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You say “Hillary Diehard” like it’s a bad thing

Ok, I am going to take the contrary opinion to Sandress’ last post about Hillary.

First, let me establish where I’m coming from.  My concern is for the economy and the direction America is heading in general.  Now that we’ve let a complete and utter, self absorbed novice set us back TWO additional years on top of the EIGHT disastrous years that preceeded him, this country is in pretty bad shape.  We are clinging to what is left of the New Deal with the fingernail of our left hand pinky.  When social security is compromised, by a Democratic president, no less, we will go straight back to the conditions we had during the Great Depression.

Second, the person who takes on the job in 2012, assuming he/she has any interest in fixing things,  will have an even greater task ahead than when it was merely incredibly broken in 2008.  (By the way, Ian Welsh had a very interesting perspective on Obama and what kind of president he really is in the latest edition of Virtually Speaking that aired on Sunday.  Highly recommended.)

So, I am not looking for a feminist savior.  I am not looking for a symbol to rescue me.  All I want, for heaven’s sakes, is someone who actually knows what they’re doing and cares about what happens to those 310 million people in this country who we call citizens who work hard everyday and play by the rules.

It doesn’t have to be Hillary.  It could be a player to be named later.  Can anyone think of a person other than Hillary who could actually, you know, do the job?  I mean, someone we actually have confidence in, who might not be everything you want but who would be fair, who has enough experience (finally) to run things and knows where all the mechanisms of government are and isn’t afraid to use them?

Oh, sure, the knives would come out.  In fact, I would expect them to get longer and meaner.  The more threatening the individual to the dominant paradigm, the sharper the daggers.  And it would be a thankless job.  It’s going to be much harder to put the country back together now than it would have been in 2008.  And if the Congress goes back to Republican hands, it will be that much tougher still.  No wonder Bill Clinton is stumping for Democrats as hard as he can.  But Democrats really need to step up their game and save themselves.

In the meantime, Hillary is our Secretary of State and she’s a very good one.  A dentist’s ad is not going to persuade her to resign.  It’s going to probably take a lot of soul searching and a ton of cash to get her to run.  But she’s the frontrunner, regardless of a dentist’s ad and whether or not she decides to run.  That is something we have to come to terms with.  She is the biggest threat on Obama’s horizon whether she likes it or not.

The Obot banshees can shriek from now until 2011, nothing is going to change that.  And we can count on her old Republican nemesis (what’s the plural of nemesis?) to step up their game as well.  I can’t imagine it could get worse than 2008.

We’ll still be here.  We don’t back down from a fight.  So, go ahead and call me a Hillary Diehard.  I can take it.

Bring it on.

61 Responses

  1. Completely agree as to why we need Hillary, RD.

    It’s going to be much harder to put the country back together now than it would be in 2012.

    Don’t you mean than it was in 2008?

    I can’t imagine it could get worse than 2008.

    Don’t bank on it. Did we think there could be a worse president than W? Yet, here he is.

  2. Yup. It’s time to start thinking outside the box. Dr. De Jean has shown that while the corporations may be able to buy the votes of our legislators, they can’t buy our votes (unless your last name happens to be Moulitsas, but that’s a different story). The two legacy parties have shown that they are totally removed from the American people, so why should we trust them to determine our leadership? We need to start taking matters into our own hands, and that means making it much easier to get an assortment of people on the ballot–not just the people that Rahm Emmanuel thinks we ought to have.

  3. Being a Hillary Diehard is not a bad thing. It’s something of which I am quite proud.

    Hillary 2012

    • Absolutely not. In fact, I’m much more of a Hillary diehard now than when this whole mess started. I was a Hillary convert in 2008 after watching the debates. But after seeing her performance as Secretary of State, I’ve become convinced she is the best chance we’ve got for now.

      As RD said, if there is someone else with that kind of experience and strength, great–I’ll consider them. But right now Hillary is our best hope.

      • Unfortunately, Howard Dean will be the neo-Dems choice for 2012. It looks like he’s positioning himself to challenge BO.

