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I’m not ready to make nice

Back in 2003, during a London concert ten days before the invasion of Iraq, Dixie Chicks’ lead vocalist Natalie Maines said, “We don’t want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.”

The group caught holy hell for what Maines said. Their concert ticket sales dropped by 50%, they were banned from many radio stations and they even received death threats. Their real crime was being prematurely correct, but eventually the rest of the nation caught up with them.

The reason I bring this up comes from a comment at TGW:

You know I didn’t vote for the one trick wonder, but I don’t understand why so many people refuse to allow those who did, or those who supported him in the GE, to recant, recoil, repudiate, re-think or reform their opinion.

Let’s get something straight – I’m not a racist or a Republican. I didn’t betray anyone or throw anybody under the bus. I did NOTHING wrong and I have NOTHING to apologize for.

I WAS betrayed and thrown under the bus by the party I loyally supported for over twenty years. They stole my vote from me and then called ME a racist.

I have yet to see anyone apologize for what they did to me and other Democrats back in 2008. “Let’s pretend it never happened” doesn’t cut it. “I was wrong about Obama” isn’t good enough either, but it’s a start.

If you want to kiss and make up with me, the first thing outta your mouth needs to be “I’m sorry” and it better be followed by an honest and sincere confession of guilt.

Until then, fuck off.

110 Responses

  1. Adding this one here… for the record.

    • We could of had Hillary!!! AAGGHH!

    • love this you ought to send it out everywhere!

      Makes me sick ,literally that she is not doing the real job as president just because our former dem party decided to steal an election just like bush and look where we are now! Can we really think Hillary will get the chance we all need?

  2. This is just me but I don’t need an apology, I just need to see some signs of intelligence… I don’t see very many in Obama left blogistan.

    • I mean, I think it depends. We’ve had ex-O voters in here who didn’t get all defensive and I didn’t see anyone yell at them or anything. It depends on who you are, if you should have known better, if you betrayed all your principles and now walking it back seems cynical and manipulative, if you have a questionable agenda, etc. Not everyone is equally part of the problem, IMO.

      • that’s true. Most verbal apologies don’t do me much good, though. Just words. And, the Obot creative class faction is very adept at just words. I’m looking at their actions. And, until they show signs of intelligence and really changing their patterns, they can apologize all they want (which they haven’t and likely won’t), I’m not ready to make nice or forgive. And, I’ll never ever forget.

        • I agree about the Just Words, but at least that’s sort of preferable to the Jane Hamshers and BTDs who like to switch gears while pretending they were right all along. I can’t see them ever changing their patterns without acknowledging the old pattern was completely off. I think you’re right–mostly they’ll never apologize and never change, either. I don’t see any problem in asking screwups with terrible judgment to prove themselves before attributing any credibility to them, ever again. 🙂

        • I ain’t hating on anyone just because they voted for Obama.

          But there is a reason this blog was founded – it was started as a refuge for Hillary supporters who were driven out of other blogs.

          • I know we are REFUGEES, WHA! We are the Democrats in Exile, who still dust off the PLATFORM and all our principled priorities…WHA!

          • I didn’t think you were hating on anyone at all.

            I look at Obots as addicts–unless they are ready to change, they can say anything, they can even say sorry, but I just won’t even believe them after what they did. Talk is cheap, actions are louder. If they are truly ready to *listen* to what those who were right about Bush, Iraq, and Obama all along have to say and give the advice the credence it deserves rather than dismissing it out of hand, that would mean more to me than anything *they* could *say*.

          • Oh, I got some serious hate for certain people. Just because I don’t spend all my time ranting and raving doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten.

          • Lol. They’re mostly too pathetic to hate. I pity them. Like career Obot Andrew Sullivan who has night terrors of ending up in Sarah Palin’s garden, they’re terminally clueless.

      • That is a lie. Anyone who says the least thing positive on this site is told to F …O….

        What you do not understand is that most Obama supporters (or those who voted for him) are NOT sorry. Disappointed in some of his policies, yes, but not going to give any apology for anything. are you kidding??? What we did to you? when are you going to shed the victim pose and grow up???
        As if Hillary supporters did not villify the Obama voters? You have to be kidding…..you gave back and then some and we hardly owe you an apology. Nor do the democrats in general. The primaries came out in favor of Obama – michigan and florida notwithstanding. Hillary said very clearly the vote in those states did not count. when are you guys going to get over it?

        get real – you live in a bloggers universe or something. you may want to say ‘I told you so’ but we are not asking you.

        • when are you guys going to get over it?

          Hmmm, it’s been two years and the wounds are still fresh.

          Call me after the Cubs win a World Series and I’ll give you an estimate.

