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      Yesterday I had a brief article, which noted a general rule, “only things the rich and powerful believe will benefit them will be done” and applied it to shortages, suggesting that if the rich and powerful are benefiting from them, no serious action will be taken to end the crisis in countries where that is true. I wanted to note that this is a general rule. […]
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18 Million Cracks: 2 Years Later

Republican women had a good showing in last night’s elections.

Tea Poser nutcase Orly Taitz stands no chance of winning, which indicates all the more that the success of the GOP women last night is the result of their tapping into something real.

What Nikki Haley is doing is HUGE, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Democrats had their chance in 2008 to make the next decade the Decade of the Democratic woman. But, they passed on it. Their loss.

Yesterday afternoon — well before the polls closed and I realized what a strong night it was going to be for Republican women — I wrote the following rant, which I’ve edited for clarity. It’s taken on another layer of meaning for me in light of last night’s results:

I don’t understand what they (i.e. the gatekeepers of feminism) need feminism for if there is *always* some issue that comes before women and girls and we always have to know our place and be willing to go last if at all because that’s what “good” women do.

Feminism is that one space where, by virtue of it being feminism and not any other -ism, women’s rights and advancement gets the floor–where gender equality gets to be advocated for to the fullest extent (instead of how it gets knee-jerk dismissed in every other space as the hobby lobby of bored silly little bourgeoisie wimmenz and ewwww rigid radical maneating manlike militant feminists!)

If they don’t want to put women first ever on any issue, what’s the point?

If a prolife woman can actually put women first on any issue outside of abortion–well we can have great feminist debates all we want about whether the prolifer gets to join the feminist club or not, but at least she’s doing more than declaring the space only exclusive to her and her tribe and never actually using it for anything.

And, where the Palins are concerned, even with any level of opportunism involved there, that opportunism can be turned back on its head, and be used against the Good Ol’ Boy network where both the Ds and the Rs try to keep women divided. If the feminist “authorities” on the left were paying any attention, they would notice that there’s a wide open field of potential out there for building some messaging consensus and solidarity amongst women and likeminded men — on feminist issues that go beyond the simplistic prochoice/prolife BS.

When both the left and right women pols now see “You go girl” as a way to build up their appeal, there is *something* going on. There is no reason for the women’s orgs to be as dead and without a pulse as they are right now except that they’ve become dead-by-default.

Every time Hillary or Palin go off the D/R script that ignores wimmen’s voices and wimmen’s issues altogether, every time they talk about women and girls, they’re changing the way politics are done. They are building a bridge for us so that we don’t need to have a separate “Women’s party” (inevitably blown off as silly women with frivolous agenda) –and the reason we wouldn’t need one is because we have become integral to the party system that is already in place.

To the extent that any liberal or conservative woman does something to pave that way a little bit further than it was before, more power to her in that individual endeavor. That’s not the same as supporting her politics, hard as that is for the Oprecious party and the so-called “progressives” to understand this concept.

This isn’t about following someone else’s politics. It’s about following my own.

I refuse to put women’s voices, women’s representation, women’s rights, and women’s causes last.

The GOP put women last until the brand fell completely apart. Now that same tattered GOP is relying on women to put the humpty dumpty back together again.

I voted for Hillary when we had the chance to have her as our first female president and put our country back together again.

I never had any confusion about the difference between Hillary Clinton and the women of the GOP. It’s the Democratic establishment and the activist left that was confused about that difference.

Now the Obama-Left is stuck between Barack and a Rand Place while women of the GOP are seeing their star rise.

51 Responses

  1. would have should have but didn’t .


  2. good morning

  3. It’s ironic really – that the party of Lincoln gets to be a trailblazer again. And like the first time around (remember the Dixiecrats?), mostly by default.

    • Whatever the reason, I’m just damn glad someone is blazing the trail. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a party of Lincoln again?

      One can dream anyway …

      • We have two parties of Reagan, twice the fun . 😕

        • Yep 😉

        • lol! a win / win for the money crowd. I really don’t know what will happen. The money crowd has constructed what seems to them a perfect pressure cooker without a safety valve…and they are constantly turning up the heat

  4. Fooken brilliant post. ….What could have been, sigh. ….though of course there would be at least 30 ” scandals” running right now in the media if Hill was allowed to claim the victory she won …oh and Monica would be an anchor on Fox .

