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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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FFS, guys…

Do you know what sucks? When people are on your side, and they insist on making your points BADLY. Case in point: A dentist from Chicago has taken out a Hillary for President ad using his own money. Any guesses how this will play out/is Already playing out?

A) Make things more difficult for Hillary, by making her publicly declare YET AGAIN that she doesn’t intend to run (even if she’s considering it), and drawing a bunch of criticism of her at a time when she should be laying low

B) Get all the true-believer O-bots foaming at the mouth about how Hillary is a terrible choice for President, an unattractive bitch, and Obama is owed his second term, and how anyone who says otherwise is… well, you know the rest…

C) Get all the disgruntled O-bots complaining about how she wouldn’t have been any better

D) Get all the sheepish O-bots suggesting that Hillary should be VP in 2012 (because Biden is obviously the problem), and should run in 2016, because now she’s proven herself as SOS

E) Get all the partisan zombies talking about how any D is better than any R, and so get over it and back the winner and don’t rock the boat

F) Get all the Republican CDSers ramping up the misogyny and bullshit about Hillary and the Clintons

Oh, and BTW, does anyone remember awhile ago when I said that as Obama got less and less popular we’d start seeing a renewed shit-storm against Hillary and Palin? I hate being right about this stuff.

93 Responses

  1. From CNN (http://tinyurl.com/2amc6t5), the dentist, William De Jean, has been a long-time Hillary supporter:

    DeJean adds that he thinks people are having buyer’s remorse about President Barack Obama and says the current administration is ruining the Democratic Party. He says he spent $5,000 to create the commercial and tells CNN that besides New Orleans, the ad will run in Washington, New York and Los Angeles, and possible Houston….

    According to data from CMAG, DeJean paid to run ads supporting Clinton during the 2008 presidential campaign.

    Doesn’t sound like an Obot to me.

    • Oh, he’s not an Obot … I edited that part out. I know him from Facebook actually. He’s for real about Hillary.

      • I do wonder, however, if this is creating more blowback that will make the Obots go wild however. What I’m saying is that his heart is in the right place but I’m not sure he’ll get the results he seeks.

        • Yeah, I just reread the piece and I didn’t really give the guy any credit for being RIGHT. He is. He’s absolutely right to want Hillary, and I appreciate the commitment involved in spending that kind of money on the ad. My first response to the story was “I should send that guy some money so he can buy more ads!” It wasn’t until I waded into the comments section that i started thinking that he might have done more harm than good.

          • I waded into the comments over there at the DeJean site and the CDS is strong. I like the ads tho and want her to run in 2012. Obots be damned.

        • Well, here are the first two comments following CNN’s article:

          Gary September 2nd, 2010 5:41 pm ET

          This country is not heading in the right direction and Hiliary Clinton would do a better job and frankly if the Democratic Party runs with Barrak Obama for re-election, I will vote Republican. The economy, the deficit, the Middle east are all a mess….

          Monte Brown September 2nd, 2010 5:40 pm ET

          If Hillary Clinton is not the Democratic Nominee in 2012 I am voting for a Republican even if the Republican Nominee is Satan.

          I think there’s enormous pent-up demand for a leader. De Jean is right: there’s buyer’s remorse everywhere. Besides, who cares if the Obots go wild. They’ve only proven themselves to be idiots so far, anyway. Besides, the Tea Party has shown itself to be far more successful than anyone imagined by starting a grassroots movement, even if that movement has now been taken over by the deep pockets. Personally, I’m delighted to have someone who says he’s a Democrat saying that Obama is a disaster, and that voters have other choices besides Repub nut jobs. Dems and Indies have been far too submissive so far, IMO.

          • I totally agree I just think that people pushing for Hillary to run at this point is counter-productive. And the reason that bugs me is because I REALLY want Hillary to run.

          • I think that 2011 is going to be different for The Chosen and the o-bots. The dynamics are going to be different, and that ad will be seen as prescient. The lobbyists will abandon the Ds and the politicians are the ones who will turn against The Chosen One.

        • Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It’s his money and his message.
          Besides, if there’s one thing we learned from 2008 it’s that Hillary can take care if herself. To suggest anything else is to diminish her as a political force.
          There’s nothing wrong with keeping her in the spotlight.

          • righteous thought! if anyone can handle herself, Hillary can.

          • she’s working on the middle east peace process … I think we can safely say she’s not going to be out of the spot light

            As for the ad, it made me happy and gives me another reason to avoid CNN and Fox … talking and exploding heads are irksome. I’m not sure how much more CDS they can invent that I haven’t heard already.

          • Fox News interviewed DeJean today.

  2. I do wonder, however, if this is creating more blowback that will make the Obots go wild however.
    Worrying about blowback from Obots is like worrying about offending fundie-wing-nuts….both are cut from the same psychological cloth. Both are driven by magical thinking and are immune to rational thought.

  3. True and but, they will still be wrong and ignored as clueless entitled bigots, again.

  4. The people suffering with CDS are already out there. It’s truly amazing how virulent the Clinton hate fest continues to be. Could there be blowback? Probably. But I’ll tell you, the ad put a great big smile on my face. And smiles are hard to come by these days.

    I’d never even considered that the ad might be a plant just to stir things up. I’m glad to hear this backer is genuine. Frankly, I wish there were more “real” Dems willing to stand up and say it like it is: there’s an imposter sitting in the WH, posing as a liberal when he’s nothing more than a corporatist, willing to sell us all down the river.

    But I suspect asking Dems with a public platform to stand up and be counted is like asking for the moon. Spineless and/or corrupted, most of them.

    Btw, I read on Ian Welsh’s blog that the Bank of Kabul is going bellyup. And this is the thoroughly corrupted government that the US is sacrificing blood and treasure on. Maybe we’ll give the Afghani bank a bailout, too. It’s worked so well here. Ugh!

    • I read that Karzai said the bank is “too big to fail,” and needs to be bailed out.

      True story.

  5. It’s not like the WH doesn’t already know she’s a threat and will do everything in its power to neutralize her. There’s polls everywhere that show she is far ahead in her approval ratings. This ad does not stir up the CDS any more than is already exists on a daily basis. Every day on the progblogs there is someone saying, “Hillary would have been exactly the same.” And no one spits in their faces, “I thought Hillary was the warhawk/corporate shill/she-devil who would ruin this country and only Obama could save it with his great heart and super-human intellect.”

    I’m glad whenever I see people calling for her to run and reiterating that she WON the primary and should now be redecorating the oval office. She may have to make a public denial with a polite smile, but believe me, both Hillary and Bill know how to respond to public sentiment and if the call is loud enough, they will answer.

    I aint afraid of no stinkin obots.

  6. Many Democrats are running from Obama like the plague!!! He won’t be able to pull off the same bullshit he and the Obot morons did before. My guess is that they will go after Hillary more suttlely and indirectly.

    Within the next year the media will turn on Obama and will shift toward the republicans, particularly if the bankers continue to leave him as they are. But they will still abuse anyone who dares to reach for the oval office who doesn’t have a penis. Corps. and banks make billions from maintaining second class citizanship for women. Black men are 6% of the population. Women are 52%. For them, its more profitable to keep women down. To allow a woman to fairly compete and win the presidency would seriously put cracks in their gender pecking order. They are terrified of such prospects. There’s to much money to loose in treating us fairly, so they won’t

  7. Bear in mind that of however many people end up either seeing the ad on TV or reading about it somewhere like Politico, the vast majority won’t be researching all the online comments to see how others react.

    Clinton haters will hate it. Clinton lovers will love it. And some number of in-betweens will say to themselves, “hmm, maybe…”

    Worst case, it’s a flash in the pan.
    Best case, it’s planting a seed for the future.


    • I tend to agree with you Adrienne.

      Can’t sit around worried about Obots’ reactions. They are always going to hate anything related to Hillary, and will always shout to the rooftops about it. But it’s not right to let that control the discussion.

