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      A few months ago I read a couple of books by the Singaporean intellectual Kishore Mahbubani. In “Has China Already Won he discusses Taiwan. The one exceptional trigger for a war involving China is Taiwan. Most of the time, the Chinese leaders have a lot of policy flexibility. There are no strong domestic lobbies to worry about. But the one issue where the Ch […]
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Christmas in June

Just when you think the news cannot get any weirder, footage leaks out of Nancy Pelosi going off on some strange stream of consciousness talking about “The Word” (H/T to Edgeoforever and Stateofdisbelief for bringing my attention to this bizarre comment from the Speaker):

From McClatchy’s Washington Bureau:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s favorite word is The Word.

“It covers everything. The Word. Fill it in with anything you want,” she told the Catholic Community Conference last month in Washington. In remarks reported by CNSnews.com, and confirmed by her staff, Pelosi, a Catholic, explained how those religious views help guide her public policy.

“They ask me all the time. What is your favorite this? What is your favorite that?” she said, “and one time, what is your favorite word? And I said, ‘My favorite word. That is really easy. My favorite word is The Word, is the Word.’ And that is everything; it says it all for us.”

She continued how “we have to give voice to what that means in terms of public policy that would be keeping with the values of The Word.” Her voice growing soft, Pelosi asked, “Isn’t it a beautiful word when you think of it?”

Pelosi quotes the Bible, “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”

What that means, she says, is “the great mystery of our faith. He will come again. He will come again. So we have to make sure we’re prepared to answer in this life, or otherwise, as to how we have measured up.”

Someone please explain to me how Pelosi and her merry band of Democrats are the sane, rational ones there to protect us from the apocalypse that would ensue if theocratic flakes like Sarah Palin were running the country. Because hearing Pelosi keep repeating “The Word” over and over again like she’s Oprah peddling The Secret — that really isn’t doing the trick.

What is Pelosi even saying above? It’s gibberish to me. All I know is she is reminding me of Huckabee wanting to change the Constitution to be more like the bible:

Rawstory, January 2008:

“I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution,” Huckabee told a Michigan audience on Monday. “But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living god. And that’s what we need to do — to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view.”

Sadly, looking at Pelosi’s recent comments, it seems as though she thought Huckabee had the basic idea right and just made the mistake of bringing up the Constitution.

I know the Obama party is hell-bent on courting the younger fundies, but what ever happened to good old religious freedom and separation of church and state?

At any rate, here’s “The Wørd” from Stephen Colbert, on Christmas in June and other things sacrilegious:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

133 Responses

  1. The problem with religion is that one group considers the beliefs of others as being silly.
    The Buddhists bow to a statue.
    Many Muslims believe that using the body as a weapon is a way to martyrdom and is rewarded with virgins after death.
    Most Muslims believe that cartoons of Mohammad are blasphemous.
    Jews believe that God deeded them the land currently known as Israel.
    Christians believe Jesus was born from a virgin and resurrected after crucifixion.
    And I won’t even get into Hinduism with all those gods.

    • And I guess we should respect all these, including the using the body as a weapon bit. Is that what you meant.

      • That’s so clearly what he meant, I don’t think we could find any other conceivable interpretation if we scoured seven continents, personally.

        • No, that’s not what I meant. I mean that all those beliefs are irrational. Our Founding Fathers were right to keep religion out of government because of their irrational nature. I’m a Buddhist, if you want to know. I think that karma makes sense, that re-incarnation is probable, etc. I’m a pacifist. But what I think is not what many think. Few in this country would want my beliefs written in the constitution. That’s how it should be.

          • So, the cartoons are cool with you.

          • Our Founding Fathers were rational. Religious beliefs are irrational.
            I re-read my comment and it was not clear, lol.

          • Because Cenk Uygur says cartoons are no big deal for the vast majority of American Mus-lims, and I believe him. Guess you concur.

        • I was kidding, I understood what you meant.

    • Didn’t Moses or was it Joshua make it to Israel with his people three and a half thousand years ago.

