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Open Thread: 2012

John Smart thinks the world would be just and sane if Hillary were President. Sanity is something Obama appears to lack, and it shows. He refuses to say he will veto an extension of the Bush tax cuts.

President Obama on Thursday refused to commit himself to vetoing legislation that would temporarily extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, even as he and his administration have steadfastly argued that such an extension would waste hundreds of billions of dollars.

Wonk’s previous post about Hillary’s leadership was spot on. No one knows if she’s going to run in 2012, but no one

OHM nom nom nom!

should be saying that she can’t. As many people have pointed out, Hillary isn’t perfect but there is really no one else available to properly lead in troubled times like this. Instead of being pessimistic and saying she’ll never run, we should be urging her to run as much as possible and urging Obama to not run as much as possible. That’s the patriotic thing to do. Of course, as someone who’s admired the Secretary of State since grade school and who doesn’t even know if she really wants to run at all, I do feel bad because she does deserve to retire, but I doubt anyone would disagree that our problems are bigger than her as a person.  It’s just that she’s always been the best woman for the job.

Furthermore, she’s also the only person who can save the Democratic Party and bring it back to it’s FDR roots. We know enough about her loyalty to Democrats to know that she would do what is necessary to help the party. She has said many times that she has “no plans” to run for President and that “by law” she is out of politics, but our friend Still4Hill likes to point out that she suspended her campaign back in 2008 and never technically ended it. Anyone can dream, right?

This is, of course, is just an opinion and you’re not obliged to agree. Just wanted to get a discussion on this going. Call it an open thread.

33 Responses

  1. As an aside about women leaders, raise your hand if you believe this from Brent Budowsky.

    Within hours and possibly minutes I expect the president will name Elizabeth Warren to lead the new consumer protection agency, and if he does, the Democratic base will erupt and turn out to vote in far greater numbers than any current poll suggests.

    • So everything is forgiven because Elizabeth Warren, who SHOULD be Treasury Secretary, is named head of the Consumer Protection Agency?!? Really??


      Hillary 2012

      • I believe that is literally the least he can do.

      • I frankly expect that…anything less wouldn’t be very Obama… he’s racking up a list of women’s names as talking points… Michelle, Hillary, Lilly, Sonia, Elena… he’s subtracted Christina, but after much handwringing he’ll add a Liz. …

        the silver lining is that if Warren can get her foot in the door, like Hillary, she may be able to get some good things done.

        • I don’t think he gets it. He thinks that by appointing women to posts without vetting them and ignoring their shaky stances on choice he is going to placate the ladies, as if what he’s doing isn’t totally transparent. As if we dumb gals are too dumb to see through it. It’s like he’s buying us jewelry so we won’t nag him about taking out the garbage or something.

    • Lol Sadly, the Democratic base now consists of 4 people.

    • LOL, that’s a good one. If he doesn’t nominate her, he’s 100% Bush. If he does, he’s only 98% Bush. I don’t think you come back from Stupakistan that easily. And obviously among real liberals, I don’t think you come back from ’08 that easily. They so easily forget.

  2. Hillary 2012.

    • I think Howard Dean might challenge BO though. In which case the neo-Dems will regroup and vote in droves since they prefer him — or any other male candidate — to HRC.

  3. I’m not sure whether Hillary would go for that, but I sure wish some genuinely liberal Dem on the national level would call Obama out, either publicly or privately, threatening a primary challenge if he keep capitulating to the right.

  4. But, but, the president gave THE SPEECH that made Olby and Tweety all warm and gooey about how he was going to fight those rich-loving Republicans (and the many Democrats who’ve also said they won’t refuse the tax cuts on the rich)

    • Notice……that Olby and Tweety (and Maddow, too) neglected to tell their listeners that Obama said he wouldn’t veto if the only compromise they could get included the tax cuts for the rich.

      We’ve seen this game before, haven’t we?

