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Wednesday Morning News

Good Morning Conflucians!!!

Election day seems to mostly be over. Let’s take a look at some results. First up in California, Both Whitman and Fiorina win their GOP primaries:

Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, who ascended to the top of the business world before turning to politics, prevailed in their respective battles for the G.O.P. nominations for the U,.S. Senate and Governor in California, setting the stage for costly general election fights this fall.

Ms. Fiorina, a former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, beat Tom Campbell, a former congressman, and Chuck DeVore, whose candidacy has drawn the backing of many Tea Party activists. She will face the incumbent senator, Barbara Boxer, in the fall.

Ms. Whitman, the former chief executive of eBay and a billionaire, had invested a small share of her personal fortune to prevail in the governor’s race over Steve Poizner, the state insurance commissioner, who put up $24 million of his own money into his primary campaign. She will challenge Jerry Brown, the state’s attorney general, who was first elected governor of California three decades ago.

So two GOP women win. It’s the GOP, so generally speaking they’re not on our side. Then again, who is. The general in both of those elections should be interesting. I’m definitely on the side of moonbeam (Jerry Brown), but then I’m a bit of a fan. Boxer, that’s a tough one. Any of the prominent Democrats that helped push Obama over the top in his ill gotten gains in the primaries, and then continued to support such things as a Heritage Foundation designed, Insurance Industry authored health insurance bailout bill isn’t anyone’s friend. But then likely neither is her competition. We’re screwed either way.

Next is Arkansas with Blanche Lincoln edging out her Kos/SEIU/Obot backed Bill Halter helped by some last minute Bill Clinton backing and campaigning. Yep, the Clinton’s still have it. It’s Arkansas, what idiots thought big dawg wouldn’t have a big impact (from the same NYTimes article):

Ms. Lincoln prevailed in the run-off over Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, despite millions of dollars spent on his behalf by organized labor and other special interests, setting up a general election race with Representative John Boozman, the Republican chosen late last month.

Although it’s kind of cool that Lincoln beat the one the Obots backed, she was against the public option. You know, exactly like the President and the entire Democratic party in the end. So she’s not necessarily our friend or a real Democrat either. Then again… Bill called Lincoln the comeback kid though, so there’s that.

And back on the GOP side over in South Carolina, Nikki Haley won, but not by enough. So she will face a run off election:

The Arkansas result came after a bruising Republican primary race for the South Carolina gubernatorial nomination was forced into a runoff of its own after Nikki Haley overcame accusations of marital infidelity. Ms. Haley will face U.S. Representative J. Gresham Barrett.

Ms. Haley, a state legislator, fell just short of claiming an outright majority of votes and now faces a June 22 primary with Mr. Barrett, a four-term congressman.

“We had the kitchen sink thrown at us,” Ms. Haley said in an interview on Tuesday. “We are a state of great people. We are a state of dirty politics.”

In recent weeks, she had been twice accused of infidelity by men allied with her opponents. She fiercely denied the suggestions. She rose in the polls by promising to break up an entrenched network that has dominated state politics for decades and she portrayed the unsubstantiated charges of extramarital affairs as retaliation for taking on special interests.

In my district, the fighting 5th, Robert Hurt won on the GOP side to go up against Democrat Tom Perriello for congress. Tom unfortunately, like most freshmen congressmen, sucked up and did what Obama told him too on every vote. Maybe he has more too him. Hard to tell. I think he will have a very tough fight in November.

In other election news: Jerry Brown wins the Democratic nomination for CA governor. Duh. Californians vote to change to open primaries. It looks like the Tea Party candidate, Sharron Angle, will win the GOP slot to go against Harry Reid. Of course Harry is happy. I’m not so sure Harry can win even if he was running against Elmer Fudd. In a slight bit of comedy, Gov. Schwarzenegger’s first ballot in the election was rejected because he voted for two senate candidates. So many jokes to be made of that, but I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader:

Did California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger have trouble making a decision in his state’s competitive GOP Senate primary today? The Associated Press is reporting that a scanning machine rejected Schwarzenegger’s ballot because he had selected two candidates for Senate.

Poll worker Keta Hodgson tells the AP that the Republican governor was given a choice of filling out a new ballot or not having his Senate choice count. He chose to cast a new ballot.