    • oh and Monica would be an anchor on Fox .

      I’d actually rather have seen that than see no end in sight while images of oil covered wildlife multiply everyday.

      • There’s no question about that…and Hill herself would not have cared in the least , would have welcomed all that shit IF it meant she was able to work for the American people as she was frankly meant to…from the oval office. But the upper crust feared her too much to allow it .

      • Actually this morning I thought of a political cartoon character that follows Obama around and makes remarks. An oil covered pelican who leave oily tracks wherever it goes. I see it taking Helen’s front row seat. He/she would be a statement without words themselves of course. It would be interesting to have a cartoon of this oil covered pelican acting as Obama’s caddy …etc stuff like that… Duncan’s ghost so to speak. It’s always there.

    • Monica would have been a very wealthy anchor, after Fox and MSNBC engaged in a bidding war for her services.

  5. Great post!

  6. Yes, do keep an eye on Nikki Haley in SC. Although she has to go into a runoff with Gresham Barrett because she didn’t get over the 50% threshold last night, she CRUSHED the competition. She received 49% of the vote in a 4-way race, with her closest competitor (Barrett) garnering only 22%. The good ol’ network is terrified of her and threw every tawdry thing they could in her direction, but the voters didn’t buy it. Over 70% of those polled said they either didn’t believe the charges of marital infedility or didn’t care if they were true or not. I think this is a sign that people can see through the same ol’ crap, and they UP TO HERE with it. Nikki is promising to bust up the old power network in SC. I hope she can.

    • The good ol’ network is terrified of her and threw every tawdry thing they could in her direction, but the voters didn’t buy it.

      Poor fauxgressives, they thought they owned the future of the changing face of America… now all Nikki Haley has to do is say she “doesn’t look like anyone on the dollar bill.” Must be shocking to get a taste of their own medicine.

      • And she could steal Obama’s line about how “my opponents may try to scare you with my name” because *ta dah* in her case, they actually did.

  7. That is a great rant, Wonk. When I read it yesterday, I thought it could be a post. I’m glad you front-paged it!

  8. I tell you what is appalling on the heels of Palin’s bid endorsements making the difference in yesterday’s primaries:

    Fiorina was behind by a lot, and she won by more than 20 points, and Palin’s endorsement was the turning point.

    I just googled Palin, and you know what’s at the top of most relevant searches? Rumors that Palin has had a boob job. The articles on this important topic come from Toronto Sun, Boston Herald, and of course, Huff & Puff post.

    Not that you needed proofs for the sexism of the media, but look no further.

    • Not to mention her facebook comment on Obama’s handling of the Gulf situation. Link

    • This more of an indictment of us than the media, after all, they only serve up what sells.

      • My guess is some media sellouts printed the rumors, and then OBot blogging brigade got to work to google bump it to the top of the search function.

        Greg Sargent (now writing for WaPost) had (stupid) musings on this. As usual, dismissing Palin. And some even stupider commentator said that if Palin was ugly, she would never have gotten this much attention, becuase, “sex sells.”

        And they have the gumption to call her unintelligent and unserious?

        • It’s my understanding alot of the Palin rumors were started by GOP operatives with the McCain campaign …McCain wasn’t supposed to win ( you’ll remember the GOP swift boats stayed out of the water) and Palin was asked to be VP expressively in order to sink her as well…imo. Alot of the heat on her comes from GOP elite…at least until they got their press lackeys to pick up the ball

        • BTW, Just to clarify: Greg Sargent was discussing the election and had a throwaway comment on SP. He wasn’t discussing the rumors.

          My last comment on the said rumor is that I am glad it has been ignored by many people, and is just left to rot on its own.

    • Also, the new big meme is “Palin supported men over women in a few races so she is evil.” I’m sorry? Criticize her for supporting right wing nuts, fine. But how many times have like the 3 vaginal voters in the US been told to quit it? That they’re stupid and representation isn’t an end (a valuable end) in itself and they have no right to vote that way and need to take their chances with the next big talk dude who will sell out 5 minutes after getting to DC? It’s like “get Coakley/fill in the blank woman we’ve picked to send the undefined message that isn’t getting through this time!” one second and “that Palin, not much for sisterhood is she” the next, from the very same people. Unreal.

