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No, you are not in an Eschaton comment thread.

What first means is that The Confluence was the first blog, formed by Democrats (now mostly Independent Liberals), who saw what was going on in the Democratic party in 2008.  By January 2008, we saw that the party was actively engaged in deep sixing one candidate for the benefit of the other.

What this blog and its participants are not is racist.

It has come to my attention that there are elements in the blogosphere that are trying to revive the “anyone who didn’t reflexively worship Barack Obama or support him now in his time of need must be a racist”.  There is also the technique, “Racism is anything we say it is; we don’t have to prove it”.

Actually, people who indulge in this kind of behavior *do* have to prove it.  They have to prove it because I say they do.  Racism is a very serious accusation to make.  It would be like saying, “All Democrats who stupidly threw Hillary Clinton over the side in 2008 are idiotic sexists.”  I can’t make this banket accusation because I know that some of them were not necessarily sexist.  Some were simply mercenary, as demonstrated by the Obama ads plastered all over Josh Marshall’s Talkingpointsmemo blogs during the campaign.  Others were peer pressured cowards as Digby herself confessed in Eric Boehlert’s book, The Bloggers on the Bus.

Now, you would think that 2 years after getting kicked off of the Big Orange Cheeto, people would have forgotten me.  But I did a recent search of my name in the comments the other day and I must have made a major impact on some of the fragile psyches over there.  Geekesque in particular, is still dropping the “she’s a racist” meme everytime my name is mentioned.  It’s almost like HE does a search of the comments and leaves this handy reply whenever the opportunity arises.  No one ever seems to bother to find out whether he (or is Geekesque a she?) is correct, which is odd because my stuff is still there in all it’s glory.  And no one over at the Cheeto is tasked with cleaning up these smelly little turds even though Kos himself knows them to be untrue.  They suit his purpose.

Nevertheless, I take this renewal of the racism meme to be both disturbing AND encouraging.  It’s disturbing because it’s the last weapon they seem to have left and even though it’s worked well in the past, I don’t think it’s going to work now.  The body of evidence is on our side now.  We accurately predicted what would happen two years ago.  They didn’t listen.  They had to have their way.  Now, every defense of their choice is met with ridicule and disbelief.  So, we can’t possibly have been right.  We must be racists.

It’s encouraging because this time, the accusations are falling on deaf ears.  Even Jon Stewart is pointing out how irritating the racism accusation is getting.  It also makes real racism much more difficult to detect and address.  When everybody you don’t like is a racist, the real racists can get away with murder.  I would hope that the people slinging the word around would stop and think about that.  But they didn’t do it in 2008 so why start now?  Therefore, I place the blame for new REAL acts of racism at their feet.  They are responsible for the fact that in the future, Americans will react to accusations of racism in the same way that the townspeople of the famous fairy tale responded to the boy that cried wolf.

It’s time for the people who are spreading this meme to grow up and take responsibility for their behavior.

As for us, well, sticks and stones and all that.  I hate to get distracted by all the nonsense racism accusations and I certainly do not want to turn this blog into the same kind of relentless coverage of Breitbart, who I never read anyway, that I now see on what were once respectable blogs.  There are real racists in the country for sure.  But there are much bigger stories to cover and I commend my fellow frontpagers for not being distracted.

This is the last time I will address the matter.

71 Responses

  1. It’s midterms season, and you can tell. Time for the Obamaclaus machine to pull out the list of who’s naughty and nice and point to the redheaded stepchild that was PUMA and to conflate everyone who opposes Obama with racist birthers.

    (I just posted this in another thread, but it belongs here too.)

    • Yes, I smell an organized and well funded concerted effort.

      • I can see it as well RD, the bots seem to be commenting more on various sites. And the comments have that vapid familiarity about them…same thing (accuse racism) different year…

        • It’s definitely happened. I’ve been attacked on blogs and twitter this week for being a “member of puma.” How long ago did we leave that behind? Ages ago. And suddenly they are talking about it again.

          I smell a rat(f**ker).

