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Private Party

We keep getting Obama apologists here who insist that we “get over it”.  They are referring to the primaries of 2008.  We’re not going to get over it but in spite of all of our efforts, the Obama whiners and the DNC still do not seem to understand why the primaries of 2008 were the turning point for many of us newly created independent liberals and Democrats in Exile.  I think the reason for this is because they continue to see this as an internal accounting issue within a private party and it’s no big deal.  It’s just that one candidate who was a Democrat beat another candidate who was a Democrat.  Yeah, things got a little hairy and words were said that were misinterpreted as promises and some voters got screwed but, jeez, it’s two years already.  When are you people going to move on?

The answer is, never.  Or not until the Democrats understand the depth of anger we have in their violation of our trust.  So, let me explain it one more time to the dimwitted out there.

Let’s say that all of the crappy things the party pulled on us didn’t happen during a primary.  Let’s say it happened during the general election and the electoral college in the aftermath of that election.  In this scenario, the following might have happened:

– McCain’s supporters with clout meet with the federal elections authorities to make sure that there are caucuses in the south west and that these caucauses have disproportional representation at the electoral college later.

-McCain buses in his supporters to these caucuses and they use hooligan tactics to intimidate Obama’s voters and rig the caucus results.  Complaints by Obama’s campaign to the federal elections authorities fall on deaf ears.

-McCain takes advantage of some timing issues in Florida and Michigan to make sure that none of the votes count during election night.  BUT, knowing how bad that PR will be in the final analysis, works with the federal election authorities to make sure those votes count during the electoral college proceedings so that the voters in those states don’t cause a fuss and discredit the election results.

-McCain’s backers buy off a lot of electoral college superdelegates and delegates so that when it comes to count the electoral college votes, whole states that went overwhelmingly for Obama are given wholesale to McCain.  When the number of delegates needed for McCain to win is reached, none of the other states that voted overwhelmingly for Obama are allowed to cast their delegate votes.

McCain becomes our new president.

Now, if you think for one minute that anyone in this country would stand for such a thing, you’ve got another thing coming.  It’s one thing to have the supreme court decide an election in 2000 and many Democrats did not get over it.  It’s quite another to see violation after violation of fairness in elections happen right before our eyes by our own side.  No country in the world would respect such an election.  Our democracy would be thoroughly discredited and we would have massive demonstrations in the street.

The only reason Democrats were allowed to get away with it was because the whole mess wasn’t covered by the media to show what really happened.  AND because the Democratic party is a private party.  They can make or break the rules any way they want.  The only problem is that they used state taxpayer money to run their sham primary elections.  Millions of people went to those polls thinking that their votes counted.  In reality, it was a pointless exercise because the outcome was predetermined in some smoke filled room.

Now, I don’t care if the Democrats want to go back to smoke filled room politics.  But they should announce in advance that that’s their plan so I don’t waste my time campaigning and making phone calls and going door to door trying to convince people that my candidate is better.  And I don’t think any state, especially one the size of NJ, should be wasting precious tax dollars running fraudulent elections by people who don’t really give a damn what the voters think.  That money could be used to employ some teachers.

As for the results of the 2008 elections, well, nothing good every grows from a bad seed.  The results, as far as I and many others are concerned, are invalid.  The nomination was rigged for Obama and there is nothing anyone can say that would convince me otherwise.  If the Democrats don’t like it that we feel this way and are holding them responsible for the aftermath, tough.

Get over it.

142 Responses

  1. That is why I continue to come here.

    For the truth.


    • Me, too. Thank you.

      The state that symbolized it all was Massachusetts: the PEOPLE voted for Hillary.

      The powerbrokers (Kennedy, Kerry, et al) ignored the people and voted for Obama.

      I will always believe that the election of Scott Brown—like him or not—was the way the people said “Fuck you” to the powerbrokers.

      Ergo, I can see November from my porch. 🙂

    • Riverdaughter,

      Beautifully said! Thank you for putting in writing so eloquently how those of us who were there at the Democratic Convention in Denver and who fought for Hillary to have the same rights as every other democrat was given at the Convention to have a floor vote and let the people decide who was the better candidate.

      She was denied this right by those who rigged the nomination process, but more importantly, the will of the people was trampled in the process.

      For those of us who witnessed the fraud and its aftermath, we can never get over it because we cannot accept a fraudulent election as an acceptable alternative to the will of the people.

