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Wednesday News

Good Morning Conflucians!!

That sure was one stunningly bad speech the empty suit gave yesterday. BB already found a good roundup of some reactions. Let’s look at what else is happening today.

OK, can’t get very far without some news related to Obama’s performance. Stunning everyone I’m sure (snark), enthusiasm for Dem voters seems to be dropping. Say it isn’t so. Here’s a bit from that story (which points to more detailed poll results):

Midterm elections, when turnout is traditionally low, are all about getting voters engaged enough to actually go the polls and vote. In the USA TODAY survey taken Friday through Sunday, there’s sobering news on that front for Democrats. Just 35% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters said they were “more enthusiastic than usual” about voting in November. That’s down eight percentage points from May and a precipitous 22-point drop from the poll we took in March.

In fact, it’s the lowest level of enthusiasm for Democratic voters since 1998.

Enthusiasm among Republicans and Republican-leaning voters dipped, too, but not as much as among Democrats. Now, 53% of Republicans say they are more enthusiastic than usual about voting, down six points from May and 16 points from March.

So Republicans now benefit from an 18-point enthusiasm advantage — an edge that, if it holds up, could be more important than money in the bank.

I guess the sky opened up for the lightbringer, but it was only to reveal a thunderstorm.

Meanwhile things are a mess over at MMS and Obama’s new guy, Michael Bromwich, has no energy experience. Something tells me at some point down the road, we’ll be hearing hell-of-a-job Bromwich, just before he’s tossed under the bus:

Michael R. Bromwich, a former federal prosecutor and inspector general for the Justice Department who is now a partner in the Washington office of a New York law firm, will head up efforts to restructure the former Minerals Management Service, Obama announced yesterday.

“His charge over the next few months is to build an organization that acts as the oil industry’s watchdog — not its partner,” Obama said during his Oval Office address last night.

Obama did not announce what Bromwich’s title will be. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has dissolved MMS, separated it into three parts and forced the resignation of the MMS director he had appointed, Liz Birnbaum. But Obama said in his speech that “the pace of reform was just too slow.”

The MMS job did not require Senate confirmation, and Bromwich’s would not involve confirmation unless Congress acts to change the status of the agencies Salazar has created.

Bromwich helped prosecute Oliver North in the Iran-Contra investigation in the late 1980s. After that, he was inspector general for DOJ during the Clinton administration. He then went into private practice at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson. But his most high-profile work at the firm has been leading turnaround efforts at troubled agencies like the Houston and Washington, D.C., police departments.

The Harvard-trained lawyer’s sparkling resume has a notable gap — almost no energy experience. A document distributed by Interior says Bromwich “conducted many major internal investigations for companies … in the energy, pharmaceuticals, public accounting, and private security industries, among others,” but does not detail the energy work.

Fannie and Freddie to delist from the stock exchange:

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac said they intend to delist their stock from the New York Stock Exchange as the government-backed mortgage companies continue to struggle amid billions in losses.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency, the companies’ conservator, said it directed them to delist their stock because of stock-exchange requirements for maintaining price levels above $1 per share.

“FHFA’s determination to direct each company to delist does not constitute any reflection on either enterprise’s current performance or future direction, nor does delisting imply any other findings or determination on the part of FHFA as regulator or conservator,” said Acting Director Edward J. DeMarco.

I particularly like the last bit quoted. Yea, sure, no reflection on anything that we had to delist. Good one.

OK, back to Obama’s speech for a sec. Take a look at this paragraph from this NYTimes article:

“Time and again, the path forward has been blocked — not only by oil industry lobbyists, but also by a lack of political courage and candor,” Obama said. “The consequences of our inaction are now in plain sight.”

OK, now push your lower jaw back up and close your gaping mouth. Yes, he said that. First taking advantage of the situation he’s talking about bigger energy plans. OK, I wouldn’t have gone there, but I can see it. But then he talks here about courage and consequences of inaction. Priceless.

General Motors is withdrawing it’s request for state aid for its european division. Interestingly, after they were already told no by Germany. Apparently they’re just not the same kind of suckers we are over the pond:

General Motors Co.’s European division said Wednesday it has decided to withdraw all applications for state aid in the region and finance the planned turnaround with funds from its parent, marking a broad strategic shift after the German government last week refused to provide aid to the U.S. auto maker.

