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Revising History – Koolaid Edition

I got my BA in History. For a subject many consider boring (I don’t) it can get quite controversial when someone publishes material that casts new light on some of our old heroes. The story of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings is a good example.

But it’s one thing when new information expands what we know, it’s another when someone pushes propaganda in an attempt to change what we believe. A case in point is Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton is an imperfect human being. It is well established that he was unfaithful to Hillary on at least one occasion. He advocated some policies that were less than ideal. But when you look at his two terms in context and in whole, he did a damn good job.

Eight years of peace and prosperity. The largest peacetime economic expansion in our history, with the gap between rich and poor shrinking. Unlike those fiscal puritans Ronnie Raygun and the Bush twins, Clinton gave us surpluses instead of deficits.

Now it’s easy to understand why those on the right hate the Big Dawg. They despised him before he was even sworn in, and during his two terms as POTUS he battled them and won, over and over.

You would think that (especially considering who replaced him in the Oval Office) lefties would give at least a B+ to the only successful two-term Democrat since FDR. But no, instead many of them despise Bill Clinton for not being liberal enough. But in order to justify their hate they engage in some historical revisionism.

They blame him for the GOP taking control of Congress in 1994. But they ignore the conduct of the Congressional Democrats and the rise of movement conservatism. Those pesky voters had something to do with it too.

Our trade deficit with China has nothing to do with NAFTA, and the 1992-94 Democratically-controlled Congress rejected Hillarycare and refused to support allowing gays in the military. The Congressional Democrats avoided Clinton like the plague, so how can you blame him if he got reelected and they didn’t?

But even if the CDS lefties were 100% correct about Bill Clinton, all of this new liberal orthodoxy would make more sense if they weren’t supporting a conservative DINO who openly shows contempt for liberals and progressives.

Not only are we seeing statements like this one:

Some observers say no president and Congress have accomplished more since FDR.

but we’re starting to see Franklin Roosevelt recast as a (guess what) racist Republican! FDR is the closest thing we have to a saint in liberal ideology, and now the Kool-aid swilling Obots want to sully his name too.

Like Bill Clinton, we know why the right hates FDR, but to see alleged members of the political left excoriating him for being less than perfect makes no sense whatsoever. No, he didn’t single-handedly end Jim Crow segregation, but he did raise the standard of living for all Americans.

What makes even less sense is debating whether liberal economic policies (as exemplified by New Deal programs like Social Security) work or not. What’s next, revisiting the social and economic benefits of slavery?

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  1. Some observers say no president and Congress have accomplished more since FDR.

    I thought LBJ did pretty good with Medicare, the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, and the Great Society stuff.

    • Truman desegregated the military and gave us the 40-hour work week.

      • And Nixon did a few things – Title IX, the EPA, the Fair Credit Act (think that is the right name for the bill that first allowed women to get credit in their own name).

        • I have yet to see someone lay out all these “accomplishments” that Obama has.

          I don’t consider Obamacare to be a progressive program. It originated with the Heritage Foundation as a GOP alternative to Hillarycare.

          • They seemed to have confused just passing legislation with accomplishing something for the country.

            lipstick on a pony

          • Dee, you beat me to it. They think a check in the “win” column means something. For them it’s running up the score. They couldn’t give a rat’s a$$ if something good is actually accomplished.

          • They don’t have a very good sense of context either. Where as the Clintons struggled to get Democrats behind them politically, the-Obama must “contend” with Republicans who disagree with any single aspect of his policy proposals.
            I hear some days, Obama doesn’t even have a mob of “post racial” rabies infested, “change” agents to bulldoze, the latest perpetrator of pseudo-racist rhetoric. And yet somehow he gets this reform passed.

          • Heh,

            I’d even give St Ronnie a moreprogressive grade than Obama since he gets a good amount of credit for the Earned Income Tax credit

        • The tricky dicky administration is responsible for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the 1972 Noise Control Act, the 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act, the 1973 Endangered Species Act, and the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act.
          If it wasn’t for the horrors of South East Asia, the man would have been great.

