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My $0.02 on Shirley Sherrod

At the time this story first started buzzing in the morning, I reserved comment. I wanted to get Sherrod’s side of the story first and the larger context of her remarks. From the soundbyte I had seen — which was the footage that first went viral after conservative media put it out there– Sherrod’s tone and the context clues indicated to me that she was trying to express the opposite of what was being alleged against her in conservative media and elsewhere. But, I wasn’t 100% sure so I waited.

The facts have come to light and not only was Sherrod trying to say something profound about everyone overcoming their biases and helping all people in need, but what Sherrod “admitted” to was from 24 years ago (which she was relating as an experience that taught her that lesson about overcoming biases and helping everyone.) She was not even talking about something she did while working for the federal government.

By now, I’m sure a lot of you have heard that the NAACP has apologized to Sherrod.

Sherrod did not fall on a sword, let alone a sword of her own making. She was forced onto a sword manufactured by:

*lack of professionalism on the part of the NAACP in vetting the charge before reacting
*a wimpy and/or self-serving White House, in a hypercharged and poisoned political environment.

It is a sad thing what happened to Shirley Sherrod. It is also a domino effect that is rooted in our nation’s history of racism and other forms of discrimination as well as in the poisoning that resulted from that history when race-baiting was done during the Democratic primaries for the purpose of getting Obama-the-closet-conservative elected– the same Obama whose WH now subsequently jumps whenever Fox says jump!!! (Boycott Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck goes on a commie witchhunt — instead of the WH fighting it, it’s Buh bye Van Jones. Sarah Palin’s facebook says death panels? Senate Finance cmte. says Buh bye to the end-of-life-counseling provision!)

It’s so opportunistic and upside-down. Not only are the real victims of racism often getting ignored or overshadowed or told to shut up because of the so-called “post-racial” era of Obama, while the wrong people are getting called racist to deflect from scrutiny of Obama, but it also does such a huge disservice to true advocates who work so hard to responsibly and thoughtfully fight discrimination and help minorities, women, the working class, etc.

The only reason Sherrod should have not had said what she said is the practical reason: her job is not safe in a political environment like this. Plus she’s a woman and a minority. She’s not as likely to keep her job as Joe “Obama is so clean and articulate” Biden and Harry “light skinned and optional Negro dialect” Reid. Nope, it is not safe to say what she said in today’s ugly political environment… but not because she’s wrong to have said it. What she said was brave.

The charge of racism has been both diluted and perverted: The race-baiters will only use race to prop up sacred cows, be it through the means of the vile Southern Strategy or by using the charge of racism opportunistically to shut down legitimate dissent.

All the rest of us who aren’t sacred cows are here under the bus. We’re called racists even though we’re not. We’re the victims of racism and other forms of discrimination while the gatekeepers of what is civil and okay to say look the other way. (I was sickened and distrubed to see supposed “progressives” on progressive blogs commenting as if Nikki Haley “deserved” the raghead slur against her and the sexual/slut innuendo and bogus affair allegations, saying she deserved everything she was getting because of the conservative company she keeps. As an Indian American liberal woman, it absolutely broke my heart.)

The NAACP opened up this can of worms by passing that “resolution” calling the Tea Party racist. IMHO not a good plan. Not well thought out. For one thing, it further alienates disaffected voters who this tactic no longer works on but could still be won back to the Democrats if only they would behave like Democrats and pass a real Democratic agenda. Moreover, it OBVIOUS the right-wing haterade would go on a witchhunt in response to this resolution tactic. I saw it coming 10,000 miles away. This is what the inhabitants of Glenn Beckistan do. It’s their pattern. It’s counterproductive and ineffective to fight them with “boycotts” and “resolutions” that will never actually shut them up. You boycott MSNBC or something, you might actually get an apology once in awhile. You won’t get one from the rightwingers, you’ll get an angry army trying to do tit for tat. So even more importantly if you’re going to persist in doing these boycotts and resolutions, you have to be effing prepared for going into the battle that comes with that territory. You don’t blink at the first sign of backlash and force Shirley Sherrod to resign when Breitbart and Fox tell you she has to go! Especially without even watching the video of Sherrod’s remarks in its entirety, as the NAACP now claims it didn’t in its apology to Sherrod.

To protect ourselves from being the subject of racism or falsely called racist, we must hold back on honest, mature, real, studied, and illuminating discourse on race or have the thick rhinoceros hide and/or economic stability to be unpopular and say the unpopular things.

The race-baiters have diluted and perverted the charge of racism so much that Sherrod was forced to resign when really it is the NAACP, Fox News, Breitbart, Vilsack/WH, and the USDA who all “acted stupidly” and owe Shirley Sherrod a huge apology. She deserves her job back.

Full video of Sherrod’s remarks posted by the NAACP:

213 Responses

  1. If we had elected a Democrat this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen.

    • BINGO!!!

      Obama broke one of his idol’s rules, don’t dis one of your own party members. He opened a can of worms when he decided to play the race card in a desperate attempt to regain the lead during the primaries. Now it’s coming back to bite him and Axelrove.

    • Exactly–he set the tone for false racial accusations in 2008. The Journolist controversy backs it up: don’t like what someone is saying or they are a threat? Just yell racyst! and that’ll shut ’em up. We’ve certainly had our share here. If they would just focus on actually helping average people instead of worrying about their political position 24/7 they would consolidate real support. But hey, that’s not the way he was trained in Chicago. This is where it’s gotten him:

      A year after President Barack Obama’s political honeymoon ended, his job approval rating has dropped to a negative 44 – 48 percent, his worst net score ever, and American voters say by a narrow 39 – 36 percent margin that they would vote for an unnamed Republican rather than President Obama in 2012, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

      This compares to a 48 – 43 percent approval for Obama in a May 26 national poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University and a 57 – 33 percent approval last July, just before the political firestorm created by opposition to his health care plan galvanized political opponents and turned independent voters against him.

      In this latest survey of more than 2,000 voters, independent voters disapprove of Obama 52 – 38 percent and say 37 – 27 percent they would vote for a Republican contender in 2012.

      American voters also say 48 – 40 percent Obama does not deserve reelection in 2012.


      • Not just Quinnipiac.

        Latest CBS poll gives The One a 44% approval, too.

        And that’s CBS, not Fox.

  2. Like I said before, I hope O is softening us up for another McCrystal Switcharoo. Despite his culpability here, he has the opportunity to look like a hero instead of an idiot, and I hope he takes it. He probably won’t, but fingers crossed. It is great to see the stark contrast between the treatment of Ms. Sherrod vs. Harry and Jo-Jo being brought out. And once again, thanks a bunch progressives. Our version of 11th dimensional chess involves crossing on to our enemies’ turf and letting them demolish us. We’ll go far with our amazing strategic brilliance.

    • Like I said before, I hope O is softening us up for another McCrystal Switcharoo. Despite his culpability here, he has the opportunity to look like a hero instead of an idiot, and I hope he takes it.