All in all it was most definitely a day for women. The only question is, are they women who are on the side of the people or on the side of the corporations. Since it’s pretty much a given that both parties are 100% in the tank for corporations, it probably doesn’t matter. To that end, why not go for women when possible. Just because. Well, except if they’re completely wacko like the “birther queen”:

Orly Taitz is an Israeli émigré who has spent the past two years filing lawsuits challenging President Barack Obama’s right to be president on the grounds that he was born in Kenya. In the process, she has earned herself $20,000 in court fines.

Now she’s running for the GOP nomination for secretary of state, and with her establishment-backed primary opponent mounting a less-than-stellar campaign against her, operatives say there’s a chance she could win.

“It’d be a disaster for the Republican party,” says James Lacy, a conservative GOP operative in the state. “Can you imagine if [gubernatorial candidate] Meg Whitman and [candidate for Lt. Gov.] Abel Maldonado — both of whom might have a chance to win in November — had to run with Orly Taitz as secretary of state, who would make her cockamamie issues about Obama’s birth certificate problems at the forefront of her activities?”

There are a lot more races out there. Chime in with your local races and any interesting stories.

Meanwhile Obama is out campaigning for the healthcare reform bill (I shit you not):

On Tuesday, Obama held a town hall meeting on health care at a Maryland senior center. He talked about the $250 check the newly-passed legislation will send to seniors who fall into Medicare’s “doughnut hole” gap in prescription drug coverage, and answered questions about the bill’s general impact.

Polls show Americans remain split in their opinion of Obama’s health care effort, so the administration is trying to quiet voter doubts in advance of fall mid-term elections. Since many of the bill’s major changes don’t take effect for years, officials are highlighting those things that happen soon – such as the “doughnut hole” rebate – in their attempt to garner favorable public opinion.

“We’re moving quickly and carefully to implement this law,” Obama told the crowd at the Holiday Park Multipurpose Senior Center in suburban Wheaton.

It’s been easy to overlook with all the attention devoted to events in the Gulf of Mexico, but health-care reform remains a contentious issue in Washington. Republicans are convinced that the relative unpopularity of the health-care bill will help them make big gains in November.

I guess if you’ve failed at everything else, go out and campaign for something already done with. Makes sense. Hmm, maybe he could hang around with the birther queen. They may have a lot more in common that I originally thought.

The Wall Street Reform bill is making the rounds again. A memo from Volcker pointing out exceptions to his rule making banks less risky:

White House economic adviser Paul Volcker, in a letter obtained by Reuters, said he firmly opposes exemptions to his rule being sought by banks that say they make only small investments in private equity and hedge funds.

At the same time, some Senate Democrats were moving to toughen the Volcker rule by reducing the latitude given to regulators in implementing it once it becomes law — a prospect now widely seen as all but certain, likely within weeks.

Conflict over the rule — which threatens the profits of banking giants such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley — came as a congressional conference committee prepared for its first meeting on merging House and Senate reform measures into the biggest bank regulation overhaul since the 1930s.

After days of behind-the-scenes talks among conferees, the committee will hold its first public meeting on Thursday, with the goal of completing its work by June 26, Representative Barney Frank, the committee chairman, said on Tuesday.

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi will appoint Democratic members from that chamber to the joint Senate-House committee on Wednesday, Frank told reporters.

Frank and other conference committee leaders will have the difficult job of balancing Democrats’ desire for a hard-hitting bill with the need to retain some support from Republicans who have generally sided with Wall Street in resisting changes.

That last paragraph cracked me up. Like there’s a difference. Such theatre.

Hillary has been working to fix relations with left leaning Ecuador:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reached out Tuesday to one of the left-leaning populist leaders of South America, attempting to edge Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa out of the orbit of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

By all appearances, the charm offensive had an impact. A beaming Correa professed admiration and respect for “dearest Hillary” and for President Obama. He said he and Clinton had discussed tough issues — such as Ecuador’s concern over the U.S. military operating out of seven bases in neighboring Colombia — but said their two countries would have “debate with great openness.”

“The new left that I represent is not anti-anything,” Correa said at a joint news conference after three hours of talks. “We are not anti-capitalist. We are not anti-American. We are not anti-imperialist. We are pro-dignity, pro-sovereignty, pro-social justice, pro-good life for our people. We are in favor of the good things.”

He added that “we love the United States very much,” noting that he “spent the happiest four years of my life with my family in that great country” when he earned a master’s and a doctorate at the University of Illinois.

