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We are all but props in the Land of Oprecious


President Barack Obama battled with Senate Republicans in a tense closed-door meeting Tuesday, facing tough criticism from his GOP adversaries — including John McCain — on issues ranging from health care to border security.

Senators and other sources inside the meeting described the gathering as “testy” and “direct” — and Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) accused Obama of acting two-faced by asking for GOP support on regulatory reform only to push forward with a bill supported mainly by Democrats. Others felt that the meeting may have made already tense relations between the two parties even worse.

Talk about deja vu.

Remember McCain’s letter to the freshman senator from Illinois over lobbying reform? If you don’t, here’s a snippet:

As I noted, I initially believed you shared that goal. But I understand how important the opportunity to lead your party’s effort to exploit this issue must seem to a freshman Senator, and I hold no hard feelings over your earlier disingenuousness. Again, I have been around long enough to appreciate that in politics the public interest isn’t always a priority for every one of us. Good luck to you, Senator.

In one of the most heated exchanges of the lunch, Corker accused Obama of acting “duplicitous” in his calls for bipartisanship, saying that he was trying to cut a deal on regulatory reform only to see the rug pulled out from underneath him. At one point, Corker said Obama was using lunch with Republicans as a “prop.”

Everybody Loves Oprecious

Poor witto GOP. They always carp so much about others playing the victim, it is hard to feel sorry for them. On the other hand, Oprecious is the titular star of his own comedy-drama, and we are all just his lowly props. I wouldn’t blame anyone for tearing up that script.

Of course O made sure to use us meanies on the left as props in Tuesday’s meeting, too. WaPo:

Brownback said Obama explained several times that he is “under pressure from his left” on major issues, including climate change. Obama asked Republicans to be willing to take some of the same kind of criticism from their right flank in working toward bipartisan accords, other senators said.

How persuasive of him. The “kind of criticism” he’s taking from the left is from the rank-and-file. And, he proves everyday that it is well-deserved. Once again he’s going behind our bitter clingy backs, this time essentially making the case that both major parties in our two-party system should once and for all just abandon the grassroots completely, drop any pretense of populism, and join in one big disgusting DINO-RINO orgy. And, clearly the GOP should be willing to fight with conservative-leaning independents and send them running back to Obama on election day. Gee, with sophisticated legislative arguments like that, how can anyone fail to appreciate the wonderfulness of Oprecious bipartisanshit.

More from WaPo:

“He needs to take a Valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans,” Sen. Pat Roberts (Kan.) told reporters. “He’s pretty thin-skinned.”

Guess who made the same observation in his 2006 memo to Obama:

In the days leading up to Obama’s decision to run, Axelrod prepared a private strategy memo — dated Nov. 28, 2006 — that has never been published before.


Axelrod also warned that Obama’s confessions of youthful drug use, described in his memoir, “Dreams From My Father,” would be used against him. “This is more than an unpleasant inconvenience,” he wrote. “It goes to your willingness and ability to put up with something you have never experienced on a sustained basis: criticism. At the risk of triggering the very reaction that concerns me, I don’t know if you are Muhammad Ali or Floyd Patterson when it comes to taking a punch. You care far too much what is written and said about you. You don’t relish combat when it becomes personal and nasty. When the largely irrelevant Alan Keyes attacked you, you flinched,” he said of Obama’s 2004 Senate opponent.

People refusing to worship at the altar of O seems to be the only circumstance that provokes any real sense of emotion from Obama. Every other emotional display he has to pencil into his schedule and telegraph well in advance so that his sheep know what to read into his empty rhetoric.

Jake Tapper:

“Now, some of you heard I went to the [Senate] Republican Caucus today,” President Obama told a receptive crowd at a fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel last night.

“It was a warm and cuddly meeting,” he joked. “The last time I appeared, it was before the House Republican Caucus, and we agreed to let the press in on that one. This one not so much.”

The crowd laughed.

What a riot. C-Span must think it’s a real hoot that the president used their name as a prop to pitch his vaunted transparency in the ’08 campaign.

