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Corzine: “She would have been able to handle this Congress”

Corzine knew better

So, the former governor of New Jersey attended a birthday party for the Big Dawg and in one sentence managed to sum up everything that is wrong with the Democratic party right now:

“…Susan and Alan Patricof watched the slenderized and beaming couple kick it up to “You’re Still the One” as former New Jersey Senator John Corzine looked on wistfully. “I just wish,” Corzine said shaking his head, “I mean I knew — she would have been able to handle this Congress… but it was just Obama’s time.”

Stand back, Myiq, I can handle this.

Dear Jon, this statement exemplifies why you aren’t the Governor of New Jersey any more.  I voted for you for Senator and Governor.   After Christie Whitman left, I thought it was time for a Democrat to take control of the state and work on property tax reform.  You remember property taxes?  Those things that increase mortgage payments by roughly 50%?  Yeah, the voters of NJ expected you to do something about that, like adopt a more Pennsylvania like tax system.  You know, spread the responsibility, move towards a more equitable income tax solution, or hit your buds to pony up more, maybe consolidate some municipalities so they shared services, work with the teacher’s unions to make sure teachers proved themselves before they got tenure.  You know, stuff like that.  But you examined the problem only briefly, threw up your hands and declared yourself powerless and expected us to just kind of suck it up and vote for you again.

It reminds me of some of Obama’s legislative “victories”.  His supporters say he’s powerless to influence the big bad, nasty, wasty Republicans so his proposals are weak tea and do nothing to alleviate the suffering of millions of Americans.  But, Golly!, he certainly has a record of legislative accomplishments, doesn’t he?  No one since FDR has dones so much.  I guess all that Civil Rights legislation and Great Society stuff and Medicare doesn’t count.  LBJ must be rolling in his grave.  But isn’t Reagan delicious??

But I digress.  Let’s look at what your statement actually says.  We’ll break it down for the slow witted.

1.) “I knew — she would have been able to handle this Congress”.  That’s a very interesting admission, Jon.  Presumably, you had insight into Hillary’s capacity to govern because you had seen her in action.  You were in the Senate at roughly the same time.  You worked with her.  And she would have had a very powerful mentor at her side at all times who she could have asked for advice.  Initially, you were a Clinton Superdelegate.  That’s because even you could see that after eight years of George Bush’s devastating disaster of a presidency, the country was going to need a responsible, capable, experienced leader to clean up.  It would have been a thankless job too.  Because avoiding a financial crisis like the one we have now wouldn’t have the same impact as fixing it now that the economy is totally broken.  If Hillary had been elected and structured the TARP in such a way that the big banks had been taken over, that homeowners had been able to keep their houses and paid the banks on time and real, ready-to-go infrastructure projects had put people back to work, she would have just looked like a good president.  If we elect her in 2012 and she does all of these things, she will look absolutely Rooseveltesque!  Obama might not like that much but, trust me, the American people will love it.

2.) “…but it was just Obama’s time.”  No, Jon, it was OUR time.  That is, the American people’s time.  It was time for us to stop being terrified of scary Muslims.  It was our time to stop the slide of the middle class towards destitution.  It was our time to invest in infrastructure and our future.  We needed a leader who was ready and able to help us do that.  It wasn’t feminists’ time or African Americans’ time.  The prize of the presidency of the United States was not a personal accomplishment for Barack Obama.  He wasn’t ready for a commitment as big as this one.  And this is where you made your fatal mistake.

Where the hell do you get off substituting your opinion for expressed wishes of the voters of your state?  As a superdelegate, you can do whatever fool thing you want with your vote.  But you don’t have the right to take the primary results of millions of people of the state you govern and dump them in nearest waste paper receptacle because you are dazzled by a Wall Street shmoozer who thinks it is his destiny to rule the world.  You may have thought the local Democratic machine wouldn’t stand in your way if you did it anyway but the voters had the right to hold you accountable for your lack of effort and your bad judgment.  That’s why you’re not Governor anymore.

If there’s anyone to blame for Chris Christie’s win in NJ, it’s YOU, Jon.  All you had to do was act like you actually cared about the voters in your state.  Instead, you behaved with arrogance, detachment and wrong headed stupidity.  You saddled a lot of New Jersey residents with taxes they struggle to pay and you deprived them of a voice in the most crucial election of their lifetimes.  And for that, the voters held you personally responsible.

