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Don’t be a hater

Ever have a what-the-fuck-moment of clarity?

That’s when you see something and your first reaction is what the fuck? but then it hits you:

So that’s how we got in this fucking mess!

I pulled this little butt nugget from an otherwise forgettable post by Paradox over at The Left Coaster:

The lame theater clanked along through the years, Ronnie’s successor absolutely vilified and despised for the attempt at being responsible in raising taxes, Clinton the moderate Republican actually coming through with a modicum of adherence to principle and luck with a few booms to produce a surplus, Bush the Palin Clone naturally blowing up our money with fission tax bombs.

Let me break this into two pieces:

Clinton the moderate Republican

There has been exactly one Democrat since FDR who was elected and completed two full terms in the White House. He was enormously popular when he left office (without the benefit of being the media darling for a single day) and he remains popular today.

So what’s the best way to promote the Democratic brand name?



Oh, wait, that doesn’t sound right. In fact, it sounds kinda stupid.

I take that back, it’s completely fucking moronic.

Check out this little gratuitous slur

and luck with a few booms to produce a surplus

Let’s say you’re one of those super smart “progressive blogger” types we hear so much about these days. If you wanted to help Democrats win elections, wouldn’t it make just a teensy-weensy bit of sense to emphasize the longest period of sustained economic growth since . . . uh . . . ever?

Not only that, but since the Republicans always claim to be fiscally responsible that “surplus” thingie that the Big Dawg left us is a big ole gob of hocked-up phlegm in the GOP’s eyes.

I don’t want to step on Dakinikat’s toes by spoutin’ off like I know something about that econumberolgy mumbo-jumbo-gumbo she’s always droning on talking about but I seem to recall that most of the wealth created in the nineties went to the poor and the middle class, and the gap between rich and poor actually shrunk a little bit.

(I understand that there are lots of graphs and charts out there on the innertoobz that prove what I just said and all you have to do is use teh google but if I could read graphs and charts I’d be a rich and famous graph and chart readin’ guy.)

Now some people might disagree with me because they think if we talk about how good it was back in the nineties everyone won’t appreciate how much better they have now. So we could try to convince people that the prosperity of the nineties was just an accident, and it had nothing to do with the guy who was running our country. I guess that guy that was running things back then was only in charge of bad stuff.

One thing I haven’t noticed much of yet are the lefty Clinton haters holding Obama to the same standard as Bill. I guess it’s not their fault – How do you hold Obama to the same standard as Bill when he will never measure up to the Big Dawg?

Kool-aid is a helluva drug:

John Cole at Buffoon Juice:

You point out the fact that this is the most successful Democratic Presidency in my lifetime and all you hear is but, but but… He didn’t get single payer!

I was alive during the Clinton years. They were pretty good years, if you like peace and prosperity. Some people prefer war, depression and ecological catastrophe I guess.

John Cole spent the nineties as a Clinton-hating Republican. In fact, he spent most of this millenium as a Clinton Hating Republican too. Then late in 2007 he became a Democrat. A month or so later he became an Obama supporter. Before the end of 2008 he appointed himself Credentials Chairman for the Democratic party and began declaring who the “real”Democrats were. (hint: You, me and Hillary weren’t on his list.)

Now the lefty blogosphere didn’t implode back in 2008 just because a few purists and some CDS infested GOP carpetbaggers bad-mouthed Bill Clinton. But I was thinking the other day about many Obama supporters (then and now) were really Clinton Haters.

Remember the “check his website” bullpucky? It was one of many ways that Obama had no form or substance, he was just “not Hillary.” I saw lots of Clinton hating GOPers in the nineties, but suddenly we had Democrats hating them worse than the Republicans ever did.

But not just the Clintons, they also hate everyone associated with the Clintons, including Clinton supporters. (They especially hate Clinton supporters with them vajajay thingies.)

Authoritarian aggression — a general aggressiveness directed against deviants, outgroups, and other people that are perceived to be targets according to established authorities.

Bob Altemeyer wrote about Right Wing Authoritarian followers:

When I say authoritarian followers are aggressive
I don’t mean they stride into bars and start fights. First of all, high RWAs go to church enormously more often than they go to bars. Secondly, they usually avoid anything approaching a fair fight. Instead they aggress when they believe right and might are on their side. “Right” for them means, more than anything else, that their hostility is (in their minds) endorsed by established authority, or supports such authority. “Might” means they have a huge physical advantage over their target, in weaponry say, or in numbers, as in a lynch mob. It’s striking how often authoritarian aggression happens in dark and cowardly ways, in the dark, by cowards who later will do everything they
possibly can to avoid responsibility for what they did. Women, children, and others unable to defend themselves are typical victims. Even more striking, the attackers typically feel morally superior to the people they are assaulting in an unfair fight. We shall see research evidence in the next chapter that this self-righteousness plays a huge role in high RWAs’ hostility.

That sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? Except for the part about the right-wing that sure sounds like Obamanation to me. I’ve debated many conservatives, formally and informally, and I never saw anything like the arrogance and sneering condescension of the Obots. But even worse was the hostility and aggression against other Democrats.

Anger, hostility and hatred seem to be etched into Obot DNA, and it’s kind of scary watching them engage in team-hate exercises with designated hate receptacles like Sarah Palin.

Remember when Left Blogistan despised conformity and groupthink? On many blogs they are now considered virtues and on many others independent thought can be fatal, at least for your account.