The meeting was cordial, attendees tell ABC News, though there were some tense moments.

One Republican Senator told ABC News that he thought this meeting did the president more harm than good, because the testy exchanges the president had with Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., Bob Corker, R-Tenn., and John Barrasso, R-Wyoming, revealed someone who took these disagreements personally. I’ve never heard anyone use the word “I” so much, the senator said.

So much for Obama’s bottom-up movement and his being the candidate of “you” and “we.” The moment everybody stops orbiting around all that is Oprecious, he busts out with the first person singular.

99 Responses

  1. I love this!! Oprecious is just the best moniker ever!!!

  2. this is great—-one of the best I have read in a long time. Thank you-I have sent it out to my peeps.

    Just finished watching Anderson Cooper, Billy and Carville rip ‘the precious’ a new one (well-it was tough for CNN-I could have done a much better job).

    • I saw that. I think folks are finally realizing this is really a catastrophe and that there’s no real leadership present where the resources are.

      • Except James kept interjecting that he’s sure Obama is getting bad advice and just doesn’t know how bad things are, and if he can see what’s really happening, things will get fixed faster than ever in the history of humankind. OK, embellished that last bit myself. But you get the idea. Funnily enough, I actually think James is giving Obama a big out, face saving measure to show up, see how bad things are, and then really get something done, and of course blame it all on that bad advice.

        Sadly for James, I think he’s delusional. Obama doesn’t care. And he doesn’t even care enough given that out, to take it. Because he just doesn’t care. Period.

        • Either way, that sounds like an excuse being made for Reagan. Unless Obama pleads senility, I don’t think it’s gonna fly. POTUS should pick up a newspaper every once in a while. Especially Supergenius POTUS. Or eavesdrop on the conversation at the clubhouse, even.

        • Carville did a complete 180 in his tune from Wed morning, with George Stephanopolous… no face-saving there….and this later appearance. Must’ve gotten spanked by the emperor.

        • What was needed here was an LBJ moment. After Hurricane Betsy came ashore at NOLA and while the power was still down, LBJ flew in, walked into a darkened shelter and shone a flashlight on his face. “I’m the President,” he said, “and I’m here to help.” He then took charge of relief efforts himself.

          Unfortunately for all of us, the time for that in the present disaster is long past, and the current inhabitant of the White House hasn’t got it in him anyway.

  3. Great post Wonk!

    I’ve never heard anyone use the word “I” so much, the senator said.

    Ouch. Coming from a US senator in the DC beltway, this is saying something This is not a land of shrinking violets. the word ” I ” gets used alot by these folks .

  4. Oprecious is a good label. Sure to make the President flinch all the more.

    I also understand the President called individual reporters into his office like a headmaster [I assume this was the WH Press Corps] and scolded them for asking too many questions about the Gulf Oil spill. Hate to tell the man, the questions have only just begun. Thinskinned much??? Another wake-up call: the American Idol days are over. Americans actually expect their President to lead.

    • ….and scolded them for asking too many questions about the Gulf Oil spill

      isn’t it pathetic?? that’s the only anger he has about this . That’s it. If questions about Barry was belching out of the sea floor, it would have been plugged by now.

  5. This guy has bought into his own press so much, he thinks he’s Henry V at Agincourt. Unless he’s trying to send coded messages through the lapdog media to–I don’t even know who would care at this point, the idea that he would walk into a meeting of Republucans and actually expect them to respond to plaintive appeals to king and country is just mindblowing. Jeebus, he should have brought along that girl who swooned on cue at 500 consecutive rallies. They’re just not that into you or your Greek columns–and when you give the other party everything they want and they still backstab you, Deval Patrick may call that sedition but as you of under-the-bus fame well knows, everyone else calls that “politics.”

    • When everyone around you is a sycophant, it takes a smart man to see his own shortcomings. Oprecious is not a smart man!

      • but Valerie Jarrett says he’s brilliant and we’re all just ordinary and bore him!!!