        • BUSH TWINS

          BUSH I ADA Americans with Disabilities Act

          BUSH II Medicare Medication Coverage…OK, he passed it, but didn’t state where the funds where going to come from… :blush: , but that campaign promised got him his second term even though many thought he had a hidden mic or how knows on his back:

      • and won the war in the Pacific.

    • and never forget Lady Birds beautification of our highways..

  2. Good post. I think Obots hate anyone who actually works…LBJ and Bill worked and in Upper Obotstan you are just supposed to “be” .

    • They can’t make Obama look good by tearing other Democrats down.

    • I think paper doll is on to something…

      “I think Obots hate anyone who actually works…LBJ and Bill worked and in Upper Obotstan you are just supposed to “be” .”

      Most of the Obots I have come into contact with fit that hipster mode…the kind that are young and beautiful and wait impatiently for their parents check to clear…so that they can go out and well…just check out this video…Hipster Olympics

      I know it is a over generalization but this video speaks volumes to me at least…Oh and I am also one of those who majored in History in college…so this post really speaks to me…thanks myiq!

      • I wrote this somewhere else the other day…

        Obama is an adolescent character stuck in a show called My So-Called Presidency.

        I don’t doubt his love for country–I just think his political brand is about an immature sort of love wrapped up in an image of himself that’s more about can BE for his country and less about what he can DO for his country. He doesn’t want to LEAD. He wants to BE a shiny Hope object with which the elites can distract.

        Well, when they threw Sherrod under the bus, the shiny Hope object finally fused out.

  3. this post says absolutely nothing – WHO exactly is putting Bill Clinton down now? some obscure Democrat we don’t even know? this is pure garbage to make another jab at the president you all hate – you know, its getting very old.

    • So you’re claiming the Obots love and respect Bill Clinton?

    • Carolyn, are you joking? I was reading some posts over at daily kos a couple of days ago. The CDS was rampant. And what about the reports of Clinton hate at the “netroots” convention? You are way out of touch. I’ll be glad to go find some nasty stuff, it won’t be hard.

      • carolyn – myiq2xu is linking to my post in which I quote an email from the DSCC. The letter has that line. So, the people leaping over Clinton, Johnson and Truman are no less than the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee. Well, actually, they use a FOX tactic with the “some observers” line.

    • ooh so Markos Moulitsas is an obscure Democrat we don’t know! Whoo hoo!

    • Carolyn,

      I will speak for myself…hemmm…maybe some of the others who are still TICKED OFF (ps that is really upset Granny TALK)!

      I think it is HIGH TIME, that Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile, Dean, Axelrod, The RBC, The DNC and the others know who they are own up to the harm they did to the party. THEY APOLOGIZE for the meme of ‘I see ra@ists’ as a strategy against Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and their supporters and NOT COUNTING OUR VOTES and for the first time ever NOT ALLOWING A CANDIDATE with the most popular votes a ROLL CALL for POTUS or VP (which she earned and her supporters fought for by getting the necessary delegates to sign on to insure her, her right to a ROLL CALL VOTE).

      We simply supported someone with DECADES of work on issues we care about, someone with a record and someone that worked to gain the trust of her supporters by hearing their concerns and then working hard for those concerns.

      In closing WHERE IS THE PUBLIC OPTION??? Where is THE MEDICARE BUY IN??? When are the WARS going to END???

      After years of complaining the documentary is finally getting coverage, albeit on FOX news, but it is finally getting coverage of what many of us know happened, but was hidden by the media. I personally spoke to Dr. Linda Hayes in D.C. and she is a sound, solid lady and a person that believes strongly in the Democratic process, transparency, and in counting the VOTES.

      As many of you know, I have been posting these videos for years now and finally ONE news organization has done one story. 😦 Oh, and thank you for allowing me to post them, as it was almost a catharsis for me as the experience (2008 primaries) left me traumatized 😥 as I never thought my beloved party could look the other way when voters were intimidated, VOTES NOT COUNTED and delegates (I met one of the delegates in D.C.) given to another candidate that didn’t earn them.

