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Wednesday News

Good Morning Conflucians!!

Let’s get right to it on this late midweek morning. It looks like BP is delaying the tests from their new cap:

BP PLC remains in a holding pattern on a crucial pressure test of a new containment system over its leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico while pursuing other options to capture the gushing crude, the company said Wednesday.

And just when you thought it was safe to sail in the oily seas, some people are looking at possible mass extinction (including us) scenarios from the Gulf:

Ominous reports are leaking past the BP Gulf salvage operation news blackout that the disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico may be about to reach biblical proportions.

251 million years ago a mammoth undersea methane bubble caused massive explosions, poisoned the atmosphere and destroyed more than 96 percent of all life on Earth. Experts agree that what is known as the Permian extinction event was the greatest mass extinction event in the history of the world.

Those subterranean seas of methane virtually reshaped the planet when they explosively blew from deep beneath the waters of what is today called the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, worried scientists are increasingly concerned the same series of catastrophic events that led to worldwide death back then may be happening again-and no known technology can stop it.

The bottom line: BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling operation may have triggered an irreversible, cascading geological Apocalypse that will culminate with the first mass extinction of life on Earth in many millions of years.

The oil giant drilled down miles into a geologically unstable region and may have set the stage for the eventual premature release of a methane mega-bubble.

I for one welcome our new apocalyptic methane mega-bubble overlord.

WaPo has an article on Obama trying to reconnect with voters. First they talk about the good old days, then:

Nearly 17 months later, Gibbs is once again talking about the president’s travels around the country to pitch his economic policies. But this time, it probably doesn’t feel so much like the good old days.

In a series of polls, the public has expressed deep skepticism about the economic direction Obama began taking in early 2009. A clear majority now say they disapprove of his handling of the issue.

That has put the White House on the defensive as the midterm elections approach this fall. For two straight days, Gibbs has been repeatedly asked versions of the same question: What happened between then and now?

“I think there is, rightly so, a great frustration in this country with where we are economically, and understanding the depths of the numbers of jobs that were lost, the length of this recession, what it has meant for people on Main Street,” Gibbs explained to reporters Tuesday.

In related news, the Pennsylvania Senate race is in a dead heat:

Pennsylvania’s Senate race is dead even, with Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak and Republican Pat Toomey both drawing 43% of support in a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

At this point in the race, momentum appears to be on Sestak’s side. He was down 2 percentage points in May and 8 percentage points in an April survey by Quinnipiac.

The NAACP passed a resolution saying the Tea Party was a bunch of racists:

The NAACP has passed a resolution that condemns what it feels is rampant racism in the Tea Party movement. Members passed the measure on Tuesday at the organization’s 101st annual convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Tea Party activists have swiftly denounced the action as unfounded and unfair.

The resolution pits the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, with its storied history of wins on behalf of racial justice, against a grassroots conservative movement that has won some recent political races and is flexing its muscle in Republican circles.

“We take no issue with the Tea Party. We believe in freedom of assembly and people raising their voices in a democracy,” Ben Jealous, president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said in a statement.

“We take issue with the Tea Party’s continued tolerance for bigotry and bigoted statements. The time has come for them to accept the responsibility that comes with influence and make clear there is no space for racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in their movement,” Jealous said.

There are certainly some crazy nutjobs in that group as we’ve seen from some members and their signs. And the Tea Party leaders have been inconsistent in how they react to that. Then again, the Tea Party seems a little less organized and controlled than they’d like to admit. So the question is, is this a good idea? Sara Palin commented on the matter:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin came to the defense of the Tea Party on Tuesday night, saying that the NAACP was wrong to pass a resolution condemning what it says are racist elements of the conservative movement.

“I am saddened by the NAACP’s claim that patriotic Americans who stand up for the United States of America’s Constitutional rights are somehow ‘racists,'” Palin wrote in a Facebook note. “The charge that Tea Party Americans judge people by the color of their skin is false, appalling, and is a regressive and diversionary tactic to change the subject at hand.”