      • It’s just hard to believe he’s not even smart enough to know the difference between a room full of swooning kids who’ve found their Plastic Jesus and a roomful of fellow pols who see right through him and gag and roll their eyes at every line. 😉

      • “Oprecious is not a smart man!”

        As is painfully apparent at his mishandling of the Gulf disaster. Making jokes at a fundraiser when a whole region of the country is being destroyed is frighteningly callous, clumsy, creepy and tacky. It is not a “smart” move.

        Either he is already tired of being president, doesn’t actually care, or is convinced that he can do no wrong at any time. I don’t know which is worse but it matters not. He is finished as is Boxer.

        As dk mentioned, heaven help us if a demagogue with the right blather and popular appeal appears on the scene …

  6. Another great post Wonk! I love the Oprecious moniker. It should stick.

  7. My gf saw a great bumper sticker that said “If Obama was the answer then the question must have been Stupid”. Nice. And we live in Seattle.

  8. White House Job Offer to Sestak May Be an ‘Impeachable’ Offense

    Rep. Joe Sestak’s allegation that the White House offered him a job to drop out of the Pennsylvania Senate primary race against Arlen Specter is a crime that could lead to the impeachment of President Obama, Rep. Darrell Issa said.

    But the decision by the Pennsylvania congressman not to elaborate on a so-called deal also could become a political problem as Sestak tries for the U.S. Senate seat.

    The White House reportedly is going to formally address the allegation in the next few days. In the meantime, Issa, R-Calif., is one of many inside and outside Washington who want the Democratic Senate primary candidate to explain in detail what offer the White House made.

    “It’s very clear that allegation is one that everyone from Arlen Spector to Dick Morris has said is in fact a crime, and could be impeachable,” said Issa, who is threatening to file an ethics compliant if Sestak doesn’t provide more details about the alleged job offer.

    It’s not a blow job but I guess it would do in a pinch 🙂 Kind of makes me want to donate to the GOP.

    • GOP will be in Congressional power in a few months. Popcorn a-ready.

    • Republicans impeach Obama? Not a chance. He’s worth way to much to them in office. And he’ll be worth even more if they can use this ethics complaint to taint Sestak.


    • Of course he’ll take it back, but he might as well damn the torpedoes and tell the truth, they’re already getting ready to shove him under the bus.

    • everyone from Arlen Spector to Dick Morris

      That’s quite a range of discredited voices 😉

      Still, I’ll bring out the popcorn to hear the WH’s response if it ever materializes.

    • I have no illusions about Repub motives if they pursue this, but they are in fact correct. If it happened, it IS highly illegal, and IS an impeachable offense.

      The fact that I don’t care for the motives of the messenger doesn’t alter that.

      • why would they want to kill the golden goose that is continuing the bush era and giving them legislative victories they could only dream of all under a democratic banner and supplying them with an oh so despicable personality to run against in ’12?

        they may go after him but it’s only posturing and will be oh so conveniently timed.

      • and yes.
        totally illegal and impeachable.

        • If they want you gone, the gift of two baseball tickets
          is enough to sink you. If they don’t want you gone, nothing is” impeachable” .

    • from spector to Morris.. now there’s a political spectrum from L to M.

  9. A big chunk of the GOP base is so conservative they think McCain is a liberal. Most of the independents among the tea partiers think the GOP is too left-wing. Then there are the Talebangelical Christians.

    I don’t agree with any of those groups, but them fuckers get out and vote and during the last couple decades they purged the GOP of liberals and moderates. Their ideology is reactionary (and scary) but they would rather burn in hell than compromise. I”m a flaming liberal but I admire the conservatives’ no-prisoners approach to politics.

    I expect Republican politicians to kiss the conservatives asses AND give ’em a reach-around. If they piss off their base they will looking for jobs as lobbyists by next winter. In order to be eligible for one of the “wingnut-welfare” sincures, GOP politicians must toe the line on every issue.

    Unlike Obama and the Democratic leadership, I don’t recall any GOP leader publicly telling their base to fuck off.