Axelrove was on the tube this morning talking about the meeting to happen later today between Obama and the BP CEO:

A leading presidential adviser says a critical goal of a White House showdown with BP executives is to make sure victims of the Gulf oil spill won’t be “slow-walked by the company” to their compensation payments.

Senior adviser David Axelrod tells CBS’s “The Early Show,” that “it’s not a matter of trust. It’s a matter of holding them accountable.” He said that when President Barack Obama meets the BP executives later Wednesday, he’s “going to insist” on an independently administered claims processing system with billions of dollars in assets.

OK, anyone that believes that Obama has what it takes to actually intimidate the BP CEO or have any effect, I’ve got some swampland in Florida to sell you. I think this is one of those meetings where they’ll just laugh and say, yea, we’re supposed to be meeting and deciding things. Ha. They’ll just make small talk. And when done read the statements their respective PR departments already arranged for them. Like the WH and BP haven’t been working together from day 1 to cover up, smooth over, pretend there wasn’t that much oil, and act like they gave a damn.

San Francisco passed a law requiring cell phone retailers to post radiation levels:

San Francisco moved a step closer Tuesday to becoming the first city in the nation to require that retailers post in their stores notices on the level of radiation emitted by the cell phones they offer.

The Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 to give preliminary approval to the proposal. Final approval is expected next week. Supervisor Sean Elsbernd was the lone vote in opposition. Mayor Gavin Newsom, an early proponent of the legislation, plans to sign it into law when it reaches his desk.

Cast by backers as a pro-consumer measure, the ordinance would not ban the sale of certain cell phones but would require retailers to provide the “specific absorption rate” – a measurement of radiation registered with the Federal Communications Commission – next to phones displayed in their shops. Consumers also would be notified about where they can get more educational materials.

“This is about helping people make informed choices,” said Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, chief sponsor of the legislation.

Everyone in LA is so excited that Michelle Obama is in town on her “let them eat cake” tour:

The visit kicked off sometime Sunday, after the First Lady finished her speech at Camp Pendleton. It was a private tour — so the White House had nothing official to say about it. But the sightings reported on Twitter were plentiful. And, if you go by them, the agenda was mostly un-Westside and un-Malibu.

On Sunday evening, Michelle Obama sipped a Stoli straight up over supper at Lucques with her girls, her mother, Marian Robinson, and three others (at least one of whom was drinking J & H chardonnay). Food is served family style on Sunday nights at Lucques, with just two main course choices. The Obama party — which indeed ordered from the menu and paid its bill — chose the slow-roasted lamb. But chef and co-owner Suzanne Goin sent out the Alaskan halibut as well.

“It was like a family hanging out over dinner,” said one of the restaurant’s managers, who added that they ate at a banquette in the dining room guarded by about a dozen Secret Service agents. No one tried to get an autograph.

“They were flanked by two Secret Service officers on the sides of where they were sitting. I don’t think it was an ideal situation for someone to go up and approach,” the manager said.

Meanwhile for us peasants, home building plunges:

As the government’s tax incentives for homebuyers expired, new home building dropped 10 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 593,000 units, the lowest level since December, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday.

Industrial production, in contrast, surged 1.2 percent. Some of was due to a spike in utilities as rising temperatures prompted many Americans to turn on their air conditioners. But manufacturing output was firm as well, climbing 0.9 percent, according to the Federal Reserve report.

Despite that performance, prices at the wholesale level retreated in May. The Labor Department’s Producer Price Index eased 0.3 percent as gasoline costs tumbled.

The grim housing picture is a concern for economists. Real estate was at the epicenter of the credit crisis, and many believe construction must play a role in any robust recovery.

“These numbers are not good,” said Dan Cook, senior market analyst at IG Markets in Chicago. “There’s too much (housing) inventory, and it’s going to take a while for the industry to work its way through that.”

Just as I’m writing this, another reaction to the great speechifier came in. So the ultimate kool-aid drinker and Obama worshiper and Clinton hater, Eugene Robinson, has this to say:

Less than a minute into President Obama’s Oval Office address, my heart sank. For the umpteenth time since the Gulf of Mexico oil spill began, an anxious nation was informed that Energy Secretary Steven Chu has a Nobel Prize. Obama’s speech pretty much went down hill from there.

