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Pitch Perfect Analysis on a Mama Grizzly from a Big Dawg

H/t to commenter fif for linking to this piece in the morning thread. From George Snuffleupagus (I just don’t want to typo his name) at ABC… Bill Clinton on Palin: ‘Resilient,’ Like Me, Don’t ‘Underestimate’ Her:

I sat down with the former president  as he kicked off the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative. Palin, who recently made a high profile trip to Iowa, was the subject of Mark Halperin’s “One Nation” column Monday. I asked Clinton to react to Halperin’s take on the former Alaska governor that “Most of all, she is like Bill Clinton: what doesn’t kill Sarah Palin makes her stronger.”

Clinton laughed and then offered his own observations.

“I do think she’s a resilient character. And we may be entering a sort of period in politics that’s sort of fact free, where the experience in government is a negative,” he told me.

“I think she’s clearly a public figure who is, who speaks well and persuasively to the people who listen to her.  And she’s somebody to be reckoned with,” he said. “And she’s tough.”

I love Bill Clinton. This analysis is the most concise and most accurate I’ve ever seen.

Another tidbit:

So is she qualified to be president?  Clinton said the “American people can elect whomever they want.”

“But [she] served, you know, not a full…term as governor, and she went out and did this. We don’t even know if she’s going to run for President,” he said.

Be sure to read the rest at the link if you haven’t come across Bill’s remarks already. I agree 100% with everything Bill is saying about Palin. Both he and Hillary are class-acts and smart to boot. They are way too astute to give ammo to Palin’s base by dismissing her populist appeal to her supporters.

The Obama Left has been doing everything possible to damage the center-left brand and convince voters that government can’t work and all the left cares about is hating on conservative women (the Obama Left has nothing to run on, only a bimbostein bogeywoman to run against).

Meanwhile, Bill and Hillary have very wisely picked their battles. They have done nothing but take the high road and try to remind people of a center-left grounded in facts and reason. With Hillary’s recent response to Christiane Amanpour about the tea party, and Bill’s statements on Palin (and also his statements about being wrong that Obama’s healthcare policy would be popular), it is clear that they get what is going on.

Bill and Hillary…keep on fighting for us… and keep on dancing.

74 Responses

  1. Oh no!

    I’m heading for “ze hills”!

    • you think Bill is wrong? He’s saying it’s a fact-free phase.

      • It’s just that I have a Palin fatigue and I was in the mood to chat since I’m taking the week off.

        We’ve just had way too many Palin posts lately and they are draining because many of her fanatics live in a “fact-free” zone and many advocate for someone who advocate for pretty much everything they say they are against.

        • This seems more like a Clinton post, though. So stay and do some “good ole days” chatting …

        • I thought I was the only one who realized palin
          supporters live in la la land.

          Bill, please be quiet. You forced DADT,DOMA,NAFTA,
          on us and embrassed Hillary on many times in the 90’s
          and during 2008. Even carville said shut up. If palin
          is like you than I feel so sorry for Hillary.

          I also want to thank bill for giving obama the bright
          idea to privatize social security by saying alan simpson
          was a good guy. Just go hang out with ron burkle
          on his jet called “air f**k one and leave the
          real work to Hillary

          • I also want to thank bill for giving obama the bright
            idea to privatize social security by saying alan simpson
            was a good guy.

            Where did Bill Clinton say this and what were his exact words?

          • I wrote Bill has a right to be mad at Obama’s left
            because they say bill is right,but not obama. They
            both go from right to center. Bill is not a liberal.

            Palin is helping getting people like angle(cannot
            have an abortion even by rape/incest),joe miller
            (Unemployment benefits are unconstitunal),
            O’donnell(being gay is a disorder). You may not
            have a problem with the people she is helping,but
            I do and so do other people.

            LandofLincoln-where did I lie?
            Palin QUIT because the media was mean. Bill
            Kristol’s national review called for chelsea to be
            killed when hillary was a senator and she did NOT
            quit. No one at the tea party convention got paid
            to speak,only palin got paid(smart move). She still
            has not given that money back like she promised.
            But,please believe that palin is helping the tea party
            out of the goodness of her heart. She is as pure
            and not some insider.