    • Look at Goldwater. If the Democrats faced a crippling loss like that, their response would have been abject panic followed by desperate pandering and weaseling to conservatives. Anything for power. Instead, they were just like okay, whatever, we’ll stick to our guns until we effect a political realignment beyond our wildest imaginings.

      • Obama seems to be coming from the position that “We don’t believe this stuff, we just say it to get elected.”

        While many of the ideas the GOPers profess are insane, they BELIEVE them.

    • I don’t agree with any of those groups, but them fuckers get out and vote and during the last couple decades they purged the GOP of liberals and moderates. Their ideology is reactionary (and scary) but they would rather burn in hell than compromise. I”m a flaming liberal but I admire the conservatives’ no-prisoners approach to politics.

      A-fricken men. We have to follow their example if we want anything to change, because not only have they managed to get a bunch of their kind in government, they also framed the debate from a Conservative point of view. It’s why so many pundits mistakenly believe this is a “center-right” country.

      • they may have voted in the past in mass but they stayed home in mass this past elect they were a big reason that bambi is potus.

        • They didn’t like McCain and he didn’t like them. That’s why they stayed home.

    • Most of the independents among the tea partiers think the GOP is too left-wing.

      Gallup is polling a little under 40% of the national electorate as being independent. More than half are former Democrats. Radicals at either extreme make the most noise which is important but not representative.

  10. And that’s why we’re screwed. They have true believers, we have power hungry amoral people who talk a good game but are in it for whatever they can get. It’s why people like BTD are the problem. The role of a political party isn’t to pander to what they assume, in their contempt, people want and believe. It’s to present an alternative.

  11. If circumstances were reversed and it was a republican in the White House and majorities in congress, does anybody really think they would be bi-partisan?
    Bill Clinton made the same mistake of offering them an olive branch and they took his arm off.
    Is Obama so full of himself that he thinks he can charm the pack of jackals into cooperating?
    Or is it the Democrats are just as beholding to their corporate masters and are using the republicans as an excuse to do Wall Street’s bidding? Will the ‘bots ever get a clue?

    • Why should the Republicans compromise? They get nothing out of it and they believe they are doing the right thing for the country by opposing Obama.

      • They believe they are doing the right thing?
        I doubt it.

        • At the top level, they believe they’re doing the right thing for themselves and their profit margins.

          At the rank-and-file level, they most certainly do believe they’re doing the right thing for the country, their kids and the future.

    • It’s both. He really does think he is magical, and he’s surrounded by sycophants like V. Jarrett who tell him that every day. It’s also a cover just to make a show of appeasing the Left so he can say, “We tried, but those damn Republicans won’t let us!” More dog & pony shows.

  12. This man is my hero:

  13. People refusing to worship at the altar of O seems to be the only circumstance that provokes any real sense of emotion from Obama. Every other emotional display he has to pencil into his schedule and telegraph well in advance so that his sheep know what to read into his empty rhetoric.

    So, so true…the only reason he is becoming agitated and making PR gestures about the oil spill now is because it is finally blowing back on him. It only piques his interest and what little activity he can muster if it affects him personally.

    • Of course, he has a long weekend to be pampered in Chicago, because this presidentin’ is HARD!

  14. I guess everybody saw Maddow’s show last night. It included footage of an oil spill in the Gulf off the coast of Texas in 1979!
    Everything that is being done or has been done so far was also done in ’79 to contain the oil volcano. The dome (Top Hat), the Junk Shot, The Top Kill. They had different names for it then but they were the same. The difference? They were working in only 200 feet of water. AND NOTHING WORKED! Nothing they are doing now worked then except for the diversion wells they say will take until August. Well, the diversion wells that were drilled and ultimately contained the oil took 9 MONTHS, in 200 feet of water.
    People, this is old technology and they know it, Obama knows it and we know it. All this deep water drilling must be stopped now. i WORRY that this is one of those spider wells that have tapped into reserviors in all different directions so the supply of oil will be spewing until its depleted.

    • I didn’t see it, but that is really depressing to hear.

