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The 19th Amendment: Negative Space

happy anniversary, I guess

Ohai, today was the anniversary of the 19th amendment.  You know, the one that gave women the right to vote as long as they vote for some guy?  Yeah, that one.  Well, I don’t know about you but I have been underwhelmed by my ability to fairly reflect my preferences for elected office in the past 30 years that I have been granted this privilege.  So, I think I might experiment with negative space in the voting area.

See, it seems to me that there are an awful lot (emphasis on awful) of politicians that have filled in their electoral success scenarios by anticipating the votes of women, to whom they make promises they don’t intend to keep.  Creatively, I think they’ve hit a rut.  I would like to challenge those guys (and it’s mostly guys) to repaint their electoral pictures without our votes. Consider it a thought experiment, a little intellectual masturbation.  Imagine an electoral landscape with massive voids where our votes might have been. After all, we given the right to vote but no one said we had to use it.  Or would we be using it if we just didn’t?

Oh, sure, the Democrats will say that if the Republicans win, it will just make it worse for ourselves.  But then I think about the old guy in Life of Brian who was about to get stoned for BLASPHEMY and think how much worse can it get if I say Jehovah one more time?  Jehovah!  Jehovah!  I mean, as long as I’m going to get pummeled anyway, might as well express myself.

Anyways, having the vote is great, in theory.  Too bad there’s no one I want to give it to right now.  And you all know that they won’t buy the cow if you give the milk away for free.

Sing it, sisters:


53 Responses

  1. Thanks for reminding us of the anniversary. I’m disappointed I wasn’t aware. Doesn’t it say something that this is so under the radar.

    • Well, life sure has handed us lemons. So, let’s make, er, something really sour.

  2. I’m all for my 19th amendment rights and for all the struggles of the suffragists, so with that firmly stipulated up front…

    Mother Jones, who in a very different time did not support women’s suffrage once said:

    “I have never had a vote, and I have raised hell all over this country! You don’t need a vote to raise hell! You need convictions and a voice!”

  3. “Because the bastards will just throw your vote in the toilet anyway if it’s inconveniently for the wrong (male) person.”

  4. Yeah, I think too many women may think the vote is enough and don’t do the hell-raising necessary.

    The Hell-Raising Party. I like that!

  5. He DNC has no blog post about this frontpaged, but no worries, they’re using it as a gimmick for fundraising or voter reg. “90 years ago, women gained the right to vote. Your vote today honors those who fought so their daughters could have that right.”

    • Excuse me, it’s “your vote this year honors those who fought etc,” followed by the “commit to vote” button.

      • Sorry DNC, I’m for a woman’s right to choose, and that includes at the ballot box, So you can shove your commit-to-vote-button where the sun don’t shine.

        • If you do choose to vote, the DNC promises to commit to only a 76% (as in spirit of) chance that your vote will be either discounted or investigated by Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Uh, unless there’s a girl in the race, but, we’re working on that too!

          Meanwhile, Palin put up a Facebook entry about the 19th where she seized the high ground EL handed her and ran circles around
          them, because she’s such a dingbat and stupid politician. O, when will they ever learn?

          • EL is full of idiots

            Here’s a woman who helped champion deadbeat dad laws, domestic violence laws, gave money to low income children for health care and EL is going to choose to fight her rather than Lipinski……….Duh

            Here’s your sign EL.

            I’M STUPID

    • Oh, puke!

  6. After all, we given the right to vote but no one said we had to use it. Or would we be using it if we just didn’t?

    Oh, sure, the Democrats will say that if the Republicans win, it will just make it worse for ourselves. But then I think about the old guy in Life of Brian …

    I think about the suffragists themselves and how they got us the vote. They didn’t get us the vote by falling for the strawman that they had to support Democrats or else the Republicans would win.


    • Touche. Or is that touchy?

    • That is a classic photo. I must start sending faxes of it to all those candidates who sold out to Stupak and Health Insurance CEO Wealth-Sharing.

      • I made a postcard with the Santa Barbara oil rig spilling oil. Put Obama’s quote about how rigs are technologically advanced, and sent it to the President right after the BP rig exploded. I never got a response. I’m used to being ignored.

    • Actually it wouldn’t be a bad idea if there is ever a meetup to re enact that sign and send it off to representation.

  7. It is really something that they won the vote but sad that that I don’t think it means so much today.

    I like to believe they used to count actual votes in the good old days.

    • Our state has caucuses, which toss out 15% of everyone. Unless they came in on buses from somewhere else.