On the other hand, Nancy Pelosi tried to give a speech but was heckled the entire time by protesters wanting better healthcare (esp. home care vs. nursing care):

The protesters, wearing orange shirts and chanting “Our homes, not nursing homes,” did not let up until Pelosi finished her address and left the stage with security guards. The protesters said they were members of ADAPT, an activist group that advocates for disability rights and is fighting for passage of the Community Choice Act. The bill was introduced by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) in 2009 but has not advanced out of the Finance Committee. In the House, a similar measure remains in the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

The act would allow those who are eligible for care in a nursing home to instead receive similar care in their own homes through community-assisted living.

Many of the protesters were in wheelchairs or otherwise disabled, and they held up banners. One protester shouted at Pelosi: “We supported Obama. We supported you. We supported the campaign . . . But we don’t want to be taken from our homes.”

In a show of grace and charm and understanding, Nancy said:

At one point, Pelosi made light of the protests, saying: “Listen, I’m used to noise. I talk to the Democratic Caucus every day.”

In her speech, Pelosi noted the historic health-care overhaul and outlined a message she hopes will carry Democrats through the November midterm elections.

I don’t think she’s quite right in the head. Whatever you do, don’t look into her eyes. {{Shudder}}

Meanwhile Obama says he’ll get tougher on Oil companies while he moves to reopen offshore drilling:

But President Obama, in some of his strongest statements to date on the April 20 oil disaster, said he wanted to know “whose ass to kick” over the massive April 20 spill.

He said he still supports offshore drilling as BP struggles to contain its gushing well, but said oil companies will face greater oversight.

“I believe that we’re going to need to increase domestic oil production,” Obama told NBC’s “Today” show in an interview.

“But we can’t do these things unless we’ve got confidence that somebody’s looking over the shoulder of these folks because the systems have gotten too complicated for us to simply say, ‘you know what, you can go do what you want.'”

Obama, under pressure from critics who say he is not doing enough to contain the oil washing up on Gulf shores, said he appointed a bipartisan commission to look into the oil spill because he could not expect to get the truth from BP or other oil companies.

“I want them to report back to me because you obviously cannot take the word of oil companies when they say they’ve got a bunch of redundancy and back-up plans when something like this happens, and it turns out they have no idea what they’re doing.”

There he goes again, talking and talking, but what does he do. He’s our drill baby drill president. He never saw a mega corporation he could refuse. Here BP, take Louisiana, with my complements. Do whatever you want. My stupid minions will follow me whatever I do… {{bangs head on table}}

Congressman Nick Rahall (D, WV) is demanding more documents from Transocean that show there were fewer workers the night of the explosion than in preceding weeks:

Natural Resources Chairman Nick Rahall of West Virginia asked that Transocean, the Texas company that owned and operated the rig, to detail their staffing practices by providing work logs. Documents obtained by Rahall’s committee allegedly show that fewer people worked on the rig the night of the explosion than during anytime in the preceding weeks. Further, the committee says there were no engineers, electricians, mechanics or subsea supervisors on duty the night the rig exploded.

Mother Jones reports that witnesses knew the fire was going to happen and had warned about it:

Tony Buzbee, a lawyer representing 15 rig workers and dozens of shrimpers, seafood restaurants, and dock workers, says he has obtained a three-page signed statement from a crew member on the boat that rescued the burning rig’s workers. The sailor, who Buzbee refuses to name for fear of costing him his job, was on the ship’s bridge when Deepwater Horizon installation manager Jimmy Harrell, a top employee of rig owner Transocean, was speaking with someone in Houston via satellite phone. Buzbee told Mother Jones that, according to this witness account, Harrell was screaming, “Are you fucking happy? Are you fucking happy? The rig’s on fire! I told you this was gonna happen.”

Whoever was on the other end of the line was apparently trying to calm Harrell down. “I am fucking calm,” he went on, according to Buzbee. “You realize the rig is burning?”

At that point, the boat’s captain asked Harrell to leave the bridge. It wasn’t clear whether Harrell had been talking to Transocean, BP, or someone else.

And finally, Rod Blagojevich’s trial began:

An attorney for Rod Blagojevich declared Tuesday that the former Illinois governor is an honest man who “didn’t take a dime” of illegal money and simply trusted the wrong people to handle his fundraising before he was ousted by corruption allegations.

In a theatrical opening statement, attorney Sam Adam Jr. outlined for the first time how the defense plans to fight charges that Blagojevich tried to sell President Barack Obama’s old Senate seat and sought to use his office to line his pockets and those of insiders.