      We Will Not Be Silenced h/t SimoFish

    • Your buddies–and by and large, they’re just as homophobic a bunch as your Precious– are still blaming Bill Clinton for DADT, as if somehow gays had been free and open in the military before, rather than subject to court martial and expulsion. The ones who’ve lost it even further blame him for “warmongering” in the Balkans and “failing to stop bin Laden.”

      Then there are the elitists who just can’t get over the fact that Big Dawg started out as a poor boy in Arkansas, a far less privileged beginning than Obama’s and one that is still subject to multiple bigotries by “progressives.”

      • Colin Powell threatened to resign if President Clinton when he came into office and was keeping his promise to allow gays to serve openly. How ironic and shameful that it was an African American blocking the Civil Rights of gay military service personnel.

        The mission: waging war and keeping peace with America’s military – Google Books Result
        Dana Priest – 2004 – History – 430 pages
        Colin Powell, threatened to resign if Clinton pursued his campaign promise to allow gays to serve openly in the armed forces. Clinton team’s had utterly …

      • The DADT thing bugs me SO MUCH. No acknowledgment of context, just that Bill could have pushed through gays openly serving in the military if he weren’t such a homophobe. Total Bullshit. And if Bill Clinton couldn’t do that, why the hell couldn’t Obama with a Supermajority?

        • Answer to that one is “Donnie McClurkin.” Also “Rick Warren.”

          The only thing motivating Obama’s exceeding tepid effort to end DADT right now is the closing of the GayTM. Too many of us donated way too much in the belief that Obama would be better than his fellow, openly Republican, conservative. I’m pleased to say I wasn’t among them.

    • Hate, how about profound disappointment?

      If you want examples of hate just go into the archives at DailKos or Democratic Underhand and read the comments made during the primaries.

      When you have posters parroting republican smear points against the Clintons because there was no argument to be made for Obama, I’d call that a good example of hate.

      At least you didn’t call us racists.

  4. Nice post myiq!

    The treatment that the Democratic Party has displayed towards the best democratic president since FDR is, in a word, shameful. I do believe that at the end of the day, the American people will have the last laugh. As Obumbles policies and boobery more and more imitates Bush, Clinton nostalgia will permeate family dinner tables again. Then Hillary will become president and we can FINALLY start the long hard road reversing the trends of two garbage leaders. Hopefully, the idiot democrats will all have been voted out of office (bye bye former Senator Reid!! See you later former Senator McCaskil! Have a good retirement former Senator Nelson!!), and we can start fresh with some REAL liberals in congress!!

    Hillary 2012

    • Yep.

      I’m taking my Hillary t-shirts out of the back of the drawer and am going to start wearing them again.

      Reid, unfortunately, is the lesser of two evils in Utah. the Republican is batshit insane.

      • You had a pretty good list of TX politician on another thread but we should never leave out Sam Rayburn. He was, among other things, LBJs mentor and maybe the best inside player ever. Maybe the last honest man to be Speaker of the House, he retired with savings of $15K after being the longest serving speaker in US history.

      • I’ve been wearing mine the whole time as a schadenfreude gesture, on days when O does something really stupid.

  5. This is definitely not the Democratic party I knew. (As if the last 3 or 4 years didn’t show that already). FDR is our patron saint. If this horse puckey about him gets major play, I’m done. I won’t even vote for the Democrats I like, because it’s obviously not a party with which I care to associate.

    It’s like the party has been taken over by Reaganites… oohhh wait. It has!

  6. So happy you wrote about this. I was pearl fishing on B0botland and nearly chocked on their many threads of bile at what the Clintons might have been rumored to have planned to spend on Chelsea’s wedding.
    Counting Bill’s money has been a RW pass time.
    But even during his successful presidency the Nader legions were hatching plots and conspiracies – such as drug dealing at Mena airport in Ak – which were later imported wholesale by the wingnuts.
    There was always an extreme right ready to spew – Mother Jones and The Nation seemed to be funded especially for that purpose.
    When Wes Clark declared his candidacy, the Nation e-mailed all its readers a hatchet job on him – based primarily on his association with Clinton – including “stalking horse for Hillary”. Rove’s people followed eventually with “crazy Clark says W told him he wanted to attack Iraq on 9.11” – but they were late. The Nation was a more reliable foe (by proxy).
    B0bots complain these days that “we can never have a progressive POTUS”. yet they are the ones that make sure only phonies can apply.

