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Oil Spill update: “Top Kill” has failed

Supposedly an email was sent from BP saying “Top Kill” has been killed:

Earlier today, BP COO Doug Suttles had no good news for local reporters following the company’s “top kill” effort to plug the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, telling them that it had not yet worked and he did not know whether it would be successful yet. And now a few moments ago, CNN International Desk Assignment Editor Nick Valencia is reporting on Twitter that Plaquemines President Billy Nungesser has received and email saying Top Kill has officially failed.

A Congressman also gets emotional over the situation.

There is nothing to say and no adequate words to describe how we all feel about this, so make it an open thread.

59 Responses

  1. what a nightmare. i feel so sorry for him. i’m so sorry for all of this catastrophe.

  2. AP ENTERPRISE: Spill grew, BP’s credibility faded


  3. Manga cuteness break:

  4. I watched the briefing but just kept thinking “why would anyone believe anything BP and the Government say regarding the oil gusher. They lost all credibility early on.

    • They really didn’t say anything specific or helpful anyway.

      • CNN has a special on but watching a bunch of journalists speculate on something that nerdy and technical isn’t very helpful imho.

  5. It was worth a try but always was a long shot.

    I know this, but it depresses the heck out of me.


  6. 😦

  7. I am so deeply sorry about this….particularly since the deregulation binge we have been on for decades brought it on and make the chances of it happening far greater than they had to be . This reminds me somewhat of the space shuttle Challenger explosion. The acceptable envelope of what worked was pushed and pushed until it broke…But that’s where the similarities end. Because back then, in 1986, a for real committee, to look into the disaster publicly, was put together in days….it was front page news for months. Then fast forward to 9/11 , it took grieving families years to get a hearing for a week…now we have something of a scope that dwarfs even these events , many millions of people and animals will be terribly effected, and we just leave the guilty parties in charge .

    This is not progress.

  8. “…email saying Top Kill has officially failed.”

    Well, fuck. Sorry – what now? This impending dead zone is too much for me. What on earth do we do? Actually do?? I could just cry.

  9. It’s gonna be a looooonnnng weekend. I hope my liver can take it.

    • @myiq2xu….. ditto 🙂

      probably will watch a horror movie first, just discovered Paul Naschy

      • I think I’m living a horror movie, Top Kill, The Blob, 5000 feet Under the Sea

        • {{{Dak!}}} I’ve been thinking about you all day. I am so worried about you.

          What’s the news down there?

          • every one is just angry and tired. All I hear is what is taking them so long? Why are they letting this get to the marshes and why aren’t they doing more to stop it from moving in on us.

            There’s more funk here than at a Parliament Concert.

          • 😦

        • I second SOD. How are you doing, sweetie?

          • very frustrated and angry, if this was nantucket or the hamptons they’d have had the entire navy stopping the oil by now

          • I’m sorry, Dak. 😦 I cant imagine what this must feel like for you. I know this isn’t what you want to hear right now and I probably have no right to say this, but everything is going to be okay. (((Dak))) ❤ ❤ ❤

          • That is so true. This is really frightening. Are they even discussing a Plan B or is it just “we dunno?”

          • I think we’re on plan f now and it’s all been improvised.

          • This disaster has brought me to tears. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people trying to clean up this mess end up with cancer or other deadly illnesses. This is going to kill a lot of people literally and figuratively. You’re right, Dakinikat. If this was happening to Obama’s friends in Nantucket or the Hamptons, Obama would’ve gotten his ass to the disaster a month earlier.

          • Some of the reports are suggesting it could take 2 months to drill a relief well. Do we even know what the impact will be if these goes on for another two months? My god.

        • Did you ever see Slither?

  10. All I have to do is picture our Puget Sound amassed in oil and my blood cooks.

    This is utterly heartbreaking, esp knowing that even AFTER the fact, cleanup could have been done that wasn’t done..

    • It really does seem like all the attention is on the next fail for plugging the leak and worry about the oil later.

      The booms are fine, but if you aren’t doing anything about the oil slowed down by the booms, what is the point?

  11. The oil industry uses bullying tactics to stop the moratorium on oil drilling. CNN reports:

    Oil industry lashes out at drilling ban
    “An extended moratorium on safely producing our oil and natural gas resources from the Gulf of Mexico would create a moratorium on economic growth and job creation,” said API’s president Jack Gerard. The ban, he said, will hurt growth “by undercutting our nation’s access to affordable, reliable, domestic sources of oil and natural gas.”

    • The lying SOBs talk about “reliable, domestic sources”, but I’ve heard that most of the petroleum drilled in Alaska and off our shores gets shipped overseas, anyway.

      Does anyone here know if that’s true?

      And if yes, WTF? 👿

      • This is a 2005 story, but it supports that AK oil goes overseas.

        As Congress again considers opening the refuge in a quest for oil, the prospect of exporting Alaskan crude poses a political conundrum for those who say drilling is a way to get more oil to domestic markets.

        Detractors have jumped on the issue, charging that claims the refuge must be drilled to satisfy a domestic thirst for energy are hypocritical.

        “If we are going to go into a wildlife refuge and drill for oil, at least we should require that we keep whatever oil we produce in the United States for our domestic use,” said Sen. Maria Cantwell, the Washington Democrat who led efforts last month to block drilling in the refuge.


      • I’ve heard that too.