      Beck the opportunist crybaby racing Obama to the hero position:


      Like we needed Beck’s verdict… oh wait… maybe the closet conservative WH really does need Beck’s word before they can proceed.

      • Lol “Glenn called back, sir. He said she’s okay. You’re mixing her up with Van. He also said he wants you to stop on the way in the door and pick him a red rose. Red means ‘I love you.'”

        • This is so gross. I can’t believe after eight years of Bush-Cheney, THIS is what our big presidential rescue package is. Instead of Fox doing the WH’s bidding, the WH now does Fox’s bidding.

          • Remember the “War on FOX News?”

            The White House fights like the Iraqi army.

          • Not only that, but all this red baiting is with these low level people. I mean, I could maybe see sacrificing major players who’ll be fine to avoid distraction for the greater good, but this is just absurd. To be pulled down to engaging on this level instead of calling a halt to it is ridiculous. They’ve really got you jumping to their tune. What next, the son of the WH florist was seen in the vicinity of The Communist Manifesto? It’s James O’Keefe ‘s world and we just live in it. I demand a Congressional inquiry!

          • Lol. I feel like we’re in some kind of strange universe that’s a reverse of the movie Pleasantville. Every time a progressive race-baits or otherwise acts in a self-defeating manner, they go from living in color to living in b&w.

            (Which isn’t even the best analogy because I *love* black &white.)

          • As do I, but most Bots I know really hate b&w, so that would be a nightmare for them. Though, if there are retrograde social attitudes anywhere in the movie, they’ll feel right at home. 😉

          • ooh yeah… that’s perfect. They’re trapped in their own worst nightmare and they don’t even know it because their appetite for retrograde social attitudes keeps them distracted from the fact that they’re not living in color anymore.

      • Glenn Beck’s Crazy Jesus & Jews Comments (Here is the video I posted last night when I suspected that Shirley Sherrod’s words were snipped and not the complete video. Glen Beck is still SCREAMING over at FOX and doing his ‘Not Fair and Unbalanced’ segments…)

  3. Shirley Sherrod Defended by White farmers Wife; Eloise & Rodger Spooner

    • Last night I suspected the clip was not the full story and posted the screamer Glen Beck with his latest ‘Not Fair and Unbalanced’ via TYT.

      Countdown: The Obama-sanctioned railroading of Shirley Sherrod – guest Julian Bond

    • She really comes off as like the ideal public servant, committed, compassionate, going beyond the call. Just the type Obot Nation thinks should be purged from government *headdesk* We don’t need no stinkin’ competence!

      • She was just on CNN and she has an amazing family story filled with personal struggles and memories of the KKK in her early life:

        “There were witnesses, and the grand jury refused to indict him,” Sherrod said, adding that she believed it was racially motivated.

        “What I had to do was turn that into a positive and I did that by devoting my life to working for change. I made a commitment on the night my father died that I would not leave the South and I would stay here and work to make a difference,”

        Shirley Sherrod is a woman that worked to rise above this countries history of racism and was promoting unity and working to help folks that didn’t have money for big law firms and relied on people working for people.

        • I noticed that the CNN journalist (female, don’t know her name) actually referred to her father’s murder as a hate crime. I was a little surprised that the interviewer was that aggressive.

          Shirley handled herself well in the interview. When asked about the relevance of the NAACP Shirley switched the conversation to their importance on the local level.

          Here in North Carolina the Raleigh school board is pushing a plan to re-segregate the school system. The push back is lead by the state head of the NAACP. I think he is in jail right now. He was arrested again yesterday. I don’t know if the national leadership has shown up to help. I am not really following the story closely because I was told during the primary that I am a racist. I have checked out – if I were not a racist I would probably have been over in Raleigh yesterday prepapred to be arrested for protesting. Wouldn’t be the first time.

          I like Shirley – I wish she was my neighbor.

  4. WTV, thanks for taking the time to write the whole story. I will get to it during the day.

    Btw, does anybody here ever sleep? Geez!!!

    • What is this “sleep” of which you speak?

    • Nah, we miss you and want you to feel you have us all over there in Germany causing trouble and chatting about current doings on a ladder in the town cyber square. Say, did ya see Julian Assange on the TVEE?

      Julian Assange- TED Conference- July 16, 2010 (Part 1 of 2)

  5. Night Wonk The Vote…

  6. Thank you for posting this. NQ also has something on it. I listened to the whole speech and thought what a great woman Shirley was. To have used her is in this manner is shameful. She deserves her job back and her reputation back.

    • Hi Senneth and thanks 🙂
      Well now more of the country knows who the wonderful Shirley Sherrod is, so the idea to tarnish her reputation backfired. The people who tried to tarnish her reputation or who failed to stand up for it are the ones who look bad.

  7. Thanks for this. I somehow didn’t have the time to follow this, knew there was something wrong here and I needed someone rational ti bring me up to speed. Indeed, the war on Faux is over, Murdoch planted his flag on top of the White House.

    • you’re welcome, edge, glad my rant was of some help.

      Indeed, the war on Faux is over, Murdoch planted his flag on top of the White House

      Too funny ….in a horribly sad way.

      • I just wish that the WH would go after one of the issues recently championed by Fox News, and that is the Black Panther Voter Intimidation…or the voter fraud that so many of us are familiar with.

        It is like I am being pulled in two directions. One, that is disgusted that a witch hunt on a woman like Sherrod…by not even fully investigating the comment before burning her at the stake…not only in the Beck corner, but in the NAACP and Obama Admin corner as well. And in the other direction, seeing liberal sites like Media Matters and FDL trash the Black Panther and J. Christian Adams as a manufactured right-wing phony conspiracy.

        I guess what I am trying to say is that these feelings I have put me back in the middle. Feeling angry and alienated by the liberal Democrats, yet also pissed off at the conservative right.

        • I feel the same–and the primaries did it. Before I saw clearly a good side and a bad side. Now, part of the good side went bad and I can not look at them the same anymore, but don’t agree with policies of the bad side. this is confusing….

        • In all honestly this Black Panther Voter Intimidation really should have been handled by the Bush II Administration as it happened under his watch and should have already been dealt with, but Bush II chose not to.

          Also, if they were to look into the two Black Panther Voter Intimidation complaint, they would also have to look into the Voter Intimidation complaints during the primaries and that is something they want people to forget about and sweep under the rug and NOTICE GLEN BECK IS SILENT ON THIS ISSUE (because he was part of the media boyz that worked to make sure Hillary wasn’t elected POTUS).

          We Will Not Be Silenced Promo Clips (2008 Primaries)

          • No one in the media covered this documentary and that begs the question of WHY?

          • Ooh, ooh—-I know!!!

            Because Journolist decided NOT to?

          • Yes, that voter intimidation happened in Nov. 08…which was on Dubbuya’s Watch…however, it would have been up to the Obama’s administration/DOJ to do anything. (I mean as far as the courts/charges time frame and logistically speaking.)
            But I do see your point Woman Voter about if they look into these specific intimidation cases, they would open a huge can of worms i.e. the 2008 Primaries.