Think about this:

While we’re pariahs and proud of it, what happened to the Hillary blogs and bloggers that didn’t go PUMA?

If you visit the Obama blogs (aka The Kool-aid Kingdom) you’ll notice that the former pro-Hillary blogs/bloggers have still not been fully reintegrated into Left Blogistan. So even if we hadn’t put principle before party the Kewl Kidz would still hate us.

The Obots keep very close watch on anyone associated with Bill or Hillary. They despise Mark Penn, Peter Daou and the other members of Hillary’s campaign staff. As for Hillary herself, since she is a loyal supporter of Teh Precious they can’t criticize her, so they rarely mention her at all.

This comment from the Buffoons thread will give you an idea how perceptive and well informed Cole’s minions are:

Many “bloggers” (Edwards/Hillary supporters) never got over the primaries. To some race was/is a factor, but to most, they couldn’t believe the lost to someone who only had been a senator for 4 years. They simply never understood the reason they (Edwards/Hillary) lost is because of their support of the iraqi invasion. In short, there are alot of sore losers behind keyboards.

I started the primaries over there with the Buffoons and I was a regular there for a couple years before that. I remember what the issues were that people were talking about. The Iraq War vote was a blogospheric thing mostly , in the real world it didn’t matter as much. But it only really mattered because they could use it against Hillary. in 2008 many Democrats got harassed and hounded over it?

Whatever happened to that Iraq war anyway? It used to be so important. Where are those Commie Pinko Ladies these days?

It’s always kind of weird and amusing when some clueless idiot begins speaking with conviction to an expert on a subject in which he himself is so profoundly ignorant he is ignorant of his ignorance.

I’m something of an expert on Hillary supporters and PUMA types. Like most of you I’ve been hanging around TC and other non-Kool-aid blogs for the past 2+ years. We went from pro-Hillary to PUMA to please god make it stop but I don’t recall EVER seeing a former Hillary supporter saying “I can’t believe she lost to someone who only had been a senator for 4 years.”

I have seen Obama supporters say things about us that are so far off base you have to wonder how they could possibly be that stupid and wonder if they are being intentionally dishonest. According to the Obots, we’re all old, uneducated white women who were never into politics until we identified with a candidate who had a dried-up vagina just like ours.

I don’t know where I put my dried-up vagina but I can say that the former Hillary blogs and bloggers are as good or better (mostly better) than any in the blogosphere. Despite what we always keep hearing (from Obots) racism is their thing, not ours.

Generally speaking, in the United States racism is covert rather than overt these days. And when racism is overt it’s whacka-doodle-doo. It’s a big blogosphere and they don’t keep it locked- up at night. I’ve seen all kinds of crap over the years. (In fact, if you really want to see some crap they got websites that just show crap)

So there’s weirder people than me and Captain Spaulding wondering around loose on the internet. Some of them have turned up at TC from time to time, we sent them packing.

So where are all the racists? I’ll tell you where at least one or two of them are – Over at Blogstalkers. They have one or two regulars over there that like to post comments in our threads like:

“Why don’t you just call Obama a Ni**er and get it over with?”

(In the original blogstalker version the word was spelled out.) So they use racial epithets and project them onto us, and then blame us for words that are not in our vocabularies.

Here’s one Buffoon turning on another :

By using the word “colored,” that commenter just proved that they didn’t want him in office and that they’d turn on him the first moment he wasn’t perfect. They’d accept less than perfection from Hillary Clinton and they accepted it from Bill Clinton. But someone like Obama had to be beyond perfect.

In that regard, the commenter and others of his ilk, are worse than the GOP. At least you expect racist crap from them. But ever since he was elected I’ve had the feeling that the Jane Hamsher type of “progressive” (and I’m not saying every progressive) thinks Obama owes them an apology for winning the election. Every day I’m more and more sure

(I urge you all to check out the comment thread over there. I spent a couple hours just wallowing in scadenfreude)

We have over 4,000 posts and over 450,000 comments in the archives here at TC – RD started cranking them out in January 2008 and we kept it going ever since. If someone really wanted to know about us they could read through what we produced with hard work and drunken inspiration. Or they could just ask us.

This is Obot “truth”:

“. . . this is the most successful Democratic Presidency in my lifetime . . . .”

(Only if John Cole is eight years old)


152 Responses

  1. myiq, I totally get what you’re saying, and it’s the same thing I’ve been saying for almost a year. As is evidenced by this post from last july:


    But I am not, in fact, a Progressive by identity. I am a liberal. Because in today’s American Political Culture, being a “Progressive” makes you a Right Wing Fundie in liberal drag. Sad, but true.
    Liberals have been demonized for quite a while in this country. I’d say it probably started with the Reagan Era, when Religious zealots and Conservative Southern Democrats took over the Republican Party. Around that time, a lot of wealthy and privileged former self described College “Liberals” moved to the Republican Party, declaring themselves “Conservatives.” Publicly, they took up the cause of Militarism and Religious Fundamentalism, but privately they were hypocrites, and their activities are well-documented in one of my favorite books, Blinded By the Right, by David Brock (I quote it often).
    Hillary Clinton called their politics of personal destruction political activism “A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” She was mocked for it in the media, but she wasn’t wrong. Ever since Nixon’s Resignation, these kooks had been using corporate sugar daddies like Richard Mellon Scaife to fund their agenda in the media and in interest groups.
    Old farts like Pat Robertson and James Dobson and Newt Gingrich come to mind, but they weren’t the only tools involved in the process. Jokers like Andrew Sullivan, Ariana Huffington, and Chris Matthews cheered for some of the worse disasters of my Generation: CDS and the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the election of George W. Bush, and the War in Iraq. And they did it all under the guise of their Gung Ho “Conservatism.”
    Then, around the time of the mid term elections in 2006, they had a Come-to-Jesus moment and left the Republican Party, hilariously declaring themselves icons of the “New Left,” and by extension liberalism itself. Most of them had gotten their starts by smearing the Clintons, whom they declared were Republicans in drag. Sadly, the irony was lost on them and their projection continued. And even worse, they gained an audience. They and their followers coined themselves “The Progressive Movement.”
    It wasn’t long until “The Progressive Movement” began cheering for their new standard bearer, Barack Obama. Again, the irony was lost on their audience. These imbeciles had spent the past two decades decrying all things liberal and good, why would anyone vote for the candidate they were peddling on places like Politico, the Huffington Post, and Daily Kos?

    In my opinion, the whole of left blogoston that was taken over by “progressives” are a front for destroying the left, and Obama is their standard bearer. It’s not an accident that Obama is called liberal and a socialist, it’s because he’s here to taint liberalism abd socialism and make it obsolete forever. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • Normally I would say that a liberal taint was a good thing.

      • But he is not a liberal, that’s the problem, so the taint is a bad taint. A liberal believes in individual rights, equality of opportunity and limiting the powers of government.
        He doesn’t believe in individual rights, he cares nothing for a woman’s right to an abortion and cares even less for a gay couples rights to a civil union or marriage that would give them the same rights as heterosexual couples. He doesn’t care about equality of opportunity, he would rather the middle class pay taxes to bail out banks that take away their jobs than give them a tax cut and the banks a tax hike. He doesn’t care about limiting the powers of government because he continues to hold prisoners indefinitely and without a trial and continues to authorize the patriot act.
        And yet he is sold to the american public as a “liberal.” If that’s the case than why would anyone in their right mind vote for a “liberal” “leftist” democrat again?
        Answer: they wouldn’t!

        • My daddy said the only bad taint is no taint

        • Is it my imagination or did a dirty joke go right over your head?

          • oh, damn!

          • Awww. I miss the old days with Reg, Angie, and scrubs and everyone getting all mad and complaining to RD. *sobs*

          • We chatted after the kiddies were in bed.

            But the evidence was still there at breakfast.

          • … I miss those days too. But they haven’t been around much lately and me and myiq have had to pick up their slack 😦

          • {{{{LI}}}}}}

            I know, I remember a few times watching the sun coming up and thinking damn, I wish this thread would self-destruct in the next thirty seconds. Lol

          • lol some of those thread got pretty raunchy. I would be in bed trying to fall asleep but it would just get funnier and funnier.

          • LI is just a Cleveland teaser

            She’ll throw some comment out there to get your attention like saying something about stripping for somebody via webcam but if you take the bait it ain’t nothin’ but a piece of cheese cuz she’ll turn into a born-again virgin or go to bed.

            “Wait, wait! Don’t log off LI – what was the name of that website with your naked camping trip pictures on it??”



          • What naked camping pictures? I wasn’t camping when I took those, I was skiing!

            *logs off*

          • Lol Keep warm!

          • First, we must know what the bad thing is, otherwise we simply think well OK…what ever that is…must be a tool or some thing.

    • left blogoston that was taken over by “progressives” are a front for destroying the left

      I agree Little One…you are sharp as a tac and hit the nail on the head on here!

      Those ‘progressives’ sure stayed silent when the Public Option was blocked and kept off even the table of discussion and said zip/nada about the Medicare Buy In for those over 45.

    • I agree

  2. you’ll notice that the former pro-Hillary blogs/bloggers have still not been fully reintegrated into Left Blogistan.

    Well, wow wee, as I recall both of us got banned from Talk Left or today ‘What’s Left To Talk About’…more to the point…since silencing the discourse of dissent.

    Oh, and where is that…

    • Obots still hate Jeralyn Taylor M went on a Kool-aid bender after the Dem Convention and chased off the PUMA/HRC types.

      Obots still wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.

      TM went Kool-aid free but her old HRC/PUMA regulars haven’t gone back

      That was the first time I ever saw someone gang-bang themselves

  3. This is made of win. They’re like little kids, and they have no impulse control. They blew up the party, and they wondered where the loyalty went. They demonized Hillary as the b—- from the pit of hell, and wonder why nobody will turn a blind eye to Obama’s faults. Bill Clinton is one of only two damn Dems in the country that many Americans like. Even if you disagree with everything he stands for, you don’t treat him like a pariah *because that alienates the millions of Americans who like him.* It’s not worth destroying your party to get your 12 year old yuk yuks. If he’s so bad, you honor him at a state dinner, praise him to the skies, and then quietly overturn everything he did, without fanfare. That’s how you do it.

    It’s like Obama and the stupid bust of Churchill. I don’t like Churchill either, but I’m not 2. If I became President through a big mixup plus the magic of gender reassignment surgery, I’d realize acting like a petulant child is not worth pissing off our allies. There are things we think and things we say. Just thank them profusely and stick the damn thing in a closet. And grow up!