Palin, the former Republican vice presidential nominee who is now seen as a leader of the Tea Party movement, quoted conservative icon Ronald Reagan, who called America’s past racism “a legacy of evil.” She said that with the election of the first black president, the United States has become “a new ‘post-racial’ society.”

“We, as a united people, applauded that sentiment. We were proud of that progress,” Palin said. “That’s why it is so sad to see that 18 months later, the NAACP is once again using the divisive language of the past to unfairly accuse the Tea Party movement of harboring ‘racist elements.'”

It sure looks like given this and some other recent activities that some political players want a race war of sorts. It’s a tried and true tactic of course to raise a bunch of overblown issues and get people emotional and angry  in order to have them mobilized on your side while at the same time distracting them from issues that would likely keep them from your side. That’s not to say there aren’t real issues worth having a dialog about. But passing a resolution instead of trying to have a dialog ensures a permanent rift.

Back to Katrina news, what you say, it looks like four cops involved in gunning down civilians in the Katrina aftermath may face the death penalty:

Four police officers, charged with shooting and killing two unarmed civilians on a bridge in the days after Hurricane Katrina, could face the death penalty.

Those four officers and two others are accused of gunning down citizens and trying to cover it up. Five other former police officers have already pleaded guilty to helping cover up the killings, bringing the total to 11 charged so far. The entire New Orleans police department is under investigation, stemming from allegations of misconduct.

“We will not tolerate wrongdoing by those who are sworn to protect the public,” said Attorney General Eric Holder, who was in New Orleans Tuesday to announce the charges in the civil rights investigation. “This will not stand.”

And finally, Bill Clinton is joining with others at WH for job creation meeting:

The White House is seeking help from former President Bill Clinton in its efforts to create jobs.

Clinton will join President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House on Wednesday for a meeting with business leaders. The White House says the meeting will focus on new ways to create jobs in the private sector. The leaders will also discuss ways to increase new investments in the clean energy industry.

Kind of late in the day isn’t it? Perhaps they should have thought about stimulus plans that actually created jobs, oh I don’t know, maybe 18 months ago.

That’s a bit of what’s in the news. Chime in with what you’re finding.


90 Responses

  1. Who needs x. pyxidis when we have BP?

  2. Bringing this up from below:

    Get ready for another fauxgressive feces fling:

    Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston reveal exclusively in the new Us Weekly that they are getting married.

    And, they tell Us Weekly, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been kept in the dark about their plans … until now.

    “We got engaged two weeks ago,” Bristol, 19, tells Us Weekly. “It felt right, even though we don’t have the approval of our parents.”

    Todd Palin should take Levi on a camping trip out in the woods and have a little man-to-man talk with him. Then he should leave him out there.

    • There is a saying in my neck of the woods…we have deep mountains…but then my neck of the woods usually has the sound of banjos playing in breeze.

    • I always found it strange that a bunch of adults from outside were eager to jump into this story: 2 kids in love, national politics, celebrity parents, break-up, accusations flying from both sides and so on…

      How can people with absolutely ZERO knowledge about the truth of the matter and all the characters involved passionately jump into the saga, take sides and blame either Sarah Palin, Bristol or Levi Johnston and even decide what should happen?

      The only thing I can do is to wish the young couple well.

      • I know more than ZERO

        I know Levi (aka Rickey Hollywood) decided to cash in on his relationship by dishing dirt on the Palins, including discussing his sex life with Bristol on national television. I saw him do it.

        How do you allow a piece of shit like that back in your home?

      • Levi was happy to publicly badmouth the Palins until they came into money. I wish everyone well, but Bristol would be stupid to enter this marriage without a prenup.

    • Oh, how sweet to be young, dumb and in love! I honestly don’t care about Bristol and her beau. Neither one is stellar material in my book. If it wasn’t for Bristol’s mother we would never have heard anything about either one of them. They are famous merely by association. I guess we should give them a break.