  8. Morning, you are all doing well. Amazing how fast they can fire someone Drudge/FOX smears nowadays…. it would be wonderful if they ‘fortuitously’ did a hit campaign on gitmo.
    Also this really has been quite the few weeks for racial BS… what got me mad earlier was Limbaugh on Steinbrenner. Getting tiresome (more than usual).
    Anyways full solidarity with SS (unless some sort of full-on media neural grafting job happens again!, that doctored video was COMPLETE BS!!) Fooled me when I was getting my car’s inspection sticker yesterday morning and just watching CNN on the TV.

    • Fooled me when I was getting my car’s inspection sticker yesterday morning and just watching CNN on the TV.

      When I heard the doctored clip, I thought the only thing that was wrong was that she was admitting to doing something not to the “full force” for a white farmer when she was on the job… to me not a fireable offense *since she was making amends* and there seemed to be a BUT part to the rest of the story and how it turned out. It sounded rather like it was a show of honesty, especially when it’s being used as a tool to heal the rifts moving forward.

      At the same time (at the time with the limited info I had) I also thought it was not a savvy thing to admit to or make amends for, or try to put your story out there so that it might help other people grow… because our the political environment we’re currently in and also after seeing what happened to Helen Thomas (… sigh… I’m still very upset about that). I just got resigned to defeat for a moment thinking it’s no use, women of color or “ethnic” heritage are not allowed to be imperfect… we can’t even make any mistakes and make amends for them, not even as a way to shine the way and tell people the mistakes not to make. We should think about ourselves and not try to help anyone else apparently or else they’ll have us out on the street.

      Then I found out not only did Sherrod not do anything wrong when she was on the job, but she was herself calling out the NAACP for picking a fight with the Tea Party and starting this mess, then throwing her under the bus.

      I went from dejected and resigned to defeat…. to pissed.

      Shirley Sherrod is a shero. The silver lining in this incredibly depressing and infuriating story is Shirley fought back and was able to get her story out there, just by being her. It is plain as day who are the haters and the enablers of hate in this story, while Shirley comes out of this shining for the star that she is.

      • Hi wonk. Yeah my bad, I think when I first heard the clip I said to myself that to have any successful society you have to support all peeps applying for aid if that is your job (clumsy I’m still waking up here). So I just trusted the fact that she was let go quickly. Then around noontime I just started reading article after article about this railroad job and the first thing that struck me was that she was talking in the context of 24 years ago… not stating that in the beginning is just FRAUD.
        Anyway Vilsack is a real beaut here, David Corn has a nice post.


      • Shirley Sherrod is a shero. The silver lining in this incredibly depressing and infuriating story is Shirley fought back and was able to get her story out there, just by being her. It is plain as day who are the haters and the enablers of hate in this story, while Shirley comes out of this shining for the star that she is.

        honk honk!

      • Yeah, to be honest, I didn’t really see anything much wrong with the doctored clip, either. She was working for a private non-profit, and from the edit it appeared as if the farmer came in with a chip on his shoulder and they were doing this dance where she felt like he was trying to establish his superiority. I mean, I’m sorry, but we’re not all saints here, who really commits to walking over broken glass to help clients who aren’t that nice upfront? Most people *would* just do the bare minimum and no more. Again she’s being put under this microscope that NO ONE could survive while the big boys like Harry slide. And then the farmers are subjected to ageism and treated poorly, and she’s just like, hell no, and swings into action like Wonder Woman–hello? She looks AMAZING. Our political culture is so screwed up it isn’t even funny.

  9. Hope you are all doing well (grin)

  10. I don’t want Shirley Sherod to be reinstated. I want her to sue the Government’s pants off!

    Tom Wilsack is an asshole who MUST resign now!

    This is the must cowardly WH in history. Have you guys heard how she got fired?

    I’m so incensed by this story, I think my day is ruined.

    • It’s not Vilsack’s fault. There is no way he did this without the WH telling him to. Sherrod herself said the person who called her told her the WH wanted her to resign immediately because she was going to be on Glenn Beck last night.

      Both CNN and MSNBC are all over Obama this morning. In fact Joe S. just said that the WH “panicked.” He said if WH is going to panic every time Fox News does something like this, “then Barack Obama is not strong enough to be President of this country.”

      I’m sorry, but I have to agree with him. If they can’t even stand up to Fox News and Glenn Beck, no wonder they can’t deal with BP, and they are letting a foreign company destroy the Gulf of Mexico and pollute the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean!

      • I’m actually watching MSNBC from my office because I can barely get anything done. I also agree with Joe.

        I’m just angry at Vilsack because even after exculpatory evidence started to show up, he went out to say he stands by his decision.

        “You must resign because wou will be on Glenn Beck”? What a bunch of cowards!!!

        This is how we lose all the time against the Rightwing issue after issue.

        • It’s Obama who is afraid of Glenn Beck. Vilsack will be the fall guy though.

          Meanwhile, MSNBC just said the latest poll shows Obama with a 44% approval rating!

          • Btw I found it interesting that Shirley Sherrod befiriended you on FB. That’s probably thew only bit of fun I found in this nightmare.

            The bad poll numbers Obama is getting is certainly due to the loss of Indy and Dems. He never had Rightwingers to begin with, also he actually had the illusion that they would change once they noticed how awsome he is, unlike the Clintons.

          • That’s so neat that SS friended you, bb!

            mablue and anyone else who’s day is understandably ruined by this story… I posted this above… it is the only consolation….

            Shirley Sherrod is a shero. The silver lining in this incredibly depressing and infuriating story is Shirley fought back and was able to get her story out there, just by being her. It is plain as day who are the haters and the enablers of hate in this story, while Shirley comes out of this shining for the star that she is.

          • You’re right, BB. Vilsack will be the fall guy.

            Obama’s protectors are already out there pushing that meme.

            What a coward this president is!

          • Actually, Sherrod herself isn’t blaming Fox or Beck.

            She’s blaming the NAACP and the White House.

    • I want Shirley Sherrod to run for office. A nice fat law suit ought to make a nice start to her war chest.

  11. Great post, Wonk. I think Sherrod will probably get her job back, for the simple reason that Obama can’t handle any kind of criticism. He just blows back and forth with the wind.

    • Thanks, bb.
      On CNN Joe Johns ( I think) was saying he wasn’t getting good signals and didn’t think SS would get her job back. I hope he’s a poor judge of signals.

      • If that happens, she will probably be offered a better job somewhere. After all this publicity, someone will want her. But Vilsack has already announced publicly that he is reconsidering, so my guess it Obama will tell him to take her back.

      • I really hope she DOESN’T get her job back and that she doesn’t take it back even if offered.

        I want her to drag the Government in one of the most furious lawsuit the world has ever seen.

        Rightwingers can plant their flag on the WH because they won.

    • “[BO] never had Rightwingers to begin with […].”

      I believe Rightwingers and Repubs did vote for BO (e.g. Noonan, Brooks, my Republican brother in law, etc.). BO, the trojan horse POTUS, is GWB III.