      • I call such extreme (and stupid) rationalization “pretzel logic”, because the writers twist themselves so many times, and in so many ways, to arrive at the desired conclusion.

    • Rumors about Palin’s lady parts? Andrew Sullivan must be on the case!

  9. All in all, it was a good day for women. Ceilings be damned! A crack is a crack is a crack.

  10. I remember when McCain chose Palin. How surprised we were, no? And it seemed good in a way. Except?

    California is the state that sent women to Washington.

    If you knew how let down I feel about what Dem women in politics did by not supporting Hillary after she won CALIFORNIA? It’s right up there with the Ms. Mag cover. Some superhero he turned out to be.

    It was Hillary’s. Hillary’s splintered ceiling as a feminist for all of us Dems.

    Boxer will not be getting my vote. My vote sent her there. And Pelosi, and Feinstein and Capps. Never again. They let down one of our own. They let down HILLARY.

    All those years of voting for them, and look. Traitors.

    I might vote for Fiorina, after I investigate a few things. Maybe.
    I won’t be voting for Whitman, no matter what.
    Nor would I ever cast a vote for Palin. Now.

    A Democrat’s glass ceiling differs from a Republican glass ceiling.

    Here is something Jerry Brown said:

    “It’s not enough for someone rich and restless to look in the mirror one morning and decide, ‘Hey, it’s time to be governor of California,'”

    No, it isn’t.

    If you could hear the ads i’ve heard running out here on the radio — on rock stations? If you could see the poison that drips from someone as equally divisive as Obama was with his target-marketing?

    Well. I’m pretty worried about my state right now. Because my state looks like it might be going the way of our neighbor Az.

    Democrats in the past did all the good work, and so we looked to them as leaders. if you think it wasn’t hard for lifelong Dems to have to cross the line and vote for McCain a few years ago? You are wrong. It was hideous casting that vote. Palin wasn’t Hillary. OUR HILLARY CLINTON.

    I met RD right after her column, and I think (Alegre’s?) column had been censored at the places they were writing. Imagine that.

    What I will never get over is the vast terribleness of that CENSORING circa 2007.

    And no one said an effing thing. Not really.

    When you look at Hillary’s record of “works” you are seeing Second Wave feminism in action. As Democrats we had that chance.

    We didn’t like it when we saw that T-shirt with a capital C on it did we? Or the groping of the cardboard cutout?

    But, we aren’t a cohesive group to begin with. Feminism post 1973 was battled by individual women in the corporate sphere, no?

    This morning we can see the outcome of that in Whitman and Fiorina who shattered glass ceilings there. They are examples of how we worked to arrive at equality with males — which is what our part of the movement was about. Just equality.

    The curious thing about these women as we stack them up against Hillary’s deeds? It’s not the same. Is it?

    Sadly, no.

    What is even sadder?

    I might have to don a T-shirt with a C on it myself.

    It’s come to that. The wreckage of the sisterhood.

    We had the chance. We had Hillary Clinton.

    • I think it’s OK to be happy for more women running and winning, even if you won’t ever vote for them.

      Fiorina may not get my vote, but she gets my respect. Same with Palin.

      • token female corporate figureheads? whoop dee whoop. That’s the same as Obots being all happy because he’s a token black corporate figurehead.

        respect? seriously? these people are in it for the $$

        milestones are meaningless these days – they’re just a smokescreen for us to be all happy thinking we’re making progress when we’re really not.

        • Palin and Fiorina are strong women. That was my point. I also specifically said that’s not enough to get my vote, because such voting will be tokenism.

          Many times, strong women are attacked by sexist memes, and those doing it expect the rest of us to shut up because well, those women are evil and not agreeing with our point of view.

          I don’t care much about milestones as I care about opportunity and equality. Most milestones are achieved. Equality, respect, and equal opportunity are the issues now.

  11. Awesome, awesome, Wonk. I just don’t understand where some people get the energy to work so hard for their own marginalization. As far as I know, feminist movements came about because most general social movements with male leaders have, historically, had little to no interest in advocating for women. And there are plenty of women in the US who apparently, are content with being the ladies’ auxilliary to the important universal causes. So–why can’t it just end there? If that’s your thing, you can be dismissed and downgraded in any progressive organization and every social movement in the country. Why the big need to take over feminism and try to make it into this big generalized catch-all that’s supposed to fight every battle and take on every issue except anything involving any woman, anywhere, I do not understand.