And that’s going to happen to Congress this fall.

Thanks for nothing.

BTW, Happy Belated Birthday, Bill.

(And so’s your wife)

94 Responses

  1. “I just wish,” Corzine said shaking his head, “I mean I knew — she would have been able to handle this Congress… but it was just Obama’s time.”

    Well as maddening as that statement is, It’s a good summation of the creative class’s 11 dimensional chess strategy. They really showed that wicked Hillary and put her campaign of inevitability in its place (even though she would have been able to handle this congress) by substituting it with “it was just Obama’s time.”

    • Yeah, that just about sums it up. It was his time. What made it his time, I don’t know. Did they give any consideration to the rest of us? Um, no. It was just one big narcissist’s wish fullfillment.
      Well, I hope they got what they wanted.

      • Great post!
        What made it his time, I don’t know

        The money super wave he rode in on made it” his time ” and made adults have their bratty children decided who to vote for…Corzine is more Wall St than Obama even( if that’s possible) Wall St wanted Obama…the voters of NJ be damned…Nice of Bill and Hill to even invite his back stabbing ass . But that’s their way, They don’t make you pay for stabbing them by dismissing you from their circle …unless it’s really bad .

      • It was his time. What made it his time, I don’t know.

        Too bad they picked him one day before his expiry date. Now he’s all sour and spoiled rotten.

        Btw, RD, LMAO at this:
        Stand back, Myiq, I can handle this.

        • What R%D didn’t tell you is she knew damn well I was passed out under a picnic table out back.

          Now I’m gonna go back to bed and get up when it’s not today anymore.

      • “his time” !!!! WTF does that have to do with OUR country, OUR votes, OUR futures. Man, this “all about him” discourse is freakin’ appalling.

        We don’t owe Obama his position. He owes us.

        The only silver lining in this mess is that the rigging of the 2008 election is in plain view for all to see. Read ’em and weep.

    • Corzine, translated:

      “but my masters, the Malefactors Of Great Wealth, said it was just Obama’s time.” 😡

      The MOGW wanted a Vichy Democrat to bail their sorry @$$es out and sabotage health care and Social Security. They probably offered it to Hillary first, and she told them to go directly to Hell, do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200.

      That’s when Hill quit being “inevitable”. 👿

      • Yep, Obama is an enabler.
        Hillary is rehab.

      • Big Money couldn’t trust her… that’s why they bankrolled Obama’s campaign after already throwing their money at her.

      • While I never thought either Clinton was a monster, I was afflicted with a mild case of CDS for several years (too conservative for my taste, or so I thought).

        I think what snapped me out of it in 2008 was the fact that the Malefactors Of Great Wealth so obviously wanted Obummer. That meant Hill, and by extension Bill, couldn’t have been the MOGW’s tools after all.

        At first, I figured the MOGW wanted an Elephascist Prez, as usual, so they just wanted Obummer nominated because he was the weaker Dem candidate.

        However, the general election came and the MOGW’s Corporate Media abandoned their old BBQ buddy McCranky for Obummer, which made me realize the MOGW actually wanted Obummer. (Except Faux Noise, which is so deeply branded as GOP-TV that they couldn’t plausibly convert to Obummerism. Or maybe Murdoch just didn’t get the memo from his fellow MOGW.)

        • I was a Clinton fan always but when Hillary became senator… I don’t know I guess from 2003-2007 I heard all this swill coming out of the progressive side.. how she was a Walmart monster and on and on… and I never knew what exactly to make of it, and it took me some time to come to terms with her AUMF vote myself, as I was deeply skeptical of Bush going into both Afghanistan and Iraq. But the moment the Democratic debates started during the 2008 primary cycle, I mean, everything clicked. I understood immediately that the caricature of her I had been hearing from the progressives was total redux of the rightwing’s caricature of her. How could anyone watch her in those debates and not be impressed? She was better than everyone standing!

          • Now that WTV mentions it, IIRC, my mild CDS came about mostly in the 2000s, when I was reading mostly “progressive” publications.