      • Depends on whether you’re a believer. According to the Bible, Moses didn’t make it, I believe Aaron did. If you’re not a believer, there’s not a whole lot of historical proof that Moses actually existed.

        • Thought Ramesses II had written about it, but yes, who knows. Remember having an argument with a GF once about the historical existence of Jeebus. She said no, and she was half Jooish.

          • It’s pretty interesting, actually. Some Biblical scholars believe there was an Exodus, some don’t. Some think Isrealites evolved from Caananites switching from nomadism to agriculture, some think the Bible narrative is cobbled together from several different stories involving several different groups. The kind of thing where you could read different theories forever and not lose interest.

          • Recommend the book “The Bible Unearthed,” written by 2 Jewish scholars who actually live in Israel. They support the “evolved from Canaanites” theory, and suggest that the legends of Moses, exodus, etc were actually legends to give the Jewish people in capitivity a sense of racial/religious pride.

            Re Joshua: story says he lead them into the Promised Land. He proceeded to slaughter every man, woman, child, and animal in the Canaanite cities they wanted to occupy. Story goes, God told him in a dream that the slaughter was quite ok, since those killed weren’t the “chosen people.”

            Bizarre how we human beings rationalize lotta slaughters in God’s name, eh?

          • Meant to add: the story of the exodus, Ramses, Red Sea, etc—not in Egyptian history as carved in walls and tombs. And the Egyptians kept great records of accomplishments.

            It’s part of why the authors of book I recommended don’t believe it actually happened, and was actually a legend. And they’re both Jooish, steeped in Jooish history.

            I found it fascinating, actually.

          • Yes, I remember seeing that documentary on PBS. I’m still holding out for the Thera volcano theory where the explosion caused the Plagues and Exodus as well as the migration of Minoans to northern Canaan to mingle with Phoenicians. 🙂

        • Nope, Aaron didn’t make it either. I knew Joshua was the leader, but I thought Aaron got to go. Sucks to be Aaron.

      • Three Wickets, we have different stories about what happened yesterday, can anyone know what happened about 3,500 years ago?

        • Well Mu-hammad probably wasn’t real. 🙂

          • But there are plenty of contemporaneous accounts of Zeus appearing in a shower of gold and fathering most of the half-man-half-bulls and half-female-half-swans in the region, so the neo-pagans are looking pretty good.

          • And there again, no disrespect to neo-pagans. I was trying to make a joke about the lack of contemporaneous accounts of religious persons and phenomena. Must. Stop. Now.

          • Seriously, don’t stop. Your comments are great. If someone has a problem with the snark, they probably have trouble with this thread as it is.

          • Yes, ditto bigtime Seriously. 🙂

    • I’m agnostic myself, but I was raised in a Hindu family. Most Hindus I know– save for the rigid extremist types that you’ll eventually run into in any group — are pretty inclusive and not really hung up on the idea of converting or singling out anyone else’s beliefs as particularly silly. Modern-day Hindus see all “gods” as avatars of one God–it is the Western world that has trouble grokking this concept, whereas my grandparents all talked about Jesus and Krishna and Allah as if they were all one and the same.

      To me all those Hindu gods were just ancient people’s way of trying to understand the world around them, nothing more, nothing less.

      The problem here isn’t really religion and whose beliefs are silly or not, but the line being blurred between church and state. I don’t care if Pelosi believes the word was made flesh and dwelt among us –I don’t really understand what she’s saying any more than I understand why people say they believe in Sai Baba, but that’s freedom of religion, they all can believe whatever they want. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my right to believe whatever I want. I’m tired of pols talking about our government needing to be run more in accordance with The Word– as if it’s everyone’s word. All these religious texts were like all texts made by humans. They are not perfect. “The values” expounded in them mean nothing to me if we can’t value the humanity right in front of us.

      • Hinduism is the cradle of Buddhism. I have lots of respect for Hinduism. I think I grasp the idea of all those gods with all those arms as representing the many dimensions of the Eternal. But I’ve heard so much nonsense from Christians and Muslims regarding Hinduism.