    • Exactly! It makes no sense! If they want to sit at their special table and have their little high school clique where they play the role of good virtuous women kissing up to every other humanist cause but the one that says that women are human beings too, then do that, but don’t pretend it’s in support of women. ‘Cause it’s not.

  12. I’m very happy to see women candidates do well at the polls, even if they are Republican. Still, I can’t help but be saddened by the fact that voters who call themselves “progressive,” and even “liberal,” can’t seem to bring themselves to vote for Democratic, or left of center, women. It’s as if conservative women have an advantage because Republicans, women and men, will support them. But run a liberal woman, and those who claim to be left of center suddenly disappear! Oh well, I’ll keep hoping that one day that will change. But I won’t be holding my breath.

    • In some ways, the Republicans did little to support or dismiss female candidates. They almost treated women like people instead of women.

      • “They almost treated women like people instead of women.”

        What a novel idea! But, darn, I wish Republicans hadn’t come up with it first. 😀

        • A good reason to give GOP women a chance is that it will force the Dems to stop stifling the Dem women, just to play catch-up.
          But if Dems own your vote no matter what, because GOP women are eviiiil, it won’t happen.

          • votermom, I like the way you’re thinking. As long as we keep reinforcing the Politics of No Place to Go, nothing will change. None of these GOP women have earned my vote so far, but I’m not going to rule them out automatically and make that a given for the Democrats. Not anymore. Tried that, really didn’t like the t-shirts that came with it (Bros before Hos, Sarah Palin is a C).

  13. RD. & Wonk.


    This would not be happening if HILLARY CLINTON was in charge.

    This will probably be the ugliest moment in California’s long fab history.

    RD. remember Brazile? nah — didn’t need no Democratic Women who wanted Hillary — did she.

    I am so furious at the Democratic Women I have supported all my life as a voter for turning on Hillary.

    Maybe only RD knows how much….

    hugs Conf & Co.

    will be keeping you posted on the CA news. Christ.

    • Hang in there!! and come talk to your friends here at TC before you put on any C-word shirts — we’ll talk you down from that ledge! The Democratic women who turned on Hillary didn’t just turn on her, they turned their backs on that “longstanding battle” that Eleanor said no one should cross:

      “The battle for the individual rights of women is one of long standing and none of us should countenance anything which undermines it.”

      –First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

      The DNC shut down the genuine feminist uprising of the grassroots that Hillary drew out in ’08 — huge mistake. What’s happening, while not always easy to watch, is poetic justice.

  14. I don’t respond very often and lurk.

    Is it good to see more woman running? You bet, but these woman are Tokin woman, they are there to fill the bill of the republican party who wants to seem to be more interested in woman’s issues than they really are (IMHO, the only place that they would like to see woman be is in the kitchen).

    I would never be able to bring myself to vote for any one of these woman. Although it’s great that they are running, I would really need to think to myself, if Hillary won, would the republicans be trying this hard? The answer is no. They want to capture the 18 million that voted for Hillary.

    Sara Palin’s run at VP was a beauty pageant to me. She didn’t know the issues, she was put on stage because of her looks not that she would make a good VP. That angers me, woman are more than their looks.

    I see neither party willing to really invest in woman who will and can make a difference.

    I will not vote for a woman just because she is a woman. I will vote for a woman who has the ideals and values I want to see in my elected officials.

    • Ceitag, please re-read the post. You (may have) missed the point. This was NOT a post about voting for GOP women.

      • Yup, click, got that, and that is why I responded. Yup, double checked my reading credentials, got those too.

        I didn’t miss the point, not by a long shot.

        • Glad to hear it, so I can respond from there….

          I get where you’re coming from on the tokenism point, but personally I don’t think of these GOP women as tokens. I don’t even think of Barack Obama as a “token” — he is a bona fide first, it’s just that he is also a corporate stooge. He’s both. Obama is an empty suit, Nikki Haley still remains largely an unknown at this point, Sarah Palin is a rightwinger, and Nancy Pelosi is a flat out phony. All true. But, they are also firsts and their presence as such does have ripple effects that may not be readily apparent but do matter. Increasing women’s representation as well as increasing minority representation are both important ends in and of themselves that need no further justification–at least in my books. They are not always the most overriding point of reference for me–Obama hasn’t earned my vote, and neither has Palin–but I do think it matters and give credit where I feel it’s due.