            I understand CDS coming from the Right, but why from the Left? 😕

          • Two words… Republican ratfrakkers

            two more words…
            Arianna, Markos

          • CDS from the left because the Clinton’s aren’t “pure” enough. They give cookies to the horrid powers that be….but the Left failed to notice that if you give the upper crust some cookies, they will leave the people some room to be . Now the left has their beloved ” purity” and there’s no protection from the fox whatsoever.

          • but they have no internal consistency. If they wanted purity, why did they go for a Reagan worshipping “no blue state, no red state” bipartisan clusterf**** ?

          • They never looked close enough to see all that… They so LOVED not looking at him closely and screamed bloody hell when made to ! lol! ….and those of the pro left press with two brain cells were bought off. imo .

          • yup, they were bought off. And, still are. their little “let’s end the filibuster” theatrics seem to be the latest trick.

          • yup, they were bought off. And, still are

            yes, their only real complaints about what we are experiencing comes when their check is late and when it’s clear they were easily gathered in ….so easily . Just invited them for a WH dressing down and they go off , happily jack booting again

          • yes, their only real complaints about what we are experiencing comes when their check is late


          • CNN continued to report how great Obumbles ‘performance’ in the Democratic debates were, as though we could not see for ourselves that she kicked his ass 22 ways from Sunday. And then they gave him a pass when he was too scared to debate her down the stretch. Remember Puerto Rico? She said ‘..F_ck the cameras! Me and you. One-on-one. Anytime, anywhere.’ And he ran scared like a little boy. All with the backing of the mainstream media. Now this human sludge wants to admit that she would have been able to handle Congress. Corzine and all the other top Democratic that sabotaged this country for money are no different than the shit residue on toilet paper that had been wiped from a hairy ass after explosive diarrhea.

            Asshats. May they all realize the going out pain of jalapeno peppers.


            Hillary 2012

          • CNN continued to report how great Obumbles ‘performance’ in the Democratic debates were, as though we could not see for ourselves that she kicked his ass 22 ways from Sunday

            Halperin was even worse than CNN, he had Obama pom poms and everything. He always graded Obama higher than Hillary on the Debates.

          • I remember him. Halperin took a bunch of Obumble nut in the face. He sided with Obumbles even in light of the fact that his answers never had any substance. If Hillary answered first, his response was ‘What she said.’ When he answered first, he pulled numbers out of his ass as though money was going to materialize from thin air. He never demonstrated a way to PAY for any of his initiatives. His answers seemed rehearsed and STILL they were wrong.

            This post has brought up so many painful mamories from that year. May all those rat bastards that are contributing to this country’s demise have their geintals removed from the inside out.

          • The “professional left” are out of touch with America.

        • The Repubs wanted a DEM in this round because they knew the sh!te was going to hit the fan and they wanted a Dem to take the fall. They knew Obumbles was a lackey and would not revive our economy.
          They needed to lose so they can win big in 2010 and 2012… and they will.
          Unless, of course, Hillary steps up to the plate.

        • The GOP and FOX pretty much rolled over when it came to BO in 2008. O’Reilly and even Beck at that time were mostly complimentary to BO, and Rove was always (as he is currently) giving BO campaign advice, especially during the primaries. I think the fix was in between the the GOP and the Dems (& their Wall St buddies) to give BO the nomination, then the presidency. Isn’t it suspicious that Brazille and Rove had been emailing each other for a couple of years before 2008? Isn’t it curious that the legislation to move the primary dates in MI and FL were initiated by Republicans (from what I understand)? If my suspicious are on the right track, the WH (& GOP) agreed to roll over for BO if the Dems agreed to not pursue impeachment of GWB & Co or criminal charges after they were out of office. In any case, a disastrous presidency by an incompetent Dem Commander in Chief would galvanize the Right and set it up for a resurgence. They don’t call Rove the Architect for nothing.