          • “I’ve been attacked on blogs and twitter this week for being a “member of puma.” ”

            Yup BB, Me too…

          • They went after both BB and me and the funny thing is the said we’re both smart but ‘irrationally hate’ Obama. I don’t understand how any criticism of the Obama gets turned into some thing based in extreme hatred or racism. You can’t just point to the man’s policies and say if it looks like a dog’s breakfast then he’s producing legislation not fit for human consumption? And because I show the good results from the Clinton/Gore years I’ve deified Bill Clinton?

            I think it’s projection. That’s all I can figure. They’ve basically got a bad case of celebrityitis and they’re projecting it on to us. It’s like watching children boo and hiss at imaginary cartoon heroes and villains.

          • PUMA = Hillary supporter = Obama hater. And the reason we hate Obama: because we’re bitter Hillary supporters. Somehow this story is meaningful to a lot of people. PUMA is also an all-purpose slur word for any female over 40 who is insufficiently adoring of the president.

    • who and where exactly are these comments appearing?? a concerted effort to accuse Obama haters of being racists? Oh please….that is so tiring and old. You are over-estimating your importance here – seriously.

      • 1. The comments appear on many different blogs. The comments can still be found on unmoderated blogs and Kool-aid blogs. We delete them from our comment threads.

        2. The effort is directed at anyone who does not support Obama – that includes Democrats who voted for Hillary in the primaries but considered Obama to be their second choice. It also includes Bill Clinton.

        3. Yes it is tiring and old. So knock it off.

        4. We never claimed to be important – just right.

      • don’t worry your beautiful mind over it if it’s so irrelevant to you

  2. No one who counts is listening to the “racist” memes anymore, RD. It’s sooooo 2007.

    Just consider the source, and take pride in the fact that you and others were RIGHT about Barak Obama all along. Had nothing to do with the color of his skin.

    Scrape it off the bottom of your shoes; flick it off your shoulders.

    99 Problems, but a Race Card ain’t one.

  3. Oh, yeah, I remember those times (which never ended). I even put a page at my blog called “I am a racist” to deal with that.
    Adding the good news tabloids today

  4. Significant information can be found at TC on a regular basis and the fact that we were right about O was part of it – the fact that some were too obtuse to grasp it; oh well.

    Thanks for this RD! Now we can just keep on keepin’ on.

  5. Why doesn’t anyone scream homophobe or homophobe enabler back at them? It was their candidate who fled Gavin Newsom and asked Rick Warren to his inauguration.

    • Because homophobe (like misogynyst), just doesn’t carry the same punch as racist. Sad, but in this society, some forms of discrimination are more OK than others.

  6. Refusing to acknowledge the incompetence or corruption or inexperience of an individual because of their race IS racism. Blaming someone for stating the obvious is not the definition of racism. The inability to see the truth because of race is insane. Apparently insanity reigns supreme. Of course there is always another alternative, money dictates how well one can see the truth… And I ain’t talking about being able to afford cool glasses.

  7. It also makes real racism much more difficult to detect and address

    of course …and that is the intent of those who are paying the blogger’s bills and always has been.

    The any opposition to Obama = racism tactic is so obviously a ruse/ battering ram to push though whatever the owners want without having to bother to persuade anyone ….the funny part is they are now bankrolling Dems to give away the store…I have to say the Bush GOP seemed a better value for the lobbyist buck…even when they are selling out the county ,the Dem drag their feet . I don’t think a GOP house would have taken over a year to give us over to the heath insurance companies . So the Dem’s are lame even in selling out. Pathetic

    • Lame even in selling out

      Brilliant! It’s the hypocrisy that hobbles them – they still try to appear as the good guys. For instance, they are still a few idiots in B0botland that still trust Kuchinich after the lamest sell out in history.

  8. The “Geekesque” is a paid blogger. I don’t recall all the details and refuse to look myself up on the archives, but this shill worked an 8 hour shift, posted every few seconds, and was off on two consecutive days and holidays. When I pointed this out I was flattened by the horde so to speak. There were others also on the site from infamy who worked shifts but no one was as vile and prolific and I suspect had multiples working under the “Geekesque” login. This same writer posted everywhere with the same hatred for “others”. A real sick puppy in my humble opinion.

