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Not liberal, not even progressive

So says Jay Ackroyd at Atrios regarding Christina Romer’s farewell note, which recognizes the severity of the crisis we’re in but recommends very, very weak tea as a remedy:

The pressing question, then, is what can be done to increase demand and bring unemployment down more quickly. Failing to do so would cause millions of workers to suffer unnecessarily. It also runs the risk of making high unemployment permanent as workers’ skills deteriorate with lack of use and their labor force attachment weakens as hope of another job fades.


Policymakers should also take sensible actions to increase confidence. While some in the business community talk about regulatory uncertainty as one reason they are cautious about hiring and investing, I suspect that uncertainty about future sales is a much larger determinant of firms’ actions. We can, however, do more to highlight and codify our pragmatic approach to regulation. As OIRA Administrator Cass Sunstein detailed in his recent Congressional testimony, the estimated net benefits (that is, the benefits minus the costs) of the Obama Administration’s regulatory actions during its first year far surpass those of the first year of the two previous administrations. For the health of the economy, we should continue and trumpet this prudent regulatory approach.

While we would all love to find the inexpensive magic bullet to our economic troubles, the truth is, it almost surely doesn’t exist. The only surefire ways for policymakers to substantially increase aggregate demand in the short run are for the government to spend more and tax less. In my view, we should be moving forward on both fronts.

I was talking to a French expat yesterday and I don’t think the idiots in charge have the slightest clue what is really wrong with the economy from the ground floor.  The expat told me that she felt robbed when she came to this country.  Everything comes with a fee slapped on it.  Her salary is higher than her French colleagues, this is true.  But everything here costs more.  And her taxes here in the US are very high.  She didn’t feel that she was getting the same bang for her taxpayer buck.

Now, it’s true that in France, you have to put up with a lot of striking workers.  But they have a mass transit system that we can only dream about.  Here, college is unaffordable for most people.  There, college is nearly free.  In France, maternity leaves are long and the government gives you a stipend for each child.  Tax deductions are generous.  Here, if you’re not employed, good luck with health insurance.  There, the unemployed are covered and there are no Glenn Becks making the unfortunate feel guilty about collecting on the money they have paid into the system all their working lives.

The French are now complaining about their version of social security.  The transit workers are going on strike to protest a proposed raise in the retirement age- to 62.

If that’s socialism, I’d take it.  Yeah, they have problems but you don’t have to worry about becoming destitute over there. Here, you can be pretty sure that every sufficiently developed company has a sophisticated Metropolis algorithm optimization program designed to deprive you of the last disposable dollar in your wallet.  There are fees on top of hidden costs on top of private free market taxes everywhere you turn.  It has gotten a lot worse since Bush took office in 2000.

But we must be prudent with regulation.  We must not hire a champion like Elizabeth Warren to look out for the consumer, who can’t pinch pennies any longer and pay both governmental and capitalist taxes.  Heaven forfend we ask people who benefitted most from the Bush tax cuts to give them back.  No, let’s just starve state and local governments, lay more people off and scratch our heads when businesses can’t seem to sell anything to anyone. And I am beyond appalled that Obama would appoint the Catfood Commission to find ways to cut social security, just about the only thing we have left between old age and poverty.  He would do this on the backs of working people who have paid into social security all of their working lives and are now seeing pensions and 401Ks drying up.   He would have us all starving in order to prevent him from going to the very rich and ask them to give back and act like they care about their fellow Americans.  And to think that Alan Simpson has the ability to cut the military benefits of my brother and widowed mother enrages me beyond belief.

I want him gone.  I want him out of the White House in 2012.  No, I am not negotiable on this.  There is nothing Democrats can say or do to make me want to have him running things for four additional years.  Dont.  Even.  Ask.  He is everything I feared he would be: self-centered, inexperienced and cowardly.  He doesn’t have a clue how to get us out of this mess and he’s trying to please the wrong people.  He’s got to go.

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  1. absolutely O has to go in 2012, or better he could resign now for the good of the country.

  2. I’m glad I got both my kids interested in learning French this summer. *sigh*

  3. We need a truth commission to sort out the ’08 Election. Lol I really want to know who was on the payroll, who was actually stupid enough to believe, who knew exactly what was going to happen but didn’t care, any why. It won’t solve anything, but open up the Journolist archive and the party minutes, damn it, the public has a right to know. 😉

    • If only.