    • My sources have provided me with a photograph of the elusive master architect of the creative class’s 11-dimensional political strategy: :mrgreen:

  2. In all fairness, what could he do? From a New Yorker who had Hillary herself junk her vote…sigh. It’s a bit more confusing getting angry about that in NY.
    The international edition of the tabloids

    • Well, let’s see. Did California vote at the convention? Um, no. I think that’s because they had Gloria Allred in the delegation. I think that conversation went a little like this:
      Obama Whip to CA: ok, here’s what we want. All of you sign on to Barry and in the name of unity, allow your delegation president to cast all votes for Obama at the roll call
      Gloria Allred: F*** that $#*+. If you make us violate fair reflection as determined by the voters of CA and by state rules, I’ll sue your ass. And I have star power.
      Imams whip to CA: ok, then we’ll just sir on your state. We’ll get Corzine.

      • I though I saw Barbara Boxer hand all the delegates from California to the ONE. Ca did bend under the O pressure, didn’t it?

      • yeah, I remember when Boxer kept her superdelegate endorsement from Hillary even after Hillary won our state. Even though Boxer said previously that she was holding back her endorsement until the results were in, it was clear that she wanted to pick Obama the whole time (he DID call her a “cutie” after all!). I kept waiting to hear her announce her endorsement of Hillary after Super Tuesday but it never came and then the primaries were over. Unforgivable, & I won’t vote for Boxer again, don’t give a d*mn if she gets re-elected bc she didn’t give a d*mn about what her constituency wanted.

  3. OT gripe: I wanted to post a picture link but Photobucket is down for maintenance. I wish PB would make like Imodium A-D and get its $#!+ together. 😛

  4. OMG! I love the picture of Bill and Hillary at the link. Awesome!!


    • and I like what you said above “How could anyone watch the debates and not be impressed” with Hillary?

      Exactly. I watched them all, closely, and God, was I impressed!

      • She kicked ass, took names, and she did it with aplomb while the deck was stacked against her and Russert and the rest of the MSM fratboy club pretty much took it upon themselves to keep testing the smartest girl in the class and keep on testing her and testing her to see if she really was THAT smart, because how could it be? It couldn’t be! It was like seventh grade all over again.

        • That total bastard Russert …and when he died, who worked to get a highway named after him in his beloved NY home town? NY Senator Hillary R. Clinton of course,…. who else?

    • Aw, that is so great!!!!

    • It makes me very happy that the Clintons are having the last laugh, after all the shite they’ve been through.

    • Nice picture – however quoting Corzine from an off-hand comment (at least it seems to be) at Bill’s birthday party by a blogger on a fashion site? Is this supposed to be a serious regret of Corzine or just another quote to launch more Hillary worship?

      • doesn’t seem like a very serious regret if it ends with the words “it was just Obama’s time” but thanks for playing

        • If we were quoting from Corzine’s suicide note it would certainly tend to show that his feelings were sincere and regret was serious.

          But it usually ain’t what you want that you get the most of.

  5. In Florida we just had our Primary and for the firsst time in my adult life I could not vote because I had left the Democratic Party. Being Independent, we aren’t allowed to vote at all. Come November I’m still not certain if I’ll vote since our votes don’t count anyway. Remember.

  6. Obummer just e-mailed me on behalf of the DCCC asking for a donation.

    I sent it straight to “Trash”. 😈

  7. Well, I got through the first paragraph, felt my BP go up and had to just get my f*uck you, Corzine in before reading the rest of the article…..

    • I find that no matter how many times I relegate Obummer’s emails to “junk”, my Mac simply cannot seem to learn to send them all there…

      usually it is very good about that sort of thing…

      (kinda scary, I think)

  8. Ah, Photobucket is back.

    RD, this is for your post.

    http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w131/drkarma/GoodJob1.jpg :mrgreen:

  9. RD, thumbs up to EVERY WORD you said about Corzine.

  10. It was his time

    That was what I told my daughter when her hamster died.

  11. Whoa iPhone post

  12. Righteous rant! I’m a native of NJ. Corzine always seemed like a cold fish to me. And, of course, you’re right–NJ voters have always struggled and begged for more equitable property taxes and car insurance rates.

    And the local politicians? They keep on promising, and then turning a deaf ear once in office. It’s a wonder they haven’t all been strung up.

    “It was just Obama’s time” is clear indication of how far the Democratic Party has sunk. The ordinary working person, the common man and woman, is no longer on the party’s radar. What we want is beside the point. It’s all about the rainmakers now, the people with the bucks making decisions “because they know best.”