    I’m sure they high fived each other like crazy that time they got up in Hill’s face and yelled at her to concede, but people don’t like that $&)@. They noticed how O’s supporters acted, and it freaked them out. Yeah, it worked, but in spite of, not because of. Meanwhile, the more these guys get away with, the more deluded and clueless and insular and obnoxious they get, the more they think they can get away with, and the more determined they are to punish the non-believers. Good luck with that.

    • Most people were turned off by how Obots acted. For supporters of hope and change, they were awfully hateful and set in their ways.

      • And when neutrals called them on it, they really unleashed the hopium. 😉 Obama’s supporters are responsible for turning millions of skeptics into supporters–of the other candidates.

      • They reminded me of a blogospheric SA – Hitler’s bully-boy

        The brownshirts loved to break up rallies of competing political parties.

        (I godwined)

      • In 2008, Arkansas held its primary on Super Tuesday. Edwards had just dropped out, but Obummer and–so I thought at the time–Hillary were too corporate-friendly, so I voted for Edwards to remind the two remaining candidates not to forget us working stiffs. [Of course, if I had known then what I know now about Edwards… :oops:]

        I finally chose Hillary over Obummer less because of anything Hill said or didn’t say than because I got royally PO’d at the snotty antics of Obummer and his frat-rat barbarian hordes, including Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone, which is the primary reason I let my RS subscription expire last year, after having subscribed (with a brief interruption in 1999) since 1988. It wasn’t the money; RS subs don’t cost that much.

        If not for that obnoxious Oborg behavior, I would have been willing, however reluctantly, to hold my nose and vote for Obummer in November.

        Instead, I voted for McKinney. (Green Party) :mrgreen:

        • Exactly. Not to mention, lots of anti-Hill people had been saying they could never vote for her and would vote for JM if he were the nominee for ages, from, like, before anyone even declared. Then after they alienated half the party, who would have voted for any D like always before they took it to this insane level, they started crying about party loyalty. They’re unreal, they really are.

          • Yup, like Donna saying she would leave the Democratic Party if the candidate who won the popular vote wasn’t the nominee. But since that candidate turned out to be Hillary, she couldn’t have been happier to join the unity wagon.

      • Obots were hateful??? that is the joke of all time. No one had as much hate as Hillary’s supporters – pro-Hillary sites were one cesspool after another, and some still are (don’t go anymore so can’t say for sure).
        You people keep complaining about the awful obots, please show me who these horrible people are – I haven’t seen them yet.
        Not everyone hates Obama like you guys do- some even think he is doing okay. But it always comes back to Hillary and Bill, doesn’t it?

        • You – mirror – look

          See that inbred moron giving you a gapped tooth smile?

          That’s one right there.

          BTW – the only reason there were Hillary blogs (like this one) was because we had to leave our old blog hangouts because of the Obot infestation

          • And not just the net, in real life too. Bringing you hope and change through anger, insanity, and hate–with none of those pesky boundaries! I felt bad at how bemused Dem were by all the jaw dropping craziness.

        • Yes, the Obama supporters were so sweet and helpful during the Texas Caucus/Primaries. I will never forget and thank you for keeping the true history alive.
          Its so funny to watch what is happening in South Carolina right now. I don’t think anyone dares say what it looks like.

          • As soon as they saw Diebold was involved and they may have to take it up with the big boys, the SCDems embraced the fake as their candidate. A sweet delicious karmic story.

        • “You people?”

        • I think there are doctors for what ails you. It is called CDS.

    • A sizable chunk of Obamanation has no firm ideology. As Obama moved 180 degrees they stayed with him like they were his shadow.

      But they act like they have one – they will argue like it is a life&death matter

      Until Obama changes positions again.

      • That’s the best part. The party destroying bloodbath was based on–absolutely nothing. Obama looks so good in that suit and Shepard Fairey would never make an iconic portrait of Hillary! And damn, he did Andre the Giant!

        • Jon Stewart does a massive take-down of Obama the candidate vs. POTUS Obama

          Obots sit quietly –

          BTW – Where are the anti-war protests?

          • Yeah, ask Amanda Marcotte and all the ones who freely admitted Obama’s domestic agenda was crap and Hill crushed him. But it didn’t matter, because the war! The war! He was going to end the war! Right after he finished saying his position on the war was indistinguishable from Bush’s, but he was just funnin’.

            And I love how all the Obots are now casting themselves as the anti-war contingent, as opposed to H and E’s warlike hoardes. Guess what ex Repubs, we’re as or more likely to be and have been against the war, we’re just not stupid.

          • If I voted for someone because of his/her promises and positions, and then once the election is over the politician went the other direction on most or all of them, I would get a tool and scrape my lips off his/her ass.

          • Or, for that matter, where is the environmental movement? Bueler? Anyone?

          • Link please…

      • I remember a diary at DKos in which people were belittling the idea of a platform altogether. Who needs policy positions? – they’re so 20th Century. You just have to vote for the person you like and trust him to do the best thing, because he will be the best and smartest President EVER.

        At least they were honest, though.

  4. After November 2012, all the obots will stfu. It’s going to be a long 2-1/2 years.

    • That day cannot come soon enough. Gods have mercy on us all.

    • I think all Obots should report to the Gulf Coast with a 50 lb cement block chained to each leg.

      Ferry them out over the leak, and tell them to go save Obama’s reelection chances, then push ’em in.