For weeks, administration officials have been trumpeting Chu’s distinction at every opportunity. Earlier in the day, White House environmental guru Carol Browner cited the Nobel in a television interview. Presidential adviser David Axelrod talks about the Nobel all the time, as does Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. If there’s an official list of administration talking points about the response to the oil spill, “Chu’s Nobel” has to be at the top.

We can all applaud Chu’s accomplishment. But here’s the thing: Chu is a physicist, not an engineer or a biologist. His Nobel was awarded for the work he did in trapping individual atoms with lasers. He’s absurdly smart. But there’s nothing in his background to suggest he knows any more about capping an out-of-control deep-sea well, or containing a gargantuan oil spill, than, say, columnist Paul Krugman, who won the Nobel in economics. Or novelist Toni Morrison, who won the Nobel in literature.

In fact, Chu surely knows less about blowout preventers than the average oil-rig worker and less about delicate coastal marshes than the average shrimp-boat captain. His credentials, in this context, are meaningless. So do the president and his aides cite Chu’s beside-the-point Nobel to reassure Americans that the team handling the oil spill knows what it’s doing? Or are Obama, Browner, Axelrod, Gibbs and the others constantly trying to reassure themselves?

The president was cool, determined, forceful — stylistically, all the things that the braying commentators said he had to be. But where was the substance? Specifically — and urgently — where was the new plan to contain the oil spill and protect the coastline? I wish I’d heard the president order the kind of all-out marshaling and deployment of resources that now seems imperative. But I didn’t.

Ouch. If your biggest blowhard follower is giving you grief, you know you’re in trouble.

For those that missed it, yesterday Louisiana GOP congressman brought up suicide as an option for BP executives:

BP is America’s villain of the moment (take a breather, bankers), which means it’s our duty to chastise its pathetic leak-plugging efforts, mock certain British tone-deaf CEOs, and basically disparage the company in any way possible. But perhaps it’s going just a little bit too far to call on their executives to commit ritualistic suicide. During a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing today with representatives from around the oil industry, that’s basically what Louisiana GOP congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao, who was born in South Vietnam, suggested for Lamar McKay, the chairman and president of BP America.

“[Congressman Cliff] Stearns asked Mr. McKay to resign. Well, in the Asian culture we do things differently. During the Samurai days, we just give you a knife and ask you to commit harakiri.”

Um, well, we do things a bit differently in America. Similar, but different. Instead of disemboweling themselves, our disgraced executives just get paid millions of dollars to find a new job.

I don’t know, I kind of like his suggestion myself.

And just when you thought it was safe to watch TV, there will be a Housewives of DC and of course, how could it not be that way, the famed WH party crashers will be on it:

To the cynics who said there’s no way that Bravo would cut the White House party crashers out of “The Real Housewives of D.C.”: you were right.

Bravo confirmed Tuesday that Michaele Salahi will be one of the five housewives on its reality show, putting months of cynical speculation to rest. The show will have its premiere Aug. 5, the cable network said.

Ms. Salahi and her husband Tareq set out to be reality TV stars last year when they signed a contract with Bravo to be filmed for the first edition of the “Housewives” franchise set in the nation’s capital.

If you remember, the social secretary partly responsible for letting them slip into the party is involved with all of this (including financially). Yep, it’s the Chicago way.

On that crazy note, we’ll wrap up the news portion of the program. Please chime in with other news and fun things you’re seeing.

87 Responses

  1. I take a different view of this Bromwich appointment, the last thing MMS needs is “one of the oil boys” to lead it.
    As a prosecutor, Michael Bromwich should know when an underling on big oil’s payroll is shining him on.
    Just as Bromwich might not know the mechanics of drilling, the guy who does know wouldn’t know how to root out the corruption.

    • Just please tell me he’s not from Chicago.

    • The only people who understand how oil people function are people that have been around them. They don’t think like other people. They don’t function like other people. They don’t do business like other people. If their mouths are moving there is a 99% chance they are lying. In short – they are different. The only way to get ahead of them is to know how they work.

      I am speaking from experience. My Dad was in the oil business for many years but he got sick of the folkways and changed professions. My Mother passed on to me shared ownership (with siblings) of some farm land that includes mineral rights – oil wells, salt water disposal wells, leases, pipeline, etc. We are truly insignificat and at the end of a long line but getting the compensation owed to us is a never ending struggle. They just forget to send the money sometimes. They don’t bother to include the production breakdown – the only way we have of knowing if we have been shorted. The companies constantly change names and addresses and can’t be easily found. The companies trade assets back and forth. Chasing them down is a constant struggle. I don’t know how my parents kept their sanity when dealing with these liars.