    Well, they made a whopping mistake in 2008. And muttering wistful thoughts and regrets will not stem the angry tide of those of us kicked to the curb. Corzine was thrown out on his ear because he lacked backbone. And shortly, he’ll have a lot of company.

    Fools, all of them!

  13. And now it’s the GOP’s time. Jon didn’t stand in Obama’s way; I too will not stand in the GOP’s way.

  14. One question – why is it that male candidates have “a time” and female candidates have a “maybe later” or “just not this woman?”

    • just recycling a comment I made here over a little over a year ago…

      The woman that many are waiting to vote for is, as of now, still a mythical, fictional, hypothetical creature. They want a woman who is “likable enough” who can demonstrate that they can pass a higher experience bar than the male candidates are required to do likewise. She must be “tough enough” and yet be a “fresh” face and not bloodied up and have too much “baggage.” A woman who makes us feel all warm and fuzzy without making us laugh at the idea of her being the leader of the free world. She must not be COLD, or AMBITIOUS, or CALCULATING, all qualities which are considered COOL, CALM, RATIONAL, and CONFIDENT in their male counterparts. Male candidates are currently not asked as many “gotcha” questions as women are asked, nor are they as scrutinized, and can get away with mistakes because they are “likable”, have charisma, wink wink, etc., but “likable” charming women = slutty flight attendant, aka lightweight. Also, women have to prove that they are motherly and maternal without “pimping” out their children, whereas men do not have to have their children around them to prove that they are fathers and when their kids appear on the campaign trail or campaign on their behalf, it is not seen as anything out of the normal. As if Chelsea wouldn’t want to campaign on behalf of her mother or as if Palin had taken her children out of school for all the many months that the Democratic nominee had been on the campaign trail, instead of for two months at the very end of a U.S. presidential election.

      Women must be PURE and have charisma, but the charisma (whether of the Hillary variety or the Palin variety) invalidates their purity.

      For men, if they are “likable enough,” their “impurities” are character-building.


      Also adding onto this, the other part of that is… a strong *autonomous* woman by definition cannot be controlled by the rigged system. So that is why strong women are feared. Because they are inherently challenging the system.

      • Well said

        cannot be controlled by the rigged system

        other wise known as having scary girl parts kooties.

      • Sadly, I know all this – it’s the old argument – assertive versus agressive – in males it’s assertive, in women it’s aggressive. I fought for equal rights for women my entire life, and honestly, I cannot remember another time where we lost ground so dramatically, and I’ve been around since the 60’s. Sigh.

        • This thing about “time”…

          Blacks got the right to vote loooong before women did.

          I.E. A black man is preferable to any woman.

          Misogny, I think, is a big part of this “time” rationale.

          • Black men got the right to vote long before women did. Black women had to wait along with white women. Then, in the 1960s, the Voting Rights Act had to come along to remove such things as literacy requirements to vote. But it was recognized by the white male ruling class, at least symbolically, that black men had the right to vote long before any women.

          • You are right, branjor…black MEN

        • I wasn’t even answering your question so much as you reminded me of how much I used to ask this question in 2008 and 2009, and now I just take it as self-evident. They want the impossible woman, the imaginary woman, and in lieu of that we get Nancy Impeachment Off the Table Pelosi basically….. because those are the women who are allowed to climb, if they have given assurances they will use their muscle to keep the rigged system rigged.

          I never heard “I want to vote for a black president just not Obama” with the kind of frequency that I heard the “I want to vote for a woman president just not Hillary” canard. That used to make me so so upset. I had Obots tell me that Obama could do more for blacks than Hillary could do for women, and well in my age-group, I am out numbered by the suckers who said stuff like that. I have a lot of admiration for what those of you–who were around in the 60s and have been fighting the good fight– have done. unfortunately I’m from the “postfeminist generation” that has taken all you did for granted. 2008 was a real eyeopener to me at how far we have not come baby.

          • This is why 2008 radicalized me. I vote gender first now, party second. I will vote for the best woman running, regardless of party. If that makes me a female chauvinist, so be it.

