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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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While we were out chasing phantom racists…

Pic courtesy of The Daily Show

…like magpies drawn to some shiny object, the fabulous banker boyz were deep sixing Elizabeth Warren for head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

(One of our commenters said that ‘racism has been weaponized’. Pretty much.)

I’m not surprised that they hate Warren’s guts.  The consumer finance industry is juicy with rent type devices.  Here’s a good example:  I tried to convert some dollars into euros for my daughter’s upcoming trip to France.  Went to my bank to do the deal.  No can do.  I would have had to order the euros 3 days in advance.  They don’t keep euros laying around, you silly customer of 22 years.  I didn’t have time for that so the bank directed me to a money changer in the mall.  So, I went there and found that they weren’t offering the current exchange rate.  No, their exchange rate was much higher.  Fees, you say.  Nope, worse than that.  The cashier said that the currency operator negotiated its own exchange rate for euros and then charged a fee on top of it.  The fee was waived if you exchanged more than $500.  But even if I had it, who in their right  mind sends a teenager abroad with more than $500 in cash?

The final rate for the exchange on July 6, 2010 at the ubiquitous ripoff currency exchanger was going to be $151.00 for 100€.  Needless to say, I passed, bought her a Visa with some emergency money on it and put her on the plane with her US cash, instructing her to get her host family to make the conversion at the French end, which they did for the correct exchange rate.

But wait!  There’s more.  We got to the airport and at the very last minute, got charged an additional $100 unaccompanied minor fee.  This fee pays for a flight attendant to take your kid’s passport, put it in an envelope, and escort the kid to the waiting family at the arrival gate.  $100 buckaroos.  Pay up or the kid never leaves Kennedy, which is a fate worse than death.  I mean, have you *been* to Kennedy?  Was there any mention of this fee at the time the (ridiculously expensive) ticket was purchased online where the kid’s age was clearly entered in the age field of the ticket form?  No, there was not.  The same thing happened to the host family on the French end resulting in a $100 last minute fee for their kid too.  Surprise!  Surprise!  (Should I mention the airline?  Ok, it was Delta)

See, with an Elizabeth Warren type, I’m thinking that abuses like this would happen with less frequency.  And the only reason they’re happening now is because there is no one watching the store.  Put in a less competent or committed individual and it will be one little rip off after another.  My little example from my “overprivileged” lifestyle is just the tip of the iceberg.  Consider all the ATM fees, the wireless fees that are *supposed* to go towards building better networks but don’t, the teaser rate mortgages, the financial services fees from people who are managing your 401K but don’t seem to think they owe you a decent return on your investment.  Stuff like that.  A billion here, a billion there and pretty soon we’re talking about real money.  *YOUR* real money.  Maybe the wealthy don’t think these fees are a big deal but the rest of us can’t afford to keep shelling out hidden costs and surprise last minute fees and astronomical interest rates.

Anyway, that’s what was going on while you were distracted by the unfortunate saga of Ms. Shirley Sherrod, may she live long and prosper at an agency that will appreciate her dedication and enlightened attitude.

More on what the new Financial Reform bill and what it will do, or NOT do, can be found in this Fresh Air interview with Benjamin Applebaum of the NYTimes.

Update: ABCNews reports that Warren will be “actively involved” in the Consumer Finance Protection Agency that she helped to create.  Oooo!, isn’t that special.  Maybe they’ll let her pick out an agency logo or choose the colors for the offices.  My leg is all tingly.  Actually, this news is depressing.  But don’t despair.  There’s probably another racism story in the works to take our minds off of it.

196 Responses

  1. Like the Mel Gibson’s latest, the so called “racism” story was really a misogyny one.
    Sherrod didn’t get a beer summit – Obama’s aides were proud to declare – and her apology came when the story was exploding in their faces.
    Which is what she had in common with Warren.
    slightly OT, there’s plenty of that in my Friday’s DU-dies

    • Very funny page, edge.
      There is a comment from Dario and so I went to look at Cannonfire.
      He posted a cartoon? I don’t get the “joke”.

      • It looks like suicide note.

        • yeah, it does

        • ominous, to say the least.

          • I Don’t like the “Feel” of that cartoon. I sure hope Joe is okay.

          • Me too. What the hell? I’ve been through this before…can’t do it again.

          • Maybe he’s coming back? See this

            A despondent Mickey returns home and moans: “Oh, what’s the use? She doesn’t care for me anymore—what is there to live for? Without Minnie, I might as well end it all!” Mickey reaches for the rifle on his wall and takes it down.

            The next day, the reader sees that Mickey has rigged the rifle on two chairs with a rope so that when he pulls on the rope, he will be shot in the back of the head. Fortunately, the cuckoo clock goes off and Mickey realizes he is cuckoo for trying to end it all that way. The next day, he jumps off a high bridge but lands instead on a small boat that had been tugging underneath. The ship’s captain decides to throw Mickey overboard but the plucky mouse pleads: “Please don’t! I can’t swim! I might drown!”

            The next day, Mickey turns on the gas in his house and lies down on his bed to drift into endless sleep. “Goodbye, Minnie! Goodbye, cruel world!” However, while his eyes are closed, a squirrel scampers in to use the escaping gas to fill his balloon. The balloon explodes, waking Mickey, who thinks he has been shot. The next day, Mickey with a huge anvil around his neck goes to the river bank where he asks a nearby fish “How’s the water today?” When he gets the response: “Br-r-r! Cold as the dickens!?, Mickey decides to try again the next day and tosses the anvil in the river.

