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Early Morning Cogitation

Morning starts too early in the day.

What I’m listening to now: Amazing Grace by Laura Love from her album Octaroon. (Stick with it, it has a great payoff)

Here’s the quote I mentioned last night on Conflucians Say:

"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes that you can do these things. Among them are a few Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or businessman from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid."

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, l952-----

The Catfood Commission is going to eliminate Social Security.  It can’t hold together if recipients are split into full bennies versus skimpy to nonexistent bennies.  By the way, there are many jobs (including mine) that require deft hand-eye coordination.  Workers 70 years old are going to have a hard time doing them.  That is IF they are lucky enough to still have a job by then.

Edgeoforever has a round up of the headlines on Obama’s “Are you going to take your dishes and go home?” speech.

Um, Yeah.  He kind of reminds me of that asshole boyfriend we’ve all had.  They do something clueless and self-centered and then are bewildered when you get pissed off about it.  “Whuh?!  What are mad about?  You must be on the rag.”

Get a clue, Jane, Markos, Glenn.  He is trying to feminize you.  He wants to make you look weak.  He’s portraying you as whiners.  Daring you to leave.  Are you going to put up with that?  Or are you going to pick up a shred of dignity and let him deal with the rent money?

If 2008 is any indication, you’ll cave to the pressure and he’ll take it as a sign that he can do whatever the f$^* he wants andyou’ll come crawling back.

Oh, my man, I love him so

He’ll never know

All my life is just despair

But I don’t care

When he takes me in his arms

The world is bright all right

What’s the difference if I say

I’ll go away

When I know I’ll come back on my knees someday

For whatever my man is

I am his

forever more

Pack up his $%^@, wait til he goes out and change the locks.  He’s not going to change.

Some people never learn.

The rest of us holdouts don’t do dishes anyway and we’re just going to keep on singing:

Here’s a little ditty Brook brought back from her trip to France this summer where she learned all about French pop music.  It’s so damn catchy. :

104 Responses

  1. It’s funny how Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex got to be so well known, but this other pearl of wisdom has been hidden so well.
    As they say, truth is a daughter of time – so, it’s only right for this to come to the surface now.
    As for the circle Ds other form or suicide – beating up on their base – it’s been noted on the cover of the tabloids already

    • I’m scratching my head over the base beating. Maybe they *want* to lose in November.
      But under no circumstances will I vote for Obama, especially if he is willing to sacrifice his own party just so he can look like a hero over the next two years.

      • That’s what my bf thinks — they want to lose in November.

        • Didn’t Clinton tell them last week to not play games? This is a very dangerous game.

          • I think clips of Clinton on Morning Joe were posted here last week. Clinton’s been laying it out exactly the way they should do it and they’re not listening. But when you think of it that’s not surprising — this is the Obamanation way. I mean, this is what they told us two years ago, right? Stop whining, stop being irresponsible, just shut up and vote for Obama.

          • Clinton is just out of the loop. He missed the circle D’s boat, he still thinks there’s a Democratic party to save.

          • Lol @ the circle Ds boat, but Clinton isn’t out of the loop. I think he’s trying to salvage a contingent that isn’t completely batshit anti-government so that there’s a base to build back from at some point.

      • A quote from Dean (about Rahm) in a book surfaced in Huffpo. He was calling it contempt, saying it was devastating and demoralizing. But of course, refused to comment on more recent “contempt” from Obama and Biden.
        So his fans were elated, happily kicking Rahm, then put in their place by apologists noting his present silence. Who said there was no drama?
        yeah, they want to lose and also to blame “the professional left” for it.
        Double push to the right as a result, like his handlers want.

      • I say let the Obama left lose, they long ago told us they do not need us (Stay home she said to the base. So sayeth Donna, and so shall it be done.). And with our internet privacy rights being degraded and the rightwing going cuckoo right, maybe we can retire this “progressive” nonsense on the blogs at some point having been forced to fight for a real FDR liberal resurgence out on the streets.

      • Yup you hit it, RD. Of course they want to lose. Then they can implement their real agenda (give everything to the uberrich while simultaneously blaming big business for the problems of us impatient “little people” . ) At least I think that’s the plan. Or have I gone totally paranoid round the bend?

        • I don’t think they have a plan. They’re just complacent. Are you going to put up with that?

