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Gulf Speech: Live Blog

The speech is set to begin at 8:00pm EST.  This disaster in the Gulf is spiraling out of control.  How will the powers that be put an end to further damage and undo what has already been done to people, plants, animals, the environment, property, and the soul of the Gulf states?

Dak, I’ve been busy beyond belief but you and your fellow Gulf state residents are in my thoughts constantly.  Let’s all hope that there will be some light shone from the end of this long tunnel.

194 Responses

  1. Is anyone carrying it in live stream? I am still at work.

  2. Thanks for doing this – I just cannot watch this – well, idiot, live. Via teleprompter.

  3. Is he seriously giving us a summary of what happened? Oh brother.

  4. Just after the rig sank, he assembled a team of experts.

    Oh, brother….

  5. He’s reminding me of Dubya explaining things to us that we already know.

  6. Hi, I’m getting the spinning “wait” icon on cnn.com, is anyone else seeing that?

    • {{{in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice}}}


      • last time it was that empty podium and i had to take off ; )
        the gods favor my sensitive eyes and ears once again

  7. Woowsers, It’s Saturday Night Live!

  8. We now have THOUSANDS of ships.

    Oh gawd

  9. This is worse than I thought. What a loser.

  10. Oh yeah, they want to HEAR about their shortcomings…

  11. I missed the first two minutes, did he mention any plans to actually STOP the oil gushing? Or is he just feeling our pain and then going straight to clean-up?

  12. So far I haven’t heard anything new, much less innovative.

  13. He’s selling a used car with no engine that’s up on blocks.
    I feel absolutely nothing.

  14. Independent (read: some BP ex-board member).

  15. He looks like a caricature of himself.

  16. I don’t care why, you asswipe.

  17. He met the families of the 11 BP dead.


    He didn’t attend the memorial service because he was on his way to campaign for Boxer.

    Priorities, you know.

  18. He keeps moving his hands for no reason.

  19. Is he kidding – need to know the facts before deepwater drilling is allowed to happen?

  20. the dancing hands are a big mistake.
    it’s like he’s practicing for the highschool speech team.
    no gravitas. no authenticity.

  21. Salazar gonna clean up the MMS corruption.

    Well, except that it was Salazar who gave BP multiple waivers and exemptions.


  22. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  23. Ken Salazar cleaned up the corruption??

    The new guy acts as watchdog?

    Please. My border collie is a better watchdog.

  24. Remember when Obama said accidents didn’t happen on oil rigs anymore? Now he says drilling is dangerous….

  25. He talks for decades and decades.

  26. Fierce urgency of bla bla bla

  27. there is no overarching idea here. uh oh, he’s using the crisis to make a political argument. there is a FRICKIN’ CRISIS and you’re talking about policy. BAD BAD BAD idea. selling on the back of a crisis. this should come later. NOT NOW YOU FRICKIN’ ASSHAT!

  28. Seize your own destiny, asswipe. Right outta there.

  29. Blah blah Just Talk blah blah Inaction blah blah Do it Now blah blah Unprecedented…

    It’s like 2008 in microcosm.

  30. A menacing cloud of white crude? The time to seize control of our own destiny?

  31. It’s like that game Mad Libs….just swap out fossil fuels for unemployment, voila…next speech!

  32. Grow our economy – seize the moment.

  33. He’s going to team up with Michelle: the ultimate in clean energy- thousands of fat kids on treadmills running turbines!

  34. is his motorcade fuel efficient?

  35. this is all wrong. people are on f*cking fire and he’s talking about creating new fire hoses. this is awful. truly awful.

  36. Costs associated with this transition? Happy to look at other ideas.

  37. The one approach he will not accept, is INACTION.

    I’m gonna be sick.

  38. He won’t accept Inaction, he won’t accept that the challenge is too big to meet. But ask him about it too much and he’ll hide behind his waffles.

  39. i guess favrau was hungover from beer pong when he wrote this sh*t

  40. Inaction! Too big and too difficult to meet – like too big to fail!

  41. paltry! ooooh


  43. maybe he meant poultry, the new seafood!