            Finally, Mickey tosses a noose over a tree branch in order to hang himself but before he can do so, he is surrounded by happy playful squirrels and Mickey says: “I guess you think I’m crazy—Well, I must’ve been to think of hanging myself! When I look into your smiling faces, I feel ashamed! It isn’t such a bad old world after all! It took a squirrel to prove what a nut I was!” So Mickey uses the rope to make a swing.

  2. OT, but also about rampant misogyny:

    Latest Daily Caller article re Journolist:

    Posts from the “in crowd” trashing Keith Olbermann for his pompous misogyny, describing him as NOT funny and just the other side of the Hannity coin, and whether he helps or damages the progressive cause.

    Notice, of course, that NONE of these posters to Ezra’s Journolist were willing to call out Olberman when it really mattered.


    • Link? I haven’t been reading these little gems as diligently as I should

    • Oh gawd, I googled it and came to an article by Tommy Christopher. What a piece of work.
      So, I take it that the rant against KO was started by Katha Pollitt. IIRC, Pollitt was one of the feminists who jumped on Obama’s bandwagon pretty early. Thanks a bunch, Katha. She did a Fresh Air interview during the campaign season. I’m trying to track it down. I remember at the time I was listening to it that she really sold us out. It nearly made me physically sick to listen to it. Pollitt knew the score and instead of speaking out, she caved.
      During WWII, they called such women collaborators and shaved their heads.

      • I’m glad you found it…..more at the website The Daily Caller. Yes, it’s Tucker Carlson, but somebody on the Journolist has leaked a lot of their emails to him (Tucker was never allowed on the list), and Tucker’s now reporting on their comments and their collusion on many things, including the primaries.

        Yes, Katha Pollitt, scumbaggerette. Tucker’s article shows she DID know the score, and sold us out.

        Collaborator, indeed.

        • Article at The Daily Caller is titled “Jounolisters offended by Keith Olbermann’s ‘misogynistic,’ ‘predictable,’ and ‘pompous’ show”

          Written by Jonathan Strong.

          The words in quotation marks come from the Listers own postings, including Little Miss Pollitt.

        • Here’s my point, Mary. None of this is new. Did we know about the emails on journolist? No, but we could clearly see the results. It’s not what people say so much as what they do that counts. The evidence was there for us to see that there was collusion in the media to put Obama ahead. Big Tent Democrat has repeatedly said that Obama was the “media darling”. I don’t know if BTD is on the journolist list (hmmm, maybe we should ask him?) but you didn’t have to be an insider to know what was going on.
          So. Tucker Carlson is releasing this information to the general public. Fine. Let’s get it all out there about how the “liberal media” screwed all of the Hillary voters.
          So what? It’s all water under the bus. The people who lost in 2008 already know what happened to them and they are pissed off. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hear someone lament about why we don’t have Hillary as president right now. They know what happened and who did what to who. The only ones who don’t know yet are the Obots. And they are still in the grasp of people who know how to mess with their minds.
          Tucker is wasting his time with the Hillary voters. If he wants the Obots to pay attention, he’s going to have to amp the volume. We are not going to do it for him. The Obots have never listened to a single thing we’ve said anyway.

          • I totally agree

          • I get all that, RD. We are not going to do it for him. This is not about Tucker at all.

            What it WILL do, is renew the old Democratic coalition, diminish the power of the “creative class,” show them for the manipulative fools they really are.

            The anger that matters is the anger in the Democratic Party, and the possibility that these deceitful curmugeons will be rejected by Democratic Party voters themselves.

            You guys all wanted a purging. Like it or not, Tucker Carlson may have done you a favor.

            Young Ezra is claiming he can’t release the Journolist archives for all to see, because of his “integrity” in promising those posters privacy.

            Young Ezra is full of it. He’s busted, and he knows it, like the childish intellectual he always has been.

            Guess who else is on that Journolist? Paul Krugman and Jeffrey Toobin.

            This is not about Tucker. He’s just the messenger.

          • These Breitbarts and Carlsons aren’t doing us any favors or “exposing” anything. They are part of the whole dirty system caving in on itself.

            It was inevitable that race-baiters and the creative classers would expose themselves for the frauds they are.

          • Riverdaughter….do you see any indication that anyone – and I mean anyone – realizes that many Hillary voters – me, for one – are still pissed as hell and have totally walked away from the Democratic Party forever?

            I get the impression they still think we will just get over it and come back talking and walking and donating to whatever new scumbag they put forward.

            Not. Going. To. Happen.

            But wonder if they realize it…and how big a group we are.

          • Mary, we already know that the people on the journolist emails are pretentious fools. We already know that the self-described creative class is full of it. They have already broken the Democratic coalition to smithereens.
            This is all heady, cerebral stuff to be sure. But the working class stiffs are already aware of who sold them out.
            We’re onto it already, Mary.
            Most people out there who vote are more concerned with how they are going to feed their kids if they get laid off. They are putting off having children, buying a much needed car, not planning vacations so they can spend the money on replacing their furnaces, passing on furniture, just putting their lives on hold in general.
            The moment for exposing the journalist emails is past. We are dealing with something much more serious now. This is life or death.
            I’m not saying the emails aren’t interesting or that they don’t make a good story. But further fracturing of the Democrats isn’t necessary. It’s already here. Carlson is just stabbing a dead corpse.

          • Marsha, I think they are just starting to comprehend the gravity of the situation. They thought we would get over it. We haven’t and we *shouldn’t*. We have no reason to trust them. They called my house just the other day with the same damn message. “Ooooo, scary Republicans! Obama is so strong. look at all the bills he’s signed.” I let them have it with both barrels. How dare they ask me for money. The phone banker actually tried to drown me out. Like he didn’t want to hear me. Like if he shouted loudly enough it would be the equivalent of sticking his fingers in his ears singing la-la-la. I had the last word though.
            They are getting nervous. It’s getting to the last quarter and things are not looking too good for those of us still lucky enough to have jobs.
            I will NEVER forget.