          • Mornin y’all! I’m with you RD, I don’t think they have a plan. Thanks for the Eisenhower quote. It’s good to know a Republican said that because I believe it’s true. I think there will be MAJOR pushback from the public on any changes to Social Security; be it by a Democratic president or a Republican president.

            I think they will try to make changes to S.S in the next Congress but opposition from every sphere will result in a mishmash, sorta like the health care bill, that doesn’t change much of anything. They might be able to pass a law that raises the retirement age slightly and allows people to choose between private accounts or staying in the current system; I don’t see anybody being able to make greater changes than that.

            They’re not trying to do away with the payroll deduction for Social Security. People will still see money coming out of their checks. All they want to do is (1) get some of that money to their investor friends; they (Congress) already know how to dip into the “lock box” for their own use and (2) keep the money longer.

      • Crossposting a comment I made over at Corrente about the base-beating:
        The Obama/Biden base scolding reminds me of the dynamic of a bully slapping around his underlings (or family) when faced with a bigger bully. The bully is afraid of the bigger bully, so to not lose face when the bigger bully confronts him, he lashes out at the ones who are powerless against him.
        So basically it tells me the WH is p*ssing its pants in fear and lashing out.

      • I do not understand something. I’m really baffled. O is supposed to be super smart. But I see no indication whatsoever of any ability for self-examination. Seriously. I believe he thinks he’s a great, magnificent leader, maybe the greatest ever. It’s everyone else who is out of step. I don’t think he considers for one second the possibility that any criticism of him is valid. (Hence, the sneering, almost reflexive, patronizing.) So how is that smart? The cognitive dissonance is ear-shattering.

        Methinks, this is going to end very very badly. If the tiniest little hint ever gets thru his thick skull that he is less than perfect, I think he will fall apart (if he hasn’t already).

        How can he continue to insult me? The more he insults me, the angrier I get.

        Can someone with the expertise I am lacking explain this to me?

        Nor do I understand how supposed intelligent people cannot acknowledge the obvious. O is either utterly ineffective as a leader or he lied about who he is.I happen to think he’s both, but why do intelligent lefty folks continue to support him? What has happened to critical thought – truth, honesty, admitting one’s mistakes?

        • Obama lives by 2 rules:
          Rule 1: Obama is never wrong.
          Rule 2: See rule 1.

          • But, but, but … then what happens when his approval ratings slip even further? Doesn’t it get harder and harder to stick to Rule 1?

        • Narcissism is a very strange syndrome. IMO he is incapable of self- reflection. That is a primary characteristic of NPD. It is not a matter of intelligence (though I think his is grossly exaggerated, like everything else). It’s a psych disorder we are witnessing on a large scale.

      • I read a few months ago a suggestion that 0 would look more effective if he could blame his next two years of failures on opposition in Congress. Being so ineffective with a Dem majority Congress underscores how ineffective, impotent, and unqualified he is.

        BTW, does that fool Biden have a base? I thought he was hired to make 0 look like he’s the one in charge, not his Uncle Cheney or a competent Madam President.

  2. RD, great find on that Eisenhower quote from last night. Thanks for posting it here.

  3. The only site I can find which is as outspoken as this one about not rewarding Democrats for betraying progressives is CorrenteWire. Why is it not on the blogroll? Just curious – is there some past history dust up which I missed?

    • Have you read the reader diaries at FDL lately? Or the comments on the front page diaries? As Dakinikat says, they have gone “full metal puma” over there. Here’s a representative comment from a FP FDL diary:

      Back when this piece of shit was selling out the American people for the insurance, medical, and pharma industries while progressives did everything we could to bring about the public option, at a minimum, I asked on these pages when the mocking of progressives would end and the begging for our volunteerism would begin. Well, surprise, surprise, neolibs refuse to beg progressives. They, Obama specifically here, think they can order us around, like our boss who happens to wander by the break room and sees us loitering.

      The truly funny thing is that in comparison to this pompous, arrogant, lying psychopath, I would rather have a beer with Bush. He was just along for the ride. Obama, it is becoming clearer every day, is just a despicable human being. Not only does he not keep his promises, not only was “change” too hard, he takes voluntary, affirmative action to do what he promised he wouldn’t do. I hope a GOP Congress impeaches this sorry son of bitch.