“The guy ain’t corrupt,” said Adam, whose remarks seemed at times more like a tent revival than a courtroom presentation. He said Blagojevich and his wife will both take the stand.

The trial will likely be more sad than entertaining. If there are any dark secrets from Rahm or Barack or others in the WH, don’t expect them to be allowed out in the light of day though.

That’s a small bit of all the things happening. Let us know what’s happening in your neck of the woods, or anywhere else for that matter.

56 Responses

  1. I predict the Republicans will elect the first woman president….maybe not in my lifetime, but they’ll do it.

    • well, anything can happen…democratic super-delegates elected the first black Reagan.

      • Reagan chose competent people to do his bid. Obama is no Reagan. Maybe that’s a good thing and it will make Obama a one term president.

    • yes, I have said the same for about 20 years. Democratic men do not like women any more than republican men do and fear them just as much. I am not saying all men on either side, mind you.

  2. It was pretty much what I said in the post that didn’t make it here: GOP keeps trailblazing. By default.

  3. Great roundup, DT!

    He never saw a mega corporation he could refuse. Here BP, take Louisiana, with my complements. Do whatever you want.

    Manifest Audacity

  4. Today in irony – Obama explaining why he didn’t meet BP CEO

    Matt Lauer: Have you spoken directly with the CEO of BP?

    Barack Obama: I have not spoken to him directly and here’s the reason, because my experience is, when you talk to a guy like the BP CEO, he’s going to say all the right things to me. I’m not interested in words. I’m interested in actions…

    I guess that’s why he can’t figure out whose ass to kick without experts

    • that is pathetic excuse making and even more pathetic if he really does think that is an effective way to govern.
      Can he be recalled yet?
      I have this fantasy that Obama has the character to admit he was not the choice of the people and never should have cheated in the primaries, that he was way over his head, that he was resigning and that he had asked Biden and Pelosi to stand aside for Clinton and they had agreed.

      • I love that fantasy! May it become reality.

        • there was a young female reporter, can’t remember her name, on Morning Joe today. She was brutally straight forward and while standing in front of the white house said that Obama seemed more angry at the media than he did at BP. She said, yes he showed anger but if you looked closely it seemed to be at the media.
          Can one man have less reason to be pissed at the media than Obama and why oh why is he blaming them for people thinking he is bloodless? it drives home again that for him and his handlers it is all about appearances rather than getting the job done. Appearing to be doing something is as good as doing something. Fooling people in to voting for you is as good as winning them over with actions and truth.

          • said that Obama seemed more angry at the media than he did at BP

            Ha! That’s been true from the start! He has had reporters on the carpet about even questioning him about the gusher . He’s pissed at the press because they do care for him…like he was always angry at the women in his life that actually stayed and cared for him. He’s always telling off the Left, who care as well…his tenderest mercies are for himself of course, and after that, the distant fathers of Reagan and GOP . Those are the ones he ” reaches out to” endless

          • The corporate MSM and Obama are both complicit in their dysfunctional relationship. They deserve each other.

          • Savannah Gothrie ?

  5. I believe Sen. Lincoln is toast in the GE. I also think her win was less about President Clinton and more fueled by anger against unions.

    • I think she had a better chance than Halter. So if she were toast he would have been burnt toast. And yeah, I think President Clinton still has bigger coat tails than Obama.
      I don’t think people in Arkansas have any particular reason to be angry at unions unless it is anger at how stupid they were for wasting money to defeat a candidate who votes with them the majority of the time. I also think people saw past the BS that it was a matter of left vrs right with Lincoln being the right. I think that depends on what issues you focus.
      SEIU used to be a very liberal union. Now they are just an access union. If they were truly liberal they would have supported Hillary in the primaries and would have protested against the Heritage foundation health care bill that passed. If they were acting as a health care union should they would be attacking Obama and demanding the bill be fixed NOW.

  6. Yay Blanche Lincoln!!

    I would be seriously pissed if a bunch of outside interest groups came into my state and spent $10 million to make a national point about purity in the Democratic party.

    So good on her, and Arkansas.

    • and it was all so effing contrived. If they wanted purity in the democratic party Obama would be the place to start. SEIU used to care about issues, now they just care about political access and power.

      • ps…. I worked for them for a short period and they asked me to apply to stay as an organizer. I didn’t want to move at the time, to another state. Their ground troops are very liberal, many claiming to be socialist or communist. I can imagine those are exactly the people who thought Obama was more liberal than Clinton. It just amazes me how many people were fooled. And why? Because the blogger boyz said so.