    • Me, I believe, Teddy Kennedy was the one who screwed this country by rigging the Primary causing O to be nominated. My view, Teddy pulled the Party and media (WP) strings, himself rightly unelectable, he simply wished to continue his role as the shadow president of the Democratic Party and our Country. For that to happen he required a weak puppet, beholding to him, in the WH not a strong competent Clinton again.

      • I think there’s moneyed people behind the scenes who put Ted up to it, who got Kerry to have BO keynote the 2004 Dem convention … that’s who I want to find out the identities of.

        • I’m beginning to look at this POTUS as a constitutional monarch and that’s about it. He facilitates meetings of other people who make the decisions.

      • You give Ted too much credit. he was rather a symptom of the corruption than a source.
        Without the media already bought, the moment Ted came out, he would have been drown in cries pf “Chapaquidik”(sp?). Or ignored. Like his nephew who supported Hillary.

    • I totally agree. But I doubt we’ll see it in our lifetimes.

      Great post. I want him out, too. He has been much worse than I expected, and I expected him to be corrupt, untruthful, and incompetent because that is exactly what his background promised.

      OT–I just heard on the news that there’s been another oil rig explosion in the Gulf.

  4. It bears repeating, Obama is not a Democrat and nether are those that voted for him in the primaries.

    I said this before too, this all started with the Reagan Democrats. Those that benefited from policies put in place by FDR then decided to pull the ladder up after themselves when they made it into the middle class.

    Obama-crats are republicans without the bat shit religious insanity. Now a days the GOP is inhabited by those with room temperature IQs as is evidenced by the hoards that went to see the new messiah of wankatude in Washington this past weekend.

    The thing is we have the government the people want or at least a government that the print and broadcast media told them that they want. A President Hillary Clinton would be battling the republican establishment and their propaganda machine’s lies plus the crew at MSNBC.

    FDR Democrats are a thing of the past.

    • Sad but true, Mr. Mike. I think Obama was put into office by the same backers who gave us GW and Reagan, the same monied interests who are willing to ride the country down the chute for the very last nickel and dime. I laugh everytime I hear someone call Obama a socialist. The “real” socialists hate his guts.

      As for the Democratic Party, the one I belonged to my whole life? It’s deader than dead.

    • I think many who voted for Obama did believe he was a Democrat and believed he was going to make things happen to move the government toward more liberal actions. They were bamboozled. Some totally, some willing themselves to believe he was a liberal.

      He had an image created, he was branded, and he was sold like an invasion of Iraq. Except it was an invasion of the Dem Party….

      Some in power surely knew he was as illiberal as he has governed. And those were probably the ones who seeded him big, big bucks to make his run against Hillary. Get him past Hillary and they had themselves a president, fer sure.

      They did not want and would not accept a freakin’ liberal in that office, and they succeeded with the help of their MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) employees.

      I do believe that some of those Wall Streeters thought they were going to be his “kitchen cabinet,” were going to get an inside seat at the WH, official or unofficial. I do not accept the narrative that they only donated to him bcz they thought he was way cool and “one of them.” Just doesn’t compute (and they sure do know how to do their sums, at least to ensure their own benefit).

      No, I think they felt Hillary was too damn liberal and they could not control her. They had an acolyte in Obama, someone who openly declared the Repubs had had all the good ideas for the past 20 years (and only someone drunk on St. Ronnie Kool-Aid could even think such a thing, much say it publicly while running as a Dem! BushBoy had good ideas?? Gingrinch??), someone who would show tender mercies to their owies and great big honking business failures. And he did, even while still a senator–meeting with Paulson and whipping the reluctant Dems into giving the Fed vast powers and the Banksters vast sums.

      And Obama wants to be filthy rich, as much like the MOTU’s as possible. But to gain their continued largesse, he has to do what is best for the MOTU’s.

      Now, there’s a narrative that the banksters are PO’d at BO, that he’s hurt their widdle feelings by saying they’ve done bad things. Kabuki. They could give a rip what he has to say to get their agenda enacted; they care about the results.

      So, no. I don’t agree the vast number of voters for Obama believed him to be as he has governed. It takes a master bamboozler to have accused Hillary of all that bamboozling he saw. Project much, Barry?

