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Make room for Melissa at the loser lunch table!

Melissa McEwan, the latest blogger to be slushied by the Obama machine

I saw this righteously indignant rant from Melissa M at Shakesville last night:

1. When I wrote passionate criticisms of a Republican administration and Republican Congressional majority who failed to champion LGBTQI equality, assailed women’s bodily autonomy, treated Roe as a suggestion, refused to disclose lobbyist visits to the White House, invoked the separation of powers to protect themselves, called for spending freezes on social programs, legitimized rightwing extremists, advocated for offshore drilling, pushed HSAs, escalated a war, thumbed their nose at due process, engaged in black ops, treated scientists with contempt, expanded the executive’s extrajudicial powers, demeaned liberal activists, and invoked state’s-secrets privilege for bullshit reasons, I was a principled progressive.

2. When I write passionate criticisms of a Democratic administration and Democratic Congressional majority who fail to champion LGBTQI equality, assail women’s bodily autonomy, treat Roe as a suggestion, refuse to disclose lobbyist visits to the White House, invoke the separation of powers to protect themselves, call for spending freezes on social programs, legitimize rightwing extremists, advocate for offshore drilling, push HSAs, escalate a war, thumb their nose at due process, engage in black ops, treat scientists with contempt, expand the executive’s extrajudicial powers, demean liberal activists, and invoke state’s-secrets privilege for bullshit reasons, I am a stupid ingrate who doesn’t understand how politics works.

Yes, Melissa, this is how they operate.  In 2008, we were smart, politically savvy, astute observers of the body politic *until* we announced we were supporting Hillary Clinton, who we had determined from observation as the best qualified candidate for president.  Suddenly, we weren’t smart anymore.  No, we were racists, dried up pussies, stupid, low information, working class, uneducated.  In general, we were stupid voters who had never paid any attention to how politics works.  We lost a lot of friends.  People ran screaming from us in terror in case the cooties we got were contagious.  I mean, wouldn’t you rather be a hot, young, creative class voter than a tired old Roseanne Barr?

But we stuck it out because we are not Roseanne Barrs.  We’re just people who happened to see the peer pressure tactics of the Obama machine for what they were.

Now, it’s YOUR turn to feel that kind of unpopularity.  Isn’t it fun?  Nothing you say will be taken seriously anymore.  Your opinions can be dismissed.  You’re naive, stupid, a whiner.  You’re a loser.  Oh sure, they loved you in 2008.  That’s because they had you convinced that some dude was going to protect your reproductive rights better than some 60 year old woman or anyone from the Republican side of the aisle.  And how did that turn out?

The funny thing is that we’re still personas non grata and you’ll probably gravitate to the other new losers.  *You’re* not like one of *us*, right?  What Jane Hamsher calls “a certain kind of woman”?  And what kind of woman would that be?  The kind that were right about Obama?  I think Jane has us confused with some of the people who became Tea Partiers and birthers.  That’s not who we are.  And we’re not all women either.  It’s a shame really.  Together, we could be formidable and shake the bastards to the core.  But as long as they continue to atomize the left by planting misrepresentations of Bill Clinton’s record in the comment sections of your blogs, keeping the former Clintonistas at arm’s length. we will never become a threat to them.

We would mail you out our complimentary Welcome to Under the Bus package with its white sheet and hormone replacement therapy starters but myiq2xu bristles when he doesn’t hear an acknowledgment that you piled on us during the primaries for no legitimate reason. I don’t argue with a homocidal clown.

One more thing:

This is for Peter Daou, who pointed out that it is Obama’s lack of principles that is the problem with the left blogosphere.  I wrote this post about the very same thing about a year ago.  I’m reprinting it here in it’s entirety. It’s not that we were cheering for Obama’s failure.  We’re not Republicans.  But we did expect him to do the right thing for all of the citizens of the US, not just the ones who funded him.  Based on our observations of his career in the Senate, the way he ran his campaign and our own personal experiences in 2008, we had no reasonable expectations that he was going to govern as a Democrat.  This is how his administration has played out, exactly as we predicted.  Jane et al are little late to the party, Peter.  They still hate us and have a weird notion of who we are.  It’s leading to the marginalization of the left.  There’s not much time to fix this.  They need to get a clue and fast.