      • Correct. But they, like the Independents, like women, like so many others that The One has demonized, are gone.

        Thus, all the race cards……he HAS to fire up his now-diminished base.

        This Sherrod firing, however, will backfire.

      • Trixta, I think you’re on to something, Because in my protest against the New Dem Party, I actually campaigned for McCain, since I believed that Obama was not “the lesser of two evils” but was and is “the evil”. Not evil in a real sense though, but what it would do to the Dem party and our country as a whole.

        Anyway, my Obot friends who campaigned kept remarking to me that they were canvassing conservative neighborhoods and these conservatives would admit that they were voting for Obama. My phone calling revealed that conservatives were not even going to vote for president. It seems it was those who believed he would follow his hero Reagan, were those who voted for him.

        What happened to Sherrod is a case in point. The WH assumed she was guilty until proven innocent and made no haste in firing her. If anything, Sherrod is exactly the kind of person we want in govt — a person who learns from her mistakes and is willing to admit it!

  12. In case I missed this in the above comments, Glen Beck defended her last night and brought up the issue of the context in which the comments were given. This one can’t be blamed on Beck.

    • Wrong. Beck started this circus with his Van Jones witchhunt. He’s playing opportunistic and clever in coming to Sherrod’s defense now, as a way to spit on the WH. which proves a lot of things to me about Mr. Glenn Beck’s ACT. He obviously DOES know better than the way he acts most days.

      And yes it’s in the comments above, I posted the link to the Glenn Beck video above:

      • I agree. Glenn Beck isn’t a good guy in this. He’s just an opportunist.

        • I totally concur. Did you see his video about how he’s just now finding out that the WH authorized the assassination of USA citizens back in April. He claims he missed this one.

          Baloney! Beck et al. have been siting on these issues so they could roll them out at an opportunistic moment … right before the midterm elections coincidentally

      • I was only referring to Sherrod…not Van Jones. As far as his broadcast last night, if his name was put out there as part of the “excuse” for her dismissal, then in my opinion he did the only thing he could in defending her and calling out the people who “resigned” her.

        Please don’t let your feelings about Beck in general cause you to dismiss everything he does. As I have said many times, the biggest thing 2008 taught me was that not all democrats are good guys and not all republicans are bad guys; course, Beck is libertarian so that’s anybody’s guess.

        • Beck is the same to me as Michael Moore. They both are propagandists leading sheep (off a cliff).

          • After being completed dissed and dismissed in 2008 by what I thought were the reasonable people – you know, democrats – I realized that the opposition is not always completely wrong.

            I watch Beck maybe 1-2 times a week, if I find the topic interesting. Perhaps one needs to be a more regular viewer to have formed the opinion you have.


          • You only need to step in shit once.

          • LOLOLOLOL!!!

            MyIQ FTW!

          • Wrong again. I watch ALL the Cable News channels to keep track of their misdeeds, and that includes watching Beck. He is a propagandaist. Even blind squirrels can find nuts, as Moore and Beck both do and are skilled at presenting to the masses.

            Beck is playing a game with this situation right now. The hit job that was done on Van Jones is very similar to what’s been done to Sherrod, though Sherrod’s story is even more appalling and Sherrod much more inspiring in fighting for her story to be told.

            I remember seeing youtube after youtube posted that was supposed to be evidence of what a hateful scary dude Van Jones was, but I didn’t find any, nothing seemed particularly controversial to me, he was mainstream left. The ONE thing I remember that I could understand why anyone on the left would even be upset about was a newspaper quoting of him at a demonstration or something soon after 9-11:

            “The bombs the government drops in Iraq are the bombs that blew up in New York City,” said Van Jones,

            A very pointed and loaded political statement to make when feelings were so raw and people were shell shocked and grieving the loss of lives to senseless violence, no matter what the politics.

            That said, it didn’t rise to the level of Van Jones needing to resign, if only the WH had a clue or a desire to handle anything.

        • Frankly, I have no problem dismissing everything Glenn Beck does. IMO, he isn’t worth a minute of my time. I’ve seen as much of him as I need to see.

        • Only because somebody once said, “Keep your friends close; keep your enemas closer” I ‘ll listen to a Beck or a Savage.

        • Beck was one of the Media Frat Boyz who went on a witch hunt with Hillary and was making fun of her tears yet he seems to cry almost daily in his rants.

          • I feel exactly the same about Jesse Jackson, Jr, who did exactly the same thing…..all over the media.

            Didja hear that contrary to Junior’s saying otherwise, the Blago trial tapes proved that JJ Jr was actually THERE when the million-dollars-in-fundraising offer was made, if JJ Jr got the Senate seat?

            Let’s hope the DOJ follows up on that. 🙂

        • Yes, the “it cries” and the “does Hillary shave” moments really make me want to give ole Glenn benefit of the doubt. Sorry but, no…just no. He is putting on an act but, I remember very well his former “act” the hate filled anti Hillary b.s. that he’d pull out in a heartbeat if he thought she might run again. I don’t watch the MSM newz anymore at all but, if I did Beck would be at the very bottom of the list for me.

      • Opportunistic it is. And only what opportunistic Obama deserves.
        I want the woman re-instated.But beyond that, it’s a popcorn moment, like the one where Ann Coulter was backing Steele on the Obama’s war remarks and making like she was anti-war.

  13. OT: Why Sullivan was not on jurnoist (hint – he was more jurnoist than them all)

  14. I went on FB and found a request of friendship from Shirley Sherrod. Not sure how she found me, I posted something supportive there. In case you want to do same
    here’s the description – might not be her actual page

    Shirley Job Back SherrodWhat is particularly scary is the fact that our Obama, a man who prides himself as someone who thinks things through is so quick to kick his supports to the curb! Van Jones comes 2 mind.! How many of u think he will have the political courage 2 higher her back with an apology?

    Also, have you seen at Politico? White House denies they put pressure, but stand behind Vilsack’s decision anyway.

  15. So much for that ‘conversation’ on race

    The election of Barack Obama, America’s first black president, was supposed to be a sign of our national maturity, a chance to transform the charged, stilted “national conversation” about race into a smarter and more authentic dialogue, led by a president who was also one of the nation’s subtlest thinkers and writers on the topic.

    Instead, the conversation just got dumber.

    Who could have foreseen that playing the race card would backfire?

  16. Can’t we all just get along?

  17. Wonk the Vote, what you wrote this morning is exactly how I feel. You said it so clearly. I wish more people could read this.

  18. WTV, How you maintain your sanity I do not know considering this …

    I watch ALL the Cable News channels to keep track of their misdeeds, and that includes watching Beck.

    Life must be hard.

  19. I have not posted in quite some time. It was just too debillitating to remain at the same level of anger for over two years. But I have steadily checked in to this site as a refuge since the primaries of 2008. And I spent my 2008 vacation protesting in Denver.

