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Standing in the iPhone 4 line

So, about a month ago, a terrible thing happened. I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. I felt like I lost a part of myself. The damn earbuds were permanently inserted in my ears. What to do?
Well, since the new iPhone was about to be released, I thought I’d just buy a cheap temporary replacement and wait it out. I’ve been cold turkey for the past month. No, I a haven’t gotten over it yet.

Then, the day apple and ATT started taking orders, I was in the lab and couldn’t get to a computer to order one until ATT *stopped* taking orders because their system was overwhelmed. I went to the apple store to see if I could still get one on launch day. Nope. The orders are now backlogged until the end of July. But there was an eensy weensy chance I could still get one if I came to the store on launch dat and stood in the walk-in line.

Which is where I am. I have no hope. The lines are really long. Steve, I am so disappointed. I have sold a ton of ipads recently. I am a walking talking advertisement. And this is the thanks I get.


What are you doing this morning?


29 Responses

  1. I’ll even take a white one at this point.

    • LOL! You really are desperate. Hope your luck turns around. I thought the white ones were delayed until July.

      • Everything is delayed until July. Basically, if you didn’t order one before apple and ATT suspended taking orders the first day, you are not getting one until July. I’m pretty ticked. I’ve been a long time iphone user and the sucker doesn’t even get signal in my office. I just like it for everywhere BUT my office. But now, I’m tempted to just buy a new cheap iPod and get a family plan on verizon where Brooke has her phone. I love apple products but this is just testing my patience. The cost of ATT is ridiculous, the network is subpar and I’m tired of the lines.

        • I have an iPod Touch and a cheap-ass cell, and between the two I think I probably get 90% of the functionality of the iPhone. Although I’m almost always in an area with wifi.

  2. Sorry, RD. Hope you manage to get one today. I’m in a Motel 6 somewhere outside Cleveland. I’ll be hitting the road soon, hoping to get back home sometime tonight.

    • Nahgahappen. Looks like my section of the line just missed the cutoff. The apple store guy told us we *probably* weren’t going to get one today but we were welcome to wait – 4 to 5 hours. I bagged it and ordered one online. I now have to wait until July 14.
      Need to get my hands on an iPod pronto so I can go run.

    • Oh joy, I’ve been on that trip too. Used to stay at a Holiday Inn in Strongsville.

      Drive safely. Don’t fall down any restaurant steps and have to go to the hospital and get stitches in the middle of it like I did.

      • Thanks, Branjor! I made it here in pretty good time. There was almost no traffic to deal with yesterday or today–until I hit the Mass. Pike. What a nightmare! But I’m finally home. I’ll unpack stuff tomorrow.

        • Mass. Pike. I can imagine. I made good time until I hit the Garden State Parkway, during the rush hour (groan!), detour to hospital excluded.

          Glad you’re home safe!!!

  3. You need a technology intervention, RD.

    • No, I don’t. I can stop anytime I want to.

      • Oh noes! Not that response. It’s a classic.

      • I agree with RD on this one. When my brothers have all the techie things no one says a word, yet they call me ‘gadget lady’ 😯

        I did a BETA Test and two people (I was one of the two)said the software didn’t work, but they insisted it did and the software developers got all upset. Then the psychologist (maybe it was a psychiatrist never knew for sure) asked them to ask the group if they had any multi tools on their person!?! Well, wouldn’t you know it, it was us two that had the tools, albeit I asked why…before producing mine.

        Then the psychologist (behind the glass), said to check the software, because we were the type of people that would have tested beyond what others would before saying it was not functioning and missing something. Then they asked what it was missing and we both said the same thing… The other person was a man and I was a woman (which they found odd), but hey I think I can stop any time too! 😆

      • ATTA Girl RD! Go RD GO! Explore to your hearts content, you have a brilliant mind…GO RD GO!

  4. I didn’t even try the store route. I just ordered online with a July 14 date. Who knows if it will come then or be delayed some more. Don’t all these people ordering know I want one and that they should get out of the way? 🙂

  5. “So, about a month ago, a terrible thing happened. I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. I felt like I lost a part of myself.”

    This gave me the best laugh I’ve had in days. But disturbingly, I can completely empathize. How do you play “Do, a deer…” while you’re waiting in traffic w/o your Pianist app?

  6. I’m wondering how we got to the point where we are all wired.

    I’m not going to get an Iphone anytime soon. Yesterday I spent the day with danish pastries in this little burg on the central coast near where they filmed the movie Sideways. It’s been there forever and yesterday it was full of what appeared to be Korean and Chinese tourists with packed wallets.

    It was peaceful. Driving around in the vastness of nature. Away from the coast we have rivers and sun and the temp is in the 80’s instead of 58 and socked in fog.

    The river has cut new banks this year, and the deep emerald swimming pool is different.

    So anyway, I have this thing called a Kringle. It was good to get away from the sheer toxicity of the news for awhile. xxoo!

    Thinking of going to the Sur and points north soon — NorCal coast is fab. Unchanged.

    Hope you get your phone RD. Geez. Lines for phones?
    I love Apple but not that much.

  7. What’s wrong with NOKIA???????

    • Exactly. Apple isn’t the only game in town.

      Me, I’m a trend-setter, not a trend-follower. It’s ridiculous to stand in a long-line to be like “everyone else”.

      Of course, the everyone else is going to change to something else when the new fad comes out.

  8. I dropped my iPhone in the toilet.

    LOL! Sorry, RD, I know it’s not funny to you, but I just had to laugh. And I thought I was bad – I always used to drop my comb in the toilet.

  9. I’m not getting a Smart Phone until I’m smart enough not to lose one. So probably never.

  10. What do people here think about the need for fair trade electronics?

    Like RD, I feel the pull of iPhone 4 — even though my current 3G works just fine. I could totally see using an iPad — the laptop is sooooo heavy.

    BUT, between FoxConn employees throwing themselves off buildings and resource wars in Africa and elsewhere to secure minerals like tantalum, just so the goddamn phone will vibrate, I’m feeling some serious guilt and doubt about why my puny, selfish, media-induced desire for the next shiny gadget should be worth all that misery and death.

    Anyone else feeling that?


    • darn right, I do.

    • No. Of course I feel badly that Chinese employees are suicidal. I think they should be paid more and should have a happy work environment. But so far as I know, iPhones awe not being made anywhere else. If we stop buying them, apple will start laying off engineers and designers here in the US. Then there awe all of the developers who won’t make money fro. The apps they code.
      It’s not a perfect world. By all means, advocate for good working conditions around the world. But be sure your guilty conscience doesn’t lead to unintended consequences.

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