        • The great unwashed masses have no desire to see Howard Dean elected. And as far as I can tell, Democrats still need warm bodies to vote for them.
          If they make the stupid mistake of nominating Dean, then they deserve to die as a party.

          • yes. Can the Dems get a clue and stop nominating northeasterners? Meaning: can the Dems get a clue and start nominating candidates who can actually TALK to people? Howard Dean is actually pretty good at that, certainly compared to Dukakis, Kerry, and Obama — but jeez louise, most of the voters in this country do not have college degrees.

            And even when people have little else, they will always always have pride.

            Plain, straight speech — without condescension or obfuscation, without strings of a hundred subordinate clauses that make the listener feel lost, stupid, or herself unheard.

            This was the very best quality Hillary had. She might not have been as far left in some areas as I’d have liked (though definitely further left than Obama) but she could SELL her policies to the people. Her convincing O’Reilly that socialized medicine might in fact be a good thing was a moment of pure political beauty.

    • Likewise.

      I’m planning to use part of this long weekend to paint 2012 on my 2008 Hillary t-shirts. In bright red.

      And unless my more propriety conscious friends can talk me out of it, I’m going to put “WE FUCKING TOLD YOU SO” on the back.

    • call me one too.

  4. Honk honk!

  5. Yup, rd – agree with you completely…

    I don’t know what it will take to get Hillary to run… I’m sure she’s sick of it, but if there is a snowball’s chance in hell, I pray she will run and run hard…

    I’m starting to save my nickles and dimes now for that possibility.

  6. Me too! 🙂

  7. I’ve given up all my fingers but the middle one, and I’m saving that for a very special person, know what I mean. This time around it won’t be daggers, but coconut knives they’ll be using.

    Happy Labor Day Weekend.

    • Heh! Reminds me of the only time I found something Bush said truly funny, when he, after a visit to Canada, thanked those who had waved … with all five fingers.

  8. Short of Hillary, Jackie Speier who has local, State and congressional experience. She is a fighter and was a strong supporter of Hillary for POTUS. She is also a survivor of Jones Town, as part of the congessman Ryan’s office. She is a great advocate of the working folks and understands the hardships of life and has co-authored a book on facing life’s challenges.

    She has gone against the system, the establishment and ran for higher office when the party machine wouldn’t support her run. She made it with just one high profile endorsement and she also has a backgroung in business, technology and working for non-profits.

    OK, I am looking to hear about other wonderful hard working women!

    Hoping the iPhone doesn’t chop up too much of my comment…I also don’t have my glasses. 😯

    • I am also impressed with Governor shuchs his name escapes, but he is the one that many wanted as VP but he refused and said so many times before the convention.

    • speaking as a Californian, Speier has the difficulty that she is a liberal from California… that’s not a position that is terribly useful in a national race…

      only CA conservatives, I think, can take that shot (ala Reagan)

  9. “Can anyone think of a person other than Hillary who could actually, you know, do the job? ”

    Frankly, no. That was the case in 2008 and it’s the case now.

    Hillary Clinton was/is the most accomplished and experienced candidate out there. The fact that she’s a woman is a plus but not the deciding factor. Where we were in 2008 would have made the job of pulling the country out of the tailspin difficult for any candidate. Where we are now is right before impact. I see no other candidate that could take the controls and have any chance of avoiding utter disaster.

    I don’t agree 100% with Hillary Clinton. For instance, she’s much more of a hawk than I am. But she’s the only politician I trust at the moment in terms of competence, experience and basic know-how.

    If she decides to run, the contest will be very bloody. But if the Obamacrats and/or the reconstituted Moral Majority and their corporate handmaidens succeed, we’re doomed.

    • I agree with you Peggy Sue. Hillary is the onlyl candidate with any experience and qualification in sight. She was the only candidate in 2008 as well. While I may not like her being part of O’s administration and have been on and off angry with her, I would certainly support her if she ran and donate money and time to her campaign. I want people employed again. I want some decent policy in place, foreign and domestic. And I would like, if possible, to stop being at each other’s throats and start behaving civilly again to each other. I am so sick of the name calling.

