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Thursday Morning News and Views

Good Morning Conflucians!!! I haven’t been able to spend much time here at TC for the past few days, and I’ve really missed you all.

A close friend of my mom’s has been in the hospital in Indianapolis getting treatment for acute leukemia, so we have been driving in there to visit her and bring her things. The good news is that the treatment appears to have been successful (it was a 50/50 chance), and we will be bringing her back home in a few days. I’m really happy for my mom, because she won’t have to lose another important person in her life just yet.

My mom and I have also been doing a lot of yard work, which I really enjoy. We have planted flowers, tomatoes, and eggplants, pulled countless weeds, and dug out old bushes in front of the house.

Of course I’ve been doing my best to keep up on all the political news by reading the posts and comments here and watching TV a bit more than I usually do. I’ve been watching Anderson Cooper every night lately, and have followed CNN and MSNBC when possible. This morning I watched a little bit of Morning Joe, and learned that the oil spill is now impacting four states. Mississippi and Alabama are seeing the effects and Pensacola, Florida is now bracing for the environmental assault and the accompanying economic impact.

Reuters: Oil arrival puts Alabama island on spill frontline

The invading oil debris, heralding the arrival on Alabama’s coast of parts of the huge, fragmented oil slick spewing from BP’s blown-out undersea well, started coming ashore late on Tuesday on the inhabited barrier beach island.

Dauphin Island residents, who are used to hurricanes roaring out of the Gulf, were waking up to the reality that they would not escape the impact of the six-week-old spill which had so far mostly affected Louisiana to the southwest.

Christian Science Monitor: BP oil spill spreads toward Pensacola as wildlife toll rises

“There’s a lot of tactical movement of boom right now as the threat is shifting to Mississippi and Alabama,” says Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen.

Meanwhile, the National Wildlife Federation reported Wednesday that six to nine times more sea turtles are turning up dead than usual. Similarly, the 29 stranded dolphins found since the spill began represent two to six times the normal amount. So far, 444 birds and 222 sea turtles have been found dead in the area, according to a recent tally provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

WESH, Orlando: Tourism Drops As Oil Approaches Pensacola

The Convention and Visitors Bureau said rooms are staying empty at hotels throughout the county, and the situation will only get worse.

At one Marco Island Hotel, business is down by half since April 20 — the day of the oil rig explosion.

“We’re probably getting one call per day, two at most. And we should be getting 10 times that,” Marica Mandel of the Lakeside Inn said.

“Some people are just feeling like well, it’s all over the Gulf, let’s not go to Florida this year, aAnd that’s a crisis,” JoNell Modys of the Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

Meanwhile, last night President Obama partied with Paul McCartney and numerous other celebrities at a gala event at the White House. Obama honored McCartney with the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

As the president looked on with first lady Michelle Obama, McCartney performed many of the hits he had with the Beatles and as a solo artist, including “Got to Get You Into My Life,” “Eleanor Rigby” and “Michelle” — a song he said he’d been “itching to do at the White House.” [….]

During his remarks, Obama talked about the “difficult time” the Gulf Coast is going through because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, noting that music and “(p)art of what gets us through tough times.”

Big of him, huh? Kind of like during the Great Depression, I guess, when poor people supposedly got relief from their painful lives by going to see lush Hollywood musicals. The President allows the poor to watch him enjoy himself so they can get a little hint of what life could be like if they had any money or jobs or hope for the future.

The White House organ, the NYT, tries to make the case that the event demonstrated the Obamas’ sensitivity to the concerns of us regular folks.

It was not a lighthearted party. Mr. McCartney sang reflective songs like “Eleanor Rigby” and “Let It Be.” The president praised Mr. McCartney but also brought up the catastrophic Gulf Coast oil spill. Mr. Obama spoke about “part of the country this is so rich in musical heritage” and said he was committed to “see to it that their lives and their communities are made whole again.”