  44. Oh Good, bring in Faith and the Clergy and coming together interdenominationally. That’ll help.

  45. oh now we’re going to bless the ships
    that will work

  46. ‘inaction’ is only a sanctioned activity for Barry.

  47. Hey, good idea! Has anyone tried PRAYING at the oil spill?

  48. now i feel so comforted

  49. I would like a “hand to guide us” ..can we get Hill?

  50. We will surely know hard times again….great.

  51. I was hoping he’d give the Lakers a plug 😦

    I’m from Boston………

  52. what WAS that?

  53. Is it just me or did he have to mini-nod “we’re done” like six times? He didn’t want to have to hold the moment- hard to keep a straight face.

  54. …and he’s going to do???

    “fight the oil spill for as long as it takes” — detail???

    • At least he didn’t say we will fight it on the beaches, he’s learning.

  55. wth was that exactly…

  56. Gah! I feel sick.

  57. he certainly did parody himself

  58. Didn’t he say something at the beginning about a PLAN?? Did I BLINK and miss that part?

    • He said he would ask someone to come up with a plan. I can’t remember who.

      • I could’ve sworn I heard the name Miss Cleo…but I could be wrong.

        • Lol If we as a nation buy one of those gypsy fortune telling machines, the one-time fee will save us a lot of money in the long run.

    • I think we’re better off waiting for the second coming than for a plan from this guy.

  59. Did he really tell the people on the Gulf that what they need is more faith?

  60. Pat Robertson has a great track record with this, can we call him and ask him to divert the oil to South America?

    • He’ll get right on that as soon as he’s done instructing women on how to keep their husbands from straying by making herself as beautiful as she can and not ‘hassling’ him.

      • Yo, Pat – get a clue. You are an idiot. First degree. No woman on the face of the Earth would “bed” you. Even with threat of death.

        You are being hassled right now. G’wan. Do “something.”


      • And with that, he’s pretty much guaranteed to be fast-tracked to a major new cabinet level position in the O Admin

  61. Was that Fred Armisen?

  62. “we need to reach for something even if we don’t know what that something is” WTF

  63. Great Vaal, I must be missing so much by working nights and so not being able to hear this scintillating oratory. :mrgreen:

    • Well, basically, it was blagh blagh blagh blagh blagh, folllowed by blagh. BEST SPEECH EVER. He removed the bust of Churchill just to spare its marble encased feelings and stop it crying granite tears.

  64. considering that they finally admitted the Gusher is much huger than “estimated” (cough low in the Mariana trench low-ball cough) lowball estimates.

  65. Matthews has lost that tingling feeling.

  66. Oh goody, we are not only going to have a nicer Gulf Coast after this, but we will have clean energy, too!!!!!! Mr. Bill is so wonderful.

  67. I was in the toilet putting Preparation H on my rump roasters – did I miss anything?

  68. He didn’t go after BP or offer any support for The Gulf. It’s all our fault if only we had more faith and reached a little further.

  69. What a joke. No plan, no specifics, just a lot of nice words with nothing behind them. It’s funny how this guy can work up emotion over basketball, waffles, and Jay-Z, but nothing over a major ecological disaster that’s literally damaging a huge swath of the country and risking lives.

  70. OK…Tonight’s challenge. Find the most over-the-top blog comment about this.

    • “Obama Presses BP on compensation”


      I’m bet BP is shaking in their boots.

    • From the NY Times: “‘This could be a historic leadership moment,’ the two chief backers of the Senate bill, Joseph I. Lieberman, the Connecticut independent, and John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat, said in a joint statement”

    • Well, I didn’t watch it. But for praise (fake, false), I’d have to go with
      “”He looked Presidential!”

    • oh oh
      how about this one?

      “He didn’t make the mistake Jimmy Carter made by giving the enemy the specifics of his plan. This way he can keep them guessing until he can encact legislation by executive order without interference. I love it. Smart man.”

    • “It would have been very hard in this speech for President Obama to go into great detail on energy policy, and as a result, some will dismiss this as fluffy rhetoric. But I think he’s serious, and is setting the stage for a major push on energy reform.”

      – DKOS

      • Best comment from that thread:

        Shoulda referenced MacGyver
        Then, I would have given it a 10.