          • I’d be astounded if the right didn’t have their own version of journolist and I don’t see them releasing their daily talking points either.

            The whole issue is a big Meh for me.

            All the exposure has done in my opinion is exposed the childishness of some of these folks in the “super secret, special” club as well as the childishness of Carlson(I’mtelling if you don’t let me in, my MOM says I’m special TOO)

            It’s a big ol’ whatever.

        • It turns out that Jonathan Strong who is writing the articles was on the Journolist. That is how they got the archives. They are apparently cherry picking to make people sound as awful as possible. I’m not very sympathetic about that after what these horrible progs did to Hillary and to women generally.


      • Pollitt who after Obama was president said thank god Hillary didn’t become president because of all the misogyny we would have faced if she had been elected.

        • Woohoo! There’s a real risktaker for the feminist cause. Let’s not put ourselves forward for leadership positions because someone might pick on us for being women.
          Way to go, Katha!

          • Yeah, if anyone could have stood up to that bs and shown the world how it’s done, it was/is Hillary.

            As it is now, after the biggest political rip-off in the history of the U.S, we get to deal with “phantom racists” around every corner, real racism is protected or ignored, and misogyny goes unchecked as usual.

            Yipee! I’m so glad Dems are in charge!

            I, too, will never, ever forget. Nor am I likely to forgive, frankly.

        • After reading a few of her abominations at The Nation during the election season, I concluded that she is useless to women. Just the fact that she would be part of the Journolist–mostly men–shows what she is. She’s dead to me now.

          • BB:

            It was because of her lack of back bone and her willingness to sell out all that she supposedly believed in…..it is because of her MALE ( and sadly many of her Female counterparts as well.. at the Nation) that I refuse to renew my subscription to that rag! ( among other periodicals and Cable news shows etc, that I now steer clear of.)

            I will, also, NEVER FORGET!

          • Same here, Red. The Nation will never get another cent out of me.

          • Yep, another faithful Nation subscriber who deep sixed them during 2008. And, yep, when the Dems call, I give them hell. They can all kiss my A$$.

          • I deep-sixed a lot of papers and websites. Cleared up my life and my bookmarks considerably!

      • Oh, was that with Ferraro and Pat Schroeder, too? Ugh. That was really pathetic.

    • The other day I commented there would be evidence in the e-mails that these journolists knew she wasn’t the things they were saying she was. Edgeoforever right away brought up Olbermann after I said that. LOL!

      • she = Hillary

        • You were right, Wonk. I admit, I’m surprised that they commented on the misogyny. That makes them even worse than I thought. And where was Paul Krugman while this was going on? I still can’t get over his being part of that.

          • Actually Krugman heavily leaned Clinton for most of the primary if I’m not mistaken. He didn’t hop on the O bus until after the rigging had been finalized.

            I definitely remember him arguing that Clinton had the stronger fiscal policy positions.

          • Yes Krugman was Clinton. He was better at picking the Democrat out of two Ds.

          • I’m aware of that. That’s the reason I can’t understand what he was doing on Journolist.

          • bb, grayslady had this quote that was interesting to think about when it comes to Krugman. Here it is again… linking to it so you can see the discussion underneath


          • Krugman has a pragmatic streak. He probably hoped he could convince a few people to champion his positions or help move Obama leftward.

            The problem is a) you can’t move or change someone who doesn’t WANT to move or change. b) he picked an ineffective bunch of boobs more interested in the intellectual pursuit of the discussion than actually doing the legwork on issues. Many of them were dispassionate because they felt theywould not be affected by outcome overmuch. So it was more about message control than actual policy control.

          • Thanks for that link, Wonk. That is disturbing, to put it mildly.

            To CWaltz– One of the things I read about the Journolist is that the well-known journalists there were getting tons of strokes–effusive praise, hero worship, etc.

          • I suspect that Paul was on the list for professional reasons. It’s sort of like networking. If you look at Tucker’s pathetic email, you get the sense that this list was for up and coming journalists, hence the justification that “we all know the same people”. The conservative gravytraun was coming to an end. Tucker needed an in to reframe himself as a moderate or centrist. Certainly, he had more in common in a socioeconomic sense with the members on that list. Maybe they could help each other out.
            Krugman is a Princeton academic. I know the type, who they hang out with, who they think they are. It is their tribe. The journalist list fits in perfectly with his tribe.

          • This is what bothered me about Krugman.


            When he said “not a good Idea” he trounced her. It didn’t matter what else he said in the article. The timing sucked. he didn’t even explain WHY he thought it was a bad idea.

            And I thought it wasn’t a bad idea, considering the particular circumstances of the summer we were about to enter. Prices were already fixed and nobody was going on a vacation when they were busy trying to keep a roof over their head. It would have helped the last of the construction workers, and other folks traveling for work.

            Regardless, he should have stuck with his real idea:

            “a small and temporary policy proposal”.

          • My reaction too. I am really disappointed that he was on that list.

          • Her = HRC.

            Plus, when I read that post, it was also the first time I noticed (He might have done it earlier.) he that he had put his “Conscience of a Liberal” title on his post. It put me off because at that point it was pretty clear, out in the wilderness, that I might be the only liberal in the liberal left in the world not voting for Obama. It was like some sick code to his buddies.

            Course, I was probably hallucinating. Walking in endless circles in the woods will do that.

    • I, for one, love it all.

      I bet Keith didn’t know the very people he was bringing onto his show, were saying nasty things about him behind his back.