      If we “get over it”, we know we will have already lost everything that makes being an American worth fighting for.

    • Preach it, RD!!!!

    • It (was) my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

  2. I doubt that you’ll publish this, but here goes: Like it or not, the Obama administration is fighting to preserve net neutrality, and the Tea Partiers are fighting against it. Worse, the baggers are using deceptive rhetoric to convince people that the Obama administration is trying to change and control the internet, when in fact net neutrality is what we have right now.

    That’s an important difference. In fact, I’m willing to say ALL-important.

    My anti-Obama credentials are, I hope, beyond impeachment. But, yeah, the enemy is worse. I’m sorry, but there it is. Get rid of net neutrality and blogs like this may disappear. Are the scars of 2008 — which still sting me as much as they sting you — going to force you to inflict new wounds on yourself today?

    • Sorry, but “The other guys are worse!” just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

    • The “baggers” have higher approval ratings than the leaders of the back-room dealmakers of the Democratic leaders of the House and Senate.

      It’s too bad that Obama’s duplicity has harmed the party as a whole, but that’s where we all are.

      “New wounds?” Those have not been inflicted by this blog or its writers.

      Those have been inflicted by the deceit and cheating of the Party itself.

      Are you going to allow Obama, Reid, and Pelosi to inflict new wounds on the Party today?

    • Wow, if that’s the biggest issue to you, you must live very comfortably.

    • If what you say is true then the Democrats have until November to pass a bill ensuring Net Neutrality. If they don’t, and don’t even raise a fuss about it, what should we conclude?
      After November, obama should use his veto pen. That’s what it’s there for.

      • Yeah, I ain’t trusting Obama and the Democrats to protect shit.

        Stupakistan, anyone?

        • Wasn’t it Obama who said (speaking on abortion) that he didn’t think that “mental Distress” qualifies as the health of the mother. He threw Roe V Wade under the bus, and the dems just ignored it, and gave him another pass.

        • Women’s reproductive rights aren’t high on Joe Cannon’s list.

      • Yes, net neutrality should be as prioritized as health care was. Obama could ensure it if he wanted to, but he doesn’t. Where’s the fierce urgency of yesterday?

        Net neutrality should be a litmus test just like the appointment of Elizabeth Warren. And we don’t see that either.

      • Very good point. If Obama is for this and that, the proof is in the pudding. Actions are what you measure, not talk.

      • But he said in a speech…

    • Evidence – Voter Intimidation And Fraud in 2008 Primaries to secure Obama nomination.
      Documentary ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’

    • My anger, like many dispossed Democrats, is still white hot, enduring, and irrational. I believe, as you once said, Joseph, that the democratic party needs to be taught a lesson, and if they do not receive some stern instruction in the form of political loss, they will definitely continue to behave the way they did in 2998. The lesser of two evils is still evil, after all.

    • Obama says one thing today, and another thing tomorrow, and then people try to tell us what he meant to say……..Your candidate of change has flipped flopped so much that he not only betrayed not only us, but most of his voters. That is why their is so much disillusionment, and anger from his voters.

      I tell you this, IT AIN”T OVER.

      • “Obama says one thing today, and another thing tomorrow, and then people try to tell us what he meant to say.”

        Well said, Fannie.

    • Nothing changes with the way Obama works. Let everything get so confused, and then allow the businesses to write the policy for the few and powerful, in this case the ISP.

    • His original credentials were: “Vote Obama. He’s not Bush”
      Now we’re supposed to accept “Vote Obama. He’s not as crazy as the tea party”
      A sorry platform, and as the first slogan proves in retrospective, not all together true.
      I care about net neutrality too. And I am sure if the right money changes hands, Obama will go tea party’s way, the same way he championed the Heritage Foundation healthcare plan. Or covered for BP. or Wall Street.

      • Exactly, I also care about habeas corpus. Now we have a constitutional law senior lecturer who has just issued assassination orders on American citizens. Frankly, that’s pretty much close to the top of my list of things that I’d never want to see in America.

    • The only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats PRETEND to care about our issues, meaning they are bigger scam artists.. The reality is the DEFACTO position of the two parties are pretty similar, eg anything that helps corporations even at the expense of the little guy is good.

      Democrats get away with what the Republicans can’t because they’re so good at pretending they aren’t about those things and because their predecessors (FDR) really were about those things. For instance, Obama pretends to not want privatization of social security, all the while the Catfood Commission is doing his dirty work. When Bush attempted to privatize social security, it was squelched. But Obama took a more stealthy approach and we’ll have privatization.