      And, again we are totally insignificant. Just imagine how they function on a larger scale when it comes to passing on to the U.S. citizens what is owed and how they get around regulations. The job should have gone to someone who worked/grew up in or around the oil business. Bromwich has already been totally played (like Obama) but they will never figure it out because they don’t know the basics.

      • I was just watching a video of Palin’s reaction to BO’s speech (as interviewed by BillO’Idiot) and she basically said the same thing — that the most important thing she learned from dealing with oil companies in Alaska is not to believe them.

        • She would be useful as watchdog? She would.

          • ps: assuming she isn’t in somebody’s oily pocket.
            Whose is the question? I sense she has some fundamental
            honesty – no pun intended. Exxon Valdez was 89. Surely she remembers post beauty pageant.

          • She did a good job in Alaska. Set up an petroleum integrity agency (something liked that) because the oil companies wouldn’t stop lying. Then she socialized Alaska’s share of the profits.

  2. Yea, Obama really held BP’s feet to the fire. The meeting lasted 20 minutes, and then he had a 75 minute lunch with Biden.

    Obama to demand BP pay for oil spill damage

    BP executives, including Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, CEO Tony Hayward and BP U.S. boss Lamar McKay, were seen walking into the West Wing of the White House just before 10 a.m. ET for talks with Obama that were scheduled to last 20 minutes.


    • Just how are they going to put a price on something that is certainly going to be devastating to the livelihoods and lifestyles of millions of people for the next 20, 30, 50 or even 100 years? And just how are they going to get them to pay for the damage anyway?

      Really, if they had been competent in the first place they would not have used faulty preventers, they would have had a couple of relief wells being drilled simultaneously, they would have enough booms to make a difference, they would have used the booms correctly and guided the oil to 1 area and then siphoned off the oil. I just can’t for a second believe that BP or our government is going to wake up and become competent overnight. That means worst case scenario and that means nobody gets paid. I think if this puts as many people out of work as I think it will we could be looking at a complete economic collapse of this country unless we get some grown ups at the table making wise decisions to benefit us all and not the wealthy few.

  3. Stunning everyone I’m sure (snark), enthusiasm for Dem voters seems to be dropping.


  4. The Tool-in-Chief is doing a Rose Garden Speech this afternoon. Do you suppose Rahm took a bunch of deadfish to the BP meeting?

    • I’m hearing that BP has “tentatively” agreed to the $20 billion fund.

      That sounds like there are escape hatches.

      I got a dollar The One doesn’t use the word “tentatively” in the Rose Garden.

      • They desperately need some kind of break through and BP isn’t stupid enough to give it to them. They keep delaying that speech so he can actually have something to say. His last three speeches have been nonevents because there has been no change in anything other than they keep upping the amount of oil leaking and damage done. He looks hopelessly behind this entire situation.

      • Let’s see they put up 20 billion which may be 1/100 to 1/10000 of the actual damage (just guessing but this isn’t going to be cheap). They pass that 20 billion along to their customers (namely the US military) and everybody is happy. Everybody except all the people whose lives are ruined because of their incompetence and arrogance.

  5. Have you ever wondered if Barack Obama is in over his head?

  6. Thought this was an interesting view:

    “…Much has been made that the MSNBC and left-wing punditry crowd are turning on Obama, especially after last night’s non-speech. Sorry, I don’t quite believe they adjudicate Obama on competency, since the spill speech was no worse than the pathetic “I could no more disown Rev. Wright” riff of yesteryear, one that gave them a collective tingle.

    Instead, Obama is now 42% to 48% in most polls, not soaring to 65% or demolishing Hillary. In other words, if right now Obama were still beloved, his former hagiographers would find a way to turn his Gulf performance into another ‘I wasn’t there all that much at Trinity” excuse. But Obama, whom they all so invested in, is the most polarizing figure since Nixon, and has the unique ability to destroy liberalism for a generation: lose the House, maybe even the Senate, turn the public off on government, divide the country over health care, cap-and-trade, race, and amnesty, and completely discredit a shamelessly partisan media.