      • Hoo, boy. The disillunsionment is pain-ful!

      • Yes, I have and the key word is lately. It’s nice to see them joining in as well.

        • I’m not crediting them with anything–just point out that the worm has definitely turned at FDL.

          • It appears the worm is turning just about everywhere. This morning I got a giggle over talkleft. Apparently its all the rage to put principles over party. It’s just too darn bad none of these dolts thought principles were important back when half their party wanted to discuss it.

            FISA, voting present on choice, lauding Reagan, campaigning with someone who believes gay is a disease……these were all freakin clues. Instead they wanted him because he’d be the “easy” candidate. Well how’s “easy” workin out progs?

          • But Obama was the media darling!

      • Oh man! BB, can you imagine how awful obama would be if he gets impeached? He can’t handle the smallest disapproval from any source.

        • The last thing that I would want is for Obama to be impeached (he would never be convicted in the Senate). An impeachment by House rethugs would turn an incompetent, corrupt, sociopathic fraud into a Martyr. I want him to loose a primary election but even if he is the Dem nominee, his chances of getting a second term are very slight. I want his legacy to be “worse than Carter and Bush”.

          • They are not going to impeach the first black president unless he murders 3 children, one grannie, and 6 puppies on the front lawn of the whitehouse with cameras rolling.

            Sorry, not gonna happen. Ever. Any conservative who thinks it is is dreaming.

            They will, however, go after a lot of the dirt and corruption in his administration – some that’s very real and some that’s not.

          • It won’t happen. No one wants to be labeled racist–even the far right wing nuts.

        • The GOP would never impeach O. He’s the best thing that happened to the Rs. It’s part of the reason that the Ds never touched Bush. In 2007 when the Ds took over, the fix was in for O. To the Ds and Rs in congress we are pawns to be sacrificed in their game of power. Keeping an incompetent president is better than impeaching a great president.

      • Lol! Love it. Welcome to the world of clarity.

    • I wondr th same thing… why corrente isn’t on the blogroll.
      It needs updating, by the way; some of those blogs are abandoned or mislinked.

      • And at least one is over the edge to the right–full metal I*****phobia and touting Gert Wilders as a “freedom fighter.”

        • Yes, isn’t that just … ! [Rolling my eyes!]

          Did you see that the new Dutch government coalition has made a pact with his party? Anything to stay in or gain power! And this is happening all over Europe now. It’s sickening.

          • Europe goes Yakov Crow.

          • Ooops, make that Yaqub. Yakov is Hebrew.

            Apologies. On a good day I can spell in English. Today I took a comprehensive exam in Renaissance art history, and my brain is mush.

    • Weren’t you asking about why Corrente isn’t on the blogroll? I’ve been wondering the same thing.

    • They jumped on the bandwagon to brand us as racists in the Primary. I was the primary recipient of that treatment.

      • I know Kat. And I’m so sorry about that – and about all the sh¡t you and the rest of the TC front pagers/moderators have to put up with.

        I’m extremely thankful and appreciative for the job you do to shield the rest of us from the vile stuff you receive – and I’m also glad that you sometimes let some of it through for us to see. I know I wouldn’t be able to take what you have to take. You all make it a pretty safe – and sane – place to be for the rest of us.

        Still, it’s is a shame that (and I know it’s so easy for me to say) you, meaning TC can’t let bygones be bygones as you share, I’m sure, both opinions, views, goals, commenters and readers with Corrente.

        But I do see your point. And I do sympathize with you. Always have, always will.

      • I didn’t know!

  4. *I am letting myself go? I am letting go?* Do you have a translation of the lyrics?

    I like the French song. Sometimes I like to listen to French pop music on XM radio. It’s usually fun.

    • Maybe it’s *I’m leaving or walking out?* I suppose I’m going to have to drag out my French dictionary.

  5. I found a translation of the lyrics of “Je me lache.” It means “I’m Breaking Free.” So I wasn’t too far off.

  6. Cute song of Brook’s RD. Well. It’s her gen I worry about in terms of what is left of any sisterhood. With this grizzly crew coming in. Really sad. Thought you might enjoy reading this. How apropos.