          • “Hillary Fan,”

            Why don’t I believe you are a Hillary fan? And why are your line endings all f*cked up?

          • HillaryFan: my frontpage posts and comments are on here all over TC. The politics of Palin, Angle, O’Donnell, Miller, etc. turn me off. But you don’t stop them by feeling threatened by them and overreacting to them. I’m challenging Palin/tea party the smart way. So is Hillary as linked above ( her comments to Christiane Amanpour. ) So is Bill. You’re fighting Palin the Obama Left way, which is only making her more and more relevant than she would have ever been if the Dems would just have nominated Hillary or if they had not freaked the hell out when Palin was nominated. Sarah Palin is neither the problem, nor the solution.

          • Hillaryfan, you also did not answer my question about what you said about Bill and social security.

          • Boston-what is a hillary fan? Someone who says I
            could vote for either hillary or palin,hillary does not
            have the “IT” factor,or hillary is sneaky. My lines
            are messed up because I am posting from my phone.

            Wonk-so your solutuion is to ignore them or follow
            Bill’s lead who lost in 1994. How have I acted like
            the obama left? Hillary does not comment on
            politics,she is SOS. Bill can be nice to them,they
            won’t ask for his papers,but they will ask for mine.

          • Oh please, I’ve stood up and said Hillary has IT factor again and again (the other day and every day). That was just one frontpager’s opinion that Hillary didn’t have the IT factor, and for the record, that frontpager was saying it from the perspective that Hillary does have a connection with her personally but it’s not what she meant by IT factor. I disagreed with that. Bostonboomer agreed with me about Hillary having the IT factor. So why are you asking BB that? Quit with the strawmans. I know you’re capable of better arguments than that Hillaryfan. Think deeper. You know Hillary’s strengths. Stay focused on that and keep galvanizing around Hillary and the politics she stands for. THAT Is the way to challenge the bad ideas/politics of the other side. Obsessing about Palin’s speaker fees will only make her fanbase grow deeper and wider than it would have been if you’d just treat Palin like you’d treat any other ridiculous GOPer who was male and spouting ridiculous shit. Palin’s not Hillary’s equal at all so don’t make her Hillary’s equal.

          • HF,

            Fuck you. I’m not here to answer your stupid questions. Answer them yourself.

          • Sorry, fellow Conflucians, but I’m in no mood to suffer fools gladly today.

          • Hillaryfan, it was me who said that about the “it” factor. I
            I was attempting to describe a particular narrow type of inborn effortless political charisma that appeals to a very broad swath of people and that she does not, IMO, have. She has many other more valuable things, just not that particular one.

            See, I love Hillary to death, her type of wonkiness appeals deeply to me, I think she’s the smartest politician in my lifetime, I worked my fingers to the bone for her, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

            But I guess according to you no one can have an objective opinion about even something as nebulous as degrees of charisma, their effects on political races, or offer any handicapping analysis other than “Hill good.” And if we do we have betrayed the cause, and are to be viewed with suspicion?

            Again, I love Hillary. I supported her and always will. I hope to god she runs. But I don’t drink ANYONE’S koolaid, or become a non-thinking cheerleader for anyone. Not even Hill.

          • I watched hillary give her victory speech in Indiana
            with bayh,chelsea,and bill behind her. She finished
            her great speech,turned around and looked at bill
            with the look on her face of I don’t know what to
            do,put her head down and collapsed in bill’s chest.
            Bill than gave her a kiss on her forehead and had
            a look on his face like he did not know what to do
            and that was unacceptable. I cried and was angry
            that the so-called democrats and friends stabbed
            them in the back and could not tell them to their

            I saw hillary give victory speeches and not stopping
            when th crowd cheered. She did not realize to
            stop and take it all in like obama and bill do. They
            asked beglea about this and he said she would
            rather keep talking then get appplause because
            she is a policy wonk. I LOVE THAT!!!!

