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Who’s laughing now?

From The Note:

Christine O’Donnell, the Sarah Palin and Tea Party backed candidate, dealt a stunning blow to the Republican establishment Tuesday night, defeating the moderate, party-favorite veteran Rep. Mike Castle in the Delaware GOP senate primary.

“Don’t ever underestimate the power of we the people. We the people will have our voice heard in Washington once again,” a jubilant O’Donnell told her supporters at a rally in Dover.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, O’Donnell won 53.1 percent of the vote to Castle’s 46.9 percent.

The GOP establishment threw everything including the kitchen sink at O’Donnell and Palin, and it wasn’t even close. Of course the conventional media wisdom is this helps the . . . Democrats? WTF?

The path to a Republican Senate takeover narrowed to the point of vanishing Tuesday night, as marketing consultant Christine O’Donnell upset Rep. Mike Castle in Delaware’s Senate primary and likely dashed the GOP’s hopes of capturing the seat in the process.

Though six other states and the District of Columbia voted in primary elections Tuesday night, the outcome in Delaware had by far the most profound implications for the fall campaign. While Castle was comfortably on track to capture Vice President Joe Biden’s former Senate seat, O’Donnell will enter the general election at a wide disadvantage to the presumptive Democratic nominee, New Castle County Executive Chris Coons.

All I know is if I were a GOPer office holder I would think long and hard about upsetting Mama Grizzly.

110 Responses

  1. If Palin runs in 2012 I hope Hillary does too, because I doubt O will be able to beat her.

  2. Who will Emily’s List back in the general, the woman or the Democrat?

    • Probably the Democrat. They don’t like Palin. I frankly wouldn’t be all that stoked about choosing between Palin and Obama myself.

      • The Ewok ad:

        • Are they wearing the c-word T-shirts under the bear suits?

        • The comment “when the salmon stopped coming down the stream” had the righties howling.

        • I liked the ad. But? We could have had Hillary.

          Only one of Palin’s BIG problems, in my opinion.

          Just one look was all it took. This isn’t a feminist stance. At all. On this stance alone I would question her judgment. If only McCain had picked someone like Hillary. Since I’m a Democrat in complete Exile at this point — if the Republican Party can come up with a smart non-incest approving female?

          They might get my vote.

          Like most Americans in my generation? It’s disgusting right about now. Really disgusting.

          Unethical stances seem to be the rule of the day. How did that happen?

          • Just came across this. Where was she RD? In terms of Hillary in 2008

            In terms of FEMINISM?
            In terms of HILLARY CLINTON?

            yeah, right.

          • where did she say she approved of abortion? She didn’t even say it should be illegal for an incest victim to get an abortion. She said that her personal choice would be to counsel the person to choose life. I’d counsel the person to do what she thought best with her body and her life. So Palin and I disagree. But I do not like when Obamabots and the party in general twist her words to make her seem crazy or repulsive. They only do it for two reasons: they can get away with it because she is a woman and because they fear her.

      • Neither would I. But if McKinney doesn’t run again I’d probably go with Palin just to give the Democratic Party and ObamaNation a big FU.

  3. Lazio lost too. Ha ha, victim of the Clinton curse. 😉

    • Bill and Hillary are secretly members of the Tea Party.

      I heard it at DK so you know it has to be true.

    • NY Compost:

      The Tea Party-backed Carl Paladino has beaten the Republican designee Rick Lazio in the race for the GOP’s nomination for New York governor.

      Paladino, a Buffalo businessman, rode the wave of voter anger that has swept much of the nation to defeati Lazio.

      Paladino will face Democratic Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in the general election in November.

      Paladino had lost to Lazio at the state GOP convention, but petitioned his way on the ballot by securing 30,000 Republican signatures statewide.

      I’m voting for Cuomo

  4. The establishment Democrats are laughing now.

    The question is, who’s laughing in November?

  5. The Hillary and Palin treatment is not going to work against O’Donnell. Everyone knows what it is now. The R voters are as pissed off as the D voters. It is like everyone decided I will vote for whoever I f^@*ing please and take your media opinion column and shove it.

  6. The #3 US news item at CNN.com right now is that Obama has written a children’s book called “Letters to My Daughters.” lol

    • OMG, you have to be kidding me!

    • I can see the Obots tearing up now. They’ll positively swoon over the book.

      Here’s a sample:

      Dear {insert your name here, I can’t remember it},

      Me, me, me, me, me, me. Me, me, me.


      • I think it’s really creepy to write a book supposed for your kids and then publish it for the whole world to see.

      • Lol No, no, no, no, no, we know for sure Obama didn’t write it, because the full title is “Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters.” lol How many days, weeks, months did The Groper have to spend convincing Big O that “thee” and “me” are synonyms?

        • Such a pompous title. Of course, that is exactly the kind of title that give a tingle up Chris Matthews’ leg, and make idiots swoon.

          • At least he decided to forego “Let Freedom Ring” or “Great God, Our King.” “Great God, Our King: A Letter to My Daughters” would’ve been worse. 😉

    • Obama 2008:

      I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits, and people’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics …
      … And how family deals with issues and teenage children that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics, and I hope that anybody who is supporting me understands that is off limits.

  7. Turdblossom sounds upset:

    • Michelle Malkin:

      Sources at the Christine O’Donnell victory party revealed to The Freedomist that in December of last year Karl Rove met with Tea Party leaders in Dover, Delaware trying to get them to cut a “deal” in which they would leave Mike Castle alone and NOT support O’Donnell.