    Writing feminism is making me think back to being her age — what fab times those were for girls, in this country. I have a picture up at my blog and cultural refs. Seventeen said it all in that cover — it is who we were, opaque Danskins and all. Cougar vs Grizzly. Cougar vs Patriarchy backing Grizzly.

    • It’s early — for Grizzlyhating — save it — later

      I’ll do a Palin post — you — vent spleen.

      • Yay! 🙂

      • Was she booed on Dancing with the Stars or not, and why on earth does anyone care? Apparently the Obots care about nothing else.

        • It’s freakin’ national issue. How can you not care?


        • NO ~ she absolutely was NOT booed. They proved that last night on the results show with some extra video. The audience was booing the score. I thought it was classy of ABC to clear that up.

      • The blogger boys used this approach to their issues and used sexism to block and objectify Hillary R. Clinton. Notice how they haven’t even criticized President Obama for his FLIP FLOPS on Civil Liberties and unilateral decision to keep out SINGLE PAYER, THE PUBLIC OPTION and the Medicare Buy In. They also don’t call him out on his plans with the Cat Food commission and his support for Wilson.

        I think, the ‘WHINNY’ voters bit is for the Democratic Women, because we know President Obama made sure Viagra was covered and seen as a necessary item not requiring men to buy separate insurance if they needed or wanted it. Women on the other hand have to buy separate insurance for their reproductive care needs under President Obama’s Stupak Executive order…the Obama Jane Crow Health Care Law (h/t DAK) he expects all women to be thankful for.

      • I’m not in need of venting, MIQ, I’m sure RD will post whatever she feels, but, hey. I know you are a person from my neck o’the woods in terms of state so, it’ll be interesting to read you. On that.

        Looks like Whitman might be having probs out here after todays little scandal, so? Maybe I will have to vote for Barbara Boxer even though I wished she had helped Hillary way more.. Jerry will win, now. He’s old California. Why, he was around when I was in Jr. High listening to Linda Ronstadt songs. Et tu?

        He’s a good guy, from way back.

    • Cougar vs. Grizzly? Seriously? *headdesk*

      On the other hand, your comments made me just wonder if Palin copied PUMA with the Grizzly thing.

  7. missed your BTR show last night when do you plan on your next one??????

  8. Joy comes in the morning….

    Hillary 2012


  9. It’s the Obama Democratic Campaign Machines only Political Model:
    Exploit the Party’s Big Tent’s Identity Groups Victim Mentality.
    How it works, gain control by repeatedly kicking people in their inadequacies. Track it, the first attack is generic, then it fan’s off into specific identity groups sensitivity’s. Watch the coverage Donna B. and Obama kicked it off yesterday with the BS about his Religion and the clumsy GQ photo and interview. Next the expansion of the supposed attacks and corresponding head patting for each group Abortion, Gay Marriage, Jim Crow, DADT, Immigration, Israeli Settlements, Racism, Religion every day over and over.
    What Obama won’t address anymore are the issues. And he will only address his prepared checklist of activities as mythical accomplishment by dismissing attacks as mysteriously okey dokey unfathomable.

  10. Come on November!!!!!

    Come the fuck OOOOONNNNNN!!!!


    • I said that about 2008 for about 5 years ~ sigh.

      • Good point. We’re all assuming no more rigged events just before, and we’re all assuming the votes will be counted properly. Big, big assumptions. I guess we’re actually optimists after all.

    • I’m not voting for the Ds, but kicking out the Ds is not something to be happy about, imo. All the incompetence of Washington, from the WH to congress will be easy to see.

  11. President Obama is calling the BASE of Democratic Voters “Irresponsible and Inexcusable”!
    Biden thinks we are “whinny” voters.
    They are both working on blaming the Dem VOTERS, because it isn’t their fault cuz they are doing a fabulous job. They have worked very hard for the Wall Street and the Insurance Companies…ooops I meant those ‘Irresponsible, Inexcusable, Whinny Voters’.
    White House To Blame Base For Losses

  12. Great post–thanks. I’ve thought for a while that he wanted the D’s to lose congress. Even thought, in my tin-foil hattness, that the R’s let him win last time because they knew what a mess was coming. And because I kept waiting for McCain to let the Wright ads loose (you know, ads that the R’s have been so good at over the years) and they never came. Puzzling.