        • There was that tragic story last week about the massacre of some Ahmadis in a Pakistan mosque. Ahmadis believe in a kind of Is-lam that incorporates bits of Ju-daism, Christianity, Buddhism and maybe even Hinduism. Basically Jeebus survived the cruxifixion then trekked his way across Arabia, Persia and Afghanistan ending up in Kashmir where he lectured to Buddhist monks as well as the Lost Tribes of Is-rael.

      • Word.

      • Very well said as always, Wonkles. I want to apologize if I offended anyone’s beliefs before. I didn’t mean to imply that believing in the Rapture is any more or less irrational than any other belief, I just hate the pandering.

  2. is it just me or has nancy just lost it .
    as far as Huckabee hes just plain lost .

    • Not just you – Nancy is a goner. I did like her end comment, though. My sincere hope is that she is made to face the long-reaching effects of what she has done while the power has been hers. May she feel every bit of the pain and anguish she has brought down on people while she ushered Teh One to the top spot and worshipped at his feet while she led the sheep to pass health insurance h*ll.

  3. Word to your mother

  4. Our elected officials really need to be introduced to the concept of the videocamera, the red light, and the fact that everyone in the country can see them.

    • The scarier prospect is that they want this footage to get out.

      • I think she wanted the video to get out to court Catholic voters. I don’t know if Pelosi is a devout Catholic in her personal life, but I think she is full of sh*t. These politicians will say anything their audience wants to hear. She’ll tell a Catholic audience about incorporating her faith into public policy and the next day talk to her S.F. gay audience about legalizing gay marriage and overturning DADT.Will she do anything that she promises either audience? Probably not.

  5. Does anyone know where to find the rest of her speech? That can’t be the end, and “the great mystery of our faith. He will come again. He will come again. So we have to make sure we’re prepared to answer in this life, or otherwise, as to how we have measured up” is a hard act to follow. Dying to know what came next.

    • I looked on the CNS site to see if there was anything more, but all that turned up was a write up of what she said in the clip and a bunch of Bible discussion attached to it.

      • Thanks. I looked around but everything was either that one clip or wouldn’t play with mobile phones.

    • A lightening strike would have been the most appropriate ending.

  6. She’s starting to remind me a bit of Norma Desmond, maybe with a slight speech impediment. She’d look good on a spaceship.

  7. Nancy’s sounding a wee bit trippy of late. I like The Word/The Song myself.

    • Wow a Beatles song I’ve never heard before. Didn’t think that was possible. Thanks.

      • You’re welcome. 😀 It’s from Rubber Soul which I adored when it came out when I was 7 or 8.

        /feeling old

  8. Japan’s Premier Will Quit as Approval Plummets

    SEOUL, South Korea — Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama of Japan, who swept into power last year with bold promises to revamp the country, then faltered over broken campaign pledges to remove an American base from Okinawa, announced Wednesday that he would step down.

    Hmmmm – swept into power on bold promises – promises broken – popularity plummets – resignation.

    All but that last part sounds really familiar.

    • I have respect for someone who realizes he’s in over his head and can admit it. As opposed to someone who knows all along he’s not up for it but intends to hoodwink and bamboozle.0

          • I got my biggest chuckle from the angry commenter who figured that the sinkhole was photoshopped….just proved how uninformed the koolaid drinkers can be.

          • Even news anchors were skeptical over the authenticity of it. Hard to believe it could end up so perfectly round with almost smooth edges naturally.

            My first thought was someone was trying to dig to the center of the earth….maybe even all the way to China.

        • Same story with the Morning Joe gang this a.m. Comedy Central and MSNBC. That’s his base.

          • I won’t sully our site with a link to MODO, but her column is titled, “Has Obama Lost Control?” Of course, she proceeds to “feel sorry for him,” and wonders how his magical mystery tour has lost its way. They are so delusional, they do not realize that it was ALL an illusion. It was NEVER real, Maureen–only created by Axelrod and Co. and fueled by corporate trolls like you.