      Hope and Change!


    • Maybe. Obama always seems to find a way. I would not bet against him.

      • Speaking of finding a way.

        I know this is old news here, but Obama is trying to make sure no one plays his games on him.


        Link, from the article, to the rulez that are subject to change without notice.


        • Meant to point to this little gem in the upbove link…a Republican noticed…

          “Funny thing about the 2008 Democratic nomination; Hillary Clinton won the popular vote (we will dispense with the polite fiction that Michigan’s totals should be invalidated because the then-Senator goofed up by taking his name off of the ballot). And neither candidate walked into that convention with an outright majority of hard delegates. Clinton lost the nomination because the Democratic party establishment decided that Obama was the better choice – “

      • Sooner or later Obama will ride off into the sunset

        Will the Obots pull a Heavens’s Gate??

        • Obama denies the policies he supported during the campaign. When it’s clear Obama is a total failure, I think all those obots will swear they never supported the lightbringer.

          • Many of them are former rabid Bush supporters who swear they never licked Dubya’s b*lls in their life, so at least they’re consistent.

          • Or he points the caveats in his speeches and claims the Obots weren’t listening.

          • O Mighty Isis, I really DID NOT NEED that image.

            BRAIN BLEACH, STAT! 😛

          • Oh, you know that’s true. I can see it now. “We were never fooled. We always knew how bad it would get, but what could we do? That Hillary was such a rac ist, we couldn’t let it stand. We voted for him, but we were never deceived!”

          • Tom, did you lick his balls?

            No sir!

            I was sucking on his balls,

            Kevin was.licking them

          • Lol Yeah, those bastards turn on KO after all he’s “risked” for them! Like risking his freedom when he encouraged party leaders to commit violence against her person.

          • That’s why I took a picture of my vote for McCain. Nobody is going to blame this idiot on me……

          • Not all of them. W still has some little fans. A few loyalists will still swap good ol’ times stories about Obama too. For now, at Bobotland, following teh speech reactions, a slew of less loyal B0bots have been banned. It amused me to read, on another forum, the comment of one of them which mirrored word by word the good bye post by a PUMA : back in 2008: “this forum is neither an Underground, nor Democratic”
            It’s good to know we left a mark on their subconscious.

      • If Obummer does find a way, I suspect that way will turn out to be mostly:

        Too many voters decide too much of the GOP is just too damn crazy. 😯

      • I couldn’t believe Dubya won a second term but then the best the dems could field was John Kerry? If we get a Palin-Huckabee ticket from the Republicans–which we damn well could—he’ll win by what looks like a mandate. Even I wouldn’t cast a protest vote for those two. I’d head straight to the green ticket in a new york minute or skip the top, but the result would be the same, another 4 years of Bush/Cheney policies and Obama’s stupid speeches.

        • That’s because he didn’t win a second term. Ohio was the new Florida, Florida was done somewhat smoother this time, and then there were several midwest states that I know of. Greg Palast had done some investigations and came on Air America the day before the elections and predicted which states would be stolen. Diebold neatly reversed the poll numbers in the results I have a graph somewhere.
          Dems are afraid to tackle Diebold – see their caving in SC

  5. G.W., followed by Obama, followed by another GOP — it’s disgusting.

    • It was the plan

      • Yes.

      • But maybe, if Obama’s numbers look horrible in 2011, he decides not to run.

      • What’s more, we even know who the planned successor is. It’s the person who had the Bush establishment behind him in the last election. The person who had the same healthcare industry behind him with the same healthcare bill. Romney.

        The only question is, will he run in 2 years, or will the orchestrated change happen in 6 years. With any luck, we’ll have something like in ’92 where the machine behind both parties decided HW was to win and the planned successors were to wait another 4 years, then Bill won when he wasn’t supposed too.

        Sadly that’s the only hope we have.

        • Romney is tanned, rested, and ready to go for 2012. I think you’re right. Those who supported Obama, also supported Romney. Head or tails, it’s a win. Bada bing bada boom.

          • Romney vs. Obama 2012. As Goddess is my witness that won’t happen, else my ass is going to Canada and not coming back for a long while.

          • LI: “My ass is going to Canada”

            Where will the rest of you be going? :mrgreen:

        • And no disrespect to Big Dawg, but wasn’t Ross Perot the main reason Bill won when he wasn’t supposed to?

          • I’m sure he helped, but I think Bill still would have won. Repubs had been in power for twelve years and Americans wanted change and voted for it, despite “investigative reporters” down in Arkansas sniffing through the Clintons’ panty drawer.

          • Exactly right. Bill was the accidental president. The ‘powers that be’ had a long-range plan and he wasn’t on it. So they spent 8 years, and now 10 more attempting to erase him from the history books. The problem is that the American people were benefactors of his presidency and cannot/will not forget.

            He is the bane of *their* existence and many of these former righties in the blogosphere are leading the charge now and the proggers willingly follow what they think is a movement. It’s a movement all right…

            Bill Clinton was the greatest president of my generation. So there!

        • I agree about Romney and it’s a matter of when they decide to install him …however the real sad part is there’s no Bill Clinton to win when he’s not suppose to…if that opening occurs

  6. Joe Lieberman wants kill switch to give Obama the power to kill the internet in case the internet is attacked.

    • It’s already there, and has been for years. There’s also one for each of the cable news channels. Oops, did I say that out loud.