          Anyhow, thanks for delurking and adding your two cents. My initial response was snippy because I wanted to make sure before I proceeded, but I did appreciate your feedback and hope to hear from you again.

          • I don’t think that Obama is a token. I think the Dems got behind him, because in their small minds, at least he isn’t a woman.

            I do think that many of these GOP woman are Tokens because they are there because the GOP wants to show *woman* that they are inclusive party, it’s like dangling a carrot on a stick, then taking the carrot away. IMHO, once they get woman to vote republican, that they will pull the rug and replace woman with white Christian heterosexual men.

            I will vote for a woman who represents my ideas and my values.

            I don’t automatically vote Democrat because the Democrat running might not be who I want. I didn’t vote for Obama in the presidential election because I don’t trust his track record on choice, I didn’t trust his *change* politics, because there was nothing in his voting record that would identify him as change, I certainly didn’t believe that he was an anti-war candidate.

            I voted Green, not because I thought that Cynthia McKinney had a snowballs chance, but I liked her. I liked the fact that she is an activist. I like the fact that not to long after the presidential election she was continuing her activist agenda. I just like her. I many not like some of her politics but she is genuine in her belief.

            I don’t automatically dismiss republican woman, but I had to see what their views are, I will not sacrifice my views just because they are a woman. I will vote for a strong woman who I will feel that will best reflect my views and ideals. So far, none of the republican woman do–

          • Palin was picked because she’s wildly popular with conservatives who hate McCain. Whether you like her or not, she brought something concrete to the table that McCain didn’t, to balance that ticket. The Repubs don’t suck at politics, and there’s no real “I’ll vote for someone who’s hot” demographic group out there waiting to be picked up. That’s not going to pick up any votes, except for maybe a couple 18 year olds who think of her as a mom and not their idea of hot anyway. A secondary consideration may have been trying to pick up a few votes from fed-up women who watched the tidal wave of misogyny being transferred from Clinton to Palin, but that was always speculative, and if they based any decisions on it, they’re stupid. And after watching the “we love to be degraded” spectacle from Dem women, if they were stupid enough to think they could pick up female Dem votes that way before, I don’t think they’d ever factor that into their calculations again. 😉 There are much, much, much easier ways for them to get votes.

  15. Ceiteag — you make interesting points. Like you I vote for the best person I can. Who cares if a woman could be governor of California if she is the wrong choice for our state? Same goes for senator.

    I’ll vote for the man who is best, if he is better. Even though I want to see women advance politically that doesn’t mean I vote on autopilot. I was doing that for the females in my state in the hopes that one day we might see a Hillary at the helm. But they turned on her — didn’t they?

    My political party was all for the advancement of women until two years ago. And my political party has split in half.

    Every woman on this planet watched what happened to Hillary if they had a TV set.

    Wonk called it “poetic justice” now — yes, it is. The fight for equality born in the 60’s paid off for my generation 25 years later in terms of women advancing. Men know it because they work shoulder to shoulder with these women.

    It was very difficult to watch what happened to Hillary Clinton. Very.
    But that doesn’t guarantee a free pass to any/either political party at this point.

    As a feminist, I’m pretty disgusted by the way that women have turned on women? But that is going to be par for the course, now.

    This is an example of the C T-shirt being re-enacted.
    Fiorina on Boxer’s hair yesterday? Oh, bad move. Bad, bad move.

    Or how about this:

    Palin is not the face of feminism for California women and neither is Fiorina. In a way it was born here? Like the ecology movement.
    How interesting that the subplot of the Republican Party seems to want to dictate what feminism looks like to the Democratic Party?

    Frankly? First-Lady feminism on both party’s sides is pretty ridiculous looking in the last decade. As in “invisible” — ?

    Yeah. Eleanor. Hillary. That’s accomplishment to us.

    The record of SERVICE tells the tale. That is what we should be looking for in my opinion. That is what counts. I think I’ll do a little post on that with vids. Wouldn’t it be just like the patriarchy to try and undermine the last hundred years if they could?

    They could watch as women turn on women and have a big fat laugh.

    Hugs Conf & Co.

    Frankly? I wouldn’t try and eff around with Dem women on either coast if I were that patriarchy — because? Well……


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