      Usually, people don’t like that sorta thing.

      So anything that causes a rift within the “creative class” is good as far as I’m concerned.

      Let them all turn on each other.

      Keep these “liberals” off of msnbc, under-informing voters, and undermining GENUINE liberal advocacy.

      • Yeah, especially Keith. After the way he freaked out over some mild criticism from the anonymous idiots of dkos, his self-love would have reacted even more strongly against being dissed by his own people who matter. Quick, conservatives, change the tide by sucking up to his amazing hockey expertise!

  3. Here’s the CREDO/Working Assets petition for Warren:


    Looks like it’s one battle at a time, when almost all of the effort must come from the grassroots. Thanks, RD, for focusing on the magician’s hands.

    • another panel will solve everything.

    • Ooooh. I remember that on-line poll thingy. I voted for all the marijuana questions myself. I don’t use drugs anymore, but I did think it would create jobs. And just look what’s happening in Oakland right now.

  4. I have to post this link: http://dailycaller.com/2010/07/22/i-witnessed-obama-worshiping-at-jeremiah-wrights-church/

    And all I can say is wow….

    “I am convinced that during the primary campaign in 2008, if the Hillary supporters in the mainstream media had discovered my Newsmax story just a few weeks earlier, we would not be discussing President Barack Obama. We’d be talking about President Somebody Else, and Obama would be running for re-election for his Senate seat this fall, biding his time for another presidential run in 2012.”

    • Bull hockeys.
      Everyone here at The Confluence knew about Obama’s relationship with Wright. No one was the least surprised by it. And to be honest with you, some of us didn’t really care. Wright’s theology is not new. My mom, the fundamentalist, thinks it’s perfectly fine for african americans to embrace it. She used to be a Jehovah’s Witness in the south at a time when african americans and whites weren’t supposed to worship together. My mom has an interesting perspective on this. She’s about the least racist person I know, which makes it ironic that Obama’s crew singled senior Pennsylvanians like her out as the country’s number one racists.
      Anyways, the Rev. Wright kerfuffle was intended to shame white voters who may actually have felt some guilt about their own racist attitudes. But it didn’t affect anyone here at The Confluence. We weren’t into psychological games to make us feel guilty about racist attitudes we never felt. We were more concerned with Wright’s ability to deny that sexism existed.
      For us, it was more a matter of readiness and competence. Hillary was ready, Obama was not. We said so over and over again. We were right. But during the campaign firestorm, we got drowned out.

      • Yes you did. (got drowned out)

        Remember all the “We can’t vote for Hillary—she’ll be too DIVISIVE?”

        Right from the Journolisters.

        But my post was not to argue with you, but to let you know that everything you and others said, that got you name-called, rejected, drowned out—was true, and that those who trashed you are now exposed for what they really were.

        That’s vindication of you and others. It’s not support of Tucker or Republicans.

        What happened at Journolist is exactly the same crap we all watched happen at the convention. Willful, deceitful collusion.

        • And now, all the other Democrats who didn’t believe you, know it, too.

          Those on the Journolist become the rejected minority within the party.

          Isn’t that what we all wanted?

        • I’m happy knowing we were right all along – a bit frustrated but… We really don’t need vindication – because we knew.

          Hey, has anyone seen Myiq lately?

          • Yes, we did—-already knew, that is.

            But now, more people know. And for the good of the party in the long run.

        • Mary, we don’t need vindication.
          We need jobs,

          And as far as I can see, Tucker Carlson and his ilk have NEVER been on our side when it comes to promoting the general welfare.

          Just sayin’.
          Focus, please.

      • Right on. I used to say that I didn’t dislike Obama because he’s black, I dislike him because he’s green-too damn green for the job.
        I didn’t know how right I was.

      • Yup, TC and Hillary supporters were drowned out…same thing happened with Obama and the Bill Ayers connections. I don’t know. After ready that piece by Davis, I sort of dozed off. Would you believe I had a dream that I was being attacked by the Obots and the Obama Admin’s Minions…they were going after me and everyone in my family with such a vengeance. I actually woke up and felt disoriented.
        I think the Democrats who were drowning the Hillary voters knew exactly what they were doing. They knew that Obama was an empty suit. He was their Golden Boy…note I said “boy.” I really believe that the Dem Party has deep-rooted “Women” issues, misogynistic attitudes run rampant with the Blue Donkeys.
        What really got me about that Davis article, was that it hinted that the 2008 outcome would have been different if Hillary supporters pushed the obvious problems with the Golden Boy…but isn’t that what we were doing?
        I have been awake from my midmorning nap for over an hour…and I still feel disoriented.

      • RD:

        the Rev. Wright kerfuffle was intended to shame white voters who may actually have felt some guilt about their own racist attitudes.

        That is EXACTLY what it was intended to do! It has worked here in Chicago for so long that it has become passe when it is used now.

        Obama’s handlers knew that this would go off like an a-bomb within the psyche of the white voter and they used their guilt as a weapon to silence all criticism.

        The problem with using race baiting as a political weapon though……you desensitize the populace to the REAL horror of racism once you employ it at every instance to silence your detractors.

        This has happened here in Chicago and it is now happening all over the country.

  5. I received an email from the LWV this AM


    All I could say when I opened it was “Where the heck were you when we needed you?” 😡

  6. I know a lot of people here want Hillary to run in 2012. I am a huge skeptic around here about her having any actual opening to do that. But, if we want her to ever run again, I’d ask others here to consider that empowering the agendas of Andrew Breitbart and Tucker Carlson isn’t such a great idea.

    • Nobody is empowering Breitbart or Tucker.

