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    • Rationality Is A Process, Not A Conclusion (Nuclear Weapons Edition)
      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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All work and no play

The position of President of the United States is often called the toughest job in the world. The office is high pressure and he (so far they have all been “he”) is on the clock 24/7/365. Every waking moment of his day is tightly scripted and scheduled, and even when he sleeps his aides are awake and working nearby and may wake him at any given moment (like at 3am) to ask him what they should do about some crisis in East Bumphuck or Outer Hismind.

Except for those times when the 25th Amendment says the VPOTUS is in charge because the POTUS is temporarily incapacitated (like during surgery) the POTUS is never far from the military guy carrying “the football” which is the briefcase that contains the launch codes to nuke the planet.

The POTUS job includes a certain amount of ceremonial stuff like funerals, state dinners and supermarket openings. In England they let QEII attend state funerals and ribbon cuttings and let the PM focus on business. Here in the Untied States we often send the VPOTUS to greet or go watch them bury the leaders of unimportant countries.

But sometimes the situation requires us to send someone more important than Mr. Potato Head or Joe the Talking Donkey, like when the leader of China drops by to discuss increasing the credit limit on our national VISA card. It’s a little-known fact that King Saud (who owns all the world’s oil that isn’t leaking into the Gulf of Mexico) only allows the actual POTUS to bow and kiss his ring or hold his hand.

Ceremonies really do have an important purpose. Despite the way the political philosophies of Western Civilization exalt the individual, the truth is humans are social animals and we depend on each other for survival. Tribalism appears to one of our innate characteristics, and evidence shows that even in the most primitive times of pre-history humans always banded together as families, tribes and clans. To be cast out of the group was often the ultimate punishment and was tantamount to a death sentence.

As our society has grown larger and more complex we have needed (and found) ways to bind together diverse groups of strangers as a single unit. Ceremonies are an important psychological tool to identify and define the boundaries of “our” tribe and affirm our membership therein. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance may seem silly and meaningless but it is one of many ways we separate “us” from “them.”

The military puts so much emphasis on drill and ceremony because it is vital that the soldiers see themselves as an army and not a bunch of individuals. A soldier who has faith that his comrades on either side will not abandon him will feel a strong moral obligation to stand his ground and not abandon them either.

Some ceremonies are indispensable because they mark the transfer of power. The ceremony pictured here was no mere formality:

In November 1963 U.S. District Court Judge Sarah T. Hughes was hastily summoned to Air Force One to administer the oath of office to Lyndon Johnson. (She remains the only woman to swear in a POTUS) The picture is iconic because at a critical time in our history it provided reassurance that we would endure as a nation. Our leader had fallen, but we were not leaderless.

Not all ceremonies are created equally, however. While the cumulative effect of White House photo-ops with the POTUS congratulating athletic champions and spelling-bee winners is important, the individual events are not. In times of crisis the VPOTUS can fill-in or those kinds of ceremonies can be dispensed with altogether.

Our system of government requires that the POTUS run for office, and our two-party version of democracy requires him to participate in activities to support his chosen party and its members. This is true even for a “lame-duck” POTUS who is finishing his second term in office because he still needs support in Congress.

But we expect (or at least hope) that at critical times the POTUS will forsake the good of his party or even his own interests for the sake of the nation. Jimmy Carter tried to run for reelection using a “Rose Garden” strategy saying he was too busy with the Iranian Hostage Crisis to go out and hustle for votes. That strategy worked for a while, but the crisis outlasted the voters’ patience and Jimmy abandoned the strategy after Ted Kennedy won a primary.

More than one POTUS has visibly aged in office. We don’t want our POTUS to burn out on the job so we need to allow him some R&R (or I&I as we called it in the army) so he can recharge his batteries. Allowing him time with his family and friends is critical to his mental health. This applies even more so to a bad POTUS than a good one – we don’t want a bad one to get any worse than he already is.

But it’s politically stupid for a POTUS to proclaim he will “never rest” until some crisis is over and then promptly head off for vacation. Doing that tends to give people the idea that he is lying to them. Even those of us who are jaded and cynical enough to accept a POTUS lying to us about something minor that is really none of our business anyway (like a non-marital blow-job) still expect him to tell us the truth about important stuff (like whether Iraq has WMD’s.)

Throughout most of human history there has been an on-going political debate about the proper role and scope of government. I’m not talking about the form of government, such as monarchy, democracy, etc, I’m talking about the size, power and responsibilities that government should have. But even libertarians accept that government should have some responsibilities, such as defending the nation from foreign aggression.