      I mean, isn’t that our complaint with so-called “progressive” politicans who compromise because they are scared of the blowback from the right? Who cares what the right says. If you ahve convinctions, you need to stay true to them. Otherwise you’re part of the problem. And I know this is easier said than done, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

    • Agreed. I don’t think it’ll accomplish anything OR be counterproductive, personally–but it is cool to see someone who really cares enough to get involved. Obots tend toward the “hyperaggressive zealot” side and go nuts without provocation, so worrying about provoking them is pointless, IMO. She provokes them by existing, and besides, there weren’t all that many of them to begin with and there are way too few to be worrying about now.

  8. I think a little truth is refreshing. Let him spend. We need push back.

    I think her running is a lonnngggg shot.

    Somebody somewhere is prepping another “savior” to sell us. The only hope is that nobody’s buying.

    • I no longer believe that long shots are that long. I never thought that G.W. and especially Obama would win. We’re discounting the power people who may want someone with skills to get us out of the morass.

    • Or the 2012 election will be handed to BO as it was to GWB (2004) via fraud. If BO takes the WH in 2012 & has a Republican Congress, he will surely “reform” (privatize) or do away with Social Security.

  9. I disagree — I’m glad the ad is there and the comments are there.

    It’s better to see the truth than to hunker down quietly hoping morons are miraculously smartening up.

  10. Hillary’s been ignored by the U.S. press, but not the international press.

    Hillary with TV Palestine interviewer

    QUESTION: Madam Secretary, you said it yourself yesterday, both sides are so disappointed. What makes this attempt different? Why are the odds – this time it’s for us rather than against us?

    SECRETARY CLINTON: It’s a great question, because I know of the skepticism and even the suspicion in the minds and hearts of people in the region. And I said yesterday I’m personally disappointed. I have not only supported the efforts that have come before, but was deeply involved in the support of what my husband tried to do in the 1990s. And I think I’m the first person ever associated with an American administration who called for a Palestinian state as a way to realize the two-state solution.

    Why is it different? I think it’s different for three reasons. First, I think that time is not on the side of either Israeli or Palestinian aspirations for security, peace, and a state. It’s not because – there are so many changes in the region where the rejectionist ideology and the commitment to violence that some unfortunately have as we recently saw with the terrible killings in Hebron and the attack outside of Ramallah. They gained greater access to weapons. They have a sponsor, namely Iran, who is very much behind a lot of what they’re doing. The technology is threatening to the stability of both peoples’ lives.

    I mean, if you look at the economies that are now growing, much of the world is still coming out of a recession. In the Palestinian business community, in Israel, you have vibrant, growing economies that are making a difference. In Nablus, last year, unemployment was 30 percent; it’s down to 12 percent. It’s clear to me that the forces of growth and positive energy are in a conflict with the forces of destruction and negativity. And the United States wants to weigh in on the side of leaders and people who see this as maybe the last chance for a very long time to resolve this.


  11. If nothing else, the billboard will make Ed Schultz’s head explode.

    And that’s a good thing. 🙂

  12. “Let’s make sure the president we should have elected in 2008 is on the ballot in 2012.”

    Makes me smile 🙂

  13. I say, start the drum beat. I thank the man who did this. The ad is well made, and I think that many people will welcome it.

    Clinton hatred? So what’s new? There’s a lot of Clinton love and admiration out there. Some who have learned their lesson about going for someone new and inexperienced.

    • It’s a surprisingly good ad; I agree, Peg. It’s very positive, but at the same time it highlights all O’s weaknesses by highlighting all Hillary’s strengths. It’s “in your face” to the Dems in the politest way possible. (Remember when O told his groupies he wanted them to be “in your face” when they were out pounding the pavement for him? Touche, O.)

      • Also, this time around who will believe them when they call the Clintons triangulators and DLC when Obama has proven himself to be the DLC poster boy?

  14. Also, one commenter asked a good question, if the man had the ad produced for $5k (and I wish he’d asked me, I would have made it a lot better for free) who is paying for the airtime? And how do I donate?