        • I agree, but it’s been happening for awhile, A whole generation of women have been raised taught to believe thinking personal power is found in” fuck me” shoes and push up bras. So here we are

          • funny you should mention the “fuck me Pumps”. The first time I heard that, I was appalled and lectured the young woman for a long time. Seems the farther away one gets from actually having to work for equality, and the more comfortable one gets being part of the “IN” group, the worse the conditions get for those who are not part of the “In” culture. I’ve watched women’s rights being diluted over the past 20 years at a rate that I’ve never witnessed before, particularly as we fought so hard to secure those rights. What’s worse, young women don’t even realize that they have less rights today than I did, forty years ago. Sharia means nada to them, because they don’t have a clue beyond what MS and Mademoiselle and Vogue tell them – Perhaps Idiocracy was a movie before it’s time. Perhaps it is symptomatic of what is to come. It will not impact me – post menopausal, self sufficient, but I worry about all the wonderful people, who just happen to have scarey lady parts and how they are going to survive in the new, product enhanced, male dominated society – Margaret Attwood, you were prescient.

          • I believe it was Tad Friend of the NYer, quintessential Villager, purported genius who writes mostly pretty shallow pieces, who came up with that phrase, and I think he was describing quintessential 3rd wave faux feminist Katie “date rape really isn’t so bad, get over it” Roiphe. It says a lot about the attitudes of the Village.

    • I will never forgive Susan Sarandon for that line “just not that woman”.

  15. Asshat….

    Hillary 2012

    • priceless response!

      • I was in such a depression in ’08 as they stole the election from her. I’m still mad as hell. And we BETTER not forget what they did. I have no problem telling my Obot friends ‘I told you so,’ and I will KEEP saying it to them til 2012 when Hillary gets voted in.

        And this woebegone NOW wants to say she could have handled Congress? I hope Corzine runs for dog catcher. I’ll send money to his opponent with a note saying to Corzine saying ‘…it’s just not your time…’

        (Normal insult not enough for that gutter sludge Corzine)…….

        Hillary 2012

        • I hope Corzine runs for dog catcher. I’ll send money to his opponent with a note saying to Corzine saying ‘…it’s just not your time…’

          Bwhahaha! Comment of the Day!!!

  16. And while Obama wilts, Hillary continues to bloom where she’s planted — “In nuclear negotiations, more women at the table for U.S.” And just to state for the record, since the writer did not mention it, Hillary herself appointed the two senior women at State that directly handled START, including the chief negotiator Rose Gottemoeller and undersecretary Ellen Tausher, the former Congresswoman from California who has been a long-time Hillary friend and supporter.


  17. More affirmation of Hillary’s capabilities, despite the limitations she has at State: “As everyone leaves their jobs, Hillary should stay put”


  18. News post up.

  19. Great post RD- I had a chance to tell Corzine that he would not win face-to-face.

    I was in a meeting where he was responding to questions – at the end of the meeting he came over to shake my hand.

    I smiled – took his hand and said, “Good morning, Governor, you know that we won’t forget what you did to Hillary…you can’t win your bid for Governor, we’ll make sure of that.”

    His jaw dropped, then he said, ” oh, no, no, everything will be fine. ”

    “No, sir, not for you.”

  20. Hillary (and Bill) had been through Washington. They paid their dues and built up an envious cache of friends, allies and strategic political partners. Bill and Hillary understand the need to speak directly to the populace. These elements are what are needed to make things happen. Hillary learned the ropes in the Senate and earned much respect from her fellow Senators, including many Republicans.

    Yes, Hillary would have known how to handle the congress, similar to how Johnson knew how to handle the congress. Both spent time in the Senate and learned the ropes, who is who, and what it what.

    Obama wanted to be the President. That is all.
    He did not want to learn about the process and the ways that get things done. Washington is a dirty town and we needed someone who knew how to get through the muck and make things happen.
    I can live with incremental improvements. That is what happened with Civil Rights, it is what happened with the New Deal. Johnson knew to shoot for the moon when proposing medicare, knowing he would get the program for elderly only.

    You do NOT start out offering the moon, you will end up back at earth. You “shoot for the stars” and get the moon. Both Roosevelts knew this, Johnson knew this, Truman knew this, Grant knew this.
    Obama either does not know this or he bought and paid for.

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