            I never said hillary was palin or vice versa.
            A big reason I do not like palin is because Hillary
            went thru hell and back in 2008 and when she gave
            her last speech,palin then jumped up and was like
            that is over. Palin than became the favorite to
            some and hillary became an afterthought. It was
            like what hillary went through was a 1 and what
            Palin went through was a billion. Maybe I am not
            mad at palin,although I do not like her policies.
            I am mad at those that tried to turn hillary into
            an afterthought and those that say hillary took
            a jab at obama in a sneaky way. If hillary wanted
            to go after obama she would say it to his face and
            not be like pelosi,kennedy,kerry,and schumer.

            I am sorry boston for whatever I did. You questioned
            me and I don’t like that,so I got defensive.
            As for the social security,simpson was there when
            Bill wanted to privatize social security. Bill talks
            to obama about the economy. Obama did not
            pull simpson’s name out of thin air.

          • Great point. Simpson has been living in a cave 20 miles below the Earth’s surface for the last 50 years. It’s not like anyone who’s sentient is aware of him and his vendetta against SS.

          • fwiw, I’d say comparing the reaction to Hillary from 2000-2007 to the reaction to Palin in 2008-2010 won’t tell you about the IT that Hillary has. You have to go to the reaction to Hillary when she arrived on the scene in 1992. She. Had. IT. She was very popular. That’s why DC was quick to tear her down. Bill was already a headache for DC, but the uppity wife with the popularity of her own…Oh noes!

            Elizabeth Edwards also has IT as far as I’m concerned. Michelle has IT too though she’s doing boring stuff with it right now.

            Anyone who underestimates Hillary or her nerdier variety of charisma’s pull with the American people is missing out! Hill’s IT is there and in leaps and bounds and grows every day.

          • Hillary doesn’t have the “it” quality that Palin has. Palin has charisma up the ying-yang. It takes longer to warm up to Hillary, but she wins people over with he intellect and wonky competence.

            What Hillary has is better. It’s the difference between infatuation and love.

          • I think in order to really have “IT” you have to love to perform. You have to have that desire to go along with the glibness and charisma. Hillary’s a wonk and while she’s good in front of a crowd, I’m not sure it nourishes her the way it does Big Dawg or Palin. She can do it, but it’s not her thing. Meanwhile Obama isn’t glib or particularly charismatic, either, IMO.

          • Is BB mad at Hillary Fan or hydrogen flouride? 😉

          • Of course hillary does not have palin’s it factor.

            Hillary does have something and it connects with a
            lot of people like voters(18 million) and her couneterparts
            like david miliband,Qureshi,miliband’s replacement,
            the guy form Gremany,the latain american leaders
            and south american leaders.

            The always say three things about her in this order
            1. Smart
            2. Policy wonk
            3. TEASE

            I know some think this diminishes hillary,but this
            is another set of skills she has. She has fun with

          • When Obama gives a speech he’s performing, not talking. Get him off the TelePrompter and he’s a different person. But he knows how to work people one-on-one and in small groups.

            It’s basically a gimmick – all good con men can do it. But con-men fall apart on the big stage because you can’t tell different lies to different people when the they’re all watching you at the same time..

          • Yes, HillaryFan, Millibank thinks Hillary is hotter than Palin. She teases and flirts and makes all the boys swoon, and that’s what matters. By any chance do you work as a spokesperson for Harry Reid?

          • Seriously-what are you talking about?

            When have I compared hillary and palin in looks?
            Bill,obama,and palin have their own thing. Guess
            what, so does hillary.
            Hillary is beautiful and not cold and man do not close
            their legs when she walks by like tucker says.
            Hillary does make the boys swoon and she does
            it very well. Who is milbank? I am talking about
            Miliband who RESPECTS and and adores hillary.
            I don’t think miliband knows or even met palin.
            Hillary has fun,please allow her to have fun.

            The like her because she is smart,knows her stuff,
            and can have fun and OMG they might flirt with her.
            Hillary danced in africa and bill said I wish she
            would do that for me. Should she not dance either?

          • Who cares? Honest-to-god, this is ridiculous. If you think Bill (!!!!) is not an asset, good luck with all of this nonsense.

          • I think in order to really have “IT” you have to love to perform.

            There’s an indescribable IT that comes confidence rather than performance as an act– it’s the star quality that outlasts the trends, it’s not a flash in the pan, and Hillary has that. Bill describes his first meeting with her as saying he’d never seen a more self-possessed person.