I wrote this in April, 2009.

Thursday: This is what happens when you don’t have principles

Posted on April 2, 2009 by riverdaughter | Edit

What do the following posts have in common?:

The New Masters of the Universe by James Kwak at baselinescenario.com

The Obama Enigma by E.J. Dionne at WaPo

G20 Color Commentary by Adam Posen on Planet Money

What’s Wrong With Washington? by James Wolcott at Vanity Fair

Actually, the Wolcott piece doesn’t belong.  I just liked his description of Fox News gasbags like Karl Rove and Bob Beckel as “plump juicy roasters”.  Wolcott makes it safe for the mixed metaphor.  The piece is hillarious and spot on.

For the other three, the theme throughout is one of trying to make sense of several moves by the Obama administration and the various players in the economic mess.  One gets the sense that what is going on is not that hard to figure out: The finance industry is taking us to the cleaners.  It is going to prolong the recession/depression because it is going to be the last entity called upon to make any sacrifices.  Each piece suggests that the White House is playing a dangerous game and gambling whole industries and our futures by engineering workarounds that won’t upset the bankers and their friends in the private investment clubs who stand to make out like bandits on our dime. Each solution is tailored to extract the least amount of pain from the wealthy and well connected and saddles the rest of us with the most risk. At the heart of this is the fact that each crisis is dealt with individually, as if the other crises were unrelated.  Each is solved in isolation, deal by deal, banker by banker. And it’s ticking off the rest of the world.

Nicolas (pronounced nee-ko-la) Sarkozy may be a petulant prima donna but he’s right about one thing.  The world cannot get on its feet economically if we continue to deal with the finance industry in a piecemeal fashion without regulatory fixes.  If there continues to be separate deals for each problem and no international or domestic law to hold the financials accountable, there can be no trust or faith in the system.  If there is no trust, there is no confidence that once leant, your money will come back to you.  People understand risk.  What they don’t understand is how their governments can allow them to be fleeced.  Confidence needs to be restored to the system to make sure the money flows to where it is needed.  That can’t happen until the big countries involved agree to set standards for financial transactions and regulations.  We are global now.

But this is not something that is in Obama’s blood.  Obama is of the “everything is on the table” variety of president.  Actually, I don’t think we’ve ever had a president who has ever put his principles on such a sliding scale as this one.  George W. Bush was a stickler for details compared to Obama.  And Bill Clinton, that master of triangulation, at least had the perfectly rational excuse that he was faced with an overtly hostile Congress and national press.  But what is Obama’s excuse for throwing away the tenets and principles of the party he comandeered to shmooze his way to the top?  He has every advantage a president could want and still he sides with the bad guys.

Well, we shall see if Sarkozy follows through with his threat and walks out.  Europe may not be doing enough to stimulate the economy but at least they aren’t stupid enough to throw more money at the banking industry and not ask, “And how do you intend to spend this?”  You have to draw the line somewhere.  And after all,  a leader has to have principles.


It occured to me that there are those who would argue that healthcare benefits that the unions demanded are ruining the auto industry.  This is the lame excuse we hear from the plump juicy roasters on cable TV all of the time.  You know, “Healthcare costs add $X to the cost of an automobile, blah, blah, blah.”  It makes you kind of PO’d to buy a car if your mind is on how many gall bladder operations and hemorrhoid treatments those X number of dollars paid for.  But even if the UAW *did* ask for so-called “gold-plated” policies {{snort!, like a working class guy isn’t going to have to run the insurance gauntlet anyway}}, the cost of those policies wouldn’t have increased so damned much if it hadn’t been for Harry and Louise.

Remember them?

If you don’t like the cost of the cars, you can send a thank you note to the GOP.

59 Responses

  1. Also to be viewed, BTD’s take on Melissa’s rant plus a cameo appearance by AngryBlackGuy in the comments.

    • I’m slowly coming around to the idea that ABG is actually a Republican pretending to be an Obama supporter who’s going around to all of the “progressive blogs” to get everybody riled up against Obama. I mean no real Obama supporter would work as hard as he does to piss off absolutely anybody who might vote for Democrats just because they’re Democrats. But it was entertaining reading last night.