      The fact that there are no other Democrats who had the balls to expose these ‘private” emails manipulating behind the scenes , should be a condemnation of the Brazille “New Democratic” party.

      Rejecting the manipulators HELPS cleanse the party of these fools.

      And that’s a GOOD thing.

      • It’s a distraction.

        • And Sherrod wasn’t? If anyone empowered Breitbart, that did,

          • ??? I included Breitbart because of the Sherrod stuff. Someone on the Sherrod thread the other day under the name “True Democrat” came in saying we had to give it up to Breitbart for brilliantly exposing Obama and the Democrats for us, etc etc etc. And, I said the same thing there–It’s not Breitbart who exposed anything, he’s part of the dirty system caving in on itself. It was inevitable that the racebaiters would trip over their race card. If anyone exposed anything there, it was Sherrod by standing up for herself..

          • Amen, Ralph. The President acted stupidly.

          • Well, fwiw, Sherrod has accepted the apologies of Vilsack and Obama and calls Andrew Breitbart a liar.

          • How did it empower Breitbart? He was revealed as a cheat and a liar. Even many right wing bloggers are condemning him. We have been discussing the Elizabeth Warren story here for the past week–this is the third post on it.

          • He looks like the biggest fool in the world being so brazen defending doctored tapes and bold faced lies. If this doesn’t discredit “conservative journalism” nothing will.

        • Agreed. I wonder when and why Briebert, Hannity, and their ilk don’t release THEIR behind scences memos on what will be said on FOX. or be released or the rationale behind itThis idea that only liberals are trying to keep the little guy uninformed is ridiculous.

      • Hmmm….I wonder if the people on that list are who Brazille was referring to when she made that infamous comment.

    • I agree, because he was part of the ListServ and he was telling men across America to CROSS THEIR LEGS and worked with the media boyz (some girls too) to take Hillary out of the race.

      Andrew Breitbart is just working to find a WILLIE HORTON to use in the next election cycle and maybe for the presidential election too. Breitbart got his own c@ap smacking back at him when it hit the fan and there was NO THERE, THERE!

      • Yes, and Tucker knew back in 2007-2008 what was going on in the media and on MSNBC. He just kept his mouth shut while he crossed his legs.

        • Not just MSNBC,

          The TV medium is corrupted. It’s more about messaging than actually informing.

          MSNBC, FOX and CNN all have agendas and they will give half a story to sell their agena.

          Sherrod was just one example.

          TV is full of tingly legged pundits selling the idea that “they” represent average American interests. Thus the inane “which president would you have a beer with” or “what piece of jewelry would you be” type crap.

          God forbid they actually tell you what the pols are doing in entirety, no that would cut into their reporting time on Lindsey Lohan.

          • well yes I said in the media. But I brought up MSNBC because Tucker was working there at the time, and it’s hard to come back three years later with these e-mails like it’s anything shocking when you worked on a network that was so obviously in the tank for Obama and against Hillary.

          • I truly get the impression that our lives(the middle class) are like a game to the Matthews, Olbermanns, Breibarts, Carlsons, Hannity, and Becks of the world.

            They view politics like some sort of sporting event they can bet on.

      • Tucker Carlson wasn’t part of the Listserve. He was rejected because he was too conservative. This is his revenge, I guess.

        • He kept himself in the in by looking though, and he was doing his part by trying to get folks to buy the meme of Hillary being too hard especially on the maleness or those who see their identity as being in between their legs.

          • bb is correct to point out his rejection. He was on MSNBC at the time of the election, though. Not much of a difference between being on the list and being on MSNBC. No way he was in the dark. Like rd says, you didn’t have to be an insider to know what was going on.

          • I agree. I was just correcting the record. I don’t consider Tucker Carlson any kind of friend, and I didn’t need Journolist to know what was going on (as RD said above). Yes, it’s kind of nice to see these guys embarrassed, but none of it is surprising to me except that Krugman was part of it.

          • Krugman 😯

    • agreed!

  7. Here, here, Wonk!

  8. It was a racist, sexist election – he won because he was male and of color – she lost because she was female – not to mention that they were afraid of her knowledge, competence, international capabilities, experience, “likeability,” etc, etc, etc.

    He was in office 143 days when he started running for the Presidency – clearly a blind man in a room without windows could see that the fix was in.

  9. Correction – Hill didn’t lose – I witnessed it rudely wrenched away from the winning candidate.

    • Yes… 😦

    • Stolen. Out in the open. With a lot of applause from the journolist crowd.

    • A sham election. The money, time, effort that I and others put in was for naught from the beginning–it was never a fair fight. Hill won the fight, but the decree was in from…where, who?? We were deprived of a president who may have been the best we’ve seen in our lifetimes, and that’s the entire nation’s loss. But on a deep level, this is personal.

    • Exactly.

  10. Sen James Webb in the WSJ. Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege

    America still owes a debt to its black citizens, but government programs to help all ‘people of color’ are unfair. They should end.

    Reading his editorial helps make Shirley Sherrod’s point that it’s now time to consider the haves and have-nots instead of simply the race of citizens

    Nondiscrimination laws should be applied equally among all citizens, including those who happen to be white. The need for inclusiveness in our society is undeniable and irreversible, both in our markets and in our communities. Our government should be in the business of enabling opportunity for all, not in picking winners. It can do so by ensuring that artificial distinctions such as race do not determine outcomes.

    Memo to my fellow politicians: Drop the Procrustean policies and allow harmony to invade the public mindset. Fairness will happen, and bitterness will fade away.

    • Something tells me that’s not quite the direction of change many of Obama voters thought were voting for.