      Obama speaks pro net neutrality, but somehow his FCC “bungled” the Google/Verizon deal. Why is that?

      Obama passed the “health care bill” written by the Heritage Foundation, creating mandates to buy insurance, with no enforceable pressure on the insurance companies to change anything they’re doing now. I don’t think a Republican could have gotten away with such a thing.

      Democrats are WORSE than Republicans because they get away with doing what the Republicans were demonized for. They’re still selling the snake oil that they’re about the little guy. They talk a big talk and you believe it. The joke is on you.

      • When I hear Obama is “fighting” for me I think “BOHICA”

      • I read early on that the financial industry was throwing money his way because the American people would think that a bailout by a not totally white prez was in the people’s best interest and not a gift to the bonus class.

    • Hi Joe! Good to see you, even it I don’t agree with you. I am no longer convinced that the Democratic Party, and especially the Obama administration, is the lesser of two evils. I think we just have one rancid party stew dished out in two slightly different bowls. And it’s well past time to throw the mess out!

    • Nope, the Obama administration is not fighting for net neutrality. They are against it. They did not fight for universal healthcare or a public option or anything else even halfway reasonable because they were against it. The Obama administration is for rendition, torture, escalating current wars, escalating shadow wars, and hit squads murdering US citizens. They are against habeas corpus. They are against a big enough and targeted enough stimulus to actually create jobs to get us out of this deep recession. I actually now think they are worse than McCain would have been. And McCain would have been pretty bad.

      • WIKILEAKS vs The Pentagon – Rap News
        Staring Senator Joseph Lieberman advocating for the KILLSWITCH ala China and against net neutrality…
        and some made up characters while discussing the on-going issues of the WARS and internet access and Freedom of Information issues.

    • What makes you think Obama will fight for net neutrality? I’ll believe when I see it, and I haven’t seen it yet.

    • When he proceeds to make cuts to Social Security, will you say the Republicans would have cut them further? So really, we’re better off? You do know all of this is the game they’re playing.They’re pulling off more right wing draconian legislation than has ever been done in this country all under the banner of the Democratic party. And many sit there and say it could be worse. No, in fact this is worse than many. I’d say it’s even worse than Bush II at this point. And that’s saying something.

      And sadly, you haven’t seen anything yet.

    • Since the FCC has decided to punt on Net Neutrality…

      it’s ALREADY over.

    • Every time I read or hear someone refer the Tea Partiers as Tea Baggers, the rest of their message is lost; I can’t get past the image of the writer with a mouthful of nuts.

      If you have serious disagreement with an idea, bring it. The attempt to avoid real debate by calling names to denigrate those with whom you disagree is pathetic.

    • Even if he supports net neutrality today, Obummer, being Obummer, will sell it whenever one or more telcom giants offer him enough campaign contributions for 2012 to do so. 👿

      Sorry, Derringer, “Eek, the evil Rethugs are coming!” won’t work on me any longer. 😈

  3. Count me as one who never got over 2000 – and I am not about to get over 2008 or Jon Corzine, may he rot in oblivion, tossing my vote into the gutter.

    • Agreed. Not over 2000 or 2008. Press did not adequately cover 2000 and it wasn’t just the Supreme Court that did us in.
      Greg Palast’s “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”

      • There’s a difference between 2000 and 2008. I never liked or trusted the GOP, so their actions in 2000 didn’t change my voting pattern, not so in 2008.

        • I agree, in principle.

          2008 was about the Dems betraying/trashing their own voters, manipulating primaries/caucuses, changing “rules” to get what they wanted.

          Frankly, I see that as BIGGER than 2000, with permanent damage done.

  4. Great way to repackage our objections to what happened in the primary. It really drives home the heinous nature of the theft that occurred. I especially liked,

    As for the results of the 2008 elections, well, nothing good every grows from a bad seed. The results, as far as I and many others are concerned, are invalid.

    It reminds me of the “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” doctrine in law which states that evidence which was obtained illegally cannot be used against a defendant.

    If you cheated to get your guy elected, then his election is invalid no matter how much you worship him.

    • Well said!

    • Very well said! Thank you RD for this article. And all the comments are great – except for Joseph Cannon’s. I will NEVER get over it and will continue to be BITTER and clinging to my bitterness.