    • its quite ironic that you say Hillary would be battling the republican establishment. Have you forgotten that it was Bill himself who ‘triangulated’ during his term – and whether he really believed in his policies or not, introduced the ‘very republican’ policies we have today. remember medicare, welfare, glass-stiegel, derivatives, NAFTA,et al?? how quickly you forget that democrats accused him of being too centrist.
      Bob Rubin was Hillary’s economics advisor from the beginning of her campaign – pray tell how do you think (other than the HCR in terms of her insisting on a public option which she would not have passed through the senate anyway) Hillary’s reign would be so different?

  5. I frankly wonder how we’ll survive his remaining two years….thinking about another 6 is beyond the pale.
    …can’t go there

    • I’m worried about the decades to come, affected by his polices.

      Especially his Cat Food Commission. Ooooh, he does want him some that SocSec cutting and “tweaking.”

      Dog, help us. Please prove me wrong!

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just go into the White House and remove him physically?

    • That would be treason.

      Besides Obama didn’t do this all by himself, he had help from the likes of a Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Kerry and the late Ted Kennedy to name a few.

      • No, it wouldn’t be treason. We do not live in a monarchy–at least, not yet. The Consitution defines treason very specifically and very narrowly, and assault does not rise to that level.

        • I would like him to decline to run. Force is not an option. Unless force means voting out every superdelegate who saddled us with him.
          Good bye committee chairmanships.

          • Honk, honk!

          • No, of course not. Force also violates the Constitution. Ideally, he’ll decline to run and allow a center/liberal candidate to run unbloodied by a primary free-for-all. For that to happen, though, there’ll have to be a Nixon/Goldwater moment, when it’s made clear to him that if he doesn’t resign/decline, no one will back him. He’s not going to come to that obvious conclusion through a sense of duty or wisdom because he has neither.

      • Pelosi would not be this bad without a DINO president in office. I’m sure of that.

        Maybe he has something on her? Gah.

    • I wasn’t serious.

    • How about if we all chip in and send him a ticket for a two-year golf vacation cruise with all-you-can eat waffles?

  7. “The thing is we have the government the people want or at least a government that the print and broadcast media told them that they want.”

    Otherwise I agree totally.

    Having had a bogus Democratic primary, I do not think the people’s voice was expressed in 2008.

    • Nesting failure. @ MrMike

    • Good point, when presented with an actual good choice, people took it, in defiance of the media and political establishment. Which is really pretty damn impressive, even if their choice was disallowed.

      • That is so true and can not be said often enough or loud enough. People are not stupid. That is why elections had to be fixed or stolen and the media bought off. The people knew. We did the correct thing but the game was fixed and stolen. This has been the norm since 2000. Fair and honest elections are what we need but don’t have anymore. The voting machines are fixed, the party apparatus is corrupt, the media is bought and paid for, and truth is a rare commodity.

      • …. when presented with an actual good choice, people took it, in defiance of the media and political establishment.

        Indeed…the American people didn’t cause the banks to fail and they did not install Obama… but we are the frist to be blamed for it all.

  8. Incidentally, the person who is resisting appointing Elizabeth Warren the most, is Chris Dodd (clearly, not a wingnut or tea partier). He says Warren doesn’t have enough “management experience” to run such a big department.

    Righty-O, Dodd.

    But Obama’s lack of management experience was A-ok with you, wasn’t it?


    • *snort* Oh, Chris “Hillary only had teaparties” Dodd never thinks any woman has enough of a resume to do anything.

      Obama’s experience, on the other hand, was measured in penis years with a balls multiplier, so he was A-OK with Mr. “the banks are my constituency, screw everyone else.”

      • Penis years and balls multiplier……OMG……that is more than I can wrap my mind around this early. That is the best yet!!!!!!!

      • GAWD, I’m so glad you’re back, WMCB!!!

        Mr. Chris (the banks have me by the short hairs) is making sure those banks get what they want before he leaves for his lobbbyist position.


      • Don’t forget the pigment exponent that applies if you already have a penis and testes.

      • Also because the banks (and other Malefactors Of Great Wealth) are DODD’S constituency, screw everyone else. 😡

  9. He may actually appoint Warren. There’s a lot of talk that he may. It would rally his base. Frankly, though, I think she would be pretty hamstrung with such a weak policy to do much, and I think the admin would undermine her at every turn.