    • Huh? Gotta love Rightwing framing. “Govt programs to help ALL people of color”, huh? I’ll assume he’s talking about social programs which are mostly income based (e.g. welfare, food stamps, section 8, etc.) .

      If he’s talking about other government programs, it’s amusing how he leaves out the fact that most of those programs were put in place to redress previous long standing discrimination. For example, since we’re sort of talking about Shirley Sherrod, at the USDA, there was a particularly nasty long standing discrimination against black farmers that has only been recently started to be addressed after black farmers won a lawsuit.

      • Jim Webb comes from the Appalachian region of Virginia. There is severe generational poverty there as well. I think the point is that programs that in the past have focused on race have ignored pockets if the country where need is just as urgent but where people don’t qualify because they’re white. Webb sees it as a haves vs have-nots kind of problem, much like Sherrod does. I think it’s a step in the right direction.
        There’s are still racial injustices and we shouldn’t ignore them. Without significant rulings from the supreme court, we’d still be living in a segregated country. There is no doubt that some assholes have simply not dued out yet where bigotry is concerned. But the poor come in many colors. Dome of them ate white.

        • Damn iPhone.

        • Ate white? Phone typing? I have the same problem on my work bberry at times. Heh. Sorry to hear about your rent ripoff. $100 escort fee!? Wow.

          To your point, the poor certainly come in all colors but again, most of the social programs in this country, especially the biggest ones (e..g Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, Section 8, FHA loans, CRA, etc.) are income based not race based. The poor folks in Appalachia have just as much relative access to them as poor folks anywhere else though like most poor people they’re still getting screwed regardless..

          There are a few programs targeted toward minorities but like in my black farmers example, most of these were created to address specific long standing discrimination and usually came about after generations of direct active discrimination and subsequent lawsuits. Off the top of my head, I’d be hard pressed to think of a government program that benefited ALL people of color in general or even ALL people of a specific color.

          • Oops, that should be….Off the top of my head, I’d be hard pressed to think of a government program that ONLY benefited ALL people of color in general or even ALL people of a specific color.

          • http://www.racialicious.com/2009/02/24/do-poor-whites-even-exist/

            You might find this interesting. I did.

            Oh and ACCESS is the problem. Unlike overcrowded cities where public transit is rampant in the Appalachians getting to resources is problematic.

            Christiansburg, the town where I live next to, doesn’t even have a routine bus route anymore. If I want to go somewhere like the library with my children I have to plan 24 hours in advance and pay $2 per person to get us there($10 trip) or walk 4 miles.

          • Exactly. People think of AA as a black-white issue, but it’s not. In addition to most programs being income based, when it comes to things like hiring, there are a huge range of criteria taken into consideration, like gender and disability. It’s so overblown it’s not even funny.

          • ks – He’s not talking about social programs like Medicaid, etc (those are not allowed to discriminate), he is talking about programs that put people of color ahead of white without consideraton to socio-economic circumstances.

        • I kind of think he has the right idea too, although I haven’t read his piece yet. I know that when Webb ran for Senator one of his reasons was to address income inequality, which he pointed out was worse now than in the 1890s. And that was in 2006! So I have to give him credit for that.

        • The poor come in many colors and some of them are white.


          And all of them were always a classic Democrat issue, as well. As long as I can remember.

          As far as “white privilege” goes? Post JFK, MLK? Everyone is in the same corporate boat in 2010. At least in Calif. Poverty is poverty.
          Now that there isn’t a middle class? Hmmm.

          When Bastille Day actually comes it will be interesting.
          It’s coming soon. I can feel it in the air.

    • Spoken like a true son of the confederacy

  11. Unbelievable. Emily’s List just called me. First question I asked, “Did Emily’s List endorse Barack Obama for president in 2008?”.
    He said yes.
    That was it for me. They should have stayed neutral.

    • Jeez, it’s worse than I thought. Emily’s List endorsed Obama in early June 2008. They didn’t wait until after the convention. They barely waited until Hillary suspended her campaign. Why should I ever give money to Emily’s List? Instead of using it’s power and influence to ensure a fair roll call vote for Hillary, they gave the store away to Obama.
      If an organization that purports to promote female candidates can’t be bothered to do so when it’s most important and urgent for them to take a stand, why should anyone give them money and support them?

  12. I constantly get e-mails from the ACLU asking to sign a “petition”, give money or renew my membership. I reply with a FU until they start calling out Obama for the lies.

    The ACLU:

    “Dear Friend,

    We need you to act immediately to undo a disturbing decision from the Obama administration. Remember all the hard work you and other ACLU activists did to defeat Rep. Stupak’s draconian abortion coverage ban during the health care debate?

    Well, now, the White House has decided to voluntarily impose the ban for all women in the newly-created, high-risk insurance pools. What’s disappointing is that there is nothing in the law that requires the Obama administration to impose this broad and highly restrictive abortion ban. It doesn’t allow states to choose to cover abortion. And it doesn’t even give women the option to buy abortion coverage using their own money.

    Ask President Obama WHY his administration is restricting coverage for vulnerable women.

    Unless the Administration reverses this decision…blah…blah


    “Dear Ms. Murphy:

    You ask why??? If you or any of your associates supported Barack Obama during the Presidential primary, you need to look in the mirror and ask why??? This behavior by the President is not unexpected by anyone who did even a moderate amount of research on the candidates. I supported the true Democrat who has spent her entire career working for the rights of women and children. Until the ACLU stops blaming the “administration”, advisors and other abstractions and starts calling out President Obama and the corrupt Democratic Party leadership, these e-mails for “action” are a pathetic waste of time. (BTW, I was providing abortion services to women pre-Roe and the groveling support of NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, etc. for candidate and now President Obama is sickening)

    SHV, MD

    • SHV!!!! All I can say about your reply – BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Go SHV GO!