There is a general consensus in this country that in times of great crisis (like war, disaster, famine or economic depression) that the government should “do something.” While there is usually no agreement on exactly what the government should do very few people would agree that the government should sit idly by and do nothing.

When the people of a nation lose faith in their government to protect them it is ripe for civil war and only force and fear will prevent rebellion. People will even accept oppressive dictatorship if they believe the dictator is protecting them from something even worse.

However, since force and fear are anathema to democracy, it is vital that we retain faith in our government. Many of us endured the dark years of the Bush-Cheney (mal)administration because even though we had no faith in the people who were then leading our nation, we had faith in our system of government and saw those four eight years as a temporary hardship rather than a permanent condition.

During the past couple weeks we’ve seen a bogus meme emanating from the Kool-aid Kingdom. This meme claims that the media and others are unfairly demanding that President Obama “emote” when he speaks about oil spill crisis.

This is a strawman. People don’t care whether Obama is clenching his jaw with rage, they want to know he “gets it.” The oil spill is not only an ecological crisis for our nation, it is a crisis of confidence for Obama. People want reassurance that Obama understands the severity of the situation and is doing the best that can be done to resolve it.

Obama ran for office on a theme of “hope and change” not “trust my track record.” One reason for this is he had no track record. Nonetheless he was able to convince the majority of the voters that they could trust him, or at least trust him more than John McCain and his <snarkfont>chillbilly bimbo</snarkfont> running mate. Even so, nearly half the voters chose Mac and <snarkfont>Cheesecake</snarkfont> over Obama.

When the oil spill crisis began most people were slow to react. Fires, explosions, mine collapses and other man-made and natural disasters are fairly common news stories that vie for attention with reports about the exploits of Paris Hilton and Brangelina. Generally speaking they not considered very important to anyone not personally affected. (I was living in San Jose and personally got a close-up view of the Loma Prieta Quake of 1989, and I will be forever traumatized by its effect on the World Series between Oakland and San Francisco.)

But in the weeks that followed the explosion we kept hearing about the continuing leakage of oil and we began to hear that the size of the leak was larger than originally reported. Before long we began to hear terms like “catastrophe” and “ecological disaster” being used.

Katrina was not the first hurricane to strike the Untied States, in fact it wasn’t even the first one to hit NOLA. We’ve all seen video footage of hurricane aftermaths, but what made Katrina so different was what we didn’t see.

We saw a major U.S. city partially covered by floodwaters. We saw people sitting on rooftops above the water, stranded and waiting for rescue. We saw thousands of people trapped in the Superdome and not allowed to leave. We saw dead bloated bodies, floating in what used to be the city of New Orleans.

But we didn’t see our government doing anything to help. Oh, we did see the government. We saw some of our elected officials giving press conferences. We saw George Bush staring out the window of Air Force One while flying over the wreckage. We even saw men with guns and badges manning roadblocks.

Now the local, state and federal governments can point fingers of blame at each other until the Cubs win a World Series, but but in regards to Katrina there is no denying that they collectively failed the people of NOLA and the Gulf Coast.

They failed to adequately plan and prepare for a Category-5 hurricane hitting the region, even though it was easily foreseeable because it’s happened before. One direct consequence of this was the failure of the dikes and the flooding of the Ninth Ward.

Even worse was the Katrina aftermath. Not only were initial relief efforts inadequate but our leaders (I use the term loosely) proved themselves to be incompetent.

Now, just less than five years later, we are back in NOLA and the Gulf Coast watching Katrina II, the man-made version. Once again, not only were initial relief efforts inadequate but our #1 leader (I use the term even more loosely) is proving himself to be incompetent.

Despite what the White House now claims, in the first few weeks there is little or no evidence that Obama had any real concern about the oil spill. Some have suggested that was trying to maintain his distance so as to avoid being tied to the situation – he didn’t want it to be “his” problem. One version of this story claims that Obama was large and in charge informed and in control but acted through his aides and subordinates.

Whether or not he was acting remotely or not even remotely interested, after several weeks the media clamoring became too loud to ignore. This led to the scheduling of the Potemkin Photo-Op and Presser. 400 BP employees were bused in to scrub the beach and then act as background extras, the TelePrompters were set up, and then the Greatestest Speechifyer in History and former Media Darling gave his poorest public performance since his last debate against Hillary in April 2008.