    • I like that, and if he can walk back (all 200 miles) he can marry her. Leave him with just a little knife and his a back pack during winter and tell him to watch out for the mama Grizzlies.

    • Oh!!

      Hopefully, Bristol will get a very good lawyer and get Levi to sign a good pre-nup.

      On the other hand, if she is marrying him after all these, it doesn’t say much for her smarts.

  3. You just can’t trust any policeman pig. These losers shot and killed two (some shot in the back), shot 4 others, and the civilians were unarmed. These losers then planted guns and covered up their mistakes with lies and intimidations. This year Five police officers already have pleaded guilty to lying and covering up. The Bush Administration did nothing. Lets hope all of these pigs get whats coming to them.

  4. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gjZcoCwMazySUlSK4MMvOfVvfkggD9GUSS881

    There is a special place in hades reserved for people like Donna Brazille. I thought this country was ‘past the Clinton’s’ like she and so many obot idiots said. I thought we didn’t need the Clintons anymore. How many times is he going to run to President Clinton for help? I thought only he had the answers, right? I thought that President Clinton would be a distraction for the White House, right? I will watch with joy as all of them smolder in the ashes of a fiery political death come November. ASSHATS.

  5. Did you all see this by Brad Reed over and C&L, the first paragraph is by Richard Cohen:

    “The Swiss got it right. Their refusal to extradite film director Roman Polanski to the United States on a 33-year-old sex charge is the proper dénouement for this mess of a case. There is no doubt that Polanski did what he did, which is have sex with a 13-year-old after plying her with booze. There is no doubt also that after all these years there is something stale about the case, not to mention a “victim,” Samantha Geimer, who has long ago forgiven her assailant and dearly wishes the whole thing would go away. So do I.”

    Reed says:
    “The scare quotes around the word “victim” are truly a sight to behold. Under Cohen’s calculus, we should just free people who commit crimes if they’ve managed to escape the law for long enough. After all, getting an underage girl drunk and then raping her can totally be forgiven if it happened a long time ago.”


    Some of the comments are off-putting. Like the video from yesterday with Whoopie defending Mel Gibson, and as Woman Voter pointed out, Whoopie defended Polanski as well…What the hell is wrong with people to rationalize the abuse of women and young girls? How can these people get away with it? It just really pisses me off!

    • Amnesty International: Stop Violence Against Women

      Every minute of every day all over the world, women are harassed, attacked and even killed just for being women, daughters, Sisters, mothers, children. It doesn’t have to be this way. Amnesty International is working to stop it. Making a difference is easier than you think. The first step is making your voice heard, make some noise to stop violence against women. Take action at Amnesty Internationals’ website.

    • Minkoff Minx,

      We need to see if the ladies and gents of this here site will bring back the once a week BlogTalk show to discuss these most important issues as most shows are not fully taking women’s issues seriously. Maybe the first comeback show could be NOW President Terry O’Neill… http://www.now.org/

      It would be a good start to discussing issues from ‘common’ Americans and not from the pundit views or paid for commentators. Real Issues Real People!

      • Or we could call it ala myiq2xu, ‘The HillBilly Voters Show’. 😉 Take the negative and make it into a positive! 😆

      • Yes Woman Voter, I agree…TC should discuss more Women’s Issues, and tackle these very important problems facing women today. I really think that with all the women running (no matter what party) this election year…and the upcoming 2012 elections…we are going to see more of this sexism, misogynistic, gender biased crap spewing from the mouths of pigs…but then maybe I am being a Cassandra? I don’t think I am…

    • Whoopi thinks she’s the Hollywood ambassador, but she does a terrible job of it. She also defended Polanski saying what he did is okay in Europe and wasn’t “rape rape.”

      • I really cannot understand how some women can say things like that. To rationalize and diminish something as horrible as “rape rape.” How can they utter these statements…I cannot even put into words how disgusted I get from comments like this.

    • Richard Cohen has been a misogynist asshat in my book ever since his column supporting leniency for the two creeps who brutally raped and murdered Stephanie Roper. The man has a history of disregarding crimes against women.

