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Tonight on Virtually Speaking: Avedon Carol and SHEro of the Week

At least they didn't call themselves "Virtual Democracy"

Another episode of Virtually Speaking is on tonight on blogtalkradio.  Tonight’s guests are Avedon Carol from The Sideshow and Susie Madrak from Suburban Guerilla, she who defined hippy punching for David Axelrod.  I can’t wait to listen in to this one.  Avedon Carol has a pretty darn good blog and Susie is brave.

You can catch it tonight at 8:00pm EST, 5:00pm PST.  C’mon, it’s an hour before Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire.  Set your DVR and catch them live at Virtually Speaking.

And now for something completely different…

As some of you may have noticed, our unique page hits counter is getting perilously close to 10 MILLION hits.

And  they said it wouldn’t last.

Well, we still can’t get no respect, but whatever.

So, what should we do to kick off the next 10,000,000?  Is it time to sell out?  Have a party?  Meetup?  Move to a new venue?  Call ourselves Working Class Liberals and start the For Democratic Reform (FDR) party?  Start up our old radio show?

Suggestions?  Add them to the comments.

103 Responses

  1. Rico, i’ll have a pear cider, please. Kinda slow tonight, eh?

  2. After we hit 10 million you should give all the frontpagers a raise.

  3. I love 10 million when “they” said we were nothing – NOTHING, I tell you. Cassandras, bitter clinging Sino Peruvian lesbians, shriekers, harridans, low information voters – yep. 10 millions and counting. WTF do WE know – except the truth.

    Congrats RD and front pagers for a wonderful few years!! This site has kept me relatively sane during this intensely insane few years. Many thanks!

  4. A suggestion, start getting invited onto one of the cable news channels as a guest. That’ll certainly boost hits. (How and why do certain bloggers get invited onto those shows, anyway?)

    Although in today’s culture, to appear on an infotainment show one has to be strictly limited in viewpoint to starkly left or right, it seems, no deviations or ambiguity. And yet, there are gradations among those on the left and among those on the right. For instance, I never see Libertarians or Pumas (for lack of a better word) on those shows. I guess the shows’ producers feel simplistic polarization makes for easy entertainment. And very seldom is there any in-depth analysis or philosophizing. Only ideologues who toe the party line.

    • You need a PR person to help set those things up.
      Besides, I have a feeling that we’re closer to mainstream than the powers that be feel comfortable with. It’s unlikely that they wlll ever ask us. But if there are any lurkers out there who can get us on the TeeBee, jump in and let us know how to contact you.

    • I don’t know. Meghan McCain got on a lot of shows by pushing her moderate Republicanism.

      • Um, she’s the daughter of a famous politician. That kind of s^&* comes with built in invitations to any talk show she wants.
        Plus, I hear she’s got a rack. That doesn’t hurt.

    • Oh, and then CNN wonders WHY their rating have gone down. I personally think folks drop by to see all the funny/odd humor/irony/even painful comments amidst the Truth Telling that goes on here.

  5. A T-shirt with some kind of succinct and clever slogan that says something about not being politically labeled or pigeonholed. Or showing both a repub and dem logo with slashes through both. Maybe a merged face of Obama and Bush with the name Obamabush and the words ‘none of the above.’

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Social Security Party. You already have the numbers on your side. The platform is so easy. Make the government pay back what they stole. It works for the liberal side and the the people who wrongly think the government is to big. Slogan, ” You paid all of your working life”.

  7. Show time!

  8. Susie’s pretty good tonight. She says she doesn’t know how much longer she can remain a Democrat.
    What the Hell do Democrats stand for?

  9. Oh, gawd, they’re going on about Dennis Kucinich. He is so not viable.

    • Um, no. He is a joke.

      • It’s things like that that make a person think no one whose opinion matters really learned anything from this mess. Onward to the next disaster with the next Phony Plastic Messiah!

        • Look, I know that some people really admire Dennis Kucinich. I just happen not to be one of them. I don’t care if he does believe in extraterrestrials. That’s fine by me. But I just don’t think he’s pragmatic enough. I am not a far lefty and Kucinich is. Sorry.

          • It’s not that Kucinich is a far lefty and that he believes in aliens (I believe in aliens) but as someone who’s actually lived in Ohio I can tell you he’s no cup of tea. He talks a lot of talk but he never gets anything done. Kind of like Obama.

          • Because he’s too far to the left.
            I prefer Bernie Sanders. You don’t have to wear Birkenstocks to be a socialist.