      • For that to be true about ABG, Obama would have to be a Democrat.

      • Actually, an attorney (a woman) found out who he is, and he complained to no end at GWT, and he has his own blog on top of all the work he does on the other sites.

        • Is he by any chance Damon S Joy? Also do you know the name of his website? I seriously doubt he is anything other than a full-out Obama supporter, but now I am curious.

        • He’s back to being AngryBlackMan? ….wasn’t he HappyBlackMan just awhile ago??Obama IS in trouble

    • Hillary v. Obama (2.00 / 1) (#20)
      by AngryBlackGuy on Wed Sep 29, 2010 at 04:31:53 PM EST
      I can’t help but think that a significant percentage of the “Obama is a conservative” meme is a direct result of the “Team Hillary is racist” v. “Team Obama is sexist” wars of 2008.

      That’s what is really terrifying about all of this. I believe that most people are really sincere in their criticism of Obama. Don’t get me wrong. But peel back a layer or two and you quickly discover that the anger behind the primaries is there just below the surface.


      As people who know me understand, I am a die hard Obama guy. For every example of an accusation of sexism hurled at Obama, I’ll one up you with an example of racism. I am willing to have that battle wherever and whenever anyone would like to have it. Bring it on . . .

      . . . but bring it on when we’ve dealt with the folks trying to repeal healthcare, give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, discriminate against muslim Americans, etc. Prioritize people.

      There will be plenty of time for us to debate Hillary v. Obama for the next decade. But right now, we’ve got a serious foe to defeat.

      And our enemies are unifying, not dividing.

      AngryMan @ TalkLeft!?! I couldn’t believe this! Imagine they ban myiq2xu (the clown holds the record), and they banned me! Yes, they banned granny 😯 , but NOW my feelings are hurt to learn they have AngryMan there ready to call anyone racists or question how much color they have (like me) if they don’t go with the program.

      I told AngryMan, had Obama supported Single Payer, or The Public Option, Obama would have been historic and I would be out there knocking on doors, working hard, giving up my weekends as I did for so many years for the Dems and I would be speaking to every reporter I could get in front of to say why President Obama needed to hold the Senate and Congress.

      Yes, I would have worked like a dog to get those Dems elected, but it was President Obama who kept HR 676 Single Payer out and it was President Obama who forbade any discussion of The Public Option when the meme was ‘I will consider ALL options’, and the last bone thrown at us, The Medicare Buy In was also killed by the Obama Administration.

      What did I get as a Democrat this past June? An 83% rate (((I literally screamed when I saw it))) hike in premiums for the same plan, in addition to the 23% rate hike in 2009. Teresa (from PA) just got her rate hike and was hopping mad about it too. My sister, said I was just railing about Obama, then screamed when she got her premium hike…she is older and I said you can thank President Obama for Killing the Medicare Buy In for people over 45 who bare the brunt of the highest premiums. My brother, an Obama fan, dropped his insurance…THE HOPPIE CHANGIE THINGIE didn’t work out after all and now will VOTE Green Party.

      Yup, but AngryMan would have you believe it is a case of 2008 dry *(*(*&^ syndrome, and not a case of working folks tiring of being piled on by those in power who protect the insurance companies and the wealthy, just like the GOP.

      Yes, Teresa, my sister, my brother and I are just all ‘Irresponsible (President Obama’s take on us), Whinny (VP Viper Biden’s take on us), Who should be drug tested (Gibbs’ sick joke), because we got tired of having our pockets emptied and are complaining that the big Insurance Bully took all our money and NOW we can’t even afford INSURANCE next month and will be organizing a Medication Buying Trip to Canada…you know that country that has SINGLE PAYER.

      (((Is anyone in Washington seeing what is being done by the Insurance Companies, Obama’s NEW BASE?)))

      • Spammy got me…rescue me… Any hoo off to work so I can pay the insurance premium and buy my ticket on a bus to Canada to buy my medications.