  10. I don’t see the Clintons walking off the stage when the country is in such bad shape. Or when there is the tiniest opportunity for Hillary to be president. Why wouldn’t she run again? Every criticism she made about Obama has proven to be true, and public knows it.

  11. There’s no doubt Hill could handle anything they threw her way…she was tempted the the fires of Whitewater…which no one who didn’t witness it, could believe the newsprint, the surreal DOJ juice , the vast FBI resources and mind numbing amount money that was spent trying to bring the Clintons down.
    I remember Molly Ivins said the newspaper coverage along would normally be deemed excessive for the 2nd coming.

    Hill can handle it and then some. The Upper Crust knows it and won’t let her near the oval office.

    But things can change too. I still have a candle lite

  12. Thank you RD! This post reminds me of the old days. May your hypergraphia continue.

  13. Except for Hillary and Bill, the Ds are bankrupt of ideas and leadership. The Ds in congress, like the Rs, are in for themselves.

  14. I would love for Hillary to run in 2012 but I don’t believe for one second that she will. And Obama isn’t going to walk away from the presidency, and the Dems are not going to dump their historically historic first black President, even if his poll numbers are in W. territory. Imo we need to concentrate on getting someone (possibly even Hillary) for 2016, because we lost 2012 in November 2008.

    • We could have Jesus himself run for the Dems in 2016. After 8 years of Obama, he’d still lose. We can’t wait another 4 years.

  15. I was thinking this morning… what’s the longest Obama has ever held a job?

    2/3 years?

    8 years is a very long time for employment for Obama – I’m still thinking he steps down.

    • what’s the longest he’s ever worked in a job?

    • Agreed. His numbers suck and he hates doing the job. What he likes is his own historical-ness, which he can have just as much or moreso as a Past President. And it’d get him back on the rally and lecture circuit, which he’d love.

  16. What I wonder is if Hillary wants the kind of fight it will take to run for president. There’s a difference between being tough and enjoying the fight. I think that’s the difference with Bill. He loves the battle as much as governing.

    McCain is tough as hell, but he didn’t want to fight. Obama mostly used surrogates to fight dirty. When he has to battle on his own, he gets sleepy and has to go on vacation again. Palin seems to thrive on sticking it to her opponents. That alone may make her good presidential material.

    If Hillary wants it, I still think she needs to resign after the Democrats lose big in November as a statement of no confidence in the administration.

    • “If Hillary wants it, I still think she needs to resign after the Democrats lose big in November as a statement of no confidence in the administration.”

      This is exactly why I said what I said about the DeJean ad. It could have gone: Dems lose big in Nov, Hillary resigns from SoS in protest of something, short pause, and then either Hill announces, or she waits for Howard Dean to announce and Then she throws her hat into the ring. Now, post-ad, she’s got to do it this way: Ad airs, Hillary denies her intention to run, MSM implies that she’s lying or a backstabber, Hillary continues to play the good girl, Dems lose big in Nov, Hillary resigns from SoS, big MSM blowback, Hillary rides that out, Hillary announces (either way), big MSM blowback, Hillary rides that out… It just Complicates everything.

      • I got the feeling she was only planning to stay for one term, didn’t you? It will be very interesting to see what she decides to do now.

        Recently she spoke about the economy and expressed ideas that Obama wouldn’t support, and I found that interesting too. Of course she said she wasn’t speaking for him.

        • One thing we know about Hillary at this point. She has guts! She’s very strong. If she decides to do this, I don’t think she will let any blowback stop her.

        • She’s also expressed the idea that women’s health (including reproductive) is essential to any civilized nation’s healthcare plans. Then carefully pointed out that she was speaking from her own position, not the Admin’s.

      • Mark my words: Hillary won’t resign from SoS. She is in a position to do good, especially now that she has the ME peace talks starting. If near the end of 2011, the situation is right, she may give it a try then.

        You are too worried about the ad. Honestly, the ad is just a cute blitz on the rader. Just another supporter, like McCain supporters during Bush times. Hillary is a also a celebrity like Princess Di. Anything about her can fill pages, and airtime. But Hillary doesn’t fuss about these things, she shrugs her shoulders and keeps going.