  5. Thank you!! Good analogy–I think more are getting it daily. The NYT Shadow War piece is telling about their guy.

  6. It’s been a while since I’ve commented here, but I thought you guys would get a kick out of this article.


    I know that the Confluence worked overtime to make sure the birth-certificate crap did not get discussed here. Oh well, why should the truth get in the way of a good scapegoating.

  7. It is just me, or my last comment?

    • (((waving)))

    • Hey Mawm! Good to see you. I think of you when I travel to NC/SC.

      I remember the birth certificate stuff started around the time of PUMA and RBC.

      At the time, I was SURE obama would work out worse than Carter – from the ability to get stuff done perspective. So far he has met my expectations, although maybe I should say he has exceded my expectations in that I didn’t really think anyone could ever be worse than GWB.

  8. Me too.

  9. You might have seen this article already, but If not, I thought it might amuse you.


    • But there’s an inconvenient truth liberals are going to have to confront: The Birthers began not on the right, but on the left.

      Investigations for my new book, Wingnuts, revealed that the Birther conspiracy theory was first concocted by renegade members of the original Obama haters, Party Unity My Ass, known more commonly by their acronym, the PUMAs. They were a splinter group of hard-core Hillary Clinton supporters who did not want to give up the ghost after the bitter 50-state Bataan Death March to the 2008 Democratic nomination.

      In the early summer of ’08, message boards on sites like PUMAParty.com began lighting up with the ultimate reversal-of-fortune fantasy—that their party’s nomination could be overturned on constitutional grounds. “Obama May Be Illegal to Be Elected President!” read one representative e-mail: “This came from a USNA [U.S. Naval Academy] alumnus. It’ll be interesting to see how the media handle this…WRITE TO YOUR LOCAL newspaper editors etc. Keep this out there everyday possible. Also write to the DNC too!”

      That June, the Obama campaign released his certificate of live birth on its Web site as part of its “fight the smears” effort. Factcheck.org and other organizations examined the document in person and declared it genuine: “Our conclusion: Obama was born in the U.S.A. just as he has always said.” But posters at the PUMA sites were unimpressed: “Nobody believes it’s for real, except the Kool-Aid drinkers themselves.”


      Didn’t you know that PUMA was a GOP ratfuck operation? Make up your mind.


      That’s some good fiction. Notice that they can’t point to a blog or blog post – just some anonymous message board nobody in PUMA was connected to.

      • It’s not stopping anyone from linking to it. I actually got there from a link on a page that was linked to from this blog.

        I remember how hard the Confluence prevented anyone from discussing the birth cert stuff.

        • Yep – we made the topic taboo to prevent real ratfuckers from posting nutjob crap in our threads.

          • I didn’t belong to this site during that time, but to another pro Hillary site. And I can tell you that our
            group did the same thing, we did not want nothing to do with the birther movement. As it was our website
            was hijacked anyway.

      • I read challenges to Obama’s birth certificate when I was reading several sites (some self-proclaimed PUMAs) that were in Hillary’s camp. So what? I remember the poster associated with the Navy who did research on it. So what? It was published. People could accept or reject it. It was rejected early on here.

        That seems small potatoes compared to subverting the votes of one’s party members. Electing the “no can do” candidate over the accomplished one by force and rule subversion hurt everyone.

        • “Electing” should read “installing”

        • Sorry, I was wrong about the person I recall who was associated with the Navy – that was different research – not the birth certificate.

      • Love this comment: PUMAs were not Hillary supporters; they were Obama haters. Sorry, kid, but it is hard to hate an empty suit.

      • There’s a link to some e-mail which is dead.

        • PUMA was born here, but quickly went viral. But I don’t recall “PUMAparty.com” being part of the Just Say No Deal Coalition.

          Whose blog was it?

          • Not a blog. There was a short lived forum by that name. Very few members, 90% GOP POV. It disappeared the next day after the elections.
            No idea who really was behind that.

          • I’ve never heard of that blog either but I do know tons of people hijacked the name from here and refitted it to their intent. They turned it poison pretty quickly.

      • Interesting rewrite of history. The Obots seem rather desperate. Is something wrong with their new kingdom?

  10. When will Obama and his campaign aides get over themselves and see that loyalty isn’t transferrable and can’t actually be stolen?

    oBots never sound so petulant as when complaining that the bitches won’t show up on time for scheduled bitch-slappings.