  15. What bugs me is just as Hill is finally ALLOWED to deal with the Mid-East. …this crops up. And of course that’s what the press wants to talk about. Lord knows I’d want her in like two years ago…But Hillary is not gonna run in the usual way. She’s done that. If it happens, she’s going to have to be appointed…..I don’t know what makes me say that., but there you go…stranger things have happened

    • This. This is exactly what bugs me. Hillary is going to encounter SO MUCH opposition on SO MANY fronts, that I think that any campaign she runs is going to have to be stealth and come out of left-field. I think this jumped the gun by at the very least a couple of months. And I think that right now Hillary should be saying “No Presidency for me, thanks, but have you seen this SoS stuff?” and laying comparatively low and talking about her successes. This whole thing is basically preventing her from doing that. Instead, if she runs after this, she’ll look like a liar or indecisive, and meanwhile everyone is looking at her and talking about what a terrible President she’d have been again (instead of talking about what a great SoS she is).

      She’s a powerful woman and a threat. She has a big bunch of admirers and supporters, and that’s great. But she’s going to have those admirers and supporters regardless of whether there’s campaign ads running. She’d going to secure even more of them by being a singularly successful SoS and just running along being competent and smart in the background while the popularity of Obama and his toadies tanks. She’ll stand out and look good without being in any way controversial. And now is Not the time for her to be controversial. But again, she’s a powerful woman and a threat to the Obama administration and to the corporate backers. So the second she gets into the public eye as her own person (instead of part of Obama’s cabinet), she’s going to get hit for it. That’s why this ad was a bad idea, even if it came from good intentions.

      • Sandress, she’s going to be controversial no matter what she does. She hasn’t done anything. This isn’t even her ad. She’s still controversial. Public sentiment is what it is. All of her enemies will be arrayed against her even if she tries to keep a low profile. But it doesn’t matter what those enemies do, they can’t change public opinion or momentum if what the public wants is someone other than Obama. If the public doesn’t want Obama anymore, it’s going to start looking for an alternative and Hillary is going to look quite attractive.
        So what if the knives come out? What does it have to do with her? As far as I can tell, she hasn’t done anything wrong.
        And what does this mean:
        “So the second she gets into the public eye as her own person (instead of part of Obama’s cabinet), she’s going to get hit for it. ”
        If she is a leader, she will have to learn how to deal with this. It’s only people like Obama who need people to lift him gently over obstacles. Hillary has a lot of admirers and supporters out there. Frankly, we don’t care what they say about her. Most of it is untrue and the rest is distorted.
        You can’t lead if you are hanging back for fear that someone will say something mean about you.
        For all we know, she just wants to serve out her time as SOS and retire. But if she chooses a different route, people will rally behind her.

        • I thought I was the only one up this late.

        • Also, the media will focus on what it chooses to focus on. It’s not like they’re going to allow an “amazing SOS” narrative to be created if they can help it. They’re just waiting to savage her on that front, as well.

          • “Also, the media will focus on what it chooses to focus on.”

            Exactly! Isn’t it as if the meme must have read something like this:
            “Never mention Obama in a negative way.
            Never mention Hillary Clinton … but if you have to, then only in a negative way.”?

        • Whether she’s actually responsible for the ad or not is irrelevant. Whether she’s done anything wrong or not is irrelevant. Hillary is the target in a giant game of political whack-a-mole. She pops her head up, and they hammer it. She is safe from political attack Only when she plays the good girl (i.e.: when she is in a position of subservience, allowing other people to take credit for her accomplishments).

          Can she handle herself under attack? Absolutely. Is she going to have to take the hit eventually if she wants to run? Absolutely. But she doesn’t have to start doing it now. It puts her at a massive disadvantage to be the story in this way right now. She has enemies and they aren’t going away. She can’t avoid a certain amount of criticism and opposition. But she doesn’t need to run out to meet it before the midterms are even over. And this ad forces her hand on that.