    • Way to go, SHV. I’d like to copy that word for word and send it as a reply to all the emails I get from these orgs.

      And thank you for the work you do, and did before Roe. I’m a pedi, but I worked in women’s health centers and path labs for years before med school, and we were picketed, had bomb threats, etc. You took a lot of risk to serve as your conscience dictated, and I appreciate it.

      • And thank you for the work you do, and did before Roe.
        That was from ’70 to about ’77. I don’t remember abortion being that controversial in the late ’60s and ’70s. Regean signed abortion legislation as Gov of CA. in 1967 and other States followed. Both DC and Mass. had passed “life and health” abortion laws, so providing abortion services was not a legal issue in those areas. The only real objection was from Roman Catholics, who were not “forced” to be involved. Providing reproductive services didn’t become dangerous until the wacko, fundie Protestant sects got involved.

        • You are absolutely a great man, and yes, in my opinion it was never a huge deal until the fundies took it up – probably afeared that the birth rate of white women was dropping. Funny how the fundies have a whole catalogue of closets.
          Catholics – I expect the stuff from the hierarchy of MEN, although most of the Catholics I know take spiritual guidance with a grain of salt – some believe implicitly, but most – well we’ll leave it at that.

  13. RD that is the biggest nightmare I have ever heard! OMG. I can’t believe it. I hope she is having tons of fun! I can’t believe the incompetence of the BANK and no euros. Or the 100 fee without telling you! OMG.

    Incompetence isn’t the word.

    “…there is no one watching the store.”

    this one sentence sums everything up, for me.

  14. Just in: Warren to oversee the preparation of Timmy’s taxes.

  15. @cwaltz,

    “You might find this interesting. I did.

    Oh and ACCESS is the problem. Unlike overcrowded cities where public transit is rampant in the Appalachians getting to resources is problematic.

    Christiansburg, the town where I live next to, doesn’t even have a routine bus route anymore. If I want to go somewhere like the library with my children I have to plan 24 hours in advance and pay $2 per person to get us there($10 trip) or walk 4 miles.”

    Hey cwaltz,

    For some reason I can’t reply to your post directly. I’m with you but I think calling public transportation in “overcrowded cities” rampant is very charitable. Outside of NYC and maybe a few other places, I’d say it’s barely adequate. Overall, our public transportation system is a national disgrace. Of course it falls harder on rural people of all races and as such limits their access to social services and pretty much everything else (e.g. jobs, health care, etc.).

    • When I lived in San Diego I could get a bus or trolley anywhere. The buses ran every 30 minutes in the suburban neighborhoods and the trolley every 15. (Of course, I paid way more for the convenience $3 back in the 90s)

      Here in SW Virginia(the heart of Appalachia, a mile from NC,WV, and probably 2 from TN)the Christiansburg buses ran from 12 noon to 6pm every hour last year and cost 50 cents. This year they created the “go anywhere” route, Shoppers express(which IMO is a true waste), and Downtown route. $2 per person to go anywhere in the town of Christiansburg. Sadly, I don’t think it will last either. There already is a council member complaining it doesn’t sustain itself.

      It’s a paradox because people don’t use the buses because they aren’t practical. I could walk faster than waiting for a bus. On the other hand without demand there isn’t going to be an expansion of service.

      Even worse are people like myself, not in either the township of Christiansburg or Blacksburg but in the County and on the cusp of 2. We, technically have no bus service whatsoever(we don’t pay town taxes which pay for the service). There are at least 2 trailer parks full of people who basically have to have a vehicle an all in entails(insurance, maintenance fees, taxes,) to get around.

      • There needs to be some thought given to “transition” public transportation in rural areas. Everyone needs access to a car in order to go anywhere as it stands. Public transportation has to consistently meet a need. Any program must have at least a year time commitment in order for people to rely on public transportation and give up access to a car. It doesn’t pay to maintain a car and use public transportation in rural areas.

        • It’ll likely get cut. As it stands I would not be surprised if “stimulus” money was used to create the go anywhere bus. Christiansburg is already looking at raising taxes on food as well as property.

          One fo the drivers told me that there was already grumbling from one of the town council members because the program(which isn’t entirely awful when you consider a taxi trip is $20) has not had as much of demand as they’d hoped and the Shoppers Express was a HUUUUUGE disappointment(not a surprise to me because it is a bus basicvally circling a 1/4 mile radius.(seems like it would be more cost effective to put in sidewalks and encourage people to walk ) and instead use the bus to connect downtown to the suburbs and cusp of county. They did ask from input from Christiansburg itself and I guess they didn’t get much though.

    • I thought the “framing” part of the article is interesting because there definitely was a ploy to blame the minorities for the housing meltdown from various fronts. It wasn’t giving “poor people” loans they couldn’t afford to repay but giving minorities……..very divisive. There are definitely elements of the ruling class who exploit the cultural divide and try to keep blacks, whites, and hispanics resentful of each other.

    • ks: Did you read the editorial? Webb seems to think there are issues with current programs.

      Policy makers ignored such disparities within America’s white cultures when, in advancing minority diversity programs, they treated whites as a fungible monolith. Also lost on these policy makers were the differences in economic and educational attainment among nonwhite cultures. Thus nonwhite groups received special consideration in a wide variety of areas including business startups, academic admissions, job promotions and lucrative government contracts.

      Where should we go from here? Beyond our continuing obligation to assist those African-Americans still in need, government-directed diversity programs should end.

      Quite a lot of business is set aside for minority/women owned companies. That’s discrimination in today’s climate.