        Otherwise, a 6.

        • This one’s even better:

          “to all the Hillary Voters: I apologize! I wish I could take back my vote and give it to Hillary.

          We need someone ruthless and intelligent and we don’t have that right now.

          This speech was such a dud on so many levels it pains me.

          Wind Turbine Factories?! How exactly is that dealing with what is happening RIGHT this second out there? yes, that’s very nice for the FUTURE, but at this moment there’s a big freaking problem that needs an aggressive solution.

          Unless you plan on blowing the spill out of the gulf, discussion of Wind Turbine Factories is too little too late.

          This is a freaking joke.”

      • Palin could have gone into more detail on energy policy than Obama did. Without a prompter.

      • “It would have been very hard in this speech for President Obama to give us even a vague idea that he knew or cared what he was talking about, and as a result, some will dismiss this as fluffy rhetoric. But I suspect, based on the fact that I’m wearing my lucky underpants and my Magic 8-Ball agrees, that he’s serious, and is setting the stage for a major push on energy reform, which may begin with him taking anything useful or plausible off the table, but which will ultimately be historical and unprecedented.”

      • Why would it have been difficult for him to go into great detail about energy policy? Because he’s a clueless spokesmodel and thinks energy policy is when he makes Michelle go all over the WH with a stepladder changing the bulbs?

  71. His closing creeped me out. Did I hear him say:

    “Let us pray blah blah blah..”

    And he blessed us all and sounded waaay too preacherish for my taste in Oval office decorum.

    I am against this smarmy religioso stuff in the Oval Office.


    • Scary indeed. We need a president not the bible.

    • Let us pray. Our mother Earth who art in peril, please forgive us our trespasses of letting them select empty suit after empty suit, election after election.

      • How could we have stopped them from selecting empty suits? We have zero power, and with zero power comes zero responsibility.

        Besides, “Mother” Earth is an abusive parent sometimes, and neglectful at best.

        I recognize the need to quit ruining the environment, but that proceeds from enlightened self-interest, not from any love for Stereotypical Fairy Tale Wicked Stepmother Nature.

        We humans are the horrid life-forms that we are because sometimes horrid behavior is necessary to survive and propagate in an amoral and pitiless biosphere. If the natural universe had been kinder to us, rather than leaving our distant ancestors constant prey to large carnivores and parasitic life-forms of all sizes–the latter continuing apace to this day–perhaps I would feel like being kinder to it.

        By the same token, I don’t love my country any more because it never showed me much love. I will continue to obey its laws, of course, from prudent self-interest. But love? Fuhgeddabowdit.

        I am grateful for modern science’s explanation of the origins and continued operations of the natural universe and the living things in it, which requires no guiding or governing intelligence. If I were compelled to believe the Deity created this hell called “life”, I would have to question Hir love.

  72. A public service announcement

    Remember…Shirtless beer pong and speechifying don’t mix.

    Gawd I couldn’t watch. I’m glad you all did so I don’t have to.

    Daily KOS thinks it was “teh awesome”. Quelle Surprise.

    • Dkos, the geniuses who thought the way to win a primary in Arkansas is to turn it into a referendum on Bill Clinton. OF course they thought this speech was awesome. They couldn’t read the mood of the electorate even if it was flashing in neon lights.

  73. Did anyone besides me think he looked really small? The flags over his shoulder seemed to dwarf him..

    • You know those cartoons that depict him in an oversized suit? That’s the visual I had.

  74. Haven’t watched the speech yet but turned on the tv at about 20 minutes after the hour and it was on MSNBC. Keith O., Chris M. and Howie F. are totally trashing Obama. They are really really wound up – he is not acting like CIC, not taking the country to action, not saying who advised him that drilling in the Gulf is safe, didn’t fire anyone, etc.

    I mean – they are angry. Its almost like O lost his boy body parts tonight.

    • Rachel is also not happy re: prayer.

    • Do you suppose the Malefactors Of Great Wealth planned it this way all along–put in an incompetent and corporate-corrupt DINOcrat to make the public ready to vote for Elephascists (aka GOP) again in 2010 and 2012?