    • So appointing her would actually be a way to diminish her.

      • Yep. All the while, telling America her appointment is “historic.”


      • Well, I wouldn’t go that far. I’d rather have her there than the usual suspects. I just don’t think she would have the free reign to be as effective as we would need her to be.

  10. One thing that’s driving me crazy is the Left’s taking it at face value that continuing Bush’s tax cuts for the “middle-class” is some triumph for the middle class. Really, it isn’t.

    In dollar terms, the wealthy benefit more from those tax cut extensions:

    “Specifically, recent estimates from the Joint Committee on Taxation show that extending just the middle-class tax cuts would provide more than $6,300 in tax cuts to households with incomes above $200,000, on average, compared to $1,132 in tax cuts for households with incomes between $50,000 and $75,000. ”

    And, the kicker is Obama’s proposal to, as part of the “middle-class” extension, permanently reduce dividend taxes to 20%, rather than allowing them to return the 1990’s 39.6 level. That’s a HUGE tax cut, and it’s not fr the middle class:

    “The middle-class tax-cut package the Joint Tax Committee analyzed does not extend the reduction in the tax rate on dividends for couples with incomes over $250,000 (and singles over $200,000). President Obama has proposed, however, that the dividend top rate for high-income people be permanently set at 20 percent, rather than being allowed to return to its pre-2001 level of 39.6 percent. If Congress follows that approach and incorporates this proposal into a middle-class tax-cut package, the average tax cut that high-income households will receive from enactment of such a package will be considerably larger than the figures just cited, and the dollar amount by which the average tax cut going to high-income households exceeds the average tax cut for middle-income households will be significantly larger, as well.”


    Nothing these guys do can be taken at face value. Romer’s speech is beyond disappointing, especially coming from the seemingly only person in the admin who knew going in the stimulus was too small. Honestly, who are these people?

    • masslib, me suspects that the dividends thing has more to do with Wall Street itself than helping out wealthier citizenry.

      People are leaving the market in droves. Saw a post on zerohedge today that it’s a continuing flood of money just POURING out of equities and into just about anything else. Joe Average Investor does not trust the rigged casino any longer. Almost all the volume you see is the big financial houses trading back and forth between themselves.

      They want the dividend reduction, because they desperately want to suckerJoe Investor into bringing all that money back into equities. The computers of Goldman and Citi can only pump it all by themselves for so long.

      • Here’s the bit from zerohedge. Big sucking sound:

        ICI reports we have just recorded the 17th consecutive weekly outflow from domestic equity mutual funds, and what’s worse for mutual funds’ depleted liquidity ratios, it is now accelerating, hitting a total of $4.3 billion, a more than 50% increase from last week’s $2.7 billion. YTD outflows have now hit $54 billion, as ever more capital is going into far safer fixed income instruments. And even as mutual funds are now staring outright liquidations point blank in the face, their actual capital keeps declining courtesy of endless redemptions.


        • I’m all cash, not that I have much. But I cashed out in January, and missed the April high. I never believed the green sh*t.

          • Hubby and I will not get back into equities until there is an actual market again, not a holding pen for sheep to be fleeced by the frontrunners.

            They have been trying really hard to sucker Joe Sixpack Investor into the market again, so they can front run and short the hell out of him just before the next crash they know is coming, and rake in the profits like they did at the last crash when Joe’s 401k lost 50% overnight.

            Well, it appears Joe has wised up, and ain’t biting at that skewed casino bet. Joe is getting out as fast as he possibly can, leaving the big banks to finance the next tank all by their lonesomes, thankyouverymuch. That giant sucking sound is a refrain of “Eff you and your rigged sucker games”

            Good for Joe!

          • Same here. Although I never got into the game to begin with because I felt there was something fundamentally flawed about cheering every time another round of people got laid off. All the while allowing bucketfuls of cash to be thrown at people mismanaging companies.

            Until the market actually understands value and values in the same way I do I see no reason to support it.

          • WMCB — one problem is how can we know there is a fair market again? It’s like a casino–the house always wins.

            And the fees the hit the small 401K saver with!

          • I still keep my 401K because my employer matches my contributions, but I also keep a healthy savings account and savings bonds.

          • However, I live without a car, I rent an apartment, and I have no dependents (never married, childless).