McCartney also took a swipe at former President George W. Bush:

A few minutes after the concert, Mr. McCartney returned to the microphone, thanking the Library of Congress and adding, “After the last eight years, it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.”

Somehow I think Bush knew what a library was. But Obama is acting just like Bush in the wake of a terrible catastrophe down in the Gulf of Mexico and the adjoining states, and that seems quite a bit more important to me than whether Obama reads more books than Bush. Frankly, I’m not even convinced that is true. But what do I know? I’m not rich and I don’t live among the Villagers.

In more oil spill news, BP is finally going to pay for some sand barriers to protect fragile Louisiana wetlands–now that it’s probably too late.

The Obama administration was informed by a news organization of serious flaws in the supposed six-month ban on new oil drilling approvals.

the Interior Department ordered oil companies to overhaul and resubmit dozens of exploration plans that had already been approved but were virtually identical to BP’s and that called major spills and environmental damage “unlikely.”

The action came after McClatchy informed the White House and Interior officials that it had reviewed 31 deepwater exploration and development plans approved for the Gulf under the Obama administration and found that all of them downplayed the threat of spills to marine life and fisheries.

The language scarcely varied from company to company, suggesting that the plans were pumped out like boilerplate. Of the 31 plans McClatchy reviewed, 14 were approved since the April 20 explosion on BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig.


James Cameron comments on the oil spill response (by BP or Obama?), ‘Those morons don’t know what they’re doing’

‘Titanic’ director James Cameron has labelled those trying to clean up the BP oil spill ‘morons’ after revealed BP turned down his offer of help.
Mr Cameron also said he knew some ‘really, really, really smart people’ who could help with the spill. The director is considered an expert in undersea filming and who has extensive experience working with submersible robots,

‘Over the last few weeks I’ve watched, as we all have, with growing horror and heartache, watching what’s happening in the Gulf and thinking those morons don’t know what they’re doing,’ he said yesterday at the All Things Digital technology conference.

He did not say explicitly who he meant when he referred to ‘those morons’.
His comments came a day after he participated in the meeting at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Washington to ‘brainstorm’ solutions to the oil spill.

The New York Daily News calls BP CEO Tony Hayward “The most hated — and most clueless — man in America.”

Hayward admits: BP lacked the right tools to deal with crisis.

In an open letter to Hayward – who recently told the Guardian his job was on the line – Democratic senators Charles Schumer and Ron Wyden said it would be wrong for BP to pay investors a dividend until it knows the full cost of the disaster.

“We find it unfathomable that BP would pay out a dividend to shareholders before the total cost of BP’s oil spill clean-up is estimated,” they wrote.

The letter was written hours after it emerged that Hayward was telling BP’s major shareholders that it planned to maintain dividend payments despite the ongoing environmental catastrophe off the coast of Louisiana.

The Washington Post reports on BP’s efforts to keep the media from covering the catastrophe: As the oil spill spreads, BP battles to contain the media

NEW ORLEANS — At first, it seemed like a British company might be trying to keep an American journalist off an American beach. Ted Jackson, a staff photographer for the Times-Picayune, drove two hours to Port Fourchon, La., to shoot photos of tar balls on public property, but was stopped 100 yards from the surf by harbor police. After 30 minutes of phone calls to higher authorities, Jackson said, the police allowed him 15 minutes of obstructed photographing, out of view of workers who were taking samples from the beach.

Last week Jackson was also unable to book a flight over Grand Isle from a charter plane company in Belle Chasse, La., because the owner could not obtain permission from BP’s command center to enter restricted airspace. BP, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Coast Guard were refusing access to planes carrying media, according to Southern Seaplane Inc.’s secretary-treasurer, Rhonda Panepinto, who fired off a three-page letter to Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) on May 25.

“We strongly feel that the reason for this massive [temporary flight restriction] is that BP wants to control their exposure to the press,” she wrote. “We are all at the mercy of BP, a British-owned company.”