        • well, Pacific John hasn’t been thrown off yet and my sign in is still good there … we’ll see if I can get thrown off … CWaltz is getting a lot of thumbs ups too. He’s still concern trolling any one who questions Obama.

          Clap, clap, clap. Did Tink live?

    • Wow, is that ever the musings of a True Believer?

      Not one person agreed with him over there either. He just keeps thinking if he claps hard enough Obama will turn into what he believes him to be and what he wants him to represent.

      Denial, rationalizations, etc. They are all there.

  2. I always saw Rosanne Barr as a very feisty, funny person who, as a comic, stood up for working class people and women’s right to be who they really are. I never saw her as “tired” or “old.” The women had guts and worked her way to to top of a field (comedy) that is dominated by arrogant young men. I have no problem whatsover being compared to that.

  3. BB, Roseanne Barr was a Hillary advocate. I’ve exchanged a few emails with her over the last year or so. She’s STILL for the working class, is pretty p.o.’d with Obama. She’s still outspoken for those who struggle, still unconventional but, most people don’t see that she really has a heart of gold. She has been maligned in ways that none of her male counterparts are and maybe that’s where she gets her strength to advocate for women from. She’s direct, open *maybe too much sometimes* and kind but, she’s not someone I’d want to cross when she gets going on a cause she believes in. I’d love to have her in my corner any day.

    In one of my emails with her I directed her to a post on this blog that I think she liked very much.

    • Roseanne is a great comedienne. loved the sitcom. I read her blog regularly, so take this in that light: She did do a great job supporting Hill and still does, but in between she was really hateful of Hillary’s holdouts. She fell for Obama for awhile after he became the nominee and president, but she seems to be back on track now. she’s still very hateful when it comes to Palin… she attacks her womanhood more than her ideas.

      She doesn’t have much of a filter though so she sometimes says things on her blog that are very hurtful and she later regrets them and apologizes.

      • JEEZUS! I think you and others are missing the point about Roseanne Barr. As a working class hero, I have no complaints. But, let’s face it, she’s no Anne Hathaway. That was and is the whole goal behind making us and the unemployed look like overweight, unattractive, barely high school educated females. They are unstmpathetic to the Anne Hathaway wannabes.
        We come in all shapes and sizes and education levels. What we gave in common is we saw through Obama. For that we need to be portayed as unpleasantly as possible, Roseanne’s many virtues notwithstanding.
        It’s marketing.

        • I wasn’t responding to your post RD. I was responding to AliceP’s comments about Roseanne.

          • i.e. I was just having a sidebar about how solid Barr’s record really was on politics since Alice brought it up. She got a little lost once Hillary conceded, imho:

            You are a great woman!! Today when you said that you would not seek ever again to run for President, you were taking the legs out from under the Puma movement who claims that they are backing McCain in order to press for your return to the presidential race in 2012. These “undecided” dems are threatening to vote for Palin-Mccain to show Obama that they think he is a two faced lying sexist who cheated his way to the top of the ticket. By publicly removing yourself, and backing Obama as the only hope the middle class has at this time shows your sheer political genius, and your commitment to a more balanced America!
            You continue to fight for the working people of this country and so am I Hillary!! Now it is crystal clear that if they continue to back McCain, they are racists pure and simple. They will deserve to be shunned by all women who claim to be feminists, fair minded, pro hillary or sane. If you go on their puma website you will be astounded at the level of their self righteous racist attacks on Obama. If you question their racism you will be erased automatically. Palin is a dupe and a fembot doing cheney’s bidding all the way. You need to take care of that special baby you brought here, Ms. pro-family Palin!

        • I understood your reference. But I don’t care what those people say. I refuse to buy into fat/overweight/obese prejudice anymore. I just won’t do it and will continue to speak up about it.

          • BTW, Melissa isn’t exactly skin and bone.

          • it’s just more sexism and classism.

          • No one said you have to. But that is their goal. We have to face it.

          • Personally I’d rather the face of the electorate’s frustration be Roseanne Barr than Anne Hathaway or a creative classer denizen of WFN (though I liked Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married.)