  12. …AN EMAIL?????? The main hope we had to avoid an extinction-level event in the Gulf fails, and we get notified by friggin’ EMAIL???

    If you had any doubt about the disregard in which we are held by the corporate/government beast, this should make it abundantly clear.

    Obama should have his mug on TV right now talking about what the next step is, but I doubt we’ll see his skinny ass this weekend. After all, he’s on vay-ca-tion.

    • Well, just watch for me, I’m probably one of the canaries in the oil spill

      • I see BP is using dispersants on the oil as it leaves the seabed.

        What part of “no more dispersant” do they not grok?

  13. I’m sure That One who has been in charge all along (surprise, surprise) will quickly call a presser and unveil all the plans for moving forward that his administration has been working day and night to design. Oh yeah—they will still be in charge and they will now do such a much better job than BP.

    LA should get a national free pass to secede from the US or be given all the remaining assets of BP. Or what ever they want.

  14. Such grim news and in a fucking e-mail no less….

    gawd I heard on CNN some reporter yesterday saying that BP isn’t used to communicating with the media and they don’t know what information to give? Uhhh right like a multinational oil corporation like BP has PR people that just fell off the turnip truck?

    I’m gonna go back outside and enjoy planet earth while I still can… but thanks for keeping us up to speed, little one.

    • No problem. I think I’ll do the same. Go outside and have a smoke and watch the sky and the trees. They’re like beautiful women. No one ever bothers to find out much about them because they’re just there to be looked at and then torn down once that gets boring. They’re treated so badly, they deserve to be admired for a little while.

  15. Has anyone looked at the spill cam lately? It looks like it’s been shot off into an alternate universe.

  16. Nader has a blog posting that describes how the “Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) was de-funded under the Gingrich Congress in 1995. This advisory committee was responsible for keeping Congress up to speed on technological issues concerning national security, transportation, OFF SHORE DRILLING, health, biotech and more.

    read more here: http://www.nader.org/index.php?/archives/2189-Time-for-OTA.html

    Scientists and many citizen, technical and academic groups are asking that it get re-funded. Pelosi is resistant. WTF?

  17. It makes me wish McCain/Palin had won the election. Because then we might have “progressives” in the streets.

  18. Don’t mind me.

    • Wow, 3 Wickets–I never thought that anyone but die-hard Elton John fans like me ever heard of that album! Apropos song, by the way.

      • I’ve still got my copy of this. I own everything before and including yellow brick road and nothing after that.! Including Friends? Do you have that one?

        • Yes! That is an old one (actually a movie soundtrack). I also have the Lady Samatha imported album which is great. But one of the best was post-GYBR and that was Rock of the Westies. One of my all-time favorites.

    • One of my two favorite songs from that album. It still gives me chills it’s so beautiful:

    • My other favorite song from that album. So incredible with the 3-part harmonies

  19. I knew that since early morning when I saw black stuff coming out on the live cam.

  20. Taking perhaps the starkest view of the events is Matthew R. Simmons, founder of a Houston investment banking firm specializing in the energy industry.

    “You have to hire as many supertankers as you can find and pump as much of it into them before hurricane season. Once the hurricane’s come, the game is over,” Simmons said. “You can take a big tar mop and paint the Gulf Coast black.”


    • Obama will be seen as worse than if/when that happens. He has the opportunity to make a difference and if he doesn’t even try to suck as much of that oil out of the Gulf before the first hurricane hits, he will deserve the title of worst president in modern history.

      • The buck stopped there and no one was home.

        • well, considering how things look outside of his gated neighborhood, why do you think he’d treat the rest of us any differently?

        • good one ; )

          you’d think by now, his favreau / creative class posse would have come up with something more original than “the buck stops here.” come on! then again maybe their prog audience is so young, they think he coined the phrase.

          all joking aside, this is a shetty turn of events, i’m so worried for everyone in that area… esp air quality and hidden/unknown contaminants.

  21. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  22. Oil kill solution: hay

  23. The tears have only just begun, wait until the toxic hurricanes carry this toxic crude oil a hundred miles inland, and all up and down the east coast >>>> http://worldresarchnews.wordpress.com/ <<<<

  24. If it reaches VA. I’ll be sad for the animals but I hope it might serve the people of Virginia so anxious to off shore drill with some sort of notice of what kind of damage could occur with what the state is proposing.

  25. News post up.

  26. Obama has nothing to say because no one knows what to say about it. The same arrogance that led to the financial meltdown is the pervasive arrogant view by all corporate leaders and their political appointees. Right now they are only re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. We have totally devalued any real science and common sense to deal with catastrophes that will continue to occur in the world.

    Unfortunately the engineers that dealt with the Apollo 13 disaster are long gone. The administrators of such programs are long gone too. We are left with self absorbed idiots who believe only in their own personality. They believe their wealth and stature actually translates to intelligence. The engineers and administrators of the Apollo missions actually thought about “what if scenarios” prior to the “what ifs happening”. BP, as a private company, does not have to think about “what if” scenarios beyond their bottom line. The government also has not invested in the “what if ” engineering because science does not always support politics.

    There is no such thing as “domestic oil”. All oil goes on the international market. By drilling oil here we are only increasing ” market supply of international oil”. We have no control where that domestically produced oil goes. Politicians as well as the American public has been misled by the oil companies into the delusional belief of what is drilled here stays here. In the end , we are still dependent on oil with no investment into alternatives that may harm the oil industry profits.

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