  6. In addition to ushering in Armagadden, BP appears to have had a major voice in the release of Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, the Lybian convicted in the Lockerbie Pan Am explosion. Link here:


    We now know the release was a total sham; the man was not facing imminent death from cancer. This story really hits home because my husband lost a business colleague on Flight 103 and had it not been for a passport screwup, he too would have been blown out of the sky. And the reasoning for BPs involvement? All in the name of oil and profit. Sickening!

    As for Bill Clinton? I hope he picks and chooses to support the candidates he views as wise picks and not simply run the Party line. He was selective during the primaries. I’m not surprised that the Dems called him in because he’s the best they have. He’s the best they’ve had for quite some time.

  7. According to Bill Press, It’s your fault that Obama isn’t universally loved.

    Are you ready to accept your share of the blame for Obama’s collapsing poll numbers? If only “spoiled Americans” would stop nitpicking his amazingly successful run as president, our country would be less child-like, or something like that.

    Speaking of asshats.

  8. Did you see this? Even Reid is making people who once supported him, turn over in their graves…

    “Election 2010 has just heard from a member of the Silent Majority.

    You know, from a deceased person.

    Chances are good you never met Charlotte McCourt during her 84 years, but I’m willing to bet you’ll be hearing about her in the coming days now that her obituary has taken Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to task. It’s the kind of small story that has the potential to ricochet like a bullet through the campaign showdown between incumbent Reid and Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

    Not because McCourt, who died July 8 after a long illness, was a political player or business powerbroker, but precisely because she was neither of those things. She was a homemaker, proud mother and grand mother and wife of 67 years to Patrick McCourt.

    And she was at one time a loyal supporter of Harry Reid.

    Her obituary, printed in Tuesday’s Review-Journal, reads in part, “We believe that Mom would say she was mortified to have taken a large role in the election of Harry Reid to U.S. Congress. Let the record show Charlotte was displeased with his work. Please, in lieu of flowers, vote for another more worthy candidate.”


    Here is the link: http://www.lvrj.com/blogs/smith/Charlotte_zings_Reid_from_beyond_the_grave.html

    • It gets better. One of the comments to that story says she was his campaign manager when he first ran for the US Senate. That’s gonna cost him.

      • Pelosi, White House Feud Over Gibbs’ House Prediction

        House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the driving force behind the Obama agenda in Congress, sharply criticized White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs during a closed-door House Democratic caucus meeting late Tuesday, according to Democratic sources.

        Pelosi, irked since Sunday by what she and other top Democrats considered Gibbs’ careless and dismissive comments that Democrats could lose their House majority this November, upbraided a top White House aide as she knocked Gibbs’ unwelcome handicapping of House races.

        Anyone see the story about Nancy Pelosi being upset with the White House and Gibbs announcing her exit! I didn’t know Gibbs was a certified tea leaves clairvoyant? 😯

  9. Speaking of Bill.

    I can’t help but wonder if Carville and Begala are among the ‘informal advisor’ sources to this article.


    While there are a lot of gems in that article this paragragh stood out as WTF….he does have one of those moments in the Gulf and the man blew it!

    “The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” says Rob Shapiro, another former Clinton official and a supporter of Mr Obama. “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.”

    • I just hope that’s not some kind of signal. Watch out below!

    • as some one living through the BP gusher, he has his damned event and he’s NOT doing a damned thing but trying to ignore it while on vacation and letting the criminals take care of the crime scene … I’m getting damned tired of incompetent administrations pissing away our lives down here in the Gulf Coast. Sending us brain damaged Joe Biden and Flotus with her tar ball fashion statement is not an adequate response. Send us skimmers damn it!

      • ITA. BP gusher is a world-impacting catastrophe and BO golfed through it.