  11. Hmmmm–not totally OT, but I just read a post on Hotair (I know, I know–but, I scan from time to time because they sometimes have funny stuff) about Darrell Issa investigating Obama’s admin. for illegal use of propaganda.

    Yes, Shock, Shock–but the second high lighted example is of a DOJ employee basically paid to troll. If anyone should wonder why the admin. shouldn’t want the r’s in charge, here’s the best reason.

    • You also find little nuggets like this one at HotAir… Raiding Food Stamp funds again

      When Democrats paid for their EduJobs bill last week by taking money out of the food stamp program, the media barely noticed it. Undoubtedly that has created an incentive for Democrats and the Obama administration to steal from the poor once again. This time, they will pull $8 billion already allocated to food stamps and other aid in order to fund Michelle Obama’s pet project, the anti-child-obesity bill:

      In the entire Federal budget, can they not find any money without taking it from the needy?

      Don’t let the awful be the enemy of the horrifically bad.

      • The stimulus robbed from the Social Security fund. Robbing from the old and the poor is Obama’s m.o.

      • And this at a time when a record number of people are relying on food stamps as their only support…? WTH.

        • When the food stamp money runs out, they’ll all yell “Look what those awful Republicans did!”. Then use it to fund raise for themselves. I hate both Legacy parties with a vengeance.

      • They are taking food stamp money to pay for an anti-child-obesity bill? kind of just happens when the food stamps disappear doesn’t it? oi

      • The only part that is false is that the media barely noticed. I learned that they had done raided the foodstamp program by watching the evening news. Given that I almost never learn anything important by watching the evening news, this is significant.

        • Was that the cuts for the state aid bill or these cuts for the anti-obesity program? They reluctantly had to use the food stamp money is what I saw previously. But, there is a $3.78 trillion budget. They can’t find $8 billion to cut somewhere else. That’s not believable.

          • They’re two different raids on food stamps.

            State aid bill, and now—the Michelle obesity bill.

      • Truth Out

      • Michelle – don’t let the world seep in Obama would take the kids’ lunch money – what better way to help them lose weight? And a perfect bully M.O.

        • Good imagery. Someone should do a cartoon of that. Michelle beating up poor school children and taking their lunch money. Next she’ll be pointing at a starving child’s swollen belly and telling them to lose weight.

        • Yes so kids can be taunted for being POOR and FAT!

      • Ah, so Michelle actually is going for the “let them eat cake” path. I thought that was just GOP propaganda. Though she’ll substitute cake for some zero calorie diet food — just what starving kids need.

  12. Ellie–that is priceless. ‘the bitches want show up for scheduled bitch-slappings’–says it all.

  13. I’m with the: I-haven’t-gotten-over-the-2000-or-2008-group. Nor will I.

    IMHO, both parties suck and have deliberately moved against the will of the electorate. The Bush Administration was a disaster, only to be followed by the Obamacrats, who decided to take on Rovian tactics to usurp the will of its members and install their false prince. They’ve utterly destroyed the Democratic Party and they wil find no forgiveness from me.

    Though I agree net neutrality is important, we’re watching our entire Constitutional Republic shredded by partisan hacks, who are thoroughly corrupted by money and corporate influence.

    I do not support the Tea Party. Nor do I support the Dems or the Repugs. We had a chance in 2008 to pull out of this tailspin. We can thank the Obamacrats for snatching that opportunity away.

    How will I vote? For individual candidates, honest ones if and where I can find them, regardless of affiliation. But I will not support the continuing two-party BS.

  14. OT: Good Lord. I just saw a picture of The One on that Florida beach giving his speech about “Bring your families down here; everything’s fine.”

    He was reading off TOTUS. On the damm beach.

    Candy ass.

  15. Now is “I told you so” time, or “How is the new younger, urban and suburban coalition working for you”? or “How is that unity shtick working? What, the GOP is giving you a wedgie?” I’m over it.

  16. When you understand that you are in an abusive situation, the best course of action is to leave, learn from it so it doesn’t happen again & move forward.

    Of course one of the first things abusers want to instill is the idea that you have no where else to go…This applies whether we’re talking personal relationships, employment or membership in a political party.

    Yes, the 2000 election was a turning point for me. Up to then I considered my registration and regular voting along party lines to be enough. After the election was stolen, I believed it neccessary to get more involved. I worked on campaigns (national, state & local). Raised a ton of money for candidates. And, pretty much focused a great deal of my time & attention to political (and party) activism. The 2008 primary debacle opened my eyes to how I’d been used. The two party system is completely failing this country.