Isn’t this something an engaged, concerned President could handle? I guess he’s too busy hanging around with Jerry Seinfeld, the Foo Fighters, and Paul McCartney, but couldn’t he name someone else to play the concerned President role for him then?

Gloria Borger kind of tries to defend Obama and in the process makes him look kind of like an uncaring, cold-hearted freak. Borger claims that:

He was elected because he is cool, calm and analytical. That’s what we wanted to see after George W. Bush, so we made him president. But now the disaster in the Gulf has made many of us want to see someone else — with plenty of anger, emotion and bravado. We want him to yell at BP. We want him to loudly tell us he’s whipping the cleanup effort into shape.

We can’t tell BP ourselves, so we want him to do it for us.

Fair enough. But that’s not the person we elected.

So we want him to morph into something he isn’t — which is exactly what we hate about our politicians. We want him to be another Barack Obama, an actor. Maybe we want him to be George Bush with the bullhorn after 9/11. Only he isn’t.

Funny, I thought Obama was elected because he offered hope and change. I thought people voted for him because they thought he would be completely different from George W. Bush. But what do I know? I’m not a Villager like Gloria B. I just think Obama is cold-hearted and completely out of sync with what real Americans want. And I think Gloria is a clueless twit.

I’ve filled up another morning post with oil spill news, but feel free to post links to all the news I probably missed. And have a terrific Thursday, everyone!

87 Responses

  1. Does McCartney not know Laura was a librarian?

  2. Cool? Hope? Change? Didn’t most people vote for obama because they were afraid of Sarah? In the general, anyway. I’m pretty sure “most” people didn’t vote for him in the primary…

  3. Beyonce, Sir Paul…so glad to hear the Obamas are having a good time.

    You covered it all, BB.
    The oil is still flowing and so is the champagne, apparently.

  4. Let’s not forget Sir Paul is a British Citizen…expect lots of highly placed Brits to start defending BP and Barry

    It was not a lighthearted party. Mr. McCartney sang reflective songs like “Eleanor Rigby” and “Let It Be.”

    Oh for the love of God!! help! That would make out of work fishermen feel better to know for sure! . Was shrimp on the WH menu to show solidarity with those on the Gulf??

    • Lol re not lighthearted!

      On the BBC World News they referred to it as an oil leak.

    • It reminds me of Imelda Marcos. She said it was her duty to be a star that the poor could look up to from the slums.

      Thank you, Dead Pelican President, for taking up the duty of drinking champagne when you would much rather be piling sandbags on the coast.

      • Dead Pelican President is better than Cool Cucumber President! Both, however, are totally incompetent!

  5. And have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!

    Good moanin’ BB! We had a Tuesday already.

    I just remember one thing on the oil catastrophe: Can someone find the video of the drooling idiot Brit Hume taunting the people concerned with the spill and mischievously asking “Where the oil”?

  6. Hi bb. Your mom’s friend has a tough battle. Glad you could be there to help.

    I’ll take a stab at defending Obama. He’s not a leader. Therefore, we can’t expect him to morph into one without being duplicitous.

    However, he is duplicitous. But that still doesn’t make him a leader.

    We need to look elsewhere for leadership and solutions.

    Never cared much for the “bullhorn cowboy” either.

    • Big Dawg certainly had his flaws, but he was the last real president this country has had.

  7. Obama will be on Larry King tonight. I will be watching the NBA playoff game.


    • Brinkley again:

      Obama needs to build on the momentum with a primetime address and a heartfelt message to the American people, Brinkley said.

      “There is a craving for a different kind of crisis leadership from President Obama largely because he’s so capable of it as we saw on the campaign trail in 2008,” he said.

      A different kind of leadership — making another campaign speech?

      Speeches won’t affect what BP is doing; speeches don’t stop the oil. Brinkley and the other commentators come off as idiots.

      • Brinkley is having trouble detoxing. He needs to go to the rehab Bob Herbert went to.

