Some liberal.

This next little bit gives away more than intended:

With help from Gibbs and Axelrod, Rouse wrote a detailed memo for Obama’s first year in the Senate.

David Axelrod is Barack’s Turdblossom. Obama’s rise coincides with his association with Axelrod, who is the king of astroturf.

We’re supposed to believe Rouse went from chief of staff to the Senate Majority Leader to the same position with a freshman senator all because of some old law school connection? Bullshit. Rookie senators don’t snag guys like Peter Rouse to run their offices. The fix was in long ago.

More on Tom Daschle from Matt Taibbi:

When Obama picked Tom Daschle to be the HHS Secretary, I nearly shit my pants. In Washington there are whores and there are whores, and then there is Tom Daschle. Tom Daschle would suck off a corpse for a cheeseburger.

Wouldn’t that make Rouse a pimp?

52 Responses

  1. I think Rouse will regret to have taken the job.

  2. BTW – that was Matt Taibbi insulting whores, not me.

    • Taibbi doesn’t count as a whore because as far as I know, he didn’t get any money for shilling for Obummer. Taibbi just wanted to be one of the Kool Boyz.

      Have I mentioned today that I despise Matt Taibbi with every fiber of my being? 😈

      • What does Spammy have its knickers twisted about NOW? 🙄

      • I was just wondering what kind of ho that made Matt Taibbi. I stopped watching Bill Mahar during the primary. Nothing like watching two guys making jokes about a woman having the balls for fighting for a job she wanted. Yes, we all know, as a woman, we are ball busting bitches, because we can do a job better than most guys.

        I wonder if both of them now wish that the ball buster was in the white house fighting for the liberal stuff, instead of the ball less wonder, blaming all the bad stuff on those damn liberal hippies.

        So, it is kind of funny in a ironic way to hear him talk about whores, so if Matt didn’t get paid he was just a slut. Just kind of gave it away, because we all know that woman are emotional and wouldn’t be able to handle a job such as a white house. I rather think of ole Matt as a whore, because, other wise he just a air headed twit instead.

    • The burning question is, woujld Daschle hold out for a Burger King cheeseburger? Or would he settle for McD’s?

  3. More WaPo:

    There is a reason Rouse has a reputation as a fixer. At a White House dinner Obama held for his top female advisers last fall, several of them shared stories about their colleagues, particularly Emanuel and economic adviser Lawrence H. Summers. The tales all had the same punch line, according to a person familiar with the dinner: “Either Rahm or Larry would do something horrible, and at the end of the day, Pete would come in to fix it.”

    By the end of the night, Obama was finishing the women’s stories himself, saying, “Let me guess – Pete fixed it.”

    IOW – Rouse cleaned up the frat boys’ messes.

    • How did Pete fix it, send them a sarcastic box of Kleenex? It wasn’t by sending these repeat offender dolts packing.

  4. CNN:

    Palin appears to have been no fan of Rouse for a long time. In her 2009 memoir, she accuses him of being among those in the Obama presidential campaign who allegedly tried to smear her when she was named McCain’s vice presidential nominee.

    She also accuses him of lifting Obama’s “change” slogan from her own gubernatorial campaign in 2006.

    “Every part of our campaign shouted ‘Change!'” she wrote. “We were amused a couple of years later when Barack Obama, one of whose senior advisers (come to think of it) had roots in Alaska– adopted the same theme,” she wrote in reference to Rouse.

    • Huh. The habit of copying is hard to stop. I bet he did the same in school. He must have and got away with it.

    • I think the “change” motif was used first by Axelrod and Plouffe for Patrick Deval’s MA gubernatorial run.

      I seem to recall a close study of Obama’s stump speech compared to Deval’s stump speech, and both had many of the same lines.

      Only, iirc, Deval delivered them better to my ear than Obama did.

      “Change” is a perennial theme for any outside candidates, even for some insiders trying to look like outsiders. Palin should get a grip.