      • Hi RalphB,

        What’s he’s doing is leaving out certain context. There seems to be some strange notion that diversity/aa or whatever we’re calling them these days, simply popped up out of nowhere when in fact these programs were put in place in an attempt to redress long standing discrimination against underrepresented groups aka minorities and women.

        As an aside, when you think about it the fact that women, who make up at least 50% of the population, are still!? an underrepresented group in too many areas pretty much tells you all you need to know about the overall fairness of our society.

        The other odd notion is that is seems too many people believe that since those programs are designed to benefit underrepresented groups that all members of those groups benefit from those programs when the truth is that only a small minority of those groups actually benefit from the programs.

        Also, what do you mean by “quite a lot’? I think that reality is that even today the overwhelming majority of government business contracts go to non minority and/or women owned companies. Set asides are a pittance in the big scheme of things as are the entire aa/diversity programs. I doubt that the latter are even one percent of a rounding error in terms of overall social or general spending.

  16. Yup, they’re busy working in the white house. Take this one for example, I just read that Obama has confirmed less judges in first year than at every time since 1952. That’s per Nan Aron of the group Alliance for Justice.

  17. Got this tweet from Judy Woodruff. May be worth checking out PBS Newshour tonight.

    JudyWoodruff we’re now editing piece 4 @NewsHour tonight on Democrats disillusioned w/ #Obama; we talked to labor,enviro,Latino & gay advocates +Axelro

    • Lol, where’s the piece on Donna B’s New Coalition and how happy they are under the bus?

    • They didn’t talk to women? That figures. And Judy is one.

      • yeah, tweet her back and tell women are the new food group.

        Odd too, maybe she already has it in her head, cause she was the one to interview HRC immediately after Ohio, when we of the unplugged finally got to see a candidate.

  18. LOL… sometimes I really appreciate karma… the netroots were USED and went along with it… they got what they deserved… and now they can see just how highly team Obama thinks about them.

    Democratic rifts apparent at liberal Netroots Nation conference http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/07/22/AR2010072204531.html?hpid=moreheadlines
    The lone administration official dispatched here is Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former congressman and the only Republican in Obama’s Cabinet — a fact that was not lost on attendees.

    Where the JournoLists Roam (and Moan) – Liberal bloggers sulk at this year’s Netroots Nation gathering. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703294904575385221258338304.html

    • Geez, they couldn’t even get Jon “Groper” Favreau?

    • The lone administration official dispatched here is Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former congressman and the only Republican in Obama’s Cabinet — a fact that was not lost on attendees.

      roflmao, just like a center-right president would

      • This will be a giant blow for the Masters of the Universe. They expected WH Dance Dance Revolution parties!!!!

    • Horse twinkles. Obama’s organization has probably paid lots of attendees to be there and hijack conversations to make sure Obama looks like a victim. How much you wanna bet?

      • I’m sure you’re correct about that… I wouldn’t expect anything less than that from them. The same way that top Republican operatives have infiltrated the more libertarian oriented Tea Partiers. This is SOP in the political biz.

        Therefore I’m curious what your “horse twinkles” comment means as related to those two MSM articles. Tell us more!

      • Dollars to donuts the response to the Catfood Commission on SS will be “don’t end it, strengthen it”, Fundamental screwup, if you want to keep SS in one piece. That was Bush’s framing if I remember right.

    • I’d like to see Markos distinguish between “bullshit democrats” like he refers to Blanche Lincoln and Barrack Obama. Until he admits his addiction,he will continue to struggle for relevance.

  19. For what it’s worth, and that’s not much, I’m enjoying the outing of journolist. Yes, we all knew and no, it doesn’t help get jobs back, but they deserve some pain. If that’ s being vindictive–well, I am.

    • Exactly how I feel, so don’t feel bad.

      I especially enjoyed reading their posts bashing Olbermann behind his back. LOL

  20. ROFL

    From the washington post:

    “”It’s tough to see someone you’ve believed in betray you in a big way,” Green said of the former president. “We need to pick our heroes. . . . I think it would be sad if we went through this entire conference without calling out Bill Clinton for what he did.””

    BILL DID IT!!!!! (re: Blanche Lincoln winning her primary)


    • Lol That’s the way to save the Party! Attack the only two Dems who are popular! It’s pointless and counterproductive, but self-indulgence always feels so so good.

      It’s like nursery school with this crew.

  21. For the next Obama Beer Summit.


    You’d expect a lot from a bottle of beer costing $765. What you get is 55 percent alcohol — and served in a squirrel.

    I can see it now … Here’s your weasel lager, sir.

  22. Warren is one of my sheros and I want her for the job….oooo a Clinton/Warren ticket would kick some serious booty.

  23. I wonder if Obama will actually keep his word and allow the tax on the top3 % to expire or if he’s punking the progs again by saying someting he doesn’t really mean(Read over at TalkLeft).

    We should get a pool going on his sincerety.

  24. Obama plays everyone. He played the Rev Wright who in turn played his congregants . Obama played the Netroots and anyone else that would promote him. He then dismisses them when they are of no particular use to him. . Obama’s star has been tied to Timmy and his buddies. Elizabeth Warren is in the way.

    The fact that Ms Sherrod was dismissed without due process lets you know what Obama is all about. She was in the way.

  25. You know I can’t find one senator actually saying they will vote against elizabeth warren. What is all of this hub-bub about blaming unamed senators. Why aren’t any journalist investigating this claim from the administration?

  26. FDL is raising my hopes up…
    “Felix Salmon says that Elizabeth Warren is a shoo-in for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, not because of any inside knowledge he has, but because progressives have turned up the heat so much to make it too painful for the Administration not to nominate her.”


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