    • It wasn’t just SEIU. It was MoveOn.org and the Kos crew, also, who urged “getting rid of ” Blanche Lincoln.

      Just for Markos getting his ego bruised up, I’m glad she won. Should I feel guilty for that? 🙂

      • I’m glad for the confusion her win caused the CDS-ridden Kos crowd. No guilt here.

      • Yes, unfortunately. Markos is nothing more than a social networker who pretends to be a political savant. However, Blanche Lincoln is just one more of the corporatists running our country these days. If Halter had won, we would have had at least one candidate who wasn’t beholden to Goldman Sachs, pHrma, and the other corporate overlords who are dismantling our country piece by piece and trying to turn the middle class into serfs.

        Of course there was outside money in Halter’s campaign. It’s going to take every one of us contributing to strategic races that are outside of our home states, perhaps, to overcome the enormous advantage of the haves against us, the have nots. We will need to make alliances with some people we’d rather avoid, at the same time reminding those people that we’re placing country before party. I, for one, am no longer a Democrat, but I will support someone like Halter, who ran as a non-DNC Democrat, rather than the hand-picked corporate lackies that are being offered to us by the DNC and the RNC.

        • Been there, done that, doubt I’ll do it again. I sent money to Coakley & Kucinich only to see them fold.

        • Despite Lincoln’s stripes, she strengthened the financial reform bill with an amendment the banks don’t want and the WH doesn’t want. I just don’t see how someone from that area that’s not a GOP can win, unless they are blue dogs. That’s the problem with the two party system. The U.S. is too divided to have only two parties.

          • She was allowed to put that amendment in solely because she was being challenged from the left by Halter. She doesn’t even understand her own amendment–it was crafted for her as kabuki theater. Don’t count on it to remain in the bill.

            But I agree with you, the two party system is killing our country.

  7. I think Boxer is going to have a tough time beating Fiorina…. Fiorina seems like one sharp cookie…

    • Yeah, a “savvy businesswoman.” She was really sharp at cutting and outsourcing jobs at HP. She made a hash of her AT&T leadership position.

      Yeah, she’ll make a good Corporatist senator.

  8. great round up Dandy Tiger..thanks

  9. Yes, she’s smart, and a cancer survivor, etc. BUT as CEO of HP, she nearly ran the company into the ground and outsourced thousands of jobs overseas, so the “I’ve run a business so you can trust me with your money” meme she’ll trot out will probably bite her in the a$$.

    Also, her main opponent, Tom Campbell, has been unable to run a successful statewide campaign with several tries under his belt, which made it very easy for Fiorina to pretty much buy the nomination.

    Boxer, on the other hand, DOES know how to run a campaign, and has brought home a LOT of bacon to California. The turnout yesterday was a record low, giving the advantage to the conservatives. With the marijuana legalization prop on the ballot in November, and Gov. Moonbeam getting another shot, I think the liberals will be out in force and Boxer will prevail, Fiorina’s deep pockets notwithstanding.

    • She was a disaster as CEO of HP. She make them buy a bombed out computer company at a ridiculous price and it nearly sank HP . Then she spied on other HP board members…and worse yet , got caught spying on them. That was why she left/got can….

      • I remember being on forums back during the 2000 elections and the Bushbots posting about how George had run businesses and how he would straighten up Washington and Al was just a politician who never worked a day in his life in the real world.
        Think the GOP will trot that meme out for Fiorina?

        • Then she will probably be the first female Potus…look at GWB’s resume….all his companies and everything he did he screwed up.

        • And they will for Milt too. That meme about how business always does it better…LOLOLOLThen how come the tax payer is always bailing out their asses? It’s a snake oil crock

      • Yep, I worked for one of the companies (wholesaler) that worked with HP at this time. She was not well spoken of.

    • Tom is also not conservative enough for the Republican primary voter. He’s too socially moderate. I think Boxer is very happy Carly won. Campbell would have pulled voters from the middle in the GE. Carly, not so much.

      If Campbell had won, I would have considered voting for him simply because Boxer has so pissed me off with falling in line for the Big O recently.

  10. Went to Bobotland. They take Lincoln’s win as sign of B0’s power.
    But this is a good headline in ligt of the overheard WH commentary on unions
    “10 million down the drain” from someone spending a billion a month in Iraq”

  11. Listening to Thad Allen right now with the latest update on our OIL KILL. He’s calling it “the product” now. He will not say the word – OIL!