    I have much respect for Riverdaughter. But I have to say that I am saddened to see such anger and name calling toward Tea Party folks and so called “right wingers”. That is the same thing that the DNC and Obama did to the PUMA’s and Democratic majority in the primaries. Call them racist, call them gun-toting, call them menopausal. Then they are not people with intelligence, or informed opinions, but are a group to be dismissed.

    Somehow, it seems we have come full circle. Instead of looking at what folks are saying, we paint an entire group with a broad brush. We used to find some common ground, now, not so much.

    I do not trust the DNC. I do not trust the Democratic party. But it seems like many have become talking points for the very people we protested against two years ago. Republicans? BAD! Tea Party? BAD!

    The only thing actually bad for America is Obama.

    And one comment about Sherrod and the NAACP. She should not have been fired…given. However, when I first heard the tape, I was taken aback by the reaction of the audience. They did not know that she was going to say how she had grown and changed. What they were reacting to was her story of how she felt about the white farmer. Shile she was talking of how she did not do her best because he was white, there were cheers and applause. THAT should be the story. The NAACP cheering racism. Just like in Rev. Wrights church where the congregation also cheered and clapped when he denigrated Hillary, whites, or the country.

    The reaction of the NAACP is the story. Not what was Glenn Becks reaction. But I guess it is safer to attack Glenn Beck.

    If I do not respond, it is because I am on a flight in two hours. But I am truly saddened by where we are. I no longer feel at home at this site.

    • I haven’t forgotten that it was Glen Beck that was part of the Media Boyz that helped the out the witch hunt attacking Hillary. I frankly would be more interested in hearing what policies the Tea Party is supporting and not the sound bites or making one crazy Black Panther the national boogieman when he has an audience of two.

      This morning Michele bachmann was stepping back from the Tea Party and I suspect there is some in-fighting going on for control within the movement that was supposedly independent (filled with independent voters) and later was found to be controlled by a GOP operative.

      So, the Tea Party needs to see if they are just an appendage of the GOP or if they have their own platform and their own concerns that they want to supported via legislation and/or via candidates irrespective of the GOP (but thus far I haven’t seen any support of any independent candidates).

      I am also interested in the Tea Party’s position on ending the WARS…are they for continuing the WARS, expanding the WARS or do they want a sound exit plan after nearly a decade?

    • Have you not noticed any of my scathing commentary about Obama and the Democrats and “progressives” ? I’ll treat the right and the left by the same standards, thank ya very much.

      Did you not notice, that despite my partisanship as a liberal woman, there was a defense of Nikki Haley–“a Tea Party conservative” from sexism and racism and the argument that she deserves any of it because of the “conservative company she keeps” ?

      I’m not going to just call out the dirty tricksters on the left and be gentle and nice and fluff the pillows of the dirty tricksters on the right No way. Therein lies the road to madness.

    • Black on Beck – does Beck have Nazi Tourettes?

      The reaction of the NAACP is the story. Not what was Glenn Becks reaction. But I guess it is safer to attack Glenn Beck.-mlhath


    • The only thing actually bad for America is Obama

      The answer to a conservative like Obama is not an ultra-conservative group like the tea partiers.

      • It seems like the tea parties started with the big bailouts of wall street and I agreed with that kind of public protest and the source of the outrage.

        Since then, they have become conservative pawns shouting that obama is a socialist, etc… They have moved far from the days of protesting throwing taxpayer money after preditory businesses.

        They are just as “bad for America” as obama – and frankly, at this point, I think both are getting their bread buttered in the same place. Trumped up controversy distracts “us” from important problems.

        • I think the Tea Party is something like PUMA. Started good but was picked up by God knows who and what for their own purposes. That both got largely corrupted is a shame. PUMA seems to have come out of it since I think a lot of the corrupters left for the Tea Partys.

          • Another grassroots movement laid over with astro-turf.

          • Agreed.

            I went to the FEC website a couple of days ago, and copied all the actual parties listed with the Federal government.

            The euphemistically named “Tea Party” still is not a registered party. It remains a grassroots movement and therefore if anything a coalition of disparate groups, just like PUMA was.

            If they don’t register and present a platform, they are still no more than than those the mainstream Repubs don’t want. Just like Dems didn’t want PUMAS messing up their vision. So it comes down to vision and message. And what is their message?

    • I have to tell you – I actually agree with this mlhath (like anybody really cares) – we spend so much time belittling and attacking people with different opinions from our own…. ‘Bad for the Country’ and name-calling really is meant to dismiss the opposition – rather than challenge the positions.

      I think calling a white lawyer who Sherrod referred her farmer friend to as ‘one of his kind’ is something that could be taken many negative ways. So for me, after seeing the whole tape, I’m happy she had her epiphany about poor vs. rich – but I’m not exactly sure the black vs. white thing was overcome…. but I’m not going to judge what ‘might’ be in people’s mind – I’ll just say I’m leaving room for either interpretation – except to say, the entire story is clearly an allegory to how she overcame some of her own prejudices – but the audience, maybe not so much…. nice point mlhath.

      I don’t know if the Tea Party is bad for this country, but I suspect there are many good people who are members of the Tea Party – just like there are good people that are Democrats, and Independents, and god forbid – even Republicans… not to mention the ACLU, NAACP, etc. etc.

      Having been called a racist, old, loser by the Obama supporters – I’m just not that into broad brush-stroking either.

      I love this site, because you stand for principal.

      So, I listen to what the Tea Party has to say – but because there are so many factions – regionally and individually – I can’s always support everything, much in the same way I cannot dismiss everything.

      Ever since the primary – I no longer support (or dismiss) with blind loyalty.

      • Jeffhas — I agree with most of what you are saying. There are good people everywhere and assholes everywhere. And I think what Sherrod’s anecdote points out .. we can all be assholes at times based upon our prejudices and racial bigotry. It’s those who honestly admit it and work on it constantly who should be applauded.

        Also, it is somewhat striking to see so many applaud what Sherrod said when sharing her bigotry. But, then again, I look at how many times, I might cheer on name-calling and a “wanting to get them back” attitude. It is all a part of the human condition. We forget that sometimes when we are on our own soapboxes.

        The most telling point for me that Sherrod made, and I believe is being neglected is how easy it is to utilize our bigotry within govt structures … by just doing the bare minimum to help after giving lip service.

        These comments show up Obama indirectly, and those in the New Dem party leadership. I’m wondering if maybe Sherrod might be having that same realization moment when it comes to Obama, because he wasted no time in defending her! {{supposed to be snarky}}

        • Also, it is somewhat striking to see so many applaud what Sherrod said when sharing her bigotry.-FembotsForObama

          Shirely Sherrod was born PRE-Civil Rights, so the bigotry that was placed there was due to self preservation, her own father having been killed (no one charged) during a dark period in this country’s history. I am not applauding bigotry, but rather a woman who decided on the day her father was murdered that she would work for change and that she also realized (via her experience with the Spooner family) that above all it all comes down to economics.

          just like there are good people that are Democrats, and Independents, and god forbid – even Republicans… not to mention the ACLU, NAACP, etc. etc.-Jeffhas


          I can remember a case, where we placed ‘Poor/Economically Disadvantaged White School Children’ and the folks receiving the pre-law suit compromise were shocked that we were including ‘white children’ and then we provided them with the statistics, and the drop out rate and the language stayed.