  17. HONK! on this post.

    I honestly NEVER thought the crash of BO’s popularity would come this quickly. I thought the boyz would be able to lie and spin their way through two terms with people swooning and cheering blindly the whole way. I thought it would be left to history to expose what an incompetent fraud this man was.

    And just as surprising as the kool-aid induced hallucinations that led to the hero worship of a cipher and left me scratching my head, “Are they seeing/hearing/reading the same thing I am?” — is the awakening. To see places like the cheeto and DU overwhelmed with detractors, who have finally seen that their messiah is at best a DINO, is shocking to say the least. I do believe that the 20%s will always howl at the moon at any mention of Hillary, but the others who shouted how DLC she was have been neutralized. Their boy has been proven to be the biggest corporate tool in the history of D presidents.

    So I hope another surprise will come when the person who won the 2008 primary will answer the public call to serve. I know she’s tired. I know she doesn’t want to anger the party. I know she said she wouldn’t run. But the Presidency is the brass ring (and the fact that it can be stolen or foisted upon someone so undeserving as our current puppet…or Reagan or W…is one of the unforgivable crimes). It’s history. And though I believe the Presidency is larger than any one person, Mrs. Clinton deserves to be in the history books.

    And it seems like we’ve reached the point of no return. BO has squandered all his goodwill. The public does not trust him or his administration to be competent enough to govern. They’ve proven themselves to be without experience ideas, and snotty brats to boot. He might as well take a vacation until 2012 because he’s done. Unless he literally pulls a rainbow out of his nether regions, I don’t think any amount of pre-election shenanigans will be able to resurrect Hope™

    The Democrats will prove that they don’t like being in charge at all if they don’t primary his ass. And I don’t mean Howard Dean.

    So I keep Hoping that 2012 will be Historical and Unprecedented when the usurper is banished and the true leader leads us out of this dark night. She’s the only one that can save us from President Romney (shudder).

    • I kept thinking there were going to be some adults in the room that could handle things. With the exception of the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom, they all seem to be ships in search of a rudder; off on their own little bureaucratic agendas. Homeland Security and Education are just as bad as they were under Bush. H&HS seems off in the ether some where. There’s no strategy or singular purpose there.

      I suppose that’s what happens when your vision comes from a teleprompter and other people’s speeches.

      • Your last line had me laughing like an idjit.

        Well said, where are the IDEAS? I mean, did this whole presidency thing take them by surprise? Is it because they only thought of winning and putting together an awesome marketing campaign?

        That is what impressed me the most about Bill Clinton. Reporters often remarked on how the way of doing business utterly shifted from Bush I to Clinton. Clinton’s administration had ideas, had a sense of creativity and steering the country toward a modern path of abundance. Some people bucked their Silicon Valley style but they were trying to explore the best options, keeping the best of the old and finding the best of the new. It’s obvious Bill had, like many of the founding fathers, steeped himself in history and policy and had an IDEA of how the country should be run BEFORE he stepped into office.

        These creative class best and brightest haven’t a clue. I mean, at the end of August, for Obama to say, hey, let’s come up with some ideas of how to create jobs? Fer cryin out loud!! You mean, they hadn’t discussed it before? That’s why every debate, he just stole HRC’s ideas. He didn’t have any!!!

        His entire political philosophy can be summed up thusly:
        “Hey, you’ve got me.”

    • “And just as surprising as the kool-aid induced hallucinations that led to the hero worship of a cipher and left me scratching my head, “Are they seeing/hearing/reading the same thing I am?” — is the awakening.”

      Well said – your whole piece!

      I always thought that that would be the curse of the genius – to see things that no one else could see and not be able to talk to anyone about it. We saw through him, but so many seemingly whole-witted people saw ????? Bitter knitters know a yarn (fairy tale) from the stitch that saves nine (solutions for America) – we could have had Hillary.

      • Exactly, I thought I was going soft in the head or something. Saying he won debates or some monotone blather was the best speech evah often made me question my hold on reality.