  7. Bill Clinton was not the most “progressive” president we ever had. However, he was still a good president. The democratic party had been taken over by Reaganism and is still there today. The democrats never had much of a spine.

    Why s Chelea’s wedding worth any detailed assessment? Talk about being distracted. “Pearl fishing” inn botland? Isn’t there something in scripture about casting peals to swine?

    • I am having a weekly award ceremony – the DU-dies. I collect material – which lately is karmic fun – for the most part.
      I also updated the Journolist with new names and grouped it by publications (which shouldn’t have been represented here)

    • Bill Clinton never claimed to be a liberal or a progressive. He ran as a moderate Democrat after the GOP had laid an ass-whuppin’ on Carter, Mondale and Dukakis.

      He also spent most of his two terms in office trying to hold back Newt’s conservative revolution. He was mostly successful.

      Rating Bill Clinton on the progressive legislation he got passed is like rating the 1985 Bears or 2000 Ravens on points scored and yardage gained.

      • Bill Clinton understood small businesses and what they mean to economic growth and he understood what it meant to have safe cities and set up community policing which is still working in many cities that embraced it. Bill was forward thinking, and balanced in seeing all angles and that made sense and he worked the isles to get the necessary votes and was up to date on all the legislation coming across his desk. He is a hard working man, that has been contrite and has apologized for his human failings.

      • I’m glad you mentioned Newt’s name, myig. I think there is a whole new generation who has no idea how destructive he can be.

  8. FDR’s civil rights record left something to be desired. He interred Japanese-American men, women, and children without due process. Horrendous civil rights abuse imho.

    • Sure, but does that erase all the good he did?

    • What is Obama’s civil rights record so far? Rendition, torture, targeting American citizens for assassination without due process or a trial, domestic spying, outlawing abortion by fiat. I could probably think of a lot more.

      • I saw a video where Daniel Ellsberg fears a US hit on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange?

        Have we come to this? Is Daniel Ellsberg doing a protective move by stating it out front?

    • Interned-with-an-n. That was bad enough.

  9. Now it’s easy to understand why those on the right hate the Big Dawg. They despised him before he was even sworn in…

    I remember reading that Lee Atwater met and observed Clinton at an event long before Clinton was known to anyone else as a potential Presidential candidate. Atwater reported to his fellow Republican operatives, “I’ve just met Darth Vader…” referring to what he saw as a real threat to the Republicans. It was the birth of the vast right-wing conspiracy to take Clinton down before any of the rest of us had ever heard of Bill Clinton.

    • Imagine how different things would have been if WJC was the “media favorite.”

      • The funny thing is, I think he was the media favorite before he was elected. At first it was just the Arkansas nuts who were trying to bring him down. Lots of the media were pushing him before he decided to run.

        • Nope. He wasn’t. You forget Gennifer Flowers, Hillary baking cookies and more chicanery that came from the media during the elections. Janicen is right. It started with Lee Atwater.
          Bush’s people called Bill during the race asking him to let Poppy have another term or else. He didn’t bow out so “or else” was unleashed on him on a national level.

          • That came later. I’m talking about before he decided to run. There were quite a few media people pushing him then.

        • the Bush WH was already prepared to tear him down since before he decided to run

  10. Everyone wants to forget about LBJ because of Vietnam, but he is the one who passed the most liberal legislation since FDR. Obama may have gotten a lot legislation through Congress, but it’s all Republican-style legislation.

    • From the comments (and it sums up how I feel quite nicely):

      For real? Hmm…let me think on that a sec…let’s see…make common cause with assimilated conformists? With those who claimed to be anti-war, but who were really just anti-Bush? With those satisfied and content with fake-ass “HCR”, rendition, warrantless wiretapping, educational system failure, and who prefer fan-club idolatry instead of addressing issues? Make peace with Blue Dogs, DINO’S, apple pie exceptionalists, flag-wagging Pentagon cheerleaders, and those who lie to my face and pretend to give a damn about DADT, DOMA, EFCA, ENDA, environmentalism and economic justice right up until the election is over and then go right back to shitting on anyone who objects to incinerating huts full of terrified illiterate opium farmers and their malnourished children with drone rockets at 100 k a pop for no reason anyone can articulate while simultaneously defending every last corrupt criminal policy they said they were fighting against because, well, the president knows best and it’s really important to make him happy?