          • Lol! I linked to that piece from Dodo the other day with a warning to click at your own risk. She wrote something in there about how ironic it is that Obama’s appeal is rooted in his ability to inspire and yet he won’t inspire when its needed the most (to which I say–No, his ability to inspire is rooted in his desire to inspire people to adore him, and inspiring people to anything beyond that is above his paygrade.) Now Maureen’s big solution is to have the guy she loves to hate–Bill Clinton–step in and do the presidentin’ for Obama since the great O has proven he isn’t capable. LOL. The MSM is the same old joke on loop–build empty suits up to deflate them.

            I don’t think Dodo ever truly loved Obama anyway–sure she wrote endless sycophantic stuff because she wanted to be part of the Obama coolth just like everyone else, but I think deep down she never stopped thinking of him as Obambi.

          • Whoops, fif, my bad. Turns out you were talking about Dowd’s latest piece. I was referring to her May 30th piece. Both are about Obama’s non-handling of the Gulf, though. Guess MoDo’s been waiting for just the chance to unload her poison pen.

          • “a mismanaged presidential campaign by Hillary Clinton”

            GRRRRR ~ I hate these people and their lies.

          • The press can go on and on about mismanaged campaigns, but they thought Bush and Obama were “brilliant campaigners” and look how their governing turned out.

            If we want to talk about things not being handled properly during an election, how about MoDo’s misdirected polemics during 2000 and 2008? She savaged the ones with the records that were available for savaging–Gore and Hillary–while letting blank slates with underwhelming records “charm” their way into the WH.

        • How is The Daily Show audience taking the lampooning of Teh One?
          Back in the beginning Jon Stuart did even a little tweaking of Obama you could hear the crowd turn ugly.

          • Lots of nervous laughter when Jon tweaks The One.
            And, Jon’s skewers are pretty tame. He is being gentle.

        • Wish that were true. However, TDS mocked Bush — through his second term.

      • We’ll see if he gets a second wind. He’s looking like a shrinking violet right now under all this criticism.

  9. Poor old separation of church and state is taking a hit like the ocean is. Speaking of which, a new look at an old cartoon

  10. She is speaking to Barack’s “little recognized” constituency. You know, the one that put him in office. The Social Conservatives who are fiscally Liberal.

    Cynthia Yockey raised the specter of the beast here:

    And since then, a few days ago, I have been thinking about just how much time Barack spent courting the likes of McClurkin.

    It was a fabulous trick, really… not to clue us social liberals into the fact that they were leaving us downriver without so much as a paddle.


    • The younger fundies–Obama’s Joshua generation–are supposed to care about the environment, but I don’t hear too many of them around me even aware of what is going on with the oil kill.

      • Maybe if they actually cared, Obama would have known to get up in arms about it sooner?

      • Yup, where are the protests, where are the out cry, where ARE THEY?

        This didn’t get adequate coverage:

        RFK, Jr. talks Oil Spill Lawsuit
        The economic impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is quickly becoming apparent as fisherman, resort owners, and other people dependent on the Gulf for their livelihood are joining a massive class action lawsuit against BP for destroying their way of life. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. appears on MSNBC to discuss the basis for the lawsuit, as well as some of the economic impacts we can expect from the spill.

      • Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan and Earth Rainbow Warriors Messages To the BP Oil Spill

        • OK, Nancy is catchy…off to get coffee…

          As you see the group wants you to join FACKaffairBOOK…Nope…I will wait until they get a ‘twitter’ link…and keep my privacy, what little is left of it.


        • Isn’t Carl Sagan dead???


  11. Well, it is clear the ‘Stupak Executive Order’ wasn’t an after thought, but Nancy Pelosi trying to make sure they make her Speaker of the Heaven House, thus explaining the ‘softy’ angel talk…practicing her ‘angel talk’.

    Oh, back to LET’S STOP THAT GOD TALKING PALIN…SHE IS DANGEROUS I TELL YA! Oh, and if Palin started talking all ‘soft’, there would be an out cry, because she would be trying to use her FEMALE POWERS TO LURE YOU (men) INTO SUPPORTING HER.