      • Obama needs to build on the momentum with a primetime address and a heartfelt message to the American people, Brinkley said:

        was this hog wash written recently? That might of flown last year, but the very last thing people want is another ” historic” speech offered as a ” solution” …been there done that. The fact that Dems who are running for office are RUNNING from Obama , with his proven campaign killing effect, tells one what kind of leadership people want . The modern press’s job is to cover the news alright,,, as in, cover it up

  8. BB , I was so incensed at the idea that having Paul McCarthy sing ” Eleanor Rigby” and “Let It Be ” at your party shows it wasn’t ” light hearted” ( barf ,) I forgot to say I’m glad your Mom’s friend’s treatment is working and thanks for the round up!

  9. Carville doesn’t regret ripping WH:


  10. Thanks for the roundup, BB – the oil kill is news and will be for a long time. Not only is the current situation horrifying, but the hurricane season has me concerned along with the migration of birds south. They’re bound to stop in that area – what happens to them?

    I really do not think Obama likes this country, its citizens or its natural beauty.

  11. ” Some people are just feeling like well, it’s all over the Gulf, let’s not go to Florida this year, and that’s a crisis,” JoNell Modys of the Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

    Ya think? People getting fired left and right was hurting
    ” tourism” as it was …now this? What would Florida look like without tourism? I guess what it looked like 150 years ago…but with bombed out abondoned snack bars and amusement parks added.

  12. I would guess Obama fiddled (with McCartney) while the Gulf burned…………

  13. Good lord!
    I thought it was Obama with Nancy Pelosi’s mother at first.

    Note to boomer:

    I try to stay away from the news channels because it’s the same old same old.

    Obama and the cast of Clueless going in circles and the republicans trying to blame the result of years of regulation gutting on the Democrats.

    • Catalina? The tiny resort island?


    • Whatever…immigration enforcement is the least of my worries. We’ll all be in the same boat with the Mexicans soon–trying to escape the third world country created by Warlord Obama (h/t Stephen Lendman).

  14. What? They didn’t play Yellow Submarine? or should I say, “Chocolate Submarine”?

    The insensitivity of the the jackasses in the White House and their “Friends” never ceases to amaze me.

    And BTW, Obama has no trouble “emoting” happiness. He obviously doesn’t give a sh*t about the Gulf, hence no emoting there.

    • Teresa – is it just me or does that shite-eating grin on his face look totally fake and over-done? It’s a complete poser look for the cameras IMO. You see pictures of him like that all the time – like he’s trying to prove he’s happy.

      He’s one twisted piece of work.

  15. It isn’t my intention to take anything away from the other news and I apologize, but Rue McClanahan has died.


    I remember seeing her in The Women years ago on Broadway; she had real stage presence.

    • I just heard a little while ago. Now Betty White is the only Golden Girl left.

  16. Many of you may have read earlier that there is a link to BP that makes Obama’s donations from them look tiny. That would be Obama’s pick for The Dept of Energy, Stephen Chu. I’ve been sayin if I heard Obama mention Chu’s Nobel Prize one more time that I would scream. We all have come to realize that The Nobel has lost its meaning and prestige after it was awarded to Obama for bringing Peace to the world. Well, here is the article that explains what I had only heard a mention of. That would be that Chu was the recipient of 500 million dollars for a project at UC Berkley a year before he join the DOE and Chu then appointed BP’s chief scientist as Undersecretary for Science. Now we know why we haven’t heard a peep from him. (he stood aside as Obama visited the Gulf and spoke to us although he was at Obama’s side). This needs to be diseminated far and wide so if I’m repeating something thats been linked, repeat it again somewhere.

    • Chu is famous in physics circles for having sabotaged is competitions experiments. Even going so far as physically destroying work. He’s well know as a petty, vindictive, ass hole. Sound familiar?

    • Here’s a NY Times story about Chu and Koonin:


    • Wow! That guy speaks for me.