Not only did Obama fail to assuage doubts about his competency and commitment to solving the crisis, he appears to have made things worse. Among the major unforced errors he committed was telling the reporters “the federal government is fully engaged and I’m fully engaged,” and then turning around and saying he had no idea whether Elizabeth Birnbaum (the former head of the Minerals Management Service, which is the Interior Department Agency that regulates off-shore oil drilling) had resigned or been fired.

Obama’s tenure as Media Darling seems to have left him unprepared to deal with the non-lapdog media. Once upon a time he could tell bald-faced lies about his record (and Hillary’s) and members of the press treated his statements as gospel, even when they knew otherwise. During the past couple of weeks, however, the media has begun to treat Obama like a generic Democrat.

Ever since Gary Hart dared the media to follow him and try to catch him cheating on his wife the media has normally treated any and all statements by a Democratic politician as a challenge to be disproved. So when Obama vows to “never rest” the media shows Obama resting. When he says he’s “fully engaged” they show that he is disconnected, and when he says he’s focused they show him partying like a rock star (or with one.)

I don’t believe Obama really cares that much about the oil spill or it’s effect on the environment and the people of the NOLA/Gulf Coast region. He is far more concerned about the effect of the oil spill on his chances for reelection.

The Obama we saw at his recent press conference was the same Obama we’ve been seeing all along. He is not nearly as smart and talented as those people wearing Kool-aid goggles believed him to be. He is a malignant narcissist who not only lacks the requisite qualifications for the job of POTUS, but whose moral character and psychological problems render him unfit to hold the office.

Let me add one last thing – my low opinion of Barack Obama has nothing to do with the color of his skin. I do not believe that a person’s race has any connection to their intelligence, moral character or emotional stability.

When I say Obama lacked experience that is based on objective criteria. I want our POTUS candidates to be people who have proven themselves in other leadership positions and Obama simply had not done so. But his lack of experience was a condition that could have been rectified.

Our founding fathers put in the age requirement for POTUS not only because they believed experience matters, but also because they wanted the candidates to have a history that could be examined in order to judge their moral, psychological and emotional fitness to hold power.

Due to the lack of media scrutiny, Obama is a man who has gone through life leaving few footprints. The lack of a record is itself is disturbing, but several of the marks he did leave behind him raise questions or concerns, such as the way he achieved his first electoral victory by getting his opponents (including his mentor, Alice Palmer) knocked off the ballot.

Even with the paucity of evidence available there were many of us who were able to make an accurate assessment of Barack Obama. He was measured, weighed, and found wanting in our eyes. We saw that he was neither a savior nor a socialist but was instead a stooge of the special interests who would be in over his head.

We spoke up and tried to warn people but our voices were ignored due to the Obama campaign’s successful use of the “race card” strategy, wherein all criticism of Obama was deemed racism. We told them so, but they didn’t listen, so now we must all pay the price.

Maybe next time  people will think before they vote.

114 Responses

  1. exactly. it’s about AWARENESS and us witnessing the will to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, not having an emotional moment, then going about his bought and paid for status quo.

    • Obama is

      MAD as HELL, and looking for who’s ASS to KICK

      , according to CNN and MOVEONOVERFOROBMA is planning vigils across the US to Protest BP!?!

      So, MOVE ON isn’t protesting the White House’s response? I saw Edward Olmos last night with Anderson on 360 and he said he supported him, he had a lovely family, but he lost it. hemmm…

  2. Why take an otherwise excellent article and add gratuitous insults about McCain and Palin? It simply lowers the tone of article and distracts from an interesting analysis. Pity

    • You must be new here – I was being sarcastic. Regular readers are aware that I have written numerous posts defending Sarah Palin from the sexist attacks of Obama supporters.

      As for McCain, other than referring to him as The Crypt Keeper a few years ago I don’t see where I insulted him at all.

      • tsk,tsk myiq

        You should resign immediately for offending the tender sensibilities of a supporters of a woman who doesn’t even seem to understand the difference between socialism or fascism and doesn’t even bother to take the time to correct them.

        Oh and you leave Senator “President Obama is leading an extreme left-wing crusade to bankrupt America” McCain ALONE!!!!! You left wingers are so so unfair 😉 Don’t you know you’ll hurt people’s feelings for having an opinion and daring to voice it.

    • You beat me to it. I frankly stopped caring about what the author had to say after “bimbo”.

      • Read my reply posted right above your comment.

        Then read my whole post.