    OK, back to Nancy Pelosi channeling the WORD.

  12. Are people really running around asking, what’s your favorite word?

    This is a great example of rambling because you don’t really know what you’re talking about and you don’t believe what you are saying. She sounds insane.

    • Yes, Oil is Gushing out into the ocean and they are asking if you have a favorite word??? 😯

      • I’m surprised her favorite word isn’t pinkie-swear. She’s so great at keeping HER word 😉

        Just like she promised to get a public option.

        • I am going to send ya an email…don’t want to rant here. They are all claiming NOW they support the Public Option. They also, supported Hillary… 😯 (((shaking my head)))

          Have a good day, I am off to work and work some more to PAY THE BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES, OUR OVER LORDS!

    • I got a favorite word for Pelosi: IMPEACHMENT.
      Oh yeah, that was off the table.
      How about: SINGLE-PAYER.
      Wait, that was off the table, too, wasn’t it?

      Nancy OFF-THE_TABLE Pelosi.

  13. Newser has a story about Saint Andrew Missionary Baptist Church sending their school kids from Oakland to San Franciso to panhandle. They claim it is part of an interpersonal communicaton class.
    No one knows where the money goes.
    Didn’t one of backtrack’s fund raiser come from there and wasn’t he under investigation?



  14. Here are the Barry oil blue ribbon panel co- chairs.
    What? Dick Cheney wasn’t available?


    Obama was flanked in the Rose Garden by commission heads Bob Graham, the former Democratic governor of Florida, and William K. Reilly, the former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief under George H.W. Bush. Both are establishment political figures in good standing. Graham was a long-time member of the New Democrats, a right-wing grouping that pushed for deregulation in various sectors of the economy, and Reilly has intimate ties to the oil and chemical industries, sitting on the board of directors of both ConocoPhillips and chemical giant Du Pont.

    • And from the article – deep sea permits will resume after 6 months. Even if the gusher in the Gulf is still going?
      wsws has been doing the best coverage on this – besides WSJ.
      They calculated that B0’s stop in LA “interrupting his vacation” totaled 3h and a half “no longer than a baseball game” and chronicled the evolution of responses to this from day one onwards (“I don’t think B0 contacted Dee Water; not the first, not the last accident – let’s drill more”
      “I was in charge from day one”

    • Also, Maddow tweeted about this


      No one avail to co-chair the Oil Spill Commission who *isn’t* on the board of oil companies? Really? No one?

      • Maddow sounds so surprised. I guess she couldn’t think of any snarky way to make this about the dilapidated state of the party that isn’t in power.

        • lol! We know Obama did not pick these men, because, of the speed with which they were appointed…so who did? Time to ask : who is Obama’s Dick Cheney? Who’s really running the show?

  15. Nancy and Oprah are both sounding a lot like Tom these days.

    • Creating new realities – I love that! Can Tom create a reality without BP and a few other people I can think of? If so, I’ll convert!

    • I’ve seen this before, but seeing it again–wow. Poor Tom, he takes himself so seriously. Then again, Poor Katie. Can you imagine living with this guy? Creepy controlled and self-important.

  16. Nancy’s actually being a pretty conventional, liberal Catholic here. When Huckabee talks about the “word of God,” he’s talking about the Bible and the fundy interpretation of Mosaic law. Pelosi’s talking about producing legislation guided by the principles of Rabbi Jesus–the guy who said you should love your neighbor, care for the poor, make peace, pick up the wounded stranger out of the road and get him to a hospital, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, heal the sick. This pagan thinks that’s actually a pretty good program of domestic policies.

    “He will come again” echoes the Easter Acclamation, a part of the Easter Mass:
    “Christ has died.
    Christ is risen.
    Christ will come again.”
    It has nothing to do with the Rapture-ites, and there are a wide range of interpretations in the Catholic Church as well as liberal Christianity about what is meant by “Christ will come again.” As used here, it means something like, “If Jesus showed up right now, would you be doing something he’d approve of? (See radical socialist agenda in preceding para for examples.)”