      Obama promised change, and delivered betrayal – evident now in the Gulf, America’s greatest ever environmental disaster, fast becoming the most catastrophic in history, a shameless addition to his resume, already revealing a world class rogue and failed president less than a year and half into office. No wonder calls for his impeachment have begun, including by James Petras on May 27, on the Progressive Radio News Hour, hosted by this writer who wholeheartedly agrees.

  17. Worst case scenario–this could happen if oil spill continues till August or worse December. Loop current carries up the Atlantic coast.

    • The big leak in the region some years ago, much, much smaller than this one, took over a year to stop. I suspect this one will be leaking for years, until the well pressures get small enough to plug. That is, until nearly empty. So I don’t think this is a worse case scenario.

      • If that happens, New England fishing will be dead. We are all going to be in a world of hurt.

    • Ugh, I was afraid of that.

      Great roundup, BB. Glad your mom’s friend is feeling better!

  18. if you want to get really depressed, there is an interactive map of the spill which you can enter a location, and it will superimpose the spill area from that location to give an approximation of how bit it is.

    BTW, I read at a news source (not sure which one, I’ll go back and look), that it is already on the verge of the Atlantic, and has entered the Gulf Stream.

  19. Oops, how big it is, not bit.

  20. Brian Williams:

    Williams: …The night the rig exploded I went on the air, it was our lead story. I asked the question, ‘is this going to lead to one of the most catastrophic events of all time where the environment is concerned?’ I got a kick out of President Obama saying that even when the cameras go away we’ll still be there for you. That ain’t the way this is going to play out. If anything, the cameras being here have compelled outside interests – government, BP – to kick this into another gear. With all due respect, the President might have had his scenario off by 180 degrees. So we’ll keep coming back here, we won’t take our eyes off this region, we haven’t since we knew we had a Category 5 storm off the coastline five years ago.

    Look at that, it’s getting less “hard to stay objective covering this guy.”

  21. So we’ll keep coming back here, we won’t take our eyes off this region, we haven’t since we knew we had a Category 5 storm off the coastline five years ago.

    From Brian Williams – one of the last people from whom I would have expected to hear this.

  22. It seems not just racist media wants Obama to feel something.
    Spike Lee

    WASHINGTON — Director Spike Lee yesterday tried to get a rise out of the unflappable President Obama, whose unemotional approach to the Gulf oil-spill crisis is being criticized the world over.

    “One time, go off!” Lee demanded of Obama yesterday on CNN.

  23. Just tried this new feature of re-tweeting – err – re-blogging. Cool

  24. African-American “far-left” opinion on our “socialist” President:

    “Yes, Obama is “Engaged” – in a Colossal Crime”

    In a rational polity, the great abomination to Earth and Man in the Gulf would spell the end of the Obama presidency. We are witnessing cataclysm on a geological scale, an event with the potential to alter planetary destiny, precipitated not by the three hundred million year arc of wayward comets or the incremental slide of continent-molding tectonic plates, but by the routine exercise of corporate power in the United States.

    The man in charge of the government that both permitted and abetted the heinous corporate crime (“Drill, baby, drill!”) should, by all rights, be in terminal disgrace. Instead, much of Obama’s “base” behaves as if the First Black President is an innocent party – a victim of circumstances – rather than a facilitator of the corporate enterprise that has spawned the Mother of all Pollutions. But then, Teflon is a petrochemical product.
    For purposes of assigning culpability, Obama was fully engaged in setting the stage for the atrocity from the moment of his campaign reversal on off-shore drilling in August, 2008 – after he had the nomination locked up. “My interest is in making sure we’ve got the kind of comprehensive energy policy that can bring down gas prices,” said candidate Obama. “If, in order to get that passed, we have to compromise in terms of a careful, well-thought-out drilling strategy that was carefully circumscribed to avoid significant environmental damage — I don’t want to be so rigid that we can’t get something done.” So Obama bent over like a contortionist to pleasure the oil barons.
    When history passes its verdict on the current era, she will not assign much import to the advent of the First Black President of the United States. Rather, history will mark 2010 as the year a servile political operative in the White House exposed the seabed to deep defilement by the oil colossus, from which the world never fully recovered.