      The Freedomist has also learned that Rove was allegedly acting as an operative, although in what capacity it is not known, even as he is playing the role of a political analyst on Fox New in a fair and balanced way.

      I love a pie fight.

      • I find that very difficult to believe. Turdblossom is clearly personally attacking her because she just doesn’t represent the high standards of moral rectitude, personal integrity, and character that he and his party uphold.

    • the blossom is coming off the turd … they created them and now they can’t control them!!! I guess there can be green shoots around the edges of astroturf afterall! Too bad, most of them are wackos, but at least they are THEIR wackos

  8. I think O’Donnell is a nut, a fraud, and a flake. On this one, I think the Repubs really screwed up. Castle is a moderate and would have won the Senate seat easily. At any rate, Kelly Ayotte, another Palin pick, is still 2k votes short of beating Ovide Lamontagne. In this case, Palin picked wisely, but it doesn’t seemed to have helped enough.

  9. I keep thinking of all the times we were told “Don’t vote for X in the primary, he/she is too liberal and would lose in the general.”

    Then we lost with the wishy-washy winner, or ended up with another blue dog.

    If I’m gonna lose anyway, I’d rather go down in flames with a real moonbat.

    • I’ve come around to that point of view. Gotta encourage that “far-left” stuff. Otherwise we end up with a DINO whose idea of healthcare reform is farther right than Nixon’s. (((pours another libation)))

  10. We’re finally getting a REAL UNION to go after Bobby Brady Jindal!!!!


    Professors at LSU are planning to organize a union.

    A national union is guiding a faculty senate committee through recruiting training now. The committee said it wants to get almost 3/4 of the faculty and staff on board to build a shield against layoffs and what it called “poor leadership.”

    Some professors said budget cuts were the last straw.

    “When instructors get notices of firing basically, there’s an increase in pressure to want to consolidate, group together and figure out a way to handle the issue,” said food science professor and faculty senate committee member Paul Wilson.

    “We’re looking for a way to increase faculty leverage as we attempt to save this institution, save the state,” said faculty senate president Kevin Cope, “and with that, ask the state to be honest in its dealings with its most trained personnel.”

    However, professors said at this point, it seems the only way for them to defend themselves is to pull together.

  11. Salon:

    Now the Tea Party has really done it

    Republicans in Delaware faced a very simple choice in Tuesday’s primary: Did they want to win Joe Biden’s old Senate seat in November, or did they want to lose it?

    They went with the latter option, and if that really surprises you, then you haven’t been paying close enough attention to Republican Party politics in the age of Obama.

    Idiots! They should vote for who they’re told to vote for, just like the Democrats do.

  12. Scandal-plagued New York Rep. Charlie Rangel will win primary battle with five challengers, CNN projects

  13. If O’Donnel were to win the general (unlikely) it would be fun, fun, fun to watch the exploding heads of Rove, establishment Repubs, and the know-it-all pundits. (Messy, no doubt, but entertaining.)

    I think the voters are turning on the establishment because the establishment/elite displays such disdain for them. We’re just a bunch of yokels, ya know, bitter clingy types. So the establishment sowed the wind and is now beginning to reap the whirlwind.

    • I don’t understand!!! Obama sucked the oil and the dispersant up with a straw with Tony Baloney! Right? That picture is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like that.

  14. Does NH handcount every ballot, or something? Dear god, what is taking so long?

    • The winner counts the votes ( remember May 31, 2008 in Washington, and August 2008 in Denver).

      • They forgot to stop anyone from voting, now the head cracking begins in earnest. 🙂

        • Supposedly, Ovide Lamontagne received thousands of unexpected votes. The explanation is that voters that initially had said they would vote for other candidates, decided to switch to Ovide. It happens. Votes that are supposed to go for one candidate, turn out for someone else.

          • Yeah, but they’ve been stuck at 85% for 5 hours. New York and MA managed to count almost all the votes ages ago. NH is much smaller.

  15. It’s a trend, and nobody can stop it. Put people in office who call themselves outsiders, regardless of their past. If it worked for the Ds, and I guess it will work for the Rs in 2010. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the working of the government will go down the tubes, not the internet tubes :), the toilet, and Obama will be made responsible for all that mess. Funny how stuff happens.

    • We’re basically just screwed. Sure, Obama and his moron army to blame, but that really doesn’t help us as long as we can’t opt out of being governed by any of these people. 🙂

      • Stuff happens 🙂

      • I’m looking forward to the fight between the establishment Rs, the Tea Party group and the Ds in congress and Obama.

        • And “the Ds in congress” are of course split into Blue Dogs and progressives and the corporate puppets with no principles at all.

          Definitely has circus potential.

          • The media is going to love it.

          • Especially since establishment media is now public relations disguised as reporting. When I can step back and not be enraged by it, it’s hilarious switching from MSNBC to FOX to CNN – how self-importantly they fluff their hair and furrow their brows exclaiming over the historic unprecedentedness of it all.

          • If I’m going for superfulous drama-I’ll go with the Real Housewives franchise-the news channels just make me angry and sick to my stomach.

  16. In line with the up is down era, Republicans (who are supposedly conservative and embrace establishment) forge a grass roots Tea Party and vote anti-establishment Primary candidates into the mix, while Democrats (supposedly liberal and trailblazing Change) bring us the same-old with Obama, totally (though secretly) establishment and faux-grassroots.

  17. good nite

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