          My point is that Shirley Sherrod is speaking to what many of us here write about, ‘ The Working Folks’ and they are colorless to me, as it is all about economics and fairness. I think some one like Shirley Sherrod has a lot to offer in the way of history, personal struggles and thriving in a post Civil Rights time.

          • Yeah, I don’t understand getting upset at the audience. They knew why she was there and that this was an epiphany story, I’m pretty sure, but we don’t know what’s going on in people’s heads. A lot of the reaction was probably also acknowledging the tough straits for black farmers and how few resources were available to them and the concern most of that would end up being syphoned off to something else. Also, if you mention, say, Lorena Bobbitt, you’re going to get nervous laughter, hooting and hollering. That doesn’t mean there’s some penis-cutting army in your audience, it just means, far removed from the actual situation, people who’ve been through tough straits with sexual assault, rape, etc will vent some emotion in a non-serious way. I mean, jeez, so many of us are so emotional about the 2008 primary and how much that sucked with name calling etc and being affected by that experience, well, a lot of people in the audience have undoubtedly gone through some really hardcore experiences with rights being violated, not being helped by government agencies and in general being treated like dirt, a little nervous laughter or cheering is to be expected and probably doesn’t signify much. If the tea party peeps are going to pull this stuff and try to make a federal case out of every little thing, they likewise can’t complain when they’re held responsible for everything that occurs in their vicinity under their umbrella.

        • I don’t understand where these mlhath’s comments or the comments agreeing with mlhat are coming from.

          Are they directed toward my main post?

          • I didn’t know anyone would actually react to such silly ramblings.

            I thought no one would take the bait.

          • I don’t think so, Wonkles, and if it is, I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s no way in the world anyone could accuse you of baiting or attacking anyone, ever, and as far as any name-calling on the site coming from the rest of us, 99% of it is directed at Obots, which nobody much seems to have a problem with, so *shrugs*

          • I am sorry but they are trying to put Shirley Sherrod into a she is filled with ‘bigotry’ category, but FAIL to see where America was when she was born and a young child. She had to use separate facilities, she suffered what many in America only read about and think of it as if it was a century ago, when it was not.

            I am bothered by these statements and the accusation of us applauding Shirley as if Shirley had done wrong, when the only jerk that did wrong was this Andrew Breitbart who had an AGENDA in tar and feathering Shirley Sherrod without so much as taking a look to see who this lady is and what her history is.

            I saw the latest video of Glenn Beck who is saying that rather than calling her a ra@ist she is a ‘Maoist’ and that he believes there are more tapes…while claiming he didn’t contribute to her ouster. Glenn Beck is NOT FAIR and NOT BALANCED.

            Shirley Sherrod and her family have suffered through the darkest part of America’s history first hand and chose to transcend and serving others and forgiving. Shirley Sherrod chose not to live in hate and that was the main message of her speech. To make this lady out to be a racist is so wrong on so many levels.

            Mr. Andrew Breitbart needs to give Shirley Sherrod a PUBLIC APOLOGY ASAP!

          • Sorry MABlue2,

            It bothers me, it really does and this lady should be seen as an example to follow and Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart really should apologize to her for working to destroy her in the most disgusting public way.

            Sorry, if I took the bait…

          • I forgot one other person which I haven’t seen in video, but O’Reilly was calling for Shirley Sherrod to be fired and he too needs to give this lady a Public Apology.

            (MaBLue2 and Wonk The Vote…sorry for taking the bait)

      • Well said. Thank you.

        BOTH sides have wacko fringes.

        But having watched the Obama campaign paint the Clintons as racists just to gain the African American vote, I’m still leery of blanket “racist” claims for political purposes.

        Especially now that I know the Journolist advocated doing so , falsely, just to make any critics of Obama policy shut up.

        Broad brush-stroking from either side is wrong.

        Thanks again.

        • I’ve called out the NAACP, Breitbart, Fox News, Vilsack/Obama WH, and the USDA , the Democratic party, as well as progressives and rightwingers, and also Glenn Beck and Michael Moore on this page. I think that’s a pretty diverse group that’s been called out to show that there’s plenty of suckitude on both sides. And, it’s not all about whacko fringe. Even the mainstream has whacko stuff that needs to be called out.

  20. WTV, thank you so much for writing this article and saying so powerfully what I’ve been feeling. I was positively apoplectic over this yesterday. And, today, I’m positively overjoyed to read that the NAACP has apologized to Sherrod. Now for the administration to apologize and offer her job back. I’m am thrilled that this FOX news BS blew up in their faces.

    Yesterday, I posted on CNN in support of Shirley Sherrod and could not believe the level of r@cist comments. Hey, obots, if you want to see real r@cism at work, check out the comments over there.

    • Interesting they pick the comments of a woman to generate outrage when there were only a small handful of women included in the “club”.

      I am positive there were plenty of outrage inducing comments in such a forum as journolist.

      Also, it appears that Tucker Carleson started that site – wasn’t he the one talking about “crossing his legs” or some such thing when he heard Hillary Clinton speak?

      • Yes, but that woman works for NPR. The public gets to know that.

      • I call Tucker Carlson, “Scare-dee nuts”, now.

      • Yes, Tucker Carlson thinks that intelligent woman’s words have powerful vibrations that may shrink his private parts and was busy saying he was going to cross his legs due to his fear of a Woman running for POTUS; Hillary R. Clinton. 😯

        • LMFAO!

          Doesn’t it seem more like Carlson’s projecting his own growing up experience since his mother was such a powerhouse. Seemed to me like he just crosses his legs a lot in life 😉

      • There is more to come and she was the only woman among the journolist members quoted. This isn’t an anti-woman story at this point. It’s a full on media scandal, or should be.

        • Yes, Ralph, I didn’t mean to derail the true point at hand with my comment. It is just interesting to me if these organizations really want to point out the E-V-I-L in something, they use a woman’s comments to make that point.

          • Point taken.

          • Yeah, and also, in the clips Kaus posted ages ago, on the list itself the two women were trying to chime in and make a few points, and the boyz rolled over them, completely ignored them, and engaged in some tangential pissing contest. I suppose they should have expected it signing up for Frat Boy Central, but it still made me wince. So nobody ever listened to them there as they tried to attract the boyz attention, but now they’re the ones getting piled on.

        • You are correct and that is why WikiLeaks is getting so much attention, because the jornos have begun to shape the stories and thus become part of the stories they are supposed to be covering/reporting on.

          Julian Assange- TED Conference- July 16, 2010 (Part 2 of 2)

    • Stunning, really.

      Journolist SUPPORTED having the FCC yank Fox New’s “license” (they’re on cable….duh) to get opposing views off the air.