    • Glenn, I thnk that’s the Ixtoc spill you’re talking about. The well itself was off Campeche, Mexico, but the currents carried the oil north to the Texas coast. There was time to get booms into place, and the casualties, compared to the Horizon catastrophe, were fairly light.

      Two things the Ixtoc had going for it that don’t apply to the Horizon: the platform didn’t sink, and the wellhead was accessible to divers because of the shallow water. They also, if I recall correctly, were able to burn off quite a bit.

  15. Here’s another vivid illustration of his narcissism and utter lack of historical perspective. Yea, those WWII, Korean War, Bay of Pigs/Vietnam thingies were nothing’! Always a Legend in his Own Mind.

    President Barack Obama, at an exclusive fundraiser in San Francisco for Senator Barbara Boxer:

    “Let’s face it this has been the toughest year and a half since any year and a half since the 1930s.”

    • Every time the idiot says something like that I have this scenario flash through my mind:

      The patient is on the table, it’s touch and go, and he needs major heart surgery. A previous doctor has completely botched his care. A young man steps up:

      “I’m a heart surgeon! Let me do this!”

      Others: “He’s in very bad shape. You have no experience in this. You do realize he’ll die if you fail?”

      “He won’t! I know what I’m doing, unlike that previous guy! Just give me the nod and I can fix this! It won’t be easy, but I know what to do…”

      The people are skeptical. “Are you sure?”

      The young man puffs up and informs them he is the best surgeon EVER, honest.

      The others tell him to scrub and suit up.

      30 minutes later the patient is coding and bleeding out everywhere, while the young man fumbles with wrong instruments and frets over the fit of his scrubs.

      “My God, man, DO something!” the people say.

      “Hey, why are you yelling at me? That is SO unfair! This guy was almost dead when I took over. It’s not MY fault he’s getting worse. That other surgeon screwed up! Whadda ya want? This is a really tough case.”

      The people are aghast. “You have no idea what you are doing! You don’t even have a clue what the instruments are! You said you could DO this!”

      “Well, yeah, but you have to understand that he was in really bad shape before I started, because of that other guy…” The young man fiddles and dithers some more, utterly clueless….

      That little vignette runs through my brain every time Obama whines about what bad shape the country was in when he came to office.

  16. Can you all picture the Obamas and the Ayers families celebrating Memorial Day laughing at their coup and all the stupid little people?

  17. I can’t believe in Obama’s “smarts” when he lets Biden lay the wreath…it’s insanity. This is a major, yearly opportunity to show he ” cares”. I don’t expect him to actually care of course. But I do expect Team Barry to be smart enough to act the part on such a high, holy day. But one of Obama’s Achilles heels is he likes pissing on you and seeing you declare it lemonade …like the joke gifts to former Brit PM Brown. Obama gets a kick from that…seeing you take it…and as we know, he’s so brilliant and bored, he has to take his kicks where he can.

  18. I’m just amazed that the left who were so outraged about the Iraq War have not noticed that we are still there. We’ve escalated Afganistan so that we’ve now lost over 1,000 servicemembers there (it was less than 300 when Obama took office) and he’s covertly operating a war in Pakistan and yet, on Memorial Day, nothing.
    BTW, here’s a link about the 1979 Oil accident:

    • Miami Herald must be making this story up. Obama told us accidents never happen! (amazing how we never knew of that one!)

    • That’s very sad to me as well, glenn. I well remember the vehemence of the Bots
      against Hillary, who said she’d end the Iraq war, but would not commit to having every single boot out of there within 6 months.

      Oh, the screams of bloody warmonger! Oh, the howls that Obama was such the better choice, and he’d bring them ALL home, pronto, no exceptions! Yes he would!

      This was one of their big “justifications” for voting for him. And now that he is escalating one theater and dithering in the other, they are utterly silent. The only logical conclusion I can reach from that is that the Left never had any principles regarding war. They never actually cared about the dead. Their entire opposition was nothing more than some shallow video-game-based fantasy, where one boos when the guy in the red shirt is shooting up the cities, and cheers when the guy in the blue shirt does the same. That’s it. That’s the sum of their vaunted principles.