            Roseanne is flawed but she puts herself out there and she’s the face and voice of a hellraiser:


          • I agree. I am not crazy about Roseanne anymore for the reasons you mentioned, but most people don’t read her blog, so she represents someone who doesn’t shy away and cower and make fun of herself and apologize for existing. She looks like someone who’ll kick your ass and fight like hell, good enough for me.

  4. Wonk, no she doesn’t have much of a filter. She’s been pretty open about some of her issues etc…I think that’s why she comes back and apologizes. Like I said I don’t think I’d want to cross her…I DO think her heart is in the right place. I haven’t been on her blog in quite a while…so am out of the loop in that regard. I DID talk to her about the caucuses which was something she didn’t seem all that aware of at that time. I think your take is pretty accurate and agree. She just could not have been more open and sincere in her exchanges with me. And very kind…something about her makes me think she is uber sensitive and maybe that’s why she comes across the way she does at times but, at least she’s got the oeufs to apologize most times right away. More than I can say for any of the O apologist crowd.

    • If any one had to fight an old boy’s club to make it to the top, it was Roseanne Barr. I have nothing for respect for her.

      • My sister has worked in stand-up comedy for many years. It is a very difficult playing field for women, never mind older women and fat women. Rosanne definitely pulled herself up by her bootstraps.

  5. Damn. That’s the RD I remember. The irony in the first part, boggles the mind, no? It does. I’m so glad I lived in an era when I thought I could trust political parties.

    Oh Melissa? You should head over to Uppity’s and check out that video she had up about how Republican men think of their little women compared to Dem women. You really should. That was two days ago.
    You will learn, Melissa. She has a fab piece up today too, on all this.
    You are about to lose everything that my gen put in place. Traister? You too.

    Great one RD.

  6. ” What Jane Hamsher calls “a certain kind of woman”?”

    Jane means old..so why not say it? cause that would make her seem shallow? Guilty as charged . How many fled from that word, ( just about every wrinkled rocker on the planet for example ) right into Obama’s craw.

    For BO arms were never open even in those heady days of 08 ..however he LET them love him…sigh…but now won’t even let them do that…sob ) /snark

  7. Their dismissive labeling says a lot more about who they are than anything else. How “progressive” of them all.

  8. i wonder if we can get Russ Feingold to primary Obama if he loses his senate seat?

  9. It had to happen…Obama finally “triggers” Melissa McEwan.

    Thanks for all of the sanity here. It is sorely needed.

  10. This post both misspells Melissa’s last name (McEwan) and misrepresents her political views. She was an ardent Hillary supporter through the 2008 election, and has been consistently critical of Obama when he has merited it (which is often). Implying she is an “O-bot” who is just now coming around is extremely dishonest.

    • RD isn’t saying that Melissa was an Obot. She is trying to point out to bloggers like Melissa and Jane Hamsher that there are many more of us who would love to join with them if only they would stop looking down their noses at us because we came right out and told the truth about Obama from the very beginning and refused to vote for him because we could clearly see what would happen if he were elected.

      Sure bloggers like Melissa and Susie Madrak supported Hillary, but when push came to shove, they chose to stick with the progbloggers instead of sticking with their principles.

      • I fixed the misspelling, and thanks for pointing it out.

      • Whether or not they preferred Hillary, it is true that once the party gave the signal, they ditched their principles to support Obama. That doesn’t make them rabid Obots. It means they were party loyalists even when that party violated the principle of fair reflection in the most brazen waybpossible. They turned a blind eye because they wanted to win and they didn’t like Republicans. Guess what? So did we. We just willing to screw half our party to get there. Now, the party is paying for it and bloggers like Melissa are getting the full Obama treatment that they missed out on in 2008.
        Let this be a lesson to them. It’s always better to insist on principle before party.

  11. I love when RD writes: Great POST, loved it !!

  12. I went in and out of Shakesville for quite a while, but I finally quit. I realized that, for whatever reasons, 😕 I couldn’t hang around there long without either giving or taking offense, and so I learned it was best to stay away.

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