        • Um, I live in NJ. Hillary won this state by 10%. But she didn’t get a single delegate from
          NJ in that rigged roll call vote. When are YOU going to get it? The reason my vote was tossed out was because MI and FL delegations were restored to full strength the Sunday before the convention. They had to flush my vote, as well as NY and other Hillary states to prevent the public and idiots like you from noticing how close the actual delegate count was. Now, tell me why your vote was more equal than mine. No, wait, you can’t. Thanks for playing. Now, go away.

          • Same deal in California. There were several hundred delegates at stake, but no one knows which or how many delegates honored their pledge, because that information has been disappeared down the memory hole. America’s women were cheated out of treasuring that milestone for the first viable female in a Presidential nominating contest in our history. How “democratic” is that?


          • Hillary was the first woman to ever win a primary. She also got more primary votes than anybody, ever.

            And the Dim-o-crats originally weren’t even going to let her have her name on the nominating ballot at the convention.

          • Please don’t forget that Michigan votes were handed over to Obama, whose name DID NOT EVEN APPEAR ON OUR BALLOT. Our delegate votes were “restored to full strength” after they decided they would invalidate the results of our primary, and give votes to a candidate WHO DID NOT RUN IN OUR STATE.

            Forgive? Forget? You’ve got to be kidding…

        • such vilification… being called educated, high information, idealistic, enlightened voters vs. being called old, stupid, EWWWW vajayjay, racist, low information, uneducated, cynical, etc. Even the head cheeto himself later on admitted if anyone got a raw deal during the primaries it was the Hillary supporters. Of course, he only said this to get the little Obot monsters he had helped to create off his back so he could pretend to oppose Obama a little and stay relevant. But, point remains, Obama’s supporters had it very easy compared to what Hillary’s supporters went through. If you can’t see that…


        • Ellenray, I just got laid off from a job of 14+ years in a career of 31 years, entirely as a result of this administration’s policies.

          I am with myiq all the way.

          I did not vote for Mr. Obama, because I could see this coming. (I must say, it is worse than I thought.) Most people I know who did vote for him, especially in the GE, are kicking themselves. A lot of them are unemployed, too.


        • You’re NOT sorry, then you are an IDIOT! Glad you’re getting what you want chump.

          • Lol This person loves to pop up every so often and announce, “Obots, still here, still stupid, still don’t have enough numbers to win a primary!!!” 😉

        • The primaries came out in favor of Obama – michigan and florida notwithstanding.

          Hillary got more votes, despite the media’s proclamations that Obama “couldn’t be caught.” Obama “won” with the votes of superdelegates.

        • Um, work on your reading comprehension before you call me a liar, dumbass. I said people who admit what a horrible mistake they made and how much they regret it do not usually get jumped on, as far as I am aware or remember. I can’t speak for O’s moron army, but you are all so delusional you can pretend the world is any way you want it. If someone is mean to you, just imagine the words are roses you’re being showered with in the middle of a shiny meadow while a guitar wielding O brings the world together in love through the magic of Coca-Cola and behavioral science. Problem solved.

        • My handle on some boards used to be Notoverit. Not from 2008, but from 2000. Freepers used to use the very same words

          “get over it”

          The same moral bankruptcy – becoming accomplices to a crime just because it serves their interests (or at least it looks that way to the feeble minded)
          And no, I never get over stolen elections. And those who do steal them are never doing it to do good. And those who become accomplices can never claim the moral high ground.
          On anything.

          • It’s sort of funny, the need to behave immorally seems to so often to be accompanied by the need to be validated in it. Because why care, otherwise? Why tell anyone to get over it? Why not just rub your hands together, laugh evilly, and threaten to crush us like bugs lol or at least shrug and say whatever, who cares? People want to do these things, like l’il Matty, if it feels good, works, and you can get away with it, do it. But instead of owning it, they then expect the people they’ve wronged to pat them on the head, kiss away their tears, and assure them they’re still good people and it was all worth it. Just own it already.

          • They can’t own it, then they would have to take real responsibility for it. That’s not gonna happen with these people.

          • they can own it or not own it, but karma is a wonderful woman and she’ll find them some day.

          • I count on that in my own family. But, it’s becoming far too commonplace in this society. For a laugh, go read TL’s morning post on rudeness and all those who support the one who thought rude was his right in order to make someone rethink following the rules.

          • You can say that again!

            The ends do NOT justify the means… if as “means” they are stealing an election.

            Never. Ever.

          • edge: I’m with you on the whole “never got over 2000” thing, and a big part of the problem I have with Obots is that they are virtually indistinguishable from Bushbots if you remove proper nouns from their posts.