      • That’s what I’ve been saying for over two years. America has been played and, unfortunately, ruined in the process. A big thank you to the koolaid kidz for being such easy marks. (sigh)

    • Could it be that the Gulf developing an atmosphere more akin to some distant gaseous planet, caused Tweedledum and Tweedledee and buttmunch to see the light? Entirely possible, this thing is so massive and so devastating, there will be dead zones for centuries possibly. All of the way out into the Atlantic and Up to the shores of Virginia and DC… and beyond.

  75. Did I hear a projected time for the oil to stop gushing out, or was that not mentioned because they simply don’t know?

    • I dunno but I think the timeline is dependent on how intently we all pray. It will stop once we’ve prayed hard enough.

  76. woo-weeee! it’s uglyl over there at dickos. i was reading a thread of comments under the “sigh…he didn’t say anything” post and they’re going at each other’s throats. har har har!!!!!

    • You should read FDL they almost sound like this place

      “One word for the President.


      I think the President is clueless and is approaching his Presidency as some sort of Academic Seminar.

      He’s a One Termer and hasn’t a chance to win another term let alone the Nomination.

      I”m sorry but Run Hillary Run and might as well make Bubba your running mate and just take it all.”

      • I have one thing to say: “B-bye.”

        My mother watches mainstream media, and tells me what the common themes are (as much as I keep telling her I don’t care what they say, she can’t help herself): here is more and more talk about HRC. Someone on the Gulf Coast came right out and said this week:

        “We would be much better off if HRC were president. She would have been down here from the beginning working.”

  77. I gotta ask

    “Why isn’t the Shock Doctrine ever used for good change?”

  78. Notoriously Liberal Media outlet derides Obama’s Gulf Oil Disaster address (Tweety…no leg tingling.? )

  79. *&$#%! TOLD YOU SO TOLD YOU SO TOLD YOU SO TOLD YOU SO. These idiots are the biggest offenders of all.

    MSNBC Trashes Obama’s Address: Compared To Carter, “I Don’t Sense Executive Command”

    Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman react to President Obama’s Oval Office Address on the oil spill. Here are the highlights of what the trio said:

    Olbermann: “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.”

    Matthews compared Obama to Carter.

    Olbermann: “Nothing specific at all was said.”

    Matthews: “No direction.”

    Howard Fineman: “He wasn’t specific enough.”

    Olbermann: “I don’t think he aimed low, I don’t think he aimed at all. It’s startling.”

    Howard Fineman: Obama should be acting like a “commander-in-chief.”

    Matthews: Ludicrous that he keeps saying [Secretary of Energy] Chu has a Nobel prize. “I’ll barf if he does it one more time.”

    Matthews: “A lot of meritocracy, a lot of blue ribbon talk.”

    Matthews: “I don’t sense executive command.”


  80. I can”t believe Obama was selling magic carpets, all sizes too!

  81. I am not going to say it can’t get any worse. I am not going to say it can’t get any worse. I am not going to say it can’t get any worse…

    • It’s astounding isn’t it? I keep thinking he can’t be more incompetent, but he seems to be floundering more by the day. Karma’s a bitch.

      • I hope these morons learned a valuable lesson, like if you’re stupid enough to vote for the guy you want to drink PBR with, major disasters can easily occur on his watch and his incompetence might even affect you! Or, and this would be ever worse, Luda or Susan Sarandon or someone important like that.

        • Learning would crimp their style. Better to be wrong and have felt part of something cool than to have never experienced the coolth at all.

  82. New Thread up top … this one’s gotten way long!!!

  83. Matthews: “I don’t sense executive command.”

    translation :

    ” listening to him no longer makes me hard”

  84. Thanks fr all this. I was away, and frankly forgot about this.
    I read this and know all I need to know.
    Now I’ll go to B0botland for pearls of wisdom.

  85. Found some

    I have no problem with prayer…

    just not as environmental policy.
    “Salzie, you’re doing a heckuva job!”

    Not inspiring in the least.

  86. […] The Confluence Wonk the Vote, on June 15, 2010 at 7:31 pm Said:Death of a Salesman […]

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