            I suspect that if I were trying to live a normal USAmerican middle-class lifestyle, I too would be living paycheck to paycheck and up to my eyeballs in debt. 😦

            My only debt is my monthly credit card bill, which I pay in full each month. The only money Visa makes off me is the $25 annual fee. 😛

      • Oh yeah. I’m not talking about Joe Investor, who probably doesn’t earn cash dividends. I’m talking about the top 2%.

      • See:

        “Ivory Bill Woodpecker, on September 2, 2010 at 3:13 pm Said:
        I still keep my 401K because my employer matches my contributions, but I also keep a healthy savings account and savings bonds.

        It’s a misnomer. Must Americans have 401ks. Those are not subject to cash dividends. They don’t get the tax cut.

  11. OT: DOD Sec. Gates is in Kabul—-gave speech to troops saying we’ll be in Afghanistan ” FOR YEARS TO COME.”

    Well, yeah…..we knew The One was lying.

  12. I said this in an earlier thread, but I’m bringing it up here, because it fits.

    Obama is the worst of both worlds – corporatist policies overlaid with the worst breed of statist apparatchik hubris, bullying in the name of Liberalism that is not Liberal in the slightest.

    This is the reason why, to me, the current Democrats are an even bigger danger to Liberalism than the Republicans are. I know we all laugh at the stupid “Obama is a socialist” meme, but bear with me for a minute, because there is a reason for that taking hold. In the minds of many, expansion and exercise of govt power, esp. in the area of economics, IS socialism. You are fighting a losing battle trying to tell people that it makes a difference on whose behalf that increased power is exercised.

    So we have not only the worst of both worlds (power grabs combined with corporate cronyism), but we have the disaster that will result (and IS resulting) being laid at the feet of Liberalism. People are going to generalize from that. And what they will generalize is not that govt is the opposing force to crony capitalism and the Big Money that left unchecked will wipe out “the little guy”.

    No, what they are going to generalize is that every time we give the govt more power, it joins forces with that Big Money, steamrolls the people at every turn, shoves things down their throat in a very arrogant manner, and we are even more fucked than before. THAT is the message they will “hear”.

    And they are going to generalize that between the two (Big Money and Big Govt), the only one they have any hope of reining in is the govt portion of that tandem abuse. And they will do so. And you know what? Given the current atmosphere, it is entirely reasonable and understandable (though unwise) for them to feel that way.

    The current Dems are working like gangbusters to destroy what little trust in govt and Liberal ideals this country had left. And the People are not responding irrationally (however much we may disagree with their flawed logic), they are responding EXACTLY the way I and others predicted they would respond.

    This bullshit is what I meant when I said that Obama and his ilk would DESTROY the Dem/Liberal brand for a generation. And I really have no heart for railing against the people (however confused on terms and definitions they may be) who have been systematically SHOVED into that oppositional corner by these idiots.

    I am not joking when I say that this administration is a bigger threat to our ideals than all the Newt Damn Gingriches or George Fucking Bushes in the world. Because this time, it’s all being hung around the necks of “socialism” and “liberalism”.

    • Honk, honk!

    • Agreed. This was my biggest fear with Obama. That he would employ a corporate, milquetoast Republican agenda, and people would think that was liberalism. We are in a lot of trouble here.

    • That nails it. The worst of both worlds for us.

    • And Obama has nailed in place the rightward combination of state and corporate power that BushBoy instituted.

      On civil liberties, Obama has gone further. What terrible, terrible thngs he is doing.

      If McCain tried this, the Dems would have at least protested before rolling over when hit with not being “patriotic” enough, with not being willing to do what is needed for national “security.”

      Oh, woe is us!

      • This is why I voted for McCain. At least we would have had a tepid push back from this sh’t. Now, nothing. Heads they win, tails we lose. Screwed to the max!

    • *dons freshly folded chapeau de Reynolds Wrap*

      Maybe the Malefactors Of Great Wealth installed Obummer with the primary purpose of discrediting liberalism?

      • Yes! I’ve got my tinfoil hat on, too.

        In my mind, it doesn’t matter what party we choose anymore. It’s all one party, the corporate party. While we were sleeping, fascism came creeping in on cat’s feet. You don’t need a maniacal dictator at the helm. In fact, in the US the candidate with the crocodile smile, posing as a liberal will do just fine.