      The majority of the American Left are hollow, hypocritical, partisan children – utterly devoid of morals, or beliefs, or conscience. What matters is that “we won!” No one even cares what we won, or how, or to what purpose. They couldn’t give a shit.

      • You are absolutely right. The so-called progressives just didn’t like Bush. That’s it.

        They didn’t like Hillary because they were getting the idea that power was concentrated with the Bushes and the Clintons – but I really think the “girl” thing bothered them more – and they thought obama was cool. All that coolness with a bonus of voting for a black guy – ooh, how forward thinking!

        Everything else was a faux concern that they trotted out to sound “progressive” and Oh So Super Smart!

      • You are absolutely right. So long as it is not their “class” of people fighting and dying in these wars, they will never really give a shit.

        If we want them to give a shit, we will have to start pulling in people from their ranks then the howling will start anew.

        • Look how many things they pointed to to justify their support for Obama (NAFTA, FISA, the war, campaign finance) that they claimed to care deeply about.

          When Obama flip-flopped on those issues, they didn’t care about them anymore.

      • Hard to disagree. Markos comes to mind first, then the rest of them. Obama became Potus because he was the anti war candidate. No question about that. All the “progressives” in the media and blogs who made a name for themselves between 2003 -2006 protesting the wars then boosting for Obama, where the f*ck are they now. I hate these wars, I’ve hated them from day one. But I’m learning most of these progressives know squat about the history and current facts on the ground in the Middle East and Central Asia, much less about the dynamics of nations and their histories in the rest of the world. They know squat about our economy, much less about its interconnectness with our security and the economies in the rest of the world. Most are whiners and sellouts with water in the brain and not enough knowledge. The ones the few for whom information is their passion, I respect a whole lot…the ones who don’t put opinions ahead of facts, who don’t succumb to confirmation bias in their research. Progressives have hurt liberalism in this country and it pisses me off to no end.

      • Uhm–the majority of the American Left voted for Hillary. But feel free to trash us anyway.

        The Bots were and are not leftists or even liberals. They’re neo-cons like Obama himself.

        • Should have nested under previous post.

          • Wrong–in the right place after all. Insufficient caffeine.

          • If you voted against the health insurance bill or the financial reform bill, are you a neo con? Or is it more a war thing, in which case Hillary must be a neo con, why would you have voted for her.

          • It’s a class thing.

            The bots who hate Bush didn’t really hate him for his policies; witness their support of the continuation of those policies under Obama. They hate him because he’s a clod–a “redneck,” a “cowboy” who lets the side down. He doesn’t act the way a wealthy person “should.” All those little “creative class” bots have or aspire to the same things that Bush and Obama and their ilk have. They want the McMansions with the five-car garages and the Mercy-B’s, the Wagyu beef dinners, the Ivy League degrees, the entree to power that comes with money. That doesn’t add up in any reasonable calculus to “leftists.”

            If you want proof, look at the epithets they threw at the Clintons. “Rednecks” again, “hillbillies.” Not to mention the endless repitition of “trailer trash” directed at both the Clintons and the Palins. And the Clintons are genuine, bona fide leftists, even though Bill got crowded to the right by the Republican Congress.

            Obama, on the other hand, comes out of the Ivy League pedigree via his absconded father, the class prvilege that goes with banker grandparents and private schools, the Armani suits and the Hyde Park mansion, not to mention that he’s never visibly worked a day in his aristocratic life. The only real difference between him and Bush is the polish. The bots just went for the glitter.

            Otherwise: Many of those who voted against the health insurance “reform” and TARP are, in fact, neo-cons. So are many of those who voted for them. Again, it’s about privilege and class, which has nothing to do with party labels.

            And just why would you consider Hillary a neo-con in regard to her war policies? She did not support the groundless invasion of Iraq and had the surest program for extracting us from Western and Central Asia.

        • I agree with both of you (okasha and WMCB).