          No matter how hard she denies that she’s running, the story is now about Hillary and her supporters and whether she should run, and that means that while you’re going to hear the point made over and over that she should run, you’re also going to hear the counterpoint of why she shouldn’t. Knowing the MSM, I can guess which will be louder.

          I don’t mean that it should be a stealth campaign exactly. It’s more that she shouldn’t be the first to announce. Unless Obama decides not to run, she should hold back. And she should be securing her support behind the scenes.

          It’s not that I think she needs to be protected from criticism. It’s not that I think she’s going to lose supporters (although some tiny group of voters might jump on this as being disrespectful to a sitting President, they’re unlikely to be Hill supporters anyway). My point is that while it might make us feel good to have this ad on TV, it is politically Dumb in terms of timing, IMHO. If Hillary is thinking of running (and I’d bet you anything it’s crossed her mind), she’s thinking strategically about it.
          This ad was not smart strategically. Campaigning, like marketing, is about controlling the conversation. Thanks to this ad, who is in control of the conversation now? TV pundits. Hillary has no capacity to control it because she can’t even admit that she’s considering running yet (if she is), and she has to serve the O administration at least until after the midterms or lose massive Dem support.
          People are going to rally behind her regardless, and for good reason. But the system is broken and corrupt and as such it requires an enormous amount of political finesse and maneuvering. Unauthorized ads from individuals are unlikely to help, and seriously risk doing harm to their own cause.

          • But is she really safe from attack even when she plays the good girl? She can’t ever be subservient enough to be subsumed into Obama and cease to be Hillary Clinton, and as long as she remains Hillary Clinton, she’ll be a hate object. He really hasn’t been in office all that long, and how many whisper campaigns has she already endured? Despite the fact that her success is about the only thing reflecting well on his entire Administration, everytime she does anything of note, they stampede to discredit her. They read the polls too, they hate her, they fear her, they want to destroy her. And if it weren’t this, they’d be droning on
            about how the inability to single handedly solve the I/P issue invalidates her foreign policy cred and disqualifies her from every becoming President.

          • True. Hillary will be pilloried by many groups always. She will prevail by a popular “call to office” or nothing. When one accepts that there will always be widespread CDS, it’s easier to go all out and let the chips fall. Hillary pleases us, and that may matter at some point!

          • Yeah, she’s going to be a target. Can it REALLY be worse than 2008?
            I didn’t think so.

            We don’t wring our hands over this stuff. The country needs a very strong individual for a variety of reasons, the economy being prime. It could be Hillary. It could be a player to be named later. Whoever it is, as long as he/she attempts to subvert the dominant paradigm, he/she is going to be a target.

            Why are you worried about this? Give your average American a little credit. .

          • One more thing: The DENTIST ran the ad. Not Hillary. And while strategy is important in politics, it’s not the only thing. Sticking to your principles no matter what is also very important. Frankly, I am tired of campaign operatives always trying to figure me out to see what buttons to push so they can sneak another corporate shmoozer onto the throne.
            If I know Hillary, and I don’t, well, at least not personally, I would stick to what i do best. That is, strength in the face of adversity and holding on tight to my core values. Also, campaigning cleanly, without personal attacks or pitting one group against another. Winning that way is much harder but it can be done. That way leads to voluntary unity, not something forced on the voters along with a phoney rendition of “Love Train”.

      • One more thing: If I were Hillary, I wouldn’t run a stealth campaign. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with getting committments from sponsors in advance but quietly. Sort of, “*IF* I decide to run, can I count on your support?” As far as I know, there’s no law against it. But if she’s going to do it, there’s no reason to make it look like it’s a secret plan and unveil it at the last minute. The reasons are obvious. Her enemies are going to gang up on her anyway. She could do it secretly or openly. They’re still going to be furious. So, might as well do a full monty.
        When and if she’s ready, she ought to just announce it and let the chips fall where they may. The bad guys will start screaming and flailing like some monster on fire from Lost in Space. So what?