          • Hillary does make the boys swoon and she does it very well.

            So let me get this straight… Bill Clinton conceding the strength of Palin to connect with her grassroot supporters is some terrible horrible no-no against Hillary, but bragging about an assortment of male suits being weak in the knees over Hillary is supportive of her? No offense, but I care more about how the grassroots people of the countries she visits and how the American grassroots react to Hillary.

          • I’m a grassroots American voter, and “knows how to please powerful men” is at the top of my list of Presidential qualifications.

            That being the case, I forget now why I wasn’t an enthusiastic Obama supporter….

        • This is a political blog so we talk about what’s happening in politics. Palin has been in the news pretty much every day.lately. She’s not going away anytime soon either.

          You don’t have to read any posts if they bother you. If there are other subjects you want to discuss then write about them.

      • and Bill should know. He’s had to endure a fact free environment for many years

  2. Heh. Don’t you think the “fact-free, experience is a negative” is a backward swipe at BO?
    A lot like Hill’s was too.

    I just admire their finesse so much. We need them back so bad.

    • Any type of governing vs. campaigning commentary is naturally applicable to Obama! Very deft responses on Hill’s part and Bill’s part.

      • Wonk, do you suppose it occurs to Obama that these “deft responses” of Bill and Hill could possibly be also shafting in his own direction?

        Perhaps as he replays things in the middle of the night?

        Or is he that smart?

  3. But [she] served, you know, not a full…term as governor, and she went out and did this

    Hmmm, not much different than the present guy in office. He was Senator for all of 143 days and began running for President.

    It seems to be being Gov and actually governing while in office vs. being Senator with much absenteeism or “present” votes may be better qualifications than O.

    But then, Hill would bring more experience and certainly more intellectual capital than anyone since, since, mmmm – Bill!

    We could have a REAL president!

    • Agree 1000000%

    • I’m sure Bill and Hillary agree with you too.

      • I highly doubt. Hillary has never quit just because
        some people were mean to her. She never quit.
        Hillary actually works while palin talks and talks like
        Bill,no wonder he is all over palin.

        The only reason bill fought was because hillary
        Ickes told him to stop feeling sorry for himself
        like he always does.

        Bill can have Palin/Newt in 2012 and the rest of us will
        take Hillary/A. Weiner in 2012. Bill would love that
        since then he will finally privatize social security like
        his best friend newt.

        • What is this animosity towards Bill Clinton?

          • I like him in a goofy way. He goes out there and says stuff
            like palin is tough(she quit her job because of the
            meanies and money). Then the media jumps on
            it and says he could support her and than it makes
            Hillary look stupid,because the media thinks he
            speaks for Hillary,example Africa. Does anyone believe Hillary and
            Palin would ever get along?

            He adores and loves Hillary and Hillary feels the
            same way,but a lot of the time he does not realize
            the media talkes what he says and puts it on
            Hillary. In 2008,hillary finally got the media to
            stop talking about bosina and then he comes back
            from vacation and brings I back up. I know he
            tries to help her,but sometimes the best help he
            can give her is not to help.

            Hillary does not need his help or him defending
            her,she can do it herself.

          • Hillary and Bill make a great team and know exactly what they are doing. Politics 101 may be above the Palin-hating left’s ability to understand,.but politics at any level aren’t above either Hillary’s or Bill’s pay grade. The Clintons are challenging the rightwing populism with honey and facts and reason, not with hatefilled daggers toward GOP women winning GOP primaries–which they understand should not be any sort of threat to Democrats who are sure of themselves.

            The Clintons are sure of their strengths and they’ve got their eyes on the ball, they are not distracted by this irrelevant hatefest with Palin, which is the obsession of insecure Democrats–Dems who are either young and/or not sure of their own selves… especially the Obama Dems who have nothing to run on, so they must keep conjuring the bogeywoman of the One True Evil that is Palin to run against.

            Hillary “fan,” when you go off on Palin the way you do you are ELEVATING Palin to a level of relevance in the first place. The Clintons are too smart to do that. They are wise to pick and choose their battles. You think Bill is saying Palin shouldn’t be underestimated without having discussed this with Hillary? Lol. You don’t know Bill and Hillary.

          • wonk wonk!