  9. “Geekesque” is a paid shill. I pointed out that this person/s posted every few seconds, only during specific hour shifts, had two day consecutive days of non-posting per week and was off holidays. I will not look myself up on the archives but I was flattened by the horde on the site from infamy. This same person posted everywhere as their language was hateful and very targeted and always in certain time frames or shifts. I still think it was multiple persons using the same login at the same time. Geekesque always posts on the spin du jour and has masses of warped talking points instantly at hand.

    • I don’t know about multiple persons using the log-in; I always thought his posts sounded like the same obnoxious person.

      But I’m sure you’re right that he was paid. He didn’t start posting on the Cheeto until something in late 2006 or early 2007. He traveled around with the campaign, according to his diaries.

      One way those Obots were able to post things so quickly and get on the rec list right away is they had an e-mail list to let each other know when a diary was going up. Since a lot of them were paid, they were right there checking all day.

      BTW “Geekesque” is a trigger word for Spammy, so that’s why your comments got grabbed.

  10. Edge, what did happen to Kucinich?

    • Got a plane ride on Air Force One and a stern talking to from Obama. (read: threatened with a challenger to his seat)

  11. I hear by pronounce their overused and worn out meme a big joke. One of my kool-aid drinking friends said it again about some random thing, and my response was just to laugh in their face. It wasn’t planned, but the whole thing is so pathetic that I couldn’t help it. I hope laughing in their faces becomes the normal response to this crap.

    What’s sad is that it’s very dangerous to water down and render meaningless this very real and frightening problem. Bigotry in all its forms is an illness and shouldn’t be used in this way. Shame on them.

    The desperation this implies is all too obvious. They are a bit transparent. You’d think the so called creative class”types could come up with something more sophisticated.

    • Exactly how I feel. It’s so over that their silly protests are laughable. We were right and they know it. And they can’t deal with it.

  12. One wonders whether the O-holes honestly think their fellow Democrats are racists, or whether they’re just using the race card as a means to win an election. Either way, the Democratic Party is screwed.

  13. And then there’s this nonsense, which doesn’t even surprise me anymore. If there’s anyone who doesn’t see this dude as a race-baiting asshole, they just can’t see what right in front of their faces.


    • So, which one is the race-baiting a-hole… the one using “bamboozled” and “hoodwinked” or the one questioning its use?

    • What the heck is this:
      “The word “bamboozled” was all but gone from the English language (including among blacks, don’t give me that crap) until Spike Lee revived it in this nice piece of writing.

      That is the real etymology of the word as far as current usage — as far as current conscienceness of the word, it began with this speech in Malcolm X. It had been a dead obscurity before that.”

      So, am I to understand that because it’s only because of watching “Malcom X” that I began using “bamboozle” and “hoodwink” because those words were in near obscurity? Where does he come up with this shit?

      • I didn’t get those words from Malcolm X. I don’t even think I saw the movie. Obama is the one who brought the words into the MSM, but they certainly were familiar words to me.

        • They weren’t the words of real life Malcolm X, but they were the words used in the movie Malcolm X. My point, which may not have come across very clearly is that Obama is again using expressions that probably don’t mean anything to the average white person in his audience, but come across loud and clear to the black people in his audience. It’s just like the brushing dust off his shoulder thing, the rubbing his face (or giving the finger thing) and the “99 problems…” thing.

          It’s just typical of his tactics, that’s pretty much all I was saying. And I probably linked the wrong post. I should have linked the one Ace linked, maybe that would have been clearer.

  14. Bravo, RD. The orange frat-room is like a jilted lover still waiting for that call. It ain’t happening! O corraled the left with a fawning media and bias blackmail, got the White House and never looked back.

    I still can look at my Hillary diaries/comments in the DK archive over there – and remember the armor I needed just to post them. Wow, the venom.

    You’ve done a great job here. Thanks for creating a reality-based venue for the rest of us.

  15. First, let me praise you RD. You provided an alternative way back to Feb., 2008 to being lied to, called names, just generally being slimed for having democratic values, issues and common sense. Even though I have not posted anywhere in months, I read TC daily. You have so many great frontpagers – every day they bring the most salient facts to light – exceptional body of work.