        We’re cooked.

    • Yes!! Well said….

    • I completely agree.

      And just to add another point. A cable news show (was radio surfing forgot which one) made the point that redistricting is coming and will probably be in the hands of Reps as a result of Nov.

      So not only have Dems destroyed the brand they’ve handed over the districts to more gerrymandering which will make it more difficult to get back the voters if they do find a spine and/or a geniune democratic platform.

    • The chief reason people believe Obama is a liberal is that his kool-aid contingent, the ratfuckers and the admitted Republicans keep repeating the lie that he is a liberal. There’s not a whole lot of critical thinking going on here, at any level.

  13. I took my significant other to the airport this AM for her family reunion (no money for my travel). And when we put her bag on the scale the attendant said it was 59 pounds, 9 over the limit and we could pay $90 or take out 9 pounds. Now this isn’t unusual, most people can’t accurately weigh a large bag – except we took the bag to FedEx yesterday (they weighed it for free) and it weighed 49 pounds.

    While stripping out various & sundry stuff I grumbled to the attendant about the earlier weighing, she said I could use any scale at their counter. I snapped that I didn’t trust any scale in the whole building. If they can force every flier to reduce the weight under threat of $90 fees, just imagine what that would do to the bottom line.

    We’re being assaulted by these money grubbing companies and no one, NO ONE is speaking for us! I’m sick of the politicians, sick of this economy and sick of market capitalism.

  14. Just now – another rig has exploded in the Gulf. No details yet and I don’t even know if it is a production or drilling rig. One person is missing.

    Hope it is a production rig.

  15. From Time article How Barack Obama Became Mr. Unpopular
    By Michael Scherer

    In more confiding moments, aides admit that the peak of Obama’s popularity may have been inflated, a fleeting result of elation at the prospect of change and national pride in electing the first African-American President. As one White House aide puts it, “It was sort of fake.”

    Read more: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,2015629,00.html#ixzz0yO77BaKO

  16. I’m of the mind that O has taken himself out of 2012 already ala it’s more fun to be an ex-Pres than having to deal with all these pesky catastrophes and such. Any sane politician, even one I loathe as much as Axelfraud, would never have signed off on redecorating the Oval, having Michelle vaca’ing in Spain, convening Mideast talks 60 days from midterms and being deafeningly silent about jobs. He’s sees Palin $12.0 million plus for speeching and it makes him anxious not to have to face the myriad of subpoenas coming from a Repub House. If not for Air Force One, Joe Biden would already be running around the West Wing in his boxers.

  17. If the focus is on getting rid of Obama rather than bitching about what an A-hole he is [and he is an A-hole]…then I think you a have to let go of the Democratic party briefly. And stop trying for the best candidate, start thinking on how to destroy those that shoved this s**t down your throat.

    I am regularly scrubbed from this venue, so let me say this thought briefly.

    One, register Republican, at the presidential level vote for the worst bat shit insane right winger.

    Two, find a black moderate with a national reputation [preferable some form of a republican] to run as an independent. I’m thinking Collin Powell would sell..and he’s considerably to left of Obama and believes in Government [think IKE like]

    It splits the AA vote, gives many republicans an out, picks up middle votes and left votes, yes he has baggage, but I trying overthrow, not pick the best.

    This will get comments like, Hiliary, Elizabeth..et al.. would be better…they would be, but they can’t get through the corrupt Democratic nomination system with the current players in place. I am not trying to put a great gal/guy in office I am trying to go after people who are destroying this country.

    I don’t think I will get any helpful comments, but if somebody has got somebody in mind that has national standing that would be better than Collin Powell, I’d like to hear it.

    • I’m not sure who scrubs you, I don’t …

      Third party candidates traditionally just mess up elections. It’s an interesting suggestion, but I’m not sure it will accomplish anything. I’m don’t want Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, frankly. The problem is the choice that the two parties always leave us with but they have sewed up the state level elections to the point where you can’t even get other candidates on the ballot. You’d have to do more than that to have an impact and you’d still wind up with some bat shit crazy republican or a corrupt and out of touch democrat.