    No, the sudden damning of Obama’s leadership is a symptom that Obama is turning radioactive, and not even Chris Matthews wants to be the last zealot in Washington crafting yet another narrative of how brilliant and tingly a soon to be 30% president “really” is…”


  7. Ok, now I am getting scared. In 2007 when I first saw Obama on the scene, I was going to watch and see how this impressive young man got things done.
    By late 2007, in the first debates when there was 11 pretty good dems on stage I began to see myself in Obama.
    He barely held his own in a group with many many years of experience like Hillary, JE, Dodd.
    I’m smart and have a “gift of gab” as my grams would say. I can BS and sell you anything.
    Obama has this ” gift” many times over.
    I saw how he copied Hillary’s themes and even her phrases. ( “brigades per month war talk).How he would shoot from the hip when he was asked a question first.
    (no preconditions w/ Iran)
    I am not presidential material and neither is Obama.
    He had nothing of his own. Only a parrot and a shill.

    Once he was selected and I became a puma and left the Dem name, I was bitter…yes.
    I also hoped I was wrong about him.
    I wasn’t.
    I cheered as I saw obots wake up from their stupor and see how wrong he was for this job. ( my family is now silent about their voting choice in 2008.)

    Now, worry covers me with dread. A nagging that this really is Armageddon. A slow unraveling of planet earth.

    The mobs are forming. There seems to be no answers.

    We have no leader.
    Revenge is not so sweet when it is the end game.
    I’m scared.

    • Really? You think he has the gift of gab? I saw the exact opposite. A guy who continually put his foot in his mouth, came across about as stupid as W and plain looked, sounded and acted like a petulant, narcissistic idiot with no ideas, no spine, and no moral compass.

      I just don’t think he has the ability to communicate at all. He reads canned words from a teleprompter. That is all. I agree with everything else though. I just think that so many people wanted to change the insane direction of this country that they just read into Obama whatever they wanted and just ignored his super obvious flaws and his complete void of common sense and leadership capacity.

      • I have heard a lot of people basically say he is charming — must be an in person, face to face thing.

        • Yeah, I heard people saying it about W – who was making fart jokes and mean remarks on everyone and looking uncomfortable. I think “charming” comes with the presidential seal – or power in general.

    • “Revenge is not so sweet when it is the end game.”

      True. Also the joke seems to be on us no matter what since accountability is out of fashion.

      But job number one has been fighting the effects of Kool-Aid. No easy task. I’m asking for a warier and smarter electorate. Some kind of Phoenix arising from the rubble.

    • I have yet to see any charm whatsoever. in 2004 when the Obama PR machine really started to crank, I kept thinking ” what are they talking about? ” Like many, I guessed it was something in person…cause it sure wasn’t in public. Deval Patrick , The MA governor Axelrod prototype, read that speech way better than Barry did at the 04 convention and he didn’t flub it either….Mr. ” Words , just words” …amazing. BO was telling us the truth from the start.

    • I’m scared, too.

  8. The problem is, black folk are even MORE dedicated to defending Obama after the speech.


    Notice…Keith, Chris, Howard AND Rachel are now “haters”.


  9. I wouldn’t get too scared. We made it through 8 years of Bush.

    • oops, meant this as a reply to insanelysane at 12:11 above

    • I was thinking about that. It’s like saying well, I survived 8 years of cancer so I can survive even more years of cancer! …..well, no. Those earlier 8 years mean you’re due date is nearer now. If Obama’s term started with a reboot and we were the country Bush was given in 2000, maybe we could survive another 6 years of this… But we didn’t get that reboot .

    • People are still talking about how” after we clean this up, we will blah blah blah…”
      There is no reality to cleaning it up. It is in the oceans forever. In the marshes and in the sand. Valdez oil is still just a few inches under the sand and soil in Alaska after decades.
      A toxic brew on top of all the other pollution and apparently lots of other bottom gushers that infect out oceans.

      No, this is all going to end very badly.
      Very slowly unfolding, yet relentless.
      Food shortages. Poisonings and illness from the chemicals and the oil itself in the food chain. More illness in the unprotected clean up workers.
      Where are all those thousands of plastic bags half filled with the mop up oil going to be disposed of?
      Who is actually telling us the truth?
      Bueller. Anyone?