    There is so much wrong with our government – which we knew could happen. It’s easy to share the good if there is any, but to, day after day, identify all these criminal wrongs takes a strong will and character, not to mention the intelligence to process and present in a form all can understand. You are definately getting the messages out – you are coming up on 2M hits. Just a quick thank you for all you have done. In the beginning, you were here all alone and daily posted what so many of us felt, at great personal sacrifice since you are a working parent. Congratulations to RD and the front pagers – great work!

    It is as we predicted that real racism which does exist, has been made a mockery of. But that is just one facet, one tenant of social mores that this administration makes a mockery of. I truly have stopped watching all MSM TV, but do pass through those channels and note CNN and MSNBC show their own stilted opinions immediately instead of getting facts and telling the whole story. I personally cannot stomach any in journalism or politics anymore. While I never expected BO to be a real democrat, like with Bu$h and his cabal, I thought we had some measures of defense against a total sell by another prez to the Corporati. I was wrong.

    “All that is required for evil to prevail is for the upright man to sit by and do nothing” “You are far from alone, your name is Legions…”

    Please excuse mis-spellings – my excuse is I got floxed.

    • Yeah… what he said! Thanks for the sanity sanctuary to all you very dedicated and talented FPers.

  16. Some of us are glad you fled the Orange site, RiverDaughter, and started this one. And we know you are not a racist — others saying it a million times would not make it true.

    I was still undecided until followers of candidate Obama started calling Bill and Hillary Clinton racist. A completely absurd charge, but I was astonished at how many seemed to fall for it! Those charges from the Obama camp and Hillary Clinton’s stellar command of the issues in the debates cemented my support for her.

    As a long-time supporter of the Southern Poverty Law Center, I know quite well about the real racists out there, especially the dangerous ones. The folks at the Orange Show and other blogs who are pulling this number again ought to be ashamed of themselves.


    • Right before the fairy tale episode, I supported Hillary, but being a yellow dog D, I would have supported Obama in the end if he won the nomination fair and square, just like I supported Kerry. But the fairy tale episode turned me to opposition, and for the first time in my life I voted GOP in November 2008.

      • Even after the cheating and race bating, I would have voted against W2 (Teh 0ne) and waited for better Dems down the road. But ultimately it was outrageous Trigg Palin attacks and the Gyno-voting booth crap that made me leave the party forever. When they showed just how low they were willing to go in the general I was done.

  17. Are the paid commenters back? Isn’t that a natural consequence of Plouffe being back?

    I was so disgusted with Obama and the Democrats that I voted for Cynthia McKinney, but I was STILL a racist–and a vagina voter, too.

    Carolyn Kay

    • Isn’t that a natural consequence of Plouffe being back?

      Good catch.

    • I also voted for McKinney. :mrgreen:

      I liked McCain and Palin as people, but they were still GOP, and I couldn’t vote for the War and Torture Party. 👿

      Then, of course, the DINOcrats turned out to be the other War and Torture Party. 👿

  18. I wonder how do they explain blacks who oppose Obama, like blackagendareport.com there is no way the racism crap will stick.

    • They say we suffer from a “slave mentality”.

      Or…we’re just “crabs in a barrel”. (Jealous WE can’t be president ourselves and are hatin on Obama’s coolness)

      • Of course. Should have thought of that. They’re geniuses I tell you. /snark.

      • Willy — aren’t we all just hatin’ on Obama’s coolness? 😉

        I still don’t get where that came from. I’ve never seen Obama as “cool”. A mesmerizer, race baiter, who seethes with anger, but cool? Of course, when you don’t have a real impassioned opinion about anything, you could be seen as cool. Oh yeah, then there was all the shilling being done by SNL and their liberal boyz club.

        • True Story:

          When the photo of Barry with a cig hanging from his mouth first hit…my people (friends) sent it around immediately and all thought it was PROOF POSITIVE that Obama was “down”. (The photos also appeared on all the “black” gossip sites)

          They LOVED the old Obama photos.

          As an aside, I remarked that he looked like someone who also didn’t pay their child support, and they agreed with that too.


  19. Want to say a big ‘Me Too.’ Thank you RD for this ‘isle of sanity’ in a world gone mad. I don’t comment regularly, but this is the first blog I read every day.