        • Unfortunately, the call to arms from both wingers and Bots is out. More and more of these people with little to say are out and about, defending and deflecting. Your post was right on target and well done!

        • I got ya MYIQ, very tasty snark.

      • what part of the “snark tag” did you not understand? it was sarcasm and clearly labeled as such.

        • Ok. I’m sick to fucking death of this shit. There wasn’t a snark tag when I posted. And even if there had been, the gendered slur was STILL inappropriate. How the hell am I supposed to tell the difference between a man on this site being sarcastic and every other fauxgressive dude who calls Palin a bimbo and fucking means it? If you have to explain that you’re being sarcastic, then you’re doing it wrong.


          And as for the person who referred to those of us who commented as wingers and O-bots. I’ve been a liberal my whole life. I worked for Carter for fucks sake. I supported Hillary 100% and I fucking voted for Cynthia McKinney for President. So bite me.

          • I have decades of experience at being sarcastic, and I’m quite confident that I am doing it right.

            While we appreciate the input we hear so many new ideas and theories that we simply don’t time to attempt them all. So we would therefore find it far more helpful if you would start your own blog and demonstrate for us your concept of the proper way blog.

            As for your offer to dine, I’m afraid that I must decline. My digestion reacts poorly to things that are bitter and sour.

          • game. set. match.

          • DarthVelma,

            What ever you do don’t offer him your kidneys! Trust me on this! SNARK/ 😉

          • Oh look, a smartass response. What a fucking shock.

            You are obviously failing to get the point. Most liberal women have to wade daily through a sea of gender slurs aimed at us, along with women we admire and women we don’t like. On allegedly “progressive” or “liberal” websites. It’s gotten old. The simple fact of the matter is that at this point, many of us don’t give any man, no matter how liberal or even feminist they claim to be, any benefit of the doubt. And being a contributor on this site, I can’t fathom that you don’t know that.

            Also, I’m not sure, as a man, that it’s ever ok for you to use those kinds of terms…not sarcasticly, not ironically. It’s like how white people just don’t get to use the “n” word. Words like bimbo, coming from any man under any circumstances, are just not going to be taken well. Especially by your more radical feminist. *points at self*

            So, there you go. You can now call me a humorless man-hater. But you might consider this, I was not the only one who did not originally “get” your intent. If your goal is to communicate effectively, that should give you pause.

            Peace out.

          • DV ~ with all due respect, we are defending MyIq because we have been together now since the spring of 2008 and we know his views and his humor. He has been consistent in his defense of Sarah Palin even though he and several others here do not agree with her political views.

            And we’re sorry that as a newbie you do not get his sense of humor but to those of us with a history here, it was and is completely obvious sarcasm. But as a newbie you also do not get to come to our playground, set up your soap box and start screaming at a regular because you don’t get it.

          • I’ve been here for two years now and I have nearly made 700 front page posts and over ten thousand comments.

            The way i write now is the same way I wrote when I got here. I am rude, obnoxious and take pride in being referred to as “the petulant clown.” I’m not going to change my style out of concern that some uninformed visitor will jump to an erroneous conclusion about me based (by her own admission) on her biased feelings towards my gender.

            I don’t know why you feel entitled to act as if you are the PC Police of Left Blogistan, but this is not your blog, you are not my mother and I really don’t give a flying fuck what you think, about me or anything else.

          • I was going to just ignore this thread at this point, but I find it too amusing to be called a newbie. I’ve been reading here for every day for well over a year now.

            And I didn’t scream at anyone initially. Go back and read what I said in my initial response. Then see how people reacted. Does not speak well for several posters that their initial reaction was to assume I was a newbie or a winger or an O-bot. *shudder on that last one*

            And if I didn’t immediately get the “sarcasm”, as someone who actually reads the site several times a day, then why would an actual newbie be expected to get it? Why take a chance on turning off a new reader by using a gender slur in the first place?

          • You are obviously dissatisfied. Please contact the administrator for a refund of your subscription.

          • I would like to thank each and every one of you for essentially ruining what was, until today, one of my favorite sites on the web.

            If you don’t give a shit how you come across to new readers (or long term readers for that matter)…then that’s your problem.

            Don’t mistake this for a flounce. I’m not dramatic or upset. Just really disappointed that the reaction has been “newb”, “O-Bot” and “I don’t give a shit”.

          • If you’ve been a regular here for over a year and didn’t realize that I was being sarcastic then I withdraw all my previous comments and will say nothing further because it is simply unfair of me to engage in a battle of wits with someone who is unarmed.