        • Speaking of “fact free”…

          • That was addressed to “HillaryFan,” btw, because I don’t see many “facts” in her screeds, whether against Bill Clinton OR Sarah Palin.

        • WTF are you talking about, HF? Go take a chill pill and then go for a walk in traffic.

  4. Bill knows what’s about to happen:

    Palin 2012.

    Hillary 2016.

    I hope the country can hang on til we get another chance, Bill!

  5. “Bill and Hillary…keep on fighting for us… ”

    I am truly grateful. I so want them not to be the only ones though.

  6. Ack!!! I was having wordpress issues and the screen kept freezing while I was writing this post. This published a little too soon. I’m sure everyone will keep reading and commenting on Kat’s morning thread, but just to say–go read Kat’s morning thread if you haven’t already! The GMAC story is fascinating!

  7. Great post!

    So is she qualified to be president? Clinton said the “American people can elect whomever they want.”

    Well that’s a a perfect answer consider who’s sitting at 1600…( when he’s there mind you ) and the statement shows AGAIN the Clinton’s hard wired respect for the American people and the voters. They go out and ASK for our vote . They don’t bark ” where the hell is your vote, you ungrateful slop” Well that’s the New Dem to their base. The New Dems are much nicer to the GOP of course …they golf with them after all…but I digress .

    Just the fact Bill is speaking to back stabber GS shows his class. George is one of the many the Clinton’s raised out of obscurity only to be back stabbed. I actually it’s not just they are well paid to do so…but they resent the help they needed out of the used car salesmen lives fate would have given them, but for Bill and Hill…yeah, DeeDee I’m looking at you ( among MANY)

    • Since President Clinton said it, I want to believe that he was talking about Obumbles. That answer is too perfect to be off the cuff. A dig at Obumbles while shooting a nod to Palin is vintage Clinton. Disarmingly accessible, that line cuts Obumbles with independents as well….

      Hillary 2012

    • DeeDee I’m looking at you ( among MANY)

      Lol! I’m looking away… the transparent turnaround in the backstabbers/beltway attitudes toward the Clintons is a bit much to take in.

  8. In th spirit of what Clinton said, and after looking in the mirror, I decided to make some changes in my vocabulary

  9. Notice the stark difference between Bill Clinton who rarely says a single wrong word…and Jimmy Carter who rarely gets a foot in mouth free moment.

  10. Bill Clinton is such a great and admired speaker and personality here, that he comes to lecture in towns so small no one has ever heard of them before and yet the organizers have absolutely no problem getting enough people to pay up and attend.

    Love his comments on The Daily Show referring to Chelsea’s wedding (or rather the media hoopla surrounding it):

    It’s my contribution to the economic stimulus.
    … I was sort of surprised, when the unemployment rate didn’t drop after the wedding.


  11. Watching Bill and Hillary deal with one of the most difficult political questions that would trap just about any politician is like watching Muhammad Ali in the boxing ring. The journolists always asking questions for a gotcha moment, but both, master politicians, handle them with ease.

    • lol! and the beauty part once the” journalists” pop off their oh so clever gotcha question that took a few focus groups to craft, and the Clinton’s flick it off….the newsreader’s got nothing. They sit there and blink at Bill and Hill and then keep asking it…cause that’s all they got…

  12. George Snuffleupagus (I just don’t want to typo his name)

    Not buying it, Wonk, sorry 🙂

  13. Mark McKinnon’s new line:

    Obama is no longer the new shiny object.”

    LOL I love it!

  14. And we may be entering a sort of period in politics that’s sort of fact free, where the experience in government is a negative,” he told me.

    Lol Not only is that a funny shot, Bill gets it. You can’t abolish all standards and then get all bent out of shape when everyone else follows suit. Moving the goalposts is always fun, but if the law of unintended consequences comes back to bite you, tough luck, you have only yourself to blame. “No, no, the standard is,
    stupid, inexperienced, mastered invol
    respiration *with penis.* PENIS! Genie, bottle, back now! Obama’s foes would be unqualified at 20,000 times his qualifications! Just–stop it!” lol Nice post, Wonk.

  15. yes great post

  16. with fans like hillaryfan who needs enemies.

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