            But, what the heck — just as you can’t find a living soul who will admit to having voted for Bush in 2004, soon enough you won’t have to worry about Obots, either; in a few years, there won’t be anyone out there who will have actually supported Obama. There will never be a truth-and-reconciliation moment in the Democratic party, just a whole lot of people looking the other way, whistling, and shuffling their feet. “Don’t know what you’re talking about, there, I never supported him…”

        • On 5th thought, Miss Ray, I’ve got a 50 page form you would have to read and respond to in detail before I began to think about forgiving you and your ilk’s total screwing of our country.

        • Oh my, Ellenray, you’re quite a stunning idiot! Yeah, no apology needed; everything is A-OK. Nothing to see hear, move along.

          • On 6th thought (this is very theraputic), an obot would have to say repeatedly (from now until the end of time) that the Pumas were right about Obama and we were wrong and should have listened to them.

        • Someone let a kool-aid junky out of the box. Quick get out the bug spray. Ewwww.

          Hey who ever the fuck you are ellenray, kiss my ass. Care to provide a link to how Obama won the primaries with delegate totals that show the actual numbers of who won what? Oh yea, you can’t, because the DNC wiped that out and nullified the votes at the convention. Doesn’t that seem a bit fishy to you? And how has the illegal war monger been working out for you anyway? Is that what you hoped for?

          Ah, failbots, nothing for it. It’s like talking to a brick wall.

          • myiq, should I kick harder?

          • You’re supposed to be collecting $1 a swing from everyone who wants to play “Whack the Troll!”

          • I like this one because she’s always hanging around here letting us know she doesn’t care what we think (cognative dissonance? What’s that?) and acting like we’re somehow under the impression that Obots are not as dumb and kool-ade addled as they used to be, and she’s got to set us straight. Um, Obots are stupid, water is wet, check. I think we’re clear on the concept.

  3. I’m with you, myiq. But, I’m sort of vindictive–I want an apology while crawling over broken glass. In other words, I want to see them suffer. Can’t help it–it’s the Black Irish in me.

    • I’m not the type to kick someone while they’re down.

      But if someone else wants to kick them, well shit happens.

      • If you accidentally trip them, I’ll accidentally kick them. 🙂

      • (cross posted there and here for ya!)

        I respect your feelings and Lord knows, you have been kicked out of more places than me for speaking your peace/mind. I hear ya, I am just saying that some, not all, and not the ones that went nuclear on us like CHITOS Orange and other like Obermun (sp) etc.

        I do like Cenk TYT, and Rachel does speak her mind although I nearly passed out with the NutRoots video, but she is having growing pains. Let’s face it, some believed without checking, and well the only ones happy with him are the WAR mongers and The Wall Street Greedos.

        As to the HEADS of the idea not to count the votes; Pelosi, Dean, AxelRod, Obama (and team…not believing he didn’t know) and DONNA Brazile….NO WAY! I just think they used the our VOTES and Democracy as toilet paper and trampled on our Civil Rights.

  4. Indeed it does, but I need to see them down, down,and down–without a doubt, visibly down. Guess I haven’t seen that yet.

  5. awesome video–makes me cry, again.

  6. I agree with kc, except I’d prefer an apology while crawling on broken glass in a lightning storm with a long metal rod attached to their backside. Hell, I Irish too; I forget no offense.

  7. oops! I mean I’m Irish. not I Irish.
    Occasionally I do forgive though, not forget but forgive. In this case, it would take a lot, specifically the above post.

  8. BTW – UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES am I accepting any apologies from Keven K, Tom65, Justlen, Kerry Reid or any other of the misogynist scumbags over at Blogstalkers.

    Those bastards will all burn in hell, and I’m gonna watch from my lawnchair while sipping a cold beer.

  9. This post made me thrill with joy and I wish everyone on the progblogs who are now screaming with rage at Gibbs’ comments would read it.

    I’ve been thinking so much of Pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous speech about being swept up in the Nazi fervor. It is so fitting for Obots:

    “THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    THEN THEY CAME for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

  10. I allow folks to recant, recoil, repudiate, re-think or reform their opinion when they are actually recanting, recoiling, repudiating, re-thinking or reforming their opinions. When they’re trying to justify their actions and their tale of woe sounds like they would do the same thing all over again, when I can still hear the hubris, ignorance, or both, I’ve got no patience.

    I don’t count it as recounting, etc. if someone says, I’m really disappointed in Obama but I don’t think Hillary could have done any better. I refuse to tolerate that kind of continued, willful ignorance.

    • This way for folks recanting, recoiling, repudiating, re-thinking or reforming their opinions and want to attend Democratic Anonymous Meeting in cyber space with other Democratic Exiles (that is us)!

    • Exactly. Nobody can expect absolution if they’re not seeking it. If they just want to continue to weasel and dissemble and deflect blame, go to a support group where they actually care.

    • Amen.!