      • Speaking of that dress, whoa that was a totally insane unthinking thing to wear, like seriously, out of all the dresses in all the stores in the world she chooses that one? Seriously lame…

        • She and B0 are either clueless about common sense and decency, or, they take secret pleasure at making coded gestures, like wearing that top to the gulf. If any garment could invoke a pristine beach despoiled by oil, that’s it. It reminds me of B0’s callousness at allowing jets to fly low in New York for a photo op. Do they ever consider the effects of their actions, or do they get off on causing pain to others?

      • Why is the FLOTUS trying so hard to play Marie Antoinette? I am sick of seeing her party while the Gulf burns and a recession is going on.

    • “The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” says Rob Shapiro, another former Clinton official and a supporter of Mr Obama. “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.”

      This asshat takes the cake.

      It’s the oil kill, asshat.

      • exactly, what on earth do you call the BP Oil gusher? It’s less of an event than 9/11 or Oklahoma City bombing? That’s an insult to every one down here having their lives turned completely upside down, their livelihoods threatened, and our HEALTH because no one is stopping BP from doing what ever it wants with dispersant and who knows what else?

    • “I can’t think how he could do that” Good lord! If the BP gusher isn’t one of those kinds of events what on earth would be?

      • It has to be that he’s so seriously screwed this up he needs a second chance at something (like 9/11) where if you just show up you’re a hero.

  10. Death of a Salesman

    John Dickerson thinks Obama’s lost his magic touch.

    A slew of new polls suggest Obama is not a great pitchman for his policies.

    When you lie often enough to enough people, eventually they start to notice.

  11. RE: The Methane Apocalypse.

    This story keeps showing up, but it’s not gonna happen. Methane Doomsday debunked.

    While it’s true that there are methane bubbles (and methane ice) beneath the ocean floor, they are not about to erupt from Gulf and destroy all life on Earth. This morning I spoke with two Earth scientists, Dave Valentine of UC Santa Barbara and Chris Reddy of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, who study methane and oil seeps from the sea floor. Valentine has just been out to the Gulf to study the methane levels there, and told io9:

    During our recent cruise to the Gulf we observed significantly elevated levels of methane at water depth greater than 2500 feet, in the vicinity of the Deepwater Horizon spill site. While the total quantity of methane and other hydrocarbons is enough to cause problems with the regional ecosystem, there is no plausible scenario by which this event alone will cause global-scale extinctions.

    So yes, there is a methane seep. No, it will not cause tidal waves or explode.

    Another fishy fact in the methane bubble doomsday story is Aym’s description of how methane bubbles are what caused the End Permian mass extinction event 250 million years ago – a mass extinction that I wrote about recently, here. Many scientists do believe that atmospheric changes and ocean anoxia (de-oxygenization) were to blame for that extinction – but even Gregory Ryskin, the scientist whose highly speculative work is cited in the article, doesn’t try to claim this as the sole cause, nor does he believe that one bubble of methane could bring down the biosphere instantly. The End Permian extinction took millennia to happen.

    So the BP oil spill isn’t going to end the world – it’s just going to kill a lot of ocean life. And already-existing methane seeps may be doing slow, deadly damage to our climate. All this makes it even more obvious that we need to invest in alternate forms of energy. But who wants to hear difficult, complicated pieces of information, when we could just be screaming about doomsday?

    More at link.

    • To date, I don’t believe anyone has come up with a better explanation for the Permian Extinction event than an asteroid strike. The main suspected crater is partially under the Gulf though.

    • Way to spoil our fun. Every time we hear of a good old fashion apocalypse, we have these debunkers bringing facts into the equation .:-)

    • Are birds considered ocean life? Because it’s going to killl lots of them–and not just water birds.

    • Until I read the link Bluelyon gave, I was worrying somewhat. Oh, I wasn’t ready to sell all my possessions and go somewhere to wait for The End, but I was worrying. Thanx, BL. 🙂

      I think the coverup makes such scenarios feel plausible. BP, with the full connivance of our bought-and-paid-for federal, state, and local governments, has imposed censorship successfully. In the absence of truth, wild rumors and scenarios can flourish. 😡

      To take a different example, if the government had just openly acknowledged the observation balloon crash at Roswell in 1947, would the UFO cult have ever gotten off the ground?