    Now, I’m at–maybe Obama made a deal with them to not impeach or hassle him too much. who knows?? But, I do believe Bill Clinton knows exactly whats going on and where the bodies are buried.

    • And because I kept waiting for McCain to let the Wright ads loose (you know, ads that the R’s have been so good at over the years) and they never came. Puzzling.

      That was one of the biggest tells…the GOP slime machine never popped into gear..that money was spent propping up Obama … They kept saying the GOP Slime machine is “waiting” …and I said when has it curbed its pile on nature and waited ever before?

      imo Obama was installed by those at a higher level than this Punch and Judy show we are supposed be entertained with called the Dem & GOP parties. Now the Dem brand is destroyed and who ever is in office does as they are told , so it’s a win /win for the powers that be.

      There are no actual opposite political parties anymore ….The Clintons are the last vestiges of such and the rest of their class can’t wait till they are forever gone .

      If there are political parties they are called The Haves and The Haves Not . Their alignments is not left and right so much as up and down . …at least on the national level. The Dems want your social security for Wall St as much as the GOP. imo

      • you’re right paper doll–it’s all a show. The American voters are like the Romans being entertained at the coliseum while the barbarians are at the gate. Some things never change.

  13. Great post and really spot on… it IS exactly like the jerk boyfriend…Obots insisted on making it so….and the clinging , bitter obots need to have their nose pressed into it hourly to have a prayer of “getting it”

    Barry simply used them, laughs about them to his other jerk friends WHEN he thinks of you at all . He doesn’t give a shit and he NEVER DID. So he’s saying to them what they lustily screamed at us in ’08 ” “STFU and vote ”

    How’s it feel sweetheart?

  14. So he’s saying to them what they lustily screamed at us in ’08 ” “STFU and vote ”
    How’s it feel sweetheart?


  15. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0910/42878.html

    Poll: Bill Clinton most popular politician

    • sweet.

    • Donna Brazile of the ‘HIDE BILL 2000 Campaign’ must be fuming!

    • That makes sense. And is a reason for my being so disappointed in him using the Obama et al line that there are lots of jobs out there, it’s just that “skill sets” don’t match.

      Bill!!! You are way to smart to believe that? What the hell were you thinking???

      All I can figure is that he is trying to not undermine Obama…but he shouldn’t mess up his reputation for being smart and savvy politician by accepting Obama crap!

      Who do we call to find all those jobs? I’ve got degrees and credentials. What are the skill sets? C’mon, Obama, don’t just talk about all those jobs, LIST THEM.

    • I went to the WSJ site. no mention of Hillary at all in the teaser info on the poll so far. they say check back at 6 for more details.

      Actually Hill and Bill were tied at exactly 61% favorability in the latest Gallup polling.

  16. Saw Jane Hamsher on MSNBC this morning and she still doesn’t get it. She didn’t say it in so many words but clearly still doesn’t want to be associated with progressives like us and yet she’s offending Obots.

    I wonder how many ways Obamanation will end up splintering the Democratic Party before he’s done.

    • Hamsher seems more reactive than proactive. She’ll likely come to the conclusion that she should band with people like us when she’s a day late and a dollar short.

  17. It’s still the economy, stupid:

    “US Census Bureau figures
    2009 income gap in the US highest on record”

    “Some of the figures, for particular states and regions, are simply staggering. Michigan residents experienced a 6.2 percent decrease in median income in the course of one year, from 2008 to 2009, while Illinois has suffered a 24 percent increase in poverty in the past decade. More than 36 percent of Detroit’s population officially lives in poverty.

    Overall, the 2009 American Community Survey reveals that median household income fell in the US nearly 3 percent between 2008 and 2009, from $51,726 to $50,221. This was the second consecutive year in which household incomes dropped. Median income declined in 34 states, and increased only in sparsely populated North Dakota.

    “Thirty-one states saw increases in both the number and percentage of people in poverty between 2008 and 2009,” reported the Census Bureau in a press release. “No state had a statistically significant decline in either the number in poverty or the poverty rate.”

    National median income is down 4 percent from its peak when the recession officially began in December 2007. Last year alone, noted the Washington Post, accounted for $1,500 of that average loss.”


