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Lying liars, and the idiots who listen to them

From the wingnut blog Daily Caller:

Liberal blogger Matt Yglesias likes to call his political opponents “dishonest,” but in a revealing exchange on the website Twitter Friday he advocated lying for political purposes.

“Fighting dishonesty with dishonesty is sometimes the right thing for advocates to do, yes,” said Yglesias.

The exchange, with Washington Examiner writer Mark Hemingway, came on the heels of a debate between the two on transportation policy.

Yglesias pressed his point with another conservative writer, saying, “Do you really think deception is immoral in all circumstances?”

In an interview, Yglesias said he was not referring to his own conduct as a blogger for the nonpartisan think tank, the Center for American Progress, in advocating dishonesty.

Asked who he meant by “advocates,” Yglesias said, “Politicians, things like that.” Not bloggers? “Not me. No I don’t think that’s conducive to what I do. I’m trying to inform people, so I try to present them with accurate information,” Yglesias said.

“What I write on my blog is honest,” Yglesias said.


In concluding his interview with The Daily Caller, Yglesias said “go fuck yourself” and hung up the phone.

Oh my! What would Jeebus say?

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

In the battle for the moral high ground Matty lost, game, set and match. Substantive dishonesty is immoral and wrong, even if your wife asks if her pants make her butt look big. (“It’s not the pants, honey.”)

It is WRONG for a politician to lie to get votes, like when Obama claimed to oppose NAFTA while secretly telling the Canuckistanis he didn’t mean it, or when he claimed to support single-payer health care. It’s WRONG for them to lie, period (even though lying is about a hummer is not an impeachable offense.)

Rationalizations for dishonesty bear a striking resemblance to the “ticking time bomb” rationalizations for torture. They both involved contrived circumstances where wrong becomes right. Once we grant our leaders the privilege of lying when they have high moral purposes to do so they invariably use the privilege to conceal their own perfidy or to do shit like invade other countries.

Dishonesty and it’s twin brother Secrecy have been involved in every monumental fuck-up our nation has gotten into. And the fact that the other side (whether a country or a party) does it too or first is not a justification for our side to practice intentional deception too.


By the way, who did Matt support for POTUS? And wasn’t Matt a Journolista? And for the record, I believe young Matty calls himself a “progressive,” not a liberal.


Journalism should come with warning labels.

25 Responses

  1. this ties in to what we were talking about with regard to the media. There was Fox and O’Reilly and then there was Olbermann era of MSNBC… and the pushback to Fox was nice at first, but the flaws (egomania, facts optional, bias required) of it all just mirroring back from Fox/Oreilly’s flaws became apparent as time wore on and ultimately it culminated in the media being one giant arm of the Obama fluffer campaign. It was utlimately futile. The whole Countdown/MSNBC gambit had become the problem it should have been solving.

    I don’t know if everyone here has seen the 1995 movie The Last Supper. It was about political violence being futile, but even if you took the violence part out and switched it with lying it would make a similar point. You can’t outdevil the devil…you just become the devil you were railing against.

    • When the good guys quit being the good guys they ain’t the good guys no more.

      • when exactly would you say the date was that the Democrats quit being the good guys?

        • NLT 5/31/08

          • putting in the “No later than”… that helps.

            5/31/08 was when I could no longer say Dems were the lesser evil. But I don’t think that’s quite when the Dems had quit being good.

          • Pinpointing the actual date when democracy died is difficult.

          • Because it happened over a period of time and 5/31/08 was the death blow. (Although, they continued to shoot after that and some still do to this day.)

          • How about 2000? That was when Axlerod and his cronies started taking notes and it became clear that no one of any stature in the party would take up the fight (and no, I’m not just talking about Gore, someone should have been representing the interests of the voters regardless).

    • Found a trailer of the last supper… it’s a dark comedy, so be advised..

      • I’d never heard of that–now I want to see the whole thing!

        • I put together a huge list of movie recommendations for Hillary holdouts during 2008 and this was one of them. It was gathered from my own suggestions and other people’s suggestions from another blog. Maybe if I get a chance I could post that here sometime…and do an update for the 2010 election cycle. It was pretty fun and cathartic at the time.

      • looks like something I’d love – and most of my friends – stealing it for facebook posting.

      • I saw it. It’s as good as the trailer promises.
        The story is that they start with serious offenders – criminals at first – and they evolve to minor disagreements – they all are considered worthy of poisoning. I never made the connection to the B0bots – but it works great!

  2. Another red-letter week for the blogosphere. They’ve gone from lamenting that Palin wasn’t killed in the plane crash along with Stevens, to advocating the higher purpose of lying, all within a few days.

  3. I don’t have an account at Corrrente any longer, so can someone who does tell Lambert that he should change the title of his post to:

    Matt Yglesias, lying CRAP-weasel?

  4. Don’t forget Avrosis’ confession

    Then there’s all that work we did for the campaign, all the dirty work they asked us to do – and we did it, gladly, and quietly – none of that counted either, apparently.”

  5. I live near a small town that has the most stringent regulations on their television cable company of anywhere I have ever heard of . There is a growing movement there to demand a demand a cable package that has no news channel as in no CNN, Fox, NBC,ABC, CBS. The stated reason by citizen petitioners is that they do not want to pay for it and do not want the crap on their TV. The city says they are considering it and the cable company claims they have to provide it per the FCC. The local newspaper that is relatively decent is gleeful in its coverage. So refusing to pay for crap media may have a future in reigning in these idiots.

  6. I gave up on the Democrats during the ’08 primaries when their dishonesty was just too much to take anymore. They showed themselves to be no better than Republicans. To screw the voters so that there beloved Obama would get the nomination, not win it just get it, proved to me that they had no interest in the people.

    Democracy is a process not an outcome. When you corrupt the process to secure your outcome you are an enemy of Democracy.

  7. if your wife asks if her pants make her butt look big. (“It’s not the pants, honey.”)

    I guess this is what being a clown is all about.

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