          • I responded straightforwardly yesterday to the confusion because I could see how a reader might not pick up on the snark if they aren’t familiar with the running commentary at this site about Sarah Palin.

            We take a lot of blowback here at TC for defending Sarah Palin against sexist and classist attacks on her womanhood. Our detractors confuse our doing so with supporting Palin’s politics. But, speaking for myself, I don’t defend Sarah Palin’s womanhood because of her politics–I do so because of *my* politics.

            What happened here was a simple misunderstanding. Can’t we get back to the substance of Myiq’s post?

          • If you’ve been reading this site for years as you pretend, then you wouldn’t need a snark tag. The snark was infinitely apparent to those of us who read regularly.

            And I don’t think anyone here will feel a great loss if you leave and don’t come back. People with no sense of humor are hard to be around.

          • Spammy got me…

    • Myiq was being snarky about the attitudes of the Obama-Left toward Sarah Palin. It’s like if I called Sarah Palin that most unserious trainwreck that all the serious people must breathlessly fact-check. I’m not mocking Sarah Palin, I’m mocking the idiots who relate to her that way.

      • Couldn’t they see the snark font?

      • Frankly, if Sarah Palin were interested in being taken seriously then she shouldn’t be running around insisting ” that the country was headed towards socialism” simply because the tax codes would tax the rich more(as it has done for decades).

        I wouldn’t call her a bimbo but disingenuous fits pretty well.

        • I don’t think SP is all that interested in being taken “seriously” — her shtick is anti-intellectual and right winger.

          • Can you think of any Republican since Herb Hoover that ran for POTUS as an intellectual? The last two GOPers to serve a double term in the Oval Office ran as genial buffoons.

        • she is pandering which I do not like, but seeing as she is the most socialist governor we have ever had (that I know of) I think she knows socialism….

    • thats it MyIq ~ I demand an immediate 50% reduction in your salary…oh wait…

  3. in fact, just saw on the news right now: “however, the president remains optimistic”, then him saying something about how we’ll be fine.

    we don’t want false assurances! We want some urgency! This is an emergency, HELLO!?

    He still doesn’t get it. He shows up, shakes his head gravely, then is like, “oh well”.

    I want to see those beaches TEEMING with well-paid workers cleaning up the mess. Excuses about it’s being too hot, so people have to take breaks?
    Get more people out there and work in shifts! That’s just admitting they haven’t hired enough people. Oh, and they’d better be PAID breaks. And they all need to be wearing hazmat suits.

    The images they show of clean ups just shows a handful of people at a time, in these long stretches of isolated beaches.

    Pathetic. Inexcusable.

    • it looks to me like they are picking up litter. I do not mean to trash the people working, but we need more of them with more professional equipment which BP should be forced to pay for.
      I heard yesterday that Kevin Costner was on the news saying BP wants nothing to do with his machines. I WANT TO KNOW WHY!! I want it explained to me so I can decide if they should be buying his services. This is the sort of thing the president should be doing. Instead I have the very sick feeling that they are considering the cost effectiveness of all measures and are being allowed to get away with it and I am furious.

    • Great post, myiq! And madaha, you are exactly right! Protect the shore and clean up the spill!! They are acting like someone else is going to do it, like it is not the job of our federal government to respond.

      I miss Bill Clinton.

      And I am afraid that this is President Carter all over again. No, President Obama will not be re-elected but we will end up with another Reagan — or worse, Gov. Huckabee!!


  4. Right after I posted I saw this:

    Nobody led.

    Not the president of the United States. Not the chief executive of BP. Not Congress, federal agencies or local elected officials. From its fiery beginning, the Gulf oil spill has stood as a concentrated reminder of why, over four decades, Americans have lost faith in nearly every national institution.

    Like Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster that caused voters to question then-President George W. Bush’s credibility, the poisonous geyser at the Gulf’s floor threatens to undermine Barack Obama’s presidency. More alarmingly, the spill exacerbates the worry that this nation founded on the principle of trust now faces a crisis of faith in its public and private institutions — government and big business particularly.

    I would say GMTA but I’m not sure if Ron Fournier or myself qualify.

    How about MMTA?

  5. This is a president who only knows how to schmooze himself in and out of things. This is his only full time job that he’s really had and been forced into to doing. He’s supposed to suddenly develop a work ethic after having a resume of being a short-timer, non performer, and job-hopper? What did these people expect, I’m mean really?