    There’s “no getting over it.” It’s like that Dylan line: “lots of water under the bridge; lots of other things too.”

    • I’ve been saying since 2008 that Obots act just like domestic abusers.

      First they said “Go away, we don’t want you.”

      So we did.

      Then they followed us, stalking and harassing us. They told us we needed to come back for our own good. They didn’t say they needed us, they said we needed them. When we didn’t come back they called us traitors.

      They’ve been stalking and harassing us ever since.

      They’re a bunch of sick fucks.

      • I’m starting to think they’re masochists. Hence following a sadistic leader. I think they really want us to tie them up and spank them.

      • Yeah, they keep forgetting how they REPEATEDLY told non-worshippers to get lost, we weren’t required to maintain power, plus, that whole racist old bitter clinging thing. You know, the Army would get it done.

        So why don’t they find something more productive to do than pestering?

        TMI: I shelved relocation plans, a biz upgrade and promotion, health care and health insurance plans, took some financial hits at the time that turned out to be ass-saving. (Working from Scenic Undisclosed has meant less deferred fantasy Hopey Change in the pocket but more actual real dollars in the here and now, which I’ll take in a heartbeat.)

        And why the hell aren’t these true believers pestering each other more? It’s no mystery why I’m a no-show. Where did the Obama militia f*ck off to? Maybe someone in the brain trust should ask Sarah Jessica Perker’s toddler, who preciously told Mommy to hop on the Obamawagon.

        Maybe ask Mama Perker herself where her ass is at?

    • Yes! It’s all about the guilt one is made to feel, like they have done something to cause the abuse. Like
      they aren’t good enough.

      Yes, if you truly love someone, you’re suppose to put up with a lot of things you never ever thought you would do, and save your marriage or relationship.

      Yes, they think things will get better, but it only gets worst.

    • “Yes, the 2000 election was a turning point for me. Up to then I considered my registration and regular voting along party lines to be enough. After the election was stolen, I believed it neccessary to get more involved.”

      That’s how I felt. Now the Democratic Party holds no hope for me.

      Picking and choosing among those brave and/or egotistical enough to run for election. I see a couple of good ones in PA. I’m grateful.

  17. I remember “get over it” from 2000. One relative said it and the funny thing is he was a Revolutionary war reenactor .I said ” I’ll get over a voting theft that just happened, when you get over the winter at Valley Forge”. goof

  18. The actual Dylan lyric is this:

    “Lot of water under the bridge, lot of other stuff too”

    From “Things Have Changed”

  19. 2008=2000?

    That’s how I saw it, RD & Co.

    We were all following so closely, as it happened. And everything is written here. I never thought I’d see the Dems pull a 2000. It feels that way.

    • The thing is the GOP was content to steal one state per election ( Fla in 2000 and OH in 2004) However the Dems stole TWO states in 2008…Fla and Mich. to make Bo happen…so they bested the GOP in state cooking…great

      • The Repubs don’t have caucuses to game or have a weighted advantage over a one-person, one vote election. This time the part insiders who want to have control over caucus states got bested and overrun by Obots.

    • They both subverted democracy and gave us the candidate we didn’t choose.

  20. Thanks for this essay, and keeping integrity alive.

  21. Thanks for standing for the Truth

  22. Via Uppity woman:

  23. Riverdaughter,

    We should also not forget that this fraud was committed against the voters for Clinton, who were disproportionately women, and the fact that the DNC did this to the first viable women to compete and really win the nomination is even more problematic. The sexist nature of the 2008 Democratic primary fraud should not be ignored.

    • Hillary Clinton is the first woman to ever win a major party primary.

      She also received more primary votes than any candidate in history.

      The Democratic party originally did not intend to even allow her to have her name on the nominating ballot at the convention, but due to pressure by Hillary supporters and PUMA they relented.

      But the DNC rigged the voting and put on a Potemkin roll call vote where Hillary only received a handful of the delegate votes she had earned.