    • also, my focus isn’t on getting rid of Obama, it’s getting rid of the nonsense that got Obama elected and trying to get democrats to act like Democrats … we’re stuck with him at the moment so I’m just trying to get SOME one to challenge his policies for what they are

  18. Not to mention Barry is a f*cking war criminal. I don’t vote for f*cking war criminals.

    • I read a stat today that more soldiers have now died in Afghanistan during Obama’s brief tenure than the entire terms of GWB.

      Will we hear anything from the Obot “left” about this? Not likely.

      • Obviously, you don’t understand Afghanistan = good, Iraq = bad. That’s why Obama removed the troops out of Iraq in, um, well, 2 years from now. Maybe.

  19. To some degree I see S Brennan’s point, if we take seriously the idea of “protest voting.” But Colin Powell is also a war criminal, as is every candidate of either major party with the exception of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

    The problem is that it still keeps you locked into the increasingly irrelevant “R vs. D” lockstep. Voting for the GOP or voting for the Democrats again, however “good” a candidate we might have, just prolongs the stranglehold of the rigged, corrupt two-party system. Neither party is any good for the American people and it is high time to let them both die a well-deserved death. It llooks like the Dems are going first–well, so be it.

    It’s high time to insist on parties and candidates that truly represent the people. Neither major party does that. All of their candidates support endless war, imperialism, the corporate takeover of our country, and the whole exhausting rest of the list. It’s long past time to stop giving any of them your money, your votes, or your respect.

    Staying home isn’t an option. Voting third party is the only way out of this quagmire.

    • As General Honore says, they’re all stuck on stupid

    • I agree they are both corporatists.

      However, Nadar revealed the other probelm with voting third party. The cost involved trying to get listed on the ballots. He had to go to court in several areas while burning through limited campaign cash. And didn’t succeed in some places.

      Local residents are going to have to deal with that probelm and get legislation to resolve it. Otherwise the third party is just wishful thinking since we’ve seen how the delegate game is played out on the national level.

  20. They are, Dak, aren’t they?

    RD – I don’t even want to wait until 2012 and I really think that Prolix may be right – I don’t think he ever thought that the big house, airplane, copter and the puppy would have been worth “all this work” – he doesn’t like work and hey, if Sarah can make all that money just speechifying without even finishing her term as Governor – why can’t he after one term?

  21. 😉

  22. S. Brennan does have an interesting point.
    The reason a third party never gets alot of traction (other than they’ve made it tough to get on the ballot and raise corp. money, since the d’s and r’s suck it all up) is because if an issue or stance the 3rd party has taken becomes popular, the r’s or d’s incorporate it.

    Imo, the only real way to take back our government is to get money out of politics–public financing of elections.

  23. Caddell on the Midterms

    From National Review but a good interview with Pat Caddell on the Midterm elections.

    “Democrats used to be the voice of the common man in America, not his dictator,”

    • For the past several years only Fox will put that little creep on air. It makes me see red every time he is introduced as a Dem strategist. He has not had a job in that arena for decades.

      A quote from this swill:

      ““President Obama’s undoing may be his disingenuousness,” Caddell says. After campaigning for post-partisanship, Obama, he observes, has lurched without pause to the left.”

      Pat Caddell is an idiot and a tool.

      The National Review? The National Review?

      Really, The National Review? puke

  24. Ouch….that about sums it up and Caddell doesn’t pull one punch in the rest of the article either.


  25. It’s hard to beleve how much damage this man has done in less than two years. It’s conceivable he can do much much more before 2012. And he seems to know it and finds it amusing besides. That’s the frightening part of all of this. Frankly, I don’t think he much cares if he loses the house or senate. I think this man and the freaks he has manipulating things for him will Find A Way. Look for ways around Congress. All despots learn those ropes and he will be no exception.

  26. France. I wish i was there. I do. Once again you nailed it from the “working person’s perspective” RD.

    Our system is broken. We know how we went to college. We know how we worked! We know what corporations have done.

    Just about every one of my friends has had to reinvent themselves again and again in terms of “jobs” — this is part of the tail end BBoom gen’s fate.

    One wonders why? And one wonders who screwed it all up. One of my oldest friends went back to school to be a teacher in her late forties. She is almost to six figures in debt on the student loans — she teaches in LA, now. Each year they give out pink slips.


    There is a solution someplace, but? Where?

    Also, it seems worse now than Bush years to me. More confused, more poverty, more nightmarish.

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