          Unfortunately the activist left *did* embrace Obama as their messiah with nothing in his record to back up their doing so, thus proving their liberalism is counterfeit–but that distinction doesn’t matter a fig to people who are not liberals, who will exploit this weakness to the hilt. Now the brand of everything left of center is suffering for that association between Obama and the left.

          • The activist left largely voted for Obama in the general because they were scared spitless of McCain. (And because voting for a black man gave a lot of them warm fuzzies.) That doesn’t necessarily mean embracing him as a messiah, though there were and still are some who did/do so.

            A fair number of my genuinely leftist friends are enviornmentalists and Hispanics who were afraid of either cemented-in-place anti-environment policies or Arpaio-style police state tactics under McCain. Fortunately, the Kool-aid is wearing off for most, and they’re turning out to be the bitterest knitters of all. It doesn’t help that McCain has veered hard right and everything they feared about him is turning out to be true. It’s just the realization that they had an echo, not a choice, all along.

          • I wasn’t talking about the general election though — the activist left by and large supported Obama over Hillary.

        • 18 million voted for Hillary in the primaries. 70 million voted for Obama in the general. So depends what we mean by majority. Obama a neo-con? FDL calls him a sellout neo-lib. Can’t keep track. When we say leftist, do we mean socialist, anarchist, communist, liberal, what? Is there anyone in Congress who is not a neo-con to said leftist.

          • Suggest you review Joe Cannon on the distinctions between “progressives” and “liberals” if you can find his posts archived.

    • How come we no longer see the death and wounded counts on the news anymore?

      • War must be over for most of the media.

      • There’s a guy at FDL who provides a daily tally of casualties. They also have regular posters and commenters who are tru-thers. There are clear legitimate reasons to be anti war, but being anti war because you believe the US govt planned and executed 9-11 is not one of them. In fact, it’s a reason to doubt the validity of the movement, which is why I try hard to ignore tru-thers.

  19. In case anybody missed Obama talking about the Basketball Playoffs with Marv Albert, here it is on NBC:
    prepare to barf

  20. Please forgive me but I can’t think of much else. Seems somebosy is watching the live feed while we sleep thank god, somethings up apparently:

  21. Does anyone know when Obama has scheduled his Press Conference with Chuck Todd?

  22. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, while Nero fiddles, something really is burning:

  23. They have fired the head of MMS…just on CNN. Its about time!

  24. Some of the obots out there in order to defend Oprecious are saying Katrina wasn’t Bush’s fault just like this isn’t O’s fault. There is no limit to how far they’ll go in order to keep worshiping the Oprecious.

  25. WP article on how this spill is the worst in US history and the current efforts:

    U.S. government source said the director of the federal agency charged with overseeing off-shore drilling had left her job in the wake of the April 20 spill, which appears to be the worst in the nation’s history — far bigger than the 11 million gallons that spilled in the Exxon Valdez disaster.

    They go on to indicate new estimates, which are still way low, and talk about the current top kill efforts.

  26. Here’s a real gem, Nancy Pelosi says the Heritage Foundation/Republican insurance industry bailout bill is the Democrats crowning achievement:

    In few places has the contrast between our priorities and those of Republicans been starker than in the fight to provide quality, affordable health insurance for all Americans. In making this dream a reality, we put our nation’s families and business owners in control of their own health care, not the insurance companies. In passing health insurance reform, we made history for our country and progress for the American people.

    From the start, Democrats pushed for a bill based on three core principles: affordability for the middle class, access for millions more Americans and accountability for the insurance industry.

    Because of this law, no one will be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Families will have access to more affordable care, no longer forced to choose between buying groceries and seeing a doctor. Seniors will have access to more affordable prescription drugs, no longer worried about the sustainability of Medicare. The uninsured will get coverage, no longer left to the emergency room for medical care. Millions of Americans will be protected from the worst abuses of the insurance industry — and being a woman will no longer be a pre-existing condition.

    There ought to be a law against selling snake oil like that.

    • She absolutely cannot believe the swill she’s selling. If she does, she’s a complete airhead. A speaker of the house who would lie that shamelessly needs to be kicked out.

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