          • Huh? I loathe Kucinich. I use your bandwidth to whine about him on a constant basis. Lol I don’t think he’s a leftist, I think he’s a contemptible phony hack. My point was if he’s now the Golden Boy after the disgraceful, hypocritical way he’s enabled Obama, then we’re facing Obama Round 2 with the next shiny-object candidate to come along. Nothing about “look at what he DOES, not SAYS” has been learned.

          • An ideal leader is a pragmatist. Kucinich is just a phony sell out.

          • Word. Oh, I’m sorry LI. My previous post was totally incomprehensible so I can see why RD thought I might’ve been snarking you, but I would never! My love for you is as deep as my loathing for the Kooch. 😉

    • Didn’t he just SPECTACULARLY sold out on healthcare? (he had some smaller, less spectacular ones before). How many freebies does he get?

  10. Susie wants to start a 501c4. I think that was one of the ideas we floated back in our former lives.

  11. I love her ideas. Go for cable – yes!

  12. I don’t know what I would have done without the Confluence these past few years. I love this place more than I love my own mother.

    Start up our old radio show?

    I loved the radio show.

  13. Susie makes a good point about France. The unions only have to say “boo!” and the government backs off.

  14. I like the T-shirt idea. Here are a few:

    Unaffiliated Liberal
    Under the bus since 2008
    Democratic Party is neither

  15. BTW, I scheduled a segment of Conflucians Say on blogtalkradio for Tuesday night.

  16. I’m listening to the rerun. Susie says that Obama is a Republican and she knew it all along. So why did she tell her readers to vote for him (she says she did)? Why does she look down her nose at us for refusing to vote for a Republican in Democrat’s clothing?

    I don’t get it.

    • Hiring a lobbying firm sounds good, but I suppose she wouldn’t accept our money.

      • Are you crazy? They don’t care where the money comes from.

        • OTOH, her blanket condemnation of some corporations makes me think that her organization would be indiscriminate. I’d love solutions to the pharmaceutical industry’s problems. Not more feckless piling on. I don’t think Susie really understands the nature of the industries she complains about the most.

    • I heard this saying the other day on a podcast but I can’t remember which one:
      “If you’re one step ahead, you’re a leader. If you’re two steps ahead, you’re a martyr.”

      We were martyred.

    • All part of the plan.

      Remember the whole “how to talk to a PUMA” stuff from 2008? This seems a lot like telling people “yeah, I hate Obama too, but vote Democrat because they’re 2% less evil.”

      • We were on to them early. They must think we’re really stupid. But we’re not.
        Definitely not.
        or is that Defiantly not?

    • I dunno, but that’s why David Axlerod isn’t scared of losing those votes, no matter how sad the netroots are that he won’t walk right down the hallway openly holding their hands like Angela Chase and Jordan Catallano.

    • I’m afraid I get it but I don’t like it. It’s just another access blogger asking Axelrove to “help us to help you”. WTF is that about? Help him do what? Screw the people a little more.

      There doesn’t seem to be any direction, just “help us”. Personally, I think the courage thing is a crock and overplayed.

      • It also kind of feeds directly into the meme that the Axis of Evil has been trying to establish, that they’re all just being childish and petulant, and it’s not about anything deeper or more policy-oriented than wanting to be flattered and sucked up to. It’s like, as usual, in a moment that might make actual news, go for the one-liner and miss the point.

        • Well, it is what it is. Definitely really weak.

        • According to Susie, she also yelled at Harry Reid about unemployment, but no one reported on that–the access bloggers only cared about the gossipy story.

          • But, I mean, they would. Of course. She’s not dumb, she knew the cutesy analogies about the high school bleachers would get attention and bury the lede, but she couldn’t hold back.

          • Yes, it seemed to me that she used an obscure but supposedly “cool” term in order to draw attention to herself. And that worked.

            But what was the point? What did it accomplish.

          • Exactly. Axlerod can only laugh at any promise they’re going to actually exert themselves, so basically the netroots are high fiving and congratulating each other, but apart from feeling better for 5 minutes *shrugs*

      • That is one of the questions I asked in my post about what Susie did. What does she want to help Obama with? FBI raids on war protesters? Assassinations of American citizens? Sending more mercenaries to Iraq and Afghanistan?

    • because they (progressives) wanted to sit at the cool kids’ table, it’s as simple as that.

      • If that’s the most they have to worry about, they’ve led charmed lives. Even in junior high I had more pressing concerns than sitting at the cool kids’ table.

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