  11. It would be nice if they were capable of saying” I’m sorry and I was wrong”…but if they could , they might not have gotten sooooo easily fooled in the first place. But it’s important to expect some acknowledgement of what happened…because that’s being reality based…and there again we see another difficulty for them. Reality is not their strong point .

    But not expecting some acknowledgement of what happened from them is simply enabling them to do it again. We would swiftly go from giving them a pass to some how it all didn’t happen….I sometimes find that if you give some people a break , it’s used against you.
    People who can’t say” I’m sorry” usually aren’t too good in the being grateful for a break dept . either . A Dem base that gave forgiving breaks to the undeserving is partly how we got here.

  12. I guess the Democratic GOTV people are going to Hillary supporters and agreeing with them about everything, then asking to put signs on the lawn.

    I’d be wary of those apologies.

    • I don’t even get why they’d waste money trolling us. These tactics worked on a lot of Dems, but we’re sort of the last holdouts. It seems unlikely to repay their investment, they’d be better off hitting–well, I won’t do their jobs for them but this ain’t rocket science.

      • they troll us for the reason that they always did. they don’t want our dot-connecting to spread. They preemptively delegitimize us so that people have their eyes closed and their ears plugged and their minds blocked and don’t listen to the substance of our arguments. “Nyah nyah nyah, you’re a racist sour grape!” They know we’re the last holdouts and they’re not going to get our vote but they don’t want our arguments to ever spread.

        • honk, honk! or they’re just really stupid.

        • Well, those okay, but I mean more the astroturfers who tried out all these “arguments” with logical fallicies a mile wide. Never understood the point of those. They got most Hillary supporters, but at a certain point it had to have been clear they were just wasting their time.

          • They did get most Hillary supporters. That was a surprise and a big disappointment to me. I never understood why.

          • they think they’re wearing us down.. we’re pretty close to 10 million hits, they obviously don’t get it. I think some of them just need to have their diapers changed or something so they let out a huge whaaa over here, expecting we’ll change them.

          • I suppose they counted on Election Day backsliding–assumed people would crack and not be able to go through with it. Good bet on their part.

  13. I don’t even get why they’d waste money trolling us.

    Because TC HOTTER than PORN! The blog was number 2, on some world ranking system. So, that is upsetting to them for sure.

  14. As a Hillary supporter, I have to get one of these to help me cling to my guns and bible.

    Gun-Toting Pickup Truck

    Called the The Mopar RamBox Holster, its a rack that can hold two rifles or shotguns inside one of the lockable, watertight compartments located on either side of the pickup bed.

    Maybe we could get a group discount 😉

    • LOL. I am not a gun person… that whole bittergate was so stupid. Obama was trying to be a sociologist and he totally failed. He shouldn’t have made that statement causally. He could have just said to the public there is economic resentment and there is also a changing world and people sticking to traditions. And, there wouldn’t have been any issue. But nooo. He had to say it behind voters backs as a way to explain why people weren’t voting for him and he had to say it in a way that implied freedoms afforded to people by the Bill of Rights were some flimsy thing that derived from being poor.

      Of course people were voting for Hillary because of the economy! She had plans to fix it!

      • It was maybe the weirdest statement because, it appeared to some, he was talking about middle aged women. That’s not a huge demographic for gun nuts.

        He was only using a hackneyed cliche to make light of those Americans and he thought his audience would approve. They probably did, if they are as condescending as I would imagine. It was the Obama version of profiling.

        • I took it as he was talking about white working class who wouldn’t vote for him. Since his campaign was already treating them like close-minded Archie Bunkers and dingbat Edith Bunkers even before he made that statement, he really needed to look more inward for reasons why they weren’t voting for him, but of course with O, it’s always look outward.

    • You know, when we’re all reduced to hunting investment bankers for food those
      RamBoxes are gonna come in handy. They have space for ammo?

  15. I’m proud, thrilled and happy that I’m not getting over it.

  16. im with you ill never get over it EVER .

  17. They troll TC because this blog has some of the best writing (day in and out ) in blogland, both in the posts and the comments . TC is READ and is very influential imo. Many times someting said here, finds its way into other places and pretty quick too.

    • Oh no! Nobody reads this blog or cares what we think.

      (Obots drop by on a daily basis just to tell us that.)

      • Nobody reads this blog or cares what we think.

        I’m nobody! Who are you?
        Are you nobody, too?
        Then there’s a pair of us -don’t tell!
        They’d banish us, you know.

        How dreary to be somebody!
        How public, like a frog
        To tell your name the livelong day
        To an admiring bog!

        –Emily Dickinson

  18. Me neither, MIQ.

    And I don’t see a sincere apology coming any time soon.

  19. Until then, fuck off.

    LOLOLOLOL! xxoo!

    you said.

    thank you for making me laugh MIQ.

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