    • I guess Nancy doesn’t focus on the part about Jesus and the Moneylenders (aka: lobbyists/corporatists). Funny how human beings selectively choose religious teachings that reinforce their own biases, and ignore the inconvenient ones. Keep it out of the government–period.

    • I don’t think the original DFH (dirty fucking hippie) would be all that fond of the kinds of corporate welfare policies that Democrats are pushing these days.

      • I don’t think so, either. Other things I don’t think he’d be too fond of:

        Thousands of deaths and maimings in Afghanistan and Iraq.
        Policies that produce chronic food insecurity for anyone, much less large percentages of a population.
        Oil gushers on the ocean floor.
        Compensation for workers below the “living wage” level.
        Huge prison populations, encouraged by the expansion of private, corporate-managed jails.

    • Grace Cathedral in her district does more work in that regard than she does.

    • Adding onto my earlier response…

      The HCR bill was written by K-Street and facilitated by a C-Street power play which Pelosi was very much an instrumental player in. Pelosi sold out women and the American people BOTH, allowing public policy to be negotiated on the backs of women while the public option was bargained away. We didn’t get the “help thy neighbor” policy, but women’s rights were used as a bargaining chip, and insurance companies got an expanded market.

      The Democrats campaign as if they are the party of women and the party of the people, but really they are just as anti-women and anti-social welfare as the GOP. In light of her deeds, Pelosi’s spouting off about the word isn’t any different to me than any other conservadud’s religious pandering.

  17. It makes sense that she’s talking about “The Word.” It reminds me of that saying, “There are noa atheists on Death Row.” As the ship sinks, and they have no clue how to turn things around, they are turning to prayer, pleading for help.

    Meanwhile, Sir Paul should stick to singing. I guess all his genius is channeled into music, because he’s a political infant if this is his view at this point:

    Paul McCartney: Lay Off “Great Guy” Obama


    • Yet another one of those instances when Obama “will not be resting”
      Add Paul to Woody Allen, Roger Ebert and the other morons. Someone was asking where is Hollywood during this tragedy. A: up Obama’s a*
      Jon Stewart OTOH, had a rant that in the end took on the Obama not resting chestnut
      watch this video and ignore the misleading headline – it’s not just BP he’s taking on

      • Don’t know why that went into spam, but I let you out so I could reply…

        Someone was asking where is Hollywood during this tragedy. A: up Obama’s a*

        Heh. Where’s the black and white Hollywood PSA for that?

    • Meanwhile, Sir Paul should stick to singing. I guess all his genius is channeled into music, because he’s a political infant if this is his view at this point:

      Indeed and he wishes to remain an infant on la la Obama Sugar Mountain. But we are souring his mellow and baby is upset.

    • Wonder how many shares of BP he owns….

  18. My post didn’t appear. I’ll try again with just this link

  19. “Obama signals no end to deep-sea oil drilling

    The US will resume issuing new permits for deep-sea oil drilling after a six-month moratorium expires, President Obama signaled at a White House press event Tuesday.

    A new federal commission tasked with investigating the Deepwater Horizon spill, which has dumped tens of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, will seek to create “safe” conditions for the continuance of oil exploration and production on the outer continental shelf, Obama declared.”


  20. BP to face criminal and civil investigations

    US Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that BP will face criminal and civil investigations over its oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

    • Shorter Holder: We’re investigating, you foolish constituents! (winking at BP).

      Who wants to bet that no wrong-doing will be found — or if it IS found, it will be at the analogous-to-Lyndie England level.

    • Interesting that he didn’t mention BP or the other companies involved in this disaster. Obama is trying to have it both ways…look like he is doing something while protecting the oil companies stock price.

      “Holder said that a criminal probe was under way related to possible “malfeasance” in the lead-up to the disaster, although he did not mention BP or rig owner and operator Transocean by name.

      There has been an enormous amount of testimony and scores of documents that reveal that BP, Transocean, and perhaps cement contractor Halliburton and blowout preventer manufacturer Cameron International, are criminally negligent for the disaster. Among other revelations, it has become clear that numerous steps in the drilling process were bypassed, warnings of impending disaster were disregarded, and safety equipment did not function.