      Oh—and more information: Paul Krugman was on the list. So was Obama’s budget director Peter Orszag.

      Shaping the message? Just like they did to Hillary and Bill?


      • Yes, they were willing to do anything to stop the Most Qualified Candidate that just happened to be a woman; Hillary R. Clinton.

        • Ayup. This ain’t nuttin we haven’t already seen, huh?

          And as soon as the WH threw her under the bus, the NAACP jumped on board, without even watching the FULL video they possessed.


  21. This is all hilarious.


    • In an odd way, it really IS hilarious.

      This arrogant , media-manipulating White House, hoist on its own petard.

      Like myiq said, who could have known that playing the race card might backfire? LOL

  22. About those “Death Panels”


    Ol Sarah wasn’t too far off the mark.

    Except it has a much friendly name: Patient Decision Aids.


    Which are sold by a company called Health Dialog.


    Which in turn is owned by BUPA.


    In short, when faced with a potentially costly treatment, your friendly insurance company will give you one of these “Patient Decision Aids” to “help” you figure out if you want the treatment or hospice.

    “At the core of Health Dialog’s coaching services are proprietary know-how in data collection and analysis, predictive modeling, coaching management, medical content, outreach to individuals, physician engagement, and results evaluation”

    Notice the turn of phrase there “coaching services”.

    • That’s just f*cking marvelous. I have a horrible feeling that may not be all she has been right about.

    • Well–that’s progress, I guess. Before, the insurance companies would just deny you necessary care. Now, they care enough to try and make you think it’s all your idea.

    • Yep, and they play on the traditional medical belief that — a patient can have no effect on the outcome of his/hers own treatment and healing. It’s in her/his genes and so many will choose the inevitable … “I’m just gonna die anyway”.

      To me this is the ultimate way we keep people disempowered, aside from the lack of access to HEALTH care. We as a society don’t believe in healing rather we just treat the symptoms.

      –down from my soapbox now

    • No wonder she had to be destroyed by Obots.

  23. An interesting call out on the Sherrod matter at NPR:


    From the article –

    “And among those who were most closely watching the president’s handling of affair were important members of the president’s base, people he could ill afford to alienate: African Americans and liberals.”

    and this –

    “Over at the Field Negro blog, Wayne Bennett, the Philadelphia lawyer who writes the blog wrote:

    Ms. Sherrod, I go to an excellent cleaner here in Philly. They will do a great job of getting those tire marks off the back of your beautiful dress. Still, I bet that bus must have been pretty heavy.

    Don’t worry, your back will recover. Just ask some of the other Negroes who found themselves under the O bus what they used to make themselves feel better.

    Seriously, have you all ever seen a brother so afraid of appearing racial than his O ness? No wonder the wingnuts over at Roger’s (You remember Roger, right? He gave A-merry-ca Willie Horton) propaganda station are having so much fun playing the race card with him. Every time he tries to distance himself from you Negroes and be the president for all A-merry-ca, they pull him back in.”

  24. BP deny Tony Hayward exit plans (BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill executive)
    BP have denied reports the firm are planning to replace beleaguered chief executive Tony Hayward within weeks.

  25. Fantastic post. Your .2 cents is always priceless

  26. I haven’t followed this whole story, so thanks. In my opinion, this started with Wright who sure surprised me.

    If this economy isn’t dealt with soon?

    Pleasantville it isn’t. (Great film by the way, Wonk.)

    Actually Pleasantville is a perfect example for what is wrong with this admin. Just before all the magic colors started appearing. They seem to be walking around in a very grey area on everything that was important for the Hillary voter. Now? The whole country is looking like it is festering like an ugly boil about to erupt. Europe 1930, redux.

  27. ps: I had something called a frozen custard yesterday — it’s not a Calif thing? I was laughing thinking of that frozen custard episode by guess who. Try one if you get a chance — totally fab. Omg.

    • VB — frozen custard is big in Milwaukee, WI. We have a family-owned food place that provides workers above minimum wage jobs with health benefits. A little known place known as KOPPS where Biden showed his asshole colors —

      Incidentally, they were not at the Greenfield shop. The Greenfield shop is located in the heart of blue-collar working families neighborhoods. If Greenfield customers had heard Biden’s smart-ass comment, especially since thousands of them have lost their jobs, they would have booed him, perhaps threw their custard at his face.

      No, instead Biden and Feingold were at the Mequon shop. A place where soccer moms take their kids after losing games (no McDonald’s for these kids) or hungry mall shoppers go after shopping all day. Mequon is the white liberal elitist area that was lecturing us low-information voters on the evils of Hillary!

      • That was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten? I looked it up, because I’ve never heard of it before — and saw it was from Midwest. Had mine at a place called Neptune’s Net in Maibu outskirts at a little place by the sea.

        The tape on Biden was pretty bad. Yours and the first one I saw.

        How lucky you are to own a shop like that, ummm. Yep!

        Watching these guys eat ice cream and custard isn’t working. Little shops like yours? I was amazed yesterday on that drive down to Maibu — at what had gone out of business south of here. They seem to have no clue about what is really going on.

        Good for you, on your employees — and as for the ice cream/custard biz that may be the only recession proof biz to be in right now. I have no respect for Biden. Period. I had never heard of him before Hillary 2008.


      • ps: Fembots, sorry — you said restaurant! — i guess I had that ice cream on the brain, or something. Good for you in terms of employees and how you treat them.

  28. News post up.

  29. Thanks, Wonk, for focusing on this unfolding story. It’s so great to see someone vindicated. Shirley Sherrod is getting the recognition for being the excellent public servant that she is. Hurray!

    I don’t know whether this has already been posted.

    • Thanks for posting this as Andrew Breitbart’s defense is that the wife calling in to defend Shirley Sherrod was not authenticated! 😯 The latter questioning of those coming to her defense from the man that snipped, clipped and used a video for shock value all the while leaving the point of the parable out. Andrew Breitbart owes Shirley Sherrod a PUBLIC APOLOGY!

    • Wonk The Vote,

      Please add this video to the main post, as this video is so powerful that it made me cry…who better to know than the people she helped and this was during a period of time when she worked for a non-profit (with very little pay, because it is all about helping people, which she was dedicated to doing after the murder of her father).

      Shirley’s story is very much a teachable moment and more so given her family’s history and her own work in the Civil Rights Movement and how it all comes down to seeing each other as Human Beings and how we only go forward when we help each other.

  30. Fricken fantastic post!!!

  31. Andrew Breitbart is calling Shirley Sherrod ‘That ra@ist’ and is questioning whether the Eliose Spooner is really the wife of the White Farmer in the parable Sherrod was speaking about. So, Andrew Breitbart is still going after her, while in the next sentence he says that ‘It isn’t about Shirley Sherrod’.

    Also, I am surprised at how quick Roland Martin was to join in the condemnation of Sherrod and yet defended the words of Rev. Wright.