  5. Now we see the White House try to push back against the distance that Hillary is putting between them and her.


    It’s as though they aren’t speaking with one voice. How is it that the view of the State Department isn’t the view of the Oval Office? Are they two separate bodies governing the country? If he disagrees with Hillary, he should admonish her and allow her the excuse to leave.


    Hillary 2012

    • like clockwork.

      • the MSM just goes for the Obama-Clinton rift storyline right after Hillary has a really good press day… but really Hill plays bad cop to O’s good cop all the time, and he plays good cop to her bad cop all the time, so I don’t think it’s as dramatic as the article is making it sound.

        • Agreed. The issue is one that can create headlines for these papers and newscasters.

          However, if you really look at Obumble’s response, he doesn’t ever address the similarities that Hillary highlighted. She never said anything about Mexico’s democracy. Her comparison was between what the narco traffikers are doing in Mexico now to what the cartels in Colombia were doing in the 80’s. And she actually is very correct. The cartels were in control of most of the regions in Colombia, they had bribe money invested in politicians and police, and they presided over their territorial regions using terror (murders and kidnapings).

          His response was a diplomatic white flag saying that the current administration in Mexico is upright and honest, blah, blah, blah. How do I put it when I talk about Obumbles?


          Hillary 2012

          • Mexico got miffed with Hill’s frank talk and Obama’s coddling them… that’s what it sounds like to me… that and the MSM knows that playing an Obama-Clinton rift headline will get more readers.

          • Yes, HRC’s assessment of Mexico vis-a-vis the growing narco threat and violence is very real. Unfortunately, kidnappings and other threats of violence — once exclusively attributed to the drug cartels — are becoming more and more the actions of common thieves and thugs. Make no mistake, there are increasing incidents of extortion against the middle & affluent classes throughout Mexico. Unfortunately, my own extended family has been affected by such crimes already — that is, extortion against two of my (female) cousins and a actual kidnapping of a distant male relative!

            Hillary is spot on about Mexico; BO is as clueless as ever.

            BTW, I was in Phoenix this past April, and the fear about narco-trafficking and violence is very palpable, especially at the airport which is on perpetual high alert. After my visit, I read somewhere on the internets that kidnappings against unsuspecting visitors were occurring at hotels and such. The importation of crime is very real and needs to be addressed.

    • Thanks–I was writing about this on the current post, but glad it’s here. Really ticks me off. He just can’t stand for anybody else to get attention. That’s why he has the ‘no drama obama’ rule–someone might not stare solely at him 24/7.

  6. Thanks for the picture littleisis. What a perfect Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman triad that is.


    If we don’t have Hillary to run for 2012 we will be stuck with a baad choices in the dems and bad in the repubs.at least what we see. The country needs Hillary!

  8. My Microsoft Security Essentials has been catching some nasty Java exploits lately. I finally thought to check my Java and I had update 18. I went to Java’s site and found that update 21 is available. *headdesk*


  9. If the bank doesn’t get your home, the Homeowner’s Association may.

    “The White Picket Offense: Homeowners’ Associations Crack Down” http://abcnews.go.com/Business/homeowner-associations-crack-violators/story?id=11586766

  10. It’s just that she’s always been the best woman for the job.

    Just a tweak to this sentence: the best PERSON for the job. Hands down. Awesome picture–I never did see a full-length shot that showed the gown. The love between them is beautiful.

    Just waiting for a sign Hillary…

  11. I never quite drank the Obama Kool-Aid but even so I am astonished at his backtracking and tone-deafness on so much. Even Bill Clinton didn’t disappoint me as much.

    I should confess also I never quite drank the Hillary Kool-Aid either. I figured she’d be just like Bill Clinton, a reasonable conclusion if one believes she was his partner in politics as well as in life generally.

    I’ve gone from hoping he wouldn’t chicken out from a fight to hoping he is humiliated in November. How he lets his press secretary and chief of staff insult with impunity his base, insult those who put him in office, is beyond me. Imagine if Mclellan or Card had publicly insulted conservative Christians.

    I hope she runs and wins. And I hope for once already we get a Democratic president who doesn’t totally disrespect her base.

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