  25. AP/Huffypuffy:

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is blocking all new offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, a day after regulators approved a new permit for drilling in shallow water.

    The Minerals Management Service, which oversees offshore drilling, says in an e-mail from its Gulf Coast office that “until further notice” no new drilling is being allowed in the Gulf, “no matter the water depth.” A copy of the e-mail was obtained by The Associated Press.

    The announcement comes a day after the MMS granted a new drilling permit for a site about 50 miles off the Louisiana coast, 115 feet below the ocean surface. Environmental groups said the administration was misleading the public by allowing work to resume in waters up to 500 feet deep while maintaining a moratorium on deepwater drilling.

    I’ve been waiting for the fallout since they lifted the ban on shallow water drilling.

  26. “The Minerals Management Service, which oversees offshore drilling, says in an e-mail from its Gulf Coast office that “until further notice” no new drilling is being allowed in the Gulf, “no matter the water depth.” A copy of the e-mail was obtained by The Associated Press.”
    Who ever wrote that e-mail will be fired. That statement makes Obama appear to be a disengaged. clueless moron.


    –President Barack Obama said Thursday that the government was not extending a moratorium on deep-water oil drilling to shallow-water wells.

    “Actually the moratorium is not extended to the shallow waters,” Obama said in an interview with CNN’s Larry King to be broadcast Thursday night.

    I wonder if the WH and it’s media stooge CNN will edit the interview?

  27. The ignorance and blindness of the pundits is amazing to me – even those who are reluctantly criticizing The One.

    They keep arguing over whether he should be saying this or saying that, over whether his “leadership” should consist of cool and calm words or angry words. And they seriously mean this. They really do believe that this is the contrast, this is the yardstick of how Obama is “handling” the disaster.

    WORDS!!!!!!! I want to pull my freaking hair out! Our uber-educated pundits are discussing what words the president is using, and whether they are the best words, and what words would be better, and whether the words he uses now are the same words he used on the campaign trail, and how much or little he should emote with his words, and should he find some new and uncharted words (with new and improved angry delivery!), or stick with the words (and their delivery) that won him the office?

    SERIOUSLY???!!! This is SERIOUSLY their astute analysis of the effectiveness (or not) of a president’s response to national disaster? I keep searching in vain for reasoned articles discussing his ACTIONS, and what ACTIONS he ought to take, or has or has not taken, and it’s a fucking desert out there in pundit land.

    I do not give a FLYING FUCK what he says, whether cool or heated. What part of DOING as opposed to SAYING do these morons with press passes not comprehend? I didn’t care when he was running, and I do not care now. What have you DONE? Yet our press is still, STILL mired in the massive stupidity of judging the man’s worth by his words, not by what he DOES.

    It may be cheering on some level to see them criticizing him, but going from “We like what he says and how he says it!” to “We don’t think he’s saying things effectively” is no great leap of integrity and insight. They are still missing the entire point. The vapidity is gobsmackingly obscene.

    • Actions… sorry that’s for all those non “temperamental WASP” presidents.

      • Wonk, it really does blow my freaking mind to the point I want to scream. WHAT UNIVERSE DO THESE PEOPLE INHABIT?? Everyone else in the world, with real jobs, gets judged every day on their performance, on their DEEDS. And it is made very clear that in order to have this job one must DO this, and accomplish THAT task. That’s the world that the rest of us live in.

        So it makes my jaw drop that even in their criticisms, the pundits are still inhabiting some rainbow unicorn land where it’s all about what he says and how he says it. Reality, the world of concrete actions and consequences, STILL does not intrude on their ivory tower, not even in their disapproval.


          The sippy-kup kingdom.