      • all good points

      • Don’t forget that damned dispersant … no one really knows what that shit is going to do or where it’s going to go

      • I wouldn’t be surprised to see evacuations from the gulf by late summer/early fall. If the clean-up workers are getting sick, what do you think is going to start to happen to the folks who live on the gulf coast and breathe that sh*t in day after day?

  10. Important read


    I have managed to get to page 21. Klein’s book. While gagging RD & Co. Imagine like this — mass PTSD as post 2001. Creation of mass profit overnight — multiple companies –gov outsourced. Who makes 40 million off what they dumped into sea?

    Klein’s thesis? You want to know.

    Guy in Congress with hari-kari stance and they are all mute, no?

    As far as I’m concerned? Which journo has the balls? Tingly leg? Olberdude or the Beckster. At this point.

    • Olbermann is already semi-apologizing to the raving masses of O-bots for his momentary lapse into truthfulness last night. It won’t be him.

      • I always keep an open mind about journos because they have political reasons themselves, for wanting things?

        When it comes down to it though?

        A journo will do the right thing. They are getting more interesting by the day on TV.


      • Maybe Biden called KO and warned him to lay off BO or he wouldn’t be invited to the next super-soaker bbq.

      • Someone at MSNBC must have given the word – because Bobots were shocked how nice Scarborough and Mica(?) were to Oprecious this morning.

    • Rep. Cao Suggests BP Exec Commit ‘Hara-Kiri’ Over Spill

      Lawmakers are fuming at BP, but Rep. Joseph Cao took that anger to a new level during a congressional hearing when he suggested a top executive commit ritual suicide.

      “Well, in the Asian culture, we do things differently. During the Samurai days, we’d just give you the knife and ask you to commit hara-kiri,” said Cao, who is Vietnamese-American. “My constituents are still debating on what they want me to ask you to do.”


      Rep. Joseph Cao, states he is Roman Catholic. I think making such a comment in a congressional hearing is counter productive and hopefully no one invites him to ‘Suicide Prevention Week’.

      • Cao is also Vietnamese and not Japanese.

      • Actually I saw this hearing….quite frankly I found this whole experience very shocking. You line up a range of CEO and you belittle them and insult them. You might want to differ abt opinions but belittling and patronzing is- I am VERY sure -not part of the Asian culture -regardless if the guy is from Japan or Vietnam. If that’s the way politicians try to solve issues the outlook is very grim indeed.

        • To bring even more Asian culture to it , the belittling and insulting is all Kabuki and both the CEO’s and the law makers had a laugh and drinks later. The congress people belittle and insult the CEO’s for a day for the peons ( you and me) and then they will do nothing but take more cash from the CEO’s . The CEO’s will take that deal anyday and gladly.

          I have found this to be true : The more insults, the less action .

          • Ouch! We are PEONS! 😯

            I just think it is a waste of time, the Kabukki showmanship, I wanted some solid questions asked and some information gathering. Did anyone bring your disaster plan? Can you elaborate on your contingency plan, and any adjustment to said plan once activated. Also, when was said plan activated and do you have a copy of the incident report. Can you provide us with the OSHA Report on the workers that were killed and those that were injured. Do you have your OSHA safety plan with you and do you have copies for all committee members.

            Does your contingency plan have a time line for going to the next plan, should your current plan for containment not be a viable one.

            and on and on…

            BUT NO, the asked if they would commit hara-kiri!?! 😯

          • ” I wanted some solid questions asked and some information gathering.”

            lol! All great suggestions…but congress can’t even remember what asking real questions is like.They sure aren’t’ going to do the work such questions require. Actually as far as I can tell, only the Clintons retain any memory of how government should work…which is one of the reasons they are hated.

          • oops that was They
            Rico…more coffee please…

  11. His charge over the next few months is to build an organization that acts as the oil industry’s watchdog — not its partner,” Obama said during his Oval Office address last night.

    This fooken months shit is driving me crazy.. It’s all lies to stall, and they are such lame ones too! The Gulf hasn’t got months for them to” build ” some made up ” barackucracy” to then begin…. What? ...do something? Nah…to watch …WTF???? If your house is on fire…how comforting would it be to hear after 50 plus days, the fire dept will build an organization to watch. HELP!!

  12. Obama presser this afternoon:

  13. I have to get my two cents in.

    The things that really irritate me: (1)Obama speaks to the public as though he thinks people are really (really) dumb. Even the general public can figure out that he has done nothing in the 2 months since the explosion.