  7. It was Obamacans/Republicans for Obama, crossover and party switching caucus and primary voting encouragement, undue “moderate/progressive/bipartisan” support, Lieberman mentoring, and other examples of a too cozy relationship with the Other Side that first made me suspicious of him. The subsequent racial exploitation and perversion of the Civil Rights legacy sealed the deal. Though I always thought she was the better candidate, liking Hillary never really had anything to do with it. I never trusted him for him.

    • Many of us had similar experiences. I had admired Hillary for years and while she was my first choice I didn’t even decide on her until she won New Hampshire. I thought she was the best candidate all along, but it was Obama’s exploitation of race and the behavior of Obots that sealed the deal.

    • Cinie! I started out thinking Hillary was too conservative, and O was also too conservative. Then when all of the other Hillary is too conservative people started embracing O, I was dumbfounded as to what the eff was going on.

      • For me, it wasn’t so much the policies they supported as it was the people that supported (or hated) them. Never did compute. Why was a woman (Donna Brazile) who proudly claimed having Karl Rove as a friend and confidante, championing Obama since ’04? A whole lot of little, and not so little, things never really made sense if it was all really about a purely Democratic contest.

        • None of it made any sense. Kennedy Mr. Healthcare, and I’ll never forget Kerry’s people calling around trying to keep his primary challenger off the ballot. I said that I would not support him because he’s a hypocrite voting against the state as an SD and I had no clue why he was supporting Obama. The guy said Kerry could not support HC because she voted for the Iraq War Resolution!!!! I pointed out that I could not really counternance Kerry voting for the same resolution he, Kerry, also voted for. Phone guy worked for Kerry and got fed that talking point, just so crazy to lie to voters that brazenly.

          • Meant I could not countenance Kerry trying to blame Clinton for voting for the same resolution he also voted for and if he felt that strongly about it, he should resign.

        • championing Obama since ’04?

          Indeed. That’s when the orchestrated push to install Obama became publicly visible …starting with the 04 convention. He hadn’t even won his Senate seat yet .
          The 04 convention and Kerry’s run only function was to set up Barry

        • there a Mike Moore interview with Amy Goodman where he referred to a republican’s ad against Hillary . It was just a name calling vile ad. Moore admitted that the republicans wanted her out of the race. The funny thing the left basically used the same ad word for word to achieve the same goal later on. Moore himself one way or the other used it.
          It boggled the mind to consider 2008 a democratic victory.

      • See above, under “progressive movement” and “Obama sent to destroy the left.”
        And whatever to those people who say, “well we don’t know what kind of President Hillary would have been.”
        No, not precisely, but would she have passed that horrendous health insurance reform bill?
        um, no, absolutely not.
        And would she have dithered like an idiot in the wake of deepwater horizon?
        Um, NO. She and Bill would have been wading in the gulf hand in hand with knee high rubber boots and methane masks, learning everything there was to know and taking immediate action not a day later than when the explosion occurred.
        We know this because of their past actions, and while we can only speculate as to whether Hillary would have been a good President, we know she wouldn’t have been a bad one.
        And Obama is just a plain bad president.

        • From your lips to God’s ears……

        • I mean, it was clear Obama wasn’t gonna be FDR, but he’s been worse than a lot of us even suspected. She’d have to work pretty damn hard to not be significantly better.

        • If Obama was gonna be good, they would not have installed him. He was installed to be bad…the shocking part is how bad…and it gets worse by the week

      • His experience and rising to the top like scum, made me suspicious, but the use of the race card sealed it. Trying to push Hillary out of the way made me despise him.

      • really that was exactly what happened with me, I mean what the F… is going on here. I knew she was better but I was kind of a Bill person rather than Hillary person. So I wasn’t a keen supporter of her’s at the beginning untill they started to shove him down our throats. Any kind bullying makes me reacts by pushing back and I don’t respond possitively to brain washing either. I guess that is why and how most of his supprters politics to them started 2007. The good thing that promted me to know her better and became unwaivering and learn more about him and became exactly the opposite.

  8. A bit OT, but a very early sign of trouble within Obumbles circles. In 2000, I wrote Gore off when he lost his home state. Now it seems Obumbles home state is in play if he runs. Why else would his number two stump for anyone coming out of there? Interesting development…….


    • Every time I see some one say they wrote Gore off for losing TN, I first think they are full of crap because that is an often stated cliche from the Gore haters. Then I wonder if they have any sense of what kind of state TN is. If Gore had NOT lost his state he would have been way to far right for me to vote for.
      Gore “lost” his own state partly due to election fraud and partly because his time in DC had changed him for the better. He became more liberal as time went on.

  9. WHICH home state? 😆

  10. Great post. Of course.

    I have a few Obot friends who were former Republicans or Libertarians. Sadly that pattern is all too familiar. They tend to be a bit on the nasty, bully side, and that team was a good fit for them. They are all still on the Obot team sadly — spinning and twisting and becoming pretzels to rationalize how Obama is still an unquestionable genius the likes of which we’ve never seen..

    What’s really perplexing though are the fairly authentic liberal friends who liked the Clinton’s, and then bought into the race baiting and decided they were wrong all along and the Clinton’s were evil and Obama was indeed the lightbringer. I just never understood what happened. One thing is they were all heavy TPM readers. About half of them are coming out of the kool-aid coma, the other half are still rationalizing away.