  6. The koolaid gang is back to their old tricks. After 9.11 when left to their own devices, they also asked W to “emote” (fuzzy memories of Clinton’s leadership after Oklahoma)
    W got the code, went on teevee, made a Stan Laurel face (anyone has the photo?) and the villagers dubbed him Churchill and Napoleon rolled into one.
    The transgression is obviously bigger now, as the crisis is ongoing and Oprecious still didn’t finish His Pet Goat. They just can’t shine this turd, no matter how much they try.

  7. Send this post to every MSM outlet. Who can we get to go on all these shows with these fluffers and ask ‘…how is your savior working out for you now?..’ My choice is in an SNL skit with Amy Poehler doing the asking…… Idiots.

  8. Great post, Myiq! Obama is not the “can do” person who belongs in the White House – even the people who surround him are not “can do” types. With the exception of the woman who should have been President – Hillary Clinton.

    And what gratuitous insults did he make, Mkay, about McCain and Sarah Palin? Mac and Cheesecake? Mild compared to what was thrown at them in 2008.


    • What Helen said was wrong. Period. There is no defending the words and the raw nerve that that touches. It’s awful and regrettable that someone of her stature would utter such a statement.

      That said, have you seen the video of her comments? She is making a poor comment, but she is saying it offhand and it is truly unclear to me that she said it with the nefarious intentions that are being alleged against her at this point. Again an awful regrettable comment. The comment does not deserve defense.

      But the person who made the comment is only freaking human and she has a distinguished career and has earned the benefit of a doubt here. This is a total game of Gotcha by Helen’s right wing detractors (who are indeed hypocrites and love to demonize peoples and wage anti-immigrant sentiment as they please) and the media piling on and everybody wanting to make sure they are not in any way associated with what Helen said. None of the big weight names here have the balls or the ovaries to say that Thomas said something she shouldn’t have, but she has apologized and that should be enough.

      • Please check your email

        • why is it that people come unhinged on this topic?

          • What I find curious is how many Americans are far more willing to to criticize, accept criticism and/or believe bad things about the Unitied States than they are about the nation of Israel.

            Public debate on the I/p topic is more one-sided here in the US than it is in Israel!

          • Unhinged…good word. I saw elsewhere today where even the most calm, rational, and non-threatening comments were referred to as “hateful” and “judgmental.” Unhinged….good word to describe the inability of some to be rational on this topic.

          • I took a break and went to sleep early…I love Helen and it was a God awful day for me. I wrote several comments at GWT and erased them. I am still heart broken, because I was so looking forward to her big dinner, the review of her clips, a roast (but not a good idea now), the mile stones she broke and how she stuck with her career til the end (but it came to a close not on her terms now) and her recent commentaries on women’s issues which were great.

            Oh, it has been heart breaking Monday (now Tuesday) for me…really, it has… It reminds me of listening to your beloved record and one day it develops a scratch and you hear that SCREETCCHHHH.

            I can remember an elderly friend that said a wacky thing and I asked her why she said it and all she could say was, I don’t know why I said it, but I did, didn’t I…

            The words, caused, hurt/pain (heard many people speak of it from personal points on the talk radio shows all day long) and it is truly sad on so many levels. Don’t know if my hinges are stable yet (OK, myiq2xu)…

    • My forebearers aren’t Jewish or Palestinian.

  10. The oligarchy’s choice for Presidents appears to get worse and worse. The people in charge don’t seem to even care about pretending that the interests they serve have little to do with what the bottom 90% of us want or need.

    You need only to look at FISA, the bailout ,or even health care to get that. It’s not surprising he isn’t bothering with a whole lotta effort into pretending that he understands that the government is largely responsible for spill and nearly as culpable as BP for the mess in the gulf for not policing BP or the government’s own agency better. It isn’t that he doesn’t get it as much as he doesn’t care. He collects a 6 figure income regardless of performance and it isn’t like its his livlihood or even his food that he’s destroyed(let’s face it the six figure income crowd doesn’t eat from the same trough as us common folk).

  11. None of the Above 2010/2012… None of the Above would probably be more responsive to a crisis.

  12. myiq – this is one of the best posts you have ever written at The Confluence.

    Thank you.