      Uh, no. I’m not committing moral suicide and betraying every single principle I believe in just because a bunch of teabaggers have scared the piss out of you.

    • but, but, the big Scary Republicans will win if you don’t swallow all the crap Obama stands for.

    • Wow, it only took four posts for the back-biting and name calling to start at Kos.

  11. ZOMG! From TGW:

    So Obama is not speaking at the liberal Netroots conference, but he’s sending a representative from the Obama Administration.

    Obama is sending a Republican.

    Gawd. I don’t recall ever seeing a president show such disdain for his base. This must be some more of that famed 11-Dimensional Chess that Obama is known for. We’re just too stupid to understand how he will one day win the hearts and minds of lefties by wooing Republicans.

    Obama is sending Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former Republican congressman.

  12. Is the Little Cheatoh going PUMA?:

    Markos Moulitsas, founder of the Daily Kos blog and an organizer of the first such annual conference five years ago, said he and his followers are disinclined to help Democratic candidates simply to preserve the party’s big majorities.

    “There’s a lot of Democrats I’ll be happy to see go,” Moulitsas said in an interview.

    Party unity is so 2008

  13. You cannot be a Democrat if you admire and seek to emulate Ronald Reagan as Obama has done!

    Remember how Arianna said that Bob Dole would be so much better than Beeeel Cleeentone back in ’96?

  14. OMG! I just learned something valuable from Maureen Dowd:

    Charles Sherrod, Shirley’s husband, was a Freedom Rider who, along with the civil rights hero John Lewis, was a key member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee of the ‘60s.

    As Lewis, the longtime Georgia congressman, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he knew immediately that something was amiss with the distorted video clip of Sherrod talking to the N.A.A.C.P.

    “I’ve known these two individuals — the husband for more than 50 years and the wife for at least 35, 40 — and there’s not a racist hair on their heads or anyplace else on their bodies,” Lewis said.

    We may not have a “nation of cowards” on race, as Attorney General Eric Holder contended, but we may have a West Wing of cowards on race.

    • “I don’t think a single black person was consulted before Shirley Sherrod was fired — I mean c’mon, “ said Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina, a black lawmaker so temperate that he agreed with an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal on Friday by Senator James Webb of Virginia, which urged that “government-directed diversity programs should end.”

      “The president’s getting hurt real bad,” Clyburn told me. “He needs some black people around him.” He said Obama’s inner circle keeps “screwing up” on race: “Some people over there are not sensitive at all about race. They really feel that the extent to which he allows himself to talk about race would tend to pigeonhole him or cost him support, when a lot of people saw his election as a way to get the issue behind us. I don’t think people elected him to disengage on race. Just the opposite.”

      Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.’s House delegate, agreed: “The president needs some advisers or friends who have a greater sense of the pulse of the African-American community, or who at least have been around the mulberry bush.”


      • Lol, I can see Eleanor saying that mulberry bush line.

        this is from last year, but check out her answer at the end of this video at the 56 minute 40 second, about the way Hillary was portrayed and women in politics and sexism… everything else was actually pretty good up until that. I liked her comments, and her answer on sexism isn’t horrible even , it just makes me giggle… she thinks the media is progressive and tends to look favorably on women LOL

      • I don’t know if he needs black people around him – he just needs temperate, smart people, no matter what color they are.

        • I just think it’s funny that his people didn’t realize that Charles Sherrod was a civil rights era hero.

      • Clyburn was such a slimey Judas in the primary as he promoted the “Clintons are racist and I am so disappointed” lie.

        F**k Him.

  15. Salon reports on Obama’s mailed-in speech to the Nutroots:

    President Barack Obama is urging liberal activists and bloggers to “keep up the fight” to bring change to Washington.