      I still find some degree of “felt” plausibility in 9/11 conspiracy scenarios. If the Dubya and Darth Cheney had cowboyed up and admitted on 9/12/01: “This happened because we fell asleep at the switch”, I doubt I would feel that way.

  12. And THIS is the very reason black folk’s unquestioned support for Obama was BOUND to boomerang back into our faces.


    F the NAACP.
    F the CBC
    F Al Sharpton
    F Jesse Jackson
    F Michael Eric Dyson
    F Cornell West

    And last but not least, F Obama!!!!

    • I can’t see any good coming of calling all white people racists at all times. It demeans a lot of people of good spirit. I don’t see this bringing a lot of folks together in post-racial harmony.

      • The real racists won’t give a shit. I doubt very many of the falsely accused will be more inclined to support Obama, but quite a few will oppose him out of resentment,

        • Getting called a racist two years ago didn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy about Obama or his pinhead followers.

          • Yep. When you’re accused of that, you’re basically told you’re not welcome or worthy enough to vote for this person. I assume most confronted with that would happily oblige and vote for someone else.

            Kind of similar to the elite/snob approach that some Dems like to take of saying to some that they’re too stupid to be with the in crowd, to which such people often oblige by voting for others.

          • Hammer. Nail. Bang!

            What Myiq said is one major reason why I was NOT willing to hold my nose and vote for Obama, and so I voted for McKinney instead.

    • I’m white, straight and male so I don’t know what it’s like to be a second-class citizen or a member of a despised minority.

      But if I was black I bet I’d put up with a lot of imperfections in a black candidate just to break that barrier. The same for a woman.

      So I’m not gonna criticize black people for supporting Obama.

      But one of these days we need this country to be post-racial, post-gender and post-every other kind of bigotry. We will have beaten racism when the color of a candidate’s skin is no more significant than the size of his/her ears.

      We still got a long way to go unfortunately.

      • But being elected is quite different from being a great leader. If (When) Obama goes down in history as a weak incompetent – that hurts the chances of any black person having a chance again for a long time.
        It goes back to MLK – when people are judged on the content of their character…… and Obama certainly was judged first on the color of his skin and not his character.

      • I’m not clear that the resolution was entirely a statement about Obama. To put a balance on it, the NAACP and others have had the concern over the clustering and growing of racist and separatist since the election.

        However, The Tea party has attracted many of them, and the Tea party is not doing enough to distance themselves form them, as for example, in the recent street march, in Phoenix over the new immigration law. It’s not all about black, but the rainbow, including indigenous folks. Here is SPLC’s summer crop of Patriots:

  13. “Candidate: Keep state’s [NH] complexion white”
    “Murdough says he isn’t racist, either”


  14. That NAACP resolution is just BS. A person can’t oppose Obama without being called racist and i am sick of it. It is time the misogynist Democrats stop labeling everyone who dares to have an opinion they don’t like a racist. Try leading the country Dems, you have been in the majority for years now so lead.

    • Agreed, these days the racist charge is used by many Dem’s as their main deductive argument, the man or women is white and therefore the logical consequence of their speech, cognition’s, actions, history, or behaviors are racist. But I guess it’s effective at inflaming the converted and for the rest of us it is a unsound conclusion, and a pathetic re-victimizing political play not without harm.

  15. Don’t worry MyIQ if a woman gets elected to anything she is five times better than any man in the running. There isn’t a remote chance in hell and incompetent woman will get elected President of the USA.

  16. Attention, Democrats! The Senate Is Now in Play.

    William Galston reads polls at TNR.

    As if things weren’t bad enough for Democrats, something I didn’t believe possible six months ago has happened: The Senate is now in play. You don’t believe it, dear reader? Let’s look at the numbers.


    It’s entirely possible that when the dust settles this November, Republicans will have hit the trifecta—President Obama’s former seat, Vice President Biden’s former seat, plus the Senate majority leader’s seat.

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