        • Yeah? And your point is?

          (just kidding. It’s infuriating, isn’t it.)

          • I tend to frame it, as, “WHERE’s THE FREAKING OUTRAGE!!!!!”

            There would be outrage if McCain were donig exactly the same thing.

    • ((((applause))))

  28. Andrew Sullivan Had a Dream:

    I had a dream last night that I was lost in Sarah Palin’s garden. It was springtime, and there were bluebells everywhere. I suddenly realized where I was and tried to get out to the street. But there was just more garden …

  29. Finally CNN is noticing what I’ve noticed — that celebrities are protecting “their” president over helping people in need:

    So far, celebrities keeping a low profile on oil spill


    (CNN) — It’s become a tradition.

    First, the disaster. Then the concert or telethon; messages to donate money or lend a hand — all with musicians, actors and other celebrities out front.

    But this time things are a little … quieter.

    With some key exceptions, since the Gulf of Mexico oil spill began on April 20 there have been few celebrity calls to arms.

  30. What is going on. FDL supports the Mus-lim Brotherhood which funds and promotes Sha-ria law, the extermination of Isra-el, suicide bombs against civilians, gave birth to bin La-den, Zawa-hiri, KSM, were organizers of the flotilla and well represented on it. FDL are obsessive in their support, like it was planned. Only one side to the story. Isra-el is the eeevil. If there’s a major blog that is more “anti Isra-el,” I don’t know it. Like when Jane goes off on Joe Lieberman, who is evil incarnate to her. Lieberman is a wingnut posing as an Independent, but it gets visceral for Jane and Lieberman. It’s not as if he’s the only wingnut in Congress.

  31. I don’t believe the WH committed any crime re: Joe Sestak, but this post at Politico nails it:

    Taken together, the Sestak and Romanoff cases suggest a White House team that is one part Dick Daley, one part Barney Fife.

    They undercut the Obama’s reputation on two fronts. Trying to put the fix in to deny Democratic voters the chance to choose for themselves who their Senate nominees should be is hardly consistent with the idea of “Yes we can” grassroots empowerment that is central to Obama’s brand.

    And bungling that fix is at odds with the Obama team’s image—built around the likes of Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, David Plouffe and Obama himself—as shrewd political operatives who know the game and always win it.

    It turns out Obama is bad at “business as usual” too.

  32. Let’s see those Obot trolls say “They deserve it” now:

    A detailed computer modeling study released today indicates that oil from the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico might soon extend along thousands of miles of the Atlantic coast and open ocean as early as this summer.

  33. Seen at my fave doctor’s blog:


    Overheard, clearly from someone who is no fan of the new health care bill:

    What they should really do with that 2000 page bill is take it down to the Gulf of Mexico and use it to plug up that oil well!

  34. Today I saw this in white letters on the rear window of a Jeep Cherokee: One Big Ass Mistake America.

  35. During his remarks, Obama talked about the “difficult time” the Gulf Coast is going through because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, noting that music and “(p)art of what gets us through tough times.”

    Makes me want to puke–really. Sitting there in the front row bathing in his privilege and he has the cynicism to invoke the Gulf so he doesn’t look like the total selfish ass that he is. Each time I think I can’t dislike him more, I do.

    And hey Gloria–“we” didn’t elect him–you did.

  36. I watched ABC news tonight . They had finally obtained the original video taken after the collapse of the oil rig. The original still photo released to the press by BP only showed the area of minor leakage. The film was obtained from our government. BP had taken the video and given it to the feds. When ABC asked why the feds did not release the video or actually told the public how serious the spill was from the get go..the federal response was: BP did not want the film to be released.

    That is the problem with this country and I think most of the American public is aware of it on some level. When a corporation can tell the government to withhold information from the public and thereby limit access to the information vital in order to prepare for an impending crisis is treasonous.

    It apparent that no matter what president we have, whether cool or drama rama…Tony Haywood was in fact elected president of the US.

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