    It’s been very sad to watch people get taken in like this.

    • What’s kind of interesting is the ex-replublican friends are actually more rational. They already hated Clinton and would like a second dubya, and so they are unhappy with the incompetence, but not the results. On the other hand, the previously liberal friends that are still sticking with Obama (and weren’t Clinton haters before) are so twisted up I fear for their mental health. It’s so stunning.

  11. In short, there are a lot of sore losers behind keyboards.

    I always feel surprised at people expecting no sore losers, whatever the electoral tactics deployed by their heroes.

    • I’m used to picking the loser going back to, well, you don’t want to know. OK, I’ll tell you, McGovern.

      • me too. But I think this is the sorest I’ve ever felt-tho I did feel pretty sore about McGovern.

      • That was the old Democratic party

        “Stand on Principles (and get run over by a truck)”

    • They set fire to the building and once it’s burned to the ground, they’re all confused wondering where it went, trying to find it.

  12. This post was already getting too big but is important:

    Somebody once said If the Jews didn’t exist Hitler would have had to invent them.

    One key part of his rise to power was uniting the Nazis by giving them someone to blame/hate


    One way to form and identity is by declaring who you ARE NOT

    Conservatives (RWA’s) do this a lot by trash talking liberals

    O and the Obots did it by opposing/hating the Clintons

    The arrogant and aggressively hostile Obot was no accident. It’s a feature, not a bug.

    • It’s a big post, and I’m going to sleep. G’night.

    • This is so true, and Obots have race. Obots remain the most racist people in America. They always say what they aren’t–conservatives, Clintonistas, DLC Dems… they do this so much they forget to mention what they are: ass h*les.

      Now I’m going to bed.

      • I started the 08 primary at Buffoon Juice where I had been a regular.

        It’s a guy blog with a rude crude sense of humor – but it wasn’t the Roman Arena

        Once John Cole started serving Kool-aid you had to be for Obama or else.

        I or elsed my ass over here.

        • Cole didn’t purge the blog – it was the mob.

        • It’s a guy blog with a rude crude sense of humor

          Apparently you’ve adjusted well to being a moderator on a blog with mostly female regulars, else you wouldn’t feel so comfortable asking me for my skiing photos.

          *runs off to bed for realz this time*

    • They based this whole thing on classism, sexism, and ageism. Only problem is, there are many more people in the out-group than the in-group. Not to mention, everyone who wants to be in the in-group already is. There are diminishing returns when no one else wants to join. It’s sort of like how Volderaxle continues to push Obama in front of the camera, despite the fact that he was overexposed over a year ago and everytime he makes a speech he’s annoying and alienating people. Everyone who can be reached that way already has been

    • That joke is in poor taste…me thinks.

  13. The Obama zombies are starting to get scared. They actually thought by choosing cool over what is right would play out over time. I was run off blogs but more painful was being run out of my local party which was occurring at the national level concurrently. It was younger opportunists who were venal, sexist, classist and clueless. Yes some of them were Republicans sometime in their short moronic lives, but the most painful were brought up by what I had always considered classic Liberals. In the past week I have sneakily and with great glee advised that they be canned because the economy is so horrible. Old dogs like me refuse to retire to make room for these asses and the young ones can’t bring in the business since they tend to be so much better and smarter than paying clients. Four of seven were fired yesterday afternoon. They are age 27 to 34 with the best educations money can buy. The remaining three looked like they had been poleaxed. It’s the Obama economy I told them and no one is happy about this. I have never acted like this in my life but I have never been treated like I was in 2008 and 2009 and I will never forget. With no judgment, moral compass, or even basic decency they will learn what it means to be on the wrong end of a sharp stick. I tried to find some kind of redeeming value in this bunch and I could not.

    • That reminds me of that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where the girls are obnoxious and the older lady gets fed up and starts ramming their car. Karma, baby. 🙂

    • I have never acted like this in my life but I have never been treated like I was in 2008 and 2009 and I will never forget.

      ….honey, it’s awful that anyone has to be canned…. but It’s about time they learned there are personal consequences and a price to pay, for their imagined “cool”

      With no judgment, moral compass, or even basic decency they will learn what it means to be on the wrong end of a sharp stick.

      A start to their real education

  14. I noticed in B0botland – without Hillary to unite them in their hatred they’ve been somewhat lost. (Palin doesn’t quite do it). Since the oil-kill, they been floundering – and now they are trying to use “the media” as focus for their rage. Which is deliciously ironic.
    and as a clever segue, today’s tabloids:

    • Yeah, Rachel and Keith and their deep anti-Obama bias. Stay non-delusional, kids!

  15. Spectacular post!! Thank you!

    But I was thinking the other day about many Obama supporters (then and now) were really Clinton Haters.

    Indeed. They have to be Clinton haters…because the difference is too glaring and getting more so by the day …also they can’t even see Obama unless they have a “dark” contrast next to him …Clintons, Palin who ever etc….otherwise it’s just Barry on the golf course and that doesn’t look so good .

  16. All this reminiscing made me chronicle a story from last year which is pertinent

  17. It is truly bizarre.

    So many Democrats feel the need to put down the man that brought us back to back Deomcratic Championships. We had prosperity and peace, but they hate on Clinton more than the Republicans.

    I started calling it the twilight zone over at NQ.

    I’ve come to realize that they are jealous. Sometimes the hardest thing to get people to admit to is the obvious.