    In a video played Saturday at the annual Netroots Nation convention, the president acknowledged that some in the party’s left wing have been unhappy with the pace of change. Liberals have been disenchanted on issues from the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the failure to create a government-run insurance option in the health care overhaul.

    The president says in the brief video that the combat mission in Iraq will end in August.

    It’s a tough election year for Democrats, but Obama warned about returning to Republican policies “that got us into the mess.”

    He says “change is hard,” and he urged hundreds of activists and bloggers in the audience to “keep making your voices heard.”

    I thought presidentin’ was hard?

    • Whoever wrote that article misspelled “nutroots.”

    • You should see the reactions to this in B0botland! Pretty good reading. Here’s one I picked for the DU-dies

      So, first Obama and Rahm make it clear they don’t give a damn what the left thinks

      but now it’s the left’s fault because we haven’t been loud enough?

      I think the “we don’t need the Democratic wing of the party” crowd is working their way around to who they’ll blame if things don’t go well this November or 2012.

  16. Shocking I know but Dean plays the race card

    “Let’s just be blunt about this … I think Fox News did something that was absolutely racist,” Dean charged on “Fox News Sunday.”


    But host Chris Wallace shot back, “I know facts are inconvenient things, but let’s deal with the facts.” They include that Fox News did not play the clip or mention her name before the Obama administration forced Sherrod on Monday to step down, he said.

    Dean said the clip was about to run on Glenn Beck’s program on Fox, “which is what the administration was afraid of.”

    Former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich – who appeared in the same Fox News Sunday segment – retorted, “If the Obama administration is this afraid of Glenn Beck, how do they deal with the Iranians?”

    This couldn’t be a bigger loser for the Obama administration, IMHO. Can’t they stop themselves from digging the hole deeper?

    • I didn’t realize Dean’s skills extended to prognostication. How does he know Glenn Beck was about to talk about Sherrod on Monday? Monday was his “I’m going blind” episode.

      And if Glenn Beck is such a crazy nut and Fox News is driven by racism, why the hell did the administation accept Van Jones’ resignation?

    • Wow! Newtie really flattened Dean with that one!

  17. Slave owners have to keep their property fed, clothed, and housed.

    Since today’s poor don’t deserve even that minimal support, according to the right wingers, the destruction of the middle class may end up being even worse than slavery.

    Carolyn Kay

  18. The FDR wing of the Democratic party gave Joe and Jane Six-pack a shot at the good life. Unfortunately, after many of those Democrats arrived, they decided to pull the ladder up after them and became Reagan Democrats.

    As the economy continues to shrink and the job picture worsens, I expect to see more jump ship for the Reagan Wing of the party. The days of the New Deal and Great Society are over and done with.

    The New Democrats, Obamacrats, Reagan-Democrats, what ever name you give them are just republicans without the bat-shit insanity.

  19. Sigh. Al Qaeda is racist now part of War on Terrah strategery

    A National Counter Terrorism Center terrorism bulletin from October 2009 makes the argument that highlighting al Qaeda racism could deter black African recruits, thus shedding a light on a recent charge by the White House that al Qaeda is racist, as first reported by ABC News earlier this month.

    It’s the magic bullet for everything it seems.

    • Next up, the White House uses truth.com techniques to go to al-Quaeda headquarters to yell at them through a megaphone.

  20. I’ve come to believe that Obots must be zen masters. There is no other way to explain how they can hold so many paradoxes in their mind.

    When Obama bends over backwards for Republicans (with D majorities in House and Senate) he’s bi-partisan (or 11-dimensional chess, or thoughtful or whatever) or god-like. But when a president has to battle an R congress every step of the way to get things passed and wins, he’s that f@*&ing EEEEEEEVIL triangulating Bill Clinton!!

  21. News post up

  22. myiq, where did you get the pic of the man in the straight jacket up top? I swear I know that man, and I’m being 100% serious.

  23. Re Clinton, the force is strong in him. That’s why they have to keep tearing him down. Er, when they’re not begging him to fundraise and campaign for him.

    They’re like children screaming, “I hate you. It’s all your fault. I didn’t ask to be born. When’s dinner?”

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