    Video Snippet Cost USDA Official, Shirley Sherrod Her Job

    • I believe this clip was from yesterday morning. This morning Shirley was in studio. You might be able to find that clip as well. It was the same interviewer this morning and she is doing a good job. Anyone know her name?

      I guess CNN is getting the good stuff because they are in Atlanta.

      Roland Martin is an idiot. Why does he even have a job?

    • Martin states the real problem: How her comments reflect upon the president.

      It all comes down to how Obama looks.

    • Roland Martin. Yet another glowing example of why CNN is in the crapper.

  32. I have a feeling what really drove the WH and it’s sheep to jump on this and have Shirley fired was not because they were afraid of Fox or conservatives per se, but that this story destroyed the meme/campaign they’re currently running. Namely using the race card at every possible turn to change the subject from Obama’s policies and/or ineptitude to one of a race. Hey, it worked for the primaries and the general.

    • I agree completely that this story shatters the race card campaign strategy. Very dangerous for Obama’s operatives.

  33. I didn’t see it up above, but apparently Gibbs came out and issued a statement an apology re the WH around 12 noon PDT?


  34. Wonk, I really appreciated this piece. It was well done, and I like that you included the other aspects of discrimination that are lurking about in this media stupidity. You hit all the buttons!

  35. Last comment. I think Sherrod is wise to carefully consider whether she should return to her job. It’s very likely to be a hostile atmosphere, even if not at first. I don’t see how Vilsack can manage her, if he will now be afraid to fire her. I don’t see how Sherrod can work if she always has to worry about what comes next. THEY made her into a hot potato. They need to fix it.

  36. I have to say that whatever we may think of Breitbart it was truly brilliant what he accomplished on TWO fronts.

    1. He showed the NAACP and other Obama minions that people who live in glass houses should’nt be throwing stones.

    That CONTEXT matters! Like when Brazile smeared President Clinton on CNN as a racist because he responded to a question regarding Obama’s position re Iraq as a fairy tale based on his voting record. Brazile distorted his words and claimed Clinton was calling Obama’s candidacy a fairy tale! And so many other examples we witnessed.

    2. He showed the knee jerk reaction of the NAACP and the WH in their response to anything related to race. I wonder how many African-Americans are privately thinking “Wow. If the WH AND the NAACP can rush to judgement and throw a BLACK woman who’s been a civil rights activist under the bus how many other people can be unjustly smeared in the name of political expediency and political correctness?”

    Not to defend Breitbart but he did’nt fire Sherrod nor ask that she be fired. What he did accomplish was something VERY necessary; the exposure of how easily people’s reputations and careers can be destroyed without having all the facts before accusing someone of racism.

    • So you’re saying he used Shirley Sherrod as a pawn? That’s even WORSE

      • Shirley Sherrod is a shero, Breitbart is a Zero

      • agree, 100%. That means that Breitbart, assuming that he has any skills at all about discerning propaganda, immediately recognized it and though, oh gee whiz, this will show up those other guys, with no thought whatsoever about the terrible consequences to the victims. And we are supposed to go along and support him, for effectively allowing a human being – a woman who has a long history of helping, not explotative journalism, to be excoriated, humiliated and driven out of a job. Wow, some people has some really skewed perspectives.

        • You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, apparently. You better just hope you’re not one of the eggs.

        • Andrew Breitbart was also behind the splicing and clipping in the Acorn video and so I am getting a sense that he simply didn’t care and is willing to use whom ever to make a point. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has a video of Mother Teresa clipped to make a point…

          I agree with Wonk The Vote in that Shirley Sherrod is a SHERO.

      • I already stated that I was’nt defending him or what he did but I repeat was’nt the onus on the part of the USDA AND the NAACP before denouncing this woman?

        Had they done the RESPONSIBLE thing they would have gotten all the facts (the NAACP had the whole unedited video in their possession) before excoriating her and forcing her to resign.

        I don’t expect Breitbart or any neocon to behave honorably but I won’t deny that I’m pleased that FINALLY the race baiting hypocrisy of Obama and his cheerleaders was thrown back in their face and exposed. Let’s be honest, obamacrats have no moral authority to judge the Breitbarts of the world since they long ago have been using the same sleazy tactics.

        • I just re-read this and realized that you don’t understand the basic point:

          It is the nature of race-baiters to get exposed themselves at some point down the line. It is only inevitable that the tactic will backfire. That is not to the credit of Andrew Breitbart. He exposed nothing, He is a part of the race-baiting system. The harm being done was bound to be exposed.

          The only credit here is to Shirley Sherrod for being brave throughout and telling her story. SHE is the one who has exposed the flaws of the system.

    • The NAACP aren’t responsible for Obama. Great, he proved some point by being a liar and scumbag and scapegoating random people who have nothing to do with anything. What a hero.

      • He’s not a hero and the NAACP is not responsible for Obama but they are responsible for their own actions. I believe Jealous had the duty to at least watch the video in its entirety before releasing a statement denouncing Sherrod as a racist and applauding the government’s decision to fire her.

        • What part of

          really it is the NAACP, Fox News, Breitbart, Vilsack/WH, and the USDA who all “acted stupidly”

          is unclear? I’m not an Obamacrat, so I can judge them all dunces in this story…. Shero Sherrod and the seven dunces (who’s the seventh? I say Gibbs…)

        • Of course he did, but NAACP and fed gov screwups don’t make Breibart any less vile. What he did was more evil than brilliant or necessary. And the fact that we live in such a screwed up culture where these manipulators are taken seriously by anyone and given any credibility at all is a huge problem that goes beyond this one incident.

          • Which manipulators? Breitbart alone or are you including the Obama admin and the sheep at the NAACP with him? The list is not complete without them.

          • I would never include Obama in anything negative. I love Obama. Obama Forever.

  37. […] My $0.02 on Shirley Sherrod […]

  38. My dream 2012…Hill and Sherrod!

    A girl can dream can’t she???

  39. would anybody in the WH, the NAACP have acted on such cheap journalism and not checked the tape if the accused were a male? absolutely not. women no matter what color cannot expect fairness.
    the brothers forgot their sisters when they celebrated the black vote in 1865, black women had to wait until 1920 just like white women.
    and I remember the other racial outburst with police arresting the home owner an African American professor. Obama called the policemen stupid and apologized with beer meeting. the young lady who called the police seeing a man violently trying to get access in a house was called racist. nobody apologized to her.
    I am absolutely sure that a white or black man in power would not be ousted on short notice without investigation, and on the evidence of a clipped videotape.

    • Sadly, you’re probably right.

    • I think the hit job done on Van Jones was similar cheap journalism too, though more egregious in Sherrod’s case. Van Jones didn’t fight for himself the way Sherrod has either. Jones has played the sacrificial lamb willingly and continues to do so at least in public. And the WH did take more time before coming to a decision in Jones’ case.

  40. Andrew Breitbart is now claiming to be the VICTIM!?! 😯 Oh and he refuses to apologize to Shirley Sherrod and is now trying to say that this is ALL about him and his ‘journalism’ ??? 😯 He is a ‘journalist’???

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