  18. “Bush the Palin Clone naturally blowing up our money with fission tax bombs.”

    That’s the part of the quote I love. It shows exactly the age and knowledge level of the writer. “Bush the Palin Clone.” Yeah, ’cause Palin has been out there so long, and Bush is just a copy of her. Huh? Are these little kiddies serious?

  19. Great post. Oh ps: looks like it hasn’t broken exactly yet but just like with the Avian flu stock guess who stands to land a cool 85 mill purty soon once BP goes belly up.


    • What a disgusting piece of fluff!

      • I don’t own any stock so?
        I don’t know much about it. What I had was a miniscule 401 thing when NYT offered that “plan” to the small peeps.

        Somebody around here might know what to look for right now?

    • LOL-didn’t know about Obama’s parking tickets prior to reading this- but his tardiness is certainly not surprising…

      Now let’s consider some of his financial decision-making. First, there are those parking tickets. When Obama was attending Harvard Law School, he apparently racked up 19 parking tickets in Somerville and Cambridge, Mass.—and paid only two of them (both late). Then, 15 years later, two weeks before he announced his candidacy and just as the Boston Globe began sniffing around, Obama suddenly paid the remaining $375 in fines.

  20. “Many “bloggers” (Edwards/Hillary supporters) never got over the primaries. To some race was/is a factor, but to most, they couldn’t believe the lost to someone who only had been a senator for 4 years. They simply never understood the reason they (Edwards/Hillary) lost is because of their support of the iraqi invasion. In short, there are alot of sore losers behind keyboards.”

    So stunningly clueless as usual. I saw one Obot say that they never “bought into” the caucus frauds and therefore everyone who wasn’t for Obama HAD to be against him because they were racist.

    I was on the ground in quite a few states. There were two thousand reports of caucus fraud in Texas ALONE in one day and three law suits filed. There were the bus loads of people brought in to vote out of state in Iowa…caucus after caucus and it was the same gaming, the same bullying, the same tactics. I even had one young person involved in that brag to me about it on site!! So they need not pretend to themselves or anyone else it did not happen. There is the May 31st debacle. The most undemocratic primary I ever saw in my life AND the fact that you had so called “democrats” behaving like rabid Bushies.

    For me it was and is the vote cheating, the way that convention was run and May 31st that turned me totally off of Obama. That and the set up of calling Hillary a racist. Even though there was a back handed apology in the form of “Our campaign did some things we aren’t proud of” meaning the whole trumped up b.s. about Hillary saying ANYTHING remotely racist. They were called out on that but, some Obots STILL site the Bobby/June campaign remark as a factual event when it did not happen that way at all. I will never forgive him that. Sending out that memo to every teevee outlet urging them to FRAME her remarks that way when in fact they were NOT said that way at all. That and calling every last person who tried to say a word about those caucus frauds OR May 31st as of course “racist” Oh no, vote stealing was supposed to hunky dory with all of us.

    All of the above. I had fully intended to vote Obama had she lost fair and square when it all began. But nobody can make me vote for a vote stealer..after all I have no assurance my vote counts for anything anymore. If Hillary had done it I wouldn’t have voted for her either. Obama’s campaign was run with Chicago thuggery to the hilt. All with a halo slapped on the thin veneer. It reminded me WAY too much of Bush and then some.

    I will never understand the blindness so many obots have about the gaming of that primary. The same people who claimed to be so angry with Bush about the Florida decision are totally okay with what the Obama campaign did or they perpetually pretend to themselves it didn’t happen. That’s just plain willfully stupid and insulting..

  21. I always say the Arianna/Kos crowd came over to my party to destroy it. You can take the former GOP-ers out of the repugnant party, but you can’t take the repugnant tactics out of the opportunistic types who only became “progressives” because the GOP was a stinking old thing and they saw more chance to gain influence on the other side.Real conversions are of course possible and respectable, but they actually have to be based on more than, “i’m Arianna, I’ve reinvented myself again, and I have another book to sell ya!” She went from Clinton-hater to authoritay on Democratic party maneuverings while still vilifying all things Bill and Hillary Clinton. And, corporate America/corporate MSM loves that, they love that the “leading” voices on the left are all Clinton-haters convincing “progressives” that out of the last three decades, the Clinton years are the ones to fear the most.

    • very well said , as always .Arianna discovered what many, many , almost too many to count have discovered : the surest way to journalistic success is to Clinton bash

  22. Hell, I”m starting to believe this isn’t even the most successful presidency of the last 10 years.

    • Oi.

    • can someone name one thing that has gotten better cause of O in O office? I’m not even talking about the stuff he inherited about which he’s simply pressed harder on the gas petal ( wars, wall give aways) …but the stuff he’s done too ! Even the freaking whales have been put under the bus .

    • It’s the most successful presidency EVAH since 2008.

  23. I remember a few comments by Paradox that were reasonable. I believe he let it slip once on The Left Coaster that he was running The Media W*ores side.

    I am not sure what happened to him ( (if presumably it’s the same person) on TLC. He seemed devoid of passion, or reasoning. He writes in a twisted, vapid porse to rationalize and get the results he wants. Perhaps, someone kidnapped the original Paradox (or his moniker). I can’t stand to read past the first paragraph of his writing.

    It’s strange. Steve’s prose and online personlity really hasn’t changed much. He was always mellow.

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