  13. Very nicely done MyIq.

    Seems to me that the most painful aspect for the swizzlers of the Kool juice is that no matter how lightly one may trod in terms of leadership, this disaster will leave an oil stained foul trail. This isn’t like health care where the lack of leadership was schmeared over after an ugly bastard bill was passed and no one claimed parentage. This disaster, straight from a screenplay inspired by the book of Revelation in its enormity, leaves no room for window dressing after the fact — it’s playing out in front of us. Once the vision is seared in our collective brain, there’s no teleprompter big enough to fix it. That’s the problem with creating oneself through conjured images — there’s always another one around the corner.

  14. WordPress doesn’t appear to feel like nesting. 🙂

  15. It has already been established that the feds, at least the Coast Guard anyway, knew the magnitude of the spill shortly after the explosion. Obama’s claims that they relied too much on BP’s under-estimation is somewhat backwards. They promoted BP assertions of the under estimation knowing differently because that is what BP wanted to be done.

    • It seems pretty obvious to me that Obama thought that BP was going to successfully cap the spill with their Top Kill or Junk Shot technique that was attempted following the presser. That’s the only reason he was willing to declare that he was in charge.

      Obama expected that the timing of the presser and capping attempt would give the impression that he had “plugged the hole.”

      I remember they announced the attempt was successful, but then a few hours later they admitted it had failed.

      Now they want us to believe that Obama always knew the leak would not be contained until August. But I seriously doubt that if Obama told his daughter Malia “It won’t be plugged until August” she would keep asking him “did you plug the hole yet?”

      • Sure and he kept showing up for each of the *success at last* photo-ops with each following attempt.

        Great post myiq!

      • Arrogant, clueless, and naive all at the same time.

  16. OT – Helen Thomas retiring. Darn it.


  17. Agree with everything you wrote.

    Except the last line. I think it is too optimistic.

  18. Someone should check Helen Thomas’ 89 year old back. It has Rupert Murdoch’s and Major Garrett’s shoe prints on it. Fox gets her seat courtesy of their vitriol and they will be shown to it by the valets of the complicit left. The woman is a trail blazer who has been the pen of the first draft of the last 50 years of history. As distasteful as her remarks were, this episode sets new heights of hypocrisy.

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    • Okay, we just got linked to by some blog written in Gibberish. Anyone here read Gibb?

      • That’s not gibberish, that’s Greek. And no, I don’t read it.

        Great post, myiq. Your title “All work and no play” is just the opposite of the Obama presidency.

      • You are one very funny clown. It’s a Russian spam message. Gibb doesn’t speak Russian does he?

        • I’ve seen lots of commie spam (we get dozens of Russki pornbots daily) but this is different.

          Someone linked to us, and I’m curious who it was and what they said.

          I really hope Vlad isn’t mad at me. I already suspect my neighbors are KGB (they claim to be from Denmark but you know how them foreigners lie)

      • I think it’s Russian. The owners of the Confluence are being invited to some affiliate program? I dunno.

        • They’re trying to infiltrate our country so they can flouridate our water!

        • Ok popped it into google translate …

          Site Owners The Confluence …

          Hello We invite you to participate in an affiliate program pay per clicks. Price: 700r for 1000 clicks. Format of advertisement: teaser. Our website: http://bit.ly/d4Pd5E

          • And you trust Google? According to Cannonfire they’re run by the CIA

          • No, that is basically what it says.

            (…says the Russian-major dropout.)

          • I am looking for volunteers (women) to kinknap Mr. Burly (Cannonfire) and once he is all tied up…inform him he has been taken by the GRANNY CIA UNIT! 😆

            Must confess I had cake after dinner…

          • Wonk, you’re correct, it’s Russian and it’s suggesting this website partner up with them as you wrote.

        • Aw, jeez. I hope they aren’t inviting us to a basketball exchange program. Don’t fall for it, it’s a trick! That type of thing causes endless trouble, ask Big Dawg.

      • Never heard of it…looks like porn.

    • although she’s wrong about him getting it now. No, he doesn’t. Again, I want to see the beaches full of people working, and him explaining how the cleaning program is going to work.

      Until that happens, no empty reassurances mean he’s “getting it”. puke.

    • Ms vanden Heuvel needs to remove her Kool-aid goggles.

    • Katrina vanden Heuvel needs to get the letter “O” patches removed from her leather jacket and ditch the pom poms already.

      • I think she’s hopeless. The koolaid overdose resulted in permanent brain damage.

        Excellent post, myiq!!!!!