    • Guess he got the memo ….god I hate that word,”product,” rather than what something actually is..

      .that’s a suit word, a MBA word…

  12. OT: I wandered over to TL and saw that J is busy alternating posts sticking up for Blago & Van der Sloot. Wacky.

    • Wow, way to go. Stick up for a guy who confessed to killing one woman and probably killed another. What does she think, someone made him confess?

  13. Re: BP

    This, according to our local congresscritter, good guy Peter DeFazio (D-OR), as heard in an interview on local radio about an hour ago (paraphrasing):’

    ‘We’re hearing rumbles that BP may spin off the Deep Water Horizon well into a separate company which can then declare bankruptcy. They’ll keep the money making and get rid of the debt. All perfectly legal and has been done before, e.g. after Katrina some big power company spun off the whole transmission line part of their business (which was destroyed) and basically told folks: You’re on your own. We’ll provide the power generation but you need to supply the transmission lines.’

    DeFazio thinks government should move quickly to securitize about 50B from BP to make sure they don’t do an Enron on us.

    Nearly dropped my toothbrush hearing that one.

    • And those spinoffs can also be a tax free stock distribution to shareholders, depending on how it’s handled. May as well try to make a buck from spinning off the liabilities.

    • Remember back to the start of the Wall Street bail outs and how congress “accidentally ” left the bonus language in it?
      Watch them “accidentally/” allow BP to shirk their responsibility.
      Have any of you read Molly Ivins’ political biography of Georg Bush, Shrub?
      She describes how as governor of Texas he would give support to popular bills in front of the legislature then go back room to tell key members he wouldn’t mind if it didn’t pass.
      Who does that sound like?
      Bush the III, indeed.

      • Did you know that Kathleen Turner is going to star in a one woman show about Molly Ivins?
        I’m hoping that’s a brilliant piece of casting and can’t wait to see it, if not on Broadway, maybe on PBS.

  14. Although it’s kind of cool that Lincoln beat the one the Obots backed, she was against the public option. You know, exactly like the President and the entire Democratic party in the end. So she’s not necessarily our friend or a real Democrat either.

    Blanche Lincoln was backed by the biggest Obot of them all, Obama himself.

    She is a true Corporatist Dem. She’s been given political cover with the amendment on derivatives she “supported’ so that she could cover up her strong ties to and support of the Big Banksters.

    AR is not going have a good senator for us, no matter who wins.

    • Ah, the “real Democrat” term again.

      I used to think that I was a “real Democrat,” until I watched the race card be played against the Clintons.

      Besides, it’s frikkin Arkansas. Not like Bernie Sanders could ever win an election there.

      That’s reality, folks.

  15. Kabuki.

    • Oops, wrong blog! Thought the return hadn’t worked.

      Supposed to be for edgeofforever’s tabloid post. About Obama’g anger manifestations against BP.

    • Oh, no! That was no kabuki. There’s a real feud now between the party machine and the unions – the next constituency to be thrown over board. Rahm (most likely) declared that they pissed away 10 mill they could have used better in November. AFL-CIO replied they are no arm of he Dem party – and don’t expect their support in November. This was a pyrhic victory.
      Union B0bots are resigning from B0botland.

  16. well, Jerry Brown has finally surfaced in the media…in a fricking Meg Whitman attack ad.

    She’s totally going to win, and fricking destroy this state more than it already is. The coffin is already nailed, she’s just going to be throwing the dirt clods on it.

    I’m outta here.

    I’m a feminist, but the fact that she’s a woman means nothing to me. It’s a smokescreen/figure head.

    Our 1st black president is a corporate lackey who’s contributing to the destruction of our country, the women in power will do the same.

    If we allow ourselves to be appeased by their gender, we’re just as guilty of being demagogued as the Obots.

    Am angry and sad, as usual.

    • I wish we had real politicians, and not just figureheads for corporations, and that at least 50% of them were women, but we don’t.

      And I dont’ see that happening in my lifetime. As time goes by, it looks less and less likely. (I’m 37)

  17. I have noticed they don’t call it oil, LOL! My observation about that press conference is how much stress Thad Allen is under. He is gasping in between sentences and I expected him to have heart attack during the press conference.

    • It’s a good article, no real surprises, just everything we already knew. However, will it be read? Right now, the press and the blogs are, all, LOOK OVER THERE — BLANCHE!

  18. Most of the women that won last night are Rino’s. We don’t like Rino’s any more than we like Dim’s.

Comments are closed.

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