    The Nov. election will do nothing to change this other than that the rethugs will bend the curve down slightly more than the Dems. The question is what if anything will improve the situation? Unfortunately, the trend seems to be that as more people fall into desperate situations, support for right wing theocrats will increase. Obama has utterly marginalized an FDR/Hillary type approach to socioeconomic improvement.

  18. I know I shouldn’t have –really should watch my blood pressure– but I caught a few minutes of Obama doing one of his backyard chitchats in Iowa.

    What a jerk. Middle Americans asking him sincerely about the wars and health care and jobs, and he delivers long boring disingenuous lectures that don’t remotely answer their simple questions. And he lies.

    So glad I didn’t vote for him.

  19. I like the Democrats that are running for election and re-election in Ohio, so I will vote for them. They will lose to 1994 style tired, old retreads.
    That’s not their fault, it’s Barry’s. He promised so much and delivered so little-well, to us small people-and, now, some real Dems are going to pay for his fecklessness and faithlessness.

    • I disagree. Those in congress didn’t stand up for the principles they say to believe in. Feingold is the only one who didn’t vote for the financial reform, but he voted for everything else. In fact I blame congress more than O. Those in congress were the superdelegates that pushed O in 2008. To say that it’s not the Ds fault, is to excuse them.

    • Some new non fake polls are showing Strickland is alive and well, don’t forget Rove is in Ohio big time. Former President Bill Clinton, the newly polled most popular politician in American, is raising money for Lee Fisher now maybe to late. And Cordray is beating that worthless retread Dewine.

      Maybe the DNC could influence Obama to stay home and instead send Bill Clinton to the rally here next month. But the problem with that of course is “…a six-letter noun that begins with the letter “F.”ng Chris Redfern, the chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party

  20. There’s a gunman lose and shooting police officers in the hospital where my daughter is doing her residency

    • oh, it’s at Creighton not UNMC, so it’s not daughter’s

    • Nothing reported thus far…hope no one gets seriously hurt or worse. Keep us posted.

      • I just went to the local tv station, they say two police officers have minor injuries and the suspect is in critical condition

        • thank goodness!
          ((hugs)) for what must have been a very scary moment for you!

          • It was, my dad had just heard it on FOX too when I called him because I couldnt get in touch with her. She’s doing labor and delivery rotation at the moment so she’s impossible to get in touch with these days. It was much better when she was making test tube babies.

          • hope everybody stays safe. Glad it’s not your daughter’s hospital!

        • Glad that it’s over with no worse an outcome and that your daughter is safe.

          It’s getting scary even to go into hospitals anymore. A few months ago in my local hospital which is 5 minutes away, a man shot and killed his wife in her hospital bed and then himself. And every time one of these incidents is reported in news media it almost guarantees one or two more copycat incidents, eg. UTA shooter yesterday, this one today.

    • oh no.
      praying & hoping nobody gets hurt

  21. The cartoon of Rahm Emmanuel is worth a peek…FISH and all…

  22. The greatest damage that O has done is to put the finishing touches on a fundamental shift among a majority of American voters (once of the Democratic party)—from an FDR—the government can be managed to work and help everyday Americans—to a belief that government does not work for the people, it only f@#$% things up for everyone. And I don’t think corporations are all that happy with either political party either.

  23. About Jane Hamsher not recognizing us–I think that bitter, dumber than dirt label that was slapped on our backs by the media is still dangling. We wouldn’t want our leaders to get smudged by getting too close to us. After all, this is Donna’s ‘new creative’ coalition.

  24. This is like watching a high school romance break up. Yes Barak. She wasn’t good enough for you. She did not appreciate you. She was demanding and expected too much. So why are you still talking about it? No Barak. You were never my boyfriend. You were my friends boyfriend. I never liked you. Yes I am sure. So you can’t get elected without your old girlfriend? I never voted for you to begin with so leave me out of it. Yes I told her you were a narcissist and a jerk and she would be sorry and I was right. No I do not think threatening and insulting her is going to get her back. Yes everyone thinks you are a loser and a weenie. So don’t call me anymore. OK.

  25. Hey, I’ve known Laura Love for years. She’s a terrific person, and it makes me happy to know you like her music. If you ever get a chance, listen to the NPR interview she did with Scott Simon for Weekend Saturday. They were adorable together.

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