        • “Saying he won debates or some monotone blather was the best speech evah….”

          You encapsulate so well! And it’s no wonder that “Animal Farm” has been referred to so often in the context of this phenomenon.

  18. I’ll go so far as to say, either we get Hillary or someone just as capable of fixing things as her in 2012, or it won’t really matter after that. I don’t think we come back as a country after 16 years of Bush policies (through Bush, Obama, and then similar in 2012).

    • I’m thinking we’re going to have corporate fiefdoms. You’re either behind the gate and protected by the master or out in the third world neighborhoods with crime,drugs, and corruption. You choose the hell realm. Safety and servitude or Freedom and lawlessness.

  19. I don’t know if Hillary will run again. I saw her on the news the other night. Hillary looks very tired. Maybe she should run anyway. If Hillary took half of the vacations that Obama does, she would probably be rested and accomplish three times as much. I was over reading Krugman. He is blaming Rahm for this administrations half- hearted and lack luster republican lite performance.

    • Hey, Paul Krugman, just who do you think appointed Rahm?

    • Remember when Hillary Clinton (and Bill!) worked her po-po off campaigning for Obama – while he vacationed in Hawaii? We all wanted her to take a vacation too, but after having taken a break for like two days, she came back saying that she had hated it and would much rather work. She seems to thrive on being active – getting things done.

      As for her looking tired I think it’s mostly due to her new hairstyle. (Not to obsess, but I wish she’d go back to the shorter hair style.)

  20. I don’t think we disagree at all. I want Hillary to run for 2012, and to run hard. I think she can do it. I just think that Hillary is incredibly smart- way smarter than most of her supporters. If she thought that this was the way to get the ball rolling, she’d have found a way to do it (and for all I know, this dentist is doing it at her backchannel urging). I just doubt very much that THIS AD is going to help more than it hurts. The reason I object so much is BECAUSE I want Hillary to run, and I want her to be successful.

    The whole damn system is rigged, and despite that, I believe that Hillary can succeed. But I think that her success depends in part on what happens next. This ad WILL influence the larger political discourse in this country, which WILL influence how Hillary has to proceed. I don’t think it will stop her if she wants to run. But it could take away any edge that she had. It could represent a tiny obstacle or bump in the road. She doesn’t need any more of those, she’s already got more than enough.

    • Sadress,

      I think you got a great discussion going, and that’s terrific! We all agree that if Hillary were President instead of Obama we’d be better off. The discussion is a very healthy one and I’m just glad you got it started.

  21. Good post–thanks and I agree. Hillary does look very tired–like she’s taking all the 3am phone calls.

    I think that Obama is going to threaten to not run, hoping that the ‘people’ will beg him to. We need everybody to call his bluff. He just so obviously needs attention constantly that he would do anything, like a ‘oh, poor me, I’m so overworked’ stunt.

    • I’m hoping she gets a good deal with these middle east peace talks and then takes a break…

      maybe it would be a good time to quit, if the talks are successful.

  22. I’m with you, RD. btw, I feel silly for asking but why is everyone honking at good posts?

  23. HONK!

  24. Alan Grayson of FL?. He had a health care bill he gave to the house. 3 pages. KISS.

  25. As to hairstyle, Hillary must have opted to get away with looking even a little sophisticated knowing the economy is tanking and rate of unemployment rising. But no matter how she looks hairstyle-wise, she has been presenting herself with the dignity that comes with her office. Hillary still oozes with natural beauty inside out. Intelligence-wise, leaders who have met, shaken her hand and spoken with her applaud and have afforded her the highest regard. It has been pretty obvious that she has utmost concern for humanity, especially her own country. It just happens that she is part of this administration and as SoS, it is a must for her to perform her duties most intelligently and as focused as she should be.

    For now, let’s pray and really pray hard that she would run come 2012 . And we need to believe in the miracle of faith that will unfold one day right in our very eyes.

    Run Hillary run!

  26. Nemeses is the plural of nemesis.

    Carolyn Kay

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