  16. Actually, this ad may be a very positive thing.

    If Hillary is to have the backing of the party elders and the funds that go with it, they’re going to have to realize two things:

    1. Obama is an abject failure; and
    2. Hillary is the only viable nominee they have.

    A genuine grassroots movement to nominate Hillary will give their mushy brains a nudge, especially if it can be magnified from nudge to unstoppable locomotive by the time the primaries roll around. So I say good for DeJean–let’s see a lot more such ads.

    • Yes and where do we donate to get them run?

      • he’s on facebook, you can find him in my friend list if you’re interested

      • I always thought a “Honk for Hillary 2012” bumper sticker campaign might work. Sell the bumper stickers online, put money in fund for her to run. If she doesn’t run, donate funds to other candidates who will run against incumbents.
        I’m not sure how the money aspect is run or set up but if Citizens United can now dump vast, unlimited quantities into politics, why can’t ordinary people? Maybe the bumpersticker entity has to be incorporated.
        But just imagine a movement like that taking off. Lots of people signalling to each other that they want her for president through the power of their car horns. Lots of bumperstickers sold cheaply, like those damn yellow ribbons…

    • Any idea how many write-in votes Hillary got in 2008?

      • The write-in votes wouldn’t tell us much, given that most states require formal filing procedures of candidates who run a write-in campaign. Without the candidate’s filing, write-in votes are simply discarded.

  17. I love the ad. I’d love to see thousands of Hillary supporters to likewise things as we approach 2012.

    • that would be kinda kool if a bunch of us did that an ad then just said, I’m just a voter and I approve of this ad …

      • something like … I voted for Hillary in 2008, but once again, both political party politics gave me a none of the above choice

        • That’s really good.

        • Like I said, I’d be more than willing to cut/produce it for free if we can get some people together who would like to donate to run it.

          • Maybe that is something that can be organized on this website. Personally, I think this is a bit early right now, but I am in for donating, appearing, etc. A grassroots movement like that beginning in mid 2011 might be a powerful message to the DNC elites, ESPECIALLY after the 2010 drubbin g that is coming.

            Hillary 2012

        • Honk, honk!

  18. I skipped reading the other comments cause I didn’t want my initial reaction to be swayed. I’ve been waiting for somebody that could to say it out loud. The only thing missing from the ad was “I told you so”. Listen, we all know the majority of the Democrats DID choose Hillary as our nominee. Even the voters of the states he won-Texas, Florida, Michigan.
    As Democrats, we want the party back in our hands. We’ve got work to do.

  19. Peter Daou just tweeted

    Surest sign Dems losing ground: speculation about Repubs taking House has given way to speculation about Repubs taking Senate

  20. I think it’s a good thing. Like RD said, Hillary can take care of herself.

  21. Heads Up for Hillary……..

  22. I think Bill Clinton just swatted the the Ds hcr.

    Clinton said McMahon should get reelected, praising him as the kind of “independent” official he liked working with on Capitol Hill when he was president.

    The former president also gave McMahon credit for voting against health care reform, saying that he was acting in the interests of the state, not political expediency, when he did it.

    “Our hospitals face real problems under this health care bill,” Clinton said of New York.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0910/41771.html#ixzz0yXDd5tuS

    • Ha! I hope Bill just smiles and smiles while he slips that truth-knife into the morons who hijacked my party, then smiles some more.

    • Huh. Interesting, with with Wyden today. Is there some kind of party pact that O might even be in on?

    • Setting up Hillary to redo healthcare as president. And doing it right in front of Obumbles. I love it…..

      Hillary 2012

    • Ruh-Roh, is the worm turning?

  23. This ad will be the beginning of more marvelous ads coming out for our beloved HILLARY!

  24. With respect, I couldn’t disagree more. Let the pious loud-mouthed accuse-anything-that-moves-of-racism progressives squirm a little. They need their wings clipped. I like seeing them spazzing out on Gawker. It’s good for democracy.

    OT, a vote for Greens will always be a vote for Republicans.

  25. Iv,e always thought there was a deal.give bo his 4 years then Hillary..we shall see!!!!!!

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