  20. Fun fact:

    That famous photo of LBJ and Jackie Kennedy was perfectly staged by LBJ himself. In fact, this country was without a president for quite a while because LBJ was waiting for the Kennedy people and the judge to get on the plane. Then, Jackie was in the bathroom and really didn’t want to be bothered, but LBJ insisted that someone go get her. It was his doing that Jackie was standing right next to him as he took the oath of office from his longtime friend, Judge Sarah Hughes.

    LBJ was a master at media manipulation and he knew that for the country (and the Kennedy people, who had no love lost for him) to accept him, he needed to appear to have the support of Jackie.

    (Saw this on part of show I watched – I need to see the first half. I can’t remember the exact title, but it was on the History Channel and was called something like “The 24 hours After the Kennedy Assassination”).

    Another little tidbit I found interesting is that LBJ didn’t want to move into the Oval Office right away – thought he could work from his VP office in the OEOB, but his NSA head and Sec Def (Robert McNamara) said he must do this so again, the country sees it has one leader who was in command. The Kennedy people took it as an insult, because they considered that “Jack’s office”.

    • ….The Kennedy people took it as an insult, because they considered that “Jack’s office”.

      They still do. They are allowing O to use it to keep those hillbilly Clintons from defiling it again

  21. HowardKurtz

    Obama, talking to Matt Lauer about kicking ass? Doesn’t it sound like something the press shop scripted for him? Next: Boxing gloves video?

    Howard is beginning to sound like he doesn’t value his show on CNN.

  22. Left to Obama: We’re not happy:


    (ht Alegre’s Corner)

    And like Obama’s critics on the right, many progressives seized on the administration’s response to the Gulf oil spill to vent their larger frustrations.

    “We thought that an election was victory. We forgot that candidates don’t deliver change, that they become part of the system,” said Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins of Green for All, a progressive environmental group that opposes Obama’s loosening of offshore oil exploration restrictions.

    “While I voted for Barack Obama and I would again, he is not enough and we [need to] push him and say that his handling of BP is atrocious at best,” she said to applause at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. “I believe in the president, but I believe in the needs of the people of the Gulf more. … I believe in holding people accountable, even people we love.

    Even people we love? LOL.

    • … I believe in holding people accountable, even people we love.”

      huh? wouldn’t you hold them particularly accountable??

      While I voted for Barack Obama and I would again….,

      So why would he listen to anything you have to say?

    • “and I would again”

      {{slaps head}} How effin’ dumb are these ‘bots?

  23. When will Obama have a beer summit with BP’a top hat device?? …surely that will take care of the problem

  24. Great post, myiq.

  25. Excellent post– a really good read.

  26. Fucking awesome post. You deserve raise.

    • Forgot the article “a”. Does that make me russian spy who possibly posted link above? {{said with heavy fake russian accent}}

  27. Excellent post. Months ago the November elections looked like they would be bloody …with this gusher spectral , it will be a GOP free for all….actually any incumbent has to worry. It will be interesting to see who the GOP files for 2012…will it be for real or another GOP shock troops MIA , McCain lie down…well JM didn’t lie down, but the GOP sure did…and the Palin is a dim bulb rumors started with GOP operatives around McCain . So the big question will be, has Obama done enough damage to refresh and renew the GOP by 2012…at this rate, I’d say yes. It’s not just a matter of the upper crust dismissing him either…in two years I can see him so bored he can’t move .

  28. Great one. You covered all the bases and this may be your best yet, MIQ. Oh well, here goes on voting today. Good luck to our state. We need some.

    The failure of empathy in Louisiana was the worst, but, what did anyone actually expect? Tears? Would have been nice but you can’t fake those. That’s the biggest problem with this sort of narcissism. The self is looking for constant good mirroring? Hence what happened with Calderon.

    This kind of personality flips around to where it thinks the positive mirroring is going to come from, because it is all about the “Self” —
    What is going to be interesting now is that anger is the top affect. Hence the all-of-a-sudden “kick-ass” stance. This spill is a giant blob of doubleplus non-good mirroring like Katrina was. If only he had cried and not had a party. The public is beginning to “see” the narcissism, now. Imagine the personality being stressed in the same way the pressure is building undersea. It’s like that. Too much non-good mirroring and we might see a crumbled core self.


    The article above sums it up for most. Like you have, MIQ.

    ps: Dakini. It’s very difficult to watch the birds, and think about the dispersant. It makes me want to be sick, just looking. Tragic. Horror. Sends hug to all at Conf.– wishing RD has scientific way to clean up that Corexit out of the sea.

    MIQ. I hope Jerry wins. I really do.

  29. Great post.

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