      Oh, and if you have to work or take care of kids or elders, tough. Your vote doesn’t count because you can’t get there to vote.

      • In Texas, we have both a primary and a caucus.

        After Obama won the caucus, the Houston Chronicle did research and reported that 4,000 dead people attended the caucus in Harris County, and voted for Obama.

        True story.

  8. I think I may stay home and knit on election day.

    Who cares who wins if not a single one of them can stand up for my right to choose?

    Not me.

    • How will you describe your emotions as you knit?

      • haven’t decided what I’ll do with my vote yet, but if it looks like Boehner becomes the next speaker, my emotions will be a mix of anger and schadenfreude

        • And if he does become SOTH, I’m not sure I could tell the difference.

          • I guess the only difference for me is.. there was a time where I can remember being excited about Pelosi… when I first found out she was going to be speaker. I cried.

            Then I heard about impeachment off the table… and my heart sank.

          • Not just impeachment but single payer and allowing Stupak to control the debate, allowing low income women’s birth control t be pulled from stimulus- Urgh just thinking about Nancy Pelosi and the “privilege” she enjoys as Speaker, frosts my cookies. She’;s a traitor to our gender IMO. Just like her snide little comments about sexism during the primaries. Grrrrrrrrr

          • it is all those things of course since then. but in the moment back in 2006… I went from such heights about being excited about Pelosi, to such disappointment. I found out about her becoming speaker before I heard about the impeachment off the table remark. Maybe if I had heard it in the proper order, I would have had my excitement tempered in the first place.

          • Her manipulation of the Convention vote for “Her gift from God” Obama was detestable. I once read she ruled by fear, which doesn’t ring true. I was surprised that she was so anti-Hillary. Her daughter Christine is also a super-delegate, and she would say she was going to vote for whoever had the most votes, or whoever had the most delegates, depending on where Obama stood to come out ahead.

      • Why “bitter” of course!

    • Vote for someone, not legacy parties. Make them count your displeasure.

  9. Sufferin’ Till Suffrage (19th Amendment, August 18th, 1920)
    Womens Rights Sung By Essra Mohawk..

    • The La Guardia Lecture Series: Hon. Bella Abzug (Opening remarks about Women Voting Rights)

      Bella Abzug stands with Shirley Chisholm, Betty Friedan, and Gloria Steinem as one of the most important figures in the Women’s Rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Throughout her life, Bella, a Hunter College/CUNY alumnus, was known for her loud voice, flamboyant style, and large hats. She began her professional career as a lawyer in the 1940s and became a noted advocate for numerous liberal and leftist causes. These included civil rights cases in the South and cases related to the advancement of Women’s Rights. By the late 1960s, she had become a vocal critic of the Vietnam War. In 1971 she was elected to serve New York’s 19th District in the House of Representatives where she served until 1977. Her tenure in Congress was notable for her unflinching support of Women’s Rights. She was one of the loudest and most visible supporters of reproductive rights and the Equal Rights Amendment. In 1977 she competed in the contentious primary for the Democratic nomination for Mayor of New York City, eventually losing to future mayor Ed Koch. After several failed bids for various Congressional seats, Abzug retired from elected office. Though she never again held elected office after 1977, she remained an important figure in politics, Women’s Rights, and social justice causes until her death in 1998. (Video edited by Samuel Lieberman)

  10. Are any of you watching Rachel Maddow and the troops leaving Iraq, but leaving 50,000 advisers (troops) behind? Yup, they moved out today and tomorrow the press should have it on the front pages.

    • The headline will read: “THE WAR IS OVER”

    • Did Rachel have the courage to give Bush credit for the surge, or to mention that Obama voted against same?

      Did she give any credit to Petraus?

      Rhetorical , of course…..we already know the answer.

      • I fell asleep shortly, but it was basically about the brigades leaving and entering Kuwait ( There is a base there and they will figure out where they are going.).

      • Also no mention of never finding Bush II’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Bush II along with Colin Powell and his UN presentation of the moving truck with the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

  11. Last US combat brigade leaves Iraq

  12. Creatively, I think they’ve hit a rut.

    shit yeah they just mailing in retread lies at this point .

  13. Taking a potshot here at the 19th, let me chant so early this morning: To be or not to be, to be or not to be.

  14. Ditto. As in NAILED. My great grandmother was a suffragette in Chicago. It was in my BLOOD to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    I’m sure there are many who say Obama was in their blood too?

    No probs. But, it is time for feminism to rear up ala sisterhood after what we saw transpire in 2008. And umm, this is not a skin color issue?
    It’s a feminist issue, little sisters.

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