      Yet the administration’s reluctance to pursue an investigation of BP and allied concerns is due in no small part to the government’s own criminally negligent role in the disaster. The explosion and resulting oil slick are the products of a total regulatory breakdown involving several federal agencies that played out over years, continuing into the Obama White House. At every step the federal government granted approval to BP’s plans and disregarded its abuses, with the Obama administration even excusing it from providing legally required environmental impact studies for the Deepwater Horizon site.

      This was underscored by a new Wall Street Journal report, also published Tuesday, which found that in the week before the disaster BP requested—and received—regulatory approval to make three changes in its drilling plans within the space of 24 hours. One of these was approved by the Minerals Management Service (MMS) within five minutes of submission. All three requests had to do with BP using a single pipe casing, presumably to save time, rather than the industry “gold standard” of double casing, according to experts quoted by the Journal. The changes very likely contributed to the disaster.”


      • Think you would be reading about this if it were a republican in the White House?

        • uh yeah. W would have already been drawn and quartered and the torch carrying pitchfork holders would be in the streets.

      • And, yet Chuck Todd said Obama has “divorced himself from BP.” The rest of MSNBC is tentatively throwing up the koolaid, but Todd’s still reading the Axelrod talking points.

        • I guess Chris’ tingle has worn off?
          How soon until Olbermann names Teh One as a worst person?

          • Not going to happen, IMHO. The only people watching Olbermann regularly anymore are the hard-core koolaid drinkers.

      • while protecting the oil companies stock price

        They did lose 15% of their market value yesterday or $21 billion after the top kill didn’t work. They have lost total 40% of their value since the explosion.

        • Thank GAWD that at least the stockholders are penalizing BP.

          If nothing else, maybe BP’s lesson will be that they really can’t save money by cutting corners. Of course they can’t learn that lesson via the pittance that the Obama administration will make them pay, only by their own stock price.

    • The MMS should be investigated and action, other that reorganization needs to be taken. They gave enabled BP all the way and in doing so, in my mind, committed treason against our country.

    • Even if the investigation determines any culpability on the part of BP, I don’t think it will make any difference in the long run.

      The Exxon Valdez punitive damage award of $5 billion was cut to $2.5 billion in 2006 and cut again to $507.5 million in June 2008r.

      According to the LA Times, the Supreme Court’s decision reduced the amount due the plaintiffs to $15,000, although the Ninth Circuit’s subsequent decision in June 2009 to charge Exxon interest on its appeals may double that.

      I don’t see Bush Lite’s cronies doing anything different in this case.

  21. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry when I see “good Democrats” on blogs other than this one defend everything Obama is doing. The reason is the gov-ments hands are tied, since BP has all the experts!

    Gawd, do principles exist anymore? Does rational thinking exist anymore?

  22. Oh good lord. Laugh or cry, you decide.

    Apparently a saw that was cutting the pipe away is stuck.


  23. Karma?
    Has Obama’s luck run out?
    Think back to the primaries and how he has skated on things that would have derailed anybody else.
    Tony Rezko and the Hyde Park mansion.
    William Ayers and Obama’s lies about their relationship during the debate.
    Rev. Wright’s rants from the pulpit at Trinity.
    Now he gets nailed on something not entirely of his own making as the ‘bods shake off the stupor.

    • It was never luck – not anymore than Reagan’s “teflon” It was always the mdia – and the oil kill just became a bit too big to cover up. They did try for about a month.

  24. Just noticed that the youtube of Pelosi talking about her favorite word is filed under the comedy category.

  25. “A sheen of oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill is reportedly nearing the white sand beaches of northwest Florida.

    Fisherman said they had seen oil nine miles (15 kilometres) from Pensacola on the Florida “panhandle”. ‘


    This will kill the economy of the lower Alabama and the panhandle of Florida. The summer tourist season brings billions of dollars to that area.

  26. Botox is a neurotoxin.

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