    Racism attacks no longer work–they made that one too cheap. If I remember correctly, he used that for one of his previous Chicago races. It was also the last straw for me–I guess we understood just how serious and harmful that charge could be.

  20. I am in complete agreement with you all about the charges of racism turning into too many “the boy who called wolf” screams. Just another point I’d like to make about the racist charges by the O-team …
    they also seem to serve as a diversion from the little that O is doing to help the Black community. Aside from these new numbers of the amount of kids on food stamps, the complete ignoring of a jobs program to help the Black community, ignoring the plight of Blacks in the Deep South since the oil slick, the re-use of those toxic FEMA trailers, etc. … we had another slap in the face by the O-holes to the Black community in Milwaukee, WI. After our flooding here, one of the most affected neighborhoods is populated by older working-class Blacks who have been living there for decades and are homeowners. The record rainfalls led to the foundation of their homes being literally washed away. Instead of helping these families to rebuild their foundations, and keep their homes, it was decided that it was more economical to demolish them! Now these people have NO homes, and are not being promised funds to help them rebuild! Obama hasn’t even visited these people, although I’m sure he’ll make some grand hoopla when he comes to campaign for Barrett, who is running for governor and is down 7 points to Walker.

    The Milwaukee flood has been dubbed “Katrina-esque” by the one black group here:


    I can’t even express how angry I am that these people lost their homes only because FEMA did not want to provide funds to assist rebuilding the walls of their basements!

  21. The boys at Hillbuzz connected the owner of a rabid Obot site to a public relations firm that did work for Obama. (I won’t be more specific because the Hillbuzzards did a big no-no by revealing the guy’s real name)

    The guy may have been one of Obama’s paid bloggers or may just be a O-hole who happens to work for a PR firm that has done work for the Obama campaign. I wish someone with more resources than mine (like a paid investigative reporter who was not a journolista) would delve into this and other unexplored areas of the 2008 campaign.

    As far as I know there is no law against astroturfing, so if the guy is getting paid to shill for Obama that’s not a crime. Unless and until there is a change in the law we can expect to see astroturfing/paid blogging every election year. In terms of campaign tactic that was an effective use of funds by Axelrod.

    My question is:

    Who is paying Obama’s Troll Army now? Are tax dollars being used by the Obama administration to astroturf the blogosphere?

    • I’m assuming the Chicago DNC and Obama Campaign org (one and the same mostly) have quite a lot of funds and are spending them on this. But as with all things incumbent politics, I’m sure some tax payer money is slipping into the mix.

      Fine, they can splatter their propaganda in any form. As long as they’re not using resources that are ours and not theres. My worry of course is the same it was with Bush II, using wiretapping, “terrorist monitoring” channels, and the like to misuse and abuse.

      Sadly I expect further erosion of the media and “journalism”. Even with so many being caught, I don’t expect anything to get better there. Sigh.

    • I think the Obot Army is pretty easy to spot and log. Watch for bad Obama press and see who yells racist (or other fun nonsense like PUMA or Hillary hate). They’re a one trick pony.

      Edge should make a scoreboard or maybe dartboard. 🙂

    • You people are just unbelievable – read this crap you are writing here! Why are you discussing what Obamabots say about Hillary’s gang?? believe me, they do NOT care enough about any of this to make such an effort to call you anything, let alone racists.
      and Dakinikat, maybe you should re-read the comments you claim were about you and boston boomer – hardly what you describe.

  22. “Barack is an elitist and he hates Blacks”

    I couldn’t believe these remarks on Al Sharpton’s show
    (h/t to Uppity Woman and McNorman)

  23. Here’s my reply to every “racist” cry -” Why am I a “racist” for expecting Obama to stand up to criticism like all other Presidents before him? Aren’t you the real “racist” by lowering the standards by which all past Presidents have been judged, for this one President? I am treating Obama just like I treated all other Presidents with whom I disagreed, you are treating him with kid gloves as if he is incapable of defending his policies as other Presidents before him have had to do. Who is the real “racist”? “

    • Well, I know what the response to that is: no other president in history was ever subjected to the hate and vitriol this one is being subjected to. That is taken as a fact and of course everything else just logically follows.

      Many people who make this claim should be able to remember the Clinton administration, but seem to have blotted it out.

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