      • To Hillary Clinton from Sophie B. Hawkins

        Hillary Clinton is the first woman to ever win a major party primary.
        She also received more primary votes than any candidate in history.-myiqu2xu

        • Brilliant song and video! I hadn’t seen it before. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Betchya Gotta Cure

      I will not be silenced NOW
      I’ve got to tell the TRUTH
      And I won’t step down just cuz you ask me to

      When you lie,and cheat and steal
      Bury your own to make a deal
      I’ve been in chains and I don’t like the way it feels

      Bet you got a cure for me
      Bet you put me out of pain
      Bet sew you my injury, but without a stitch of SHAME

      Bet you got a remedy
      Bet you with an over glow

      Baby when you come for me
      Bet ya got to cover up
      COVER UP

  24. All coming out in the wash:


    (yes, add me to the list of commenters sneaking over to Hotair..)

    • I can’t comment because wordpress doesn’t accept my password and the mail goes to an old closed one I think. Interesting, lot of money there.

  25. Gen. #Patraeus Questions #Afghan #War Deadline http://tiny.cc/iwoh0

    #Iraq’s Top #Military Officer Wants #US #Troops for 10 More Yrs http://tiny.cc/en326

    Well, it looks like we will be in Iraq until 2010 and in Afghanistan for several more years as Patraeus is on a media blitz to garner support for a WAR that is almost a decade long. We have been in Iraq 7 years and counting…when will it end and will the US be in Yemen soon?

    • Our military will be leaving Iraq on the 12th of Never, and from Afghanistan the day after.

      • 😥 I hope if more soldiers dare to Speak Truth To Power, the WARS finally have an exit plan: WikiLeaks’ Permission to Engage: U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord’s Eyewitness Story

      • Oh, the wars will end someday, when they finally bankrupt the USA. 😦

  26. Gallup’s Obama numbers: Approve 42 – Disapprove 50

    Come on November and hurry 2012.


  27. Duh

    CNN needs a poll to tell them the economy will be the key issue in the midterms?

  28. Ya know, when someone tells you to go away and not bother them again, then isn’t “getting over it” going away and not bothering them again? That’s what the abandoned left did. We got over “it” and we walked away.

    But, I guess that kinda explains the ObamaNation stalkers and trolls. Apparently their idea of “getting over it” is to follow the objects of their “affection” around and harass them (aka berate them into coming back) for-freakin’-ever. Hey Dood Nation, I don’t think we’re the ones who need to “get over” anything, perhaps you should try looking in the mirror.

  29. Republicans stole the 2000 presidential election, and there were no riots, no barricades, no pitchforks, not one beheading.

    You have more faith in the American people that I have, Riverdaughter.

    Carolyn Kay

    • Disagree. The actual count wasn’t known until well after the election but it was so close that I think most people thought at best it was a toss up.
      The 2008 primary was much more blatant. You didn’t have to be from MI or Fl to feel screwed. It was right there in 1080p. Corzine blatantly gave delegates from NJ to Obama that didn’t belong to him. There wasn’t a poll of nj voters asking us if he could do that I felt totally sucker punched, as did many other voters from other states. It would be like going to the electoral college and voting for the loser of your state. That’s not anything like 2000. You could argue that it’s just as bad but I think some actions have worse optics than others. After all, NY didn’t change its vote to Bush. You don’t think something like that wouldn’t have turned out new yorkers to the streets? I do.

  30. GOP has the biggest generic ballot lead in the history of Gallup and Rasmussen


    Can we spell electoral disaster coming for Oprecious? Voters still hate the GOP, that’s how popular Hype `n Change is today.

    As an aside, support for repealing Obamacare is now 60% again. Campaigning against the GOP obstructing an agenda that people don’t want enacted is about as effective as yelling “Vote for me you stupid Nazis”.

    • It’s gonna be interesting to see how all the “I hate Bill Clinton for losing Congress in 1994” Obots react when Obama loses Congress this November.

      • Hope the heads explode. This kind of shilling from Emily’s List isn’t going to help, IMHO.

        Emily’s List is not supporting women?

        Apparently they are all about Nailin’ Palin now.

        Yeah, that’s the ticket! Let’s target and try to undermine as many independent Women! as possible to prove that you can stand up for Women! by making sure one particular Woman! you don’t like doesn’t keep inspiring and encouraging, uh, Women! Or something.

        Oh yeah, and let’s now take a lot of time and money from supporting women candidates we like by spending it on trying to stop other women candidates from being successful. Because, uh, it’s really not at all about Women! It’s about being shills for the Left, which has been so successful in making sure we finally have equality. After all, Obama and the Dems have finally brought us Equal Pay for Equal Work–no one has a job and we’re all making the same amount of nothing! So Go Women! Or actually, Go Some Women, but not all!! Yea!!

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