    (2) He seems to think that some (relatively small) compensation fund is going to make up for huge, tragic losses. The small businesses and people deserve compensation, but it will never make up for their losses. It needs to be done, but it is no way a solution.

    (3) From Day One, and still, Obama acts as though BP is in charge. Bad bad BP! Not to defend them, but they are only acting in the way that is their nature to act. BP exists for profit, not for people. It is our government and our leaders who are supposed to act in our interests. Obama gave his power over to BP.

    (4) Obama says we need new regulations to prevent disasters. I believe we actually had some, but, as is frequently (usually?) the case, they were not enforced!

    His downfall, as is usually the case with arrogance, will be that he underestimated the people.

  14. Very good read. How ironic.


    looks like they are breaking it slowly…

    That’s good.

    Gotta love Californians. Truthtellers, all.
    You know? Praying isn’t going to be te answer this time. It really isn’t. I think there are enough rational people in the middle, the whole vast middle of both political parties?

    What we will need is the best leadership state by state right now. When I say that I mean trusted leadership that people actually know based on their REAL records. I read a piece from Dandelion sums it up — so sharing — beautifully writ.


  15. BP Presser (substitute Small people for Short people)

  16. Riverdaughter, when are we going to go down to LA and reclaim our beaches? I read that there has been massive fish kills and that anytime a carcass washes up it is collected immediately and hidden away. How many fish and marine mammals have died? How dare bp treat our shores as though they a bp’s private toxic waste dump! How dare our government let them!

  17. Our government still has it’s priorities jackass backwards I see. Today they approved extending the buyers credit until April for those well off enough and with decent enough credit to afford a house while telling the most vulnerable 10% to “bugger off” when it came to extending their benefits(even though every freakin’ report shows that the only person creating temporary jobs is Uncle Sam for the census.) We are so screwed. I’m expecting the double dip they keep saying likely won’t happen, to be followed up by a chorus of “who could have imagineds.’

  18. Oil Leak “BP to Pay” – Obama | 16 June 2010 – ABC News

  19. BP and Obama care about “small people.” Can you feel the concern? :

    BP officials have agreed to create a $20 billion escrow fund to pay claims to Gulf residents and businesses – which its chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg, referred to as the “small people” hurt by the oil spill.

    Emerging from a nearly four-hour meeting with senior Obama administration officials, Svanberg told reporters that the oil giant would suspend dividend payments to shareholders this year and create a $100 million fund to assist oil rig workers left jobless by Obama’s six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling.

    “He’s frustrated because he cares about the small people and we care about the small people,” Svanberg said, speaking about his meeting with President Barack Obama. “I hear comments that sometimes large oil companies are greedy companies that don’t care. But that is not the case with BP. We care about the small people.”

    • And we love them, and we hug them and we call them Frank.

    • Wonk The Vote (((waving)))…

      To the BP Tall People in EGO, Small in Heart!

      Small People work hard,
      Small People care,
      Small People Love their families

      Small People work hard,
      Small People Love,
      Small People Love their families

      Small People love their homes,
      Small People love their jobs,
      Small People love Nature

      Small People love their country folk,
      Small People love their animals,
      Small People Love their families

      Small People as some may see,
      Small People have big hearts,
      Small People support each other,
      Small People are WORKING FOLKS…
      Together we run the country.
      Together we stand with a BIG HEART,

    • “small people?”


      • Hey buddy. I’m not small.

        • Did Obama say ‘Small People’ too?

          • I don’t know what he said during the four-hour meeting. I was just reacting to the quote from the BP chairman.

          • It didn’t say Obama was there for fours hours…believe me if he was, they would never shut up about it and a stretcher would have been brought in because he fainted after hour 3……they said the meeting was with ” senior Obama administration officials…” ,
            Well of course …he has his Wed night cocktail party to rest up for.

  20. Amy Bishop has been charged with murder in the death of her brother!


    • omg! do a new Amy Bishop write-up, BB!! (please) 🙂

      • I don’t know if there is any more to say at this point. I’ll keep following the story.

        • I don’t know if you picked this up earlier, but I just read today that she killed her brother with a pump action shotgun–having already discharged it once in her bedroom. You don’t accidentally shoot someone with a pump action shotgun. It’s just too complex.

  21. GOP made a video on Oprecious’s laziness. For once, the facts are with them

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