  5. Susie Madrak asks a good question:

    I remember when Donna Brazile explained to us we didn’t need the old Democratic base anymore because they had the young people.

    How’s that working out, Donna?

    • *dons freshly folded, ever-so-chic chapeau de Reynolds Wrap*

      It may be working out just fine for her–if she’s actually a mole for the Malefactors Of Great Wealth.

  6. Bullshit. Rookie senators don’t snag guys like Peter Rouse to run their offices.

    Yep. It was pretty clear to me from the beginning that Obama was hand-picked and groomed from a long way back for his “entirely natural and grassroots meteoric rise”. But try telling any Obot Democrats that in 2007 or 2008. Try telling them that their “glorious outsider” was the biggest fucking machine establishment creation I’d ever seen. I was completely unhinged and likely raycist for just asking them to take a LOOK at how carefully he’d been cosseted and positioned.

    • Why didn’t the Clintons know about it?

      • They did, but pointing out the truth was deemed racist.

        • Pointing out any of his Chicago connections was racist. Raising any questions about his donors was racist. Examining his weak voting record and lack of legislative accomplishment was racist. Saying he was unqualified in any way was racist.

          Even Hillary pointing out her own accomplishments and hard work was also racist, since it implied he’d been largely unproductive all his career, and implying that a black man is lazy (even if it’s true) is undeniably racist.

          Even using the word “inexperienced” in reference to Obama was deemed a “code word” and a “dog whistle” in the shrieking hysterics of the Obama-loving press.

      • Maybe they were kept out of the loop because he was handpicked to derail Hillary’s run.

        • I think at some point the Clintons must have known, but bless their heart, they thought that experience and having phony friends, like 2×4 Schumer and in the black community would be enough. Anyhow, even if they knew from the get-go I doubt Hillary would not have run or changed the way she went about doing her campaign.

        • There is truth in that. Very believable. The big money people knew a Clinton challenge was coming in ’08 when Hillary didn’t run in ’04. That said, I don’t think that they chose Obumbles because he is blkack. I think theyh chose him because he is the most corrupt….

          Hillary 2012

    • Yep, the most realistic Astroturf ever. 😦

  7. the new kid on the block. had already been around the block a few times.. 🙄

  8. Perfectly beautiful post!

    We’re supposed to believe Rouse went from chief of staff to the Senate Majority Leader to the same position with a freshman senator all because of some old law school connection? Bullshit. Rookie senators don’t snag guys like Peter Rouse to run their offices. The fix was in long ago.

    Yeh. He’s a pimp.

  9. So that’s Peter Rouse! I remember now having read about him, being portrayed as a fixer – as stated above – and very low key. I’d say!

    And while I’m sure Axelrod and Gibbs ‘helped’ him write memos, if I’m not mistaken he was the one to, discreetly, give advise to Jon Favreau.

  10. This sucks:

    Mary Kate Hallock arrived at her Oakland hills home after running errands Tuesday and found a blue note fluttering on her front door.

    “Oakland police responded to your residence to investigate a burglar alarm,” the handwritten note read. “While circling the rear perimeter, lab advanced on officers in a threatening manner before being shot and killed.”

    “Lab” was Gloria, an 11-year-old, arthritic yellow Labrador Hallock’s family had owned since she was a puppy. Oakland police shot Gloria three times with a 40-caliber Glock handgun in the family’s backyard while responding to a false burglar alarm at the property. The dog, police said, growled and barked at them.

    She was just doing HER JOB

    • That does suck. Seems that if they used some common sense they would have realized that no burglar was in the back yard with the dog. Right? Thus, no need to actually shoot the dog.

  11. Another OT

    Obama yesterday urged the DNC’s youth-outreach arm Gen-44 to remain steadfast in their support for them. He reminded them that “it took time to free the slaves.”


  12. So this guy is the Dem James Baker?

  13. Ecuador Leader Survives ‘Coup d’état’ (Military rescues President from the POLICE)

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